1995-02-20: The Boy Who Lives


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Scene Title The Boy Who Lives
Synopsis Harry wakes up finally in the infirmary to find Sirius sitting by his side.
Location Hogwarts - Hospital Wing
Date Feb 20, 1995
Watch For Socks
Logger The Dog Father

Back at Harry's side in time for dinner, Sirius is seated at his godson's bedside. He had stepped away from the castle briefly last night, and again earlier in the day. There's no rest for the Order really. Not that the animagus minds at all. He prefers keeping busy, as he was always an active sort, and after being locked away for so long? He's more so now. There are a couple of trays that hold delicious meals from the kitchens floating at just the right height for both Black and Potter. (The trays were also specially delivered by Dobby.)

It's been three, nearly four, days since The Scare(tm) in the Great Hall when Harry appeared to arise from the dead. It wasn't a long period of wakening. Just enough for him to spill the news that You Know Who…yeah…he's back. After which he promptly passed back out and has been here, in the Hospital Wing, ever since. People have come and gone. Some to pay respects, others to sneer and gloat. Not that he noticed. But now, there's a stirring in the bed followed by a low groan as the boy starts to regain consciousness.

Sirius is looking at Harry quickly the moment he stirs. "Rise and shine, you're in time for dinner," he says with forced cheerfulness. Oh he's happy that Harry's awake, it's just, well, the scare, and he's still deeply concerned. "Your friend Dobby brought up dinner for you. Quite the elf, he is. Mine could take a lesson from that one. Dobby also left you a gift of socks." There's a faint twinkling that appears in his eyes at this.

Oh god, it feels like he's been hit by a muggle train. Eyelids crack open just a hair, though enough to allow him to glance around. Looks like… "H….how long have I been out?" he whispers, being all he can manage at the moment as he tries to prop himself up on his elbows. Not an easy task for someone who just awoke from a mini-coma. Nor is reaching for his glasses, which takes a moment for him to locate and slide them onto his face.

"Since Friday, so three days," Sirius says, while peering at Harry with a good deal more concern. "Pomfrey is having you stay put for the remainder of the week. So relax, and just focus on resting the best you can. You gave us all a good scare." Indeed Sirius has paled a bit, as he remains in his seat. "There's tea, water and juice here, do you want any of it?" He doesn't press for details, as far as he's concerned, those can wait. Harry's welfare is his foremost worry.

Harry blinks several more times as his eyes adjust to being used once again (thanks for the break). "Juice. Please." he responds, finally managing to get upright and looking around. Pomfrey. Right. Hospital wing. And he's got to stay here the rest of the week? "I….I didn't mean to…" he adds, a hint of apology on his voice.

Sirius pours up a glass of juice for Harry and hands it to him. When Harry decides he wants a bite to eat, the tray will lower itself for him, for easier reach. "Small sips since you've been out of it." The corners of his mouth draw downward as he gives Harry a squeeze on the shoulder before he settles back against his seat. He won't hover like Mrs. Weasley would. "I know you didn't," he says quietly before he forces a smile and says, "I disrupted McGonagall's class when I got told you'd gone missing." There, that ought to be something amusing for Harry to hear.

Smalls sips be damned! Harry's thirsty and as soon as the glass is passed to him he starts to chug it. Should have listened to the godfather, as he nearly chokes. *cough* *hack* *wheeze* Now, taking the advice, he starts to sip lightly. His green eyes lift and he gives a small smile at the squeeze. "I bet old McGonagall didn't take too kindly to that." he retorts, doing his own best to keep the smile going.

Sirius frowns just a bit, but Harry learns the hard way. He reaches over and gives the teen a hearty pat to the back to help him cough that up. His smile clearly says 'I told you so.' "No she didn't. In retrospect, I wish I had of had a camera to capture that fury on her face. I rather startled some students in the process as well." He settles back and folds his arms across his chest, "Your classmates of several houses have come by to check in on you. A number of them also fought bravely on Friday when the Death Eaters brought you and.. well.. it was a rather emotional battle." Then as if about facing, he changes the topic, "You turned up missing the same weekend I was pardoned. So I'm free to stay with you while you recover here. I think, if you want, I can ask Dumbledore about letting you come stay with me over Easter break."

Everything that Sirius mentions before talking about the battle is completely overlooked as the memories come back to Harry. "Perpetua." he says quietly, lowering his glass and hanging his head so his godfather won't see the tear that is sliding down his cheek. "I couldn't do anything, Sirius, to stop it. Peter….he had my wand and…" HIS WAND! Eye dart to the table, where they find it resting. "It was like I was in a dream."

So much for distracting conversation. Sirius looks at Harry and says bracingly, "She was brought back. I'm certain you did all that you could to help save her." Sitting up straight, he leans over to rest a hand on Harry's shoulder, tightening just slightly. "I know you fought bravely and as much as you could. No one faults you Harry. From the Death Eaters who brought you back.. well.. they were a right nasty lot, and among Voldemort's strongest and most loyal. They've given fully trained and qualified adults a run for their life."

Harry sets the glass aside on the floating try and uses his hands to wipe his eyes. Feeling the hand on his shoulder he looks up, his face a mess of emotions. Sorrow. Anger. Shame. Fear. "But why me? Why did she have to die and I didn't, Sirius?" he questions, shaking his head. "We both were hit with the killing curse. We both should be dead." And then, the second half of what was said hits. "Hogsmeade." How would he know that? "Tell me no one else died. Please." At least he knows Sirius is alive.

Of course Sirius realizes Harry is getting emotional, and has the tact (for once!) to not call attention to it. He quietly hands over a handkerchief for him, "That's something we'll have to work out with Dumbledore. I suspect Pomfrey's already rushed off to tell him you're awake, and he'll have questions for you about what happened. I can't say that I understand why you managed to survive and she didn't. People don't normally survive the Killing Curse." And here, Harry's done so twice. "They delivered you and the young lady to Hogsmeade, yes. Made quite a show of it too. We suspect they were under orders to just deliver. Of course we engaged them in a fight." He pointedly doesn't mention the rather nasty death someone else faced at the hands of Fenrir Greyback. "Your classmates fought admirably, despite Mad-Eye of all people telling them to get back to the school."

Harry glances around, and upon failing to find any hint of Madam Pomfrey, he nods agreeingly. "I figured he'd want to talk to me. Not that I don't have questions of my own." he states, working to calm himself down best he can. "I remember Hogsmeade. Or at least…hearing it. And they were under orders. I remember Voldemort…" and yes, he purposely says the name, "…telling them to dump the bodies at the gates and send up a dark mark." There's a faint hint of a smile at mention of his classmates, though it's mixed with a hint of concern. It was, after all, a Hogsmeade weekend. "Is Ginny ok? Hermione? Ron?"

Darn skippy Dumbledore wants details from Harry. There's no way around it. "I'm glad we never gave them the opportunity to make it that far," Sirius says, voice going a bit cold at what Harry says. "They're quite fine. Hermione and Ron were not in the village, but.. Ginny I believe? Red head? Part of the Weasley's I think? She's fine. Fought with tenacity and was quite concerned for you. Angelina's been checking on you constantly too. She took the Cruciatus Curse, as did Siobhan."

"I'm glad you didn't either. Wouldn't have wanted someone to stumble across us just laying there." Harry admits, sagenodding at the mention of Sio and Angie taking hits. From the way it was worded, sounds like they recovered though and his face soon turns up at the better news. "That's good news. No one killed." At least not that he knew. "So I'm stuck here for a few more days?"

Sirius inclines his head in a nod. "Pomfrey wants to be sure you're okay. Can't say I blame her since none of us know how the blazes you survived." He rises some from his seat and gives Harry a fraternal sort of hug and quietly says for the teen's ears, "I thought I lost you. It felt like losing James all over again." It's been rolling through his head since Friday, and a keenly felt ache that he finally vocalizes. Once that's done, he straightens up and says a bit decisively, "Now. I think you should try and eat a little something. It looks like Dobby brought up some of everything in the kitchens and it's as excellent as usual."

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