1995-03-20: The Scarred One



Scene Title The Scarred One
Synopsis Sometimes memories hurt more than anything.
Date March 20, 1995
Watch For Plotting! D:
Logger Holly

It's a few days after the full moon, and Holly's feeling okay again. It was quite an experience, actually. Something that she'll probably remember for the rest of her life - not because it was so bad, but because it was so exhilerating. Once upon a time, she'd told Jack that he would never understand the anger she felt, or the unease, the illness, or the pain. Well, he won't ever understand what it's like to run full-tilt through a forest with a pack of wolves, either.

Over the past month, she's learned a lot. What it means to release her temper, what it means to think ahead - and all these are in ways she never had to concentrate on before. Just because she's not entirely human anymore, though, doesn't mean she can't fit in with human society in a different way. She could go back to Britain now, start these programs there - maybe even help with them herself - but there's more to learn, and she wants to be able to really have control of herself when she arrives. Home? Yes, she's starting to think of the country as home. It's a good feeling.

She sits on a rock just outside the camp, looking in toward it. She's learned to see through the illusions now it she tries hard enough, but when she lets her mind wander, the camp just looks like another patch of overgrown forest. It's pretty interesting.


From out of the illusion comes a boy. He's been in the camp for months now, and those that run the place say he's starting to make progress. He feels like he's doing better, too, but most of the people here didn't go through what he did.

At the time he was attacked, he was just a plain, ordinary, everyday, garden-variety Muggle. Wanted to be a doctor - a surgeon. Dad was paying his way through school with the family fortune, and they couldn't have been more proud. At the age of twenty, Cam was looking forward to his internship in the coming years, and, as a med student, he was already visiting teaching hospitals, and, in his opinion, was already leaps and bounds ahead of the other students. They'd never cut it. He would. Then, he was attacked.

The scars that cover him are brutal. It's a wonder he survived, actually, though he sometimes wishes he would have died. His face looks like hamburger. His arms are so destroyed that he only has full use of one of them, and he'll always walk with a limp. Magic could only heal him so much… And the mediwitches really did try, but there was no way he could go back to what he was. And with the way he looks, there was little chance of him getting any sort of job.

He sits down next to Holly. "I've been watching you just sitting out here for awhile. You okay?"


A person appearing out of nothing is a little disconcerting, but when Holly sees that it's Cam, she relaxes a little. She's heard his story - it's a sad one. And she's heard rumours from the others in the camp that he's actually bitten one other person, and never seemed sorry about it at all. Still, talk is talk, and has to be taken at face value. She can still see that barely-repressed anger in him sometimes, though.

"Yeah, I was just thinkin'," she says. "Might go home soon."


There's no real indication that the topic of 'home' is a hard one for him, other than the miniscule tensing of his shoulders. He tries to pass it off. "It's not really home, is it?" he asks. "You're just trying to do stuff like this in Britain. Make it easier for werewolves there." God, she has it so easy. Part of a culture that already knows about werewolves and didn't consider them myths! While he's had to put up with his family thinking he's a freak.


"Technically, no," Holly says. She's been over this before, though. Sharing time around the campfire and all that. She hasn't told her mother and sisters yet, and doesn't intend to, which she knows some of the werewolves love to hear. Usually, it's the newer ones who are having the experience of being shunned for the first time in their lives, and, hey, misery loves company. It's why she's hesitated on telling everyone why she's going back to Britain. Still, she wonders if maybe it would help some of these werewolves to know that there are people out there who would care for them. Love them despite what they are. Holly didn't really see that before. She was too wrapped up in the fact that there were some people who would just never accept her, and forgot to look right in front of her nose at the people who really would.

No one speaks of that acceptance here. It's taboo. She learned that fairly quickly, and even if it's understood that there are people out there who will always embrace a werewolf, no matter what happens to them once a month, some people just won't be able to integrate themselves back into society if they were constantly bombarded by that knowledge. It's a slow process, and one that each person has to come to understand on their own. This camp isn't for telling its denizens that they'll be accepted, and that they're really just warm and fuzzy magical creatures that everyone should love. It's for helping them be able to make those steps on their own - if they want to. And also to learn how to deal with the inevitable rejection.

Holly sighs. Looks to Cam. "I have… people to go back to in Britain. But I'd like to be able to tell my family here first before I go." The statement just sort of slips out before she thinks about it.


Cam can't help that tensing in his shoulders again. But he's also become somewhat of an expert at hiding his temper from the other residents here, because he's been here for so damn long. Even werewolves can't smell your distress if you learn to bury it. It doesn't mean he's not still angry, though, and this just set him off.

He's silent for awhile. "I'm glad you have … people," he says. His family disowned him. Cut him off. Rejected him in the worst way possible, and he hates it.

Everyone should feel that way. Everyone should have no one. EVERYONE SHOULD FEEL THIS LONELY. Of course, Cam doesn't see that everyone in this camp has already accepted him, but, to be fair, losing one's family is about the worst thing that can happen to a person, and it's rare that someone's ostracised entirely. It's that last statistic that makes him so upset, so enraged. Why did he have to be one of the few?

He laughs away the anger, even if it's still seething under the surface. "Good people?"


Holly gives the boy a bit of a puzzled look. She can tell something's wrong, but the fact that her other senses aren't confirming it makes her feel like perhaps it's just a trick of the mind. And maybe if he's upset, he really is trying not to make it apparent. "Yeah, good people," she says, nodding. She knows she shouldn't talk about it, but… "I really miss… Well, before I was bitten, I met Jack. And he's been wonderful." And he's a lot of the reason she's going back - above and beyond the reform she wants to make there. "I mean, people here are really starting to accept werewolves. It's incredible progress." Sure, that applies mainly to the wizarding sector of the United States… Muggles are still supposed to believe that werewolves are myths and fiction meant to scare children into staying indoors at night. "But people in Britain are still afraid. There's not a lot of them that'll just… accept. And Jack did, right away. He helped me through a lot." And he'll probably help her with the massive amount of work she still has coming.


Great. That's just great. "Jack? I think you might have mentioned him before. What's his last name…" He makes it look like he's really thinking about this, eyes rolling back as he rubs his head. In truth, he's heard the name in passing - in conversation with the counselors here. See, Cam listens. He knows things. He's heard things.

Holly's just the first person who's made him sick to his stomach.


"Noble," Holly answers, then she narrows her eyes. "I… don't think I mentioned him before."

She knows he listens. She sees him lurking - actually, hears him lurking sometimes. He always looks so sad, though. "Look, Cam, I know about your family. And I can assure you, there are a lot of people who would accept you." Maybe she's trying to backpedal. Make him feel a little better. "I mean, look at this place. You could help new werewolves cope with what's happened to them. You could be a mentor. Maybe even start another camp like this one."

There's a reason people don't talk about acceptance here. Holly knows it. But she can't help beliving that if this guy knew there was a future for him, he wouldn't be so out of sorts all the time. And she knows that, behind closed doors, the campers talk about who's waiting for them back home. Maybe that's just what Cam needs. A little pick-me-up.


"Yeah. Sure." He can't hide the anger anymore. Doesn't try. Instead, he stands up, turning back toward the camp. "I don't want to hear it, Holly," he says, before trudging off through the leaf litter.

Now he just feels worse than he did before. And, really, how can she expect that he'd have ANYONE who would want to accept him? So, she's got a boyfriend, huh? Well. He's sure he can destroy that, but he'll have to be patient for a little while. After all, these things can't happen over night.

And Maplewood will be sorry that she had the audacity to have someone.

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