Where once was light, now darkness falls…

It was supposed to be getting better.

Dumbledore's death rocked the nation, but the death toll seemed to stop there almost as if by magic. Few (if any) truly knew why, but there was peace for nearly five years… more or less. There was movement in the Ministry - there is always movement in the Ministry - with one political party rising slowly to prominence on quiet promises of restoring the Isles to Her former glory. Little did the Knights of the Grey know how quickly they would run out of time to make good on their promises.


That's what they call it now, some Muggle reference or other. It's as good a name as any - nothing's going to capture the enormity of having your entire world crumble down around your ears. No one saw them coming. Not a whisper, not a word. A quiet Monday morning by all accounts… and then they were there in numbers no one… no one knew was possible. The Ministry was the first to fall, rocked by a devastating explosion. Diagon, Mungo's, Gringott's, Hogsmeade, Azkaban… the staples of our world tipped over like a line of dominoes. Only Hogwarts was able to hold them off. Only Hogwarts was able to keep them out.

And so Hogwarts is all that's left, held against the darkness by virtue only of people willing to work together for survival - whether they like each other or not.


While nearly all of the events (major and minor) in the history of the game are detailed in logs, this timeline condenses years of information into the bullet points as anyone could reasonably justify having heard about them. If you want more information on a specific event or series of events, please don't hesitate to talk with a member of Staff.


  • September 1994
    • Quad-House Cup Announced
    • Mad-Eye Moody introduced as DADA Professor
  • October 1994
    • Sirius Black turns himself in on condition of a retrial in light of new evidence
  • Halloween 1994
    • Quad-House Champions Chosen
    • Delores Umbridge seizes position of Minister from Fudge
  • November 1994
    • Sirius Black's retrial Log Log2
    • First Quad-House Task - won by Slytherin
  • December 1994
    • Dementors attack Ministry safehouse
    • Sirius Black, Holly Maplewood, Jack Noble declared fugitives by Umbridge
    • Hogwarts hosts Yule Ball


  • January 1995
    • Remus Lupin and Holly Maplewood captured by Ministry
    • Umbridge orders shared cell on full moon
    • Umbridge arrested Scrimgeour installed as Minister Log
  • February 1995
    • Harry Potter goes missing from Hogwarts' dungeons
    • Death Eaters attack Hogsmeade, drop the bodies of two students
    • Perpetua Torrington (Hufflepuff Sixth Year) killed
    • Harry Potter (Gryffindor Fourth Year) Not Dead (again)
    • Snape disappears in attack
    • Remainder of Potions term instructed by Tiana Moldavia
    • Remainder of Quad-House Cup cancelled
    • Moody's Army forms, begins training
  • April 1995
    • Muggle village (Batherton Hills) destroyed, Death Eater activity suspected
  • May 1995
    • Death Eater involvement in Batherton Hills massacre confirmed
    • Death Eaters form alliance with Trolls
    • Wrackspurt Incident culminates at Hogwarts
  • June 1995
    • Hogwarts hosts Alumni Weekend
    • Death Eaters stage act of terror inside the school
    • Siobhan Noble (Slytherin Seventh Year) declared dead
  • July 1995
    • Beauxbatons destroyed in Death Eater attack
    • Hogwarts and Durmstrang extend invitations to displaced Beauxbatons students
    • Death Eaters attack Cardiff
  • September 1995
    • Hamish MacGregor introduced as DADA Professor
    • Ministry appoints representative Jas Lancaster to oversee the school
    • Ministry assigns Auror protection detail to Hogwarts
    • Hamish MacGregor revealed as escaped nutter, returned to Mungo's custody
  • October 1995
    • Ministry ecstatic to announce no student died after all
    • Siobhan Noble introduced as MacGregor's replacement for remainder of term
    • Severus Snape returns to position teaching Potions


  • January 1996
    • Professor Noble disappears, DADA classes covered by McGonagall (many essays)
  • February 1996
    • Ransom is set for Professor Noble's return, pack of werewolves to make the exchange in the Ministry
    • The MA attempts to help, Things Go Horribly Wrong
    • Albus Dumbledore dies in Department of Mysteries
    • Professor Noble resumes post at Hogwarts
  • March 1996
    • Hogwarts contracts with private company Morgan Securities to supplement Auror protection
    • Ministry holds hearings into the death of Albus Dumbledore
  • May 1996
    • Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody promoted to head of MLE: Auror Division
    • Ministry approves legislation designating Torchwood Estate an extension of Hogwarts to provide safe housing for students with no home to return to when school is not in session
  • June 1996
    • Severus Snape installed as Hogwarts' next Headmaster in surprising unanimous vote of Governors
  • September 1996
    • Jethro Gardener introduced as DADA professor
    • Horace Slughorn introduced as Potions professor


  • January 1997
    • First stirrings in Ministry over lack of Death Eater activity
  • March 1997
    • The Daily Prophet runs story on Scrimgeour's supposed "Scandalous Secret Family" with a Muggle lover
  • April 1997
    • Magistrix Carrow calls for a Vote of No Confidence in Minister Scrimgeour
  • June 1997
    • Ministry holds hearings into the Scrimgeour Scandal
  • August 1997
    • Scrimgeour declared innocent of crime, survives VoNC, reputation never truly recovers
  • September 1997
    • Jake Morgan introduced as DADA Professor


  • February 1998
    • Rumors sweep through Ministry that the Knights of the Grey were responsible for Scrimgeour's Scandal
    • Legislation proposed to Wizengamot banning political parties as tools of strife and division
  • July 1998
    • Anti-Party Legislation brought to open-vote. Shot down by narrow margin.
  • September 1998
    • Tiana Moldavia introduced as DADA Professor


  • May 1999
    • Anti-Party Legislation resurfaces. Passes by surprisingly high margin.
    • Rumors of vote-tampering never make the papers, but never quite die either.
  • September 1999
    • Antoinette Selwyn introduced as DADA Professor


  • July 2000
    • July 31st: D-Day
    • Ministry falls
    • St. Mungo's falls
    • Diagon Alley falls
    • Gringott's falls
    • Hogsmeade falls
    • Azkaban falls
  • August 2000
    • Siege of Hogwarts begins
    • Horace Slughorn disappears
    • Minerva McGonagall assumes position as Headmistress
  • September 2000
    • Hogwarts declared a Refuge by Headmistress McGonagall
    • Siobhan Morgan (re-)introduced as DADA professor
    • Severus Snape resumes instruction of Potions and serves as Deputy Headmaster
  • October 2000
    • First post-attack refugees start trickling in
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