1994-09-28: The Unforgivables


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Scene Title The Unforgivables
Synopsis Moody teaches the class about the three Unforgivable curses
Location Hogwarts - DADA Classroom
Date Sept 28, 1994
Watch For Mental Scarring
Logger Mad-Eye

The classroom is set up for normal operation today. That is, the desks are orderly, facing front. Moody's seated behind his desk, while up on the board is the word, 'Curses'. There's a glass tank on his desk, a few mice scampering within. Taking a drink of his flask, he waits for the students to file into the room.

Among the first to enter the classroom is Harry. Of course he would be. It's his favorite class out of the whole curriculum. "Professor." he says, nodding at Moody as he makes his way to one of the desks and begins to ready himself.

And after Harry is Ophelia, whom the poor boy had to spend an hour as previously. Harry's greeted in Ophelia's amused, but quiet way, just a simple waggle of fingers before she slides into her seat. Immediately her attention's brought to the black board, though. "Curses…"

Draco saunters into the room mere seconds after Potter, smiling sweetly. Too sweetly, if anything. He carefully selects a desk that's by a window, and not next to Potter (but not too far away from him, either). He sets out his quill, scroll and other student gear on the desk neatly, and sits, steepling his hands as he eyes the word on the blackboard.

Mei meanders into the class, peering for a moment at the mice and then shrugging. The professor gets a look, memories of having TWO things thrown at her seem to have peeved the huffie girl. Grumbling softly, she mutters to herself before heading further into the room to pick a desk and sit at it. Whoever she ends up by is up to the randomness of, well everything random.

Antigone makes her way into the classroom towards the end of the pack - far from early, but not cutting it too close either. She likewise picks a seat around the middle of the room and drops lightly into it, her gaze first skimming over the word on the board before glancing around the room to see who is gathered.

Danny has a rough time picking any favourite class given that he likes all of them, showing up with his book bag tucked under one arm. Stepping into the classroom, he makes his way over to one of the desks and sets his things down alongside him. Glancing up towards the board, he reads what is written there and decides to fetch his text book from the bag - flipping to the chapter on curses and reading ahead a little while the class file in.

Moody finishes drinking from his flask, capping it as he nods to Harry. The flask disappears and he pushes himself to his feet. (Well, foot and fake leg.) Draco's expression earns him a suspicious look from the professor. "Quills and parchment out, books away," he growls at the class. Doesn't seem he puts much faith in book learning. Much. "We're going to start on a serious subject for the next few lessons. You're up to speed on creatures, but you're sorely behind on curses. Today, we're going to go over three curses. Three very important ones you need to know about if you're to survive outside these walls."

Harry was just about to pull out the prescribed text when the order comes down. He quickly belays it and stows the book back in his bag. Curses, huh? This ought to be an interesting lesson. Sitting stiffly at his desk, he has quill and ink ready for note-taking.

Not having even bothered to open her book, Mei just sits there and stares up at the professor. Smirking at something only she knows, the girl nods slightly before looking curiously to the rodents and then Moody. Pursing her lips, a somewhat furtive glance is tossed at Potter, and Malfoy before she looks back up at the battered guardian of law the professor is.

Draco shrugs and tucks his own textbook back away in the decoratively embroidered leather satchel which he uses to tote such things round Hogwarts. He shoots a quick, superior glance at Harry when Moody refers to his pupils as being behind on curses.

Danny closes his book when he hears the order, the pages slapping shut rather noisily as he puts it away in his bag and sets out a quill and parchment before him. Lifting his eyes to watch Professor Moody, he leans forward slightly - as though ready to start writing at a moment's notice - and waits.

Antigone hadn't yet dug out her textbook, her bag still sitting unopened on the desk in front of her. Her eyebrows lift just a bit as they get the instruction to put the books away, but all she digs out is the requisite parchment and quill, then turning in her seat to hang her bag on the back of it. Facing front promptly, she inks up her quill and then looks expectantly at the professor.

The books are put away, though the quill remains. Ophelia works on jotting some notes down though she pauses when he specifically comments about 'three curses'. Moody is given a look wondering if he's crazier than what he seems.

From closer to the back of the room, Bertrum Holmwood arches his eyebrows with subtle interest. Moody is, of course, knowledgeable at a practical level as well as an academic one, and that is to be respected. Still, Bertie is hardly squirming in his seat with interest. He slowly tips the cover of his book closed and repositions the parchment on his desk so that it takes 'center stage.' Dipping his quill into the inkwell, Bertie quickly pens the date in an upper corner of the sheet.

"There are /three/ curses in our world that will get you a one way ticket to a life sentence in Azkaban. No ifs ands or buts." Moody scowls down at the classroom, beady eye on the front rows while the blue one whirls about, checking for mischief. "Your parents and other teachers might not want me telling you about them, but these curses were used a few years back. Caused quite a few problems for the Aurors and the Ministry in general. Now, these three curses are called Unforgivables. Who can tell me what they are?"

Mei smirks, having flipped open the little green leather bound parchment book she takes notes in. Looking about she purses her lips before looking back to write something with her own quill before waiting. She doesn't DARE take an eye off the professor. Oh no, she learned that lesson long ago.

Danny lifts his hand at the question. He can. He glances around at the other students in the glass, hesitant for a moment … maybe somebody else wants a shot at answering? Oh well, too late now - hand is up.

Ophelia's hand is also up, not Granger Quick, but it's still up there.

Noticing the glance out of the corner of his eyes, Harry shoot his own glance back at Draco. It's one of 'sod off, Malfoy'. It soon becomes clear to Harry what curses they are about to discuss. One of them he is directly familiar with, but he doesn't raise his hand.

After jotting down an title for the lecture on his parchment, Bertie's eyes move from his notes to the others in the classroom. He knows the answer, but in a conglomeration such as this, the professor has to teach to the lowest common denominator. Let one of them answer it - whether they succeed or not. After a moment of watching, he writes down the names of the three curses on his parchment below 'Curses: Unforgivable'. Imperio. Crucio. Avada Kedavra.

Draco is a little slower off the mark to raise a hand, though only because he spends a couple of seconds smirking at Potter when Harry catches his eye.

Moody points a finger at Danny, he raised his hand first. "Willen, go ahead and give us a name." Once Danny's had his answer, then Ophelia is called upon. Draco's given a dark look, oh yes boy, you would know this subject. Probably learned a thing or two at Lucius's knee.

Antigone shudders slightly at the idea of a life sentence in Azkaban, but she makes a quick note of this in the margins of her parchment. That done, her eyes lift from the page once again, but no hand goes up. Instead, she just looks about and then cranes her head slightly to look over at the students as they're called on.

Mei takes a moment to write in that strange manner she does, adding an english note off the side that reads "azkaban" It's not perfectly neat, with the girl paying special attention not to let her eyes off the professor for too long. Apparently, she doesn't trust him.

Danny nods his head, counting them off on his fingers, "There's the Killing Curse, the Cruciatus Curse and … " He pauses, looking highly thoughtful for a moment, his brow furrowing and his lips biting down on his bottom lip, "Oh! And the Imperius Curse."

Ophelia was waiting to see which one would be said, but not all three! The Ravenclaw just sort of gives Danny this wide eyed look…Talk about overzealous! But the expression is reigned back in and she faces the front again.

Draco drops his hand ostentatiously when Danny rattles off the three names, making it plain that he would have known all three as well if only Moody had chosen to call upon him. He scrawls a few languid words on his scroll, and looks back up at Moody, still with that beatific smile.

Moody should be perturbed that kids this young know of the curses, but at the same time, things they've got to know. "Excellent Willen, five points to Gryffindor." He taps at the chalkboard and all three curses write themselves on the board. "Now, if any of you wanted to try and give yourself a nosebleed, you could attempt to use these curses. Although, I advise, any of you so much as try and I'll be carting you to Azkaban myself." Joke or a threat? You decide. "Any of you want to learn how to cast these curses, you're out of luck. I'm not going to teach them. What I /will/ be teaching, is how to fight back against two of the three. The killing curse is just that, and there's no way out of it. No one survives it, except for one person and he's right here in class."

Scribbling the names down on his paper, Harry knows all of them. So yeah, it's pointless in taking notes. Suddenly, he gets the feeling as though something has placed him at the center of things. Oh, right, the words the professor just spoke. Slowly he drifts his gaze up to look around. Please don't stare…..please don't stare.

Raising an eyebrow, Mei actually mutters aloud "So that's what makes him so special…" Shrugging the girl dismisses it and then pauses to write a few notes before sitting back slightly in her chair. Quill down on the desk, the little book is slowly allowed to dry before a dusting of sand is placed over it so she can turn the page to the next bit of parchment.

Harry doesn't get looked at, not by Ophelia, but instead Mei. There's a comment waiting to be said, but the girl doesn't offer it.

And without any effort, too. Bertie snorts of a soft yet derisive laugh as he shakes his head and adds an annotation to the Killing Curse on his parchment. 'Undefensible, save for HP v. HWMNBN.' His eyes aren't on the bearer of the initials, but on the lines of ink themselves.

Draco raises his hand again. Not in the air this time; only as far as his mouth, to stifle a very obvious yawn. Potter. The boy who lived. Heard that one, yes. Don't your wand cast another spell? He overhears Mei's comment from an adjacent desk, and blinks, as though he's amazed that anyone can /not/ be familiar to the point of tedium with the facts in Harry's case.

Antigone can't quite help herself from looking over at Harry as that bit is mentioned, but she does have the good grace to catch herself the next moment and turn her attention back to her parchment, trying to remember the names that were given so that she can actually write them down before another shiny object distracts her.

Archived Ministry pamphlets from the seventies may be obscure and irrelevant these days, but that didn't stop Danny from reading them when he had to wait for his book on Goblin revolutions to come in on backorder. If he's proud of himself for knowing them, he doesn't show it - he simply nods his head and hunches his shoulders to write them down, reiterating the point that they are bad. When Moody mentions the survivor of the Killing Curse, Danny glances towards Harry impassively.

"If you're so bored Malfoy, there's the door. Goodbye." Whups. Moody caught the yawn, even as his back is to the classroom now so that he can scoop up one of the mice in hand. Turning back to face the class, "All three gave us problems in their own ways. Oh yes.." Muttering softly, he then holds out the palm of his hand, the mouse scrabbling around. His wand is held in the other and he says forcefully, "Imperio!" The mouse suddenly stands on two hind feet and proceeds to tapdance.

Watching the mouse, Mei slowly shakes her head. She doesn't seem to find anything amusing in it though the absurd act should be just that. Not even a smile on her face as she writes a few characters before looking up at the professor then the class. Gauging their reactions as well. Looking in Draco's direction, the girl nods her head in a half bow before going back to watch what develops.

There's a blink when the mouse is put under the curse. "I didn't think…" Mice could do that, is the unfinished statement from Ophelia. There's a lip curl of disgust. She may be a morbid sort, but Ophelia is not cruel.

Why did Moody have to pick a subject so small if he was going to demonstrate them? Leaning back in his seat with a thoughtful, yet skeptical expression, Bertie slowly lifts his hand holding his quill into the air to ask a question.

Draco's brow furrows at Moody's words. He makes no move to leave the room, though. Instead he peers at the dancing mouse with some fascination, thinking of various other things that one could make a mouse do with Imperio. Things involving, let's say, Hermione Granger's sleeves. Or even Professor McGonagall's. The yawn's gone from his face and a slow smile appears instead.

Danny cannot help but recoil a bit. Muggleborn though he may be, he knows about the Curses and he knows they are Unforgivable for a reason. And Moody himself just said what becomes of those who choose to use them. So why exactly is the Professor bandying them about in class? Do Aurors get special permission to use them for teaching? He doesn't know for certain and it isn't like he is going to protest. He doesn't like seeing the mouse made to tap dance much either, but better tap dance than made to jump off the teacher's desk or something.

Harry does his best to ignore the glances, turning his attention back to the class and professor and the mouse exhibit begins. "That's not right." he says, forgetting to make it lower toned so as not to be heard. There's a visible shiver along his spine as he recalls events of two years ago.

Moody eyes the class as he makes the mouse stop tapdancing. "Perhaps some of you can't see properly." He sets the mouse on the desk and says, "Engorgio." The mouse then grows to twice the size of a garden rat. "That better?" And before the mouse can try and scamper off, he's putting the rodent under his control again. Across the surface of the desk, the mouse performs a series of somersaults. "Nice trick, eh? Fun to put something under your absolute control, huh? Thinking about what you could do with something like this? Want to see what she can do next? Like hanging herself? Jumping off the desk? Leaping out the window?"

Mei simply does not move. Cocking her head to one side, the hair dancing to screen her gaze somewhat, Mei just watches. Her gaze a near blank stare that never moves from the mouse, now rat.

The smile fades from Draco's face and is replaced by a studied neutrality. If it were any more of a poker face, you could stir up the ashes of a fire with it.

HOLYCOWHUGERODENT. Ophelia scoots back when there's suddenly a huge mouse there. And it just makes what Moody's putting it through all the more horrific to watch. What's sad is, she knows that if she hadn't a clue /what/ was behind the Mouse's actions, she'd find it funny. What kind of person does that make her?

"Professor, sir," Bertie interjects when he isn't called upon, though he pauses when the mouse suddenly grows so large. "How is a mouse supposed to defend itself against the the Imperious Curse?" And consequently, how are they supposed to learn defense from a mouse?

Making the rodent large doesn't make it any easier on Harry. The question is, does he ask the question in the back of his mind that he thinks he already knows the answer to. Raising his hand slowly, he frowns as he watches the antics.

Antigone lets out a little gasp as the mouse is suddenly made huge, and her eyes only continue to widen as Moody begins to list the grotesque things he could make the mouse do. She's completely forgotten about taking any notes, the tip of her quill making a spreading stain where she's inadvertently left it sitting on the page.

Danny makes a mental note that the Imperius Curse is far worse than it was (briefly) described in the pamphlets, swallowing hard as he watches the giant mouse flop about the desk. He makes a few quick notes on his parchment but his gaze keeps lifting away from it to watch the display, half-words and sentences materializing on the page before him.

The mouse tiptoes along the edge of the desk, teetering between jumping off and staying safely on the surface. Moody eyes Bertie carefully, "Indeed laddie. How is it? Better question still, how are any of you supposed to protect yourself from being put under absolute, total control? Many a witch or wizard claimed they were killing, torturing and committing crimes under the force of Imperius. All they while they were willfully doing what You Know Who wanted them to do. Aye, some were under Imperius all right, but how were we to sort out the honest from the filthy liars? I'll be teaching the lot of you how to fight back. That's for another lesson however." For some reason, his vivid blue eye settles on Draco. The mouse is then scooped up and released from the curse, "Potter?," he asks seeing Harry's hand in the air.

"Could the curse…" Harry starts, letting out a sigh of relief as the mouse is released, "…be cast on an object so that a person in possession of the object could be made to be under….that curse?

Draco tries to meet Alastor Moody's baleful single eye with both of his own. Even with a fifty percent numerical advantage, he can't do it. He wilts, and looks down at his scroll in order to break eye contact with the professor. Picking up his quill he writes three words savagely, and underlines the last one.

Not paying direct attention now, Mei makes a few short notes in her book, adding two columns of notes before pausing to look curiously at first potter, then Draco (who gets a soft snerk at the wilting) before finally ending with her gaze on Professor Moody.

Ophelia glances over at Harry, her brows arch upward slightly as he stumbles through his query. How…odd.

Back to note taking, Bertie jots down the snippets of history given with the brief explanation of the curse, including some recalled information of his own. Potter's question draws his eyes upward again, and Bertie tilts his head to one side. It is an interesting question, and the older boy looks to the professor, awaiting it's answer.

"If there's a way of doing that, I've never seen it in my experience," Moody says by way of answering Harry. "Now that you've seen a taste of what the Imperius Curse looks like.." He sets the exhausted rodent back on the surface of the table. Waiting for all eyes to face front, he says, "Crucio!" What happens next is immediate. The mouse coils in upon itself, emitting high, keening squeaks that can only be of pain. The set of Moody's face is grimmer than usual, as if he's not enjoying this. It's one of those things that must be done.

If Moody isn't enjoying causing the mouse pain, or was perturbed that the students knew the various curses, what then if he looks out and spots Mei. The girl remains impassive. That same stare on her face. She doesn't flinch, doesn't blink, doesn't dare look away. Head going back to normal, her hair still screens her eyes though she keeps what could best be described as a stern look going. No other expression, no gasp, nor shock. Just that same impassive/stern look.

"Oh!" Antigone exclaims as the next curse is demonstrated, her eyes gone wide again, her expression utterly distraught. She can't watch for more than a moment before she buries her face in her hands, waiting for it to be over. Of course, even not able to see the mouse, she can still hear that squeaking. That'll stick with a person.

Danny mutters a tame swear under his breath as he sees the mouse subjected to the Cruciatus Curse, his brow furrowing and his arms crossing over his chest as he leans away slightly in his seat.

The squeaking and obvious signs of pain make Harry flinch. The answer to his previous question is noted and all but forgotten as the mouse writes.

While other students shriek in sympathy with the mouse, Bertie merely tilts his head further on its side and narrows his eyes slightly as he watches it with a seemingly cold and critical expression. Of course, he's never seen any of this before, therefore it is a terribly interesting and worthy of his complete attention. Eyes glued on the mouse, his quill-hand darts across the sheet of parchment, taking notes on the curse's visible effects.

Draco's fist tightens round his quill as the mouse squirms. For a second he looks away, but then his eyes creep back to focusing on the hapless rodent again.

The mice remaining in the tank wheel about and race to the corner farthest from Moody and their tormented brethren. The point being made, he releases the mouse from the curse. If the animal could cry, rest assured, it would be. "Pain, that's the Cruciatus Curse. Its purpose is for torture. A good number of people were tortured into insanity by way of this curse. It was one of many ways of making someone talk, to give up information, to sell out their mates, their families." The growling of Moody's voice has an overtone of disgust about it. "That, and it was a favorite means of torturing for the simple fun of it. Found a good number of muggles what had been tortured with it."

Harry can't seem to find any reason to blame the other mice for running away. The curse seems to be unbearable and he can see why some might fold under its use. He picks up his quill gently, and begins to write down his own notes on the curse.

Mei just watches, pausing long enough to write a few last notes before sitting back. It's not that she doesn't look impressed or doesn't care, but just that she doesn't show her own emotions. Just sits there, all creepy like.

Draco is still watching the mouse keenly as Moody lifts the curse, his watchful eyes noting the mouse's actions, its behaviour patterns, its recovery time. He jots down more notes on his parchment.

There are strategic thoughts that run through Bertie's mind that don't get written down along with the rest of his notes. No need to risk getting expelled simply because how something can be used to influence a group just as much as one person crossed one's mind. Idly, Bertie glances across the room to Antigone, since the mouse isn't as interesting anymore once Bertie has noted the reactions to the curse being lifted. For once, the Slytherin curses the distance between himself and where another house is seated in the lecture hall.

Antigone looks up slowly once the curse has finally been lifted, though the picture that Moody is painting isn't really much rosier. Taking notes now long forgotten, she leaves her quill where it fell and crosses her arms so that each hand holds the opposite elbow. Now that it's not writhing in pain, she finds it hard to take her overly sympathetic gaze from the poor recovering mouse, and so she doesn't yet notice Bertrum's glance.

Danny seems relieved when the Curse is lifted, although he cannot help but wish it had never been cast in the first place. He takes a few notes of his own, although nothing quite so technical - just that the Cruciatus Curse equals immeasurable pain. He glances sidelong at one of the students next to him, offering a faint smile … but it is difficult to even pretend to be happy that he's learning such things.

The mouse hasn't been able to cope and grasp much beyond the pain that was just inflicted upon it. Rather than let it continue to suffer, Moody moves on to the final curse, "Avada Kedavra." A rush of wind, a blast of green light and the mouse lays still. The professor clears his throat, "And those are the three Unforgivables. As you can see, two of the three, I couldn't possibly place on any of you to demonstrate." His beady eye glints as he says with force, "But these are things you HAVE to know! CONSTANT VIGILANCE." After roaring the last, he says gruffly, "Next lesson, I'll be showing you how to fight the Imperius Curse."

Ok, that curse hits Harry the hardest. The flash of green light bringing back the sound of his mother's voice in his head. Instinctively, reaches up a hand to touch his scar. It wasn't necessarily hurting, but the spell was a reminder of what happened that night. He's brought from these thoughts by Moody's roaring voice. And the idea that they'll be having Imperius cast on them next time.

Antigone blanches as the professor performs the final curse on the poor little mouse. More than the distraught horror that was there at the torturing, she's gone rather completely upset as this brings back those memories from the Quidditch Cup that she'd done her best to block out. Okay, so no sleeping for her tonight then. Already on edge, she all but jumps out of her seat as Moody roars at them.

Danny leans backward swiftly in his chair, eyes bulging - he's never seen the Killing Curse performed and he had kind of hoped he never would. He doesn't run or shout or cry - he just blinks a couple times. Perhaps coming to terms with how it can be so simple.

Bertie flinches at the flash of light, and he blinks several times before he's finally able to look at the mouse again. It is highly unlikely that Moody would allow him the opportunity to look at the corpse, as educational as an examination of it may be in order to investigate the magical mechanics of it all. Then again, it would also be a social misstep of the grossest kind. Looking away from the mouse seems to be the correct thing to do, and as Bertie follows suit, his eyes fall once more on Antigone. Sympathy for her reaction crowds the need to know, and Bertie gulps.

Draco's head swivels to look at Potter the moment the Killing Curse is pronounced. He watches Harry's reactions as keenly and as minutely as he was watching the mouse a minute before.

It's as if Moody reads Bertrum's mind. "The Killing Curse, it leaves no mark or sign. Even when used on a human body, there's no trace of what caused the victim to die. Many muggles did what they called autopsies, to try and find a cause of death, and weren't able to." Leaving it at that, seeing no need for further elaboration, Moody waves a hand. "Class dismissed."

Having pretty much blanked, it's onlyt hte flash of green light that brings her back. Shaking her head, the girl just sighs, finishes up a few columns of writing before closing her little book and standing. Looking up to the professor she does her traditional half bow and heads out.

Danny climbs to his feet and moves to head out of class, leaning forward slightly to murmur to Ophelia on his way past, "Can you believe that? Wow."

Harry stoically gathers his stuff and packs it away back in his backpack. As he stands, he starts to turn towards the front of the class. But a split-second later he checks himself and turns towards the back. It's then that he catch's Draco's glance. Narrowing his eyes and frowning, he heads quickly for the door out of the classroom.

Draco watches Harry depart, his face remaining impassive. Only when he's been gone for several seconds does he clear his throat and speak. "Professor Moody, sir? Did they ever figure out what enabled Potter to survive the unsurvivable? As I heard it, it's a huge mystery."

Antigone doesn't immediately take off, since she's having a bit of trouble collecting herself first. The conversation going on around her is just sort of a distant murmur as she stares at the dead mouse. Finally, with a sudden deep breath and a blink of her eyes, she snaps out of it, though is still pretty subdued as she starts packing her things away.

Tending to the mouse's body, Moody removes it from sight. As Draco approaches, he grumbles audibly. "Saw you in the back of the class, laddie, looking bored and as if you already knew the answers. Why are you asking me? Surely you've asked your father a time or two." His tone and expression are drenched with suspicion. Despite the questions, he still answers. More or less. "No one knows the answer to that boy, or at least no one has a plausible answer that holds up."

"Thank you, sir," Draco says smoothly. "I didn't think so, but… my father doesn't tell me everything." He pauses for a split second before adding "Contrary to what many people think." He gathers up his quill and parchment, ready to depart.

Moody looks unconvinced, although, there's satisfaction from Draco's answer. "Good. Your father doesn't need to be sharing much of anything with you." With a wave of his wand, the blackboard erases itself and the tank with the remaining mice relocates to a quieter area of the classroom.

Draco departs the classroom, pausing for only the barest moment as he goes past the dead mouse to glance at it.

As Draco departs, Moody's blue eye is on the boy. After the last student files out, Moody begins prepping for the next round of classes.

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