1994-12-21:The Yule Ball


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Scene Title The Yule Ball
Synopsis Hogwarts hosts the Yule Ball.
Location The Great Hall
Date Dec 21, 1994
Watch For All the fun.
Logger Harry/AK

For the Yule Ball, the faculty of Hogwarts have pulled out all the stops, going above and beyond even the generally-excellent stellar-level decorations the shortest member of the faculty normally puts up every Christmas. Christmas trees, of course. But decorated with live colorful fairies? And silver and tinsels and glass balls in all sorts of festive colors, each reflecting all four colors of the Houses of Hogwarts, none getting more facetime than any other. Golden streamers lead toward stylish black tinsel, while bronze tinsel is entwined with deep mystic blue balloons hovering near the snowy wax candles illuminating the scene. Scarlet and gold confetti falls like snow in one corner. And the green drapes in the opposite corner are tied back with silver ribbons. The headmaster of Hogwarts, wearing a set of dress robes that shimmer with iridescence that also reflects the four House colors, opens his arms wide as the doors open to allow the students into the Great Hall to ogle the decorations. Small round tables (normally used for test-taking) are scattered around closer to the doors, while an ample dance floor takes up much of the space, with a wizarding band's finishing their sound check up on the raised dias… and is that a Marshall stack? Made of wood and brass, however, with Victorian-era steampunky sort of knobs on them.

"Welcome!" Dumbledore calls to everyone happily.

As Harry should have expected, apparently girls take longer to get ready for special occassions than boys. Rightly so, the young man arrives at the doors of the hall just as the greeting is made. "Just in time." he grins, glancing around before walking on in and looking around at all the decorations. "Brilliant" he adds, heading towards one of the sides of the room so as to get out of the way of others entering.

Normally Perpetua doesn't take that long to get ready for anything. She's a simple girl and all. Tonight? She started preparing early so is right on time in her pink robes and dress as the ball is opened. Blushing furiously, she looks around the Great Hall and at everyone's fancy clothes.

Trying not to stand out (hard to do given her dress), Mei walks quietly into the great hall. Her hands stuck in her sleeves, the girl closes her eyes for a moment to compose herself before moving further on to mingle. If not to mingle just to look around and try not to stand out.

Having met her date out in the Entrance Hall, Siobhan walks into the Ball on the arm of a tall man in a brown pin-striped suit and a head of hair that might just have a mind of its own. He's not a student, that's for sure, but other than that, his identity is fairly unknown. Siobhan is alight, her smile bright and her face is lit up with an effusement of joy that's been rare on her face this entire semester.

A middle-of-the-pack arrival is Walter, dressed in a set of dark blue dress robes to show some Ravenclaw pride, mostly because he feels it's expected of him. It's probably a blessing he's got himself an actual date for the night and didn't go with his original plan of trying to animate a school scarecrow for the fun of it, and as the boy saunters in he spots - and makes a beeline for - Perpetua.

Elizabeth releases a soft breath as she brushes her hands over her dress once last time before stepping into the Ball itself. The strapless, simple black ball gown compliments her curves easily, moving with her legs as she moves with the faint clicking of heels on the polished floor. The soft pale skin complimenting her gown with her long ebony hair falling over her shoulders in gentle waves. Lifting a hand, she lightly pushes up her circular glasses on her slender nose, her bright, sky blue eyes glancing arouund the crowded ball room calculatingly as she moves, avoiding from bumping into anyone.

Luna glides into the ballroom. Glides is an excellent word, for the skirt of her light blue, poofy, reminiscient-of-Cinderella dress just barely skims against the ground, perhaps giving her the illusion of floating. Well, it would have been a lovely dress upon Luna, except for the fact that she decided to upgrade it. It was looped about with purple tinsel around the waist and the hem of the larger, but not obscenely so skirt, with what appeared to be a good handful of butterbeer corks enchanted to stick to the arms of the dress in a vaguely decorative fashion. Her hair was done up in a bun, with little sprigs allowed from it to frame her face. A pair of silver earrings in the shape of globes hung from her ears. "Oh, how lovely." Luna says, her tone of voice very vague. While she was able to avoid bumping into anyone, the rather large skirt she wore had no such luck. Wherever Ron was, that didn't seem to be a priority in Luna's mind, the girl instead quite happy to stare at shimmery things about the room, whether that be the Headmaster's robes, or the various decorations about the hall.

Timothy steps in from the Entrance Hall, looking around for a few moments before he steps a bit to the side of the door. He's dressed in simple dress robes, nothing special there. As soon as he's found himself a place, he glances back towards the doors at regular intervals. Planning his escape, perhaps?

And not far behind Luna is Ron, dressed in the rather simple cut green robes he received from his mother. No lace! All and all, he doesn't look that bad. He does keep casting glances at Luna though. The dress would indeed look lovely, if she hadn't gone and added the Luna touch. Shaking his head slightly, he keeps looking around the Great Hall as if trying to spot someone, but he doesn't seem to have any luck. For now, he's simply resigned to keeping near Luna, albeit at a short distance, as he continues to look around.

Caira enters the Great Hall, the light from the candles and fairies sparkling off the beading on her simple yet elegant black dress. She simply enters with the general crowd of students. trying to just kinda blend in.

The Great Hall looks simply gorgeous and stepping into the midsts of the colorful fairies and glowing lights is Hermione wearing a lovely tiered pink dress. Though light pink at the top, each tier is a darker color so that toward the bottom layer, it's a deep mauve. Her normally bushy hair has been tamed for the evening into perfect, shiny curls. Half of them have been pulled back into a swept up style. The witch looks older, and it's not because of the aging potion. Amazed at the decorations, she gives a bright smile as she looks about and takes in everything.

Alistaire looks around at the decorations with avid interest, big old stupid grin on his face as he saunters in with Siobhan. His attire looks… same as it always does. No dress robes, just his usual long brown coat. "They never made them this good when I was a student," he murmurs knowingly into Siobhan's ear. "Still, I miss this old place. Things were… quieter."

Ginny blesses the fact that her shoes are simple flats, with no heel. Because she doesn't possess the superhuman ability to walk in heels. Carefully gripping her skirts in sweaty palms, she descends the staircase and enters the Great Hall. Her eyes widen as she sees the decorations, and she stops in the wide doorway, mouth slightly agape.

On the stage, Kyrie nearly gapes as her uncle shows up and says a phrase that most certainly is not appropriate to Hogwarts, but at least she did it under her breath and not near the wizarding mic. The band fidgets once their gear is ready, glancing at their bass player, the redhead waiting for the high sign to play something. The young Ravenclaw finally gets over her shock and offers her acquaintance Sio a faint smile. A rather baffled one. But a smile nonetheless and not a snarky comment.

Oh, good. A party. Snape expresses his great joy at having to chaperone a horde of teenagers by lurking in the darkest corner he can find and glaring menacingly at anyone who happens to cast their eye in his direction. Dressed, as is usual, entirely in black with a great cloak thrown over it all to make him appear yet more batlike. As the students and their dates emerge into the Great Hall, he glowers at them in turn - although one particular instance has caused harsh lines of displeasure to form on his pale face.

"Well, this is a ball," Dumbledore says, still in his rampantly cheerful mood, although the entrance of the Auror causes him to arch one bushy silver brow and then shrug. "I think there is supposed to be dancing somewhere around here… so, if you would be so kind?" he asks of the band with a graceful gesture, moving off to the side and then taking up a spot near Snape in that darkest corner, a grin on his face. "Champions, you first, then everyone else is welcome to join in. Just mind each other's toes."

Oscar is so far above this whole thing, of course. That's why he hasn't bothered with a date, or even really getting especially done up. Dress robes are worn since they're required, but he seems to have actually gone to an effort to otherwise look a bit dishevelled. The robes themselves are wrinkled, his hair looks as though it hasn't been combed since he went to bed last night. He strolls in and heads for a seat right off the dance floor, the better to sit and slouch and mock those who actually take this thing seriously.

A swath of silk and taffeta, Mei meanders through the tables and chairs, keeping pretty well to herself. Hands hidden in the volumnious sleeves of her dress she smiles and half bows to people she knows, and heck those she doesn't. Hearing the call for the champions to dance draws a small smile to her face as the girl turns to watch curiously. As yet she's not sat, possibly unable to do so with the long train of her gown. Pausing for a moment she purses her lips before finally seeking out a seat. She pauses, seeming to wait for someone to actually pull the chair back for her, but when that doesn't happen, the girl does so for herself before sitting gracefully.

With the headmaster's official permission, Kyrie and her band, a rather Muggle rock band look to them despite their obvious wizarding musical equipment and the speakers that look like a steampunk Marshall stack. Their clothing is artfully torn (only on knees and elbows, Professor McGonagall), and the music starts… quite classically. An elegant waltz erupts from the five-piece group, a spritely step to it, much like the gentle zipping of the fairies in the Christmas trees.

Luna starts to skip off, but comes to a sudden pause, her skirts swishing. Blinking, she purses her lips. She was forgetting something… with a sudden brightening, she turns back around towards Ron, and beams a smile. "Oh, hello! I did forget, that I have a bit of a surprise. Ginny helped me to think of it." she says, tone of voice a fair bit more faraway than usual. Producing her wand from her sleeve, she sticks out her tongue, her eyes going up towards the ceiling and to the side as she concentrates upon tapping one of those silver earrings with her wand. A wordless sound somewhat like a theremin sorts, melodically rising in tone. Then, the earrings start to sing in an etheral voice, of all things, as Luna tucks the wand back away. ~Ron, oh Ron, the sky, to my cloud…~ Luna interjects, "George and Fred helped me with that bit… or was that someone else?" she asks, her eyes going faraway as she lifts her chin up to stare at a point far away.

"Oh— hi," Ron says, slightly caught offguard when Luna turns around to face him. He gives her a weak sort of smile, eyes still tearing away from her so he can keep looking for whatever it is he's looking for. Is it treasure? Gold? Jewelry? Or perhaps food. He's quite unable to keep his gaze from Luna, however, when her earrings start to sing. The youngest Weasley son slowly turns his head back to Luna, unable to keep his jaw frop dropping half an inch or so as he stares at her. "Oh… no… that was them.. that's— er, that's quite nice, Luna," he says, closing his eyes and trembling slightly for the smallest of moments. Fred and George ARE SO DEAD.

Sliding through the people and decorations, Hermione grins and waves at everyone she knows, making her way around. When she sees Luna and Ron together, her lips press together, but she decides to be the grown up that she is and move over to say hello. Arriving just in time to hear Luna's earrings sing, she blinks and then just switches her gaze between the two of them, actually looking amused. "Didn't mean to interrupt anything," she greets as she tucks a curl behind her ear. "I just wanted to say hello."

The earrings don't quite stop, either. There is a pause, as if they have to think about the next verse, but then the little noise starts again, wavering low, and then high again. During this time, Luna's eyes slowly fall back unto Ron. Well, they were pointed in his direction, but they were unfocused, as if staring far away. "Oh, thank you. I worked rather hard on them." she begins, "I suppose we should dance, as well." she starts, then leans in, lowering her voice as if sharing a secret, "Although I haven't had much practice except for McGonagall's class. Please don't mind smushed toes." she says, crinkling her nose cutely as she straightens again. That was when Hermione came. Turning to look towards her, Luna says, "Oh, hello, Hermione. Ron and I are going to dance, I think, but then you can certainly dance with him, if he doesn't mind." She says, giving Hermione a rather vague smile. Then the earrings start up again. ~A cloud, a cloud, perhaps with rain, for rain brings rainbows together again~

It may not be too far off to say that several pairs of students were looking towards Luna and Ron and snickering at this point.

Off to the side of the hall, Harry watches the band on stage set up and prepare. Occasionally he glances at the others entering the hall, hoping to catch a glimpse of his company for the night. The potions professors presence is spotted, and a brief frown appears. Only to disappear a moment later as he spots Ginny at the doorway. Green eyes go wide and his mouth hangs open a moment before he gets over it and starts to move towards her.

Perpetua grins amidst the blushing as she sees Walter heading her way. She turns to meet him halfway, only stepping on her own toes once out of nerves. What a sheltered little soul she is! She's even yet to meet up with a boy in Hogsmeade, so this is a big deal for her. Her grin takes an embarrassed glint as she approaches Walter.. then nearly trips over her own feet again as she chokes when Dumbledore states the Champions start off. Oh dear sweet baby Merlin in your cradle! Briefly there's a deer in the headlights look as she reaches out to grab Walter by the arm.

"Dumbledore likes us better," Siobhan teases Ali, turning to grin at him playfully; tongue between her teeth. Kyrie's confused grin earns a slight wave from Sio, but her attention is clearly with Alistaire. "It's hardly been quiet here this term, but I know what you mean." When she spies Snape lurking, however, her grin turns into a smirk; smothered because she knows he really doesn't want to be here. It's not hard to guess. She doesn't seem deterred by those lines of harsh displeasure - despite knowing she'll pay for them later, this is so worth it. When the band strikes up a tune, she leans closer to Ali. "We're supposed to start this whole thing out," she murmurs. "Impress me."

Alistaire grins down at Siobhan as he leads her toward the dance floor, waving jovially to his niece with the loopy looking bass. However, when Sio directs his attention to the two teachers in the corner, his eyebrow of doom furls as he eyeballs Snape, but for the sake of the evening, he doesn't step out of line. He does apparently know how dance, swinging Siobhan around expertly with graceful movements. "Just wait until the faster dances later," he replies with a smirk.

Champions first, huh? Walter lets himself be grabbed and then goes about using that grip to tug Perpetua a little further away from the wall, one hand tangling with hers and lifting while the other goes around her waist. "If you step on my feet I promise I won't hex you for it until at least next week," he murmurs, amused. Oh yes, he's noticed that poor Pet doesn't seem all that coordinated. Maybe that's just a side effect of the situation, but he would like to keep his feet structurally intact.

Ginny smiles as the music starts, giving a little finger-wave to Kyrie. She doesn't know the girl too well, but she deems it well enough to be greeting her from afar. Then she spots Harry, and her cheeks colour, a huge smile breaking over her face. She walks over to him as he begins to approach her, trying her best to keep her pace relaxed. "Hi," she says shyly when they get close enough to speak. "You look.. very handsome."

Snape glances sidelong at Dumbledore, obviously making it known without words that he wants to go back to the dungeon. Folding his arms over his chest, he makes certain to match Alistaire's stare pound for pound - lip curling with derision. He remains silent for a long moment, hooked nose pointing in a slightly different direction to indicate his facing slightly towards Dumbledore to speak with him. "Surely there are enough chaperones already … "

"But Severus, how often do we get to do something like this?" Dumbledore asks, his toe tapping in time with the first song, glancing between Snape and the elder Phoenix dancing with the seventh-year girl. He appears reminiscent for just a few moments, remembering that Alistaire was in the same year as James Potter, and in Gryffindor. Oy. "No hexing the guests," he murmurs under his breath out of the side of his mouth, while his smile is still firmly in place.

Still staring at the earrings, Ron ignores the snickers of the other students. At this point, he's so used to them this year it doesn't even seem to bother him anymore. He whips around when Hermione shows up, looking past her to see if Danny is following. He doesn't see him. Interesting. "Hello," he says curtly, turning his attention back to Hermione. "Luna and I were just about to dance," he says, backing up Luna. "So if you'll excuse us— and no, I don't think I'll be dancing with," he continues, turning on his heel. He heads towards the dance floor, leading Luna there, should she follow. "Looks like she got stood up, anyway," he says, just loud enough where Hermione can hear. "I didn't see Danny."

As Luna's earrings continue to sing, Hermione actually grins at her. No matter what she feels about this whole ball thing, it's very hard to be mad at her. Especially when she does things like make singing earrings. Her theories on nargles nonwithstanding, she's a very endearing witch. "No no, I wouldn't want to cut in between the two of you," she tells Luna, honestly. She has her own date. And while it's true, Dan isn't following behind her, he's still here. When Ron is curt with her, her lips purse a little tighter. And at the mention of being stood up, she stands there with her mouth hanging open just a moment in disbelief that he would even say something like that. Just glaring at him, she turns on her heel and then just moves in the opposite direction toward the drink and refreshments table.

Luna does follow, although a little sigh passes her lips. "Oh, Ron. I do know that you fancy me terribly, but really, you should be nice to Hermione. I think she fancies you rather strongly, and being so mean to her is just going to break her… ooo." Luna says, as one of the fairies flicker over her head. Although she was standing right by him, she ignores him for the time being to turn in place, to watch the flight of that specific fairy. And off go the earrings again. ~…wrackspurts cannot make feelings all fuzzy, nor nargles steal love…~

"When Hermione admits it, then maybe I'll be nicer— besides, if she fancies me so much, why is she here with Danny?" Ron says, shaking his head. He doesn't even bother trying to explain the fact that he doesn't really fancy Luna like that, but he really shouldn't be mean to her. After all, she didn't do anything. He eventually slows to a stop as Luna gets distracted by a fairy, turning to watch as he puts a hand to his forehead.

Caira has move to a table, and is sitting there. She sits there, watching others, apparantly having no desire to dance herself. Thus, for now, watching is all she'll do.

At the refreshment table, Hermione is joined by Danny - who has already put together some food and drinks for the two of them. After the snark from Ron, she really needed some kindness and she's glad to have found it from Danny. Trailing after them, they move to sit down at the table - somewhat near Caira.

"So do you." Harry instantly replies, as his own cheeks flush pink. "I..uh…I mean you look beautiful." Hopefully it was a quick enough save, as he reaches a hand to scratch the back of his neck. "At least they're making the champions go first." he adds, adjusting his bowtie. It's blatantly obvious he's nervous. Maybe he'll remember the dancing lessons.

"That's sweet of you," Perpetua squeaks just slightly as Walter's arm finds its way around her waist. "I'm just nervous," she whispers at him to try and reassure, "I'll do my best to not step on your toes." Or in-step. Counting to ten, she forces herself to calm down, just about everyone else is excited and acting like this is no big thing! Well! She can do the same!

Pleased with her partner's ability, Siobhan lets him lead, whirling around the floor with the grace of someone who knows what she's doing, and the ease of someone actually enjoying herself for once. "Oooh, I can't wait." Every so often, her gaze strays out into the rest of the guests; she seems amused at the stir they're causing. As the music winds towards its natural conclusion, she leans in closer, brushing her cheek against his. "Remind me to give you your Christmas gift before you leave."

Mei sits, watching the others dance. Smiling serenely, the girl reaches before her to pick up a glass of water. Taking a very slight sip from the cool liquid she smiles and then goes back to admiring the couples.

"Noted," Snape drawls, eyes still fixed on the bitter rival dancing with one of his students, "No hexing." He turns slightly to cast an eye over the festivities as a hole, keeping an eye on everything that is going on. If he's going to be a chaperone then he's going to make sure he spoils any unwarranted fun quickly and with maximum embarrassment and emotional trauma. "Is there any word on the second task?"

The first dance is sweet and stately, as would be expected for such a wing-ding, and the band gives it the attention it deserves. But then… after that, it's time to rock and roooooooll. Kyrie grins impishly, much like the pixie her pointed ears sometimes makes her look like. With a crash of cymbals and beckoning gestures to the other kids waiting their turn to dance, the band strikes a more energetic tune, a proper rock anthem not entirely unassociated with hair bands from the 80s. Or KISS during their costume and makeup days. Not their no-makeup sell-out days. Kyrie and her bass keep thumping, rattling the fixtures with an awesome beat for dancing along with. Mosh pits optional this early in the evening.

Ginny lets out a nervous giggle. "Um, thanks. So do y - um, I mean," she catches herself, managing to stop from repeating herself. "Do you, um. Want to dance?" She nods with her chin to the dance floor. "Everything looks so lovely.. the Professors really outdid themselves, didn't they?" A fairy zips by just then, and she smiles. She can feel the Felix Felicis potion kicking in, and her grin widens.

Apparently Walter's idea of helping Perpetua dance well is to come dangerously close to treading on her feet every once in a while, encouraging her to step into the correct patterns or be partially squished. Because he is like that. But this is a relatively low-scale bit of tomfoolery, and for the most part the Ravenclaw simply grins like an idiot at his date until the music changes and he… winces. Oi.

Dumbledore gives Snape a rather tolerant look, knowing full well how the Slytherin is twisting his instructions, but letting the notion be for right now. "Ah, I'd dance to this one if I hadn't smacked my knee on the desk this morning," he remarks mournfully.

Fashionably late, George and Angelina make their way down the grand staircase, turning into the great hall. She's in a lovely red dress with silver stitching and he in black dress robes with a red undershirt, arm-in-arm… and George has the goofiest grin on his face already. He's only just made it iand he's having the time of his life - poor Fred is nowhere to be seen, but it's likely that he had a date and they didn't even make it to the dance. "Dancey times?" he asks Angie, grinning.

"Oooh, really?" Alistaire asks Siobhan with some interest, pointedly ignoring a certain Slytherin teacher in black once he gave the man the eyebrow of doom. "I, er, have a present for you around here somewhere," he says with the air of a man who… forgot to get a present for his date. Doh. "But we'll talk about that later." As the music changes to something a bit more energetic, he doesn't seem to miss more than one or two beats, shifting tempo and bringing Siobhan along with him, that giddy grin still on his face.

"As would I," Snape remarks snidely when he's sure there is nobody but Dumbledore within earshot, "If Hell had frozen over and pigs flew."

With one hand behind his back, and a pleasant smile on his face, Dumbledore gives Snape a rather innocent expression as several of the balloons suddenly contort themselves into vaguely pig-like shapes and detach themselves from their anchors to go sailing serenely across the Great Hall.

Harry glances to the dance floor before taking another look around the room. "They totally outdid themselves. Brilliant decorations." he replies, turning back to look at Ginny with a smile. The pink's still there, but not as much. "Umm….sure. I'd love to." he nods, looking for a potential path towards the dance floor as he offers out his hand.

OOOH! You're so bad, Walter! Not that Perpetua is complaining at all. However, his way of forcing her steps to be correct is effective. "Keep it up, and I'll go get a scarecrow hat to wear the rest of the night," she teases up at Walter as she finally loosens up. Her grin is more of having fun than being incredibly nervous now.

Of course, one of the pair of Weasley twins would have to make an entrance. At least George didn't bring anything that exploded like fireworks to announce his presence! Just Angelina. She enters on his arm, waving to a few of her friends as he leads her into the room. "Dance? That would be wonderful! Looks like it's a faster paced song though. That okay with you?"

Snape arches an eyebrow at the flying pig balloons, crossing his arms over his chest and speaking in unruffled and icy fashion, "I'm still not dancing."

Mei smiles softly, slowly standing. Pursing her lips in an impish grin she looks about so as to not be caught and then uses a simple freezing charm on her table's candle so yes, hell freezes. Well at least the flames did. Though, she's not about to be the once to dance with him. Not for all the house points in the world. Wandering off, Mei takes a place off by the side just to placidly watch.

The bassplayer for the band takes a moment to waaaaave back at Ginny, quite belatedly, but during a brief moment when she didn't need the hand on the neck of the bass, playing a few open notes and hopping around merrily. No dainty and poncy classical music performance, this.

Siobhan grins right back, giggling rather a bit like a loon. "Ten quid says you forgot," she teases before starting to walk backwards, swivelling her hips and moving to the faster, rockier beat. Her brown eyes swivel heavenwards and for a moment she stares open-mouthed at the…yes, the Flying Pigs. "What in the…?" For a moment, her gaze strays to the Headmaster, then to Snape, and then to Ali. "Never a dull moment."

"Hey McGonagall said I was a good dancer," George thumbs his nose, grinning. Did he just toot his own horn? I totally think he did. He releases her arm, holding his hand out - though somewhat awkwardly, with a smile. "Let's do this."

Ginny takes Harry's hand with a smile, even going so far as to lead them into a gap in the crowd. With an awkward little clearing of her throat, Ginny places her free hand on Harry's shoulder, and oh-so-tentatively laces her fingers through the hand she still held. When the world doesn't fall apart after this gesture, she seems to relax a little bit.

Alistaire doesn't bother wasting any of his time on Snape or Dumbledore or anyone else for that matter, flying pigs or no flying pigs. His attention is on the young lady he's dancing with, and not even the apocalypse-generating interaction between Harry bleedin' Potter and Miss Weasley are enough to make him look away from Siobhan. Because he knows she'd deck him if he did. "I did /not/ forget," he huffs. Then he babbles for a few moments of indignant huffing and then says, "Well, yes, I did. You know how it is. I promise I'll make it up to you."

Mei listens to the music for a while before nodding ever so slightly in tune with it. Turning, the girl sashays around the edge of the dance floor, idly smiling at any boy that catches her eye. Now she behaves, she doesn't head out there to steal them away, instead moving to the edge to watch. Spotting George she stops and with a soft giggle, offers the boy a bow and…wink? Turning, Mei continues on her little course, seeming to look for something. Or perhaps someone.

Harry's not about to object as he's led through the gap and onto the dance floor. In fact, far from it, as he willingly goes along with a matching smile on his face. Hand on shoulder. Check. Other hand interlaced. Check. His free hand moves to rest right above her waist, just how McGonagall taught them. Even then the world doesn't come to an end. Nor does Ron seem to come out of nowhere to check on them. It's odd, but somehow it seems things are going well. As his cheeks flush, he smiles, and begins the manly thing of leading the dance. Watch out for her toes, boy! CONSTANT VIGILANCE! That's what Moody would tell him.

Angelina slips her hand into George's, grinning. "Well, let me be the judge of that. She is older, after all. Doesn't have the stamina that I do, as a Quidditch player." The pigs catch her attention, more than the wink from Mei, and make her laugh. "Look up. Flying pigs. Good thing I didn't say something like 'I'll only go out with you when pigs fly..'"

"The night is young, Severus," Dumbledore replies to the Potionsmaster in a politely bland voice.

Smiling up at him as she moves to the music, Siobhan reaches up to brush a little wisp of hair behind Alistaire's ear. "You've been busy, Ali. I understand." That he remembered the Ball at all is a rather pleasant surprise; the man is known as much for his scattered brain as his brilliant mind and breath-taking explosions. "Buuuut…" And her grin turns mischievous. "If you really want to make it up to me, you can come to my family's New Year's party." She steps closer and runs both hands down his arms, gripping his hands and pulling him still closer and lifting her chin as if to kiss him. Instead, she drops the deal-breaker. "There'll be fireworks, Ali."

Snape doesn't reply to Dumbledore's comment, simply going back to glaring at the world in general.

Ginny is grinning like an idiot. Her eyes flick down to her feet, up to Harry's face, away to the band, and down again. Then she remembers McGonagall's instruction not to stare constantly at her feet, so with a concentrated effort, she pulls her chin up and gazes straight into Harry's face.

"I'd be delighted!" Alistaire replies, although there is a hint of evil in that grin. Oh yes, Siobhan would catch it, danger danger! "But only if I could help with the fireworks! They're my speciality, after all."

Up on stage, when no one thankfully decides to do half-brained karaoke, Kyrie takes the mic and begins belting out a choice 90s rock song, as sung by some famous wizarding sorceress heard on the wireless whenever one is bored of Celestina Warbeck. It's a girly sort of rock song, and her bass actually changes colors to a revolting girly pink with sparkly gems on the fretboard and on the body of the instrument. It's one to challenge the normally shy girls to confidently tell their crushes that they like the boys (or girls, as the case may be), and to carpe diem and seize the fish?

Yeah, maybe Harry should follow those same directions. He's been doing the same thing as well as trying to keep time in his head. When he does look up, she's looking right at him. Did someone adjust the red hue on his cheeks? Smiliing, he does his best to not look down at his or her feet. "You know, this isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The dancing, I mean." he admits, looking up as the song changes. Great. Rock and roll. This wasn't taught in the dance class.

Mei looks slowly around and sighs. It's late, her date never arrived, so after a final course around the dance floor she smiles serenely to herself. Probably time for her to go. Looking about she hmms idly to herself before nodding. A rather impromptu decision is made, and with that she slowly makes her way to professor Dumbldore. Bowing before him she reaches up to gently remove one of the ice lotus blossoms from her hair and give it to the professor. "For such a beautiful ball. Thank you for the time professor." Bowing again the girl turns and then lo and behold she proves she does have guts. She does the same to snape, though this blossom isn't handed to him. Rather it's placed on the table nearest where he is sulking. One last bow done she turns and with a swish of silk and taffeta moves to leave.

George just keeps grinning as he leads her out to the dance floor, pulling her into a fast dance and showing his moves. Hey, he's a Quidditch player, too! He's not a /fabulous/ dancer, but he can still dance! "You sure you can dance in that thing?" He says, grinning at her dress. Mei's wink was noticed and he just grins, thinking it a good-natured egging on.

"Oh, thank you very much!" the somewhat startled headmaster replies to Mei, returning her bow with one of his own, in the correct style of a wizard of her native culture. "I hope you enjoyed yourself, Miss Huang," he adds politely and courteously, as is his general nature. The flower is accepted and stuck behind his ear, accenting his hair rather neatly.

Ginny looks a tad alarmed at this turn of events: the music is clearly a-rockin' and a-rollin', but Ginny doesn't rock or roll that well. Still, she tries her best to give a little shimmy, which doesn't feel too bad. How she looks is beyond her, though. She raises her eyebrows at Harry, silently inviting him to join in and make a fool of himself, too.

Siobhan laughs, resting her forehead against Alistaire's shoulder as the henna'd snake slithers up her left arm, head coming to rest just above her bust. "I'll let you help, but if you blow up the house, there's no power on earth what'll save you from my mum…" Movement off to one side catches her attention and she watches Mei bow and hand…something off to the Headmaster and her Head of House. When Dumbledore puts it behind his ear, she gapes openly and then turns to Alistaire, leaning up to whisper something in his ear before prancing - yes, prancing - over to the two staff. "What a lovely hairpiece, Professor Dumbledore. A pity that Professor Snape's isn't more his color." And with that, she parts a few panels from her skirt and pulls her wand from a garter 'round her thigh; small wands have their uses, after all. "There." Now that the thing is charred a nasty blackish-green. "That suits you much better, wouldn't you say, Professor?" Her smile is all sweetness and light.

Angelina has no problem with the change in music. None at all. Poofy dress or not! She pulls away from George and begins rocking out, bouncing up and down, moving herself in a way that suggests she's done this whole 'dance' thing before. She even sings along with the lyrics, laughing as she watches George. Her warm eyes don't really move to anyone else.

Snape peers at the blossom placed down on the table for him, glaring after Mei as she departs. He takes a step forward, tilting his head slightly as though he may for a moment move to pick it up - but then he doesn't. As Siobhan approaches, he glances up to watch her perform the little charm that changes the blossom to the colour more befitting his mood and demeanour. He simply arches an eyebrow, producing his own wand with a barely-perceived flick of the wrist. A silent spell is cast, prompting the blossom to melt - bubbling rather nastily on the tablecloth for a moment.

Come on, Harry! You've faced Dementors. You've faced animated giant chess figures. You've faced Snape!! This can't be anything compared to that. As Ginny starts trying to dance with the music, he does his own 'best attempt'. Or at least what little he managed to gather from watching Dudley.

"I wouldn't blow the house up," Alistaire says with rolled eyes and then mutters, "Much," before Siobhan leads him over to the elder statesman of Hogwarts and… the other professor. "Professors," he says politely and only mildly inoffensively toward Snape, although his greeting to Dumbledore is with much of the same reverence that the old guy's usual allies tend to give him. "It looks positively perfect for you," he says in a rather bland tone of voice toward Snape. He apparently lets Siobhan's murmur dampen his usual dislike of the Slytherin Head of House, and thankfully he's not as snide as Sirius always was. Although a cheeky grin surfaces once Snape melts the gift. "As charming as ever," he is heard to remark almost idly.

Snape merely arches an eyebrow at Alistaire, gives a pointed (and unpleasant look) to Siobhan and turns smartly on his heels. Time to stalk off back towards the entrance to the Great Hall and, perhaps, creep back down to the dungeons.

And it's the time the boys will alllllll dread. And the girls look up in hope. Kyrie's band, all comprised of students whose parents would disapprove (except hers), starts swinging into a soft and sonorous and overtly romantic song. The close one. The slow dance. The perfectly warm and gentle music that lovers adore and the awkward are awkward in, but those who know not love positively tend to loathe.

Luna slowly turns her attention away from the fairy, looks towards Ron, and gives him a brilliant smile. Although the music had already started, and people were dancing around them, Luna lifts her arms as if the song had just begun. Perhaps mercifully, the earrings fall silent with a ~I hope we will always be truuuuuuuu~Uuuue!~ line. But there is a pause, and Luna blinks, arms still outstretched as something tickles at her memory. "Did you just say something, Ron?" she asks, curiously.

Still shaking his head at the earrings, Ron waves a dismissive hand. "Nothing," he says to Luna, turning his attention towards the other people at the Ball. Harry should be around here somewhere… he just better not see him kissing Ginny. Bad things might happen. "I'm going to go get drinks," Ron suddenly says, turning his attention back towards Luna. "I'll be back in a little bit."

Danny hands the food and drink over to Hermione, offering her a polite smile and taking a look around the Great Hall, "The place looks nice, doesn't it? Is Pumpkin Juice okay? I didn't know what you wanted … "

Luna still had her arms outstretched still, as if waiting to be seized for a dance. Blinking as Ron breaks off to go get some food, she nods her head after him. However, seeing his opprotunity, another boy at the dance slips into Luna's arms, and starts to dance with the girl, Luna looking nothing but bewildered. But a smile touches her lips soon afterwards, "Oh, hello there!" she says. Right before she accidently steps on the poor lad's toes.

Smiling warmly at Danny, Hermione takes her drink and nods. "It's perfect, thank you." Glancing about the Great Hall's decorations, she also nods. "And I've never seen it look this pretty."

Danny nods his head, glancing up as the slow song starts and then turning his head back towards Hermione with a slightly awkward look, "Did you want to dance … ?"

Once the romantic music starts, the boy that was trying to dance with Luna pinkens, and excuses himself. Luna was left rather alone again. She did not seem to mind, however, wiggling her fingers in a little wave of "Goodbye!" in the general direction the random lad disappeared to. Smile brightening, and in spite of the slow pace of the music, she swings her hips back and forth, spinning about in a little dance of her own design, her skirt swishing to and fro.

Sipping from her pumpkin juice, Hermione grins at Danny. "Sure!" Setting her glass down, she holds out her hand for him to take so they can head out toward the dance floor. However, the slow music starts and Hermione blushes, too. If it's alright with Danny, she'll dance slowly with him, however, he doesn't want to, she'll understand.

George is cool with rocking out, and follows Angelina's lead, passing sideways glances to hers. He yells whenever appropriate, but doesn't sing along; no, he's not going to subject her to that horror for now, at least. Annnnd then the song changes. It's a slow song. Oh my. He stops the rocking and hesitates, looking at Angelina. There is much awkwardness, but he extends a hand to Angelina. Sorry ladies, his eyes are only for her tonight.

When Ali follows, offering his own brand of sarcastic commentary, Siobhan frowns. When Snape shoots her that Look and stalks off, she whirls around and whaps Ali on the arm with a good glare. "Can't you act like an adult for ten seconds?" she demands. A bit of hair falls over her face and she pushes it quickly out of the way before stalking off in the direction of Ronald Weasley. He'll slowdance with her. She's not mad at him.

Ginny executes a few more moves that don't look entirely ridiculous for some unknown reason - maybe because a lot of other students are also making fools of themselves - and then the song fades, and she smiles, a little relieved. When the slow song starts up, the hopeless romantic in her does a jig of glee. With careful motions, Ginny takes a step closer to Harry, and wraps her arms around his neck.

Oh yes. Definitely awkward. Angelina looks about, a bit unsure. Well. The others aren't formal waltzing or anything. So, she steps closer to George, settling one hand in his. "Is it okay if we..I mean.." Ahem. Perhaps it's better to just do it! Her free arm lifts to his neck, wrapping around. Ball. His court.

Oh, snap. There is an Angelina in close proximity. George's palm is sweaty, and now he's tense and nervous - a far cry from the usual casual, confident Weasley twin he usually is. "If we what?" Suddenly, there's an awkward moment as he puts his hand on her waist, shifting a little closer as he moves into the slow dancing circle. "This is nice," he says softly.

"What? WHAT?" Alistaire blurts out, a completely befuddled look on his face as he watches Siobhan stalk off. Just in time for the slow dance. "Oi, that /was/ nice! For me. And him." But there she is heading for one of Arthur's innumerable sons. "Fine." And he slouches off to talk with his niece quietly since she's not singing this slow song… her dad would explode in an apoplectic fit if she did. He eyes the color-changing bass with utter disgust and revulsion for the girly colors and sparkles. "You're a touch out of tune," he murmurs quietly.

Knowing Dudley, Harry probably looks like a fool. But, for some reason it doesn't seem to matter with him. He's having fun. This is definitely better than anything else. And then, another switch in music. This time, notably slower. Before he knows it, Ginny's a step closer and arms around his neck. There's a moment of hesitation before he puts his hands, both of them, back on her waist. With slow, swaying moves, he keeps his eyes level with her face, wearing a smile.

Making his way over to the drinks, Ron pours himself one quickly, downing it in one gulp. Letting out a long breath, he takes a look out to the dance floor as the slow, romantic tune kicks in, and he can't help but spot Luna in her dress, dancing with… herself. She seems to be enjoying it, so Ron isn't going to take away from her fun and cut in. Turning back towards the table, he suddenly finds Siobhan there, and after a few moments of talking, somehow he's roped into the dance with her. It shouldn't be too bad, right?

Danny has no problem with slow dancing it seems - they did take lessons for such things, after all. He extends his arms towards Hermione, offering her a smile as the music begins.

In fact, they did. And while Hermione does blush, she lets Danny lead her through the slow dance. That's what Professor McGonagall taught them to do. And while she's mostly a cerebral person, she's actually not that bad of a dancer. After a twirl, she steps on his foot. "I'm sorry!" she gasps, then laughs.

And dance they do, slow dancing in style before Hermione steps on Danny's foot. He doesn't mind, laughing along with her and apparently quite glad he decided not to go home for Christmas after all.

Dumbledore doesn't seem to mind Snape's abrupt departure, although he waves his wand to clean up the mess the Potions professor left behind. During the slow dance, he remains by himself, humming almost absently, a reflective expression on his face.

Siobhan spends the slow-dance chatting with Ron, laughing and looking well at ease - a little too well at ease. She does her best to make the younger boy less nervous, then leans over to peck him on the cheek as the music concludes. Pointedly not looking around the room for Ali, she heads to the table with the refreshments, pouring herself a drink and sipping at the fruity concoction, one hip resting against the table's edge.

Oooh. George smells goooood. He must be wearing something. Wonder what it is. Where did he get it? Is it his dad's? Angie doesn't ever remember him smelling good before. Her face turns darker as she ducks her head, grinning. "Yeah. It's nice." Her hand is pulled from his so she can link it with the other behind his head. Awwwwwww. Young love.

Ginny does blush, but she also sports a ridiculous big cheesy grin on her face. She glances over at Siobhan, noticing her with her brother with a little raised eyebrow. What's with Ron and girls lately? But then her gaze goes back to Harry, and stays there. His eyes are really, really green, she notices. Luckily, she manages not to blurt this out to him.

Eau de Gunpowder and Sweat really works on the ladies, apparently, since George rarely bothers to use any sort of cologne. George grins at her though, moving his arm to her other hip as she moves hers, swaying in a circle. And then, like the suave guy he is, he totally steps on her toe. "Sorry! Sorry!"

Kyrie gives her uncle a scowl, but tweaks the knob of the string that went slightly out of tune with the jumping around earlier. "Thanks," she mutters back to Alistaire, sticking her tongue out with all the impudence of a teenager. She casts her gaze over the dancing students and nods to the rest of the band. And then they start vamping… with equally wicked grins on each member's face. Even the cute guy playing drums. Or drum-like instruments.

Harry follows Ginny's glance over towards Ron and grins broadly. At least his best mate seems to be having a decent time. Turning back, he once again finds his gaze locked with her. Strange, he never noticed those brown eyes. He must have been too busy saving the world, or her life. Lost in those eyes, he suddenly has two left feet and stumbles slightly. Not enough to fall or anything. More like when you accidentally step on your own toes. "Sorry…" he apologizes, blushing bright red.

Ginny reflexively steps back when Harry stumbles, but even that doesn't cause her smile to fade. "It's okay," she murmurs, resuming the distance they had betweeen them. While there's not a foot of air between them, they aren't pressed as close as some of the couples at the Ball. They seem to have found a happy medium, indeed.

Dumbledore clears his throat and gives a pointed amused look at the band, indicating with a slight roll of his fingers that perhaps it's time to wind that song up as some of the students are beginning to wander away. And then when the music finally dies away, he steps onto the dance floor and holds up his hands. "Thank you, Miss Phoenix, and…" he names the other members of the band, "And thank all of you for coming tonight," he addresses the other students and adults present, faculty or not. "I hope you've all enjoyed yourselves. Please feel free to avail yourselves of the munchies there near the entrance hall, but make sure you're all in bed before 1am," he concludes, giving a singularly generous curfew this one night as a treat. "Please be inside the castle itself before midnight, however, else you might turn into a pumpkin. Thank you, and good night!"

The dance with Siobhan all goes rather well, even if Ron does keep casting glances in the direction of Hermione and Danny. He manages to keep his expression jealousy free for the sake of Siobhan, and he's always quick to look back at her, only stealing a glance when she isn't looking. Once the slow song ends, he and Siobhan smile at each other, Ron moving a hand up to his cheek when Siobhan goes sofar as to plant a kiss there. Giving her a confused, surprised expression as she walks away, he turns back to the crowd, spotting Luna and heading in her direction.

Even when the headmaster starts to speak, Luna doesn't stop swaying back and forth, looking up to him with her moony eyes, smiling that vague smile consistently. However, she somehow notes Ron's approach, turning towards him then. "Oh, welcome back, Ron. I had a lovely dance." she says. Pausing a moment, her expression becomes thoughtful. Drawing her wand out of her sleeve, she starts the motion to tap her earring again with it….

Dancing with Danny, Hermione does actually catch the dance between Ron and Siobhan. That in itself isn't enough to make her upset, but the kiss on the cheek makes her frown. Then, determined not to let it get to her, she resolutely turns around so that Danny is the only thing she can look at. The frown fades into a grin at him. "Sorry, normally I pick up things much quicker!" As the song fades and Dumbledore speaks, she stays close to Danny. "That was fun, wasn't it?"

"I saw that," Ron says, offering a weak smile in Luna's direction. "Did you have fun at least?" He glances around at the other students in the general area, lingering for a moment on Hermione before turning back to Luna, just in time to see her raise her wand to her earrings. "… oh," he says, not sure what to say or do, but he can't very well stop her from starting them back up without causing a scene.

"It was," Danny says with a nod, hands in his pockets now, "They should have dances more often."

Luckily, Luna's motions were halted by the pass of another fairy. Tucking the wand behind her ear this time, she looks back towards Ron with that faraway expression. "Oh, I had a blast - dancing, fairies, and strange music… it was all rather lovely." she says.

Even if Luna's earrings would give Hermione a bit of a laugh, she doesn't attempt to approach them again. Especially not after Ron's earlier comment. "I agree, though I think they tend to make some people a little nutty." A certain red-headed boy included. Warmly, she gives him a shy smile, "Thank you for the lovely evening."

Angelina dances close with George, shifting so that her forehead rests on his shoulder…but only for a moment! When the music stops, she ceases movement. And her arms fall. And she takes one step away, clearing her throat. "So…in by midnight? That isn't so horrible. And in the dorms by 1."

Harry resumes dancing where from the point he nearly tripped, enjoying that nice medium that the two are keeping. But it's a short lived dance as the music dies down and the instructions are given. "That's longer than I thought they'd give us." he says, almost not wanting to break the hold he has. But soon his hands slide off her waist. "Would you like a drink? Or anything else?" he asks, as he returns to gazing at her after the professor is done talking.

George looks down at Angelina as she mentions they have to be in by midnight and he grins, shrugging. The dance is over already? Maybe they were later than he thought. "

As the song fades, Ginny takes her time in stepping back and untangling her arms from his neck. She smiles at Harry again, then nods her red head, adjusting her gold jacket. One of the henna swirls on her skin pulses, near her collarbone. "Sure. Let's go over there," she smiles again, then makes her way over to the refreshment table.

The dance is over already? Maybe they were later than he thought. "In by midnight? That's not so bad," George says at practically the same time Angelina as Dumbledore announces. But now what are they supposed to do? "Are you thirsty?" He points to the refreshment bar. It seems like someone likes the sound of a point wooshing over their heads.

Kyrie almost pouts at the headmaster, but of course, the band dutifully winds things up, and it takes them some time to tear down their gear happily in the corner, the redheaded Ravenclaw still tapping her feet to a song she can only hear in her head, until she whips out a bit of parchment and scribbles some of it down, before tucking it back into her pocket and getting back to wory.

It's almost with relief that Alistaire find the last song dwindling, and he goes through the crowd to find Siobhan and Ronald Weasley of all people. Nice guy, Ron's dad, but yeesh. "Fancy a bit of a walk?" he asks of Siobhan. "That is, if you have forgiven me already…?"

Angelina makes a bit of a face. Well. Okay then. "Uh…sure. Yeah. Something to drink." She looks around, then adds quickly. "Why don't you get Harry, and take him to get Ginny to drink too?" She waves a hand, trying to get Ginny's attention. GIRL SIDEBAR!

Following behind Ginny, Harry winds his way to the table and grabs two goblets. Glancing over the selection of stuff on the table, it appears that there might only be just one type of drink. Some kind of punch. Ladling a bit into each goblet, he turns and offers one to Ginny. "Seems like the only thing they had was this punch." he says, taking a sip of his own. Not too bad. His eyes catch the pulsing swirl on her skin and grins. "That's pretty cool."

"Unless you wanted to do something else?" George says quickly as Angelina looks disappointed. "We could, um, go outside and talk or something?" Now he seems hopeful, like he totally didn't think of the idea before, now that Angelina is suggesting that they go hang out with others.

Siobhan eyes Alistaire for a moment, face set in a scowl. She can't last long though; the expression crumbles into an exasperated smile. "Yes, I've forgiven you, you loon. Against my better judgement." Love'll do that to a person. Reaching out to entwine her fingers with his, she finishes her drink and sets the empty glass on the table before walking with him towards the doors.

Alistaire lets out a sigh of relief as Siobhan takes his hand, and he lets her lead the way out of the great hall, probably intending on a walk through the Christmas-y grounds of his old alma mater. Blissfully ignoring any whispering going on behind his back about how old he is, cos he really doesn't care.

Ginny glances over as she sees a motion outside the corner of her eye. "Hold on," she tells Harry with a smile, "It looks like Angelina needs some girl time. Just hang out with George for a bit, and talk about.. um.. Quidditch?" With that, she's walking over to Angie, giving her a questioning look. "What is it?" Ginny asks when she's close enough.

Oooh! A walk! "Yes. Can we go outdoors? I heard they did some kind of decorating out there. I bet it's very pretty, don't you?" Angelina looks up at George, then glances over to see Ginny coming her way. Uhoh! Premature sidebar called! "Hey Ginny. We were just going to go outside for a bit. Are you doing alright? Having fun?"

"Sure." Harry replies, after catching the signal from Angelina. Watching Ginny as she drifts away, he leans back upon the table and sips lightly from the goblet of punch. There doesn't seem to be a lot of action going on out on the dance floor anymore. Save for a few couples who seemed determined to continue dancing even if there is no music. All in all, it hasn't been that bad of a night so far.

Yes. Quidditch. That's it. They're going to go talk about quidditch! George nods to Angelina as she asks to go outside, "Did you help with the decorating out there?" Annnd here comes his sister. George grins at her and glances towards Harry, putting on a serious face, narrowing his eyes, and pointing with two fingers at his own eyes, and then at Harry. I'mma watchin yoo.

Ginny grins hugely. "Yes, everything is really excellent. Really excellent." She nods for emphasis. "George!" Ginny cries indignantly as she sees his little stunt. "I told you not to do that!" Glaring daggers at her brother, her face softens as she turns to Angelina. "Have fun on your walk." With another glare over her shoulder at her dumb brother, she walks back to Harry. "Hi. Turns out everything's fine."

Harry turns his head just in time to catch the hand gesture from George and grins. Taking a final sip from his goblet, he sets it down on the table and holds up both his hands, palms outward, towards George as if to say 'You don't have to worry.'. "That's good." he answers, grinning as Ginny returns. "Somehow I think your brothers think I'm going to step out of line or something."

"Hey, it was my pleasure," Danny says with a smile, glancing from one side to the other - awkward, it seems. He takes a step forward, leaning towards Hermione. Oh no! What is he doing?!

"It wasn't bad," Ron says, casting another look around the great hall. "As long as you enjoyed yourself. Sorry we couldn't dance…" He trails off, not sure what to say next, and it's at that moment he catches Danny leaning towards Hermione, and it's a sight ron can't look away from.

"We didn't dance?" Luna asks, frowning a touch at that. Looking as though she is falling into thought, she blinks out of that tendency, however, glancing between Ron and Hermione/Danny. Canting her head owllike to one side, she purses her lips.

Not realizing the attention this moment is getting, Hermione tilts her head just slightly when Danny glances around awkwardly, unaware of why he suddenly looks nervous. It's all revealed in a moment, though, and she flushes a bright pink. This doesn't seem to be an oh no moment for Hermione. Instead, when he steps forward and leans in, she closes her eyes and evens lean forward just a bit, too.

Danny leans in to kiss her! And Gasp! He doesn't bail out and kiss her on the cheek, either. He's not exactly an expert on the whole kissing thing and it shows in nerves and the fact that his eyes are open perhaps a little too long before he decides to close them.

Gasp indeed! Ron can't help when his jaw drops, but he slowly collects himself, a frown appearing over his features that slowly turns into a look of anger. "I'm sorry," he says to Luna, turning to look at her quickly, "but I have to go. Thank you for coming with me." It's all said rather mechanically, as if it's something he planned out beforehand. With that said, he turns away, moving directly towards the entrance to the Great Hall, Danny and Hermione visible out of the corner of his eye.

This is Hermione's first kiss, so she's neither expert nor cool as cucumber, like those women in Ginny's romance novels (a girl gets curious sometimes). In fact, she's blushing rather shamelessly. In all the excitement, she misses Ron leaving, or much else other than Danny. While it's not a quick peck kiss, it also isn't a very long one and when the witch straightens, she seems a little flustered and pushes her hair back behind her ears again, unsure of what to say next here.

Luna beams a smile at the sight, but as she draws a breath to speak something to Ron, the look of anger causes her words to die in her lips. Glancing between him, then Danny and Hermione, Luna sets her hands on her hips, looking terribly puzzled. "I thought he'd be glad to have her not fancy hi… ohhhhh!" Luna says, her eyes going a bit vacant as she frowns some. With a thoughtful little noise, she too starts to walk rather nonchalantly towards the exit, intent on heading back up to the Ravenclaw Tower.

Danny offers a slight smile to Hermione, quite nervous himself as he returns his hands to his pockets, "So … "

What with everyone leaving and the Great Hall starting to empty out, perhaps it's best if the two of them did the same. "So…maybe we should head back to the Common Room. Though we don't have to. We have until midnight." Shyly, Hermione reaches out to take Danny's hand so they can walk out together.

Angelina nods to Ginny, grinning, before turning to George and starting to head out, walking backwards in front of him so she can talk. "No. I didn't help decorate. I just heard it looked pretty. Some of the firsties were out there helping. To entertain themselves."

George just rolls his eyes to Ginny and grins, what else are big brothers for? As Angelina starts heading out, he walks with her … or after her, as she walks backwards. He just grins to her, too. "Ohh, okay," is all he says, trailing after her.

Ginny looks around as the room begins to empty out, couples going back to their dorms or out to canoodle. She smiles warmly at Harry, picking up the goblet from the table. "They think that about everyone. Random boys I meet on the street. Boys that don't even exist. They're strange like that."

Retrieving his own goblet, now that George has left, Harry nods understandingly. "I suppose that's the role of older brothers." he says, smiling back and taking a sip from his goblet. "Looks like it's starting to empty out here."

Ginny nods. "I guess so. It's just annoying, especially when I have so many." She glances around. "Yeah, it does look that way. Are you enjoying yourself?" She smiles, "I liked the band, didn't you? I wish I could play an instrument.. Mum always wanted me to learn piano." Yes, Ginny is babbling just a bit.

Harry can completely understand family annoyances. "I can only imagine." he answers, then nodding his head in response to the question. "I'm having loads of fun. You?" Watching the band finish packing up and leave, he nods again. "The Dursley's had a piano, but no one ever played it. Except Dudley, and then it was only to bang on the keys."

Ginny grins and nods vigorously. "I'm having a great time. You're a good dancer." This is blurted out quickly, to avoid chickening out and not saying anything at all. Taking another sip of punch, she glances upward as a flying pig balloon floats by. "Do, um.. do you want to take a walk?"

And now Harry's cheeks go red. But only for a moment as the young man recovers. "You're a good dancer too." he replies, returning the compliment. Draining his goblet, he sets it down on the table near several other empty ones. "I…uh…I'd love to." he nods, smiling brightly. "The moon over the lake is pretty at night."

Ginny smiles broadly. "Thanks. It's fun." Picking up a decoratively iced cookie shaped like a Christmas tree, she indicates the door with her head. "Shall we, then? I like to watch the lake at night, too."

"I know the perfect spot too." Harry nods, grinning as he watches Ginny pick up the cookie. If his stomach wasn't a bundle of nerves he might have helped himself to one. "Found it last year when we were helping out a friend." He'd mention Sirius, but…secrecy. You know. "We shall…" he adds, offering out his hand.

Ginny clasps his hand. It's not so scary this time, given the number of times she's done it tonight. She's practically becoming a hand-holding maven. "Lead the way, then," Ginny says with a little bow. She'd curtsy, but her hands are occupied.

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