1995-05-12: The Mad Hatter And The Dormouse


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Scene Title The Mad Hatter And The Dormouse
Synopsis Sirius rescues Neville and sees more than he expected.
Location ?
Date May 12, 1995
Watch For N/A
Logger Sirius

The Order and miscellenous had gathered in Moody's Office, around the glowing Wrackspurt device. The plan was proposed that they ought to go rescue the children, moving as a force in case the Dark Mark shown earlier had more revelence than anyone first thought. One of the members figured out the incantation to the device, and, tapping their wand against it, with a murmur of 'Wrackspurtis, Revealia!', the green glowing orb inside the hoop of silver that made up the Wrackspurt detector seemed to fill an invisible orb, before, with the sound of exploding glass, energy washed over them… and then they were elsewhere. An inky black void that had substance beneath their feet - although no ground was visible - covered with a rolling green fog. Little flickers of green lightning in the distance sometimes took the shape of vague people, or places, but something else was noticed - the rescuers had been split up by the spell. And around them, colour other than black and green began to flow into the landscape…

The moment that this rescue mission stops going according to plan, Sirius has his wand out and at the ready. Every bit of him is on alert, as he stands like a dog charged with guarding something precious. He doesn't call out, not yet. Grey eyes dart back and forth as he turns on the spot, looking around, taking stock of just where he is.

The scene around the animagus seems to whisp and coalesce into what looks like…. yes…. the hallways of the Ministry where the courtrooms are held. Long corridors with shiny black tiles. Should be a familiar sight for quite a few people, actually. The only difference is that there's not a sound of anyone in the corridors. No sign of life at all. Except for the form of a young man that is just on the edge of sight at the far end of one of the hallways.

Sirius's eyes narrow sharply as the scene shifts. It's never a good sign to wind up in something like fog, then it solidifies into something else. He's always been a bit sharp on the uptake, so is incredibly wary to start with on this situation. Curiosity is a bit overwhelming however as he spots sight of the young man, and slowly approaches. The hand holding his wand lowers, and is less at the ready, but he's still a quick draw if need be.

As his godfather approaches, the young man becomes clearer until it's obvious that it's Harry. Standing in the corridor, arms crossed, it would become quite apparent the coldness in his eyes as he watches Sirius approach. "So they let you off. Scott free, did they?" he asks, voice sounding like it could hold a dozen razor sharp icicles.

No smile forms on Sirius's face. They're not in the Ministry, he knows that much. This entire situation is suspect. And /Harry/ is here. He's not supposed to be here. This was a mission for the Order, but not that he would expect it to stop the son of James Potter. "Yes, they did let me off, you know this. Back in February, and what the blazes are you doing here? This could be a dangerous situation. Who told you about the rescue plans?" Oh he hasn't missed the cold tone of Harry's. If this is some sort of mindgame played by magic, this isn't the sort of man it should be played on. Unstable, this one is.

Snorting, Harry shakes his head. "Incompetent, the whole lot of them." he starts, frowning. "Letting a murderer go free without even so much as a Dementors Kiss." At mention of a rescue plan, the frown starts to turn upwards into a more sinister grin. "A rescue operation? Is that what…. ohhhh….. right. The others. You needed not worry about them. They're dead, you know. Just like my parents are. Dead by the same misguided judgement you showed by letter Pettigrew become Secret Keeper."

"While I'll not argue the point in regards to their incompetence.." Sirius begins slowly, then eyes Harry, and says, "You're not Harry. He understood the mistake I made in trusting Pettigrew, knew that his parents did not die directly by my actions. I take responsibility for trusting the wrong person…" His words grow cold as he eyes this imposter Harry. Narrowing his gaze, he raises his wand, aiming at the teen, "Show yourself, who are you, and what have you done with those students?," he commands, anger bubbling up in his tone and expression. "How /dare/ you use the image of my godson in this manner.."

"Oh, I'm sure he understood the mistake." Harry snorts, almost borderline on laughing. "But the question is, does he forgive the cowardice you showed in not taking on the responsibility?" As the wand is raise, the laughter starts and sounds diabolically evil. "You can't harm me here. Wands. Spells. All useless. Just like the others found out." As he talks, the form of Harry starts to fade to a mist, and moments later reforms as a taller, more adult person. Unmistakably, Voldemort.

That nasty temper of Sirius's is quickly rising. The outrage that something or someone is using Harry's image in this manner is just too great. "Cowardice!? /I/ have never been a coward!" Scared yes, cowardly no, there's a difference in the two. "Of /course/ he forgives me!" There's an almost blind faith in that. Harry is just like his father, and James would forgive! Wand still raised, it slashes the air as the form shifts. His actions so fast, it could have been timed as if with advanced notice. Accompanying the slashing of the wand, jets of red light fire upon the figure of Voldemort. "YOU!," he says boldly and without a trace of fear for himself. He /heard/ that spells were useless, but that doesn't stop him from trying anyway.

The now image of Voldemort listens with almost an amused look on his face. "Perhaps you should ask him sometime. I suspect the answer might not be one you like. After all, he did express a bit of discontent while under my care." As the spells are cast, he doesn't even bother stepping aside watching as they go right through him. "See? You can't harm me here. This is /my/ reality."

"The bloody hell it is you murdering bastard!" Sirius crows, firing another spell and another, despite them going through Voldemort. The flaring temper, it's not easily done away once it's raised. Particularly when it's an impotent rage. It doesn't matter that he knows on some level that it's /not/ Voldemort. Not when he's worked up like this, and so easily too. A stream of other rude insults issues forth in regards to what Voldemort can do with his so-called reality.

"Murder? Me?" Voldemort asks, cackling gleefully. "Perhaps, though I must admit mine or for the betterment of the wizarding world. Yours were just…for fun, almost." The insults just seem to flow right past him as if he never hears them. But the riled up attitude is clearly noticed. "It's a shame that you aren't directing this rage in a more constructive direction. We could really use someone like you in our ranks. Perhaps, we can discuss it later, when you've calmed down." With that, he fades out into nothing more than a wisp of air and the fading words… "Don't bother trying to escape…"

"BETTERMENT!?" Sirius roars in a bull-like manner, the offenses just keep piling up here, and his temper continues to rise. "I HAVE NEVER KILLED! I WILL /DIE/ BEFORE I JOIN YOUR RANKS!" The mere idea that he would be like Bellatrix, like her husband and brother-in-law, Lucius, his own brother.. it's more than what he can stand, and he charges after the figure of Voldemort, only to find it disappearing and he's skidding across the ground to stop himself. Wand still out, his breathing hard, he's looking around frantically and shouts, "SHOW YOURSELF!"

As if on command of Sirius's last words, there is fuzzy zap of white, and a shaky form of Neville is seen right in place where Voldemort vanished. "Luna?" he demands, looking around him before his gaze lands to Sirius. The young Longbottom looks haggard, hair mussed and face thin with dark rings under red, crusty eyes. He is shivering, but doesn't seem excited with the view in front of him. In fact, he looks terrified. "Sirius Black!" the boy breaths as he dvies away from the charging, frantic man. Neville turns his wand on the man. "Not real!" he says, attempting to calm himself. "It's not real…"

Sirius whirls around, wand aimed straight that vocal figure. He was half-expecting another figure, not one of the students. Seeing it's just one of those missing children, he breathes a sigh of relief, and forces himself to try and calm down. Perhaps he shouldn't have been a part of the rescue teams. Not everyone is quite so willing to accept he's not done the things he's accused of doing. "Are you Neville Longbottom?" he calls out, sounding forcibly calmer than before, although, he probably still looks frightening. His question is based off descriptions he was given. The wand is lowered, even if Neville has raised his own. "I won't hurt you," he adds. "I'm here to help find the missing students and bring them back."

Neville Longbottom doesn't seem to be comforted by the words. His own wand is not lowered. "You are Sirius Black… but… but from those posters. A trick!" He coughs, bending a bit with stress and near sickness from his long stay in this odd world. "I'm not afraid of you! Or V— Him!" he chants, though does seem to sound or look it.

"So you've been seeing odd things too here then," Sirius says, and it's not a question, rather a statement. He doesn't seem surprised at all that Neville is hardly comforted by his presence. "No, this isn't a trick, and I promise, I won't harm you. I'm here to take you back to Hogwarts. Remus Lupin and Molly Weasley are also here to help, we got separated on our way in and delayed by rather nasty visions." He takes a cautious step forward, not afraid of the student, but not wanting to worsen the situation either.

Neville's chin tips up, eyes hard on Sirius for a moment. For a split second he is a spitting image of his father, Frank, before his composure breaks down. "The others," Neville blubbers, lowering his wand. "Have you found the others? Luna, Jackson… Fred an' Angie. I don't know where they've gone!" The boy meets Sirius' step forward with one of his own. "You know who is here."

"You look like your father," Sirius says before he can stop himself and takes another step closer to the boy. "I'm sure they've been found," he says confidently, even if they got split up. "Yes, we know who's been missing. Dumbledore asked a lot of us to help find you." He tucks away his wand, and holds out his hand to Neville. "Come along, I'll take you back to Hogwarts."

"You knew m'dad an' mum. That's what Gran said. She always liked you. Not surprised when you were found innocent, either." Neville trots forward, weakly grasping at Sirius' hand. He stares down at it when they make contact, having half expected it to pass right through. "An' Harry… Harry adores you." The grasp gets a bit firmer. "I want t'go home. M'hungry."

"I knew your parents, yes," Sirius confirms in a quiet voice, not commenting further on Neville's words. There's a faint tightening of his features when Neville mentions Harry. That bastardly image is going to be a sore point for awhile, he thinks. "I'll take you straight to the hospital wing, let Pomfrey fuss over you, and we can get you something to eat." Once he's got a grip on Neville, he says, "Wrackspurtis Revealia!

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