1994-09-15: The Joker


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Scene Title The Joker
Synopsis Sirius calls Lupin to the caves to give him the good news
Date Sep 15, 1994
Watch For Remus's Reaction
Chronology The pair move to get information on Miss Maplewood
Logger Clifford

Mountain Caves Outside Hogsmeade

Trying to keep a cool head about matters, Sirius is now sobered up, himself, and hiding out in his cave. Right under the nose of the foreigner who claims she wants to help. He's torn between believing her, and thinking she's flat out nutters. After having a quick discussion with his cousin, he's laying low.. and seeking out his voice of reason. AKA Remus Lupin.

No sooner than the voice of reason received the scrawled note, and was able to get away from prior engagements, he makes his way to the cave. Taking a page out of Tonks' book, he sends out a patronus as he gets near to the cave. This one, a wolf, speaks however. "I am near the cave. Hold tight."

Sirius tenses at the arrival of the wolf patronus, but relaxes at the familiar voice. Remaining near Buckbeak, he pats the beast on the neck to give him something to do as he waits here. "This is insane," he says to the Hippogriff.

Lupin arrives not too long afterwards into the cave. His steps echo off the walls as he quickly approaches Sirius and Buckbeak. Seeing Sirius near Buckbeak, he slows down his pace and stops a reasonable distance away, and bows to the Hippogriff in usual style, keeping eye contact. He doesn't want to go about with fear of a Hippogriff attack. Not to mention that he actually brought food, once more, for the big creature and for Sirius.

Buckbeak bows in return to Remus as he enters. It's the bowing that draws Sirius's attention to the mouth of the cave. A grin splits across his face, making it seemingly younger for the time it's there. With the enthusiasm of a child excited about something, but having reservations on the authenticity, he rushes forward to clasp at his friend in a fraternal hug. "Tonks and I have news, and yes we were a bit drunk at the time, but we sobered up right quick."

Lupin smiles widely, and before he can throw some meat (which has been properly wrapped of course) toward Buckbeak, he's clasped in a hug with Sirius. "Well, with joy such as this…I can only imagine it's something good. But then…I do worry. Your note said we needed to talk on urgent matters. My mind jumped directly to either Harry being in trouble or more Death Eaters…or both." As they break the hug, he opens up the bag and takes out a big hunk of meat and, unwrapping it, throws it to Buckbeak. Taking out a sandwich, he hands it to Sirius. "Can't have you going hungry while we discuss matters."

"I apologize if I caused you worry my friend!" Sirius says with a wide grin, pulling back. He claps his hands once, then again to Lupin's shoulders and steps away, letting go. "Tonks and I are getting married!" He waits a beat, amusement lighting briefly in his eyes. "Just kidding." Of course, why would something like /that/ happen? Now? "Tonks and I met a new resident to Hogsmeade yesterday. American, with a bloody great big cat. Turns out, she was at the Cup and has taken an interest in my case. The daft witch actually wants to fight the Ministry." The amusement and good mood wavers, as if he's not sure if he should continue to take this with hope.

Lupin blanches at Sirius statement. "Married!?" He stares wide eyed at Sirius, finally taking a few deep breaths at Sirius' statement that they were actually not married. "Well, I'll tell you one thing…it would have made your mother more proud to do that then marry a muggleborn." He says with the tiniest of sly smiles. "The American wants to…fight the Ministry for your innocence? And did she mention how she might do this?" There is a quick pause as he thinks this over. "Seems like an…interesting witch."

Sirius barks out a laugh, "Not going to happen mate." He waits a beat then says, "Besides, I've seen the way she looks at you." Okay, now that he's got /that/ out of his system, he drops down onto the ground, leaning his back against Buckbeak's side. "Her name's Holly Maplewood. We should probably do some research on her, find out how legitimate she is. I don't know the first thing about law across the pond, so I'm not sure if she's completely off her nut, or if she's that serious. She said the Ministry's already given her a bit of trouble just for suggesting she wants me to get a trial."

Lupin smirks. "Didn't think so." He laughs slightly, amusement on his face. The amusement, however, turns to confusion. "How she…looks at me?" He does indeed sound confused as well. "Can't imagine what you're talking about." Is his only, modest response. "Molly Maplewood…Molly Maplewood. Well, I can't really say I know of all too many people across the way, but with me and Tonks on the job searching into her background, I'm sure we can find something, eh? Might even try and find her myself, see if I can't learn more about her from her own mouth."

Sirius says nothing else in regards to his cousin and how she may or may not be looking at his best friend. "Holly, not Molly. Said she works in American legal system." He gestures back in the direction of the village. "She was moving into a flat on Ivy Lane yesterday. Apparently, she took such a great interest that she's moving in. I have to wonder if she shouldn't have a lie down at St. Mungo's. She's already tried talking to the Ministry, said they threatened to chuck her into Azkaban." As quickly as the laughter and joking came, it's gone and he's stone serious, "I'm trying to not get too worked up about it. Knowing how the Ministry operates, but I'm curious about how she's going to even try going about this, and getting some more information on her."

Lupin shakes his head. "Right…Holly." He leans up against the wall, thinking over the matter. "Well, if she works for the American wizarding legal council, certainly she can't be completely out of her mind, can she? She must have some intelligence. And our Ministry certainly gets threatened when someone with an argument comes waltzing in, saying that there needs to be change of some sort. Let me have a few talks with her. It couldn't hurt. It is not unknown by the Ministry that I was your friend back in school, so it does no harm to mention to her that I was such. Could get more information from her."

"Right, perhaps I can also see if Tonks can't get some contacts at the Ministry to poke into Miss Maplewood's background." Sirius reaches a hand up to brush at Buckbeak's feathers. "I don't dare hold my breath about any of this. I wasn't given a fair shake then, and with good reason, I don't expect one at this late date." Giving the great animal behind him a pat, he pushes to his feet. "Just the mere idea that this could possibly happen," he starts, then shakes his head to clear it.

Lupin shakes his head. "No, as much as it hurts me to say, you should not get your hopes up. To do so could only lead to more disappointment and pain, I'm afraid. And none of us what to see you killed…not least of which by a Dementors kiss!"

A cloud seems to form over Sirius's face, a darkened mask taking hold. "I'll throw myself deep into hiding before I left that happen. Tonks already made sure this witch knew that's what was in store." He falls silent for a few moments before glancing towards Remus, "You're right, and I'm trying to not let wild fantasies take hold. I have other things to stay concerned about. SO. I apologize for causing you distress with my letter, of course I couldn't put too much into you it you realize. I should let you be off." It goes unspoken that even as a werewolf, Remus is free to do far more than Sirius can currently.

Lupin places a hand on Sirius' shoulder. "My dear friend, I know what you're thinking. I know the bad mood you're in. Trust me. Try to look at the bright side…you're close to Harry. You can keep your eye on him if he gets in trouble. And this isn't any ordinary boy we're talking about. This is James and Lily's son! Their only child!" He says softly. "And that is something worth staying alive for. To see him grow and succeed in life."

"Precisely," Sirius states with a smile that's forced now. "I may nip off up to the castle later, see if he's on the pitch. Can't do that too much of course." He wouldn't want to upset Dumbledore, or cause the Headmaster additional grievances. (Too much.) "Don't worry about me Moony, I'll be fine, and I'll stay on my best behavior." Things could always be far worse than they currently are.

Lupin nods firmly. "Stay strong, Padfoot, as I know you can. You've come a long way. I'm counting on you. You are much more useful to all of us than you realize. Not to mention that you're my best friend…and one of the few that I actually have. Can't be losing you now can I?" He says with a small smile. "I'll see you soon, Padfoot. Take care." And he's off.

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