1995-02-23: The Quidditch Chronicles --The Ballad Of The Beaters


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Scene Title The Quidditch Chronicles —The Ballad Of The Beaters
Synopsis What was a nice, calm, peaceful pickup game of Quidditch turns into all out Weasley war!
Location Hogwarts Quidditch Pitch
Date Feb 23, 1995
Watch For Chaos.
Logger Angelina

It is a snowy and cold and miserable day. The sky is gray and overcast. Perfect day for Quidditch practice, right? Right! Oliver might not still be here, but no reason to go soft! It is late afternoon and many students are getting out of class. Given the stress of the last week, Angelina has suddenly gotten a burr up her backside, and decided it is time to get a game together. In the morning, the rumor is started at breakfast and spread through the day over HNN. Now? She is on the pitch, flying and doing fancy schmancy tricks, waiting for the people to show up. She knows there will have to be /some/ takers!

Standing just inside the doors to the Gryffindor locker rooms, Ron takes a peek outside to see what the conditions are like… and they don't look too good. He isn't even sure why he's here, exactly. There were rumors going around of a Quidditch game being held today, and then somehow it started going around that Ron came back to second term with a rather decent broom, and so, through all of that and some goading from his friends, here he is, down on the Quidditch field and about to participate as he steps out onto the field, looking around nervously.

George is a taker, all right. Fred is in tow, both twins with brooms in hand - and both brooms look to be rather new, too. Where on earth did they get the Galleons for those? They're bundled in warm robes, thick jeans and sweaters with hoods underneath, so only traces of their bright red hair can be seen around the edges. Fred goes ahead and mounts his broom, kicking off and soaring around the pitch while George stops to fiddle with the stirrups of his broom for a minute just outside the locker room. "Ron! Aw, you showed up, should we be honored?" George grins as his other brother steps out of the locker room and onto the field.

Julian clambers up to the stands to sit in the Slytherin section. Then, he realizes it's not a real game and that there may not be many people coming. So, he resignedly stands, moving to find one of the better seats in the whole place, which for him, incidentally, is in the Hufflepuff section. He sits down and puts his feet up on the side of the wall, looking down into the stands.

Up in the stands, Jax is bundled up warmly, his many layers adding bulk to his form. He has a sketchpad on his lap, and his gaze is focused on Angelina. He sits cross-legged, eyes flitting between the girl and his sketchpad as he works on a picture of her flying while she waits. He looks up as Julian enters his house's section, flashing a bright smile at the other first-year. "Howdy!"

Among the other students is another first year Aston looks about bundled up in his heavy cloak he waits though he's excited for this though he's kept his intentions to try out in coming years a secret from most of the others he's met he watches taking notes of moves and flying style.

When people start to show up, Angie stops entertaining herself and flies down to land. "Hey everyone? This all we got?" She pauses, considering. "Alright then. Two teams. George and Ron on one team. Aston and I on the other. Fred, you'll sit this round out and we will rotate you in." She pauses, looking up into the stands, pausing when she sees Bean. While the others get ready to head up, she motions the boy down to her.

"Hey, Holland." Bean says, making himself comfortable. Then, he sees someone beckoning him down to the pitch. "What? I came to watch!" He calls this down to Angelina, and then mutters softly to himself, "idiotic game…." However, he considers for a moment, and then shrugs. "Alright. I'll give it a try." He's a darn good flier, just really doesn't see the point in quidditch.

Melissa is up there with Aston. She had hoped Cho would be there, but no such luck apparently. She has a parchment out so she can keep her own score, assuming nobody's up in the commentator's booth running it themselves.

"OY," Fred shouts from halfway across the pitch, "I'm already in the air, George is still on the ground! How come I have to sit this one out?" He knows damn well why he has to, and he'll assume it's because ickle Georgie is dating Angelina. Fred catches Melissa and the parchment, swinging his broom by the stands over her, "You going to keep score for us, or are you doing your homework?" George eyes Julian as Angelina calls him down. "Aw, Angie, why'd you have to put me on a team with Ron? I'll be playing the whole game by myself at that rate. And I was really looking forward to knocking a bludger at his head," he grins, elbowing Ron.

Melissa looks up and gives Fred a wave. "Yeah, I'm keeping score," she says. "I mean, someone has to."

"Well, at least if you're playing it's a way to keep a bit warmer," Jax tells Bean with a laugh. "Everyone up here'll just be busy shivering nonstop." He pulls his cloak a bit tighter around himself, lips pursing thoughtfully as he adds more details to his sketch.

Aston points to himself as the team captain speaks to him. "Uh all I have is a school broom, not allowed my own yet first year and all." this said a bit ruefully as everyone knows how unpredictable those brooms are. He shrugs it is a chance to show he can do it none the less. He moves snagging a broom from the shed before returning to the field

"Don't worry, Belden. I'm going to be on a school broom too. Because Bean is riding mine." Yes. That's right. Angie is giving her baby to Bean. "George, that is exactly the reason you are on the same team. I am not an idiot. We will have one Beater for each side. Ron, you're the beater for your team, and Belden will be the beater for ours.." She looks up into the stands, eyeing Jackson and the others. "If any of you want to play too, come down here! Fred, we might get you in, if you can convince them."

"AM I LATE?!" Aelwens' always been a Gryffindor loudmouth as she trips in over a modified uniform that's really just a shirt and jeans. Skidding to a stop as she realizes they are just splitting up, Aelwen hides her face behind her Nimbus 2000, a present from her family for her fifth year. Cough.

Now it's George's turn to complain. "OY," he yells at Angelina, "I wanted to be beater! It's what I'm good at! I'm going to be knocked off my broom if Ron's beating for me. At least if I was beater, I could keep that knucklehead from getting pummeled." He throws his own leg over his broom, kicking off after said knucklehead Ron while Fred hangs upside down over Melissa. "You can keep score or you can come play,

Aston nods moving forward to grab a bat as well. "I'll do my best." the first year says he finally swings his leg over his broom and kicks off though hovering getting a feeling for the day before even giving the broom a try out. He does a few quick smaller circles before coming back to join the others.

Melissa smiles a bit but shakes her head. "I'll be fine here… unless you really need another person," she answers. "Thanks for offering though."

Jackson grins and hops off his seat. "Sure!" he chirrups cheerfully, "but I've never played before. I don't know if I'll be any good." He trots down from the stands, stopping by the locker room to leave his sketchpad there and pick up an extra broom before joining the others on the field.

Raising his hands to each side, Ron gives a 'what the hell, I'm right here!' look to… no one in general, really, at George's reaction to the two of them being put on a team together. He's not that bad at Quidditch is he? Granted, he probably shouldn't be a Beater, but still! Grumbling to himself, Ron brings his broom down to ground level, grabbing one of the Beater bats and hefting it up. He gives a few practice swings, and then soars back up to the air towards George. "Keep it up and I'll make sure you DO get knocked off your broom!"

Angie whisper to Julian as she passes her broom off to him. She is grinning when she pulls back. "And I mean that. Both of them. Alright! I'm going to get a broom. Here are the teams! Ron, George, Jackson there, and Aelwen. Myself, Fred, Bean and Aston. Ron is a Beater, Aston is a Beater. Other than that, you can break up the team however you want it. Go to your end and take five minutes to decide positions, then we play!"

Aelwen mounts and then kicks into the air, soaring around Ron, George, and Jackson. "So if Ron is the beater, I suppose that leaves one keeper, one seeker, and a chaser." She pauses. "Oh boy." Aelwens' a chaser by virtue of going out for it. "Not it for Keeper!"

Julian nods, as he takes the broom, catching Angelina's whispers and looking up at the Whomping Willow. He swallows hard, for some reason, and then, schooling his features into determination, he gives a brief smile before mounting his broom. He zips, a little surprised at the speed of the broom, but he adapts quickly and does a couple maneuvers. "Could I be seeker, Johnson?" He asks her this question as he comes back toward her. "Probably best, since I'm so small, right?

George gives a glance towards Aelwen, still grumbling about not being beater. "Fine, I'll be chaser," he says, sticking Aelwen with keeper or seeker. He eyes Ron as he sweeps down to get a bat, then eyes Fred overhead Melissa before making his way to his team's end of the pitch. Fred shrugs at Melissa, "Suit yourself!" He says, turning right-side up and then making his way down. There's a lot more people on the pitch now and suddenly, Fred is smug. "Angie, am I on your team?"

Arriving with her twin at the Quidditch stands, Nathan and Nia pause as they watch the commotion on the field before taking thier steats in the front to watch and somewhat continue thier conversation. Though not really interested in talking with her brother, Nia whispers something into his ear and they both go back to watching the flyers on the field below.

"If you want to be beater, just be beater!" Ron says to George, shaking his head. He glances over at Angelina just after he says it though, wondering if she heard. She may have given him the position for a purpose. He looks back over to George, still holding his own bat in his hand. He shrugs again.

Aston nods down to Angelina "Gotcha." he says in understanding of the teams. The first year is nervous but excited to be playing it's great practice afterall. He does a few more laps incircles getting a feeling for the pitch also swinging his bat a bit

Jax mounts his broom and pushes off, wobbling at first before he gets a good feel for the borrowed school broom and steadies. "Um — I guess that leaves Seeker and Keeper." He eyes Aelwen for a moment and shrugs. "I'll be Keeper. I think I'd be better at that anyway! These brooms aren't all that fast."

"Sure, you can be seeker, Bean." He has the fast broom anyway. At least it gives him a shot! Angie looks at Fred. "That leaves Chaser and Keeper for you and me. What you want?" She has retrieved a broom, and is just pushing off to fly to her own side when she hears Ron. "No. George. You can't play Beater! My intention is to not have anyone injured here, and I know how hard you two hit." She's had the bruises and knots to prove it. Angie doesn't seem to mind the school broom at all, and sweeps down to hover and open the box. Out go the bludgers and the snitch. She scoops the quaffle and passes it to George. "Yours to start. Game on!"

Aelwen blinks as George takes her spot. "But - I - Weasley!" She splutters, then blinks again at Jax. "Oh thank you." She says, fervently. "I don't have the patience to circle hoops." Then Angelina starts the game, and Aelwen starts circling around the pitch, eyes narrowed as she starts seeking the snitch.

Julian smirks and starts to rise into the sky, looking about for the snitch. He watches it fly out from the box, and his eyes widen. This might actually be interesting. It's really hard to see! He makes circles around the pitch, keeping his eyes open, also keeping Aelwen in sight.

"I might as well be," George mumbles in response to Ron, sitting stationary in mid-air on his broom while he waits, only grinning at Aelwen's sputtering about the chaser position. He figures he's going to have to be knocking bludgers aside with his broom, anyways. "Keeper," is Fred's answer to Angelina almost instantly. Yes, he wants to defend the goals from his twin brother. That should be fun!

Aston moves to playing height gripping the broom right with his legs so at least his preferred left hand is free in which he holds the bat. He shoots forward well as best as the broom he's on will allow. The bludgers up he moves towards his chasers figuring they will sooner see trouble.

Aelwen shakes her head. Fred and George with a grudge, it seems … "Suddenly I see WHY you stopped them from being beaters AND on the same team, Angelina." She calls out, biting her bottom lip, making a note to stay away from the Beaters.

Jax grins at Aelwen. "No problem! I've got patience to spare." The tiny Hufflepuff flies up to the goals, keeping an eye on the quaffle as he hovers around them.

"Sorry," Ron mumbles in response to George, turning his eyes towards the field. It looks like George is going to have the first go with the Quaffle. Just as well! Ron makes sure to keep close to him, a tight grip on the bat as he looks around for the Bludger (they're playing with just one, right? Otherwise, he gets two bats— if he could stay on his broom that way! as to make sure it doesn't go smashing into his brother… hopefully. He might miss, you never know.

Angie waggles her brows at Fred. Yep. She's happy with his decision. Means she gets to go against George. This should be FUN. Without delaying, she charges in the direction of the other chaser, intending to intercept and strip the quaffle. "Hit at George, Aston! Knock him off the broom! He can take it."

Julian isn't sure how to spot the little bugger he's supposed to be chasing. So, he watches Aelwen, and mimics her movements somewhat. He relishes the pure joy of being in the air, dark little eyes scanning everywhere he can see to try to find the thing. He loops around the field, changing altitude at will.

The first year turned beater holds tight to his broom as he jets forward the wind whipping his robes around him as he hears the call of the older student he gives a raised bat hand in understanding. Aston swerves swiftly taking aim and hitting the semi-cannonball towards the other teams chaser being George in this case. He thinks to himself that he's in for it.

Aelwen calls out, watching the opposite beater, and not Julian, "George, duck." Not that she expects him to *have* to duck, mind. Ron is supposed to be doing something useful. "… or, you know, do a sloth grip roll." Which may be more amusing.

"YOU DID NOT JUST SAY THAT," George yells across the pitch to Angelina, eyeballing Ron. If he bats one of those bludgers in his direction, someone is gonna get maimed. Aston aims one for him and George swerves around Ron, quaffle in his arms, towards the bludger. WTF? He aims and spins suddenly, bashing the bludger with the tail-end of his broom towards Angelina as he zips towards Fred. Screw ducking and running, it seems that George has so little faith in Ron, he's determined to be a one-man army today. Except now there's another bludger, and it's aiming straight towards ickle Ronny.

What George does is so quick, it takes a moment for Ron to realize what just happened. Well, that's one bludger down, and here comes the other. Bringing his arm back, Ron moves his broom a little to the side so he can line up better, and with a giant swing, he slams the bludger in Angelina's direction as well, taking off in a dive after George to keep the whole Chaser protection thing going. Weasleys unite!

"BLOODY RIGHT I DID, WEASLEY!" Angelina has no problem showing her competitive nature against her fellow players. She just doesn't want the little firsties getting hurt! She lays low on the broom, trying to make it go faster. Luckily, she dodges that first bludger. It goes flying past her in the direction of Julian. "Protect the seeker!" She hopes Aston gets that..cause she gets hit in the thigh by the one Ron hit her way. "Dang it! WEASLEY!" She is thrown off for a moment, trying to get the school broom back in line to go after George.

Aston has changed course already moving to try and block the double bludger attack though he streaks by alas to late. The young man does catch the order and looks around for the seeker on his side. He turns a sharp circle flattening on his broom to catch up "Come on." he says to the school broom hurrying it onwards.

Rumors have never failed Ginny. Ever! Alas, there is a first time for everything. The news about the pickup Quidditch game this evening reached her ears just a tad too late, and she's among the last to arrive, carrying a school broom. She arrives just in time to see Aelwen get called away. Oh, and she's also a nervous wreck. But no one has to know that! She's here simply because she's bored. Yes. No other reasons at all.

"BRING IT," George shouts back at Angelina as he aims towars Fred. "HAH! NICE ONE, RON!" If he's on a broom, he's yelling. Yep! No stopping that. Fred swerves around the goals as George comes at him like a bullet, launching the quaffle at the loop with the momentum of flying behind him - and it goes through, Fred barely missing it as he aims downward to catch the falling quaffle. "Angie!" Fred yells, throwing it at her. "Yeah, Ginny!" George yells from the middle of the pitch. "We're down a seeker, get in the air!"

As Aelwen gets called away quickly, Bean flies over to Angelina. "Do we win, then?" He asks, as he watches the opposing seeker hurry off the pitch. "Unless someone…" He sees Ginny coming and starts looking again. Maybe she's gonna take the position. "I was hoping we'd just win!" He calls off to whichever Weasley twin was yelling about seekers. However this is more fun, actually.

Melissa gives Ginny a wave from the stands. Well, she hasn't missed much…

Satisfied with the fact the bludger went speeding off towards Angelina', Ron slows his broom down a little bit, coming to a stop near George. High-fiving his brother, he turns his gaze back towards Fred for a few seconds, grinning. "This will be interesting," he says, nodding at Ginny as she makes her way into the air. "Watch out, little sis, I'm on a roll!" A roll of… one. He can gloat, right?

Aston is about to thwap the bludger back at the other teams seeker when she is called away, well blast though the attacking ball doesn't seem to stop shooting right for him. He swings hard to protect himself it happens to going zipping off towards the other teams beater Ron. He doesn't sit around waiting though flying off on the borrowed school broom.

Laughing, Angelina turns to get the quaffle as she answers Bean. "Nope! Not done til someone catches a snitch! Look for it! Tiny and glinty and gold. Listen for the hum!" She scoops the quaffle under her arm and turns to head towards Jackson. Oh YEAH. She might not be on her broom, but it doesn't matter! "Get out of my WAY, Weasley! Your Keeper is going DOWN."

Jax squeaks, eyes widening as the Chaser heads towards him. He tightens his grip on his broom, zipping back and forth around the hoops rather nervously, his attention focused on Angelina. Briefly he looks down at the ground and then back up. "Not a literal DOWN, I hope? It's kind of far."

Well, there is no backing out now. No! No there is not. Without hesitating, she mounts the broom, pushes off, and she's in the air. Well.. not right away, exactly, given that it's a school broom. It does get in the air, though, with a bit of coaxing. And then, then! She goes into competitive mode. Ginny's a Weasley, after all, and with so many brothers, she could hardly have gone thirteen years without developing some sort of competitive spirit. Tuning out all the banter, Ginny focuses. Where is that bloody Snitch now, anyway?

George actually laughs out loud whenever Ron says he's on a roll, turning tail and heading for Angelina as she goes for Jackson. "BLOCK HER, JACKSON. DON'T LET HER BY," YELL YELL YELL. Fred, being keeper, just hangs around the goals on their side and stews. How dare his brother get a shot on him, he's going to get him back for that. Yes, yes he is. "RON, FIND A BLUDGER AND HIT IT AT HER," holy crap with the yelling from George. He'd make a good Captain! Sortof. But he'd make the newbies pee themselves..

Doing a 180 on his broom to bring his view back to the pitch, it's only at the last moment that Ron sees the bludger from Aston. He dives, quickly, just missing the bludger— it may have even taken a few of the hairs off of the top of his head. "Blimey," he says, voice a little shaky, "that was close." Accelerating, he heads towards the other bludger, which is flying straight at George, and gives it a solid slam with his bat towards Angelina again, but it looks like he's too far away at this point for it to be able to catch up before she can score. Here's hoping it can! Go bludger, go!

Julian is flying around, actually near Ron, when the bludger is redirected. He swoops low, and goes into a dive, for a couple seconds unable to control the plummeting broom. With a slight panic, he yelps, and then remembers his flying lessons. "Bloody Hell!" He shakes his head, and then gets to work. He leans back, still quite a ways from the ground, and pulls back up to watch for the little golden ball. "Listen for it?" Why didn't anybody tell him this before? He tilts his head and listens for the soft buzz, but all he can hear is the whooping and hollering from the Weasleys and their friends.

She got past both Weasleys, one bludger coming after her, following on her tail. The only thing between Angelina and the hoops is poor little Jackson. Tiny, cute little Jackson. She bears down on him, dead on, hard, a deadly look in her eyes….and at the very last second, diverts and heads left, shooting for the hoop.

Aston continues flying turning back around unsure if he should feel the slightest bit bad for actually nearly hitting his target. He knows she said the seeker but he doesn't want to see anyone pelted if he can help it. The first year swerves behind Angelina and swings his bat hard for the othersides chaser.

Jackson's wide eyes stay focused on Angelina, watching her closely, his expression nervous (and a bit exhilirated.) "Eek!" He darts left when Angelina moves, but not quickly enough. He stretches to reach the quaffle and his fingertips brush it, but too little and too late to throw it off course. His overextended reach throws him off balance, and he tips through the hoop along with the quaffle as Angelina scores.

Okay, Ginny, focus. Focus like you've never focused before in your LIFE. Well, except for yesterday, in Transfiguration. That was tough. GINNY, FOCUS. Okay. Snitch. Snitch snitch snitch snitch snitch. Where is it? She flies around in what might look like an aimless fashion, but she's looking for the snitch. And she WILL find it. Do not doubt that.

Ron actually blocks a bludger from George?? Color him surprised! Not fast enough as Angelina aims, George leans forward on his broom so close and tries to swat the quaffle away. "WHAT," he yellas as Angelina scores. Screw giving this girl special treatment just because she's his girlfriend! Aston's hit a bludger at him and he sees it coming - so what does he do? He zips over to Ron and yanks the bat out of his hand, quaffle in his other, and smacks the bludger hard away from him, straight for Bean, beelining to the other half of pitch.

"Aaagh!" Ron exclaims when Angelina scores, and he turns his broom to face her. "You got lucky, John—" Next thing he knows, his bat is being pulled out of his hands! "George! What the bloody hell are you doing!" he says as he loses the bat, and watches his older brother pelt the bludger towards Bean. Well, if he's gonna play like that! Reaching out, Ron plucks the quaffle from inside of George's arm, and turns his broom to tear down the pitch towards the goalposts, closing in on his other older brother, Fred.

"10 points for Angelina's team!" Melissa calls as she notes down the score. "Well, it looks like there's some infighting between the Weasley brothers… which is to be expected since there's so many of them here…

Julian has seen the snitch. It's zipping around his head like a big yellow fly. He starts to bat it away, and then realizes this must be the thing he's supposed to be catching. He starts to reach for it, and then, all of the sudden, there's this big bludger headed for his head. "Bloody HELL!" Bean dives, narrowly missing the snitch. This time, since he's already done it once, pulling out of the dive is much easier.

Angie lets out a WHOOP as she scores, grinning at her teammates. But then? Oh NO HE DIDN'T!! "GEORGE SEPTIMUS WEASLEY!!!" Oh yeah. Angie is mad now. She used his whooooole name. Sorry Fred and Aston. You're going to have to stop the quaffle on your own. Cause Angie? She's heading for the set on the ground and scoops up her own bat. Racing for the nearest bludger, it is shot right at George Weasley. HARD.

The SCORE Aston grins big though his bludger is returned towards another player dangit not again. The first year darts forward looking for first a bludger than a new target. He notices Angelina and winces as he changes course swiping at the other teams seeker this timer perhaps to give theres more time.

Oh hell no, Ron just stole George's quaffle and now he doesn't notice Angelina's taken up a bat. Fred does, though. And what does he do? He swoops down and plucks up a bat of his own. Now there are three bats on the field, who's gonna win, huh? No one wins, that's who. "COME GET SOME," Fred yells at George, who's aiming another bludger at his brother now so he's not there when Ron gets to the goals.

"RON! BLOODY PAY ATTENTION!" Ginny is now also yelling. It's probably a Weasley thing. Ron, for his part, looks rather perturbed. What the hell does he do now? Keep? Chase? Whack things? Fly around in circles? While he's deciding, Ginny is watching Bean. Did he just make a dive for a Snitch-like thing? YES. As fast as her school broom can go, Ginny's diving and swooping and trying to spot the itty bitty gold ball.

Jax pulls back up to circle the hoops again, looking rather sheepish at letting the goal through. He watches the rest of the game excitedly, his attention flitting between the quaffle and the bludger-violence.

Julian wasn't diving becasue of the snitch; he was diving to avoid that bloody bludger. He watches it whiz by and pulls up swiftly, heading to where he last heard the buzzing sound. Maybe if he finishes this game soon, nobody will be bleeding. There it is! He speeds toward it, narrowly avoiding a head-on collision with Ginny who's coming after him.

Aston misses again well it's not bad really beater isn't what he likes best that'd be chaser. He continues pushing the school broom as best he can. He is looking all around right now jus trying to get an idea of where everyone is.

Take THAT George Weasley! Angie smacks him dead on with the bludger. HA! Making a GRRRRR face at him, she drops the bat, then lets Fred handle it. Yup. She heads for the hoop to protect it from Ron, heading her way with the quaffle. "Don't you HIT any FIRSTIES!" Let them beat the crap out of each other.

"OH YEAH?" George yells at Fred, weilding his stolen bludger, now that he doesn't have to worry about the quaffle. And suddenly— WHAM! He's almost knocked forward off his broom as Angelina's bludger smashes into the back of his head. "WHAT THE F.." He spins around as the bludger comes back for seconds and it's pummled towards Aston out of spite, "GO SAVE YOUR FIRSTIE."

Aaaah it's a Bean! There was a Snitch - or was that her imagination? - but Ginny misses it rather spectacularly, almost bowling into Bean. Swerving - can't hurt Bean! - she looks rather panicked. Just then, her school broom - bloody school broom - bucks enthusiastically beneath her, and she almost falls off. In the process, she's falling. Right near Jackson.

The first year Aston is ready for more action but he's spent to much time perhaps getting his overview. He hears the sound of the approaching bludger first turning back to raise his bat alas swing and a miss! *Thud* face full of bludger he'll probably have a black eye but could have been worse, but trooping on he dodges another attack and thwaps the ball away.

Floating high above the pitch without a bat, Ron doesn't do much other than sit there on his broom, one hand on his side, the other gripping the broom. Angelina and George are off having a bludger war, the seekers are after the Snitch, and he's having a grand time just sitting there grinning as the game plays out.

Amazingly, among all the ginger-haired people (and Angelina) yelling, bludgers flying, and other things going on, Bean hears the buzzing of the snitch. Well, he ought, since it's right by his head. He reaches up, and bats at it like a fly again, catching it by its magically powered wings. This surprises him so much that he looses his grip on his broom with his hands, and the broom starts to dive. He shrieks again, and pulls up, somehow managing to keep ahold of the bothersome little ball. "I caught the damn thing!" He yells, attempting to get a better grip on both it and Angelina's broom. "Bloody hell! I caught it!"

Jax is very focused on the quaffle and the bludgers, and doesn't notice the action happening with the Seekers until it is too late and Ginny is practically on top of him. Scratch that — actually on top of him, as her unpredictable school broom collides with his unpredictable school broom and sends him spinning crazily towards the ground. He squeezes his eyes shut, hanging out tightly, and hears Bean's yell even if he can't see it. "OhwowgoodjobnowIthinkI'mgoingto/die/," he squeaks, trying to stop his broom's tailspin before the rapidly approaching collision with the earth.

"YOU MORON, GO FOR THE GOAL," George yells at Ron.. who is just sitting there. And then, Bean catches the snitch. "NOT THAT IT MATTERS NOW, YOU GIT." And where the hell was Ginny?? Now she's falling off her broom? Why the hell can't his family play quidditch! He aims for the ground now that Angie's team has won, Fred still hovering in front of his goals with a bat in hand.

OH HECK NO!!! Angie sees the bludger heading for her firstie, and can't do a thing about it. When it impacts, all she can do is yell…"SORRY! LAND Aston!!" Her angry gaze turns on George. "WEASLEY! You little PUNK!!" She flies over to Fred, grabs his bat, and heads for a bludger. "The only thing I asked is that you NOT hit the firsties!!" Oh. They won. "Great job Bean. I'll be down. Soon as I get the bludgers."

Yaaay they won! The first year smiles still his eye is puffy and swollen and redish for now. "No worries Angelina, had worse." he calls over before Aston begins heading towards the ground where he stumbles slightly off on touchdown. He looks back to the other players

Still grinning, Ron ignores George with a wave of his hand, turning his broom slightly to look at the other side of the pitch— just in time to see Ginny and Jackson go spiraling out of control. Pushing his broom into a dive, his features are set in grim determination as he tries to make it to them in time. Harry… no, let's not worry about him since he's putting his hands all over Ron's sister, his family might be a little upset if Ginny dies today.

Fortunately, the broom Angelina got him for Christmas is a pretty damn fine broom. He makes it just in time, swooping in to grab Ginny from her broom with his arm, and using his own broom to smack into Jackson's. It slows them down enough that they all tumble to the ground, but land relatively uninjured, save for maybe some bumps and bruises. "NO MORE QUIDDITCH!" Ron yells, glaring at his sister. Cue overprotective mode.

"I'LL PLAY IF I WANT TO!" Ginny shouts back, as soon as she recovers. "BUT THANK YOU FOR HELPING ME NOT DIE." That done, she looks over to Jackson. "Are you okay? I'm sorry! I hate these school brooms." She glares down at the broom at her feet, resisting the urge to stick her tongue out at it.

Jax gets to his feet, rubbing at his shin and nodding. "They're kind of wonky, aren't they? I'm alright. Are you alright?" He smiles at Ron. "Thanks. I didn't die! That's pretty exciting. Though I guess then I'd've ended my first Quidditch game with a bang!"

Julian lands on the ground, pretty shaken. He wasn't hit by bludgers or yelled at or anything, but he is glad to be on tera firma. He steps deftly over near where Angelina is, and holds out both the still-fluttering snitch and the broom. "Here." He waits for her to land to hand her the foul things.

George is done. Screw it, he's done. He lands and dismounts, Fred doing the same not so far away, still holding his bat. He looks up in time to catch the bludger just barely, veering it off. "GOOD GAME," he yells to the rest of his team before he starts stalking off, dragging his broom.

"NOT UNTIL YOU LEARN TO PROPERLY FLY A BROOM YOU AREN'T!" Ron says, pointing a VERY THREATENING finger at Ginny. "Honestly, I thought they taught first years how to fly on a broom!" With a huff, he turns to Jackson, returning the smile. His voice returns to normal as well; no yelling at Jackson! "No problem. As long as you're okay." With that, he turns on his heel (not without another glare in Ginny's direction) and stalks off towards the locker rooms.

Angelina lands, finally, seething. She takes her broom and the snitch from Bean. "Thanks Bean. Good job. You're good at that." She's speaking to him, but her eyes are on George. "Fred. Will you please put the equipment away so I can take Aston to the Hospital Wing?" She doesn't wait for his answer as she puts an arm around Aston's shoulders, and leads him back to the school. Eyes on George's back.

Ginny squawks indignantly, a rather shrill sound. "IT WASN'T ME, IT WAS THE BROOM!" She yells after Ron, stomping her foot and just barely missing the aforementioned broom as she does so. With a bright smile and an, "I'm glad you're alright. Sorry, again," to Jackson, she turns and stalks her way back to the locker room as well.

Ron is going to die now, isn't he?

Oh, great. He got to do barely anything during and now Fred is being ordered to clean up. Fine, Angie is pissed at George, not him, so he goes to collect the quaffle before taking up his broom and collecting the bludgers and snitch. George just keeps walking, because this is all Angelina's fault.

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