1995-03-31: The Bark and The Bite


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Scene Title The Bark and The Bite
Synopsis Trelawney leaves her tower. Amber gets bitten.
Location Rear Courtyard, Hogwarts
Date March 31st, 1995
Watch For The bite!
Logger Trelawney

It's almost April. Man, time really flies, and that means the school year's going to be coming to an end. Not quite time to think about that yet, because, thankfully, there's still some time left, and still time to practise for next year's Quidditch season. At the moment, all Amber has is her football and one of the castle walls, but that's okay. She can throw it hard enough for it to bounce off of the weathered stone at an odd angle. After that, the goal is to actually catch it.

The ball bounces off the wall, rockets out at a very unexpected angle, and the Hufflepuff dives after it, ending up in one of the still-leafless and somewhat scratchy hedges - but at least she caught the ball. "Ow— Ow, ow, ow," she repeats as she untangles herself. Good thing she's wearing long sleeves and her Quidditch gloves, or she'd be all scratched up!

It is almost April. Which means the blasted snow has mostly disappeared and Bean can come back outside to the courtyards and find a place to think without freezing or ruining his school robes. He strides out into the courtyard a little more confidently than he normally does, only to nearly be hit by a whizzing football. "Matthews…" He recognizes that football and, as well, the girl kicking it around. He moves to the bench and sits down, quietly watching the older girl.

With it being almost April, Harry's mind is drifting more towards the Easter holiday that will be approaching and how he is going to be spending it. Which is his train of thought as he enters the courtyard, his nose buried in a book and almost oblivious to anything else.

Yes indeed, spring is here! Of course, the weather hasn't really gotten the memo yet. The wind bites at the skin and tugs at the hair, and the sky is resolutely grey. However, the spirits of the students and faculty alike have shifted towards more positive views.

Sybill Trelawney, for one, has actually ventured outside her classroom. She moves slowly, almost creakily, as if she were much older than her 44 years. Her enlarged eyes gaze warily at the outdoors - has she even been outside yet this year? Doubtful. Spotting Amber first, she comments in her wispy voice, "Be careful there, my dear girl." Trelawney smiles at Bean, nodding to the small boy, and then glances at Harry. "Why hello, Mister Potter. I trust you are well?"

Amber wrinkles her nose, picking sticks out of her clothing. Would 'Reparo' work on a shrub? She's not sure, and she doesn't want to potentially ruin the thing by miscasting. Unstrapping her glove to make sure there's no sticks in it, she hears her name, curiously looks up, and sees the little Slytherin kid from the library. A wave is offered cheerfully, as if to say 'oh, hey!' without actually saying anything. The glove is wrapped back around her arm, and she heads over - or starts to… Because she crosses paths with Harry, stops, and turns back around. "Oi, Potter? Good book there?" It's a polite way of saying, 'hi, watch where you're going.' "I was j— "


"Oh, don' worry, Pr'fessor Trelawney. I'm made o' tough stuff. Little shrubs ain't gonna 'urt me none."

Potter? Julian turns to look at the boy in question. Very closely, in fact. He frowns, seeming to take in several things about the famous boy at once. But he decides to let it be for the moment. "They might, if they're some of the stuff grown over there," Bean jokes dryly, nodding toward the greenhouse as he does. "There's some pretty interesting stuff in there." He shrugs. "Don't want to get eaten by it." The teacher gets a nod back. He's seen her, but doesn't know who she is.

Harry looks up as his name is called. And good thing too as he was just about to trip over one of the loose flagstones in the courtyard. "Oh, hi, Professor." he says, nodding politely to the woman. "As well as can be expected, I suppose." he adds, folding the book shut with hand and showing it to Amber. "Advanced Defensive Theory." Yeah, it's above his level but given all that's happened he decided it might be an interesting read.

"You would be more productive spending time on your Divination, my dear. You have so much unharnessed power - indeed, if you were to focus it on divining what is to come, you would be very wise indeed." Trelawney's voice seems to gain volume as she speaks, but it's still slightly rough in texture, as if she's been inhaling too much incense.

Her dreamy gaze is turned to Amber, and a slow smile is on her lips. "You never know what a shrub might hold, however. Shrubbery is known for its symbolism - it signifies a romance to come." A hand rests on Amber's shoulder as she passes the girl, imparting her wisdom. Finally, her attention turns to Bean, and she smiles. "Hello. I am Professor Trelawney. You will see more of me in.. two years, isn't it? When you choose your electives. I would highly suggest Divination." She winks.

"Yah, I know," Amber says, also looking toward the greenhouses. She's not a fan of the herbology. Too boring. Oh, sure, it wasn't at first, but when you're stuck in a greenhouse for hours trying to find the best way to take a cutting of a plant that sprays corrosive acid if clipped wrong, well, you just have to like stuff like that a lot to find it fun. Amber does not.

Neither does she enjoy divination, judging by the look she gives that shrub. Somewhere between 'what the HELL' and 'OH HELL NO.' Then again, she's kind of enjoying one boy's company lately, so…

No. Divination is one of those hogwash things. Psha! Romance. She only knows of professor Trelawney because of the way her Housemates describe her. They were scarily accurate. Amber could picture her right down to the hair.
Looking from the shrub to the book cover, Amber smiles. "'ey, that's like Moody's lessons," she says. "Real inneresting, those."

"Okay." Bean gives his small-child smile to cover up the fact that he'll probably take Divination when Malfoy starts cheering for Gryffindor in the House Cup. His concept of divination is the old lady with the stand near Tottenham Court Road that tells everyone what they want to hear, and then spends the money on booze. "Learning anything, Potter?" He adds just a touch of borrowed drawl to see if he can get the boy's attention.

"Moody's lessons are cool," Bean says, happily. "I've learned quite a bit from 'em. He's a bit cracked, but …" He shrugs. The man is a survivor, and Bean can totally respect that. He leans back a little, until he feels the spray from the fountain. He pauses, and runs his hands through his hair in an instinctive gesture. "Man knows his stuff." He's still smiling.

"I know it probably would, Professor." Harry admits, doing his best to try to put it lightly and not upset the Divination professor. "But there's a few other classes that I was looking to take that might help me become an Auror." His gaze turns towards Amber with a grin. "Kinda, yeah. But I'm studying this separate from class." The last is said to both Amber and Bean.

Trelawney's brow furrows, and she purses her lips slightly. "Well, I suppose that is understandable. Being well-balanced is a good goal to strive towards." There doesn't seem to be that much passion in those words - it's more likely just something she's learned to recite. For now, her attention is focused on Amber - girls, after all, were always more partial to Divination. She's sure she can sway the girl. "Have you run into anything else, lately, Miss.." Her head cocks. What had the small one called her? "Miss Marshalls? A potted ficus, perhaps? An apple tree?" Bean is given a tolerant smile. "I look forward to seeing you there, then."

Ooh, getting the name wrong! Bad first (real) impression, professor. "It's… Matthews," Amber says, brow furrowing. She's not going to disrespect a teacher, but… her name! Amber kicks the soccer ball up into her hands. It's a subtle hint that things like Divination aren't appealing to her. Hey, if you can say something without words, why not? Keeps people guessing, and, besides, it's kind of fun to see if people can catch little things like that.

Either that, or she just can't find the words to tell Trelawney that she's not really interested. "I almost ran inta' Potter 'ere," she says, scraching her chin, leaving a muddy streak on in from the ball. "Oi, Bean! Catch!"
And that's all the warning she gives before she kicks the ball directly at him.

Julian is dextrous, and small. So, he merely leans to one side and lets the ball fly past him into the fountain behind him. "Does that mean, since you ran into the tree and then into Potter that he's the secret long-lost love?" Yes, he's ribbing Matthews and trying to rile Potter as well. He wants to see what this boy is made of, and this is the tool that's fallen into his hands. "Or, maybe you're letting him know that he's found his…" He grins cheekily, and then stands, ready to race out of the courtyard should someone start after him. "Or, maybe Potter is supposed to tell someone about their long lost love…" The possibilites are endless.

"No' sure I 'ad a past life," Amber says, looking at the professor like she's a little off. It's okay, she's lovable. And she's actually going to take Trelawney up on that invite, because dammit if she isn't curious. Hey, try everything once, right? You know, except for murder, and vandalism, and… Stuff of that nature. "Pr'fessor, I don' even know if I wanna have kids. But 'arry can take me onna date t'Ogsmeade n' buy me a Butterbeer, just so we can be sure we're incompaddable." When opportunity knocks, you answer.

Hey, wasn't that a splash? Crud. Her football is in the fountain.

Well, at least that's one way to get the mud off it. Still, it means she has to go in after it. Either that, or… "No, 'e isn't!" she says, though it's all in fun. Really. "Might you be, tho'? Hah, let's see if ya like bein' thrown inter' th' water t'fetch me football!" If he's ready to race, Amber's ready to race right after him. In fact, she does, and she's decently fast, too.

ACK! First, instead of understanding his sarcastic humor, the crazy woman thinks he's got the sight. THEN, the girl comes after him. And it's a closed off courtyard. He's tempted to scurry back inside the castle, but decides not to, instead running around to the other side of the fountain. "Not that warm yet. And these are my… school … clothes…." Of which he only has the requisite number. He narrowly avoids running into Harry. Poor guy.

"That's not a thought I'd like to entertain at the moment." Harry chuckles, shaking his head at mention of his and Amber's 'supposed' destiny. "Certainly not the first thing on my mi…" he starts to say, noticing the incoming Bean and stepping aside to avoid being run into.

"Now now, children, you should really take that sort of rough housing outsi.. oh. hm." Trelawney looks around, and blinks, looking quite startled. They are outside! Had that been true this whole time? "Still," she manages to gather herself fairly quickly, "I would not suggest running around on such hard surfaces, and near so much water. Water often tells of an omen of drowning, and I would hate for it to be accurate." Good, Trelawney, put the fear of fountains into them!

"Come back 'ere!" she yells, winded because of trying to talk and laugh at the same time while running. She's definitely gaining on him, though, despite the damp ground. When she's near enough, she puts in another burst of speed, sprinting on her toes, so she can essentially wrap her arms around him.

Really, Amber does try to put on the brakes, but the paving is slippery, and she can already feel herself falling. So she doesn't land on the first-year, she spins and lands on her back with an oof! arms still wrapped around him. "If I fall in, you c'm pull me out," she calls to the professor. "Prefer'bly before I drown."

Oh, no! She's got him! Instinct takes over, and suddenly, Amber's arms are full of a scrapping, kicking, biting, scratching firstie. He's a street kid. What do you expect? Bean tries his hardest to get out of the clutches of the girl, even using some of the tricks Moody's been showing them in lessons, or at least that he's picked up watching them. "Geroff!!!"

Harry watches the spectacle with a rather amused look for a moment. "Personally, I've always been fond of a good swim, myself. Never drowned. Though once I did think the squid in the lake wanted to pull me under." When Bean starts trying to break loose, he rolls his eyes. Gonna have to break this one up, isn't he?

Trelawney looks like she's about to flail her arms around. In fact, she does. Her shawl nearly slides off as she waves her hands rather ineffectually at the children in a "shoo" motion. "Oh, dear. Please don't do that. Please don't bite her, and dear, please let him go. This is such a bad idea." Her brow furrows, and she takes a step forward, as if to intervene. However, she doesn't seem to be able to. After all, what if she gets bitten? That couldn't be a good omen. Trelawney's mind wanders, her eyes vacant as she tries to recall if biting signified anything.

What the— !!!

Try everything once, right?

Gritting her teeth, she kind of backs away, hands rubbing the red away, and leaving streaks. She's kind of limping, too. Bean kicks worse than a slide-tackle, holy cow. "What th'ells wrong with ya?" she asks, when she's sure she's not bleeding out. "All I did was git you!"

Julian is free. He runs back toward the door to the castle and pushes the door open. As he scurries into the castle, he calls back toward them. "Don't touch me!" Take that how you will. Bean is mortified, and without any more preamble, he's gone.

Biting and clawing and Firsties OH MY!! Were things like this in Harry's first year? No, they were. They were too busy dealing with the whole Sorcerer's Stone thing. Yeah. That. Just about to reach for his wand, Bean seems to get free and runs off which means…no need for the wand. "That was….interesting."

"Oh, my. Oh, oh my." Trelawney sighs wholeheartedly, and then pats herself down. Where is her wand? After a few tries in various pockets, she finds it. Holding the wand in her fingertips, she walks over to Amber, frowning at the girl. "Stay still, please, dear." Assuming Amber does, various healing charms will be applied to the girl.

The first takes away the pain and soreness, and succeeds without incident. The second, however, results in the blood flowing weakly from the cuts to turn.. well, it turns distinctly purple. Then begins to steam. Trelawney looks utterly defeated, and sighs. "Perhaps we should get you to Madame Pomfrey, dear. Just.. just don't mention I healed you, alright?" Madame Pomfrey and Trelawney had had a Talk about that several years past. Well, Pomfrey had talked. Trelawney had mostly listened.

See, professors are supposed to be good with magic, and Hogwarts professors are some of the best in the world. Amber has no problem with holding her arms out so that Trelawney can heal them, and it seems to be working, at first, until she actually tries to heal them.

Considering the fact that blood usually gives skin its colour, Amber turns a purple colour, as if she's been seriously bruised. Of course, all she can see is the steaming violet blood on her arms, and that's enough for her to give Trelawney this look of utter horror, to which no words are accompanied. She just can't believe what she's seeing. "I— I think I c'n git myself there, thanks," she says weakly, as if she's just on the verge of passing out. "I'll just— " Still holding her arms out in front of her - kind of like a zombie - she starts for the door back into the school Oh god, how the hell is she going to explain this?!

Don't tell Pomfrey about Trelawney? T'ch! That's not likely!

Harry's arm momentarily twinges. Perhaps a distant memory of Lockhart's own failed attempt at magic and the resulting painful treatment of Skele-Grow. Instinctively he reaches to massage the arm, while at the same time nodding in agreement. "The Professor's probably right. That doesn't look good at all." As Amber starts back for the school, he shakes his head. Only two words come to mind. "Ickle Firsties."

Trelawney smiles warmly at Harry. "Why thank you, dear. I quite agree." Madame Pomfrey is scary, after all - even to teachers! "Be careful of the third step, Miss Matthews. And be sure to stop by in regards to your past lives." With another smile to Harry, she begins to make her way towards the school. Well, that had been a successful encounter!

No students were harmed in the making of this log.

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