1994-07-03: A Tempest in a Teapot


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Scene Title Tempest in a Teapot
Synopsis Flourish and Blotts sees quite an interesting pack of characters.
Date 03 July, 1994
Watch For Subtext and a Brigadier
Chronology N/A
Logger Siobhan

Flourish and Blotts

Flourish and Blotts is the premiere bookstore for all wizarding needs in London. Towards the end of summer, this is the only shop where Hogwarts students can purchase their required texts for their studies. Bookshelves fill up most of this room, from floor to ceiling and are jam packed with volumes ranging in size from that of a postage stamp to a paving stone. The contents of the books are as varied if not more than their sizes. Tomes range from the harmless to some that could burn out the eyes of the reader. Why on earth that would be for sale is anybody's guess, but there you have it. The books seem to be arranged by their subject matter by the harried shop keeper and assistants.

Jack is actually doing work for a change. He enters the shop looking for a particular book that has just come out. He scans the shelves, pursing his lips, arms crossed. This is /not/ his forte. He's better at the doing than the study. But, the job requires it, so he does it. "Cowen, Craven, Crassius…" He continues to scan the titles. "Where is it?"

Curled up in that same corner chair she was in before her meal break, Siobhan hums quietly to herself while she reads. Her long, blonde hair is loose today, one strand close to her face keeps getting twisted as she plays with it absentmindedly. Unlike before, where the book in her lap weighed nearly as much as she does, her reading is lighter; literally. A fashion magazine - the Wizarding World's Vogue - hangs open to the reviews for 'This Summer's Hottest Foundations; You may melt hearts, but they won't melt off your face!'

"Look, I had /nothing/ to do with it!" an aggravated male voice can be heard from amongst the stacks, making no effort to keep its volume down, the Scottish accent rather noticeable. "I took down that hag the other day and only blew up /one/ shop, not three or four, you were there, you saw how minor it was!" Alistaire can be found glowering at a formidable witch sitting at one of the reading tables, then says, "Collins!" around the corner to whoever it is reading off the names. He doesn't know if it's right, it's not in order, but who cares? "Why are you always on me about how I do my job when the others do theirs a lot more noisily or messily?"

While Diagon Alley isn't Jilly's normal resting place. Or shopping place. However, she's in town to visit her brother and what's a trip to London without stopping in at Diagon Alley. Unfortunately for her, she managed to run into an old boyfriend from Hogwarts and that, in turn, made her laugh and then nervously admit to having oh so many errands to run! So sorry, must dash, look, Flourish and Blott's! Just where she was heading. Ta! And so, the curly haired Hufflepuff ducks into the store, all but slamming the jingly belled door behind her, letting out a sigh of relief at finding shelter. As if she just closed the door to her, flat, she leans up against it and closes her eyes, not noticing if someone else may be attempting to get inside. Or outside.

"Coll-" Jack begins, and then turns. "No, that wasn't it. It was Cobber. Don't make me lose my place." He frowns, searching for the book again. "There it is. Seventh-level Curses and Incantations by Septimus Cobber." He pulls the book out and turns around. "Explosion? What do you know about the explosion?" He's curious, and anything to take his attention away from the huge tome he has to read before he goes back on assignment. And, look, there's a pretty lady. A pretty /blonde/ lady. "Howdy, Miss." Jack's famous eyebrow waggle is in force.

And now we have - not one, but /two/ - voices that are eerily familiar. With a smile fit to break hearts, Siobhan slaps her fashion mag shut and tosses it aside in favor of following the sounds. By the time she passes Jack, he's already moving in for new prey. "Put it back in your pants, Jack!" she singsongs in passing. The 'significant look' she passes her brother is ruined by the infectious giggle as she realizes it's a /blonde/. No hope then. With the sigh of one resigned to a fact, she passes him up and heads towards the source of the two voices. Ooh, it's that Brigadier woman! Mid-stride, Siobhan changes directions and heads for the small counter where a pimply teenaged boy sells tea and coffee. Though she tries to focus on her order, her brown eyes stray often to the pair arguing at their table.

"That book's rubbish," Alistaire says with a snort as Jack mentions the title, coming around the corner even as the formidable witcho who serves as his supervisor rolls her eyes at him and sends him away for interrupting her paperpushing. "Hello there!" And then his gaze shoots over to Jilly for a moment, but she doesn't seem to be the blonde he was looking for. "Which explosion?" he then asks Jack. "I was only responsible for a /small/ one the other day. One shop only," he says with a glowering look over his shoulder toward where his boss is pointedly ignoring him now. But then someone with a very familiar voice calls out to the person he's talking to and he spins on a sneakered foot and practically bounds over to the boy selling tea and coffee, his face lighting up with a grin. "Fancy meeting you here. Hello!" he greets Siobhan.

"That explosion." Jack remarks in passing. "So it was /you/!" His tone bears no condemnation; instead it sounds interested. This might be something to draw his attention from the pretty blonde lady. "And how do you know it's rubbish? It was just written." He holds out the book, looking it over for signs that it's not the one he wants. Wait, what was that? "Rosie…" He calls, warningly. "

No, none of the people in the shop look familiar to Jilly. Which is just as good to her as she's already seen enough people from the past to last all day. As someone tries to open the door and isn't able to, it jars the brunette out of her reverie and away from the door. "Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't…here, let me just move." Blushing a bit, she tucks her unruly hair - already falling out of her bun - behind her ear and gives a good look around for once. At Jack's greeting she smiles and bobs her head. "'Lo. Sorry. I'm not here to cause a ruckus. Despite the looks of it. Promise."

And Siobhan's face lights up to match his when she turns to find Alistaire Right There. "Hullo!" She drops a sickle and a few knuts in the clerk's hand and then hands one of the two styrofoam cups to the bouncy Auror. "Here, told you my tea is better." She winks and hides her grin in her own cup. Jack's warning only turns her expression wicked with glee before it's studiously molded into innocence. "Yes, Jack?" Butter could melt. An eye-roll ruins the effect, though. Seems her big brother just can't let some things go. "/Jaaack/! I /told/ you. Perfectly. Safe."

"Wasn't talking about that, Rosie." It was the comment about his pants. "But now that you mention it, why don't you introduce me?" Jack's been hearing about this guy /forever/ and wants to meet him. Jilly gets a wide grin. "Aw, but causing a ruckus is /fun!/" He heads over to the counter with his book, and fishes in the pockets of his jeans for his money bag. "Here…" He counts out the money. "S'got a curse I need to look up for my next assignment, I think. Can't be sure until I get there, of course, but guy said…" Nevermind. He moves over to his sister and the Auror, moneybag still out. He wants a cuppa, too.

"NOT the big one just yesterday," Alistaire says with a rather aggrieved tone of voice toward Jack, although he pauses and looks at the younger man briefly, before looking back to Siobhan. "Friend of yours?" he asks lightly, his smile returning as he takes the cup of tea. "Thanks," he says to the offer, since it's clear he was pretty clueless about money and hadn't had a knut on him. "Ah, his name is Jack?" he asks of Sio before wiggling his fingers toward Jack. "Hello again, I'm Alistaire…"

"Mmm." Jilly tilts her head at the mention of causing a ruckus by Jack. She's not agreeing or disagreeing to it. Instead, she's heard some strange part of the conversation talking about explosions. "Explosions? I haven't caused one of those since my days at Hogwarts." Where she was well known for causing backfires and the mishaps. As well as for not really paying any sort of attention to classes she found no interest in. Then, she realizes that she's intruding on a conversation. "Pardon me. Don't mind me! I'm just looking for…" she looks around, realizing she didn't actually come into this store with a purpose. Lamely, she ends, "…a book?"

"I know." The words are sweetly said, Siobhan's smile doing its best to win over her older brother, who doesn't seem to be in much of a teasing mood today. With a sheepish grin to Alistaire, she corrects him softly. "My brother, actually. And yeah, that's Jack." The 'hello /again/' does cause her to raise a brow, but rather than pursue that line of questioning, she finds a vacant table and settles herself in it, seeming to expect the boys will follow her. Jilly's apology catches her eye and she offers the older woman a wide grin. "Don't be silly! Come join us, please!" This one sure is nice for a Slytherin. Then again, a pretty face at the table will go a long way to keeping her brother from being an overprotective pest… Not so nice then, perhaps?

"Again?" Jack's confused. "Have we met?" At any rate, it's no worry. Now, here's something strange. He quirks an eyebrow at his little sister. She's inviting the pretty lady to sit with them? This doesn't happen often. He fishes out a coin, enough for two cups of tea. "Join us for tea. My treat." Can't resit the gallant thing, right? "So, tell me what happened. I heard a little from Rosie here…" Who hates that nickname, by the way. "You blew up a building?" That's cool. He sprawls in a chair, waiting for the response to his offer and questions.

Alistaire's quite happy to let the siblings direct the course of the conversation, smiling brightly at Jilly and nodding that she's welcome at their table, the muttering witch in the corner gathering things and passing by with a 'try not to blow up /this/ shop, Phoenix, I like this one,' muttered under her breath as she passes by the rowdy crew. "Siobhan told me about you," Alistaire says cheerfully, holding his hand out for a vigorous shake, if Jack actually takes hold of it. "Not a lot, just your name and that you were her brother. Smashing to meet you. Brilliant, even. What sort of assignment are you working on?" he asks with deep curiosity, pulling a pair of modern Muggle glasses out of the pocket of his coat and perching them on his nose all smartly. And then when the explosion is mentioned again, he blows out a breath with a mock-modest look on his face. "Welllllll, I was just chasing an old hag who was hexing students from the corner of Knockturn Alley, and she ducked into the shop at the end of the lane, and our duel made a little mess."

"Oh." Jilly looks at those assembled. Never having been much of a shy witch, she smiles and moves closer, even if she knows none of them. That's not the point. Soon she will! That's the point. "I wouldn't want to intrude." But, she's already starting to pull a chair out from he table. Especially if someone is treating her to tea. "Thank you." Listening to Alistaire, she doesn't bother with introductions just yet. That can come after the story. "Which led to a shop blowing up?" she asks with interest. "What did it sell? I have this lovely image of an antiques store with old lamps being cursed and gilded mirrors flying through the air. Please, tell me it was something like that."

Jack is quite happy to grab the other man's hand and shake heartily. "Jack Noble, as you know. I'm a curse breaker. Independent. Had been working with a group, but they got a little …" He purses his lips, trying to explain diplomatically. "Well, I just work better on my own. I can't really talk about the specifics of the assignment yet. If I do, then the confidentiality vow gets a little weird. Stuff sprouting from my ears, and all that." His eyes twinkle toward the other man. He scoots his chair a little closer to Jilly, and flashes her a smile, then he stands to get the tea. He sets a cup in front of her, and retakes his seat.

With a half-glare at her brother for using That Name in mixed company, Siobhan blows out a sigh that puffs her cheeks out a bit comically. The Brigadier's comment has her snickering softly into her tea, shoulders shaking as she tries not to let Alistaire see the joy she gets out of that woman nettling him. The specs surprise her, but she shrugs it off as 'just another Alistaire thing'. Sio'll get used to that eventually. Nevermind the sneaking suspicion in the back of her head that says she never will. "Yeah, Jack. What's the new case on? Don't tell me you have to go pull a rotted hand from an underwater cave again!" Her tongue pokes just the tip out from between her teeth. That lopsided grin almost always means she's teasing; in this case, the joke is old. The bubbly Slytherin seems to take Jilly's comment into consideration, then turns to Alistaire, a thoughtful frown between her eyes. "Was it antiques? I thought it was some sort of confectionary…" Only as that thought trails off does another strike her. "Oh! Sorry, I'm Siobhan, this is Alistaire and that walking bucket of hormones there is my brother Jack. S'nice to meet you."

Alistaire blinks and then grins at Jilly. "How did you guess?" he asks breathlessly, quite delighted with the coincidence… which he doesn't believe in. "Let me guess… you're part owner of that shop, because yes, it was the one just down the way." Meanwhile, his hand is being pumped by Jack, and he doesn't seem to mind at all. "Sometimes independent's the best way to go about things," he says, but there is a distant sort of note to that response, something only Siobhan might realize is there. "Maybe the sprouting might help in certain circumstances," he muses in a lightly teasing tone, shaking off that distance. "No, the confectionary was Fortescues, and we had ice cream, remember?" he reminds Siobhan as he plops back down in his chair, tea in hand. "I'd never blow that place up, I like it far too much. Now… Madam Malkin's… maybe…"

"Much obliged," Jilly smiles at Jack as he puts the teacup down in front of her at their table. If she notices him scooting his seat closer to hers, she doesn't mention it. Preferring to remain - or pretend to - oblivious. "Cases of mysterious hands and shops exploding? I have run into interesting company." As for owning the store, the woman just gives a grin. "If I owned the store, I think I'd be a bit more cross about it having been hexed into oblivion! I'd say you'd owe me a bit more than tea, in fact." Even if it was Jack who paid for the cup. "No, the one I'd say you'd never want to muddle in this Alley is Ollivander." Then, realizing Siobhan did those pesky introductions, she blinks. "Oh, so sorry. My name's Jilly. Jilly Gale."

"Yeah, but it's a pain in the ass to get out when someone wants to whisper sweet nothings in your ear." Jack chuckles and takes a sip of his tea. "No, sis, this time, it's a rotten egg in a hurricane." He grins, then reaches up to his ears. "Oh. Oh, no! It's happening…" Beat. "Not really. Luckily it's somewhere with decent weather this time." Having been raised in Scotland, Jack likes the cool, foggy days. "S'not the hot desert." He rolls his eyes. "So, I hear you do a lot of exploding. That you've got a bit of a reputation for it?" Jack looks over at his sister with mock horror. "Walking bucket of hormones? Me?" Anything but that. "Pleasant to meet you, Miss Gale." Always the charming one. The two witches and two wizards are sitting at a table drinking tea. Jack has a big tome in front of him that he's just purchased. They're talking quietly — for the most part.

"It depends on if you liked them or not!" Alistaire remarks almost gaily toward Jilly. "You might've wanted to blow it up yourself, I don't know. You don't appear to be someone who would blow something up to me… but I don't just someone based on their appearance. But it's nice to meet you, Jilly Gale!" And his hand is held out for more vigorous hand-shaking if she's interested. Even so, he grins impudently at Jack. "Welllllll… I don't know about a /reputation/ for it…" and then he promptly goes mock accusatory with, "you haven't been talking to the Brigadier, have you?" gesturing to the formidable witch that left earlier after snarking on him. He never once suspects Siobhan as being the source of information.

"Come along Reginald, we must find 'Salem Sisterhood' for your mother. Why she wants to read that is beyond me.. Not as if she needs to be getting any ideas in her head," declares an ugly wizard with a rather rounded head as he enters the bookstore. In tow is a boy of about fourteen who looks rather embarrassed to be seen with the man in public. The young teen eyes his father, Silvester, with the wary eye of one expecting an explosion of sorts to take place any moment.

There's an indulgent smile shot from Siobhan to Alistaire. She's beginning to realize the scope of his oddities. It's because she's watching him then that she notices that distance in his voice, the slight change in expression. With that strange insight she seems to have with people, Sio puts a few pieces together and lays a gentle hand on the arm he's not offering around for shaking. It's a subtle gesture, but hopefully one that gets her point across. "Nice to meet you," she echoes the two men, her smile enthusiastic. Jack's rendition of sprouts bursting from his ears has her giggling into her free palm. "I think it'd be an improvement," she teases, then promptly hides her face in her tea. Oh, but Alistair brings up a good point! "Yeah, Jack. You knew him before I told you about that explosion… How'd you find that out?" She has a better idea than most, but considering her brother's line of work…

"Well, Prestor at the Ministry mentioned something about…" Jack frowns. "Brigadier? Her?" He jerks a hand toward where said witch walked away. "No. I don't get along really well with her." He slides his hand along his chin in a nervous gesture. "Something about corrupting the corps." He still doesn't quite understand, and gives a shrug. From his seat at the table, Jack watches the newcomers for a long moment, then turns back to the occupants of the table with his easy grin.

"It's true, appearances are deceiving!" Jilly tells Alistaire. "Though I can't say I've ever blown anything up. Not on purpose anyway. Or, nothing like a shop. A teapot doesn't count. Does it?" That was really an accident. And that teapot had it coming anyway. Or, well, it wasn't turning into a mouse, like she wanted it to. Taking Alistaire's hand, she shakes it happily, if not quite as vigorously. "Who exactly is the Brigadier?" Silvester should be wary of explosions. Especially with Alistaire in the shop, if what she's been hearing is correct. "Pleasure. To meet all of you."

Alistaire rolls his eyes at the mention of the corps being corrupted. "People with power get grumpy about sharing or letting other people with good ideas to flourish," he says a bit scornfully, but he pauses when Siobhan puts her hand his arm, and he absently pats it after he's done shaking Jilly's hand, but he doesn't realize how familiar the gesture is. "She's my boss at the Ministry. A bit of a stickler for rules and busting my chops. I call her 'the Brigadier' because she reminds me of a Muggle general… and because it annoys her," he adds with a wicked grin.

Silvester should be wary indeed. It might cause him to have another episode. Like earlier. Which is why he is not at work and why his son has the rather delightful task of making sure this errand is made, and the pair return home in one piece. However, boys being boys, Reginald takes off from his father's side, finding more interesting things to do, like talk to a classmate he spot across the store. Disappearing so fast, he did, Silvester whips his head around to check after his son. Instead, he spots a fellow Ministry associate and heads in Alistaire's direction, "Ah, Phoenix, good afternoon! Fancy meeting you here!" The others get mildly wary looks.

Siobhan laughs! "No, I think it'd have to be a sight bit bigger than a teapot to count with these two." That absent-minded pat brings forth a softer smile and she squeezes his arm in response before dropping her hand; silent communication sent, received and sent - all without either of them it seems being consciously aware of it. All this talk of the Brigadier earns a chuckle from the good-natured Slytherin. "Well I like her. She doesn't take crap from anybody." At least as far as Sio's seen, which admittedly isn't much. Sylvester's approach results in a curious glance cast his way. There's that name again. Turning back to Alistaire, her expression quizzical, she mouths 'Phoenix' at him, formed as an obvious question. It - while not terribly subtle - gives him the option of completely ignoring her query.

Jack laughs outright at Alistaire. "Good…" He sets his cup down so as not to spill it. "Good… ideas…" He's laughing pretty hard. "That's great." Siobhan gets a huge grin, because she'll get the joke. Jack will brazenly enter where others dare to tread. "Phoenix?" He wonders aloud, an eyebrow lifting as he gazes at the other man. Silvester gets a polite nod, and then a nod toward another empty chair. "We're just having a cuppa and shootin' the breeze." He glances over at Jilly with another smile.

The laugh that Siobhan gives makes Jilly smile, a little confusingly. She didn't actually mean to be funny! She did blow up a teapot while trying to turn it into a mouse. Maybe that is funny. "Those are the types that you find out have unicorn paintings and puppies everywhere," she confides to the student. "I'm all for annoying bosses. How else would the day pass?" As Silvester and his son approach the table, she realizes these are more people that she doesn't know who know her companions. It's time to let them all do their 'knowing each other' thing. Downing her cup of tea quickly, she stands. "I really should be going. Thank you for the tea. And it was lovely to meet all of you. I hope to see you all soon. Be careful not to blow anything up in the meantime!"

"Well, she's not always right, Sio," Alistaire says a bit quietly but firmly, the true reason that's the source of his ire with his supervisor. "She uses outdated and uncivilized methods for bringing in Dark wizards and witches, and she gets upright when paperwork isn't filed correctly and on time and signe din triplicate." He rolls his eyes and grumps for a few moments, although his gaze shifts over to Jack and Jilly for a few moments, mostly Jack. But then Silvester approaches, even as Alistaire continues, "She also doesn't believe that someone is innocent until proven guilty. Sinclair," he greets the other ministry employee warily, as if he's an accident waiting to happen. "I'm not some celebrity, able to get away with just one name," he fusses at Jack and Siobhan. "It's my surname, of course." And then he goes, "Pleasure to meet you, Miss Gale. And I'm afraid I can't promise that."

"Cuppa? Ah yes! Delightful!" Silvester smiles broadly at everyone in turn, almost like a child invited to a party by his peers. "I was just here with my son, Bob, no wait.. Re.. Reginald. Yes! He was just here a moment ago, the little scamp. It was a bring your son to work day." Not really, but he's easily mixed up. "So! Discussing Dark Wizards are we?" he asks with raised eyebrows as he nudges Alistaire with an elbow. "Fought them a time or two back in the day, I did!"

"Well no," Siobhan easily admits. "But no one's right /all/ the time. And really, you could have someone worse." She shrugs once, her pragmatic side showing up. "I mean, at least she's not corrupt or anythin'." Siobhan, always expecting the best of people. As Jilly leaves, she offers a bright grin and a wave. "It was nice to meet you. Bye Jilly!" This newcomer, however, she watches warily, taking her cues - whether she realizes it or not - from Alistaire's reaction. Still, even when a bit wary, that infectious laugh rears up as soon as the true meaning of Jack's joke dawns on her. "Oh /Merlin/, Jack! That's /terrible/!"

"It's an interesting surname. I thought perhaps it was a nickname, considering the /fire/ part." Jack grins saucily, clearly taking the mickey. "It was a pleasure to meet you, ma'am. Have a wonderful day." He turns on the charm, completely, hoping he'll see this pretty lady again. When Silvester starts to speak, Jack looks between the two ministry workers with an interested expression. He's always watched the interplay between people to understand. Much like his sister, except at a slightly more conscious level. "What? /He/ said it, not me!" Play the innocent, yup. Grin widely and look adorable, and you can get away with anything, right?

Alistaire's face freezes for just a moment as Silvester mentions bringing children to work, although it may simply be the familiarity with with the other Ministry wizard elbows him. "Not as such," he replies a little stiffly, completely missing Jack's pun, although the commentary on his surname makes him shrug. "I didn't rename the family ages ago," he remarks almost defensively, shooting a mild hurt look toward Jack for taking the mickey out of him. "Everyone in the family gets picked on it at one point or other at school. And after school. Really, what's in a name?" he fusses huffily. "It doesn't tell you who someone is or what kind of person they are."

"Toodles!" Silvester calls out cheerfully, even wriggling his fingers jovially at Jilly's departing form before he turns back to the remaining three. He's unphased by Alistaire's reaction to being elbowed in a familiar manner. In fact, his expression goes mildly blank for a moment as he tunes back into the conversation he butted in upon. Then talk of surnames has him snapping to. For the moment at least. "What's in a name? Merlin's Beard! Family pride for one!"

Remembering the pain and seriousness on Alistair's face at a similar point in an old conversation, Siobhan takes several courses of action simultaneously. See? She can learn! Shifting her weight just a little, she finds a new position to sit in and rests her forearms on the table. "Yeah, exactly. I'm Siobhan Rose Noble. I'm neither an old Irish folklore, a thorny flower or at all noble." She flashes her most disarming grin at Jack, practically /begging/ with her eyes for him to take the hint and change the subject. Heck, she'd take one of his 'ends-up-naked' stories now. To Sylvester, she turns and levels at him a look of stony warning thatthough only Jack would realizechannels uncannily the feisty temper of her mother. "It's more important to take pride in what /you/ do than what some poor dead bugger did five generations back, don'tcha think?" Apparently when a Noble woman decides to care about somebody, it's an all-encompassing thing. Even if that means a rather forcefuland a bit tactlesschange of subject.

Jack nods, suddenly remorseful. "Yeah, I can understand that. My given name? Icarus. You can bet I didn't let many pepole know /that/. And 'Noble?' I guess I was lucky I was a Gryffindor. If I'd've been anything else…" He glances quickly toward Sio, just long enough to look at her, and then looks down at his tea. "Well, family pride's only as good as the people in the family, though, isn't it? So that's more about the people, too, I think…" He shrugs. "Not who they're born from, but who they /are/." He flips the cover of his book open idly, looking out into the rest of the room. "And names have some meaning, I think, but we can redefine them. If we couldn't, it wouldn't be worth keeping them. Some cultures do that. Change the name." He's waxing a little bit philisophical. However, then he catches Sio's look. It's a bit late, but he catches it. Nothing comes to mind to offer, not even a 'ended-up-naked' story. He, too, has strong feelings for people, even if he's just met them. And Alistaire seems to have that effect on him.

"There's family pride, and then there's family foolishness," Alistaire says with a shrug, the subject of family apparently not being one he's all that fond of right now, although he flashes Siobhan a slight grateful smile for some reason or other that's not readily obvious. "Names don't mean a lot to me," he says. "It's how someone acts that's important, else there'd be a whole hell of a lot of innocent people in Azkaban simply because they were related to someone who was proven guilty in front of the Wizengamot."

Frowning some, Silvester looks at Siobhan. He never really played well with others much on a personal level. The same still rings true now. "Of /course/ it matters what one does! Family history is equally important however. I'm fairly certain I had a rather stirring speech I used to give on the subject, but bugger if I can remember what it was right this moment. I'll remember it at some point, and I really should share it with my progeny as he shows little respect.. speaking of which. Bob!" Then he's wandering off in the direction his son fled to earlier.

With the odd sort of feeling that she may consider violence, Siobhan closes her eyes and counts to ten. Slowly. When she opens them, it seems that Silvester is gone, and she releases a long breath. Catching Alistaire's smile, she returns it brightly, watching him for a moment longer before turning to Jack. She's known her brother a long time. Something in his manner clues her in and she offers him a single, slow nod; it seems he understands now. Still, Sio being Sio, she's not about to stay so serious for long without a darn good reason. "I'll bet we'd take the cake for 'Family Foolishness', wouldn't we Jack?"

Jack looks up and watches his sister carefully. He recognizes the signs well. "Siobhan." That alone might startle her, as might the soft tone of his voice. "Should I find you a picture book?" He resorts to attempting to cheer her up. And, "Yeah, I think we could win that award hands down." He's strangely quiet, but it's a self-deprecating humor that rests easy on him.

Alistaire shoots a mildly worried look toward Siobhan, his eyebrow arching and furrowing intensely especially when Jack uses her proper name instead of the middle nickname. He hardly notices the retreat of Silvester, although he does seem less irritated now that the other is gone. But when Jack goes with self-deprecation, he nods, as if that's better in his eyes. Then the Brigadier kicks the door open and shouts, "Mr. Phoenix, we're needed." And without waiting for him to follow her, with the sound of Disapparating going on, pop pop pop like Muggle bubble wrap, outside the shop, the witch disappears. "Time to get back to work," Alistaire says regretfully as he drains his tea, although he pauses to squeeze Siobhan's shoulder. "You guys stay here where it's safe, I'll talk to you later. I promise," he adds pointedly to Sio before skipping once and running out into the street, his coat flapping in his wake. Before anyone can follow him, he's gone in a pop of Disapparation.

As soon as the door flies open and Siobhan sees that it's the Brigadier at the door, she tenses. Every muscle strung tight, she watches as Alistair leaps into action. Out of her chair and just to the door, she watches him Disapparate and pounds the side of her fist against the glass. "I'll hold you to that," she replies quietly, but he's already gone. Halfway turning over her shoulder, she lifts and drops her left hand, flexing the right where she's already forming bruises. "I'll see you at home, Jack." If there's one thing Siobhan /hates/, it's being left behind or sent away. /Especially/ if it's 'for her own good'. And that's /just/ what's happened here. She refuses to look at her brother, lest he see the hurt, worry and anger she knows she'll never be able to hide from him - her eyes always tell the whole story to anyone who cares to look. "Tell mum…I went flying." And with that, she's gone; out the door and down the street, bound for London central.

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