1995-04-05: The Duel


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Scene Title The Duel
Synopsis Moody teaches the DaDA class on Dueling. And of course leads through example
Location Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom, Hogwarts
Date April 05, 1995
Watch For Explosions. Points!
Logger Mad Eye

The majority of this room's contents vary with each professor assigned to this course. The old fashioned desks are aligned in neat rows facing the blackboard at the head of the room. Shelves and cabinets are placed against the walls containing books, artifacts and tanks for holding creatures. The windows of the rooms are along the southern wall, overlooking the lake. Despite whoever is in charge of the class this year, Defense Against the Dark Arts never fails to be an interesting lesson, particularly in these tumultuous times.

Just after lunch and already one might feel the tension ripe in the air. The windows have all been shut and what light comes from candles, and torches that hang in their sconces. The desks have been removed leaving chairs lined along walls. A long pad has been draped lengthwise along the floor stretching from door up towards where the lectern is usually stationed. The blackboard remains in its normal place where all can see. However instead of having the assignment or subject visible, a black cloth merely hangs over obscuring any words (if any for that matter) from view. And unlike other times, the door shall remain open till the last student has filed in.

As for the professor himself, he would be easily to find. Standing stock still at the front of the class Moody waits, his blue eye tracking over every student, while arms remain folded over his chest. A slight clicking of his tongue, "Hurry it children. We do not have all day-" impatience? Perhaps, but it is Moody's class-something must be important to ask for children not to dawdle. Though-those with the careful eyes might notice the Professor is without his walking stick today.

Julian notices the changes in the classroom. True, Moody's not exactly your traditional type of teacher, but any huge change has spelled some sort of foreboding for him. Or at least odd happenings. So, Bean steps into the classroom, finding a chair along the wall, and moving to sit in it. It's one of the ones closest to the front of the room, of course. His attention is focused on the teacher, and he waits for further instructions.

Archibald arrives at the defense classroom amidts a group of other second year students of various houses. His satchel is slung across his shoulders, and he has learned the very important message of constant vigilance, 'cause he has his wand out and held firmly in his left hand. He surveys the change in the classroom and then moves to stand by the chairs, since if they do end up sitting, it won't be for long he is sure.

Ginny wanders in among a few other girls, a smile on her lips as she chatted with them. Selecting her usual spot - dead center - among the chairs, she places her bag at her feet. Brown eyes flick from one change to another, taking note of each one. For now she sits back and waits, turning to watch the other students arrive.

Jax arrives a few minutes early, hesitating for a moment as he enters the torch-lit room, his eyes squinting slightly as they adjust. He doesn't pause for long, though, hurrying on to take a seat near Bean by the front of the room a moment later and getting his quill and parchment out to be ready to take notes.

Melissa is next in line, her eyes drawn to the pad on the floor. What, were they doing gymnastics this class? Not likely, she decided as she finds a place along the wall.

Egbert does Archibald one better, heading for a chair along the right side and standing on it. They're likely to need to move in a minute, but until then, at least he'll have a better view of things.

It's not hard to realize that something more physical than note-taking may be on the agenda today; in fact, the audience setting is quite unsettling for Rene to see when he files in with the rest. He takes a seat on Bean's opposite side, leaving the trio of first years to be the first to group together. It's not too unusual for that, luckily. The little ones tend to flock anyway.

For once, Angie isn't here waiting. She filters in with the pack of students, yawning and waking up from her lunchtime nap. Bag over her shoulder, she nearly trips over the corner of the mat, not paying attention to the change in the room. "Oooh." She looks it over, then at Moody, and quickly moves to take a seat somewhere close to Ginny in the middle.

Caira is here by herself, just trying to stay out of the notice of others. Particularily the Professor. She glances around a bit, trying to look much smaller than she is.

Neville utters a sad little moan as he walks in. He's rarely in the mood for this class, and the evident change of decor does little for his spirits. Neville Longbottom hovers around the door and glancing about. He then makes his way towards a chair near Angelina, scuffing his toes and avoiding eye contact with both of Moody's eyes.

Moving in with the other students is Ron, who comes to a stop the moment he's in the classroom, causing another student behind him to bump into him. "Sorry," he says over his shoulder, moving forward slowly. When a classroom has changed, that can never spell good. Looking around, he eventually spots Angelina and Neville, moving towards them and taking a seat next to his fellow fourth year. "Hey," he says quietly to the two of them, keeping his eyes on Moody at the front of the classroom.

With all the children in there's a nod given before he is turning sharply back towards the shrouded blackboard. "Alright lads and lasses, I am going to tell you this once, part of the purpose of this class, is practical use in our world. I have taught you about curses, an various spells. I have given you the weapons to use if attacked, now hopefully in your mind." And eyes slide over towards Neville as if expecting him to shrink away or inferring something about the Longbottom child-however there's not much more of a pause, beyond that. "Hopefully you have remembered these things, for you will need them today." And that hand curls around before he is yanking down the shroud to show one bolded, chalk, word. :DUELING:

The turn back as Moody moves back to his previous place, however he is coming further to stand in the center of the pad laid out. "Dueling." and Moody lets the word sink in "Dueling a polite way t' say combat. Now A show of hands for those of you who have seen a Duel once before?" He'll wait at least for a response "Well, for those of you who have not seen a duel. A proper bit of action today is your lucky day. Aiding us t'day in our lessons will be Miss Christina MacThane. She is a Hit Wizard with the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. I will pray t' Merlin y' all know what a Hit Wizard is.." And there's a motion for the door for their special guest. "First, you will see a duel between myself an Miss MacThane. Then we will be taking volunteers for a duel. If we can we'll try t' get a couple in. If not.." A shrug all the same before he's looking to the doorway "The reason I chose Miss MacThane, is her knowledge of counter curses..So this might be-lively.." And when those lips hitch up into what could be considered a screwed together grin? One might get the idea of what Moody is talking about.

Julian's eeys widen when Moody mentions dueling. He's seen duels, but nothing professional. And, he's not exactly certain what a hitwitch or -wizard does. He leans over to Rene, whispering to him. "What does she do?" It's a quiet request for more information. Wow. This should be very interesting. He'll definitely learn something just from watching them.

Archibald glances at Egbert as he stands on the chair. "You know, you're setting yourself up as an easy target for a hex or two," he says to his year mate. However, it's at that moment that the announcement of today's class is given. A small look of worry crosses over Archie's face but he quickly covers it up and raises his hand to say he's seen a duel before. He then turns to glance at the door, to see this Hit Wizard.

Striding into view is a rather stoic looking woman. Her expression remains rather blank and her hair is pulled back into a small ponytail. Her robes are what may draw the most attention as they are the official robes of a Hit Wizard. The emblem of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement on the breast of the dark material that flows around her light form. The stoic countenance breaks for just a moment as she smiles and nods to Moody and the students gathered. Her wand tucked into a light belt that prevents her robes from getting in her way.

The stoic expression breaks as she smiles to the students as well to Moody. She nods her head to to what Moody has said to her thus far and crosses her arms over her chest some. The wand never more than a foot from her grasp out of habit alone. "I'll be showin' ya students a few tricks that have served me well since b'comin' a Hit Wizard." Waiting for Moody to announce the duel itself. Remaining still as a ghost as she looks over the students for long silent moments.

Who has seen a real duel? She has! And so, Angelina raises her hand at the appropriate time to respond to the teacher, then lowers it. She digs into her bag to pull out quill and parchment, intending to write down the curses used. A nod and smile given to the newcomer, and a grin at Neville, then she waits.

Neville meets Ron with as much of a smile as he can muster. "Wotcher, Ron." It's a short lived happiness as Moody reveals what's behind the veil. Neville buries his face in his hands. "Oh no," he says into them, and to the kids around him, it's a very muffled whine. His middle and ring finger part enough for him to peek out at the woman. Another moan and Neville closes back up the gap.

Jax's eyes widen, too, and he sits up a bit straighter, perching on the edge of his chair. He watches Moody and Ina with keen interest, bouncing slightly where he sits. "Oh, man," he whispers to the first-years near him. "If Professor Moody thinks this might be lively, things are probably gonna be /interesting/."

Ginny grins welcomingly to Angelina, Neville, Ron, and finally Amber, giving a wave to each. When Moody asks who's seen a duel, she too raises her hand. "Don't worry, Neville, it'll be okay," she murmurs just loud enough for those closest to her and Neville to hear. Ginny smiles at the guest speaker, and looks rather eager for the lesson to begin.

No use pretending- Rene has never seen a proper duel, and he is visibly interested, enough so that he almost misses Julian's question in the vicinity of his ear. Flipping the braid of blond hair slung over one shoulder onto his back, Rene leans sidelong to answer. And somewhat, also give Jackson a bit of listening time if the Hufflepuff boy is paying any attention there.

"They are a policing force- hit wizards arrest dangerous criminals. Not really dark wizards, though- that is auror territory."

Dueling! This should be somewhat fun. As for those who have seen duels, Ron slowly puts his hand into the air, and lowers it when he's supposed to. Leaning in his chair slightly so he can follow Moody with his eyes as the teacher moves down the pad. As the newcomer enters and explains who she is, Ron turns to Neville. "What Ginny said. It'll be fine, Neville. I don't think we have to duel if we don't want to." Hopefully, anyway.

Caira blinks. A /duel/? She presses back, as far away from the mat as she can, watching. Volunteer? Not likely, not from her. She does watch and make sure to pay attention, though, if only to be safe.

Melissa looks over the Hit Wizard. Sounds like quite a tough job… and a tough person, she thinks. She doubts they'll be missing at all, but… she keeps her hand around her wand, just in case.

Egbert shakes his head, trusting these two to know what they're doing - unlike certain teenage inventors who only mostly know what they're doing. Big difference. He raises his hand vaguely - did that fake duel before the Polyjuice lesson count? - then lowers it again, waiting for the action to begin.

There's a slight smile back to Ina, as a head is bowed in a quiet salute. Wand is then drawn and shown before he is walking to his respective end of the mat. There's a look back as wand is brought to the ready, and of course MacThane is given the time to ready herself as well. The other hand pressed back to secure his traveling robes-Moody takes no time to act. "Expelliarmus!" called out as the wand is flicked out in a striking motion right towards the Hit Witch's hand, and like that Moody is moving. Perhaps the most spirited the students have seen the professor.

Moody is not hesitating or giving the witch time to react for as soon as the Expelliarmus is fired Moody's whipping his arm off again as another spell is fired on towards MacThane "Stupefy!" each roared out for the children to hear, though he could easily be casting without saying a word.

"Oh. Like beat cops versus MI5." Bean grins as he whispers this to Rene. "Oh. Wow. Watch this." He's enthralled. He might've seen kids hexing each other in the halls, but he revises his earlier opinion. That wasn't dueling. He tries to follow all of Moody's movements, though it's probably hard, even for the observant little kid.

Ina looks towards Rene and nods her head, "Tha' is true, though sometimes Hit Wizards are called in to assist Aurors in apprehendin' Dark Witches and Wizards." Said with a smile as she notes the reactions; some excitement and some close to terror. Seeing Moody move into position, she pulled the wand from her belt and offers a traditional salute to the man. Even a curt bow to the Auror as she shifts to stand with her profile to Moody. She spent all day yesterday going over the counters for the mostly used spells.

The disarm spell is met with a flick of her own wand that seems to cast the disarm aside. "Protego!" Announced with a slice of her wand just a second before the Stupefy comes to put Moody on the defensive. "Impedimenta!" Which would hopefully limit Moody's options since the jinx makes dueling dangerous as sin, for a time. Now facing Moody head on with the step forward. Those green eyes watching Moody with a practised experience. One can sometimes see the spell before it's cast if they know it well enough."

Caira watches the dues, eyes wide. And even as she stays as far out of the way as possible, she's tense, ready to duck or dodge if need be.

Archibald watches the starting of the duel, and his mouth hangs open slightly, marveliing at the speed with which Professor Moody seems to have. Without his walking stick at that! His mouth falls open even more at the quick reactions the Hit Witch counteracts the professor's spells.

Jax is definitely in the 'excited' camp — even moreso after listening to Rene's explanation. He watches the adults with wide, alert eyes, his gaze flicking back and forth as the spells are cast. His quill and notes are all but forgotten as he focuses on the duel.

"MI-what?" Rene only has enough time to whisper that in response before the duel begins. He would have thought there was more pomp and circumstance to a proper duel, but he sits up like a ground squirrel to watch everything he can without dwelling too much on it. Walking stick be damned- Rene is always surprised by Professor Moody's quickness.

Angelina is certainly not in the terrified camp, but she hides her excitement in focus. She starts writing as soon as the spells start going off, writing them in order quickly as her eyes flicker back and forth between the parchment and duel.

Neville lets his hands slide from his face, his arms instead wrapping about his midsection. He jumps, slightly, each time a spell is shouted or a flash of light errupts. "Yeah, mates. Bug it if we do," he mutters to both Weasleys. Wince. To distract himself, he glances at Angelina's notes.

Moody keeps that screwed in grin right there on his face As the spells are deflected, but perhaps he was hoping as much might would come, after all he is trying to show them a duel, not bullying. As Impedimenta is fired off, Moody is laughing, but there is no protego thrown to block this. the spell hitting him full on and knocking him back a step. A shake of his head as the wand is brought back to face her, but the movements are-slower.. enough that it would be noticeable. The Auror watches the Hit Witch for a moment before His wand is cracking out with a pop as one spell is slowly fired off, bright and crackling towards the Hit witch's feet as he is moving a little slower in trying to move off the distance. Close in, get her moving.
Caira has disconnected.

Egbert glances back and forth between one and the other, doing his best to follow along. As the Impedimentia hits, he pumps a fist: working past a handicap like that, now this ought to get really interesting!

She doesn't once look away from Moody, doing that would likely have her turned into a frog or something equally horrible. Mad-Eye wasn't a rube when it came to dueling and she was well aware of that fact. She kept light on her feet, since being able to /actually/ dodge was important. The proof was in the pudding as she recognizes the wand flick and manages a few steps back as the planks at her feet explode. Casting dust and debris between them. Ina wasn't one to duel standing still. Her feet sliding on the land as she lifts the wand.

"Obscuro." Said softly, since spells don't have to be shouted. Speaking them for the benefit of those eager minds listening. She steps forward with the wand aimed at Moody's stomach, "Impervius." Seeking to knock the man back much harder than before.

Julian notices the effect of the spell, and wonders how much Moody's pulling his punches. Or maybe she's just that good. Either way, the little firstie doesn't know. "This looks almost like a street brawl, except with the hocus pocus." This is whispered again, watching them go back and forth.

"I've not seen much street brawling either," Jax admits quietly. "'less drunk folks in town outside the bar counts. But this is /way/ more interesting, and nobody tries to hit each other with bottles." He fidgets in his seat, still focused attentively on the duel.

When the silent spells go off, Angelina swears in a whisper under her breath. How can she write the fights down if they go all silent mode on her?! In their place, she marks down the spell she thinks it might be, and the reaction. "Don't worry, Neville. I don't think he'll make you duel if you don't want to. Though he might. Just remember — You know the commands."

The spell does slow Moody that much is certain even so as his wand is coming up in a drawing motion, the Obscuro hits creating a thick blindfold over Moody's eyes, however it seems the Auror is still on his game "Protego!" called out as the shielding charm is inacted seconds before the Impervius hits thankfully not sending Moody right on his ass, but rocking him back, with the skidding of his boots along the floor. Yes, it pushed him back, but the effects of the impedimenta are being shown, which works for his own devices.

"I know 'em," Neville agrees, forcing his eyes off the paper and to the duel. "But that doesn't mean I want to /use/ 'em." He shudders, looking longways to see the reaction of the two red heads next to him. The boot skid catches his ears and Neville flicks his attention to his Professor. "Blimey," he yaps.

Ina moves her wand in an arc like slash and the soft glow of blue landing over the students and herself is a sure sign of the Protego Totallis. The wand flares as she seems to drag it through water rather than air. "Expulso Bombarda!" By the time the wand points to aim, Ina has leapt free of the dueling stage. Landing right as the entire stage explodes in a massive crash. The students unharmed as she catches the first silent spell. Wincing at the whip crack against her wand arm. His arm jerk for the Impervius a ruse for the silent spell. "Incarcerous." Her wand flicking towards Moody's wand warm to wrap it with the spectral ropes.

Mad-Eye Moody was a hell of a dueler and Ina was hoping to seal the deal with the Incarcerous spell. It took some concentration to guide the ropes, though. While she was fast with the spell, a man of Moody's caliber would see the opening.

"Bloody 'ell!" Bean startles when the blindfold appears. "That's right handy!" He's grinning, and trying to take notes of cause and effect, at least in his head. "I'd like to learn that one." He watches to see what his professor will do next. Except, now the wizard-bobby-girl has just blown things up. He flinches, starting to throw a shield up, when her shield shimmers in front of them. Another very useful spell. "Is that it, then?" Since it seems the man is tied up. Literally.

Like Angelina, Ginny is also taking notes of each spell and its effects, her quill a blur and inkstains growing on her fingers. Reaching up a hand to brush the hair off her forehead, she smiles reassuringly at Neville. "I'm sure you'll be fine, Neville. I bet a lot of people will want to try dueling - just don't raise your hand when he asks." Her gaze goes back to the front of the room.

Jax squeaks, jumping slightly in his seat as the stage blows up and lifting his wand instinctively, though he drops it when he realizes the woman's spell has them covered already. "Oh, /my/." He looks impressed, if a bit shaken, and flicks a glance to Bean. "I'd like to learn these /all/."

It's like a classroom of puppies watching a tennis match. Back and forth eyes, right? Rene's the same- rocking away reflexively when things get noisy and sitting forward when it gets too fast to lazily watch. He's trying to simply remember the names of things rather than scribble them all down. They're bound to come up again, so he'll just rely on his memory until then.

Melissa watches carefully, taking down a few notes on the spells, wondering if she should try dueling afterwards. How good would she be at it? Not very, she thought…

"… bloody hell," is about all Ron can muster to say as he watches Moody and the Hit Wizard go back and forth. The duel he saw back in second year was nothing compared to this.. but then, granted who the teacher was, he isn't all that surprised. "Don't worry, Neville, like she said— just don't raise your hand."

And up goes Moody as the spell lands shooting the Auror up into the air and back a few feet. body landing back with a slow thud down on his side. And Moody is up hand coming as the wand arm is jerked back for a second the other hand being wrapped, but that wrist is flicking as Moody is moving from his knees to a kneel-the rope popping and cracking as if being literally poked back with quick counter spells. And given the shape of Moody's face and the sound that comes bubbling out-laughter. Pure, warm, and yet cruel sounding laughter.

Rope held in one hand and wrapped around slight wrist. On his feet. Moody is coming back as spells are coming in quick volleys. Barrages of light being shot rapidly back towards MacThane as it seems the Professor is getting his speed back gradually. Teeth gritted there as the last of the whipped out spells are flung, before he is crossing his body in a slash

"Expelliarmus!" bellowed as the spell ripples forth before he is stepping in and jabbing right back towards the Hit Witch "Stupefy!" The same two spells he began with.

Angelina blinks, still writing, but no longer looking down. She'll figure out the slanty lines later. Her brows pull together as she tries to follow all the spells.

Julian is impressed. He blinks once, and then leans forward in his seat, watching the man hex the heck out of his opponent. Then, he goes back to two basic spells. The stupefy he knows. The other one, Bean wants to write down. He's read about it, but seeing it in action in a duel like this one is something else entirely. He reaches down into his bag to get his parchment, hastily scribbling down all the hexes and effects he can remember. Which is probably most of them.

Caira's eyes are still widened, and she simply continues to stare. Her focus is going back and forth between the two, barely able to keep up. Whoa.

"Do you hear an echo in here?" Neville jokes, nudging Ron with an elbow. He attempts to smooth his image with a light laugh. It's drowned out by a gulp.

Ina back peddles as her wand moves to counter the volley. A hiss escaping her as her hand glows bright red like a ruler was just cracked over her knuckles. It's enough that the Expelliarmus has her wand jerking from her grasp. She swears and holds up a hand, no wand and the Stupefy slows. Her jaw tight as she presses forward but it only prevents the stunning spell a few seconds before her body goes rigid and she falls back. Like a soldier at attention. Grinning like a cat who spilled the milk none the less.

Crazy old man was faster than she expected and Ina could hear her father's voice warning her NOT to underestimate others. -Ah, Da…YOU fight the Mad Eye bugger, ah?- Laying there until Moody decides to release the stunning hex.

Egbert glances down for a moment at those who're writing furiously, then back to the adults as they exchange the last few figurative blows. He's focusing on their movements, the rhythm of their counterspells - there should be some healthy exchanging of notes after class is done.

Jax actually starts clapping when Moody's /Stupefy/ hits — just a few times before he blushes and catches himself, hands dropping to his lap. "That was /wicked/ cool," he says in an excited whisper. He picks up his quill again and starts to write down things on his own parchment now that the bulk of the action seems over.

There is a step over to where Ina is laying before he is taking time to keep the wand drawn on the down opponent. A look back towards the children there, before one hand is coming up to rip off the Blindfold, leaving the Blue eye searching around for a second. "That is how you duel.." said quietly, before he is waving his wand over the damaged dueling space, boards, fluff and mat righting themselves magically. Everything put back into place and to where they belong. A nod back towards the Students.

"Now Who can tell me what were the main spells used, and why?" At least by him he will accept. Any others will earn bonus points there, still Moody is waiting for hands to be raised before he is remembering MacThane on the ground "Oh. Ennervate." muttered with a flick of the wand to see that she is able to move again.

Julian raises his hand, waiting to be called on, looking down at his paper for confirmation. He watches the Professor Ennervate the Hitwitch and grins again. He knows that one.

Jax is onto something there- the action as they know it is crawling slow, so perhaps it is time to scribble down those spells and effects. Rene starts on his, though they are generally only outlines. And nice clean-up job. Even the bits of fluff. As for the questions, Rene looks down the row of seats for half a second to see if there are some others with hands up already- and so does not raise his own. Just keeps his small quill ready for some short notes otherwise.

Jax's hand shoots up at the question, too, the little Hufflepuff bouncing eagerly in his seat.

Ina lets out a groan as the Stupefy is relented. "Merlin's Beard…" She sits up and pulls herself to standing. "Accio Wand." The wand flies to her hand and she slips it into her belt where it started before she bows to Moody. "Well fought, man." She smiles widely to Moody and shakes her head a bit. "Though' I had ya with the Incarcerous." Spoken softly to Moody before she looks around and grins. "If Professor Moody agrees, I'll teach a few of the spells ah used during the duel and give ya the fundementals t'counterin' some of his spells like ah did." Watching quills move fast enough to make her dizzy as she chuckles. Walking over to fetch her canteen and taking a drink of the water as she lets out a sigh. Never dueling Moody again. Ever.

Angelina has the spells all written down before her, but doesn't raise her hand. Let some of the younger, more excited ones answer it. Instead, she lowers her head and makes some notes in the margins of her parchment.

Neville clams up, slumping back against his seat. The fourth year lifts a hand to scrub at his eyes, attempting to go unnoticed. Plenty of volunteers, after all.

Ginny seems to be riveted during this whole display. Her head is cocked to one side, and she writes without looking down. When the duel is finally over, she raises her hand in response to Moody's question.

"Legume." called out towards Julian, allowing the younger Slytherin to Answer "name a Spell and its use." That way everyone can share the wealth. That blue eye sliding through the class as he remains focused on them for the time being before he's pointing quickly over towards Holland "And you. Lets hear em.." yes, this is how Moody teaches. There's a quick glance back towards Ina for a moment. A chuckle there "Next time I'll go harder on you-but I wanted them t' see a bit of th' action." And he wanted to see if she was like her father at all. Needless to say Moody is impressed. There's a quick turn as he is pointing to Ginny "Weasley, after Holland." good-good. It seems so far this lesson is going as well as planned.

Ina looks to Moody with a chuckle, "Next time I won't be announcin' every spell I cast so students can write them down. Not to mention a lot o spells aren't very good f'inside a classroom." That's Ina saying she was holding back as well. Every ounce her father as she moves forward again, quite curious to hear what spells caught the attention of the gathered students. Taking another drink of her canteen before lacing it to hang from her belt beside her wand. She pulls out one of the chairs and sits down on it. This was Moody's class and she was only here to assist him when he asked for it. Happy to do her part to maybe give a few of the students a chance should they get into a proper duel.

Melissa looks a bit curious at Ina's words. "What, you don't have to?" she says. "Dad always does… but then he doesn't get in many fights," she adds with a brief chuckle.

Caira has stayed quiet. It is, after all, the best way for people to not notice you, right? And she continues to do so, just to be safe. As always.

"Well, you used Expelliarmus twice." Bean consults his notes. "Far as I can tell, it steals your wand. Or something." He hopes it's right, and he looks up for conformation to the man in the middle of the classroom.

Jax is quiet as Bean answers, glancing down at his notes and jotting something down. He chews on his lip, brow creasing at Bean's answer, but doesn't say anything about it. "/Impedimenta/ was one I heard Miss MacThane cast that I hadn't seen before, sir," he replies when it is his turn. "Its purpose seemed to be slowing you down."

Egbert has gotten down from his perch by now, taking out a piece of parchment and writing down names himself as the others share what they remember, leaving healthy gaps to be filled in later.

Ina looks to Melissa and smiles, "If y'know a spell well enough, y'don't have to cry it out. Wand Work is damn important and familiarity are just as important as pronunciation. It's also th'key to seein' th'spell comin in case yer opponent knows how t'cast silent like Moody did with the Ruducto spell in th'beginning of th'duel. I knew the wand work fer Reducto." Nodding her head as she leans forward, elbows on her knees as she explains softly as to not interrupt Moody at all but loud enough that those interested can hear. "If y'know what's comin', y'can counter it or move the hell out of the way, ah?"

She reaches up and pulls the tie from her hair and rakes a hand through it. "Bein' a Hit Witch…we keep quiet fer a number o reasons. Y'cin imagine." Her hair falling to frame her face a bit before she brushes it back again. She glances to Bean, "S'close. It Disarms yer opponent o their wand. Expelling it from their grip. Most know h'to counter it. Impedimenta…" She grins a bit, "Impedes yer opponent's movement. Some trip, others twitch at the wrong time. If y'cin hamper the movement o yer opponent, ye take an edge."

Ginny nods to Moody, taking notes as Ina answers some more questions. "You used reducto, Professor - that blows things up, I think. And protego is a shield charm." She looks expectantly at the two adults, to see if she was correct.

Neville sluggishly gets out some parchment, laying it out and beginning to scrawl some lazy notes onto it. He leans, attempting a peek at Angelina's writing. "Stupe—" he mutters to himself as he writes.

"Three points from Ravenclaw. No talking unless your hand is up Miss Burch." Moody intones before he is sliding his wand back into its place, hidden amongst his robes. A shake of his head for a second as he waits for the answers that will be coming. His brown eye straying off to the hour glass left off in some corner. Miraculously

"Partially Correct Mister Legume. Expelliarmus when it hits the wand, given th' power of the wizard will often just disarm him. If used in some other way-it can knock a man down as well as any other stunning spell or curse."

There's a glance towards Ina as she does her best to try and describe silent casting before he is looking to Holland. "As Miss MacThane has said, it slowly a wizard or witch down. Usually it is used if someone is tryin t' run away or run towards you. As we see-it helped here in keeping me from being quick."

A grin there "Five points t' Slyhterin.. an Five t' Hufflepuff." A look to Ginny and there's the last nod ticked off "Exactly Miss Weasley. Five points to Gryffindor."

And there is a check of the time-briefly before Moody is shaking his head "Next time We'll see if we can fit in a duel with you all, if you like. As is. I think time is nigh up. That' bein said. Your assignment, I want a parchment on each of the spells used, their properties and how they would be useful in a Duell. They will be due by next Monday." A slight look amongst them "Any other questions?"

Ina rises to her feet. "Professor, with ya permission. I wish to teach them one spell tha' will do them good." She looks to Moody for either a nod or a shake of his head. She'd hoped to have done this earlier, but she promised herself she would at least make the attempt to impart one defensive spell.

Jax raises his hand when Moody asks for any questions. "Miss MacThane cast a spell that made things explode, too, but I don't think it was /Reducto/ — I thought she said something else. What was that one, sir? Or — miss?" He flicks a glance to the Hit Wizard, too, curiously.

"For today Miss MacThane, I will say no-but if they come up to you in the halls after class, and ask that I won't stop." He's not going to be overtly responsible for making part of the school late to their other classes this afternoon. Merlin knows Moody doesn't need either Flitwick or McGonagall coming to bother him over tardiness. "An I spect we'll be having you back sometime as well." Moody allows before he is nodding, and motioning for the door to open with a bang.

"That Mister Holland I will not be teaching you. At least not right now.." A quick wink of that brown eye before he is looking "Anyone else? If not y' are all dismissed-and my office is always open." And then that blue eye is landing on Neville. "Longbottom. A word."

Egbert puts a hand up as well, but having waited for some of the others to go ahead, he finds himself just too late. With a shrug, he looks over toward Archibald instead. "There were a couple others in there— Obscuro, and I think Imperius or something?" Off by a syllable, but close. "And that really wasn't fair to Ravenclaw if you ask me, it was a good question after all."

Ina she nods and smiles, bowing her head to Moody as she nods, "If'n ya need me, send an owl, Moody." Moving for the door with a wave to the students and she will indeed linger in the halls. If anything to sate some curiosities and maybe impart some crucial knowledge.

Melissa nods, standing up without a reply. She does smile a bit as Egbert comes to her defense… of course he does!

"Not Imperious." Bean corrects the Hufflepuff. "Impervious." Big difference. He looks down. "What did that one do?" He asks, but then he hears the assignment. "Guess I'll look it up." He shoots Egbert a bit of a scowl for his complaints, and packs away his things, standing up to head to the door. "You ever seen the like, Frenchie?"

Caira quietly slips out as the class ends, glad that she excaped unscathed.

Jax glances down at his notes and scratching something out. "Guess that one doesn't have to be in the essay, then," he remarks mostly to himself. He looks up with a bright smile as he gathers his things. "Thanks, sir!" he says to the teacher, slipping his notes away and standing as well to start to follow Ina out. "/Impervius/ sounds like a barrier of some kind, from the name," he says with a shrug. "Was gonna look it up after classes today."

Moody looks towards Egbert "Whether you think it is fair or not Mr. Torrington-That is not for you to debate. A good question, but she can wait t' ask like everyone else. If you don't agree Mister Torrington, I can take points from your house as well." As for the other two spells Moody just grins "There is a Hit Wizard outside, an books at your disposal-so, I suggest utilizing those right now, as to the Impervius and the Obscuro. You will find them in your glossary and on pages 987 through 989." And with that Moody is waiting for the Gryffindor that he called out to come over "I suggest learning. As next time besides a duel- we will be going over the spells and the wand movements." well maybe not for the reducto, but for the others he will teach his best.

Neville is awkwardly shoving his quills and such to his bag, nearly tripping over his robes as his name is mentioned. He looks around, likely ust in case there are some long lost siblings that the Professor needs to speak to. No? Bother. Neville swings his bag over his shoulder, shuffling out of the way of the departing class.

Ginny raises her eyebrows disapprovingly at Egbert - you don't talk back to a teacher, especially Moody! - and then begins to gather her things. The notes on today's lesson are slid into her book, and she pats Neville briefly on the shoulder. "It'll be okay, Neville." Ginny gets to her feet and makes her way out of the classroom, intending to ask the hit witch about that spell.

Neville scrubs his nose viciously at the pat from Ginny and peeks up to Moody with a small clutch of his wand beneath his robes. You never know, after all. Perhaps Longbottom is finally catching on. "O'course, sir. I've dueled a bit. I landed Bellatrix Lastrange with confundo. I prefer it over stupefy, even."

Moody looks towards Neville for a moment as the other students filter out into the hallway before he is waiting for the others to filter out so as to share the quick moment. After all he won't allow Neville to be too late. "I know you have boy, an you're a good lad. I was just wonderin, if you would have time sometime this week t' come by for a cuppa and a chat." Apparently Moody is not going to air anything here. "You're not in trouble." reiterated, incase it needed to be.

Julian slings his bag over his shoulder and gazes toward the Professor for a long moment, then he heads out the door. Next class is coming up soon.

Egbert bites his lip. He still doesn't like it, but it's Moody's class to run as he sees fit. And if everyone piped up at once— anyway, he gathers his things and ducks out after Julian, pausing in the hallway to write down a couple more names for later study.

Melissa follows quickly after Egbert. "You didn't have to…" she starts to say, but he's already gone.

Neville reshoulders his bag. "Sure, Professor. I can stop by this week," the boy agrees with just a small moment of thought. He back peddles a step, nodding and hoping he's allowed to go.

Moody nods "Good lad. If you're late-tell them I held you up, so as to not lose points. If y' get grief, let me know." And with that Moody is sliding on back towards his office he has notes to make and things to get ready for the next period.

"Yes sir, thank you Professor. See you, then," Neville says, taking the given opportunity to turn and trot out of the door, making quite sure not to trip about on his robes.

Surprisingly, no students were harmed in this scene.

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