The Firsties Arrive


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Scene Title The Firsties Arrive
Synopsis First Part of the Sorting and Feast is when the First Year students arrive and are greeted by Professor McGonagall.
Date Sep 01, 1994
Watch For Ickle Firsties!
Chronology The 1994 First Years arrive at Hogwarts
Logger Avada Kedavra

Entrance Hall

The Entrance Hall is an immense room with a ceiling that almost seems too high up to see. Of course, this isn't the case, though it is quite high up. The details of the relief carved into the buttresses can barely be seen from the floor, though they must be very beautiful up close. Leading outside are huge, ornately carved oak double doors, and though they are weathered, they are also very beautiful. The tiled floor is a mosaic of random images which, any student will way, seem to shift between days. Crests of all four houses hang in abundance here - the snake for Slytherin, the lion from Gryffindor, the badger for Hufflepuff, and the eagle for Ravenclaw. There are also two school crests on either side of the double doors, with the four mascots arranged around the Hogwarts 'H'. There are several stairwells here, leading up and down to other parts of the castle.

As he steps out of the boat, Julian stands still as though he needs to regain his footing. Never been on a boat before. He gawks as he looks up at the huge castle, but says nothing.

Melissa brushes her hair with her hand, looking about at the entrance hall… Hogwarts was a beautiful place really. "Well… here we are," she says.

Rupert's grin is so wide it just about cuts his face in half as he climbs the stairs from the boat ride. One hand still damp from its exploration of the lake's surface, he wipes it in what he hopes is an inconspicuous spot on his uniform to dry it. Finding himself nestled among mostly strangers, he glances about the enormous room and murmurs, "Whoa," in an awed hush to whomever happens to be nearby.

Standing there quietly, Nessa says nothing — after all, she really doesn't know any of these people! She'd seen Melissa on the train, but they'd not really talked, so that hardly counts as 'knowing'. She brings her hands to clasp together idly in front of her waist as she waits, dark eyes turned to stare diagonally forward toward the floor. No impressed sounds or looks from this little girl. A bit nonreactive, perhaps.

Jackson is equally gawky, but rather less silent, than some of the others. He fidgets with a restless, excited energy, his eyes wiiiide as he takes in the enormous hall. "Wooooah. I mean I knew this place was rad but — but /woah/," he whispers, his voice taking on the same hush it might in church. His fingers scuff through his mop of brown hair in a misguided attempt to tidy it that really only leaves it more tousled. He bounces slightly on the toes of his shoes, eager and impatient.

Everyone seems to be moving toward the door, so Julian blends in with the crowd, fairly easily, in fact. He's been doing it for a while. He takes note of his surroundings, watching everything and everyone. One tall girl almost bumps into him, but he steps out of the way. Listening to the chatter around him, he inhales, stepping into the castle proper. "Bloody 'ell." His voice is super quiet, so his words may not be heard.

"You can say that again!," Rupert's chiming voice is close to Julian's ear and that goofy grin has only grown wider if that's possible. "You could get lost in this place and no one would find you for /years/." He seems rather pleased with the thought as he turns his body slowly in a full circle, neck craned backwards to take in the visual swirl of the enormous ceiling above.

Melissa nods toward Rupert. "That's true… I've read that this place can be confusing but… I don't think any students have actually gotten lost like that…"

"You would be very surprised as to the actual statistics behind that…" Seemingly out of nowhere from down part of the nearest stairwell comes the voice; aged, but fine-tuned over the years into a speaking voice that is as clear as a bell. The source is a tall, elderly witch, silently having perched on the steps above the first years with a sweep of hem and robe. The pointed hat on her head, adorned with a long, golden feather, seems to make the deputy headmistress' presence a defining one.

Minerva McGonagall continues with a proper greeting, hands folding momentarily in front of her dark green robes, and eyes examining each new student one by one, critical and discerning one from the next. "I am Professor McGonagall, and as deputy headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, I welcome you all to your future home away from home." Her aged hands unfold again, gesturing in welcome to the several gaggles of eleven year olds. "The Sorting will begin momentarily; please form yourselves into double lines and do keep up. If one of you gets lost within the castle before you are sorted-" Green eyes settle down on both Rupert and Melissa, lips thinning. Eyes may be in the back of her head, but she possesses several other sets of ears. "-we will not be as hard pressed to find you." Though the words are an idle threat seemingly waving below over the first years like a chill up their spines, the twinkle behind the older woman's spectacles betrays the promise.

As soon as she beckons them once more with a curving gesture of her forearm, Minerva turns herself to move toward the Great Hall, the hem of her long robes fluttering at both heels.

Melissa gets behind Rupert, thinking for a bit. "Well… it's not like we have far to go…" she says quietly, pushing up her glasses.

Julian looks up at the teacher and gives a quick nod. He looks over at Rupert. "Walk with you?" He asks, softly, since the boy's close enough to hear his quiet voice.

Oswald just simply nods to McGonagall. Then again hearing about what goes on during sorting is a bit frightening to a 11 year old as well.

Sorrel looks up at the professor as she appears, her eyes widening a bit. There are questions, so many questions, but apparently there are those rare moments when even she knows to shut up. Instead she just tears her attention away from the impressive figure and looks for a spot in the double line, shuffling herself in with the others.

Rupert swallows heavily as McGonagall's eyes settle upon him, the gulp audible to those close enough. As she turns, however, the right corner of his mouth twitches upward suddenly almost of its own volition. Soon, one of the little lipstick kisses on his cheeks is positively dancing as struggles with a full blown smile. "Let's hope not," he murmurs to Melissa before giving a silent nod and a 'thumbs-up' sign to Julian.

Jackson's excited chattering falls silent as McGonagall appears, though the eager expression on his face doesn't fade. He gets into line, still fidgety, restlessly shifting from one foot to the other and toying with the sleeve of his uniform sweater.

Nessa does finally look up from the floor after a few moments of McGonagall's entrance — it's a bit delayed, however. She quirks an eyebrow slowly at the speech, but seems otherwise nonreactive; her head does turn to glance over at the other children, eyes lidding slowly half-way. She quietly 'hmns' to herself as she falls in line with the others — and then follows them into the Great Hall.

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