1996-05-27: To Do The Job


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Scene Title To Do the Job
Synopsis Snape tells McGonagall about the Dark Lord's wishes regarding the post of Head of Hogwarts.
Location Hogwarts: McGonagall's Quarters
Date May 27, 1996
Watch For more booze than tea, compliments, and finagling of duties.
Logger Snape, Snape, Severus Snape.

Something told Minerva this wasn't going to be merely a pleasant social call meeting. And she's been hearing rumors though her own contacts at the Ministry. It's enough to give a witch grey hair! Nevermind that she's already gone completely grey already. And yet, the door is open and the tea is ready (and the liquor is out) for Snape's arrival. Her greeting a welcoming one, even. "I trust you're well this evening, Severus."

As Severus steps through the door, the portrait of his lady's ancestor scowls at him. He smirks and nods a pleasant hello despite the Laird's snarky attitude. Closing the door, he settles himself in the seat and arranges his robes for a long, comfortable discussion. "Indeed, Minerva. And yourself?" Best get the pesky small talk over with first.

"Oh, hush you. Go hunt down some other portrait to flirt with or something, would you?" Minerva distracts the Scottish Laird as best she knows how. This one anyway. And when the door closes, she pours them both an equal measure of tea. "And what would you like to fortify it with this evening, Severus. We both know we'll need it." she intones dryly, inclining her head in acknowledgment of the small talk.

Severus gestures toward one of the bottles. "That will suffice," he replies. "Indeed. With … such dramatic change …" He finds it difficult to speak the actual words, to address the hippogriff between them. "I wanted to express my …" It isn't reticence or uncertainty, just plain hesitance to express his feelings. "Without your support and assistance, things may have been drastically different." There. That's equivalent enough that he can deny having said 'thank you.' He snorts, and reaches out for the doctored tea. "I have news, of which you may have heard portions already."

Using the same bottle to pour them both a double shot of liquor into the tea (what???), Minerva floats over his cup and takes her own in hand. "Fortunately, things are not different. I hope the time you all spent in Italy over the holiday helped Siobhan recuperate some?" Not just polite inquiry; she has quite a soft spot for the youngest of their Professors. As for the 'news', her lips thin. Though her displeasure does not seem to be directed at Snape. "Indeed. And if I have heard correctly, I would just like to say that I would dearly love to lodge a steel toed boot up some meddling arses. I may be…" she pauses, looking for the right words. "I may be adept at games of chess, but there are places that the game does not belong. And the school is one of them. But I understand there are times it is unavoidable."

Severs sips at his liquor-with-a-little-tea-in-it, and nods. "I would heartily agree with you, would the situation merit it. I do not …" He pauses again, then sets his drink down, leaning forward a little. "I had considered this possibility when I was younger. The prestige appealed to me." The man is the Head of the house of the ambitious, after all. "However, moments of crisis under Albus when I was conscripted to assist with the day-to-day details…" He's getting ahead of himself, and he realizes it. He leans back again, and sighs. "It is his wish that one of his own servants ascend to the position. I am the best placed, and indeed, the best choice." He lowers his head, looking down at the tea set, thoughts whirling through his mind. "I would have preferred, were I to sit in the seat, to achieve it on my own merits instead of being the convenient choice. However, as you say, there are times it is unavoidable." He rolls his eyes. "I would rather not meddle with the status quo."

"There are many times when I wonder what could have been done differently. What course we may have taken, so that we would not arrive at this juncture. Where we must bow to the whims of a madman, even in appearance, so that we may keep our children safe. He could have been one of our best and brightest and a beacon to all. Instead he is one whose name we do not even like to speak." Minerva muses sadly, her tone echoing the bitter disappointment on her face. "You were to be my choice for Deputy Headmaster, were I confirmed. So do not think that you are undeserving Severus. The reason for my bitterness is only that being the guiding force for Hogwarts has been my goal since before you were even born. I have spent decades learning and preparing for the time when it may come to pass. But I will still show you what you need to know. I will give you the keys and secrets to the school that you do not already have. I only require that I stay on as Deputy. Because too much upheaval will not only be bad for the students but could case issues with the school itself."

Severus lets out a sigh of relief. "I was expecting to leave you in your position, and possibly even ask for you to do much of what you do anyway." He looks as abashed as he ever does. "When the time comes that we are all free from his influence and perversion, I will gladly cede the role to you, as is your right." He appreciates the vote of confidence. "Our feelings are mirrors of one another, then," he comments, knowing things would be better all around were the Dark Lord gone, and the lady able to do her job as she pleases. "My undying gratitude." It's only old habit and the wish to interject a bit of humor that makes the words a bit droll. He means them.

McGonagall looks additionally relieved that she will remain in her current role at least. "Well, it comes as a relief, then. I half expected our favorite pain in the arse to demand you pick one of his other servants as the Deputy, their experience bedamned. After all, he expects whoever serves under you to merely be your puppet." Equally droll, she rolls her eyes and takes a rather unladylike gulp of the doctored tea. "You won't be so grateful when you see how much paperwork there is to go through over the summer." she quips, sounding almost chipper at the idea.

Snape takes a sip of his own tea, and shakes his head ruefully. "I have an engagement abroad, I believe…" He knows he's going away for the wedding and such. "But otherwise," he adds a gallant dip of the head that is partially self-deprecatory and partially just silly (for him), and drawls, "I am at your disposal." He smirks, and takes another drink. Her words bring up a thought, though, and he voices it. "It may from time to time, be necessary to make it appear as though that is exactly the case — that you serve in such a manner. Though, it will be a thin veneer, considering any who know you well enough would laugh at the very idea." He gives her the beginnings of a smile, though it's mostly still his trademark smirk. Even that disappears, though, when he speaks again. "It shall, of course, be known to us — and those of our close acquaintance — to be the load of tripe that it truly is."

"Oh, I know. I know." And believe you me, Minerva sounds appropriately disgusted at the thought of needing to kowtow to anyone. If she didn't do it with Albus, and she wouldn't do it to Moldyshorts, goodness knows she'd rather stick bamboo shoots under her fingernails rather then do it for -anyone-. But, she sighs. "Do give me advance warning if possible. I will need a good stiff drink or two beforehand." is pointed out, even as she chuckles in agreement that anyone who knows them well will realize it's a load of bollocks. "I shall save the most irritating of the work until you get back then." is assured. Though, they both know she will probably be done with all of it before he gets back.

"Once again, my undying gratitude." This time, Severus is openly sarcastic. He snorts softly and drains his teacup and sets it down. "Thank you for the tea, Minerva." He nods again, standing. He says nothing, but gazes at her for a moment, letting his appreciation show on his face. "These are difficult times for us all, and it is helpful to know that one's comrades are of fine quality." Having paid this compliment, he turns, swirling his robes, pulls the door open, and strides out of the room.

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