1994-09-09: The Plot Thickens?


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Scene Title The Plot Thickens?
Synopsis The Slytherins panic over their point deficit. Snape appears to suggest an impromptu study session, and first-year scolding follows.
Date September 9, 1994
Watch For Snape's ninja entry
Logger Crane

Slytherin Common Room

As one slips through, the door in the stone wall seals shut again, its place marked from within by a hanging tapestry in the House colors of green and silver. The Slytherin common room is a long, low, underground room with rough stone walls and ceiling from which round, greenish lamps hang on rusted chains. A fire crackles under an elaborately carved mantlepiece directly opposite the door, and upon close inspection the carvings are seen to be myriad depictions of slithering serpents. Several high-backed chairs of dark wood with forest green back and seat cushions sit before the fire. More of such chairs are scattered elsewhere about the room, situated in front of a half dozen or so tables used mostly for study or conversation. An opening to one side of the fireplace leads to the stairs down to the student dormitories.

Crane is currently seated more or less in the center of the common room, his long dark hair half-draped over his face. Although it would appear to be obscuring his vision, he doesn't make any moves to clear it away. He is facing the doorway with his legs folded neatly in a '4' position, and a huge gray and white tiger-striped cat is sitting on his lap. A mug of butterbeer is held idly in one of his hands. He remains relatively still.
Eventually, the door to the room slides open and a couple of young students enter. The Fifth Year leans down, mumbling something very quietly to the cat in his lap, and then straightens. The cat hops off of his lap and saunters over to the two firsties, and then, with a wild yeowl, jumps on one's back. It doesn't really seem to do anything beyond making horrible screeching noises while hanging on to their robe with its claws, but that's enough to send the victim wheeling in terrified circles while shouting for help. Eventually the cat dislodges itself and flees, hopping back up into Crane's lap before circling a few times and plopping down lazily.
The incredulous first year briefly stares at him, then walks rapidly with his friend in the direction of the dormitories. Crane merely pats the cat on the head and smiles. "Good kitty."

Oscar comes up from the dorms, taking the steps two at a time, in long, easy strides. He reaches the top just in time to watch the little first year put on that lovely show. He remains there as the firstie heads for the dorms, forcing the younger student to walk around him, smirking rather predatorily all the while. Never hurts to keep them on their toes. Once that bit of fun is over with, he finishes his trek into the room, opting to flop down into a chair near Crane. "Got your feline trained up, do you?" he comments, still with amusement, as he eyes the cat in question.

The secret stone doorway slides open as the dark robes brush against the polished stone floor, the door sliding back into place behind the Slytherin girl as she narrows her bright sapphire eyes a bit further, her expression set as she climbs the steps up into the common room itself. A slender hand reaches between the folds of her cloak to the clasp, unhooking it and shrugging her shoulders lightly for the cloak to fall from her shoulders, her arm twisting back to catch easily as she brings it up to fold over the head of a empty chair. Her expression darkens as her eyes glance over those that relax within the Slytherin commons room, Oscar, Crane, "We have a problem. A problem that is already growing rapidly…"

Continuing to lightly pet the cat, Crane snickers at Oscar as the other boy approaches and shrugs. "Not really - I /wish/ he was that well-trained. But he loves catnip. Some got all over a bunch of the first years' robes this morning. Don't ask me how, I have no clue." The feline in question, meanwhile, simply purrs happily. "How's your day going, Houlihan?" His head snaps to the side at the sound of Zarina's voice, and he stares at her for a few seconds, clearly nonplussed, before arching a brow. "What's the trouble, moon-girl?" He adjusts his position in the seat slightly so that he can face her properly, and actually bothers to get the hair out of his face at this point.

"Funny how that sort of thing happens," Oscar agrees, nodding with understanding as to the catnip mysteriously ending up on the robes of a first year. He pulls a small book out of his robes, but doesn't set to reading it immediately. "Oh, can't-" He begins to reply that he can't complain when Zarina arrives and gives him the idea that he might well have something to complain about in a moment. "What's the fuss, Zanford?" he inquires, looking over at her rather with his eyebrows arched. "Growing rapidly? Someone hit something with an engorgement charm?"

Zarina scowls lightly, though not because of Crane's nickname, "We have a growing problem. Right now Hufflepuff is in the lead of house points while our current points are now negative /twenty/." Her expression darkens. "Negative. Twenty." she restates again. Rounding around the end of the chair to stand in front of the fire in the fireplace, her expression only darkening. "This is only the first week of school and already the Slytherin House is in last place. And this is unacceptable."

"What?" Crane half-snarls, leaning forward with a scowl. "Why, and how? And a better question, /who/?" The cat in the Fifth Year's lap startles at the sudden movement, and with an irritated hiss, jumps down and patters off in the direction of the fireplace. "This might just be a record. We have to think of.. something, or we'll be the laughingstock of the school for the rest of the year." Not that he's the most ra-ra-school-spirit type, but that doesn't mean he has no pride in his House. On the contrary.

That gets Oscar's attention in a hell of a hurry, and he stops being glib. "Negative twenty? It was five when I last looked! Who the blazes has managed to lose us more points? And how badly can we hurt them without costing more?" He lets out a frustrated huff of breath, flopping back in his chair and frowning thoughtfully. "Yeah, clearly this can't stand. We need to get back in the black, and fast. Can't have Hufflepuff getting all uppity on us, can we." He curls his hand into a fist rather absently - but tightly enough to turn his knuckles white, as he glares into the fire, trying to think of something on this admittedly limited information.

Zarina manages to keep her face from twisting as she crosses her arms under her chest, "Oswald spoke out of turn in class, resulting in five points taken away. And in Professor McGonagall's current class, a first year named Derek had fifteen points removed because of an earlier incident involving a fire salamander and a fire cracker…" she uncrosses her lean arms, holding up a palm to briefly quiet her housemates as she glances between both of them. "Derek will be punished enough by the Professors without us adding to it as well. Though we do need to talk to him about /discretion/…" Her bright sapphire eyes narrow. "Right now, we need to put aside those /amusing/ little games to focus on this serious issue… No. We don't want to fall behind /Hufflepuff/. It's even worse that we are behind /Gryffindor/."

"Wait. /He/ was the one who blew up the salamander?" Crane's frown deepens slightly. "At any rate, you're probably right, no changing that now.. so." He stands slowly, and begins to pace slowly in one direction and then the other. As tall as he is, and as much as he tends to lean forward in a lazy half-slouch when he walks, he almost looks like some kind of stunted version of a Dementor, what with the black hair and all. Admittedly he's a rather pretty Dementor. "What do we do? It'd be difficult to catch up through.. conventional means, at this point, wouldn't it?"

Oscar gives a little snort to express his opinion as to whether or not Derek will be punished enough, and mutters something about 'soft' under his breath. "I think we need to talk to them all about discretion." Though his idea of 'talk' might not involve so many words, so perhaps one of the more eloquent upperclassmen might want to handle that bit. "It's worst that we're behind everyone. By a lot." He looks over at Crane, watching him pace, still thoughtful. "Well, maybe it isn't just that we need to earn points as it is the other houses need to … lose some?" he points out with a subtle lift of his eyebrows.

Zarina narrows her sapphire eyes hard on Oscar with the muttered word 'soft', keeping herself from scowling, "Everyone should be discrete if they insist on pulling pranks and jokes. And I agree, we need to talk to everyone about discretion, not just Derek." She releases a slow breath, focusing a bit further as she lifts a hand to brush her slender fingers through her long, snow white hair, "The traditional means shouldn't be ruled out yet. The one that cleaned up that said fire salamander afterwards was awarded ten points. Ten." Another moment passes as she arches a brow, giving Oscar another sideways glance in thought. "Hm… it isn't cheating if we don't get caught…" she murmurs, mostly to herself. "Although. We aren't really proving we're better than everyone else either if we have to cheat for it." She crosses her arms, pondering, "I wonder what Professor Snape thinks of this. It's disgraceful, Slytherins getting docked points every which way."

Lifting his shoulders in an effervescent shrug, Crane stops pacing suddenly and turns to face Zarina for a moment. "'Cheating' is just another word for finding workarounds in the system. If that's what it takes to make the difference between success and failure, only an idiot would choose to lose 'honorably'.." He scoffs. "Like a Gryffindor would. But anyway, I agree that it would be better if we could avoid taking stupid risks.." The dark-haired boy glances out of the corner of one cool eye at Houlihan briefly. Perhaps if something /is/ attempted, the less people who know about it - especially if they're in objection to the idea of breaking the rules - the better.. pushing that thought aside, he shakes his head. "I don't think we particularly want to find out."

"Yeah, I know we're better than everyone else. Not feeling too fussed about whether or not that proves it. Anyway, not like anyone else is meant to know, now is it," Oscar points out with a smirk, now leaning forward in his seat, elbows on his knees, as he gives this some thought. "No. No stupid risks. We have to play it smart. Maybe … Okay, what about we set the ickle ones to earning us points, all nice and above board. Tell 'em they're on probation and'll be swimming in the lake if they don't get us back into the positives by such-and-such a date, put the fear of death into 'em, all that. Meanwhile, a few of us who can be … trusted to work on the tricker stuff, we look to taking it down from the inside. That work?" He glances over at Zarina as she mentions Snape, nodding in agreement with Crane. "Seein' how he was about us bein' five points behind…"

"I don't approve," Snape answers from a place by the doorway - it is truly unnerving how he manages to get through the grating, stone door without actually drawing the attention of the students. His arms crossed over his shoulders, he levels a stare on them that may be able to freeze blood right inside vains, "And don't intend for the House to lose this year."

Slipping in on the robe-tails of her professor, Siobhan steps to one side, leaning casually against the cool stone wall. Arms folded over her chest, she says nothing, but there's a flush to her cheeks and a wild quality to her hair that speaks of flying. Three guesses where she's been, class. Brown eyes dart from Snape to the students and back again, even daring to give the professor one of her trademark grins. "What'd I miss?"

Zarina blinks her bright blue eyes with some surprise as she glances up at the doorway, seeing their Head of House standing in the doorway, cold as ever. She purses her full lips lightly as she gives him a slight bow in respect, "Professor Snape." her eyes glance to Oscar, giving him a brief, hard look in disapproval before looking back to the teacher. "I just told them our current house points, or should I say, our lack of house points." Her expression firms again, becoming deep in thought as her arms cross as her lightly brushes her fingers under her chin, "Small points add up quickly, and to be frank, I don't approve of using our younger students like that. They should be able to trust us as much as we trust them. We can use others, just not other Slytherins."

Crane wisely says absolutely nothing once the Potions Professor enters. He does seem momentarily startled. After quickly turning to face Snape, his posture miraculously straightening up, he seals his thin lips into an even thinner-than-usual line. He doesn't add anything to the conversation for now, merely waiting to hear what the Head of House has to say on the matter, since it it's too often he makes appearances here.

"Professor Snape. Sir." Oscar sits up straight rather abruptly as their Head of House materializes on the scene. It is a bit unnerving that, yes, especially when one is in the midst of plotting. Siobhan gets a nod of greeting, but he's distracted before he can properly greet her. Zarina gets a sidelong look, a narrowing of his eyes, as she feels the need to be 'frank' in front of the professor. "I didn't think it would be using them to make them earn back the points that they lost." The bit about threatening them in the lake is conveniently left off this time, but surely he was joking about that, of course. Of course. "Sometimes you appreciate the value of something more if you've had to earn it." Though his tone might have changed since Snape announced his arrival, it really was only ever his intention to make sure the first years got in line.

"Rather than demanding others get the points for you," Snape begins, black eyes turning to Oscar for the moment, "You should be concentrating on how to earn points yourself." No, Snape isn't about to come out and say 'work out a way for me to give you points' because that would be unfair but his tone is certainly rife with the suggestion.

Snape nods his head slightly at Siobhan's point but he does not comment on it, instead deciding to go off on another tangent, "I will be awarding points for successfully brewed Strengthening Solutions given their difficulty. However, they require several days to mature and until then they'll be in the Potions Classroom." He turns slightly to look at the eldest present Slytherin, lifting an eyebrow.

"Of course, Professor Snape. I'd assumed we would be wanting to earn points anyway, is all," Oscar replies, as if to assume anything else simply shocks him. Only they wouldn't be starting out from behind if it weren't for the first years. "I've been meaning to talk to Professor Flitwick about some extra-credit work in Charms." Zarina gets another sidelong glance as she comes into all these bright ideas, and from the pointed way he glances between her and the professor, suspicious soul that he is, Oscar is wondering if the inspiration isn't for Snape's benefit. But he moves on without verbal comment. His eyebrows go up at Snape's comment, and he glances to his other housemates thoughtfully.

Zarina's expression darkens, "We need /thirty/ points to be even with the leading house Hufflepuff right now…" she mutters, clearly disgruntled over the fact, though she arches a white brow before she releases a sigh and nods in agreement, "Though yes, it is an uphill battle to earn points from the other Professors. Not that it can't be done. It'll just be difficult." The smirk grows on her full lips as she glances to the other Slytherins, "I personally wouldn't mind the /challenge/." Her sapphire eyes glance back to Professor Snape, arching a brow at his words before her full lips grow with a smirk, "Hm. Well, I do need to check up on my Solution to see how it's maturing…" she says slowly.

Sparing a quick glance at Siobhan, whom he is not well-acquainted with as of yet, Crane listens to what she has to say and frowns slightly. The suggestions and input of the others are also listened to, but he remains silent through most of the discourse, either ignoring it all or simply choosing not to participate as of yet. After a while he seats himself once more, folding one leg over the other to resume his earlier position. Snape's.. non-suggestion causes him to crack a slight grin, although he adds nothing further. Some things are better left unsaid. "I might have to go check on mine, as well. And you know.. since it's a Tournament year, we're going to have a Yule Ball. Perhaps Slytherin House should volunteer to put up the decorations."

Meeting Snape's eye, Siobhan catches on and her face splits into a slow, wicked grin. Sometimes being the oldest has its perks. "Right, Professor." Brown eyes sparkle with glee, shifting to meet Zarina's gaze for a moment before nodding towards her Head of House. "I can organize a group to study for that…particular brew." It's a subject Sio does well in, but even though her tone is innocent, there's a certain edge to her smile which speaks of a secondary agenda. She understands and accepts, but if one didn't Speak Slytherin, they'd never guess. The decorations suggestion earns a snort. "Yeah, Crane. You really should know better by now, mate. The other teachers'd never let us. They'd all be too worried that we'd slip curses and deadly plants into everything."

Oscar lapses into silence since he isn't in Potions, and hence, doesn't have a brew to improve. He could see to making sure none of the other houses get it right, but then, there's been some resistance to that idea. Instead, he just follows the conversation, gaze flickering to each who speaks, as his thumb plays absently with a frayed corner of his book. He's thoughtful though, which probably means he hasn't entirely given up his own plotting ideas.

"If you're going to research the Strengthening Solution," Snape suggests, staring impassively at the various grins appearing about the room, "You should research it with your fellow Potions students. When there is no Potions class on. Tomorrow afternoon, for example."

With a sharp nod, Siobhan pushes off from the wall and beckons for Zarina to join her. "I'll see to it, Professor." Waiting to see if the next-oldest student will join her, Sio moves towards a set of chairs at the back of the room, pausing to offer over her shoulder; "I think if we take the last half of lunch to study, it should be quite sufficient." There's that wicked grin again. "We snakes catch on fast."

Zarina easily returns the dark smirk to Siobhan as she chuckles, crossing her arms as she leans back against the frame of the fireplace. "Alright. How about tomorrow then, as Professor Snape suggests. I don't want to put this off for too long. Potions take special tending and attention." She glances to Crane as she arches a brow at him. She just shakes her snow white head, "Christmas decorations is something the House Elves take care of every year. The Yule Ball is no different, though I do agree with Siobhan, the other Professors don't have much trust in us. It could be because of the numerous pranks that tend to build up year after year." She arches a brow again, her eyes watching him for a long moment before looking back to the rest of the Slytherins, lowering her chin in a nod. "Alright. Tomorrow afternoon fourth through seventh year potion students meet up in the Dungeon. We'll look after the potions and see if they need any tweeking."

Crane's lips twist into a slightly deeper frown at Siobhan, and he waves a hand dismissively. "Pft. I know all of that, it's not as if I actually /want/ to help. Better if they /do/ tell us no.. as long as we make the offer at a convenient time and in front of convenient people. Say, the Headmaster." He smiles. "After all, 'it's the thought that counts', right?" He doesn't say any more, though, instead turning back to Snape. Study hour. Tomorrow. Right.

Snape simply nods his head after a moment, giving Siobhan a long stare riddled with Slytherinese 'implied but not spoken' orders. That done, he turns about and sweeps out of the Common Room.

"No." Siobhan stops in her tracks and turns to face Zarina. "That's far too many to handle in one group." Far too noticeable. "We should split it up, take in a few at a time so the lab isn't too crowded. After all," and here her eyes flick to their professor. "The potions lab is free of classes all afternoon. Agreed?" It's not really a question, but still, there /is/ a professor present. She follows on said professor's heels, a few plans of her own whirling in that 'pretty blonde head' of hers.

Zarina frowns slightly at Siobhan's words, her expression thoughtful as she lifts a hand to lightly rub at her chin, "That's true… too many people and it will be noticable…" she answers easily. "Alright. Then tomorrow and the next afternoon after that will do…" she murmurs, her bright sapphire eyes looking back up at the Professor as the corner of her full lips tug, looking back to the others as she lowers her chin in a nod. "We won't be behind for long."
Oscar watches Snape go before he sits back in his chair again, still silent, opting now to keep his thoughts to himself, since it didn't go so well the last time he shared them. He glances over at Crane though, and his eyebrows twitch upwards. Still, with a glance back over at Zarina, he just drops his gaze to his book for the time being, flipping open the cover.

"Hm," Crane adds vaguely, watching as Snape stalks out of the room as quickly as he'd come. Pretty soon, with a slight lift of his shoulders, the Fifth Year does the same, walking toward the still-open doorway and slipping out before it slides back into place. He doesn't offer any goodbyes for the moment, apparently being too lost in thought to bother.

Oscar is seated towards the middle of the room, slouched down in one of the chairs, looking thoughtful and a bit put out. After the other older students and Professor Snape left, he's been left alone for the moment. With a book on his lap, he's flipping through the pages without really doing more than skimming the text without entirely seeing it. He mutters something under his breath about women being soft.

Julian traipses into the room after Transfiguration. "Merlin, that was hard. I almost got the thing to work." He plops down in a chair, and pulls out his notes. "And what was all that crap about 'luuuuve'?" He rolls his eyes.

Derek nods as he walks in following Julian, he looks around and hope nobody heard about the points he lost yeat. "Yea, all that talk of love made me sick, Yuckkkkkkk!"

Oswald drops his backpack off on a couch. "Well you know how they always say." Claps his hands to side of his face. "Love makes the world go around…Fah!" Then flops down. "I feel like I need a shower after that class. I guess Miss Gonagall is a elephant to boot. Cause she never forgets?" Giving a slight smirk.

Ella walks into the common room slowly, her mind tired from having to think and figure out and solving some law she most likely will never use outside of the class. Once she sits down all of her books she sits next to the fire, leaning against the stone and taking a deep breath.

Oscar sits up at the sound of so many little feet and little voice as the first years descend upon the previously-silent common room. Did they miss him sitting here? That almost amuses him. He looks over, not speaking right away, but listening to them yammer on about … love?

"Elephant?" What? Bean's a bit confused. He looks over at Oswald, and shakes his head. Looking back down at his notes, he frowns, thinking about the transfiguration he almost did. As he does, he notices Houlihan nearby. He gives him a quick nod as a greeting, and returns to his notes.
Oswald says "You know what McGongall said at the first of the class that Im someone to be /watched/ and that she never forgets. Sort like a elephant never forgets?" Snorting slightly. "I never heard of the sixth law of Gamp anyways."

Derek grins and nods. "turning matches into needles was cool though, I have to pracice on that some more."

Ella pulls out her scroll and starts to read slowly through all of what she written, and starts to correct anything that she written too fast to be correct or right. Once her notes make a little more sense she rolls it up and sticks it back where it was. She grins softly when she heard Derek say that he wanted to practice turning matches into needles, unbeknownst to the rest of the group that she snagged two matches before she left the classroom, willing to try to get some out-of-class practice.

"Oi. Ickle firsties," Oscar announces, without really bothering to raise his voice too much. "C'mere." It isn't friendly, but it isn't overly threatening either. He's rather got the tone of someone who simply expects they'll hop to and come over. And if the gesture of head is to be believed, more or less form a row in front of him, where he sits.

Oswald stands up and heads over to where Oscar. "Whats up?" Standing before the older student with his hands behind his back.

Ella hears Oscar tell all of them to come over, and so she does. She walks over to stand beside Oswald, clasping her hands together in front of her.

Julian moves over to where the older boy is sitting, holding his notes close to him, dragging his bag. He sits down near him, and tilts his head sideways a little, questioning what the boy could want. He hopes it's nothing too dangerous.

Derek grinch when he hears Oscar calling him over but he walks closer anyway like a deer stuck in the headlights.

That they all quickly fall more or less into line does put Oscar into slightly better spirits, at least, which no doubt bodes well for them. He doesn't answer immediately, letting them stand and/or sit there as he sizes them up. "So. Which one of you would like to explain why it is we're in last place?" The question is casual - too casual.

Oswald arches a eyebrow "Im guessing has to do with a spying cat and me speaking out of line. Which I only did once today, the rest of the time I awaited my turn? Well most of the time I did."

Derek blushs and nods. "and the Prefect coming to search my brother and my stuff for harmful items, I'm dead meat now, they will beat the ever living daylight out of me when they hear this."

Julian isn't one to rat out his crew. Although, he thinks Derek deserves a little reining in, he's not going to be the one to let the older boy know. This is extremely familiar territory. So, he leans back in his seat, lets his transfiguration notes slide down into his lap, and waits patiently for someone else to explain, or Derek to pipe up himself. He crosses his legs, making himself more comfortable. If experience is any teacher, this could take awhile. When Derek speaks up, he rolls his eyes. It's always worse if you don't admit it.

Ella snorts at Oswald's weak excuse, and Derek not really saying the real reason. "What really happened is these boys.." she motions to the two boys beside her "were gloating about how they did something in class yesterday, which made the other retort about how he used firecrackers in the past, the whole time the teacher was sitting there disguised as a cat, and put two and two together, getting us docked the 15 points and as Derek has said they are now going to be searching our possessions for anything prank-wise. I don't think some of my items in my pack should be seen quite yet…" she says firmly.

Oscar listens to this all, his expression not really betraying much emotion, though he's clearly not happy. His gaze flickers between the three who speak up. Ella gets a considering look, but nothing more. "You two." He snaps his fingers at Oswald and Derek and then crooks his index finger indicating they should step forward. Within reach, though he's made no move to sit up yet. "Names." That would be he expects them to give him theirs.

Oswald steps forward. "Oswald Silvertop." Turning to look at Ella with narrow slitted eyes back at her. "It was smokebomb for your information. If you doubt me ask Sneeda, she was there."Then turns to face forward again.

Derek look to see if there's away to sneak out, but there's not. "Derek Rimmer." got to find a escape root before it's too late.

Julian watches as the two boys are singled out. This, too, is familiar. He inhales, and purses his lips. He hopes it isn't too painful. He averts his eyes from the situation, not wanting to see them be shamed, but needing to play the role of 'witness.' He fiddles with his notes, looking down at them, gazing, without much comprehension.

"Silvertop. And Rimmer." Oscar repeats the names to himself with narrowed eyes. "How on earth you managed to get into a house that's supposed to be cunning is beyond me. I recommend you figure out some way to prove to me that you belong here, before I decide for myself that you don't." His tone suggests they wouldn't like the consequences of that. He glances over at Ella and Julian as well. Let this be a warning to all the first years.

Ella nods and gulps softly. honestly afraid of what will happen if she screws up after ratting her two fellow house-mates out.

Derek says, "I din't know that cat was our teacher or i would of keep my lips closed, Nobody tell me these things.""
Oswald says, "Nor I, but then again this is school of hard knocks. And if I had my way every animagus would be busted out of this school. But im not in any position to do such things."

"Stop. Making. Excuses," Oscar replies to Derek's response, making sure to enunciate very clearly. "You brag, you get caught. And the golden rule in this house? Be smart enough not to get caught. That goes for all of you." He levels each first year with a warning look in turn. "Don't get caught. Or else. Anything you have to say, you say in here. When you're out there, you are model pupils. Who would never do anything wrong. Do I make myself clear?" He doesn't wait for a response. "Good. I'm making you four responsible for making sure all you ickle firsties get the message."

Julian visibly rolls his eyes. "That's not the point, idiot. There were Ravenclaws in that class, too. And others. They don't stand up for Slytherins like we do. If it wasn't the professor, it would've been somebody else." He stands up, stuffing his parchment into his bag a little forcefully, and moves to stand behind the chair. He needs to let off some of this extra energy. "You never share your secrets unless you know everybody in the area isn't going to use them to hang you with." This is spoken intensely. Life lesson learned the hard way. He moves over toward the fire, still within hearing range. "Sorry." This to the 'alpha'. When Oscar speaks, Julian moves back over. "Yessir." Easily spoken. "We'll let 'em know."

Derek looks and the ground and just nods some. "Yes sir."

Oswald keeps his same emotionless look as he follows around Julian's movements. Then turn straight forward. "Agreed… We can't let everyone know what goes on around this school unless its for our own benefit."

The door to the Slytherin Common Room slides open and Stephen St. Claire walks in with his cat perched upon his shoulder. A bit different from most who recognize him, his blond hair has been replaced with light red. Looking around and seeing everyone gathered, he smiles. "Good evening, everyone.", he says, setting a pile of books down on a table near one of the comfy chairs and taking a seat where he can see everyone assembled.

Ella nods slowly, and walks back to her stuff , putting her transfigurations book and spare parchments into her pack, slipping a small vial of a vile green liquid in it out of her pack and into a small pocket into her cloak, hoping that she did it fluidly enough that no one would notice. She makes sure it feels fluid in the folds of her robes, knowing that Derek's actions very well may incur searches of all of the house now.

And now it's Julian's turn to get a considering look from Oscar as he speaks up. But he just gets a nod for either his apology or his ready acceptance of marching orders. "While you're at it, you'd better warn them about this supposed raid. We lose any more points because of that, and I'm going to make sure the rest of the house knows exactly who's responsible." Oswald and Derek get another level look. Ella's departure is noticed, but if he spots anything about the vial, he doesn't mention it. He seems set to go on when Stephen comes wondering in, and the new hair colour gets an arched eyebrow from the sixth year. "Evening St. Claire. You're looking … ravishing tonight," he remarks in a light tease. "Don't know that the evening is so good though. We're in last place." And from the firsties gathered before him, Stephen can draw what conclusions he will.

Julian has to ask. "What kind of things would they take away? Just the stuff on that list?" He frowns, not sure if his stash of food would count. It's a habit. He nods to the order. "I'll pass that on. They probably won't stop at the first form. Probably just keep on going…" He rolls his eyes again, and looks over to the prefect, giving him a short, respectful nod as a greeting.

Stephen nods, looking up at his cat as Charon transfers from his shoulder and up on the top of the chair, beginning to clean itself. "I had noticed that.", he says, opening up one of his textbooks and beginning to look through it. It's not really clear whether his comment was directed at Oscar's little jab or the comment about being in last place. "No need to worry about points so soon in the year, Oscar. I'll be providing more than enough over the term. It's YOUR job to make sure our little First Years don't screw up and lose them. My job is to make sure the other Houses screw up so I can take theirs.". It's obvious he's not really concerned.

Oswald nods as he is looked over by Oscar then nods to the prefect coming. "Understood sir, make sure that ever first year hears of this. I take it Im to come to you if they put…up a resistance?" Looking at Oscar.

Derek nods some and keeps quiet.

Oscar hears the questions of the first years, but directs his attention to Stephen first. "I'm afraid you've got it quite the wrong way around, dear Prefect. These little things," meaning the first years, of course, "are your responsibility. Someone was at least wise enough not to make them mine." His eyebrow arches just a little. "Is it also no concern that they're reporting back their stupidity has also quite possibly brought a raid for contraband down upon the whole house?" He'll speak of them like they're not there, absolutely. And then, just like that, oh yes, there they are. "Stuff on the list. Anything … worse. Though I doubt any of you will need to worry about that." He gives them an appraising look, but can't imagine any of them with the sort of 'something worse' other members of the house might have. To Oswald, he arches an eyebrow again. "I'd suggest you make them understand the importance of listening. If they still won't, send them to me. I can be quite convincing." It's said in a tone intended to send a chill down the spine.

The points aren't the huge issue to Julian at the moment. He sighs, as he realizes that the actions of his classmates make it harder for him both in-house and without. He frowns, giving Derek and Oswald a glare. "Don't prove them right." He mutters, more to himself than others, though he means it for the others. "I can help with that, Houlihan." And he can. He's learning the specific ways to talk to each of his housemates. Some you cajole. Some you threaten. Others you give puppydog eyes and plead. "If you'd like me to, that is."

Ella sits down next to the fire, and reaches into her pack, feeling with a single finger to see if she cracked open her vial with she landed on her pack in class earlier. Feeling that it was dry she pulled her hand out slowly and sits down the pack next to her, looking at her fellow first years, and hoping the contraband search won't involve searching her clothes. She wasn't sure what the potion she made would even do yet, all she does know is that using the abandoned bathroom to make it made this little vial of her's very illegal to have.

Stephen's lips curl into a smile as Oscar speaks to him, and once Oscar is through, he sets his textbook down and rises up slowly and turns towards him. "Oh, I do have it the right way around, Mr. Houlihan.", he says, stepping up to him but not in a manner suggesting a chip on his shoulder. "The First Years have been here for less than a month. It is the responsibility of EVERY Slytherin to make sure that they do not foul things up for their housemates. Not just mine.", he says, turning towards the rest. "However. Let me be crystal clear on one point.", he begins, taking a moment to look at Derek, Oswald, Ella, and Julian individually. "I will not tolerate any of you breaking school rules until you are intelligent enough to do it without getting CAUGHT. You are /Slytherin/.", he says, going around, stopping before each and staring them down once more. "Prancing about and doing whatever you please is for Gryffindors like Potter and his ilk. I hope there aren't any Gryffindors in this room because I would NOT be pleased." — To each of the first years, "Are you an ickle firstie Gryffindor?"

Derek shakes his head. "No sir, I'm a Slytherin, like my brothers and my dad, and his dad before him."

Oswald changes his face to one of distaste. "No, sir. You couldn't pay me enough to be a Gryffindor. The hat choosen me to be a Slytherin, unlike my father who was…*ick* Ravenclaw."

There is only one proper response to Stephen's stirring response. "NO SIR" Julian states firmly. Family isn't a part of this equation. Not for Bean. He stands proudly, looking the prefect in the eye. Exactly what he thought. "Better not to break the rules at all, unless there's good reason." But that's Bean's own thought, not for the others.

Oscar gives Julian another thoughtful look for his offer before nodding his approval. "Glad at least one of you is taking my comment to heart," he notes for the good of the group. "I did mean it about proving yourselves to me. Until then, I'm not sure you're fit to wear the house crest." His gaze flickers to where it sits on Derek's chest, making his doubtful expression clear. "And we are working on that, aren't we," Oscar points out to Stephen after a brief pause, of his currently giving the firsties a hard time. Not nearly as hard a time as he'd like, but still, he's hoping his message comes across clear as a bell. He watches Stephen taunt them with some amusement, sitting back in his chair again. "You know who else isn't pleased? Professor Snape. And when our Head of House isn't pleased, none of us our pleased. I'd suggest those of you who aren't currently on his good side find a way to get yourselves there and fast."

Ella gulps hard and looks up at the prefect slowly, a slight fear in her eyes as she slowly stutters out softly "N-n-no sir..I promise. I am a Slytherin through and through.". Though she said that, she knew deep down inside her that the rest of her family was not Slytherin, she was the first one within her family to even be considered anything like that, but if the hat says she is Slytherin, she must be, that is what she has convinced herself of by now.

"That's what I like to hear.", Stephen says with a smile, going over to his seat to give the cat sitting there a scritch behind the ear. "Mr. Houlihan makes a good point. I'm sure you firsties have seen our Head of House in Potions class. He expects excellence from those who represent the ideals of Salazar Slytherin, and so do I. House Slytherin makes examples of everyone and everything that stands in our way. This House has produced the most powerful magicians the Wizarding world has ever known.", Stephen says, idly petting the cat. "I won't stand by and watch you not reach your full potential. Whether by humiliation, or through a bit of physical motivation…", he says, pausing to nod his head over in Oscar's direction, "…you *WILL* reach that potential and you will be a better wizard for it. Or you won't survive. Your choice.", he says.

Oscar gives a rather scary grin as Stephen points him out as the 'stick' of the 'carrot and the stick' form of motivation. He balls one hand into a fist and uses the other to crack his knuckles. Sure, he'd probably use magic to torment them, but he has the physical prowess to do it either which way. "Yeah, I mean, I'm easy-peasy. Whichever you'd prefer," he notes, with fake innocence, as to which of the options they take. "But I suggest you take some pride in your house and start figuring ways to earn points instead of losing them. We aren't a forgiving bunch, especially not of stupidity. But get us back into the black, and I could possibly be convinced to conveniently forget this rocky start." See? He's such a charitable soul, really.

This is oddly comforting to Bean. Very much like how things ought to be. He relaxes considerably. He can handle this. There are things that are secrets, but there always are. And he knows how things sort out now. He nods slowly, just as a continued agreement with the two upperclassmen, saying nothing more.
Oswald looks at both upperclassmen then speaks up. "Will that be all? I have a busy schedule for tomarrow… I guarantee you that I will keep to the tentaments that you have presented to me."

Ella nods slowly. and says aloud as best she can without a quivering voice "I swear on my life that I will do everything in my power to not only get us in the black, but get us back into the lead, and to show the other three inferior houses who the real head house is here.". With that she gives off a small smirk, hoping that she just gained a lot of respect with her upper-classmen. She cared not what her fellow first years thought at this time, knowing they most likely hate her for ratting them out.

Derek yawns and nods, he slinks off to the room seeing nobody is notice him any more.

"I've said all I have to say.", Stephen says, going back to his chair, his cat leaping up to his shoulder. "My job is to keep an eye on the other Houses so that I can strip them of their points when they break the rules. I don't want to have to watch this House as well. I hope I've made myself crystal clear.", he says. "With that, I suggest you get some sleep.", he says and heads off to the boy's dorm.

Julian is glad he finished his homework, and he grabs his bag, heading up to the dorm as well to talk to the other first year boys.

Oscar takes a moment to consider Oswald's request before giving it a regal nod. "Yeah, all right, scram then," he replies, waving a dismissive hand. "Just remember you got off light. I won't be so nice a second time." He seems almost a little annoyed at having to be so nice about it, really. Ella gets an approving nod. "That's the spirit. By luck or virtue, you got into the best house, so I suggest you make the most of it." And since everyone seems to be scattering to the winds again, he takes up his book once more.

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