1995-02-25: The Boy Who Keeps On Living


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Scene Title The Boy Who Keeps On Living
Synopsis Ginny and Harry catch up.
Location Rear Courtyard, Hogwarts
Date February 25, 1995
Watch For The awkward!
Logger Ginny

With Hogsmeade weekend cancelled due to the attack and everything that happened, the courtyard is still suprisingly sparse. Everyone must be staying out of the light snow that is falling from the sky. Everyone except for Harry. Being cooped up in the Hospital Wing for a week is enough to drive anyone crazy which is why he's out here. "When you get back, I'll have some more owl treats for you." he says, rubbing Hedwig on the head before she lifts off into the air carrying an envelope with a hoot. His gaze follows he upwards, until she's out of sight.

Ginny hasn't been avoiding a certain Boy Who Lived. Really. Honest. Well.. okay. Maybe. Seeing Harry like she had, thinking he was dead, it'd shaken Ginny up. She'd studiously avoided the Hospital Wing, and kept to herself the past week. However, one does need fresh air occasionally, and that's why Ginny was in the courtyard. It was her need for fresh air that was her undoing, really. Because there is the very thing she's been avoiding, right there. Ginny hopes she hasn't been spotted, and begins to back up.

Nope, she hasn't been spotted yet. As Hedwig disappears into the snowy sky, Harry slowly brings his gaze back down to the courtyard level. A gaggle of Ravenclaws off to one corner meet his gaze and the group quickly scatters in three different directions. There's an audible sigh as he shakes his head. Seems that's been the case. Either people follow him around like worshippers, or they avoid him. As his gaze continues the drop, he scuffs his shoes in the snow and starts to move towards the covered bridge.

Ginny is making a hasty retreat! Hastyhastyhasty! Haste is Ginny's middle NAME. Well, besides Molly. Ginny Haste Molly Weasley. Ginny Molly Haste Weasley? As she's focusing on the order of the names, Ginny doesn't look as to where she's stepping. And that's how she ends up on her butt, on the flagstones. Ice is not condusive to haste, no it is not.

The eerie silence of the courtyard is broken by the sound of the fall and it's cause enough for Harry to stop. Turning back, his eyes catch the familiar features and for a moment he hesitates. Deep in the back of his mind, he can't help but figure that the state he was in must have been hard to deal with. Eventually, however, he unfreezes and starts to move towards her until he's close enough to extend a hand to help her up. "They really should use a warming charm on the stones to keep the ice melted." he offers, as it's clear on his face he's trying to hold everything inside.

"Um." Oh, crap. C'mon, Ginny, use words! Real words! "Yeah." Okay, that counts. Now try a sentence! "Are you okay?" She blurts as she reaches for his hand, fingers clasping his. Perhaps that wasn't the best thing to start with, but it's out there, now. In the air. Impossible to take back. Ginny's cheeks begin to colour.
Harry tugs with his hand to help hoist Ginny up to her feet. "None the worse for wear." he offers, though the healing small gash to his cheek says otherwise. "How about you?" he counters, his own face tinging pink. No, it's not blood. Just blush.

Ginny reaches over to touch the scratch on his cheek, then pulls her hand back, her blush deepening. She swallows visibly, then looks down at their still clasped hands. "I'm.. um. I'm okay. And you?" Aand she'd already asked that. Crap. "I mean. Have you. All the. Um. Heard Pomfrey let you go." Stating the obvious! That's always a good fall-back.

Oh yeah, Harry can sense the awkwardness. Part of it being his own. He starts to incline his head to the incoming touch but when it's taken back he gives her hand a soft squeeze. "Yeah. Couldn't see any reason to keep me there anymore. Apparently between her, and the Ministry, they'd poked and prodded me enough." he says, grinning at Ginny. "I…I noticed you didn't stop by to visit." Or at least not while he was awake.

Ginny grins. It's a nervous grin, her skin stretching a little too tightly, but it's still a grin. She nods as he speaks, keeping her eyes on his face. That is, until Harry mentions her lack of visits. Then her eyes lower to the ground, and she scuffs her foot over the flagstones. "Um. Yeah. I just - I figured - maybe you wanted to be.. alone. Or something."

At least its not a creepy grin. That would just be weird. Harry keeps his gaze focused on her as he talks, but then follows hers down to the stones on ground. "For a little while I did. But then it got kind of lonely sitting there with just Sirius to talk to." The last is said with a slight bit of a grin as he looks up.

Ginny looks up briefly, her expression clearly sheepish. "I'm sorry. I just.. I wasn't sure what I'd say, or do, if I visited. So I kind of just.. didn't." She scratches the tip of her nose - a nervous gesture. "As you noticed."

Harry chuckles and scratches the back of his neck. Itch, or nervousness? You decide. "Nothing to be sorry for. Probably would have done the same thing if the situation were reversed." he replies, shaking his head lightly. "You wouldn't have had to say anything. I probably would have done all the talking." Oh yes, there's a lot of things he could have talked about.

Ginny moves to perch on the lip of the fountain, not releasing his hand as she does so. "Well," she starts, and then pauses, as if trying to mentally get the words in order. "We can talk now." She looks up, and smiles hesitantly. "I mean, if you want to."

He wouldn't let go even if it was a direct order from faculty. Well, maybe. If there were points to be lost he might. Rotating around so he can lean against the fountain beside her, Harry smiles quietly for a moment. "Actually, I'd thought it'd be better to answer any questions you had. I'm sure there's quite a few." As he mentions that, he gives her hand another light squeeze as if to reassure her it's ok and he's really here.

Ginny twists her free hand around and around her scarf, winding and unwinding it. "Well.. I mean. How.. how did you.." She pauses to take a deep breath, and seems to gain some courage from that. "I'm sure you've answered this a hundred times already, but.. you looked dead, Harry. And you're clearly not. What happened?"

"I was dead." Harry replies, and then quickly adds, "For a moment." Yeah, not exactly an answer. Let him clarify upon that. "Dumbldore's not sure. Nor is the Ministry. Whatever the reason, they say it was very powerful magic." As he explains, his foot taps nervously on the snow-covered stones of the courtyard. "I remember hearing the words and seeing the curse coming. I fought if off as long as I could, but in the end Volde…" He pauses, catching himself, "…he overpowered me. It was almost like a dream for a moment."

Ginny blinks, tilting her head. "Dead? But.. I mean, you're not dead now.." Great with the obvious, Gin. "So what exactly ha - okay, you don't know. No one knows? You just.. died and then undied?" She seems to need a moment to disgest this. "Well. Okay. Does anyone know if it'll happen again? Like, anytime you die you just.. pop right back up?" Tact is not Ginny's strong point.

It's not Harry's either. He's more of a act before you think person. Still, he has to find another way to explain it. "Someone from the Department of Mysteries suggested it was very powerful dark magic. But they didn't say anything else. Just that they needed to research it." The foot stops tapping. "I don't think so. Well, at least that's the general consensus. That somehow I was protected against death by a powerful spell. Hermione's already looking in the Restricted Section I'd bet. I can say, I am absolutely glad I'm not dead."

Ginny tilts her head. "How do they research that sort of thing? Books?" Hermione would probably hit her if she heard the skeptical tone in Ginny's voice. "Or do they need to poke you and prod you and do all sorts of experiments?" Maybe books would be safer. "I'm glad you're not dead, too!" She exclaims, with perhaps too much enthusiasm. "Very glad."

Harry shakes his head, which causes a bit of snow that's collected to fly off into the air. "Something about spells hidden down in the Department of Mysteries. He was a really weird old guy." he answers, scrunching up his nose a bit at the memory. "And they did enough poking and prodding I think." Her enthusiasm earn a laugh, and a smile from him though only for a moment. "I think the worst part of the whole ordeal was not being able to do anything for Perpetua." he adds, his voice taking a momentarily turn toward the solemn spectrum.

Ginny leans over to rest a comforting hand on his shoulder. "We'll get the people that did that to Perpetua, Harry." She leans against him briefly, smiling briefly. There's softness in that smile, but also a fierce determination. Ginny means every word she says.

It's a small comfort, but every little bit does help. "Oh, I know who did it." he says quietly, "And if I see him again, he's not getting away this time." There's a set determination to his voice, as he nods his head. But when she leans against him, the attitude shifts. "Thanks. I don't know what I'd do without you." Wait..shouldn't there be more to that list. "And Ron. And Hermione. And Sirius." He could keep going, but instead tilts his head to the side as though trying to rest it on hers.

Ginny looks fairly grim as Harry mentions that. "Yeah, I had my suspicions. We'll.. we'll take him down, Harry. Don't you worry about that." She nods her red head firmly, and lingers against him, even though it hardly seems appropriate, given what they're talking about. A wide grin breaks over her features as he says that, and she adds, "And Hedwig," her voice gently teasing.

Harry nods softly as he looks out over the courtyard. "I know we will. But I'll still worry. Nothing's ever going to be the same." he says, looking up to the sky at mention of his owl. "Oh, yeah, and Hedwig. That reminds me, I'm going to have to dig in my trunk and see if I have more treats for her. I promised her I'd have some when she got back."

Ginny nods, squeezing his hand gently. "No, it's not. But it can get better. And it will, in time." She, too, glances up to the sky when Harry does. "Could probably swipe some of Hermione's treats for Crookshanks if you can't find any. Maybe Hedwig will like them."

Squeezing her hand back, Harry chuckles and reaches up to brush some snow from his eyes. "I tried that once. Nasty cut on my finger where she nipped me." he admits, shaking his head. "I'm sure someone has a few I can get. Until I can get down to Hogsmeade to get more." At that moment, there's a short gust of cold wind, causing him to grab and pull his cloak around with his free hand. "Maybe we should head back inside. I could get Dobby to bring us some cocoa and snacks." he offers, smiling at her.

Ginny chuckles softly. "Well, then maybe that's not the best idea. I'm sure plenty of people will be thrilled to give their owl treats to The Boy Who Just Keeps On Living." She elbows him gently him in the ribs, then begins to shiver as the wind hits them. "That sounds like a good idea."

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