1994-11-08: The Hufflepuff Champion



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Scene Title The Hufflepuff Champion
Synopsis Crouch Sr and Ollivander meet with Ashley to go over the rules of the tournament and weigh in Ashley's wand.
Location Great Hall / Staff Room
Date Nov 08, 1994
Watch For Nothing much
Logger Avada Kedavra

As was needed for the use of the room today, the armchairs have been swiveled around so they face away from the fireplace. Inside the room, only two figures reside. One is a taller man, recognizable as Barty Crouch Sr. from the Department of Magical Games and Sports. The other…easily recognizable by most as Ollivander, respected wandmaker. Both are sitting, each in their own chair, waiting on the first champion who was summoned a short moment ago.

Ashley steps into the staff room, and approaches the two chairs. He isn't very familiar with Barty Crouch, but he saw him at the feast. He knows who he is. But Ollivander was one of the first wizards he met when he visited Diagon Alley for the first time. He gives the wandmaker a very polite smile, and then waits for whatever is going to happen.

"Ah, Mr. Wickham." Crouch says, as he pushes himself up from his chair. His long, flowing black robes fall back into place as he moves a few steps forward and extends his hand. "Welcome and congratulations on being selected for the Quad-Wizard Tournament. I am Barty Crouch Sr, head of the Department of International Magical Cooperation. And this, I'm sure you know is Mr. Ollivander."

Ollivander smiles and offers a light wave of his hand. "I trust you brought your wand with you?" he asks, his voice as sincere and trusting as ever.

Ashley shakes the man's hand firmly, guessing by the man's serious look that a firm shake would be the best way to go. "Thank you, sir." As soon as Ollivander speaks up, he nods and pulls out his wand from within his robs, and hands it to Ollivander.

Crouch smiles as he releases the grip on Ashley's hand. "It is my duty here to ensure that you are aware of the rules of the tournament and also…" he pauses, watching the wand pass hands, "…the inherent dangeres of it as well. I believe Dumbledore did mention at the start of term that once your name is drawn, it is a binding magical contract, yes?"

Accepting the wand gently, Ollivander doesn't even hesitate. "Eleven inches. Ash. With a dragon heartstring core. Very springy." Both hands flex the wand lightly, before he grips it and flicks. "Avis!" A small cluster of birds emerge from the tip of the wand and flutter around before heading out the door.

Ashley is silent for a long moment, like he's sifting through all of his memories of the start of term feast. "I.. believe he did, sir." The hesitancy in his voice is clear. He then watches Ollivander cause birds to fly out of his wand and then watches then fly out the door, idly wondering where they're off to. "I know it's dangerous, sir."

"Some would consider dangerous an understatement." Crouch continues, dark eyes watching every reaction of the young man. "Champions have died in the past. Which is why we put the age limit in place. In the past, too many have been lured in by the one thousand galleon prize that they forget the dangers involved. You will be tested to the limits and beyond of your knowledge."

Ollivander smiles as he watches the birds flutter out of the door and out of sight. They'll find their way out of the castle. "The wand is genuine." he says, offering the wand back towards Ashley. "And very well kept, I might add.

Ashley smiles at Ollivander's kind words. "Thank you, Mister Ollivander." But the young man turns his full attention to Crouch. "I'm not entering for the prize money, Mister Crouch. And if I win, I plan on donating it to the Hogwarts fund for helping Muggleborn students like myself, who come to this world with little money to exchange at Gringotts, get their school books and supplies. I'm entering because it's the best possible challenge for myself. If I can do this, I know I can be an Auror." He's being quite honest, with no hint of deception and his words do not come off as an attempt to appear kinder than he is.

Ollivander bows his head at the compliment before moving back to his chair and letting Crouch take the spotlight. "A noble cause, Mr. Wickham." Crouch says, doing his best to smile. It's probably clear that he doesn't do it too often. "I'm sure it would reflect favorably on your application to the Ministry. Quite a few aurors have come out of tournament champions. The ones that survived at least." With that, the seriousness returns. "If you have any questions, now is the time to ask them. Otherwise, you can return to your classes."

Ashley nods in understanding, and is silent while he thinks if he has anything he needs to ask. And then the questions all come out at once. "How will we be judged? When will we find out what the first task is? Will we be traveling anywhere to compete, or will it all be done here on the school grounds?"

"You will be judged on how you place in the tasks." Crouch states, as he begins to answer the questions that have been posed. "The first task will be announced shortly, however, you will not know in advance what the first task is about. You will, however, receive a clue to the next task at the end of the first task. Everything will be held here, on the ground of Hogwarts."

Ashley remains silent as Crouch speaks, as to not interrupt him and to soak in the information. So nobody knows what the first task is until they have to do it.. that's not a good thought. He then tries to think of more questions, to stay back in this room a bit longer, but he can't. "I don't have any more questions, sir."

Crouch nods his head slowly. "Very well then. You may return to your classes." he says, turning and moving towards the chair he was occupying. "And again, congratulations."

Ashley bows his head slightly in respect and thanks, before straightening. "Thank you, sir." He then turns around to go back through to the Great Hall.

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