Thalia de Riviat
Portrayed By Regina Spektor
House Ravenclaw
Year Graduated 1984
Position Rock Star / Tattoo Artist
Sex Female
Race Half-Blood
Age 28
Place of Birth Swansea, Wales
Date of Birth 06 May 1966
First Appearance The New Black
Last Appearance

Character History:


Thalia - call her "Tally" - is quite a bubbly girl. She enjoys what she does for a living, and this makes her quite happy. Sometimes it's hard for her to take things seriously, but when the situation calls for it, she usually can. She enjoys the finer things in life - good food, good clothes, good friends. A rather girly girl, Tally enjoys shopping, makeup, shoes, and the like.

Tally was quite the wallflower during her teen years, preferring the company of books to people. Since graduating, she has come out of her shell with a vengeance. However, pieces of the shy, awkward girl she used to be are still present, especially when she's interacting with people. Tally doesn't always know exactly what to say, or how to act, but she tries her best.

Determination has brought Thalia far in life, and it's one of her favourite tools. She thinks the best things - love, success, happiness - are all worth fighting for.

Notable Abilities

Singer: Thalia has a sweet mezzo-soprano voice that reviewers have called "positively addictive". She has gone through years of vocal coaching, which has granted her good control over her voice.

Song-Writer: While she won't be the next greatest poet, Thalia isn't half-bad at writing lyrics when she is called upon to do so. They often stem from her own life experience.

Tattoo Artist: After many years of getting it just right, Tally is now able to tattoo people. The tattoos are much like Wizarding portraits - they are often imbued with personalities, and will be able to move around a designated area of skin.

Memorable Quotes:

"Rebellion is the new black, dontcha know." - Tally to Christian and Evangeline in The New Black.

Trivia and Notes:

Before making it big, Thalia performed in countless open mics and small concerts all over the UK. Those who follow wizarding rock will most likely have heard of her, and maybe even seen her perform.

Den of Inkiquity:

The page containing all pertinent information for the Den of Inkiquity, the tattoo parlour that Thalia runs, is located at: Den of Inkiquity.


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