1996-02-07: The Wrong Amulet


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NPCS: Doctor Donald Drake and Jimmy Parker of the MBI Forensics lab, and Camden Michaels and Valerie Doran.

Scene Title The Wrong Amulet
Synopsis Maura comes to get an amulet from Ducky. She gets that and a lot more.
Location Hogwarts: Infirmary
Date February 07, 1996
Watch For Chatty doctors, and rude girls. Also, a very smitten Jack.
Logger Jack

Doctor Donald Drake, Medical Examiner for one division of the Magical Bureau of Investigation, and his young assistant Jimmy Parker, are sorting through the relics that the MLE brought out for the team to work on while there was a lull in the healing. "Mister Parker, log this one. It is a…" The older man holds out an amulet that is gold, with an engraving on the front. The engraving is a tree shaped vaguely like the Yggdrasil, but it's obviously stylized to match local flora. " Gold amulet. Two point seven ounces, Mister Parker, and it seems to have several dark curses on it. We'll have to let the cursebreaker look at it before we do anything. " He moves on. "Next, a small silver amulet, It has a wolf on the front, and my, what a fine specimen of Lupine health he appears to be. Do you know, Mister Parker, that I met a man who had a pet wolf in ninteen fifty-one here in Scotland…" He continues with the story for a bit longer, then nods. "This amulet appears to have a protective magic on it. I wonder…" He waves a wand at it, and nods. "I was correct. A very rare find. Put that one in the safe pile, Mister Parker." A 'yes doctor' is the only sound Drake needs before he's continuing on. "Next…"

Apparently either Maura is going for a 'Hogwarts Urban Chick' look. Or, she just could not handle wearing the full ensemble and decided to modify it when someone foisted off the school clothing. Money is better bet on the second choice though. A simple pair of dark grey trousers and button down white shirt that's a few buttons undone is pretty simple, so she went with that. Someone also found her some old wizard's walking stick to use in helping herself get around. So when she walks into the infirmary it's with Val helping her balance with one arm. While the walking stick helps with the other side. And, Cam follows behind looking utterly bored. She is a boring person to babysit.

This also means it's hard for her to sneak up on people. So her presence winds up heralded whether she likes it or not. "Hello… Doctors." she greets carefully. "I was told I should meet you here today. Is there any news for me?" Try as she might to /not/ hope for something good, her eyes travel over the amulets with a sort of held-in-check sense of excitement. Anything to help her function normally so she can be useful.

Jack was called up to the school to help with some pile of old stuff. Why they had to do this at the school as opposed to anywhere else, he'll never know. He trudges his way up to the hospital wing of all places, fighting the urge to keep an eye open for Filch or Mrs. Norris. Old habits die hard.

Since good ol' Cam is stuck guarding the doorway, he's going to do a diligent job at that at least. So when Jack winds up near the door to the infirmary he gets a nod, but also bars the doorway. "Name?" What? He doesn't know who the guy is. He just knows a non-faculty member is trying to go in while his charge is also there.

"Oh, another amulet. This one appears to be very high quality. Very pure gold. What a lovely… Is that the eye of Ra? No. It's the eye of Horus. And it seems to be …" Ducky hands off the third amulet to his assistant and smiles. "Welcome back, Maura. How lovely to see you. And Camden and Valerie." Yes, the man who insists on everyone calling him by his nickname also insists on calling them by their full first names. "Come, come," he chivvies, gesturing to his assistant. "Mister Parker. Clean off a place for the lady to sit. This is a hospital after all, not our personal morgue." That may seem strange to the others, but it makes sense to them. Jimmy sets the amulet down near the 'clean' pile, and clears off a place for her to sit. "Actually, my dear, we just found something that might be of help. It's a bit of a magic-assist device. It seems to focus the magic in the right place, giving your body the ability to utilize it again. Mister Parker!" Poor Jimmy. "Give her the amulet." Without clarification, Jimmy grabs the one he just had in hand. The high-quality amulet inscribed with the Eye of Horus.

"You are very kind, Ducky." There's been more warmth seeping back into Maura's voice each day that she's back. As if just being in such a magical place is allowing the fires of her magic to kindle again; re-igniting the remnants of a once fun and loving personality. There is, however, obvious relief when Val helps her sit down and then calls out to her comrade. "Stop giving everyone a hard time, Cam! It's Hogwarts. Nothing's gonna happen to her here so long as we keep an eye on things." She rolls her eyes dramatically, even.

Maura seems oblivious to this interchange, her eyes widening with the explanation given and then reaching out to hold the amulet in her hands. "H-how does it work? What do I do?" Looking between both the Americans here, her face flushes with excitement.

"Name?" Jack looks up and down at Cam, then grins. "Icarus Noble. Folks call me Jack, though." He waggles his eyebrows and grins. "I think they wanted me in here for some cursed stuff. I'm a cursebreaker … " His voice trails off as Cam moves out of the way. He sees Maura, and his grin widens. "Are you the doc they wanted me to come talk to? Cuz I'd let you fix me up anytime." It's a cheesy line, yes, but that's Jack for you.

"You just put it on, and it'll help your body regulate the magic." Jimmy speaks up for once, his voice quietly explaining the specifics. "Doctor Drake is a very capable doctor and he wouldn't ever steer you wrong." Just as he finishes speaking, Ducky speaks up. "Mister Noble, that's uncalled for." He gestures him in, and pulls him over to the box. "This amulet here is covered in curses. And this one is supposed to… Mister Parker, what have you done?" Ducky turns, completely speechless, slack-jawed for a long moment. "Oh, dear."

What Maura doesn't realize, is that the amulet's already working it's special brand of magic. Very special. So special that she hasn't even time to wonder why when she looks over at the door and sees Jack, her jaw nearly drops. And, without warning.. the spirit inside her new magical crutch is prompting her to blurt out, Wow. Honey, if you strip down and hop on the table I'll be over in a hot second to play nurse. Fuck, they let you walk around unguarded in a school full of hormonal teenagers?" Hell, she's already fanning herself before… you know, realization hits and she GASPS and drops the amulet right on the floor as she claps both hands over her mouth. And then removes them only to squeak. "WHAT …WHAT….IS…" Well, it's a good thing she's sitting, at least. Forget putting the thing on! "I do not say things like that…" Out loud, anyway. "I am so sorry." And she can't even flee the room.

"Oh. My. God." Far from offended, Icarus John Noble is besotted. "No. No." He grins widely and steps away from the cursed items, around the flabbergasted doctor, and closer to her. "Wow. No one's ever done that before…" At least not in that way. It's not love yet, but Jack is intrigued. "I'm Jack Noble." He grins so widely you can almost see the sparkle on his teeth.

"Wh-what?" Maura's still in shock that those words found their way out from her head and wound up as her out loud voice. "Done… what?" Confused now, her eyes dart between him and the Doctor. Like Ducky knows what's going on or something. Muffled snorts of laughter are apparently the exceedingly professional reaction from Morgan Security. "I.. uhm… Maura. My name is Maura."

"Mister Parker, that was not the amulet I wanted you to give her." Ducky moves over to examine Maura. "There appears to be no apparent detrimental side-effects." Parker seems to gape for a moment, and then he replies. "You actually didn't specify, Doctor Drake." Ducky takes a moment to think back. "Oh, dear, I did not. Well, it is a good thing it was that one, and not the cursed one. Oh, dear. I am so sorry. Mister Noble, if you would …" When he can't get Jack's attention, he moves over and whacks him on the back of the head.

"Ow!" Jack complains. "Oh, right." He reaches down and picks up the amulet with a handkerchief -protected hand. "I'll look this over quickly. It may have already affected her."

"No.. det… harmful side-effects??????????" Yes, one would be imagining the twenty exclamation marks associated with the now frustratingly-slow speech. "It… it makes me.. you know. She waves her hand around like they should absolutely know it means she says things she's thinking. With extra added crudeness. So, she explains. "It is like having no impulse control when I speak! And it makes me… I mean.. that was rather crude." Hello? Anyone? She'll just shoot a glare at her guards for laughing and try to keep her mouth shut now. It'll register in a moment that this is the guy she's supposed to ask for help with that memory curse thing too in a moment. Which will make matters worse.

"Well, the impulse control may be an issue," Ducky rubs his hand along his neck in nervous worry. "Mister Noble?" He turns back to Maura and sighs. "I am sorry, my dear."

Jack frowns. "The touch of her skin has started a reaction in her magic. It's done something to it. Altered it a bit. We'd have to test, but I think there's a … presence. Not necessarily a malevolent presence, but definitely …"

"Irascible." Yeah, that's the word, Ducky. Ducky sighs. "Well, if your magic has been altered, this other amulet may not work for you anymore. I hesitate to try, lest we mess things up further. Do you mind if we test things with it? I will monitor everything, and I will ignore anything you say that is less than circumspect while you're getting used to it." That elicits another frown from Jack. He thought that was the best part.

Already, Maura can tell she may become exasperated with Jack. It's his frown that does it. So, politely, before she winds up being the biker version of herself.. "Would you like me to continue to be crude to you Mister Noble? I do require your help with another curse." she points out drily. Obviously it's a stilted dryness. But, she steels herself and tilts her chin a bit stubbornly when she reaches out a hand for the amulet. "Okay. We should test it." is agreed. "Anything is better then.. well. If I can be whole instead of broken, it is worth the trade."

"Actually, ye…" Jack starts to say, then shakes his head with a smile. "Either way." He makes a grand sweeping gesture in front of him, and then turns to go back to the box of 'cursed objects.' "I'll… just be over here working on this stuff."

"That is a grand attitude. Where there is life, there is hope. See there, Mister Parker? Maura has the right idea." From the other side of the room, Jimmy's voice calls back in a well-practiced, "Yes, Doctor Drake." Ducky nods, satisfied, and begins testing things, first without the amulet, and then with it.

Slipping the amulet over her head, Maura's already wincing. "Why don't you consider it a down payment, Jack. Since I have no money to pay for your apparent curse-breaking services." Crudeness for curse-breaking. It could work right? But, you know, apparently the amulet works just fine aside from that apparent issue with speaking. And maybe the way it totally forces her to note the fact that Jack has a great ass. Out loud. Twice. "If any of you tell me this thing will only help me talk and walk.. .and it won't prevent things from getting worse with the amulet off? I'm going to be really pissed."

"We can't be certain. We hadn't had a chance to completely break it down yet," Jimmy responds, mostly wanting to be out of the line of fire should the woman throw things at him for this, or aim random spells at him. "Mister Parker, though he is being inconsiderate about it, is correct. Mister Noble knows the most." Ducky sighs. "However, from the readings I'm taking, that may be mostly the case. It can only affect you when touching skin or in near enough proximity to you that you could touch it without much trouble. You shall have to work out how long to wear it, and how long to carry it in your handbag." He smiles. "My mother had a handbag that could rival Augusta Longbottom's. She attempted to refresh the undetectable extension charm on it on her own, and the results were disastrous. She has never been that good at charms. It exploded, raining bits of hippogryff leather all over the place." He shakes his head.

"Down payment it is." Jack nods, head bent over the cursed amulet, slowly casting revealing spells. He looks up, gazing over at Ducky when he speaks. "I think that's pretty much right, Doc." It's not a lot of reassurance, but it really could be worse.

Maura has no wand, so Jimmy is safe from fire raining down on his head. "Oh, well, that's fine. I mean, having it in my handbag. One that likely will not rival Augusta Longbottom's I'm afraid, Doctor. But it'll damn well hold an amulet so I'm not talking like a sailor all the time." In fact, when she stands up she is so gleeful that she doesn't need assistance, that Ducky is on the receiving end of the very first hug she's given out since tumbling through that portkey's path to Hogwarts. "Thank you. Thank you!I would even kiss you, but I'm saving that for hot stuff over there." Yes she means Jack rather then Parker. But nope, she didn't mean to say it; this time she shrugs. Too happy to care yet! "I think I am going to -walk- to go get something to eat. And check in at the bullpen, and go find a wand to I can really be of use. And find some real clothing so people stop thinking i'm a student, and Oh my god, so much to do!"

"Oh, my dear. You're quite welcome." Ducky smiles, accepting the hug, and pressing a soft kiss to her temple. "Do be careful not to tire yourself out, but otherwise, that sounds like a grand plan indeed." He chuckles as she steps away. "No, my dear, you're much too young for a large handbag. When you're an older witch, then you can adapt the eccentric ways, like Madame Longbottom and my own dear Mum." He turns to see what Parker is doing. "Well, Mister Parker, let's get back to work, and get this done before Madame Pomphrey comes in and demands we scourgify her infirmary again." He gets along well with the local Mediwitch, but she does have a way of doing things that is quite different from Ducky's own.

Jack grins, pausing in his work to watch Maura get up and move. Her comments about saving a kiss for 'hot stuff' make Jack tilt his head and give a faux-shy smile. He assumes she means him. "I could help you get some of those things? The wand and the food and whatever? Would you like me to go with you?" He pointedly doesn't say 'help you around', because it's pretty clear she doesn't need it.

"I won't tire myself out. Jethro's already warned me. And, if I tire myself out, then I can't help." Maura's priorities apparently have more to do with helping get Sio out then they do her own well-being for now. But it's a start. "I'll tell him to give you both a raise." she adds, feeling free to be a bit cheeky as it were. She's also not buying the faux-shy smile. But, riding the high of simply being able to do things has her agreeing to his company before she has time to really consider otherwise. "What a gallant offer, Jack." Right. "I do believe I'll take you up on that. It will be nice to have some actual conversation for the first time in nearly a year, where I don't sound like an complete fucking moron." Okay, that she frowns at, and lifts up the amulet to glare at it for a moment. Hnph. She never sounded like a moron. "Right, let's go! Morgan's expensing the wand."

"That's nice of him," Jack replies, of Morgan paying for the wand. He grins and offers his arm. "I do my best." With another dramatic swish, he'll walk them both down the stairs and out of the school, chatting the whole way about things both consequential and not.

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