1995-05-03: Through The Looking Glass


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Scene Title Through The Looking Glass
Synopsis Mason and Kalleigh poke at the Wrackspurt detector.
Location Fountain Courtyard
Date May 3, 1995
Watch For Flying knuts and a dark mark.
Logger Kalleigh

[HGW] - Fountain Courtyard

One of the most distinguishing features of this courtyard is the large fountain placed right in the center that bubbles merrily throughout the year. Surrounding the fountain are several stone benches which provide a spot for students to study, or for anyone else to just sit there and take in the sound of the water in the fountain. The walls of the courtyard are solid stone from the ground up to about three feet. After that, there's a line of columns that provide open spots and allow passage into other parts of the castle. Including passage into the entrance hall.

The young man before you stands rather tall and gangly looking for his age, on the farther side of five and a half feet tall. Brown hair abounds his shaggy head that seems as if he's attempted to tame it, but failed, covering his blue eyes. He has a couple of small freckles and possibly just a few small bumps on his face, which aren't all too noticable unless you stare him right in the face. His skin is a light shade of mellowed tan, showing his complexion off - He spends a lot of time outside, perhaps. He doesn't look all too big for his height, but yet he doesn't look very wide, either - His arms are a fairly decent shape; while he's not completely wiry, there is some muscular tone. Normalcy, overall, for someone this kid's age and size.

A uniform befitting the school dress code. A black cloak, bearing the Ravenclaw house badge, covers a grey sweater with corresponding blue and silver trimming the neck, hem, and cuffs. A white dress shirt, complete with blue and silver tie are visible beneath the sweater. A pair of long grey pants, buckled with a black belt, and black shoes complete the uniform.

Kalleigh is a young wisp of a girl, a little on the short end for her age, with an oval shaped face. Her eyes are a muted brown, a hint of gray lightening the dark molasses shade. Her features are small, aside from the dark lines of her eyebrows and the beginnings of an adult grin, marked by full sized front teeth. Her nose is progressing nicely from a childish button into something straight and elegant, but is not quite there yet. Long tresses of chocolate colored hair hang midway down her torso, a slight wave in the strands giving a nod to a curly heritage.

Kalleigh is searching. Her hair drawn back in dual braids and her robe left behind in her room, she is down to business. She fidgets with the bottom hem of her sweater-vest as she looks around the courtyard, checking under rocks and behind pillars especially. Her knees are a bit dusty, but not especially muddy, but the tops of her socks are starting to roll downward.

Of course, there are other occupants in the Courtyard that either are or aren't paying mind to the First Year that seems to be frantically searching for something. One of the other occupants is also a First Year student, Mason Cartwright, perched precariously along one of the benches, just kind of resting on it with a book in his lap - which is no surprise, considering the trim on his shoulder-draped cloak being blue and bronze. Otherwise, he's dressed down as well - keeping to his shoes, slacks, shirt, vest and tie. From time to time, when someone passes by, the boy'll glance up. Otherwise, he's quiet, unobtrusive. That is, until Kalleigh comes into the picture. As he watches her rather frantic movements with a bit of a headtilt, he blinks a little. "Lose something?" he calls out.

"Some-one, actually," The girl pauses, an Irish brogue tinging her words. Her lips purse as she turns to look at Mason. "His name is Jackson and sometimes he comes here to draw. He's a Hufflepuff like me and 's got light brown hair." She pauses a second then announces, "'M Kalleigh."

"A friend of yours?" Mason furrows his eyebrows a little bit, opening his mouth quietly and letting his mouth close again. Before once again, opening it. "Don't we have Herbology together?" he suddenly asks, blinking a little bit and tilting his head. "It seems like we shared a pot together or something." What a -tangent.- However, he does come back to the original remarks… on Jackson. "I'm afraid I've not seen your friend," he comments quietly. "Uhm… When'd you see him last?"

"On Friday, during Defense Against the Dark Arts, I think. I mean, I saw him there, but I don't remember if I saw him any other time after that. Meal time gets busy and then there was the weekend." Kalleigh prattles on for a while, turning to look over her shoulder. She lets out a small sigh. "I'm sorry, what was that about Herbology?" Her mood relaxes, leaving her a little spacey.

"You and I. We shared a pot at some point in Herbology," Mason replies lightly, shaking his head. "Sorry. Uhm… As for your friend, no. I'm not sure where he could be, in that case. You've checked all of the moving staircases? It's possible he got stuck in some impossible corridor inside," he remarks quietly.

"Oh, sure. You're, um," Kalleigh narrows her eyes on him as she tries to summon his name from her memory. Seconds tick by and she shifts her weight so quickly, she looks as if she's fidgeting her brain into working. "Carter?"

"Close. Mason Cartwright ring a bell?" Mason smiles a little bit, shaking his head slightly. "It's not important. Your friend… uhm. It's been an entire weekend," he remarks. "The higher years… they went out for a Hogsmeade weekend." He seems to stop for a moment, tilting his head. "Is he the type to try and sneak out of bounds?"

"I guess," Kalleigh states shyly, her gaze lowering. "I don't really, always, pay attention." She frowns deeply and starts looking around. "I don't think he'd leave. I just - well, you know how the potions professors are. Maybe Professor Moldavia decided to shrink her class instead of poisoning them - and who knows how small she would make them if she was ready to kill them!"

"Whoa. Slow down, -slow- down." Mason sits up a little bit, shaking his head and waving his hands a little bit at that notion. "No way. The teachers aren't here to -kill- us, they're here to help us learn… I doubt he's been shrunk, forcibly. Let alone -murdered,-" he explains. He considers something for a long moment, hrming a little, before he finally seems to have something click on his slightly swinged head. Yes, some of the hairs, if Kalleigh's noticed, are swinged - as if he's been exposed to some sort of shock lately. It's a steadily recovering thing, but… It's still slightly noticable. "Friday, right? After your Defense class. Was he friends with that Lovegood girl from my class?" he asks quietly.

"Haven't you been paying attention or weren't you in that class? Moldavia wouldn't let us leave that one time - without, you know, drinking poison." Kalleigh wrinkles her nose at him, her expression skeptical. "Jackson's friends with everyone. I really don't know who all he knows and doesn't."

With a small shudder, Mason waves his hand dismissively. "I remember that. I just don't think that a teacher would do something like that… unless they could reverse it relatively easy." He sighs a little bit, and then picks at his head slightly for a moment. Perhaps… thinking. "Well… he's not the only one who's gone missing, if it's any consolation." He chews on his thumbnail slightly. "A couple of other student're missing, too. Some Gryffindors… and a Ravenclaw."

"How could that be a consolation?" Kalleigh is clearly confused. "I heard rumors, but they still could have been shrunk." She runs a finger under her nose and rubs it briefly. "Jays…"

"I've got an odd sense of things like this, I guess. Go figure?" Mason watches her for a moment, crossing his arms slightly and chewing on his bottom lip as he considers her. "I'm sorry your friend's missing, though. If -that- helps," he offers her after a moment. "I've… got a better theory. If you want to hear it?" he asks her quietly.

"I'm not sure what you mean by 'helps', but go ahead and give your theory." Kalleigh replies, her hands starting to toy with the hem of her vest, her agitation growing once more.

"There's this… weird, glowing thing that showed up in the Defense classroom over the weekend. I think… and so do a couple of my friends… it's some weird thing that the Lovegood girl was trying to cook up to… do somethin' or another. I'm not sure about her, and she's -in- my house." He continues after a moment's pause, clearing his throat. "Well… this glowing thing. It's got a weird field about it, right? Greenish. From time to time you can see things. And… there was one point where we thought we saw someone in there, -like- the Lovegood girl." He pauses at this point to let the other First Year kinda swallow it all and to draw the most logical conclusion.

"I don't know nothing about fields," Kalleigh announces quickly after Mason quits speaking, "and glowy things. Well, aside from what's written in our texts about 'will o' the wisps' - um, Hinkypunks?" Kalleigh watches Mason's face for recognition. "But you saw it with your own eyes?" She looks toward the castle doors. "In the classroom?"

With a nod, Mason raises his hand. "There's no point trying to poke and prod it anymore, or touch it for that matter… When I found it, I toyed around with it a little," he whispers lightly, as if needing to keep that on the D.L. "I couldn't find Professor Moody. But I did leave him a message about it in his office door," he explains. "So I'm sure a teacher's started looking into it by now…"

"So, there's no point prodding at it because you did?" Kalleigh once more is skeptical. She draws in a deep breath and turns on her heel to head back in. "Still, I think I'll take a look."

"I'm not sayin' that." Mason watches the girl go. Urgh. Stuffing his book into his bag, he shoulders it, and moves to follow after her. "Listen, just don't… touch it. Really." He seems to be pretty strong on that point. He seems intent on following her.

"Why? What does it do?" When Mason starts following, Kalleigh puts on a little more speed, possessed with a new energy and light in her eyes.

"D'you have electricity at your home?" Mason asks a rather simple sort of question - well, normally, in the -normal- world, it'd be simple. But, all things aside. "If you do… lick your finger and stick it in a light socket. You'll get the -same- effect, except more numbness and holding of consciousness." He continues to follow along with her…

"Of course we had electricity back home. Da was by no means a pauper." Kalleigh heads inside.

"Listen, it's a general question. You have no idea how many odd looks I have gotten -mentioning- electricity, much less something like a light socket." Mason is trying to empathize. But it's failing, horribly.

[HGW] - Defense Against Dark Arts Classroom

The majority of this room's contents vary with each professor assigned to this course. The old fashioned desks are aligned in neat rows facing the blackboard at the head of the room. Shelves and cabinets are placed against the walls containing books, artifacts and tanks for holding creatures. The windows of the rooms are along the southern wall, overlooking the lake. Despite whoever is in charge of the class this year, Defense Against the Dark Arts never fails to be an interesting lesson, particularly in these tumultuous times.

Wrackspurt Detector
A hoop made of a silvery sort of metal, that had a pendant, from which a variety of items that one may normally call garbage dangled from via small silvery chains, the centerpiece a broken remembrall, set in the very center of the pendant. That same pendant was suspended, via some form of magic in the very center of the hoop, lazily turning end over end.

A sickly green light fills the hoop in the space between the pendant and the edges, occasional glimpses of vaguely humanoid shapes, buildings, and otherwise perhaps discernable in the muddle.

"I guess. I don't know. I find most of the people who know everything about the wizarding world and nothing about mi… the muggle world to be a little strange." Kalleigh takes the stairs with a little more care to avoid any trick steps and makes it to the first floor quietly. She heads directly for the classroom door and gently pushes it open, peeking inside. Her eyes widen when she sees the wrackspurt detector.

"They're not -all- weird." Mason sighs a little bit as they make their way to the classroom, falling into silence and just following after her from that point on in silence. So much for trying to be civil for the time being. When they make it to the classroom, and the door opens to admit Kalleigh, he slows his pace, to let her take the sight in. He can't be silent anymore. "By the way. Don't try to make the middle piece stop spinning, if you get a fancy hair that y'do want to know what it feels like to get shocked. I think that… -whatever- this thing is, that middle piece is like a powering gyro, or something."

"I wasn't going to touch it. You don't just … touch things." You poke them with sticks. "Since it's electrical, I was thinking of flicking a coin at it." Kalleigh pushes the door the rest of the way open and steps into the room. She starts feeling her hands over her pockets. "Do you have any? A knut will do." She continues searching.

"It's not electric, or I'd be in the hospital wing… It -feels- kinda like an electric shock," Mason remarks, his hand absently moving to dig into his pockets after a moment or two… before coming out, relatively empty. "I'm high and dry," he remarks lightly.

Within the green field of the device, little blurry images continuing to show in that field as the pendant slowly rotates within the confines of the silvery hoops.

Kalleigh manages to find one in the crannies of her pockets. She moves around the classroom closer to the object, eyes narrowing on it. "Well, you should probably be ready to shield your eyes just in case it spins off in a crazy direction." She gives Mason a quick smile and then braces the knut between her thumb and forefinger. She aims, readying the forefinger on her other hand tightly against her thumb before flicking a hard knuckle at the coin, sending the bronze disc flying toward the center part of the device.

Crossing his arms slightly, Mason tilts his head a little. "It'll probably just flick off," he explains to her quietly. "I used a freezing charm on that piece in the middle. It stopped it, and then it started shaking like crazy after I let it go. But the field started getting thin… which is why I think it's powerin' it." He watches her, chewing on his bottom lip and tilting his head slightly…

The pendant doesn't quite waver as the knut hits it, however, the knut does wing off of the slowly spinning thing, and go through the field of energy, a little tendril of greenish energy reaching out after the knut for but a moment, before it oozes back into the field proper.

"Huh." Kalleigh scurries around the device to find the coin, poking at it lightly with a wand drawn out of her sleeve before picking it up. "You going to say 'I told you so' now?"

"I didn't say anythin'." Mason quietly shakes his head again, leaning against one of the nearby desks and watching the object quietly. From time to time, he leans toward it, looking into the field intently.

The blurry, fuzzy images continue, some vaguely recognizable as blobby peoplish shapes. But occasionally, one was a bit clearer than the rest, and should they continue watching, in one corner of the field a bright green, almost a yellow, made a picture of Luna, knees up to her chest, and vague smile on her face, chin lifted as if stargazing.

Kalleigh isn't watching at the moment. She turns the knut over once or twice before laying on a desk. She gnaws on her lip before lifting her wand. "Wingardium Leviosa," She instructs with the appropriate swish and flick. The coin lifts off the surface and begins floating back toward the field, conducted by Kall's wand. It's aiming to rub up against the eerie greenness on the other side from Luna image.

"It's seemed to be only one-way," Mason remarks, "the first time I tried messing with it. Otherwise things wouldn't just pass through and end up on the other side of the room." He shrugs his shoulders a little bit. "I was kinda thinking and hoping we could pass word between us and them through it, but if they can't hear or see us, like we can see them… s'kind of pointless."

The knut hovers in place, passing through the field. Should she try to hold it in the field proper, the knut would begin to vibrate, taking a sympathetic spin along with the pendant whilst vibrating more and more - before being shot away like a bullet towards one corner of the room.

Kalleigh watches the knut for a moment then lets her gaze drift toward the brighter spot. "Hey… Does that look like Luna to you?" She looks over toward Mason, accidentally urging the knut further against the field. When it vibrates and skitters off, she lets out a sharp little yelp of surprise and looks back at the field. She takes a second to get her nerves calmed.

It takes a moment or two for Mason to respond, after watching the coin skitter off the way it does. Hrming to himself, he seems to make a bit of a mental note. "It kinda does," he remarks quietly, tilting his head a little bit and chewing on his lip. "I can't be sure, though," he adds.

And it didn't linger long enough for Mason or Kalleigh to be sure. However, admist a backdrop of the blurry images and green field, a very clear hummingbird flitters up across the field, leaving wisps behind, with a shimmery sort of quality to the clear image that may suggest a ghost, or a patronus.

"I was trying to make it do that thing… where it kind of reached out for the coin - but," Kalleigh attempts to explain but soon finds herself starting at the humming bird. "Oh, that's pretty."

The hummingbird image begins to circle around and around, in fact, often disappearing on the edges of the field. A little huddle of shapes that perhaps look a bit like students may be seen at the bottom of the field, still drawn in the clearer coloured images.

Crossing his arms slightly and watching the humming bird disappear and appear, Mason hrms slightly. "You mean the little tendrils? You could use your finger to do it, or your wand - just hold it kind of close." He tilts his head a little, watching the images fade in and out of focus…

"It does that with your fingers?" Kalleigh turns to face it. "I don't want my wand to break either - you know, if it gets thrown. Do you have a quill?" She narrows her eyes at the people inside, leaning close.
GAME: Save complete.

And rather suddenly, the hummingbird disappears, the clearer image panning down to the group of people, before fading away entirely.

"It won't try to fling you - at least, it didn't try to fling me." Mason steps forward, pulling his shirt-sleeve up and moving to extend his hand out toward the thing… his fingers just hovering away from it slightly.

As Mason's fingers reach out towards the field, there was the reaction he may have explained to Kalleigh before - little tendrils, perhaps like little tentacles, start to draw out towards his fingers, as if attracted to them.

But something was happening in the field. The tendril retracts rather suddenly, sinking back into the green field. The pendant starts to spin, faster and faster, as spiderwebs of green energy lightnings across the field proper.

"If we had a really big glass ball…" Kalleigh muses for a moment. She frowns when the image starts to fade. "Wait.. what's it doing? Is this good?"

"It didn't do -that- the last time I was here." Mason withdraws his hand, moving it back quickly and for some reason, grabbing at Kalleigh's own robes to try and pull her back, as well. "I dunno -what- it's doing!"

"Well, throw something at it." Again. Kalleigh likes this plan. She runs off to the corner of the room, grabs the knut and turns back once more, chucking it at the green field.

"Kalleigh, wait!" But too late. Mason sighs, and tries to move back as much as he himself can from the object… Sort of afraid of what the thing is going to do.

This time, the knut bounces /off/ of the field, rebounding back unto the table.

"Well, it's changing, isn't it?" Kalleigh notes confidently. She moves over to pick up the knut again. "Maybe it's solid now. Mason, do you have a quill? Oh, never mind, maybe there's one in the room." She turns around and starts looking.

"But we don't know -what- it's changing -to,-" Mason remarks, "it could be unstable, whatever is happening." When asked about a quill, he pauses, and he moves toward his bookbag, digging into it and drawing out a rather inexpensive looking old quill. Offering it out, he holds it toward Kalleigh. "Here."

"Oh, thank you!" Kalleigh responds brightly, taking the feather into her fingers. She turns and tilts her head at the lightening streaked surface. "Well, I can see your point. Did you want to just… watch it for a while?"

"-May- not be a bad plan, that. Until we know what it's doing," Mason replies lightly, nodding and looking back toward the pendant, tilting his head a little. "I just wish I knew more about it, really…"

The lightning stops suddenly, the pendant freezing in place, held perfectly vertically within the green field. And then an explosion of sorts, that turns the entire field a solid green - that green holding in place. As if it were zooming out, the edges of the field begin to shrink, and what appears to be a dark mark hangs solidly in the midst of the field : a skull with a snake slithering from its mouth, animated and moving. It didn't appear to be fading away.

Kalleigh shrieks at it.

"OUT!" Mason may be a little -weak- on the wizarding world's side of things… but his mother's -told- him about this much. Wand now drawn from his cloak pocket - as if it would do any good, mind you - Mason begins to backtrack toward the door. And, should Kalleigh negate the whole -moving- thing, the robes are once again grabbed and yanked with his free hand.

Kalleigh is already backing out by the time Mason grabs at her. She gives him a rough elbow and runs, still screaming from the room.

The dark mark swirls in the green field, the pendant starting to vibrate strongly - but that image still didn't seem to be fading, the vibrations reaching the table, now.

And of course, Mason isn't too far behind Kalleigh, because once she's clear, he turns and breaks into a run for the door, as well. He's not about to hang around for this!

Kalleigh races down the stairs as her throat dries out, taking the steps two at a time, but tripping over the last one, skidding across the floor on her knees. She stays there for a while, collecting herself, tears moistening her lashes and her cheeks, but not falling. She's quiet as she pants for breath.

Following along with Kalleigh, Mason is not too far behind. A wand drawn and his own panting ragged as he comes down the stairs, he is able to see the girl in front of him go tumbling. Of course, given the fact there doesn't seem to be a lot of danger…. he comes down the last couple of stairs one at a time, panting a little. Approaching Kalleigh, he pants, trying to catch his own breath… "Are you okay?"

Kalleigh shakes her head first, then nods, then shakes her head one more time. "I - I think so. What's the dark mark doing in Hogwarts?" Her voice gets tighter and higher as she speaks, nearly hysterical when she finishes.

"I… Don't.. know." Mason pants still, resting his hands on his knees and eventually wiping his head. He sighs after a moment or two, looking toward Kalleigh. Then… he moves to help her up, offering a hand toward her. "It can't be good, though…"

"Don't touch me!" Kalleigh is still highly tense, but looks completely apologetic afterward. "I - I'm sorry." She gets to her feet, her knees still a little weak. "We should tell a teacher."

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