1995-03-25: Temper Temper


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Scene Title Temper, Temper
Synopsis The evening started off nice enough, then went straight to Hades in a handbasket.
Location Hogsmeade - Three Broomsticks
Date Mar 25, 1995
Watch For Everything?
Logger Bad Dog!

After helping Professor Moldavia with her class on polyjuice potions, Sirius has changed into more masculine clothing. Remind him, never swap places with a female again. The class was entertaining, and the duel felt great, even if it was a fake one. Instead of heading directly back to London and home, he's detoured into Hogsmeade. A table in the Three Broomsticks has been claimed, and he's got himself a drink and a snack. It was tempting to swipe something from the kitchens on his way out of Hogwarts, but he felt like being in the pub. So here he is.

Seems that Sirius isn't the only one who thinks the Broomsticks is a great place to be. Tonks is soon entering and ordering food. And it's quick that she recognizes where her cousin is, because she's soon inviting herself over to his table. HI.

Having been upstairs conducting business, Lucretia was already here. Lucky her! She makes her way down the stairs, the hard bottoms on her fashionable boots clacking on the wooden steps. Laughing, and carrying a box in her arms, she says the proper good-byes to her business associate, warm and friendly, then sends him off. A deep breath, then the bubbly blonde turns to take a seat at the bar. "Just a butterbeer, Rosmerta. Yes. I know I'm not fifteen any more. You just have the best in all of England."

"Hey there Dora," Sirius says, a wide grin on his face. With a foot, he scootches a chair out for her to sit on. "Just saw Narcissa's boy up at the castle. You should have seen the look on his face. Uppity little git." Now smirking, he raises his mug of ale and takes a drink. "Takes after both his parents."

Yay, chair! Tonks takes it easily, setting down the food order she snagged. By habit, Lucretia gets a look before she turns her attention to her cousin. "Oh?" She makes a face. She'd only seen Draco briefly, but then she shrugs. "NOt surprised. Mum said that he's likely spoiled rotten."

The door quickly opens and closes and Jilly Gale slips into the Three Broomsticks. She hasn't been back since the so-called pretender attack had happened. And while she'd had her wounds seen to by the healer, it still didn't take away the fact that she was a tad bit nervous to be back. Taking a quick look around, it's hard to miss Sirius and Tonks. And while she gives a nod for Tonks, she pointedly ignores Sirius, and makes for the bar.

Narcissa's boy? At Hogwarts? And an uppity git? They gotta be talking about Narcissa Malfoy. Butterbeer in hand, and a thanks given to Rosmerta, Lucie takes her box and turns toward the pair. There were enough posters out, she knows exactly who that is at the table. Even if they hadn't been close in age at school. "Black? Sirius Black?" A few steps are taken toward the table. "Fancy meeting you here!" A bright, bubbly, warm smile is offered, blue eyes twinkling.

Sirius snorts into his mug, "Liar. I know your mum said more about that, you just don't want to repeat it." He doesn't seem bothered that he gave half the class a heart attack or two. The duel part was a bit on the invigorating side! About to raise his mug for another drink, it's lowered as Lucretia approaches. He can't place her face, he was oblivious to many others at school, particularly those outside his house the small, tight knit circle he kept to. "I could deny it, but it might be pointless. Sorry, I don't believe I know you?"

Tonks looks offended, "Sirius, you know mum would never say such things about her darling, beloved sister and nephew!" And look, Sirius has company. Lucretia's is ignored in favor of waving a hand at Jilly. HI THERE. And here's hoping that Sirius did decide to pay attention to the Owl she sent. Oh well, If not, they can blame it on his psychosis.

It's not that Lucretia is ignored by Jilly, but she doesn't know her. And as she travels to the table of Sirius Black, as far as Jilly's concerned, she's traveled into a black hole where no one exists. Sliding into a stool, she makes an order for a butterbeer from Rosmerta and pleasantly absorbs the atmosphere.

"Oh, likely not. I was a pretty quiet girl, actually. Lucretia Gerrard? Ravenclaw? I think I was..I don't know? Two or three years behind you. I don't expect you to remember me, so don't think you're being rude." Her smile is turned on Tonks for a split second before going back to Sirius. "Do you mind if I sit here with you both? Just long enough to enjoy a butterbeer. Sometimes it's nice to come back here, isn't it?" Jilly, as she enters, gets a glance and a quick smile as Lucie waits, holding her butterbeer and box.

Sirius barks a laugh at Tonks. He may not have had as much time as he would have liked in his youth with Andromeda, but he knows that's a load of bollocks. "Hello Miss Gale! You needn't be shy, come join us!" He calls cheerfully from across the pub, not missing the opportunity to call out the poor postmistress before he turns to Lucretia. "Ah, not at all Miss Gerrard, the more the merrier." See Jilly, Lucretia has no qualms with the animagus! "Mmm.. it is." Truth be told, he didn't think he'd ever be able to set foot in this pub or other favored haunts the rest of his life. "Makes me feel like a berk of seventeen again, being here."

Oh this'll be lovely. Tonks covers her face when Sirius calls out to Jilly, but she focuses on her sandwich. Sirius gets a smirk when he laughs about her mother but she doesn't say anything else on the matter. However, Lucretia inviting herself to dine with them does get Tonks to blink. Not that she's the pinnacle of manners or anything, but because she's having a hard time fighting her Moody-Senses. Good thing she's got too much in her mouth to talk and be understood, or else questions might get asked! But she scoots over nonetheless while she finishes her mouthful.

Resolutely staying on her bar stool, Jilly ignores the call from Sirius quite thoroughly. Her butterbeer is slid down to her and she takes it up with relish. As far as she's concerned he doesn't exist. And not even Tonks' talk with her could fix that so far.

"Oh! Delightful! Thank you!" Wow. Perky much? Her butterbeer settled in on the table and her box put at her feet, Lucie settles in. "I completely agree. I don't get much call to come back here often, but when I do, it tends to simply take my breath away. I turn the corner there at the end, and always walk into and out of the village the same way, just like we did at Hogwarts. I can almost feel the years fall off with each step around the curve." With a flick of her hand, her long, shimmering, straight blonde hair is tossed over her shoulder. She sits with perfect posture, just on the edge of the seat. "And who is your friend here? Was she at school with us? I don't recognize you, dear, but if you are our age, your skin looks absolutely divine! You must tell me what cream you use." A glance is given over her shoulder to the woman at the bar, who ignores them. "I don't think she heard you, Black. Because surely, someone wouldn't be so rude as to ignore you, would they? Perhaps you should yell louder?" There is a pot! It Must Be Stirred!

Sirius reaches over to grab at Tonks's hand when she tries to cover her face. Stop that cousin. "By the way, I told Remus you wanted to meet him for tea." It's said with so much seriousness, he can't be joking, right? A little too loudly, he says agreeably to Lucretia, "I'm quite fond of the place. I spend so much time here, I should just procure a small house and relocate. I saw some lovely ones on Ivy Lane." While he's stirring up the pot himself, he does give Lucretia an odd look. She's a bit on the friendly side isn't she? "Who? Tonks here? No, she was at Hogwarts after we were there." He glances over at the unresponsive postmistress, and, "Excuse me ladies," he says, before making to get up. Tonks, better grab him before he does something foolish!

"Oh, no, I"m actually his baby cousin," she tells Lucretia. Hey, it was in the prophet, so what does she care it gets published. "I graduated a few years ago…" Tonks whips her head around rather quickly, staring at said cousin for a moment, then her cheeks tinge with color. "How very nice of you, Sirius." She says politely, amiably even. Can't tell that there might be a death threat lurking behind those words at all. One that's promptly forgotten as Sirius goes to get up. "Oi, Sirius! Be careful. Remember what I said about how she handled your apology…"

"Oh, the baby cousin." Lucretia wrinkles up her nose with a grin. "That's cute." She raises a brow, watching the interaction between Sirius and Jilly, and leans toward Tonks. "Is…what I think going on there going on there?" Now that the initial excitement of meeting up is fading, Lucie calms down a bit, though her posture remains. When Sirius stands, she only smiles. This should be amusing. Instead, her conversation turns to Tonks. "Tea with Remus? Remus Lupin? That sounds exciting. I have a lovely mixed blend that I purchase. I could give you the name, if you wanted it?"

"Yes, baby cousin indeed," and Sirius reaches over to playfully tousle Tonks's hair as if she were five. Dear baby cousin's words are enough to have him settling back in his seat with a hmph. "I can take the postmistress if she were to get shirty." As if she hadn't been all along. He looks over at Lucretia, brows raising some, "Are you always this friendly? I suppose we lot must have made an impression if you remember us… well Remus anyway. I sort of just beg to be remembered." It'd be nice to be remembered for /other/ things..

Okay, she's just going to wilt. Sirius accentuates the baby cousin remark with the hair ruffle, and Tonks really can't help but have her hair turn into a really sourly annoyed color at it. And then, the lady who just shows up is offering tea! "Er, well… I'll think on it, thanks." Oh god, is she blushing? As for Remus being remembered, "He /was/ prefect, wasn't he, though, Sirius?" There, that'll help a bit with that and she can go back to talking about Jilly. "I think it's because you keep carrying on like that is the very reason she /is/ shirty with you…" For Lucretia's inquiry about something going on, Tonks just shrugs her shoulders. Her opinion? They're acting like they're in grade school again. But nobody listens to /her/. "Sirius, your ego's showing again."

Though it's hard to completely ignore her name being spoken about - really, there is only one postmistress in Hogsmeade and she's heard the title coming from a particular table too often for it to be coincidence - Jilly tries her best. Finally, though she even has a bit of a butterbeer foam mustache, she shoots a glare at Sirius in order to dissuade him from coming closer and especially from talking about her any more. That goes for the rest of them, too! She's off limits as far as she's concerned. There's enough gossip going on about her already.

With a soft laugh, Lucretia nods. "Guilty as charged. I'm sorry. It's just the way I've always been. I'll calm down in a few moments, I'd imagine. I just get excited, sometimes, when I'm having a good day." She lifts her butterbeer and drinks, looking between Jilly and Sirius. Hmm. "Of course you made an impression. Everyone in the school either adored you all or hated you, depending on the house. As a Ravenclaw, I was allowed to secretly cheer you on." A wipe at her lip, and she nods to Tonks. "Very well. If you change your mind, let me know. And of course I know the perfect place to go to get a nice dress for tea, as well. Tea calls for a certain…decorum, don't you think?"

"He was the good boy, so yes, he got the badge. We quite welcomed him to it. At least it didn't go to his head." Not that Remus could exercise any control over James or Sirius. Tonks's words get a snort, "Ego? My ego? I think you have me mistaken for someone else. I have no ego to speak of." That's laughable, coming from Black. Jilly's given a look, as he weighs saying further to her. Just ignoring her is like losing, and letting her win! The endless stream of babble from Lucretia goes in one ear and out the other, sorry Tonks. He's not really paying much attention to rescue you. He's still looking across at Jilly, an odd look on his face before tearing his gaze back to the table so that he can take a drink.

Tonks hair decides to just settle on a very ugly shade of green. Kind of Neon. "I think I"ll just go like this," she says as a grumble. As for the dress, Tonks tries to detour things, "I shop at Mortimer's." She can't remember the name of his shop, but she knows him by name because he gave her a pretty dress! And she's peeked in there a couple of times because she likes how out of the box he can be. Despite the fact it looks like French Interior Decorating had a bender in his store. Because she's not being saved, she in turn, is left busy so she can't derail Sirius from poking the Mustachioo'd Post Mistress!

Well, an evening of relaxation has mostly been ruined by the presence of Sirius. Jilly polishes off the rest of her butterbeer and places the empty mug down on the counter in front of her. Without realizing, or perhaps without caring, she drops some money down next to the glass and moves for the exit again. She gives a friendly wave to Tonks and Lucretia on her way out and merely shoots Sirius another cold glare. Then, the door opens and shuts again and the Sticks is without a postmistress to gossip about.

The Postmistress might not be here, but that doesn't mean they can't still gossip! Lucie's blue gaze settles between the two silently battling parties, then there is a sudden, soft.."Ooooooooohh…" As if some knowledge has fallen from Heaven above onto her. "Very well. Let me know if you change your mind, Tonks. Just trying to be helpful, after all." A grin and wave are given to Jilly as the woman offers a smile her way. "So, Black…your plan to win the girl is…?"

One ear, out the other, what the devil are the women going on about now? Fashion, what? Sirius finally pulls his attention back to Tonks and Lucretia. "What?" Sorry, the other woman is gone, he looked away from Jilly, but not before catching that cold glare. Brr. Lucretia is then shot a nasty look of her own, "What are you on about?"

"He doesn't have one," Tonks says plainly. She picks up the dill that came with her sandwich and munches on it happily. She just smiles sweetly to her cousin about giving information to the overly bubbly and apparently gossipy woman.

Lucretia is NOT gossipy!! She doesn't spread rumors! She just calls things as she sees them! She's a socialite! It's what she does. For all that glare Sirius gives her should have startled her into silence…yeah, well, it just doesn't. Instead, Lucie leans toward Tonks. "Really? He doesn't have one yet? How long as this been going on for him to not have one? Do they just sit and stare at each other like that?"

Tonks is given a kick under the table, as well as a glower. "I told you already.." Sirius begins, but drops it before he's even gotten going. "Alright you two, knock it off," he says in a low and growled voice. "She's made it clear she loathes my presence and has no intention of ever accepting my apologies."

Squeak! "I was just tellin' the truth!" Tonks makes a pouty face, reaching underneath the table to massage her poor abused ankle. She's going to start with the watery eyes Sirius! Wibbly bottom lip too!

"Oh, has she now." This makes Lucretia grin and roll her blue eyes Heavenward. "That is because, Black, you haven't apologized in the right way yet. Come on. You should know this. Surely you aren't giving up just because she glares at you a little. All the people that have glared at you in your life, and you're going to let that little waif of a woman get away with it? You just….need to be more..cunning about it. That's all."

Sirius frowns at the watery eyes Tonks aims his way. A downturned scowl forms. He's unamused. "I'm not interested in apologi.. I don't even know why I'm talking about this. An apology is an apology. I said it, she won't accept it, end of story."

She's upset because she didn't think she deserved the kick! What's wrong with saying he doesn't have a plan. It's not saying that he hopes to have one or anything. She just gives a hmph and picks at her food basket. maybe she should've gotten a double order. Not that her waistline needs it. Thankfully she has a pretty active lifestyle. Here's hoping her metabolism doesn't cut out. "Give her a bit of time on that, mate. Anyway…" Not that she's got anything to segue into but hey.

"Mmmhmm. You're very convincing there, Black." Lucretia pauses, looking at him, growing serious. "If you don't want my help, then you don't." She looks at Tonks then. "I don't remember him being this … pouty and snippy in school. Is he always like this?"

"She can have all the time she wants." Sirius just won't wait around for it. He's not much of a patient person. He'll have found someone else to annoy by then! "Oi. I can hear you," he points out before draining his mug. He doesn't feel the need to state the obvious that he's not the same as he was then. Ten plus years caged with Dementors changes a person irreversibly.

Tonks can't find a good way to word it. Not to mention, it's rude to sort of talk like he's not there. "Azkaban isn't good to people," is all she says. She waves at whoever's tending, ordering a refill for her cousin. Least she can do is pay for her cousin's brew right? "so, when did you see my cousin, anyway?" Subject change!

Lucretia blinks, taken aback. It is as if the wind is taken from her sails. That bright look on her face fades. "That..isn't quite what I meant. It was supposed to be a joke. Poking fun. Teasing." Lucie sits there for a moment, as if in shock, then begins to rise. "Thank you both for allowing me to share your table and your news. I will be on my way then. Need to deliver this clock tonight, after all."

"Thanks for stating the bloody obvious," Sirius says in a slightly growly voice at Tonks. When he seems to have offended Lucretia, he mutters an apology that is genuine. "Sorry, not what I used to be," he quietly admits. "I've got better moments, I've just gotten into a rather bad one."

Tonks just drums her fingers. Lucretia seems to be scusing herself, which somehow makes the situation even /worse/ and Tonks just… sits there. She beams a smile though, not knowing what to say. Ah well. That's what she gets for having the special sort of family.

"Oh. No. You're quite alright, really. Nothing to apologize for. I shouldn't have made a joke that I wasn't really thinking about. I … hadn't meant for the conversation to go there. My apologies that it was even mentioned. I do hope I haven't ruined your evening, and that you have a better one." Lucretia gives them both a tight smile that is barely a shadow of the one on her face when she sat down. The box is lifted, and she turns for the door, yelling as she goes. "Rosmerta, their next round is on me. You know where to send the bill."

"Great." Sirius mutters to himself, now feeling more lousy that he drove off someone who was being friendly. He slouches back in his seat, drumming his fingertips against the tabletop. "See you around, Miss Gerrard." Hopefully when he's in a better mood, and not so easily triggered.

Sirius has PMS or something. That's what it comes down to. "I'll try to catch up for that tea invite," tonks offers, not really liking people to leave in a sour mood. Of course, it doesn't dawn on her that she never gave her name… That done, she's still there. Sitting, with her empty food basket. ah well. She's still not leaving, though.

Sirius seems to realize now that he has another mug of ale. Picking it up absently, he takes a deep drink. There is a bright side to his mood however. He's not locked up or forced to hide. So this mood should pass once he's been suitably distracted. Oh yeah, Tonks asked about Draco. "Moldavia, the witch substituting for Snape. She asked if I would help her with a class lesson today. The little snot said a few rude things about me, so I got him back."

And Tonks'll try her best to distract the man! Maybe it's her intuition, but she didn't feel like leaving him to his own devices when he's like this. The company'll do him good. Perhaps it's the fact that, for a small time there, she had the privilege of really being his only family. It's a soft spot for her. "Moldavia?" She furrows her brow slightly. She can't remember the woman's first name. Lovely. And she's not about to go 'The werewolf?' in a crowded area. "The Slavic bird?" And then Draco. "What'd he say?"

Sirius stretches out his legs some, choosing to lounge with that casual and careless grace he did so many times when younger. "Yeah. She wanted to teach them a lesson about how easy it is to fool people with polyjuice potion." His shoulders shrug as he swirls the contents around in his mug. "Oh, just repeating what his father said about me, then his slights against Harry. Foul little git." Narcissa got what she deserved in a husband and son.

"Must be using the family braincell," Tonks mumbles as she takes a drink from her glass. "Haven't seen him much, if at all. Glimpses on pictures here and there. About the only thing he seemed to have gotten was looks. Probably got most of that from Mum's family." Narcissa might look like she's smelling dung all the time, but there's no mistaking that the woman's beautiful.

"That's all we should care to see. They aren't really family to us anyway." and Sirius is not saying this because he, Tonks and her mum are disowned. Blood ties mean little to him. At least to those he's actually related to. This is why he clutched so hard to his friendship with James, Remus and Peter.. and why the latter was so devastating to him. /They/ were his family. Narcissa, Bellatrix? They are not his family.

"Well, you /are/ all that's left, really," Tonks points out. About the Black Family that is. "Way I figure it, you survive long enough to father a few boys, and you've got yourself a familial reform on your hands."

Sirius bristles at Tonks's words. "Like this line should continue," he growls. Perhaps Tonks's words are hitting close to the pressure dear old Walburga liked to put on him as the eldest son of the Noble House of Black.

Tonks has to giggle here. She reaches over to give him a gentle nudge to his hand with her finger tips. "Sirius, I"m teasing. You know I just want babies to dote on. That aren't my own. Yet." So please don't DOOM GLOOM at her for that?

Sirius shoots Tonks a /look/. One that he holds for several long, uncomfortable moments. "It's not funny. Do you have any idea how much pressure that old bint put on me? All the ruddy tea parties and social invites?" The growl is coming back into his voice, and he fights to lose it.

When arranging a little get-together to commiserate about the dreadful state of affairs in wizarding Britain, it stands to reason that a good time to do the getting together part would be a time where places would be less crowded. That is why the door to the Three Broomsticks is opened by Edwin to offer an unwelcome intrusion for Tonks and Sirius, though he doesn't enter the establishment - not just yet. No, the tall man is holding the door open for someone else. A lady. Not like any of the hooligans currently present, no sir.

Tonks' expression seems to say 'No, I /don't/' but pointing out the obvious seems to just get him in a worse mood. So, the Auror pushes herself up, climbs on the table, over it, and then she turns so she can somehow flop herself between the wall and Sirius (And looking like she got stuffed in a package in the process). What was that about a 'lady'? Riiight. "You know I love you," she says in a light, but serious, tone. And /that/ is when she notices Edwin standing in the entrance. CAN THIS NIGHT GET ANY WORSE?!

And who is this lady, some may ask, that Edwin is keeping the door open for? Well, that would be Septima Falton. She's dressed quite eloquently as per usual in a long beautiful dress and button up long-sleeved sweater that goes with the dress. She has her usual purse that holds her money and her wand and other trinkets. She smiles softly at Edwin. "Thank you, my dear." She says softly as she steps in past the man and looks around, brushing some of her blond hair out of her eyes. She looks about for a good place to sit.

Sirius frowns at Tonks, distracted by what she's doing, so doesn't see Edwin juuuust yet. "Is this where you're going to propose to me so that we can make Walburga roll over in her grave?" he asks in a deadpan manner. Of course the idea is so ludicrous, he can't keep a straight face any longer and snorts a bit at himself.

Yes, yes. It's Eddie and Septima, come to indulge themselves at the expense of, well, just about everyone else in the bar, in all likelihood. The wizard dips his head to acknowledge the woman's thanks for his chivalry, sweeping in after her and letting the door swing shut behind him as he folds his arms across his chest. One of the advantages of being tall is that you can always see who you're dealing with over the heads of those around you: and he's not impressed with today's company. "Perhaps we should find a less filthy place to take our pleasure, Septima."

There's a grin, "You going to get on bended knee and sing it?" As best she can, she'll try to hipbump him, though she's sort of smooshed herself here oddly. She'll have to figure out how to get out of here, even if Sirius /does/ move. "I'll have you know that if you're going to propose, I expect no less than five karats." And really, how is a couple of blood traitors, related even, squished together in a booth, one with her legs now sprawled all over the table top, 'filthy'?! Rosmerta keeps this place spotless, really!

Septima lets her own eyes spread over the room to see the company that they're in. She apparently has seen what her company has. She shakes her head. "No, no. We needn't inconvenience ourselves, Edwin, for such matters." And now is the point where he's going to have his questions about her. "In fact, why don't sit near them? What could be the harm? We're plenty clean for all of us, after all." She murmurs to him.

Sirius snorts again at Tonks. "Only if I can do so in front of mum's portrait. I can hear the screams now. HA. I was going to use mum's heirloom engagement ring." That tacky piece of jewelry, dating back centuries. Tonks's odd seating arrangement is then noted, and he can't resist, he reaches around to tickle without mercy. "So is that a yes?" he says teasingly, a bit too preoccupied to notice Septima and Edwin still.

Septima gets a long-suffering look from Edwin, who is rather used to such displays of open contempt but always finds himself rather unwilling to engage in them. This is mostly because, sparkly, squeaky-pureblood clean though he (kinda) is, he hates being around those pesky little blood traitors. "If you insist. After you…" He sweeps one arm out towards a table near the one occupied by Black and Black-related, gesturing for his companion to move first.

"You have to show that to me — EEK!" Not the tickles! Now, Suddenly, Tonks feels like she's fifteen years younger, and her teenaged cousin's picking on her all over again. Dignified Displays, PSHAW. Poor Blood Purists-this is what the black Family's degenerated to. "Haha! Stop, not there… Ow, I can't wiggle right here, I got a stitch!" Oh, look, Death Eater(s).

Septima moves to a table next to where Tonks and Sirius are sitting and takes a seat on one side of it. She smiles at Edwin. "Now, Edwin, how have you been since last we spoke, good sir?" She asks, gazing at him with her blue eyes.

Sirius is proud to be a blood traitor, thank you! A laugh is barked out. "HA! Say 'please'!" Dignity? What's that? He hasn't had any of that in well, ever. "You want to see the ring? I'll be glad to show it to you before it winds up in the rubbish bin!" Yes, hear that purebloods? He's talking of tossing out priceless Black heirlooms! He happens to look up mid-tickle and stops. Oh /Hell/ no.

Edwin and Septima are proud to be fine examples of what purebloods ought to be. "Well," he starts to reply, soon seating himself right beside Septima and dropping an arm over the back of her chair, "my daughter's apparently taken to hitting people with her quidditch bat, my boss is on her way to a nice long stay behind bars, and for some godforsaken reason we're sitting next to a pair of hopeless incompetents." That about covers it.

There's a pause, "Remember, you promised I can go through it before you toss it away." It might be gaudy enough, and hopefully not cursed, that Tonks might actually like it. The mid-tickle stop means that Sirius noticed who's within the Broomsticks' borders. AND Tonks heard the word 'incompetent'. She frowns. Oh, how she'd love to point out that Edwin once got owned by a giant chocolate frog. But that means admitting her part in Sirius' escape. So no dice. Oh well.

Septima smiles softly. "Your daughter…please forgive me my poor memory, she is a Hogwarts student?" Septima bows her head. "Now now…incompetent is a bit harsh." She flashes him a little look as if to say, try to not say such things quite as loud. Yes, it's what we believe, but we're in the public. We've got to act like we're like any other person…for now. She smiles kindly.

A glare that would melt glaciers is given in Edwin's direction as Sirius absently helps Tonks up.. by sort of pushing her up a bit. "Your /boss/ was a hateful, racist bigot who broke Wizarding law. Azkaban's too good for the likes of her," he snarls, and doesn't take care to keep his voice down. "You may want to reconsider who you are calling incompetent. Need I point out what happened under your watch?" he snarls outright at Edwin.

"Oh yes, she's currently in Hogwarts-" But the very parental conversation that would doubtlessly have ended in a boring recitation of Gifford Junior's accomplishments is cut short. Because, despite Septima's subtle hints to not make trouble, Edwin is very much in the mood to make trouble. Especially for those two. He spins in his chair a little and thumps his free arm down on the table before him, grinning mirthlessly at Tonks and Sirius, one eyebrow raised. "My boss did her job, and didn't consort with Ministry undesirables. Or murder Muggles wantonly in the streets, no matter what the courts say."

Oh geeze. Tonks shuffles herself up right. "No, she /was/ a Ministry undesirable.. or did you not pay attention to what they found in her office? Or her unnecessary prejudiced restrictions against perfectly fine Beings? Or what she did to those that got in her way? Oh wait.." She smacks a fist on the inside of her palm, "You wouldn't know about that, because I haven't talked. You should be more like her," She points at Septima. "She at least can be taken out in public." She pauses, and in /all sincerity/, to Septima, "Your hair's lovely, ma'am."

Septima doesn't exactly make too much effort to stop Edwin. But she makes the appearance as if she is. But really, she agrees more with Edwin than Tonks. She smiles softly at the woman though. "Thank you dear. I do quite enjoy yours as well. Very colourful and cheerful." She says kindly and seemingly sincerely. She looks at Edwin. "Though I must admit, you both do quite have valid points."

"Murder eh? Don't go giving me ideas." Because right now? Sirius could pull out his wand and do some serious damage in the midst of the pub. With the look he's giving Edwin alone. "Your /boss/ was a laughingstock who usurped a position of power and abused it!" He waves a hand behind him at Tonks, "Don't try and use logic and reasoning on him. It won't sink in.. Tonks.." His cousin's name is said with a groan. Don't go fraternizing! He mutters aside in Tonks's ear, "She's a Death Eater too."

Beings? For a second, that gives Edwin pause. But that's because he doesn't consider "Werewolves?" beings. In fact, as he says the term he lets out quite a derisive snort, rapping his knuckles on the tabletop before beginning to drum his fingers across it. "You can't seriously take werewolf rights seriously. They're animals, if you hadn't noticed." And he has quite a lot more to say on the subject - even better that Sirius is sitting so very close and already looking like he's starting to lose his temper. "The only undesirables are the ones who unseated her. The ends justify the means, don't they? She may have been corrupt, or whatever the Ministry is claiming, but she got those protective laws on through just fine. I don't want my daughter getting savaged by some bloody uncontrolled overgrown dog." And that last bit has special malice, aimed right towards Sirius.

"I remember her," she says to Sirius quietly. She was the one he pointed out in the contact book. That Edwin stole. That he hasn't given back and HE DID NOT JUST. Sirius has the advantage, and hopefully his instincts should be at least on the paranoid part. The moment that Edwin carries on about WErewolves, it's almost as if Tonks is about ready to fly out and over Sirius to tackle him. "You don't know what you're talking about!" HEy, it's an adult version of 'You take that back!'

Septima looks between all the people here. She gives Sirius a little smile. "Sir…I seem to recall you from somewhere. Ah. And I could I not, good Sirius Black. I was acquainted with your family, though I do not know if you recall. I came with my family to social events at your family home. An…interesting woman, Mrs. Black." Emphasis on interesting. "Now now, everyone. No need to get in a huffle and a puffle about whose rights belong to whom. We're all adults here with our own…beliefs. Some of us may think of werewolves as nothing more than animals while others believe them to be…a bit more satisfactory. That doesn't do any harm, does it? Certainly I know I wish my daughter and son to be safe and protected from being harmed by anyone, whether they be werewolf or wizard. And if that means putting in place laws to protect them from one or the other or both, than so be it."

That was the /wrong/ thing to say. Wand out, Sirius leaps up from his seat and vaults over the table with a /snarl/. "BOLLOCKS. They're more human than the likes of you!" Oh boy. Edwin's stoked the fire that is Black's temper and brought it back to a roaring flame. He even raises his wand, aiming it at Edwin, prepared to duel. "Only a handful of werewolves are savages, and again, because of narrow minded bigots such as yourself!" His grey eyes flicker briefly to Septima, narrowing further. "Drop the pretense, woman. You damn well remember who I am, and the house." Thank Merlin they've gone and done the Fidelius on the place. Good luck finding it now!

Oh, but doesn't Edwin look like the cat that's caught the canary when he sees the two Blacklets react to his little tirade, even if poor Septima tried to tone it down a little in an effort to keep the peace. It doesn't appear to be a successful gambit, because the second Sirius gets to his feet Edwin's up and out of his own chair, tossing the thing back behind him with a clatter to get it out of his way while simultaneously drawing his own wand, jutting the thing at Sirius' throat with the virtue of long arms and a long reach. "You wouldn't want to get arrested for assaulting a member of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement, would you, Black?" Then, two seconds later: "As for werewolves, I honestly can't imagine why no politician has yet called to have them all. Put. Down." Like Edwin would love to do to the mangy fleabitten mutt that's currently on attack. He's not looking for a house, no. His quarry is right here in the open. "They're dreadful, stupid, dangerous beasts that have no place in our society." Yes, okay, so maybe Eddie's using the 'werewolf' concept to jab at Sirius directly. If it's a political argument that makes it not an attack on the other man's character!

"Shut. Up!" Tonks is somehow in front of Sirius now. Her wand's out, but not yet pointed at Edwin. It could be her job if she lets her temper get to her. But she's having a hard time right now dealing with someone she cares about being reduced to words such as 'animal'. "You. Don't. Know. Anything," she growls out to Edwin. "Don't know how they were," He was, "-used. So you just…shut up." Strange, how it seems that while he's aiming to hurt Sirius with his words, Tonks seems to be the one that's prickling up to it just as much. "Besides. I know at least three that are worlds better than a cockroach such as you. Maybe one of these days you'll show off that left arm for us, huh? Then we'll see who the real /beasts/ are in this room."

As Sirius jumps up to face Edwin, she gently places her hand over her purse. "Gentlemen, gentlemen. Please attempt to act civil in this fine dining and drinking establishment. We needn't cause trouble for the Mistress of the House. And I'd hate to have to take sides, or to attempt to break this up. Such a use of magic would be appalling. Now, I may not like werewolves, but you'll not find many who do. Most of society, regardless of their standing there of, dislikes werewolves. You cannot deny it. However, that is not a reason to get in a heated discussion and dual over!" Oh, but did Sirius just call her 'woman'? Oh no he di'en't! Snap! "And I'd prefer, Mister Black that you do not speak to me so foully. I would prefer you call me Miss Falton! Or at least not address me so distastefully again!" She stands and faces Tonks. "If you'd please, keep a reign on your 'friend' for us. He is being more beastly than a werewolf on the full moon."

Not minding, well he does mind, that Edwin's wand is aimed for his throat, because Sirius is doing the same to the Death Eater. Nostril's flaring, Black's face whitens with a rage he's struggling to not react with. It's an epic battle to not blast off Edwin's face. He's a bit blindsided by Tonks losing her temper, but his arm doesn't falter, oh he's still aiming at Edwin, and it's a bit like a Mexican Standoff. With Wizards. Who have wands. Sirius is waiting for Edwin to make the first move.. "You.. foul.. evil.. little son of a bitch. You weak minded imbecile, pitiful excuse of a man. You've no clue what you're talking about. I wouldn't even dare to put any werewolves, not even Greyback himself into the same category as scum like yourself, or the wench with you." Tonks.. Let him hex Edwin's face, oh please, oh please. It actually /might/ be worth an arrest! "Shut it," he snaps at Septima, "You're no better than he is."

Throughout the pub, chatter, business, everything has come to a screeching halt. People afraid to move, to speak, this situation is a powderkeg begging to be lit. Rosmerta stands behind the bar, hands over her mouth, a frozen look of fright on her face. Isn't Tonks supposed to be an Auror.. and that Edwin fellow.. he's a Ministry type too.. They should /know/ better. The Ministry is already here? Who else is there to call to put a stop to this!

It looks like Septima's pleas for civil manners are going to fall on deaf ears. Faced with two wands both aimed at him, Edwin is understandably a little uneasy - but this sort of standoff is exactly what he lives for. Which is bad news for everyone else involved because he tends to get overzealous in tense situations. Rather than issue an immediate verbal response to all that dreadful language and arguments, the large wizard simply whips his non-wand-wielding hand around in Tonks' direction, aiming for the region about her face and neck while keeping his wand trained steadily on Sirius. "You watch your mouth," he spits as he strikes, voice deep and close to an out-and-out hiss. Well, honestly. How else would he react to being publicly accused of being a Servant Of The Biggest Big Bad Ever? Hell, for a few seconds Sirius' comments aren't even on his radar.

What the hell are people around in the night time for! Don't you people have jobs you need to go home and sleep for? Yes, Tonks will admit later that /maybe/ she should've been a bit more discrete in calling Edwin to the mat, but he said the /wrong damn thing/. She still has memories fresh in her mind of what Umbridge did to Holly, the fact she was brought in to see the implication of it, and then /not being able to remember/ in time to stop it. And then he goes and presses all the little Werewolves are Animal buttons just as she's also coming to terms she /cares/ for one… Yeah, totally explains away the fact she wasn't thinking. "Please, you know damn well we're relate —"
WHACK! Edwin's Evil Pimphand of Doom, complete with Gaudy Pureblood Bling, strikes true! If you pay attention, you can almost hear the bones in Tonks' nose shifting in an ugly symphony that can only mean it broke upon impact. There's a slight stagger as she reels with the blow, then coming back around with the momentum and aiming a smart right hook right for the gut.

"Wench!" Now Septima has her wand out. "Now, I've tried to be civil, I have! I may not like you, but out here, I'm at least going to try to be kind to you. And be civil to you!" Unless you're fighting, because she has to put on the act, after all. "But I do not accept such disgraceful language!" She huffs and she puffs and she blows hair out of her eyes! She's the big bad Septima! She gasps (maybe fakely?) as Edwin hits Tonks. "And you dare hit a woman who has not physically attacked you?" That's it! But before she has it fully, Tonks is moving to hit Edwin. Too bad. She goes to disarm Sirius. She points her wand at the man and casts 'Expelliarmus'. Might as well start with him. She does so hate fighting…yes. Honestly and truly she does hate it! Sorta…kinda.

Sirius is pretty much like Edwin too. He's overzealous, and thrives on a bit of danger and a good fight… and that's all Sirius needs to see. Edwin reaching to hit his cousin, whom he loves and regards like the little sister he would have liked to have had. (If he had been born into a /sane/ family that is.) Black is now seeing red.. but amazingly, he doesn't immediately fire off a hex or a jinx. It's Protego that's on his mind to cast up between Tonks and Edwin. See, he does have some sense, in thinking defense here. But all that went out the window the moment Tonks was struck, "You are going to /pay/ for that!" Defense? Not at the moment, no thank you. He flourishes his wand with a force as he snarls out at Edwin, "Expelliarmus!" Still, it's on the defensive side, but cast with too much force, well, we've seen the damage it can inflict. No sooner than he's fired off at Edwin, his wand is gone from his hand and he's swearing profusely and colorfully as a result. Some very unflattering things about Septima are also stated.

Gaudy Pureblood Bling has never let Edwin down yet, and the sound and feel of Tonks' wrecked cartilage is immensely satisfying. But then - waitaminit, where is his wand? The disarming spell from Sirius' quarter seems to have hit home and his only wizardly weapon goes clattering across the table and then across the floor, getting wedged rather neatly between two somewhat wider planks of wood. This distraction is the perfect opportunity for the Auror to land her punch in his stomach and the Death Eater's spine buckles forward a little as his breath leaves him in a great puff. The unfortunate thing in this case is this: now Edwin has both hands free, winded or not, and now they're more fist-like and - yes - the man takes a returning swing towards Tonks. All things considered, the degeneration of the situation into a common barfight took longer than most people knowing the background between those involved may have anticipated. But civility is officially Out The Window and already five streets away. "Come here, you filthy little-" It looks like Edwin's strike isn't really a strike so much as an attempt at a grab, aimed for the front of Tonks' clothing and intended to pull her in for pummeling.

Protego? What protego? At least Rosmerta can be relieved that the only spells getting slung are disarms and protections, and not anything like, y'know, TABLE GO BOOM! Tonks is about ready to go in for the Haymaker (KIRK COMBO FTW) when suddenly she's got a grubby, icky Edwin hand in her clothes and she's getting yanked in for the pummels! Edwin gets called a few things that no lady should ever know, and she's twisting to try to figure out what the best way to be let go. And her elbows will slam back, hoping to catch some of that older man flesh and casue it to buckle like the abdomen did. And for added measure, she'll stomp on his foot.
… not that any of it gets her out of the grapple mind.

Sirius is cursing, Tonks is cursing, and Edwin is grabbing at a woman! If Septima hadn't been what she was, she'd be honestly aghast right about now and probably fainting to boot! She throws a spell in the direction of Edwin and Tonks, hoping that it will blast them apart from each other. "I WILL have civility!" She shouts.

Only one weapon was taken from Sirius, he still has more up his robe sleeves. "YOU WILL NOT LAY ANOTHER HAND ON HER," is bellowed, and that's all the warning Edwin gets before there's a gigantic beast of a dog hurtling at him! Large teeth bared and jaws snapping and he's not too particular about where they chomp either. He's also not bothered that Septima is getting all haughty, high and mighty and all proper. Feh.

Wrangling an Auror throwing a fit isn't all that easy, but Edwin's got a lot of size in both pounds and height over Tonks so he doesn't do too poorly a job. He gets her more or less where he wants her despite numerous blows from pointy joints to his person that will doubtless end in unpleasant bruising and is just about to commence aforementioned pummeling when SUDDENLY: SIRIUS. As the wizard raises a fist in preparation of crashing it back down at Tonks' head the animagus' teeth latch right onto his arm which - well. It gets his attention, certainly. Tonks will find herself suddenly freed but, even as he snarls in pain, Edwin sends his other fist smashing towards the big wet nose so conveniently presenting itself. Order, Septima? What's that? At least Tonks and Edwin aren't engaging each other directly, right? Right?

OW OW OW LET GO YOU OLD MA — Hello Spell. It seems to be a combination of Septima's spell and Sirius' intervention that gets Tonks away from Edwin. She frowns and then turns around, ready to begin laying back into Edwin when she realizes Sirius is munching on Edwin's arm. There's a blink and then an expletive and Tonks is back in the fray this time, yanking the large dog off of Edwin. "Let go!" Please let go Sirius. Hoping he does, and since Tonks wasn't disarmed, she's waving it at Edwin's arm, "Episkey!" Sorry, you're not getting Sirius in the slammer for that, or just Tonks is doing kindness. You know, they probably should leave … or something.

Septima sighs, getting more and more angry. "We'll have no dog biting either!" She aims another spell at dog-Sirius, hoping to throw him off Edwin. "Stop it all now!" She eyes Tonks, once she's done. "Let me see your face! Did he hurt you badly?"

Padfoot sinks his teeth in, snarling viciously, until he lets go in response to the punch in the nose. There's a high yelp that cannot be helped but given. He drops his grip and backs away, narrowly missing Septima's spell. This form has advantages, and a few cons. Getting hit on the nose being one of them. Readying for another snarl and lunge, he's grabbed by Tonks. A deep, rumbling, growl filled with promises of pain issues.. but fine. He gets the point. Sprinting away, he swipes up his wand in his teeth. His grey eyes search out Tonks's, as if communicating back to her, yeah, this is probably a good idea. Leaving that is. Not that he wants to retreat from a fight. There is going to be Hell to pay for this later. Oh yes.

Hey, Tonks is face is there for all to see. She's got a lovely raccoon look going on. But she's already backtracking for the door. Trouble, thy name is Black. She has nothing but contempt for Edwin as she's doing so. Septima might have a chance to nail Tonks with a spell before the Auror turns and makes her leave, likely with Padfoot on her heels. They are /so/ grounded for this.

Fury, thy name is Edwin. The knitting wounds on his arm won't even be suitable to prove an attack by Sirius now. Thwarted on all sides the hit wizard, frustrated beyond belief, grabs an empty tankard off of the table beside him and hurls it towards the big black dog. It might be to speed the mongrel along on his way, but if it manages to hit then Edwin will be perfectly happy. His immediate concern, however, is finding his wand. To that effect he storms across the room in search of it, eventually crouching to retrieve the precious thing. It'll be better for Tonks and Sirius if they're gone by the time he turns around again.

Septima sits down and nods. "Now. Edwin. Get your wand, sit down, and we'll have ourselves some wine and you can calm yourself down something serious!"

Ahaha.. Tonks and Edwin get a reprimand from their superiors. Sirius gets fined and a telling off from the MLE. The three of them have a nice lengthy ban from the Broomsticks for a bit. Not to mention a telling off from the higher ups in the Order for Tonks and Sirius. Septima? She gets away scot free. The wench.

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