1994-07-14: The Darker Side



Guest Starring: Isabel, Jurgen, Trevor and Addison

Scene Title The Darker Side
Synopsis Remus seeks out fellow werewolves.
Date July 14, 1994
Watch For Remus goes all Dark Side
Chronology Following the Cup, Remus works on gathering information.
Logger Happy Shiny Shield Charm!

A Deserted Moor

A small group of mis-matched individuals are camped out in a remote moor, far from prying eyes and populated areas. The sky above is cloudy, and the full moon isn't for a few more nights. For now, the populace is safe from this group. A broad shouldered man stands while the others sit and speaks with a rough German accent, "Ven are ve going to be allowed our share? Before ve vere promised -" The man is cut off by a ragged yet proud looking woman, "Jurgen, patience. We will be given our dues all in good time."

It had taken a few nights of near sleepless searching, but Remus Lupin finally found out where a group of people like him…werewolves, were camped out. He isn't exactly enthused with the prospect of meeting with a group of ragtag werewolves, but he doesn't have a choice in the matter at the present time. Not really. In his own shaggy clothing, he apparated a ways away, so as not to surprise the group. With a steady pace, he slowly makes his way into the camp, giving the others time to discover that he's there and asks him what he wants. Some, perhaps, may recognize him from the first war. Though at the same time, the may not, depending on if they were involved with Fenrir Greyback back then or not.

Seek and ye might find. Indeed, this is a ragtag group of werewolves, outcasts of society. However, among the small gathering, there is no sign of Fenrir. The woman, Isabel, seems to be taking the lead of the pack. At least for the moment, as she silences the grumbles of Jurgen. "You haven't been here long, only lured by the promises of You-Know-Who, he will not fail us this time. He will keep his promises and reward our fealty!" One of the seated men, Trevor, turns his head sharply, sensing Lupin's approach and gestures for the group to quiet down. The woman rises to her feet in an almost regal manner and eyes Remus over. So far, there's no sign of recognition in her gaze.

Lupin stops a few feet away from the group, locking his gaze with Isabel. He gives her a small bow of his head. "Are you the one who leads this pack?" Comes his straightforward question. "I come…to seek information. But further more, I seek to join your group." He cuts straight to the chase. He never breaks gaze with Isabel, and stands just as tall and proud as a person of their stature can, so close to the full moon.

Isabel throws back her head and laughs in a throaty manner at Remus's request. While she laughs, those that were sitting are now standing. Trevor's eyes narrow upon the outsider and his expression is nothing short of mocking, "You? Join us? You reek of humanity." Isabel seems to have finished with her laughter and raises a hand to silence Trevor. "Your name?," she asks directly. The other two males hang back, Jurgen is suspicious in general while the other seems new to this lifestyle.

Lupin doesn't but raise an eyebrow at the woman. He takes a few steps forward. "If that is so, it is merely because I have been forced to work around them as a servant. Used as a ploy, as a topic of discussion about how they were able to 'tame' me." He says, feigning disgust at the thought. "Look, I know how they treat us just as well as you do. I've been living it for nearly thirty years of my life. All I ask is a chance. No…I demand a chance. Or are you scared I'll gain their obedience to me over your." He motions with his head to the others.

Isabel's eyes narrow with suspicion, she doesn't seem sold. Yet the youngest of the group just might be buying it. Jurgen snorts with derision while Trevor cants his head, "Tired of playing their pet then? /They/ not give you enough scraps?" Before Trevor says anything further, Jurgen speaks up, "Veren't you just saying, ve should stand together and avait His return and our chance at rights?" A smirk forms across Isabel's face as she addresses the group, "Of course we /vere/. However," she says as she lopes towards Remus, "What makes us think.. that we can trust his motives?" Eyeing Remus, she starts to circle, "He might kill the lot of us and steal our thunder away once the Dark Lord returns.. perhaps this one just wants an in with Greyback.."

It looks like more than half his battle is won, but Lupin's biggest challenge is still ahead. Isabel seems the smartest of the group. Which, in all honesty, makes sense. "I think your German friend has a point. We've got to stand together." He says to her, though he does glance at Trevor. "Why don't you go work for 'em for a while. Bet they'd just love another werewolf there. They love having something to show off." His voice drips with sarcasm. He scoffs Isabel. "If I wanted an in with Greyback, I wouldn't have to do it through you. He's the one who bit me. Who changed me. I am honoured that I was bitten by him."

"You're cracked in the head! My own family chucked me off, and wants nothing to do with me! Like this is all my fault! I just want my rights!" Trevor seems to have had a nerve touched on and would say more, but Jurgen gives him a quelling look. As for Isabel, she's clearly considering Remus's words, "Is that so? Hmmm.. we should consider the option of letting you join our pack then. So ssssssh.. you have much to be proud of then. Greyback bit our young friend Addison here, he's still adjusting, but we're taking good care of him." Jurgen's nostrils flare visibly as he stares hard across at Remus, as if the man were still nosing his way in, "Vith His return nearing, how do ve know - " "Silence!" Jurgen's words are cut off by Trevor snapping at him, "This newcomer, I don't like the smell of him! He just wants to steal the reward HE will give us! Take our place in his circle!"

Lupin raises an eyebrow at Trevor. "Hah. Well, tough luck then, isn't it? We've all had our problems, kid. You'd better learn to live with them quick, or you could jeopardize everything we want to work for. The equality. If you can't have a clear head through this all…well then you're not fit for the fight." The last bit is said in a rather harsh tone. He nods to Isabel. "I am very honoured, very proud. He is a magnificent man. One of the best, if not THE best, I've seen. A great leader." He merely nods at mention of Trevor having recently been bitten. As Trevor speaks up again, interrupting Jurgen and snapping at the other two, his eyes narrow. "Do you know what I smell when your scent wafts over to me? Huh? I smell fear. Loathing. Anger. Anger and loathing…they are good in the fight. You can use them. Channel them to those who best deserve retribution. But fear…fear can cause you to panic. It can cause your own death. If you're not up for the challenge, I'd suggest you shut your yap. Get yourself a muzzle. The Dark Lord won't be able to reward you if you aren't alive to receive it."

"A magnificent man?" Isabel laughs with derision, "Don't let him hear you say it that way. He might not take too kindly. Greyback is proud of what he is." Isabel seems quite proud too of what she is, and there's a slight glow to her eyes as she mentions Fenrir. A hand raises to pat at Lupin's face. "You might work out. I'll talk it over with the boys. Until we meet again." Yet she doesn't say how or where. Obviously Remus found them once, he can find them again. This meeting may have been cut prematurely short, but it could turn into a bloodbath, and she's got a new toy in mind. "Come boys, we have work to do," she says, chivvying off the other three.

Lupin snorts a chuckle. "Perhaps you are right." He nods firmly. "He has every right to be proud. As we all do." He says with a knowing glance to the youngest of the crowd. "Before you go, I hope I may ask a question of you. Do you know who is behind the Death Eater attacks in Diagon Alley and the attack at the Cup?" He asks, his tone firm. "I'd like to be able to congratulate who ever is behind those attacks. It was bold. I like that. I wouldn't mind being in on it."

Isabel pauses and flashes a look over her shoulder at Lupin, "Who do you think is behind it? We're still outcasts, we haven't been granted the knowledge of the witches and wizards who were there." There's a fair amount of scorn to her tone, as if she's worked hard, but is still at the bottom of the barrel. Displeased that she wasn't able to participate. "One thing is certain, that Sirius Black gives us quite a bit to go on," she says with a mad sort of laugh as she stalks off.

Lupin gives a bit of a laugh before turning to go his own way. Looks like he has his work cut out for him. It won't be easy. Then again, he never expected it to be. He just hopes that they'll let him into their little group and get more info out of them the more he gains their trust.

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