1994-12-10: The Bigger Man


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Scene Title The Bigger Man
Synopsis Bean runs into Sio and Oscar while he's big. They joke around some.
Location Slytherin Common Room
Date Dec 10, 1994
Watch For Snark, bad relationship advice, and the 'House Ball.'
Logger Big!Bean

After Bean's been out in the cold, he comes back in, having lost Rene somewhere. Probably to his adoring fans. He steps in through the portrait hole, ducking to narrowly avoid smacking his currently-high head against the edge of the entrance, grumbling as he does. This place just isn't really built for seven-foot-tall firsties. He takes the biggest seat and leans back in it, obviously in a little pain. He glances around, takes account of where people are, and pulls out a school book to read. It looks extremely incongruous for a huge man to be reading a first year tome.

Oscar has been enjoying a little catnap. These early mornings are just killer, but now having rested up, he's feeling refreshed and ready to make miserable the lives of the little people around here. Only … he seems about to learn that at least some of them aren't so little anymore. As usual, he takes the steps up from the dorms two at a time, his long strides carrying him several feet into the common room before his spidey sense tingles and tells him that Something Isn't Right here. "Who the hell are you?" he demands, not having really given the large man a careful look yet.

"I'm hurt, Houlihan." Bean replies, in faux-desperation. "Can't you even recognize your own little lackeys?" He rolls his eyes, looking up at the older boy for a long moment and then he returns his gaze down to the book. He understands the role of the bigger guy pretty well, and plays it equally well. "It's amazing what a little phial of potions will do for a guy." He leans back, affecting a pose of ease, despite the ache in his body.

Well, now, this is different. But to his credit, Oscar catches on pretty quickly. "Woah. Dunno if 'little' lackey still applies," he comments with a grin, suddenly much more amiable than he usually is to the tiny boy. "Some sort of stretching potion?" he guesses, giving the adult-sized boy a scrutinizing look, trying to figure out what the hell kind of potion could turn the tadpole into a whale. But there's no denying, whatever the cause, he's much more pleasant to someone who could kick his ass without really trying.

Julian shakes his head. "Aging potion, actually. I'm only supposed to be 20-something, I think." He's not sure. It didn't give him a glaring number. "My bones feel like I'm as old as old Dumbledore, though." He shrugs, even that motion making him wince. "I'm not sure what's going on, and neither is Madame Pomfrey." He leans his head back, looking up at the ceiling. "Already gotten several comments about the weather up here, and stupid stuff like that."

"Hopefully only half as crazy though," is all the very sympathetic Oscar offers in regards to feeling as old as Dumbles. He flops down into a seat, slouching down and making himself quite at home. "If you ask me, you ought to enjoy it. Beats being a little pipsqueak. Should take the chance to get back at all those other houses who picked on you." Not that Oscar isn't quite happy to also beat them up for good measure. "Could just sit on 'em."

Julian gives a wry snort at Oscar's comment on their Headmaster's state of mind. He chuckles. "Naw, because the effect is temporary, and people have longer memories than that. If I was staying this way for a week or two, I could get away with something like that for a few days, then lay low for the rest of the time, and make it out okay. But since I'm gonna be scrawny as a bean again in two days or so…" He gives another shrug, this one slower. "I just better stick with avoiding trouble." Besides, it'd hurt him almost as much, the way his body feels.

Slipping from her dorm room, Siobhan turns to shut the door behind her before ambling down the hall and out towards the Common Room. She's forgone her school robes in favor of jeans and a pale blue hoodie underneath her trademark magenta cloak. Broom clutched tightly in one hand, she makes for the door, only to stop dead in her tracks. "Bean?" Siobhan; gobsmacked. "That you, mate?"

Oscar pulls a small red rubber ball from his pocket and begins lobbing it lazily into the air, catching it easily each time it drops back down, making a quiet 'thock' sound as it hits his palm. "Suit yourself then," he allows with a shrug. Obviously, if it were him, anyone who'd even looked at him funny would at least have their head stuffed down a toilet or two. "Hullo Noble," he greets without looking over, keeping his gaze on his one-sided game of catch. Yes, it's easy for him to act so blase about the giant Bean-stalk now.

Julian hears his name called, and turns, chucklling softly at Siobhan. "Noble." He greets her politely. "It is I. Aging potion's a wonder, innit?" There's a hint of his street origins in his tone, and he shifts again, attempting to get comfortable. "Not sure if it was supposed to work like this, or if I did something completely wrong, but mRene and I worked together, and he's fine." He frowns. "You oughta see him. Got a huge fan club. I hope he doesn't let it go to his head." He looks down to his book again, intent on getting a little bit of reading done.

"Name's Sio, please." Well that was…eloquent. Pulling herself together with remarkable swiftness - Siobhan always was adaptive - she shakes her head as if to clear it. "Blimey, Bean…" But that seems to be the last explicative to cross her lips. "Enh, he'll be alright. That kid's got a good head on his shoulders, yeah?" Brown eyes narrow at the shifting. "You alright there, mate?"

"What, he need someone to take him shopping for supportive underthings?" Oscar guesses. Because Rene is a girl, as far as the rather gender-stereotyped lad goes. He just snorts and lets it go with that though, going back to his ball-tossing, sparing just a brief sidelong glance as Sio shows concern for Bean's well-being. Eih, the kid's tough. He can take it, if you ask Oscar.

Julian nods. "Yeah, just sore." He acquiesces to the first-name invitation with a small tilt of his head. "Sio." He makes sure he's saying it right. He shifts in his seat, and chuckles. "Supportive underthings." He doesn't voice the thought that comes to mind with Oscar's words, because he really does want to keep himself in the boy's good graces.

Siobhan has no such compunction; she could care less whether she's in Oscar's good graces or not. So it shouldn't be much of a surprise when her free hand strikes out to thwap him upside the back of the head. "You stop that about Rene, or I'll let slip about the supportive underthings I saw in your trunk." Whether or not she saw said underthings is highly debatable, but there's no doubt that Sio - even in her current state of unpopularity - has the rumor mill wrapped around her little finger. Bean's complaint gets a long stare from the older girl, leading her to tap her wrist against her hip and gesture towards him with her tiny willow wand in a silent request for permission.

Julian frowns, watching Sio's interaction with Oscar, and when he sees her bring out her wand, he gestures expansively, the sign indicating, 'Go right ahead.' He turns toward her (the better to be hexed or charmed, my dear), and closes his eyes to ward off any possible weird effects. He shows her a considerable amount of trust. She's earned it.

"Ow!" Oscar complains, sitting up abruptly as his head is thwacked. He missed the ball's return and it goes bouncing off behind one of the other chairs. "What? I just want to make sure someone's got it covered. I understand it's a confusing time." He rubs at the back of his head, giving Sio a sour look, but making no actual move to retaliate. As to her threat, he just grins: "Well, you know, a lad's got to keep his trophies," he replies, taking her setup and running with it. She started it! He watches the others with vague interest as Sio actually thinks to do something about Bean's predicament, but then gets distracted summoning his ball with a little flourish. Whatever his grades, he's quite good with Charms in practical use.

"I didn't know catchin' the sales at Bloomingdale's was somethin' y'got a trophy for, Oscar." Although that would certainly explain her mother's extensive collection. With Bean's permission, Sio concentrates, her tongue poking out from between her teeth as she casts a warming charm on the boy, and then adds a little something extra at the end. "There, like a Muggle heatin' pad. Should help with the aches." That done, she holsters her wand in her sleeve and nods. "I tied the charm into your uniform tie, so it should last as long as you've got that on." Should being the operative word.

Julian feels the heat seep into his bones, and smiles, relief evident. "Thank you Sio." His body relaxes and he rolls his neck, attempting to get a crick out of it. "Bloomingdales?" Isn't she a Pureblood? Bean's confused. "Do you shop there?" It's not a huge point, but it helps him find out who knows what. When Oscar summons the ball to him, Bean snorts. "That's cheatin, isn't it?" Probably not for most folks, but it's worth a shot. His relief makes him a little silly.

Oscar just snorts again. "Nah, I prefer to earn my trophies, luv," he notes, glancing over at her with an incorrigible grin. It's almost flirtatious without being any sort of serious attempt to woo her. Sadly, the confident, indifferent air is exactly the sort of thing that might work on a certain type of girl. There's another cheeky grin as Bean accuses him of cheating. "Only cheating if you get caught." There's another sidelong glance as Sio fixes up the boy. "Could add an Affixing Charm," he notes offhandedly, as to keeping it stuck in his tie.

"S'what I used, yeah." Only slightly different, as she used a variation on that charm she showed Molly the other day, the one specifically for clothes. Oscar's flirting earns him a playful grin right back. "Still pickin' 'em up the hard way, then? That'd explain why you just haven't been pullin'." Two can play at this game, especially when there's nothing deeper behind it. "You're quite welcome, Bean; glad I could help." The younger boy's surprise ony makes her grin wider. "I have done, yeah. They've got a few fun tops and bags now an' then."

Julian snickers at the interplay between the two older kids. "I heard that unless there were objections, there wasn't any such thing as cheating …" In relationships anyway. Of course, this was on the street, so it's probably not the most reliable advice. "That's a bit surprising to me, actually. That you shop out there." 'Out there' is the Muggle world. "But, I should learn…" He gestures down to his huge frame. "Not to be surprised here anymore." He chuckles wryly.

Oscar gives an approving nod that Siobhan took his advice before he even had to be bothered to give it. He's just that good. "Now, now, a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell. So I hear, anyway." He shrugs his shoulders, as if the ways of these 'gentle-men' are beyond his understanding. "But since you weren't my social secretary last I checked, didn't see the need to run my girls by you first, dear." Maybe he should get a social secretary. He looks back over at Bean, his eyebrows raising just a bit at the mention of 'out there', but he doesn't comment on that, just moving on to the matter of not being surprised: "Good general policy, 'round here. And anyway, I leave it to girls with all their feelings to worry 'bout getting hurt over cheating." Perhaps realizing that he's opening himself up for another smack, he sits forward, trying to keep himself out of easy reach, though he isn't too fussed beyond that.

"Everyone always is." Surprised to hear she shops there. "Dunno what all the fuss's about. Their denims are really comfortable." Oscar gets a grin and a wink. "If you ran 'em by me first, luv, you'd pull more often." oh yes, the girls know who among them is an Easy Pull. "But, I've a bit of flyin' to do before dinner. See ya later!" Offering both boys a lazy salute, she turns towards the door. And lest one think Oscar had been forgotten, the tail twigs of her broom just happen to skim along the back of his head. Thanks for duckin'! "Oh, an' Bean? Would you mind findin' me a few books on Mermish? I can't seem to figure out anythin' else that can't talk in th'open air…"

"Mermish?" He blinks. "Alright, I'll see what I can do." Since the glrl has no support team, he's willing to do what he can, especially now that he isn't moving like a robot. There's a laugh as he watches Oscar get broomed to the back of the head. "Yeah, need to watch out, there." He's taking advantage of the easy relationship at the moment. He might regret it later.

"Oi!" comes Oscar's cry of protest as he gets broomed. At least he didn't lose his ball this time. "Watch the hair. That bit's all dirty!" While he's far from following the Snape School of Hair Care, he's really far from the sort of guy who worries about his hair though. So long as it doesn't get in his eyes when he's in the middle of an important beat-down. Oscar's helpful suggestion gets an arched eyebrow that might suggest in turn that the Bean shouldn't push his luck.

Siobhan nods to Bean. "Yeah, Mermish. Unless you know of any other critters that live under ground or water… Maybe Rene would know somethin'?" She laughs at Oscar's wounded pride. "Didn't anyone ever tell you? The dirty bits are the most fun!" And with that, she strides right on out the door to the outer dungeons.

Julian only knows muggle creatures. "If it's not goldfish, I'm lost." He looks a little sheepish. "Rene would definitely know." He watches her leave, and then snickers at her comments. He may not be interested much in the opposite sex quite yet, but he's still got a sense of humor. "It gives you that 'windswept' look." He grins at Oscar. "I may have to wait for this potion to wear off to do much more with the looking thing. Harder to do when you're lumbering around." Especially when you used to be much smaller.

"Women are nothing but trouble," Oscar grumbles, once Siobhan is out of ear shot, or at least easy hexing distance. "And some more than others. Stick with the easy ones," he advises, not worried that this is maybe not quite the sort of advice to be giving a first year. He runs a hand over his hair, as if trying to fix it, and then undoes the whole thing by rubbing his hand up and down a few times in the back, mussing it up more than ever. Just to spite her. "How much longer are you that way?"

"He said three days, so another day or so." Bean says, shrugging. "Not soon enough, if you ask me." He does prefer being small. It's what he knows. Big people have to do things a lot differently than little people. Especially when it comes to social things. Reactions alone are extremely different. "It's been a sociologial eye opener, that's for sure." He snickers. "Rene's got girls flocking to follow him around, and I'm even more different than …" He shrugs, not finishing the sentence.

Oscar finally sits back again after one last glance over his shoulder to make sure no crazy women are standing there waiting to smack him further. "Yeah, you are a bit of an odd duck, aren't you," he agrees, giving Bean another considering look. It isn't said as an insult, at least, just agreeing upon that point in a conversational tone. "Well, where you can't blend in, you just have to teach others that it's a bad idea to have an issue with it." Works for him, anyway.

Julian agrees. That's the law he's had to live by for years. "Yeah. If they think you're easy pickin's, they will." Pick, that is. "S'true even here." He shrugs. "Now that I'm not aching so much, I need to get this Herbology homework read." He grins. "I might tower over the professors, but they can still take house points." This makes him roll his eyes. "So, I have to have my homework finished, even if I'd rather be doing something else entirely." He's not certain what that might be at the moment.

"True everywhere," Oscar agrees, in an uncharacteristic moment of seriousness. But it passes quickly and he's back to being irreverent and indifferent. "Yeah, you could start breathing fire and they'd still give you three feet of parchment on the proper care and treatment of the venemous tentacula." He jerks his chin up in a nod of farewell and slouches back down, resuming his game of catch.

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