1994-10-17: The Pink Terror Strikes


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Scene Title The Pink Terror Strikes
Synopsis Umbridge versus a trio of undesirables, with a brief appearance by Addie.
Location Ministry of Magic, Atrium
Date October 17, 1994
Watch For A near-hex on Umbridge
Logger Icky

Ministry - Atrium

Nestled beneath the streets of London is the Ministry of Magic. The main atrium of the Ministry sits along the eighth level of the subterranean bureaucratic center of the wizarding world. The peacock blue ceiling above has golden symbols that move across it. The golden symbols and the light reflect off the polished dark wood of the floor. Fireplaces are seen along the lengthy walls of the atrium, used for travel by floo powder. The fireplaces are designated for arrivals and departures. A pair of golden gates are positioned at the end of the Atrium. Next to these gates is a security desk. Beyond the golden gates is a small hallway where there are a series of lifts that take people between the different levels. Halfway down the atrium in a center of prominence is the Fountain of Magical Brethren. It's a group of golden statues in the form of a wizard, witch, centaur, goblin and a house-elf. The statues spout water into the pool they stand in.

Umbridge stands out amongst the throng in the atrium like a sore thumb, what with her hideous pink cardigan, the little bow in her hair, and just looking a pink fright in general. Clipboard in hand, the woman strides with purpose through the area on her way from one department to another. There's a smug expression of self-satisfaction on her fat, pallid face. Something has made her year, despite other clashing interests. No matter, she's got her fingers in several pies, and something will turn about her way soon enough. She's sure of it.

What time is it? Lunch time, Dinner time? Whatever time it is, Tonks is popping in via Floo with a bag (a large bag) of what appears to be take out. Either she's feeding a small team, or that's her entire meal. Probablyt he latter. Tonks is known for packing away things. AS for Umbridge, the bad thing about the pinkness is that she stands out. Of course the same thing goes for Tonks so she's got only a few seconds to change her hair to a normal color before being caught. Ahem.

The flash of oddly colored hair catches Umbridge's attention, looks like the color change wasn't enough to keep Tonks from being noticed. While the woman's a witch, she has her own idea of what's normal and while she loves pink, that is /not/ what one's hair color should be. Changing directions, she strides towards Tonks and to make sure she has the Auror's attention.. "Hem, hem."

Tonks barely manages to stifle the groan at that stupid little sound. She decides not to add insult to injury by trying to pretend to ignore the woman so she stops and gives her a nod of acknowledgement, "Ms Umbridge. How're you tonight?" See? She's civil. Mostly. Even her tone manages to be at the very least, polite. She's also banking that Umbridge wouldn't dare cause a scene in the middle of the Atrium for everyone to see, either.

"I understand.." Umbridge begins, speaking clearly and talking down to Tonks as she flips through the papers on her clipboard, "That you are working with the American? That you're keeping an eye on her?" Her tone is like honey, laced with cyanide as she speaks, of course the tone could mean danger.

The door to the lifts opens up, and a tall, gaunt, and decidedly unhappy-looking figure strides out. Ichabod, scowling in a way that would curdle most dairy products within a five-second span, glances around distractedly and begins to shuffle in the direction of the floo node that Tonks had appeared from a moment ago. This happens to take him on a path that intersects directly with both the young auror and the much shorter official she's speaking to. When he notices the small scene playing out, he comes to a halt, his frown deepening in distaste. Tonks is largely ignored for now - his pale gray eyes lock instead on the pink abominati— er, woman. "Ah. Delores Umbridge, if I'm not mistaken. And I rarely am."

The first response is 'It's not entirely a secret, if you'd actually do a bit of /work/ you'd be able to find the answer out for yourself' but Tonks thinks for once before she speaks, and instead simply states, "I might be. Standard proceedure usually in high profile cases, as you know." There's a look from her that seems to finish the thought, 'in case of, well, accidents'. Nothing else is said though, when the gaunt figure makes himself known. She, really, doesn't mind being ignored, and she'll open her bag and fuss about in it. She's also glancing around almost as if Ichabod's appearance is welcome, and it means she can slink away.

Drawing herself up to her full height, five feet even, Umbridge continues dealing with Tonks. If she hears Ichabod, she gives no notice. Vampires are capable of speech? Who would have thought such a thing. "I see," the witch says as she notates something down with her neon pink quill. No such luck Nymphadora. You rank a little higher as you are still human.

The pale gray eyes remain on Umbridge for quite a while longer before Ichabod turns his gaze to Tonks. After watching her reactions to the pink-clad secretary with some degree of estimation, he offers a very small smile and nods to her. "Ah, hello, young lady. I don't believe I've made your acquaintance. Ichabod Noble." He extends a gloved hand to her, for the time being ignoring Umbridge in turn.

Since Umbridge is pretty much keeping her here, but as she's not talking to her, Tonks feels she's in her right to address the poor ignored bloke—even if he is a vampire. "Ah, Nymphadora Tonks," she tries to make sure it's not obvious she hesitated slightly before taking the gloved hand. She recognizes the name as the man who offered the counterproposal, and to her, considering what company she keeps, puts him on level with 'Okay people'. "Most call me Tonks though." She doesn't dare actually say she hates her first name inf ront of Umbridge, who might take to calling her /that/ just to get under the Auror's skin. "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Noble."

No sign of outward annoyance is shown as Ichabod interrupts, quite rudely Umbridge might add. Although, the pleasantries between Freak and Creature are getting under her skin. "Hem, hem." Flipping unnecessarily through her papers, she glances at them, then looks… up at Ichabod. Without a flinch, surprisingly enough. "I'm afraid the Wizengamot will not fully be able to incorporate your recommendations, regardless of your petition." She smiles in a disgustingly sweet and patronizing manner, a way that matches every word coming out of her mouth.

Not exactly being the most laid-back type, Ichabod settles for something in between the two name choices he's given. "The pleasure is all mine, Miss Tonks." After that, though, he's actually addressed by Umbridge, and therefore is obliged to stare down at her coolly for the time it takes her to make her smarmy little recital. He doesn't seem especially surprised, although his lips /do/ split now into a smile. A very toothy smile. "Very kind of you to inform me of that, Mrs. Umbridge." Snapping his fingers, he frowns and shakes his head. "Oh, I'm sorry. /Miss/, I'd forgotten. You've never been married, of course."

"Really?" Tonks turns to look at Umbridge, "Hadn't heard any scuttlebutt on the matter. I'd thought they were still in debate over it." She does want to turn to Ichabod and let him know she appreciated his effort in trying to keep things civil for the werewolves, but she knows Umbridge'll likely use that against her too. Hopefully he'll get the hint by her pointing out that nobody's really said anything about it. The Ministry gossip mill is quite a vast network, really. She does catch herself in a reflection on the wall and frowns. Merlin, she hates how much she looks like Bellatrix when her hair's its natural color. She gives it a little shake and it turns cyan—Not Pink as really, Umbridge is totally ruining her favorite color for her. Or maybe she just wants to annoy Umbridge with Obvious Display of Freakery.

Umbridge bristles inwardly, at the display of teeth, not the marriage comment. Guh, only helpless women of no ambition get married. This seems to be a battle of wills and who backs down first in her mind. And she's /not/ about to let this /thing/ cow her. This thing that should be grateful he's been allowed to walk this earth. There's a tightening around her eyes as Ichabod speaks, and she responds as if the man were foreign and not understanding of English, "Since you are here." From under the clipboard, she withdraws the formal rejection — on pink paper no less — and hands it to Ichabod in a gingerly manner, as if not wanting to touch him. Tonks? Ignored for the moment.

The small pink piece of paper is retrieved from Umbridge's hand quickly, and Ichabod folds it neatly four times without actually looking at it before tucking it into the pocket of his frock coat. "Miss Tonks," He says crisply, interlocking his fingers behind his back. "You are, I presume, a relation of Ted Tonks? I believe I've met the fellow once or twice. Seemed quite level-headed." And Muggleborn, if he recalls correctly. All the more reason to bring him up in front of a certain Witch.

What's that sound? It couldn't /possibly/ be the sound of Tonks' teeth grinding as she sees that paper get passed. This is news she does not look forward to passing on. Fortunately, Ichabod proves a good distraction for Tonks' temper. "Yeah, that's my dad," she finds it easy to smile when thinking about the man. There's also an enthusiastic nod about him being level headed. "That's him. Pairs out well with my mum," Who is another unfortunate reciever of that Black Family Temper, though she's would prove to be clearly the calmer of the three sisters.

A second visit to the Ministry is as many days, Remus Lupin has chosen a cheaper way to travel…one often seen used by, well, many witches and wizards in all honesty. Lupin still had a bag of floo powder from way back, so he decided he might as well use it. He paid what little money he had to get a full bag. As he steps out of one of the many fire places, he brushes all the dust off his clothes and face and has himself a proper look around to get his bearings on where he actually is in the Atrium as opposed to where he wants to go.

And it's a shame that muggle filth married into a fine, upstanding pureblooded family too. Well. Umbridge is quite fine to let the freaks chat amongst themselves, no shame, the lot of them. You two chat, she'll just trundle off to where she was going in the first place. Ignoring new arrivals or others around, she turns on heel and starts to head towards the lifts.

Once Umbridge has made her way across the better part of the Atrium, Ichabod swivels his head slightly to point in her direction. "MISS UMBRIDGE," He booms in a gravelly roar with supernaturally-increased volume to make sure that she - and all of the Witches and Wizards currently going to and from floo points and around the Ministry - can hear him properly. "THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR HELP AGAIN. YOU'LL HAVE TO INFORM ME WHERE YOU SHOP FOR CLOTHES SOMETIME, YOUR TASTE IS IMPECCABLE." And, that said, he lifts a hand to straighten his top-hat, looks back at Tonks, and winks. "Ah, I'm sorry, young lady. You were saying that Ted Tonks is your father?" He nods to himself. "Mm. Yes, I can see the resemblance."

Umbridge seems to leave and there's a positively baleful look that follows her back. Tonks can't /stand/ that woman. Can't. Stand. "Stupid toady woman," is grumbled. That's whent hough, Ichabod makes his scene and Tonks first blinks then nearly drops her food as she beings laughing. Hard. She ends up having to lean against a nearby …something stable…in order to not fall over. She can't stop laughing. She does manage to recognize someone who just floo'd in and thus, there's a "Remus!" and a wave, be careful, Toady Woman's over there. But then she turns back to Ichabod. "That…was brilliant." It's about all she can say, even with the resemblence being pointed out for she needs to catch her breath.

Lupin is quite taken aback, really, when a loud voice booms to talk to the one person that he perhaps loathes more than anyone at the moment. He pauses and looks around. Yes, there she is. Hard not to notice her. She is perhaps the only one who would dress in such a way at the Ministry. And then there's Tonks! Oh yes, he much prefers Tonks of course. His pace quickens to her and Ichabod. "Hey To…Dora." He remembered that she said he could call her that, yesterday. There's a small nod to Ichabod. He holds out his hand to the man. "Remus Lupin." He introduces himself.

Umbridge strides away, a smug look on her face, until Ichabod.. dares to yell that. The soles of her sturdy pink shoes slip against the highly polished floor with a loud squeal and she whirls around, glaring death at Ichabod. A moment passes before she realizes this, and straightening her cardigan, she arranges her expression into something more placcid. Even as a.. werewolf enters the atrium. WELL. THE NERVE. Standing still where she is, she watches the gathering. Interesting. Vampire, werewolf and freak. Together. Not to mention how chummy Tonks and Lupin appear.

"I do my best," Ichabod says says drily, one corner of his lips quirking up a little in spite of his otherwise calm demeanor. When Lupin approaches, he glances over to the younger man with an appraising look, eventually extending his own hand in turn and shaking firmly. "Ichabod Noble." He's not certain at this point who the other fellow is, but he doesn't seem especially concerned over that (particularly since Tonks is apparently on friendly terms with him). He doesn't acknowledge Umbridge's steely glare into his backside, choosing instead to focus on the sandy-haired man and the young auror.

Tonks has the unfortunate pleasure of facing the direction Umbridge had walked off, so yeah, she sees her. She doesn't focus on it instead. She smiles when the two introduce herself, though she looks a little surprised when Remus corrects his choice of name for her. She's not unhappy, just surprised. She had said she didn't mind if he used Tonks either. Ah well. "Wasn't expecting you today, Remus," she does offer by way of conversation. Perhaps Remus would recognize the name, though, that the older man had given.

Lupin thinks for a moment, nodding at Ichabod. He blatantly ignores the toad of a woman that is Umbridge. "Ichabod Noble…any relation to Jack Noble, by chance?" He asks as a part of casual conversation. He furrows his brow. "Didn't you also make an amendment or two to Delores Umbridge's new proposed legislation in regards to werewolves?" He seems interested in that part. Hint hint. He gives a smile to Tonks. "Well, I needed to make another little visit. Try to get a meeting in with Shacklebolt."

Oh no, everyone looks too friendly. We can't have this. Or rather, Umbridge can't have this. Clipboard resting in the crook of her arm, she approaches the trio, "I believe Shacklebolt is busy, and your visitor's badge isn't in clear view," she announces as she returns to the group. No matter how plainly Remus's visitor's badge can be seen, the witch wouldn't be content. It could be a collar and muzzle and she still would complain. She makes sure to talk down to Remus particularly. Then she addresses Tonks, "Believing it to be a conflict of interest, I'm firmly recommending that you not take a tour of duty in guarding the Undesireable." Meaning Black and that she'll harass Rufus until she gets her way. Unnecessarily so, but as long as she makes someone miserable, she'll get her jollies. .

That question gets a slow nod from Ichabod, who also produces a somewhat inscrutable expression halfway between annoyance and slight confusion. "Yes, I believe he is my distant relative." Distant as in, oh, ten or fifteen generations down the family tree. No need to make mention of that, however. "And yes, I must confess that was me - although I've just received word that it was apparently rejected." With a frown, he lowers his voice slightly. "Or, I should probably say, blocked completely from debate." At this point, Umbridge reasserts herself, and his lips thin out in an ever deeper frown that borders on being a scowl.

Oh, that's neat. "Jack's good people," she tells Ichabod, whether or not it'll be recieved well. Though, she can't help but look a bit put off about the notion. "I wouldn't be surprised," is her equally spoken low tones. Oi…she's coming back. Tonks tries to keep her face at least amiable, but she fails. If she so much as picks on Rem-there she goes. Naturally, Tonks glances over to see whether or not Remus' badge is as visible as she says this. She's not sure how this'll be recieved considering what Ichabod /just/ mentioned, and Remus has already displayed his dislike about the entire subject. She's trying to figure out how to keep a hold on him, without actually looking as if they're /really/ chummy. Lucky for Remus, Umbridge provides a distraction! Ugh. "Fine," she says about the guard duty, "But Black is still /family/ and so I can still visit him under escort." Yes, Ichabod, she's related to the Blacks. You're /not/ taking her rediscovered cousin from her that easily, Toady woman.

Lupin eyes Ichabod. He seems to know something about that man. But he doesn't want to mention it right off the bat. He looks towards Umbridge. "Ah, Delores Umbridge, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister of Magic Fudge himself." He raises an eyebrow. "And to what do I owe this displeasure of speaking to you this fine day?" He smiles in his form of a 'sweet' smile. "And Shacklebolt will be expecting me, thank you." He explains to the woman. "Otherwise I wouldn't come in." No, he doesn't like the woman, and he doesn't care if she knows it. She doesn't like him either, so it works out.

Addie appears in a burst of green flame in one of the floo fireplaces. She winces a bit as she steps stiffly out, but other than a spot of dried blood on her forehead seems mostly in shape. Pleased, even. Giving her left leg a bit of a stretch, the hit witch walks through the atrium at her usual brisk swagger.

"Oh, I don't think so. For security and everyone's own good," Umbridge says in a sing-song tone as if she were speaking to a toddler. "I'm sorry to say, the rules will have to be changed. This /is/ a special cirmcustance after all, and the prisoner /should/ be held in Azkaban as is proper for the accused." To Remus, she gives him a superior expression and smiles patronizingly at him. "Before you leave, don't forget to update your registration with any information changes, like residence or employment."

Ichabod only nods at Tonks's description of his great-nephew, apparently too distracted with Umbridge's sudden reappearance to properly give thought to the matter. Her haranguing of the other two causes his frown to deepen further, until she mentions the word 'employment'. At that point, he glances back to Lupin consideringly, raises a hand to tap a single digit on the brim of his hat, and allows the barest hint of a smug smile to creep over his features. "Mr. Lupin, pardon my intrusion, but may I infer that you are looking for employment?" His eyes drift first to Umbridge, then to Tonks, and then back to the other man. "I am, you see, in dire need of an assistant."

"What?!" Tonks can't contain the volume of her voice, "You can't do that! I'm the only family he has!" And here she was, worried /Remus/ would make a scene. No, Umbridge /won't/ change that rule. Tonks will make sure it doesn't happen. There's ways. Psychological well being, and all. The Azkaban comment just gets a look, "Oh you'd like that. After all, an emtpy shell can't testify, can he?" That's it, she's going straight back, grabbing Holly and letting the American get a good look at the place and stop any further attempts to send Sirius back in its tracks. Any further comment is of course waylaid when somehow Ichabod's voice manages to get through her temper and she turns a glance at him, clearly shocked with widened eyes. Addie is noted, and considering they're in the same department, recognized someone. She raises a hand to her in a greeting, though the majority of her attention is more in her immediate surroundings.

Lupin eyes Umbridge. "Family must be allowed to visit family, even imprisoned family, Miss Umbridge. You make not like my kind, but you cannot go about changing every little thing you do not like. If you do, you will get many people angry. And you don't want to do that, Miss Umbridge." He raises an eyebrow. "Just a friendly warning between a civil werewolf," and yes, this is one time he'll admit that, "and a lowly Undersecretary." He glances to Ichabod. "Well, if you do not mind a werewolf working for you, Mister Noble, than I would greatly appreciate the job." He shoots Umbridge a look. "The Ministry can keep tabs on us all it likes, but your new legislation has not passed as yet, if I am correct, so you cannot make me register such things yet."

"Don't trouble yourself Noble," and here Umbridge refrains from calling him 'vampire'. "It would be an incredibly short tenure." Ichabod, it is so on. Umbridge keeps her cool, it seems she's getting to these people, and she practically purrs with pleasure at this. "Worried about a mass murderer? That's unbecoming of an Auror, I must say, as well as your outburst Miss Tonks," she says with a poisoned smile. "Civil? I'm hardly getting that impression, Werewolf." Since Remus is referring to himself as one, she'll just 'forget' he has a name at all. "As for things I don't like, you presume much. I am keeping the public's interest in mind with my proposals." Nothing anyone is saying is seeming to affect her outwardly, although her voice is getting sweeter and more dangerous by the moment. Turning to leave, she pauses and glances back, "There is nothing stating that blood relations are allowed to visit while incarcerated and rightly so." And she'll see to it that it continues to be that way. Addie is hardly acknowledged by the woman as she has /more important/ work to tend to, now that she's gotten a few people good and angry.

Oh, people! Oh, people flipping a shit on Umbridge, that's always interesting. Addie drifts over at Tonks' wave, which she returns with a smile and a nod. "Greetings all. Having civil discourse on prospective public policy, are we?" she says, looking far too amused by the situation. Probably because she missed being talked down to herself.

Ichabod turns his attention to Umbridge once more, those stony gray eyes settling on her face with an intensity that might not be directly threatening, but is certainly not friendly in the least. He keeps his face rather impassive, however, and - probably somewhat unexpectedly - raises his hands, placing one very lightly on Lupin's shoulder and the other on Tonks's, his gaze temporarily swivelling between them as if to encourage them to wait for a more.. opportune moment. Then his hands are quickly back at his sides, and he clears his throat, apparently unfazed by Umbridge's 'tenure' comment. "I am certain that would not be a problem, Mr. Lupin, especially considering the Department I work in. In fact, it would make you.. uniquely useful to a person such as myself." Addie, when she appears, is focused on briefly and then nodded at by the old man.

Ichabod has an impeccable sense of timing. Just as his hand is placed on Tonks' shoulder, it seems like she was about to launch into yet another vocal tirade—and was one hand reaching for her back pocket? Maybe. She might've just been adjusting her food bags. She stills and just ends up looking petulant for a moment, her lips twisted up into a grimace as if she was being forced to swallow something remarkably unpleasant. "Civil's an overstatement," she says finally to Addie. She's not sure where the woman stands on things, but Tonks doesn't care right now. That temper is in full swing right now, to the point where she's having a hard time keeping the cyan hair from shifting to a more, how should we say, pissed off shade.

Lupin nods to the man, smiling softly. "Well, I do imagine you and I would make quite the pair, no? We…being the special beings we are?" He isn't all to sure where people stand on knowing that Ichabod is a vampire. He only knows because…well, his werewolf senses tell him so and his experience with the dark arts and everything related does as well. He gives Addie a small nod. "Well…you could say it's discourse. If you were to stretch the meaning of the word quite wide. He doesn't know what compels him, but in an instant, one hand takes Tonks', and he gives her a look. Maybe he had a feeling that she was going for her wand? Who knows. But there it is…for now.

Addie's politics are less important to her than knowing everybody else's. She gives Ichabod a curious look. 'Special beings', now what does that mean? "Well, I consider the fact you didn't actually up and hex her about as civil as one can get with that one," she says with a shrug. It's not that Addie necessarily disagrees with what Umbridge professes, and is in fact notably not outspoken in disagreeing with her, it's that the woman can't say anything without insulting the intelligence of everyone in the room.

"Indeed," Is Ichabod's succinct answer to Lupin, although now that Umbridge seems to have permanently departed, he resumes his usual all-business attitude. "I'll be certain to send you the appropriate paperwork as soon as possible. I should warn you that the job does contain certain.. risks, now and then, but I'll be able to tell you more about that later." He glances back at Addie briefly, listening to her with reserved interest, and then at Tonks, who finally appears to be cooling down a little. Good thing, as Umbridge probably would have used an actual attack against her person as an excuse to propose legislation banning everything from animagi to vampires from the country. "I do need to be going, I'm afraid. But it was quite pleasant meeting you both."

She wasn't going to do anything harmful! Just summon an oilslick so she'd fall on her wide toadlike rump! Then she'd probably cast something else so when they checked her wand they'd show that it wasn't her. Or she'd have an alibi for why an oil charm was cast. Tonks is startled though when her hand's caught and when she glances up she actually looks a bit sheepish at Lupin. Okay, bad Tonks, letting her temper get the best of her. Well, almost as she never actually /touched/ the wand that's in her back pocket. There's also a bit of color to her cheeks, but that could be owed to the fact she got caught. She removes her hand from his, and works on adjusting her bags, again. "Nah, hexing her'd probably be bad," she admits. "She just needs to keep her nose out of business that doesn't concern her." But there in lies the rub, naturally.
As Ichabod moves to make his departure, Tonks gives him a smile. "It was good to meet you too, Mr. Noble. I hope things aren't too bumpy in the near future."

Lupin smiles kindly at Addie. "All considered, we did try to be civil. Or they did anyway. I attempted, and nearly failed, I do believe." He states bluntly. He gives Ichabod a nod. "Well, I'll be sure to fill those forms out efficiently. And Mister Noble? I do believe I'm well suited for a job that has risks, considering everything. I'm not afraid. And I can hold my own in most any situation. I won't let you down." He says firmly. And he won't let you use him for the main course of dinner either, but that's another story. "We'll be in touch, Mister Noble. It was a pleasure to meet you." He now turns his attention to Tonks and gives her a knowing look. He knows her family. Sirius best of all. He knows what to anticipate with them.

Addie raises a hand in goodbye to Ichabod. She still hasn't lost the humored smirk on her face. "Oh I hardly think she's in business that doesn't concern her. She's the undersecretary to the minister, //everyone's business is her business. From her perspective anyway."

After giving a brief nod to both Lupin and Tonks (and, off-handedly, Addie) - and possibly the smallest hint of a wry smile - Ichabod turns on his heel and walks over to the floo node that he'd originally been heading for, fishing out a small bag from one of his pockets and tossing a handful of powder from inside of it on to the flames. Before he enters, he calls out, "You had better be, Mr. Lupin - I look forward to working with you. Good evening." And then, after stepping into the flickering blaze, he disappears.

Oh come on! She's not /that/ predictable…is she? Then again, Lupin did spend a large majority of his youth with Sirius, and it turns out, somehow, the two seem to be rather similar in how they approach things. Imagine that. And on Lupin's new job possiblity? Tonks is of mixed emotions really. On one hand, it's great he'll get work… on the other…it's work with a Vampire. Still, Ichabod seems to be decent, and Tonks really isn't one to judge based on what a person is. She gives a wry smile to Addie, "Becareful about that," meaning what she says in public, "If she put me on review just because she thought I was being flippant about that Prophet Interview, you might get something along the same lines." Tonks, however, does not voice her suspicion that she's just getting picked on because she doesn't fall into the realm of 'normal'.

Lupin shakes his head. "Ah, now I'm late for my meeting with Shacklebolt. I'm afraid I'm must leave you two ladies to your own devices." He grins widely. "Don't be strangers now. Oh, and Dora? Lets go for a drink soon, talk all of this over, okay? I find that once you talk something through, you can look at it logically. Especially within your family." There's a playful wink before waving and heading towards the elevators.

Addie just shrugs. "It's fun in the meantime," is all she says to that. Missing the whole vampire angle, though she has pick up on the fact that Lupin is a werewolf if she didn't know before, she's pleased in a general "unemployment is bad for the economy" way that the man has found a job. "Have fun in your meeting."

Tonks simply gives him a wave. "Tell Kingsley I said Hi and no I haven't deliberately caused him any problems for him to deal with today." Emphasis on 'deliberately'. She then looks at her food, which has probably gotten cold. Not something she can't deal with. "Wanna split this with me? It's Italian," is offered to Addie. If she agrees, they can just hop up to somewhere convenient for both of their departments and have some good food.

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