Portrayed By Kate Beckinsale
House None
Year Graduated
Position High Class Escort
Sex Female
Race Werewolf
Age 33
Place of Birth Solca, Romania
Date of Birth Dec 31, 1960
First Appearance Putting on the Red Light
Last Appearance

Character History:

Romania in the 50's and 60's was not a safe place to live. Political upheaval turned cities upside down that had not so much as flinched for centuries. It was this environment that - when he found out his young wife Bianca was with child - caused Ovidiu Moldavia to flee their home in Craiova for the village of Solca in the northern county Suceava. Bearing the name of the one-time royal family was incredibly dangerous, no matter how far removed one was from their direct line. Ovidiu, being a devout member of the Russian Orthodox Church, found shelter in the village's Monastary of Sts. Peter and Paul. On the last day of the year 1960, Tatiana Valerica Moldavia was born, followed two years later by her twin brothers, Beryx Michael and Bela Peter. For a while, the young family lived happily in Solca; Ovidiu worked as a Deacon in the church - being one of the few who could read, write and do maths - and Bianca as a sitter for the local children who weren't yet old enough to tend the fields with their parents. Bianca was a gifted storyteller, who spun tales of old magic and castles and teachers and creatures fantastical for her eager children. Sadly, their idyl was not to last.

When she was five years old, Tiana, her brothers and some of the other children were playing in a nearby field the farmers had let grow wild for the year to preserve the soil. A pack of wolves strayed close and smelled the children. When they leapt from the brush towards her brothers and herself, Tiana screamed and instantly the field around them caught fire, but didn't burn. The wolves, terrified of flame, fled; the children ran back to the village unharmed. Thankfully, the village priest declared it an act of their Lord protecting his Innocents, but Bianca knew better.

Unsure which of her children it was that reacted that way, she waited until Ovidiu left the next morning and then pulled them all to her. She told them very solemnly that the stories they were so fond of were true. She pulled out her wand from her sleeve and showed them a few fairy lights, telling them that she was - and through her they were - of the old magic. She said that they had to be very careful, because people like their father - though she loved him very much - were afraid of the old magics and considered them to be a sign of evil. The three of them listened and obeyed, because they could think of nothing worse than upsetting their mother.

Still, despite their best efforts, accidental magic is a very hard thing to control. Bianca did her best to cover for her children over the years, but she was only human. Eventually the other villagers began to distrust her and her brood. There were always rumors, always gossip, but she kept their children well, and so they didn't complain. Such talk bothered Ovidiu quite a lot, driving a slow but steady wedge between he and his wife. So it was, that when the old priest came closer to his death and chose Ovidiu as his successor, the man jumped at the chance. The year Tia turned ten, her father left to study seminary in Bucharest. She would not see him for another ten years time.

Two summers later, Tatiana received a letter from the Durmstrang School, welcoming her to enrollment and giving her a list of supplies that needed to be obtained before the following school year. Pulling funds from a wizarding account she hadn't touched in over a decade, Bianca took her children to Valhalla Square - the Romanian Diagon Alley - to prepare Tia for her first year at school.


It was a /wonder/ to the children, being in a world where they finally didn't have to hide who and what they were. All of the wonderful things they'd heard so much about were finally right before their very eyes. The boys were very upset when it came time for their sister to board the Durmstrang ship, both because they didn't want to leave this world and because they'd never before been parted from her. So it was only with many assurances that they'd have their turn that Biance got Beryx and Bela to let Tiana on board.

Her first year was miserable. She knew no one - and in such a small community that was nearly unheard of. Her mother had told her stories, but she had still grown up in the Muggle world. Things her classmates took for granted seemed strange and awkward to her. She struggled in all her classes. After years of trying to smother and squelch the feeling of magic rising within her, her body rebelled at being asked to push it forth. It was only because of Professor Anya Dimtrov - then Headmistress of the school - that Tiana came back for her second year at all. Professor Dimtrov - a muggle-raised Half Blood, as well - saw herself in the young witch and endeavored to help her along in whatever subtle ways she could.

The next year, with her brothers at her side, was better. Her father was not yet back from his seminarial study, and so the atmosphere of their home over the summer was much more relaxed. Doing the exercises set to her by the Headmistress proved to help ease the flow of magic when the next fall came around. Once Ovidiu finished his study, his summers were spent traveling to the surrounding villages with no churches to administer to them; he rarely saw his wife and never his children - at least face to face - and seemed to be satisfied to keep it that way.

By her third year Tiana'd finally hit her stride and the twins had hit theirs. It wasn't long before the three of them were at the top of their respective classes and giving half the school heart-attacks - repeatedly. Having been deprived of magic and its world as children, they pushed it to its limits as teenagers in stunts that would have made any Marauder proud. By the time Tiana graduated, the three of them had invented two new spells and modified several others to suit their purposes.

Once out of school, the Romanian Ministry accepted first Tiana, then Beryx and Bela into their Auror program - which, all things considered, meant that their job lay somewhere as a hybrid between Unspeakables and Hit-Wizards. Shadier Ministry overall, you see. The three of them were on a permanent team, but their fourth member was always changing. They were a hard group to keep up with and an even harder group to become /part of/, their cohesion was so tight.

One wizard, however, managed to worm his way into their lives until it was like he'd been there all along. He was a Welsh wizard named Scott Cooper who'd moved to Romania to escape some hairy business with the British Ministry - he never was very detailed about that. He was quiet and bookish and quite shy around strangers, but Scott was smart as a whip and a good duelist to boot. He and Tiana complemented each other well, and fell headfirst in love with each other. In April of 1986, Scott proposed and Tiana - for all of her headstrong ideas on women and life - agreed. Eight weeks later, they found out they were pregnant.

With this discovery, Tiana's role within their team shifted. The farther along she got, the fewer and fewer active missions she took on, acting as coordinator and tactical support for 'her boys'. Finally, in February of 1987, Anatolie Beryx Cooper - Bela lost that bet - was born. It was agreed that Tiana would stay tactical support at least until Anatolie was weaned. But that November, on an icy, snowy night, something went terribly, terribly wrong.

Bursting in the door of her parents' home, Tiana left her infant son with her mother, her rushed and garbled explanation not really explaining much at all beyond she'd messed up and she had to fix it. With a quick kiss to her mother and child, and a brief look at her dumbfounded father, she fled the house and Apparated away.

Their latest mission had been to investigate a run of disappearances along the Western border. Small children, elder women and adolescent males were being stolen in the night without any explanation. The Muggle authorities were stumped, and the Romanian Ministry had reason to suspect magical interference. They had narrowed the area down to a small set of caves low in the mountains and believed they'd finally found the elusive ShadowStalker coven of vampires.


The maps she had been looking at to give them their best entrances, however, were over thirty years old - a mistake she didn't notice until after her mirror began to flash with red alert. Snatching the correct maps from the file on her desk, she scanned the area and felt her heart stop. She had sent her family right into the wolves' den. Literally.

By the time she'd arrived, they had been doing battle for a little over an hour and Bela was seriously hurt. Skilled duelists they all were, but this pack of werewolves was just too great in number. She managed to get to the three of them and pulled out the emergency portkey. They all grabbed hold, but one of the wolves snagged Scott's shirt and yanked him backwards. On instinct, Tiana let go of the portkey and fought her way to her fiance, even as her brothers disappeared. By the time she found him, there was so much blood she could barely recognize his face, but what she could see was so deathly pale and still… That sight sent her into a true rage, dueling and fighting as if possessed until a bite to her thigh sent her into a pain spiral so severe she blacked out.

The next time she awoke, she was on the forest floor forty miles to the east, wandless and in the middle of a forest she didn't know. She stumbled along for two days, lost; that second night, however, was a full moon. Terrified and confused, she underwent the painful changes for the first time just three weeks before she'd turn twenty-seven.

After she woke from that - again on the floor of some forest - Tiana made her way to a nearby village where she had the great fortune of stumbling across an old witch with a Floo. In borrowed clothes, she took money from the stash she kept in her and Scott's apartment and exchanged it for Muggle money.

With that, she was able to buy new clothes and pay a year's rent on a flat over a butcher's shop. For a few months, she tried holding down various jobs with little success - few careers allow anyone to miss one week out of every four. It was pure luck that she discovered the one career that would.

While bussing tables at an upscale dinner club, she overheard several Soviet officers lamenting the lack of lovely feminine company in town, and how they would give their last ruples for a pretty face. Two weeks of almost constant practice taught Tia that some things - like glamours - could, in fact, be done without a wand. Muggle contacts dyed her eyes a more appealing blue and the last of her savings bought her an appropriate starting outfit. She now had effectively two lives; Tia - who she always had been - and Natalya - who she had to become.


Within a month, she could afford a new wardrobe, within three, she could afford a second, 'business' apartment, and within a year, she was at the top of the line in Bucharest escorts. Her clientel was exclusively high-class and that meant she could charge by the hour and she could charge a /lot/. Every month she took out what she needed for expenses. Half of the rest went into various bank accounts across the world, the other half went, each month, to her mother, who still had her child, Anatolie.

Tiana knew very well the wizarding prejudices against werewolves and she knew that it would be better for her entire family if everyone thought her dead with Scott. What she doesn't know is that her Scott is not dead, but turned like her and living with the same pack that did this to them both.

A flight over to London a mere month ago, for an evening with a long-time client showed Tia a place that she could learn to love; a place without any reminders of what she has lost. She just purchased a flat uptown where she can live when here and is working on transferring herself over from old clientel to new - with a few notable exceptions. She, though, hadn't counted on the fact that Britain's wizards live much closer to their Muggles than what she is used to. Tia herself hasn't seen any yet, but there have been some near misses, and it's only a matter of time…


Tia has what most would call a split personality. In reality, it's nothing near that dramatic. She has the person who she really is, and then she has the outer shell, the person she has to be to succeed in her most recent trade - that is to say, whatever person the client wants her to be. She's very tightly controlled and very good at what she does. Those few who see beyond that control to who she really is are a lucky few indeed.


  • December 31, 1960 - Tiana Born
  • June 1965 - First display of magic
  • September 1, 1972 - First day of school
  • June 10, 1978 - Durmstrang graduation
  • October 1981 - Became full Romanian Auror
  • April 13, 1986 - Engaged to Scott Cooper
  • February 25, 1987 - Son Anatolie was born
  • November 8, 1987 - Bitten by werewolf in battle
  • April 1988 - Started working as an escort in Bucharest
  • October 1994 - Moved to London, England

Trivia and Notes:

Tiana has several odd things about her that could potentially set off certain creatures' senses or some magical detectors. For example, she often does use a set of glamours. Also, because of her peculiar background and setup, there will be certain things she can pick up off of others. I try to be as proactive about this as I possibly can, but I'm only human. :) If you think any of this may pertain to your character during a scene with Tia, please don't hesitate to page me.

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