1995-04-20: Telling Mum


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Scene Title Telling Mum
Synopsis Ginny tells Mum.
Location The Burrow, Devon
Date April 20, 1995
Watch For The tell!
Logger Ginny

During the kids' Easter Break, Molly has enjoyed the company of all her children. The twins have made a huge mess in their room — again, and Percy spent most of the time harping at everyone else to be quiet while he worked on his reports for work, but all in all, it's been a fairly peaceful break. Molly whistles to herself quietly as she spends a few rare moments sitting down relaxing. However, she's not idle. She's got the beginnings of a sweater in her hands, knitting away. It's a dark blue one, probably for Arthur, since he changes the least physically in the space of a single year.

Ginny has been preparing herself this entire Easter break. All break long, she's been in her room, psyching herself up to talk to Molly. Finally, the day before she's due back at Hogwarts, Ginny is finally ready. As ready as she'll ever be, anyway. With purposeful steps, she descends the stairs, clad in a pair of jeans and a floaty pale blue blouse. "Mum?" She asks before she can wimp out.

outside he door a crack can be heard th' sound of someone apparating out in the yard. Boots squelching along up to th' stairs leading into the door, which is promptly opened and boots-removed upon stamping in. One hand coming back through his hair-Soon as he was here he was off again-up to Scotland to see to a few things, before he could settle in here at home. Cheaper than trying to rent these days anyway.

Hands are still busy fussing with socks as the door is closed behind his short and stout form. One hand coming up as a hand presses back his hair-not as long as Bill's-but still enough that it might cause a bit of a ruckus from Mum. And so-Charlie's trying to tip toe as words come from the sitting room-Hmm might sneak past for the kitchen. Or at least try.

Not too long after Charlie Apparates in, there's another *CRACK* from outside. And Bill's right on Charlie's heels. The eldest can see that the next brother in line is playing it sneaky. Oh the temptation to ruin that is strong, but he's not the twins, so reins it all in and flashes Charlie a grin. Passing his brother and giving him a clap to the shoulder as he does so, he heads to the sitting room. "Hey mum, Ginny."

"Hello, dear." Molly starts with a basic greeting to her daughter before catching the tone in her voice. "Hmmm?" She looks up, setting her knitting in her lap and gesturing to the seat next to her. "Have a seat, dear, and let me know what's on your mind. Charles…" His mother's voice rises slightly as she sees him. "Shame on you for trying to sneak past your mother. Good morning Bill. Have you had something to eat yet? There are leftovers in the cooler." She effortlessly chides and cajoles her sons, then turns her attention back to her daughter. "Now, Ginny, dear, what is it?"

Ginny looks a bit green as her brothers come onto the scene. Does there really need to be an audience for this? Smiling weakly at both brothers, Ginny takes the offered seat. Indeed, she spends a bit too much time getting comfortable, shifting this way and that. Finally, she speaks. "Well.. I sort of.. there's this thing I need to tell you about. It's.. it's important."

Charlie a grin comes as Charlie does catch the clasp on his shoulder, turning slightly to look back to his elder brother. A chuckle, as he moves to ease past into the kitchen "Bugger." mouthed towards Bill before he has hopefully-and successfully slinked from sight. Well-nuts there, a turn of his head from th' door way to the kitchen as he comes back with cold toast in his mouth, and milk "Lo, Mum.." mouthed around the food before he is coming into the room. Biting down he removes the toast from his mouth and goes to take a seat on the floor-complete with milk bottle in his hand. "Hey Ginny-if its important, spill." Yes, Charlie did just invite himself into this conversation, a sip of milk once the bottle's opened up. He should've gotten a glass, but such is life?

Bill's brows shoot up and he fires a look at Charlie. Uh.. time to go outside and de-gnome the garden? Because if this is 'female' talk, he's totally not going to listen to his baby sister talking about it to his mother. He hasn't even had a chance to get comfortable, or properly greet his mother. "I grabbed something to eat in London already." A look is shot toward Charlie, not for the milk bottle, but for joining in the conversation. "Uh, if Ginny and mum need /privacy/, let's go clear out some gnomes," he sort of about faces, ready to try and wrestle Charlie from the room. This is for your own good, bro!

Order forms, check, supplies restocked, check, George, ah man no George. Fred Weasley heads down stairs by his lonesome looking about the house for his twin brother. Heading for the kitchens he sees Bill and Charlie have arrived and offers a wave to the older brother folks, "Howdy." Is all he says and doesn't sees the awkward situation but hears de-gnoming mentioned and pipes up, "What you two going nutters?" He asks with an eyebrow raised before heading to grab a glass of milk himself.

Molly eyes Charlie. "Charles Fabian, go get yourself a glass right now…" That's the first of her strictures. "William, do be careful. Don't spill the milk everywhere." Having said this, and giving her single twin a smile, she turns back to Ginny. "You aren't in trouble in some way, are you dear?" It's something moms the world over worry about, especially when their daughters start sentences like that. "Would you prefer I shooed them all outside?" She asks this a little more quietly. If it's going to be one of those talks, it might be better for all concerned if they did degnome.

Ginny shakes her head rather quickly. "No, I'm not in trouble. Everything is okay. I, just.." Then there's the offer to shoo her brothers away, and she looks slightly relieved. No need to have half the family here. Still, Ginny hasn't seen too much of her brothers lately, so she's torn. "Um. How 'bout I whisper it and if you think they shouldn't know, you can shoo?" Ginny replies in an equally soft voice, then leans forward to whisper without waiting.

"Ah Fred-just in time to hear what's on Ginny's mind here.." A shake of his head before he is looking back to Molly, and then eyeing the bottle of milk in his hand. A swig given before he is rising up "Sure mum.." Offered with a look back towards his older brother, and there's a laugh "I'd rather table joust, Bill.." For what Charlie does understand about Dragons and the functions of Dragons both male and females-he still doesn't quite get the tone for female problems. As such, he has found himself in odder conversations at work than he's cared to remember. But, at least Charlie has a mind not to stick around-usually when those things come up he vacates the premises.

Speaking of vacating there's a look back from Ginny to Molly a brow racing up and then a nod to Bill. And he is back in the kitchen-much safer there.

Muttering aside to Fred, he says, "I dunno if this is something we want to be hearing." Of all the times to come home. Right as Ginny is growing up! If it's /too/ personal, he'll take the gnomes over it. "Oh, uh, sorry mum," he says in a lame, apologetic voice about trying to jostle at Charlie. He's then on Charlie's heels for the retreat. 'Female' talk is just /wrong/ when it's his mother and sister! "So long as it's not about a boy. She's too young for us to have to start roughing up blokes on her behalf," he continues to mutter.

Hiding in the kitchen Fred looks towards Molly and Ginny with his eyebrow still raised. Seeing Charlie with the milk he reaches out to snatch it if the older brother lets him and then looks towards Bill, "What we not wanting to hear exactly? I'm all ears as long as it's not Potter talk. That bloke dies and thinks he can just ignore /my/ little sister." Fred looks towards Ginny again and shrugs before looking back at Bill, "So de-gnoming then? Cause I can almost guarantee she's going whine about a boy, all these bloody girls do is whine about boys lately."

At the first portion of the whispered sentence, Molly's face takes on an extremely worried look. However, as Ginny continues, her expression goes through phases of shock, amazement, worry again, and then resignation. "It's your decision whether they should know or not, dear." She gestures toward the boys. "But it's all supervised, I take it, considering who asked you to tell me…"

She sighs. "You are all getting so grown up. Well…" She inhales sharply. "As long as you're safe and listen closely to her, I foreseee no problems. I will be writing her to tell her that she has my complete support to … guide you closely in this. It is dangerous, Ginny, and I expect complete obedience, or I will tell her to stop completely. Is that understood?" Molly is still worried, but she knows this is the best way for it to happen. Especially with all the information that's come out lately.

"Frederick! Language!" Yes, Molly heard him. "There are more things in life than romantic relationships." But, as long as it's been brought up… She quirks an eyebrow at her daughter, asking silently if she needs to confide anything on that score.

There are no words for the relief that courses through Ginny when Molly doesn't pick her up by the chair and throw her out a window. Or worse, look disappointed. But no! Molly is simply stern, and Ginny nods, vigorously and obediently. "Yes, Mum. I'll be the best listener! And I'll have adult supervision and everything!" Hesitating, she's clearly unsure about something - several somethings, probably. Finally, she shrugs. "They're going to know one way or another, I suppose. I'll wait and tell them separately, I think."

That out of the way, Ginny smiles at her mother. "No, I'm okay," she answers the unspoken question. "I have a Plan." Yes, the capital letter is clear in her voice. Ginny has been plotting!

Milk is passed easily to Fred, while Charlie takes time to chomp down more of the purloined toast from breakfast. There's a glance back towards the sitting room as if waiting to see the red alarms sound off in rapid fashion. A look is given then back to Fred, with a smirk there showing. "Sounds like you're whining about a boy, there brother." And yes he is reaching to tussle half of the dynamic duo's hair before glancing back to the room in question

"What d' you mean Potter's ignoring Ginny?" Apparently someone has not clued ol' Charlie on what are the couples these days. "Seems I go out of the country, you young ones stop being bachelors.." Well by that he means now George and the potential of Ginny, but she doesn't count as a Bachelor does she?

Though when words like Plan and I Have A come out of his little sister's mouth Charlie is then turning to look back into the aforementioned room.

"What?", is all Bill asks of Fred before he whips around to look at his younger sibling. "He's toying with her or something? She's only thirteen! And he's what, a year older?" So much for de-gnoming, he turns around and marches for the sitting room. He pauses in the doorway, catching what Molly says, having missed anything Ginny said on the sly. Puzzlement registers on his face. Okay, so maybe it's not as bad as his imagination took hold of. Which has him feeling a bit foolish, since he's ordinarily so level-headed and doesn't get worked up easily. "Half.. well.. almost half of us are already here. Why not go ahead and spill it?" Sure there's three of them and one of her..

Looking ot his mother he exclaims, "Oh thank you, you are a sane and wonderful woman mother of mine! Please explain that to the girls at school." He pours himself a glass of milk and sets the container down on the counter forgetting about it. Charlie ruffles his hair and the 17 year old just gives him a glare because he missed ducking out of the way, "Leave my luscious locks alone." He leans back against the counter taking in Ginny, "Oh just spill it small-fry."

"Or what?" A grin back to his little brother as Charlie is coming back into the room, arms folding over his chest as he looks back towards Ginny-yeah he is trying to do his best imposing older brother routine. A tilt of his head, and then he is reaching up to wipe his mouth, as if milk would have remained there, when he was trying to be all intimidating.

"It is your call, dear. It might be easier to get it over with at once, though." Molly shrugs and looks up at her boys. "Let her finish…" If she chooses to start. "It's her decision, and I want you to honor it." She decides to step back a bit, at least metaphorically, so she picks up her needles and yarn and begins clicking away at the sweater.

Ginny is being ganged up on by Weasleys! Luckily for her, however, this has been the case her entire life. The result of that is willpower of epic proportions. "Now," she addresses all three brothers at once, waving a finger at them, "I'm telling you this once, and you don't tell anyone else, understand?" There's a pause, and then Ginny continues, "I'm going to study to become an animagus. Professor McGonagall is going to help, and a girl in the year above me, Amber."

Bill slips his hands into his pockets, doing his best to keep an open mind on the matter. Whatever it is. "Oh, is that what this is about?" There's a sigh of relief heard from him, and he doesn't even prepare a quick spiel for Ginny on the dangers of the spell. He's sure McGonagall already did. It's the sort of thing she'd do, try to scare 'em off. "Just be careful with that," he says, before settling down into a seat in the sitting room.

Molly smiles at Bill's expression of relief. "Rather what I thought, dear." She continues to knit. "Professor McGonagall is an expert, so I feel less worried than I might if she was doing on her own…" Like Sirius and his friends did. That bit of knowledge has made her refocus. She looks down, counting properly for a moment, absorbed in her project. Then she looks up at the other boys. "And no telling Ronald or Percy yet. Let your sister share her own news." She frowns. "Would you like me to tell your father, or should I let you do that as well, Ginny dear?"

Ginny nods to her brother, "I will, Bill." Turning to her mother, she smiles. "I hear it's really difficult, Amber and I decided to do it with help so we don't accidentally blow up or something," she says cheerfully. "You can tell Dad, yeah. I'll tell everyone else that should know. But," this is directed to her brothers, "Keep it under your hat until I'm ready for everyone to know."

Bill makes a motion with his fingers of zipping across his mouth. "It's Ginny's news to tell," he says as he summons a copy of the Prophet to him, idly flipping through the pages. "You can always back out too, studying the spells necessary doesn't mean you're bound to complete the transformation. But if you really want to do this, I'm sure you'll be fine." It's not something that personally appealed to him, but to each their own, right?

Fred looks to Ginny and he starts to laugh still holding his milk glass but just puts it down quickly, "Ah man. That's all? I thought you were gonna say something a little more, you know /girlly/." He gives her a thumbs up after his laughter stops, "That cool though Gin. You'll be fine with McGonnigal teaching you." He doesn't seem concerned at all by the level of magic involved and looks to Charlie, "Oh I'm not telling you, it's all about the suspense."

Molly is pleased with her sons' reactions, on the whole. She nods, and keeps knitting. "I think you had us worried it was something entirely worse, dear." She chuckles to herself. "By the way, Bill, I finished up your laundry, and it's on the stairs…" She points to a pile of neatly arranged clothes. One of the bonuses to coming home once in a while. "How is work going, dear?"

Ginny grins impishly. "So anytime I want to break some bad news, I should just pretend it's worse?" She glances over at her Mum's knitting, then leans back in her chair, clearly relieved. With a yawn, Ginny rises and goes into the kitchen. All this talking has made her hungry.

"I recommend leaving Perce out of the loop. You'll never hear the end of his lecturing," Bill says to Ginny from behind the paper. The paper is lowered and he shoots a grin across at Molly, "Thanks mum. Work's just fine. No major incidents and the goblins have started calming down since that cow was ousted. Although, some are still very wary and I can't say that I blame them.. Ah, Ginny, please don't. You don't want the lot of us overreacting, now do you?"

Fred nods at Bill's Percy comment, "Yeah that Prat will lectures anyone on anything. Who needs a sleeping charm, just listen to Perce droll on, and on, and on…and on." He make a wave of his hand after before the last and on. Fred grabs his milk again and head to the sitting room with it, "What cow?" He asks Bill quickly and looks to his milk suspiciously.

Ginny calls from the kitchen, "Yeah, I don't intend to tell Percy until it's necessary." Returning with toast spread with jam, she smiles at her brothers. "I think Bill meant Umbridge, Fred," she comments, then, "I've got school work to do before I get back to Hogwarts." With that, she clomps up the stairs and into her room.

"Yup, that's the one and the same," Bill concurs when Ginny mentions Umbridge. "Alright, Gin." The paper's folded up and set aside before he gets up from his seat. "I think I'll go put my laundry away." No need to let his underpants sit around on the stairs all day now is there? "I'll need to head back to work shortly, if you need me to pick up anything, just holler before I leave, mum." Then he's gathering up his laundry and heading up to his room.

"Watch your language." Molly says, but it's a token protest. She dislikes that woman as much as the rest of the family. She watches the children scatter, and returns to quietly knitting away, content to spend the last few minutes of her rest time in solitude.

Fred watches everyone leave and phews as he pats the side of his glass, "Had me concerned for a minute." He says with a grin and starts up the stairs, "Well got orde…I mean homework to do before school starts. Must be studious, that's me!" He chimes and starts up after the two siblings calling to Bill as he takes the stairs two at a time, "You got any of your old essays from school?"

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