1996-02-28: Team Hinky


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Scene Title Team Hinky
Synopsis Jethro pulls together a rather … unique team of people. All of 'em with something 'hinky' going on.
Location Hogwarts - Temporary Bullpen
Date February 28, 1996
Watch For Mini catfight and some seriously twisted Slytherins - also, first look at the God Squad.
Logger Bright One

Jethro sits in his chair, looking over notes, his reading glasses falling down his nose. He frowns, jotting something down, then sets the notes down entirely. He rests his hand on the desk, fingers tapping against the wood, irritation showing. Jethro's in 'full-steam ahead' mode.

Brennan has decided to occupy her usual corner of Jethro's desk, perched at an impossible angle - still with legs crossed like a professional lady - while reading through a rather stuffed manila folder and muttering to herself under her breath as she shuffles papers around, makes notes and highlights or crosses things out. It's only when Jethro starts drumming his fingers on the desk that she looks over at him - irritated at the interruption to her focus. "Did you need something, Agent Gardener?"

Since he's lucky enough not to be leading the meeting, Jake comes bearing gifts. Well, sort of. It's a thermos of coffee and one of tea. Refills for everyone! Ain't he a rockstar? "Got that new cologne yet?" He probably shouldn't rib Jethro too much. But, c'mon. One little nudge is ok right?? He also can't sit. Just cannot do it. So he's taken to leaning against a gargoyle. "Dr. Brennan. Hello."

Maura's not late. -Not late-. It just appears as if she's been the unfortunate victim of a Quidditch scuffle of some kind, and is just now finding the time to heal herself of the few measley scrapes she got while on her way to the bullpen. "They're far more violent then I remember them." she can be distinctly heard mumbling upon arrival.

Severus strides into the room, glancing around to see who is here, and who should be. It's an ingrained reaction. He stands near Morgan and crosses his arms. "I hope this meeting is more profitable than many of those I am invited to attend." He gazes straight at Jethro, not glaring, but not amused, either.

Siobhan is late. Only by a moment or so, but still. Dressed in leggings, low-heel calf boots and a belted tunic top, she at least manages to look mostly professional - even if the trek up the stairs has her cheeks a little more flushed than usual. Her two 'shadows' for the day - O'Neill and Carter - aren't far behind, though for some reason Carter seems highly amused at her partner's stormcloud expression. Jake gets a kiss on the cheek and a "You're a genius!" from Siobhan … right at the same time as she steals his coffee thermos. Sev … is too tall for her to say hello to properly with hands full of thermos and him standing up. Pity. Hopping up to sit her arse on the desk between fiance and lover, she's already screwing the top off the thermos and taking a swig as-is. "That's when you charm the Bludger to splatter them with paint every time it passes by." Not that she knows that particular charm or anything - she's rubbish at charms - but she imagines such a thing can be done. Ahem. "I don't think it would take much to top that list, Sev." And Jethro! "Why do you need us here? This is a bit of a motley crew - even for you, Jet." She's awfully … perky today.

"Been doin' some thinkin'." And those are dangerous words from Jethro Gardener. He pulls the glasses off his nose, and gazes around at each of them. "We got a common goal. We got a TOE. Well, mostly." He gives Jake a glare, and then looks back down. "We need t' at least have some sorta cohesion on this. Knowin' what everybody's doin' means everybody else isn't doin' that same thing." He holds up a hand. "Not sayin' we get all DMLE about it, and make everybody follow certain rules, other than the ones Morgan's already laid out. That's common sense. I'm talkin' about not crossin' wires. Morgan can help coordinate that while he can, but he ain't gonna always be able to, nor do we want him always to." Sorry, bud, but there needs to be a little more connection and organization than that. "Need t' figure out roles. Especially with you, who don't necessarily work for Mister Morgan all the time."

"That is an -excellent- idea." Maura agrees, unable to help her expression of sheer confusion and curiosity at Siobhan's… mood. "I ah, I think I'll do that soon as we're done here…" she decides, still glancing occasionally sidelong at her friend there, when she chugs coffee right from the thermos too. But then Jethro starts talking in acronyms that she has NO IDEA about, and her expression goes blank. You know, deer in the headlights sort of look. "Can somebody translate that for me? I figure it means no forms in triplicate and we're not walking around with clenched asscheeks all the time? … Anyone?" No? Maybe? She also sort of nods politely then goes to find herself a seat. A chair… something.

Reaching for her own coffee mug, Brennan is watchful - keen and observant. Not all of those present are people she knows; this is a fascinating opportunity to study human behavior as well as get a read on just exactly what kind of situation she's signed up for. "Wait, not everyone present is employed by Morgan Securities?" She follows Jethro's look over to Noble and Snape and frowns. "I was under the distinct impression that was the point of integration." Which, considering her lack of social adept-ness, means that yeah, she got the wrong read off of something, probably.

"Yes, we established my genius already I thought." Yep, Jake's a little surprised at Sio's effusiveness. But if she's going to call him a genius, he'll agree! And try to grab his thermos back. "That's for sharing." he points out dryly, looking over at Severus with a raised eyebrow like… what -is- this? And then back at Jethro, waiting for him to continue the show. He nods along with everything. "Some people will remain employed by the school. The people not employed by the school will be under Morgan Securities." he clarifies. "Maximum coverage. Some people in the Ministry will never want to work with an outside company. They can deal with those people." Or something like that.

Snape snorts. "Do not get an overly large head, Morgan." It's a light jibe for Snape. He rolls his eyes at the interplay with the coffee thermos, and moves to sit down. "With my … other interests, it behooves us if I appear to be merely a school teacher with some very strange friends." He's willing to be a part of this — whatever it is, of course, but he needs his plausible deniability. "Mister Gardener…." Severus' lips thin. "Jethro. Perhaps you could enlighten those of us who did not have an American military upbringing. Acronyms and abbreviations are only as useful as they are understood."

Siobhan is unperturbed by the odd looks. She's got coffee. "DMLE is Department of Magical Law Enforcement - that's one of ours, actually." Which is why she's surprised at the need for clarification. Severus gets an odd look when he moves away to sit down, but her focus is soon elsewhere. Glancing up at Jethro, Siobhan shrugs. "Sorry, Jet." This part of it's his show, after all. She'll sit back and watch how he plays it out - for now.

"TOE? Table of Organization and Equipment." Jethro clarifies, glad someone asked if they didn't know. "Everybody's got some connection to the Security company, Brennan, most are employees, and some are… " He snorts. "Family." He can't find a better way to phrase the craziness they find themselves in. "Some probably end up both." He looks down at his sheet, growling and grabbing the glasses again. "Got coverage on our two teachers. You need some, Maura?" He glances over at the Healer, over his glasses. "You need more security than just the guys at the school?" He moves on, continuing to check things. "And we got guys examining the stuff we can from the ministry, see what we can find out about that." He frowns. "Need t' figure out how to catch the ratbastard and nail him to the wall." By that, he means Shadow. "Need some clue about who he really is. Need to correlate, have some of you work with Duck to see what you know." He's said some of this, but never in the large group. "I'm standin' point — at the front of the group, but I'm not doin' all of this. You got an idea, let's hear it."

After a moment's silence, Brennan holds up her folder and glances to Jethro. "I have the results from the tox screens on all recovered werewolves and analysis of the osteosarcomas we found." Handing off the folder to him - in case he wants to look at all the pretty pictures inside - Brennan focuses on making her report concise. "One victim showed signs of exposure to chemical mutagens that altered one of the proto-oncogenes in the basal bone marrow cells. He appeared to be the Alpha male." The one with the machete. "All the others, however, were infected by a particularly nasty strain of retrovirus containing the mutation to the same oncogene." She pauses, glancing around the room like this should have some significance to everyone, obviously. "The initial victim was an accidental exposure, but the rest of them appear to have been purposefully infected with the disease. Based on the method of alteration, we suspect it may come from the same source as the alteration of Maura's DNA." There, that's her contribution for the day.

"They had two on me before. But,…" Maura's gaze slides over towards Jake there. "I don't know if I need them anymore or not. Unless we can break the block on my memories, I'm not really a threat. I've already done what damage I could, with the information I gave when I woke up." But if she was going to say anything else, she's caught off guard by Brennan's report. She actually understood all of -that- technical jargon. And it was enough to make her go a little pale. And maybe look a little green around the edges there. It all shuts her up very nicely, actually.

Jake gives Jethro a nod when he talks about the Healer's security detail - sorry kid, your babysitters are back. "Alright, so. He's experimenting with more then one disease, and apparently likes to sample from every type of background. That doesn't help us narrow it down. But, it does confirm he's a scientist of some sort. We can start looking for geneticists, perhaps. One who, also, has a magical background. A former student." he suggests, trying to keep the conversation going.

Severus understood part of what Brennan said. He opens his mouth to summarize it, but Morgan has already done so. "If I did not know better, I would wonder if this person preferred the blue and grey." He considers the students he's known from Ravenclaw house. "I do not know of any student who would be so ill-intentioned. However, it could be a person of any House, or of none at all." No offense, Salem grads, he knows this school well, and has for the past almost twenty years. Between his teaching and his own schooling, he'd know a bunch of students. "I have seen many things. However, I have never seen someone so bloody-minded." Never..

Looking back and forth between Sev and Jake and Brennan, Siobhan's expression holds maybe just a bit more attitude than is specifically warranted. "Hi, hello, brain lady?" She'll raise one hand and wiggle the fingers to get Brennan's attention. "Yeah, your theory's all great and wonderful and everything, really. Except you forgot one thing. Very important thing. Werewolves? Don't get sick. They just don't." Sharp brown eyes will dart to Jethro, then back to Brennan. "When did you ever see Lupin or Maplewood sick? Only ever around the full moon, not from a flu or a cold." One brow is arched almost mockingly at Brennan - it's a silent challenge. Explain that away, brain lady.

"Noble." Jethro is interested to hear Brennan's words, but he doesn't like the attitude. He says nothing more than her name. That ought to be enough, or at least be a warning that it's unprofitable right now. He looks at Brennan and frowns. "Good question, though. Most human-were mixes seem t' be more resistant to crap like that. Specially formulated?" That would be extremely scary. To Maura, he considers. "I'd rather be safe than sorry. Guy can't be sure what he pulled from his brain and what we pulled. So, he's gonna wanna know that." He thinks at least one bodyguard would be good. "Unless you got someone with you all the time?" Two is always better than one. This seems to be a theme here. "Don't know about your House thing." He doesn't really know about the differences in the houses, and at this point doesn't care. "You find some sorta evidence they wore that uniform, we'll work with it. Guesswork's not gonna cut it. Maybe help us form a possible profile, but it's not gonna help us find the bastard." He sighs. "Bunch of you — yeah, me included — we're all … hinky, as my favorite lab tech likes to say. Each got a little bit of somethin' that's not particularly normal. Don't care. That'll be what gets us through this. What helps us find him, and take care of his boss." Not necessarily in that order, mind you. He's done preaching for the moment. He falls silent, and looks pointedly around, needing more input.

Brennan holds up one hand when Jethro snaps at Noble. "No, it's a fair question." Apparently all the underlying hostility goes 'woosh' right over her head. "Our best hypothesis is that Subject Zero - " The plague-bringer. " - suffered prolonged exposure to whatever mutanogenic compound caused the osteosarcoma development. Eventually, if it were powerful enough, it would overtake even a were's powerful immune system and metastasize. Once it had, a retrovirus could be reverse engineered from a segment of DNA from an oncogenic cell. That DNA would be what's left after generations of mutations - honing out only the best." She pauses, again looking at them all expectantly as if this should all mean something to them. When the reaction doesn't come, she sighs and explains. "A cancer that could take root in a werewolf's immune system wouldn't necessarily kill wizards, but it would most likely kill infected Muggles within 7 to 10 days of infection. If this is the same guy, you're not just looking for a scientist, you're looking for a prodigy."

"That's fine." Maura agrees easily. She doesn't exactly have someone with her all the time at the moment, so she has no room to protest. "I'd really like to keep what's left of my brain and central nervous system intact, sooooooo." She'll even smile. See? Yay for having a babysitter again. She just looks a bit uncomfortable about it all, mostly. "I could try and check with St. Mungo's… to see if there's any record of someone who worked there trying to make magic and genetic mixtures." she offers. "That may give us something. And I'll just keep trying with my memories. See if I can jar something loose." That part she sounds dubious about though.

"Could be someone who was fine in school, then just lost it after they graduated. Maybe they got turned down for a job at the Hospital. Maybe they got turned down for a job at the Ministry. Not because of their ability…as Brennan indicated, we could be lookig at a genius of some sort. But, because of personality. Maybe he didn't have the right connections." All of that is piled on to what they'e already speculated - courtesy of Jake.

Severus remains silent through most of this, collecting all the information, as he does almost naturally. His eyebrows lift slightly as Siobhan talks to Brennan, but when Brennan answers peaceably, he relaxes just minutely, and looks over to Sio again, just gauging her reactions. He frowns when they mention that Shadow's of genius level. "Let us not forget that he is an expert in changing his appearance. I have worked with him for over a year now, and I do not believe I have ever seen his true face. I do have one piece of information which was given to me, but I will keep to verify who he may be if or when we suspect someone." He does something he doesn't normally do. He reiterates. "The glamours and voice changes are not standard illusions. They stand up to a strong finite and cannot be noticed by anything less than perhaps a goblin ward or ancient family magics. Since we use the most peripheral means to keep our identities secret, no one has dared use ancient magic on Shadow when he is nearby." Besides the fact that the man had been the Dark Lord's right hand, he was known for being swift to cast something right back. Usually something pretty painful.

The fact that Brennan's explanation has no fewer than nine pieces of obscure terminology makes Siobhan simply tune her out. In her experience, anyone who uses words like that to an audience like this is simply being an arrogant ass. Jethro snapping at her about it doesn't help, and so Siobhan simply listens to the talk about Shadow in silence. "If you can get him to cast a spell, I'll know if it's him or not." It's quietly spoken - maybe only heard by Jake and Severus. Weeks of personal attention mean that is one magical aura she'll never forget. Aside from that offer, however, she's apparently content to drink Jake's coffee and listen - or brood. It's hard to tell the difference.

"So," Jethro begins. "Guy is genius-level smart, sociopathically evil, and an expert in disguises." Great. He's taking notes, making a small list. "Noble can tell him by magic, and Snape can confirm one other way. That's good for when we catch him." He likes having something to compare to, to confirm the dirtbag's identity. "Think we oughtta lay low for a bit, let him think he's caught all the hell he's gonna get, or full-court press?" The Brits may not get that last reference, but Jake probably will. "Dunno which would make 'im make a sloppier mistake."

This is strategy, not science. More interested in observing the 'soft stuff' than in participating, Brennan simply watches the interaction, nursing her own coffee. "I'll go with you, Maura," she volunteers. "I know someone in Research there who might be able to tell us something." Or get them in to see the people who could tell them something.

This time, Maura latches on to something Sev and Sio are talkking about. "Ancient magics. What kind? What of ancient magics could disrupt his illusions or see through them? If you could clarify." And there, she taps her amulet. "When Jack examined the amulet, he said it was ancient. And I know that the wandless spells I use are also old." is added, hoping to be of use there too. Sio's mention of being able to identify Shadow by his spells is met with a nod of agreement. "I feel like just being in the same building as the man would wind up sending me into convulsions." Fortunately, there is no demonstrative shudder. "That could work then, thank you Dr. Brennan." she adds, at the offer.

"That's a tough choice, Jethro." Jake cracks his neck, in true military style, while he considers. "Doesn't seem like he's after the spotlight just yet. Otherwise, he'd be releasing people after he'd altered them. Seems like he has a different goal in mind right now. So, we let him think he's gotten away with it then he'll take more victims and do more experiments. But now we've got more eyes out watching for him." That's one hand. "On the other hand, mocking him might enrage him." And he's about to get himself in a world of shit, but… he gestures at Maura. "We make sure she's seen in public being able to walk and talk like nothing happened, he'll probably go apeshit. What didn't he find that he should have. I'm -not- saying we do that." he emphasizes, before Siobhan rips out his heart and eats it in front of everyone. "Just demonstrating how knowing his experiments failed might make him react."

"Perhaps that factor combined with his loss of place will be conducive to him making a move." Severus leans back in his chair, turning to face Morgan. "As you say, that may not be the most profitable thing to do at this moment, but it may be an option for when other forces are in place to effect a most efficient trap." There are always the other things going on. Those are good ideas for getting Shadow in a clinch, but that clinch needs to be there first. "I am not sure whether apprehending him or killing him will injure the Dark Lord as much now, since we have pushed him to sever strong ties. However, since they have such similar goals, the separation may not last long." Severus is a realist. He conjures himself a cup, and reaches for the thermos of tea, pouring himself a cup. "Another factor will of course be Miss … Maura's safety."

Wise move, Jake. "Not Maura." Okay, so maybe Siobhan's two word order has a little bit of a growl to it. "If we just wait - " but Severus' mind is on the same track as hers, so she falls silent. When it comes to this crowd, he'll explain it better anyway. At least … until he throws her for a loop. "I'd never say Voldemort and 'sane' in the same sentence, Sev, but he's not stupid. Shadow very well could have brought the entire war down around his ears - I don't think that will be as easy to forget as you think." She shakes her head. "I think we need to concentrate on preparing for the short time he'll surface once Lord Tom gives him the boot - that's if he doesn't kill him outright - because in the time between being disposed of and going to ground, he'll make mistakes." And that's when they've got to pounce.

"Woman probably knows him best. And it makes sense. So, we've got plans once we've got some more idea what's goin' on. See the man on the street, though, and somehow recognize him, we'll grab him anyway." Jethro reaches over for his own cup of coffee. He takes a long swig, and frowns. He looks down at his sheet of paper. "So, we're all on board with this?" MorSec may have a clear, delineated chain of command, at least mostly, but in this group, they all seem to function better as a random group of equals. That will be rough for Jethro to get used to, but he's done it before. He writes a few notes, probably about what they decided, and then looks up again. "Noble used t' train with me. The Security guys train too. Any of the rest of ya are welcome to join, but just know if ya spar with me, I'll knock ya on your ass." Siobhan knows this.

That last makes Brennan perk up a fair bit. "I'll take that challenge." It's been a while since anyone gave her a run for her money. It sounds fun.

Maura's eyes dart from one person to the other as they discuss possibilities. "Well, there is a chance that he'll find out no matter what, since I can't exactly just stay inside the castle walls. I've already been to Hogsmeade. And Diagon Alley." is pointed out, since she had to go somewhere to get a new wand. "But I am not exactly eager to put that to the test." Yeah, that's right. She's brave, but not -that- brave. Not yet! Give her a few more months first, plzkthx. "And I agree with Sio. He -will- make mistakes. He's already made some, hasn't he? He's not perfect. We just need to be ready for it." Suddenly, she perks up though. Self-defense training? "I'll join." And she'll suck at it.

Jake… quiet! His agreement is more of a grunt. "Maybe we'll make it two guards." Instead of one.

Snape gazes over at Siobhan, and considers Jethro's offer. "I have seen this training. I believe I could use the practice in some parts, but I do not believe it would be wise for me to engage in the 'sparring'." His voice is dry, and he snorts. "However," a smirk appears on his face. "I may oversee a practice from time to time." To Siobhan's comments on Shadow, he nods, agreeing with her points. "There has been a period recently when the Dark Lord acted less like a focused school child with a grudge, and more like the military leader I knew fifteen years ago." The man who drew him into this web was a bright, intelligent engaging man who knew how to draw a crowd. "I am not certain why the change happened, but I do not count on it lasting long. However, it does make for a much needed lull in activity."

Used to? "What's all this 'used to' bullshit, Jethro?" A narrow-eyed Look is shifted between Jethro, Severus and Jake - trying to ferret out the guilty party. "I never quit on you. Someone say different?" Tone and expression say that she'll be happy to set whoever it was straight again. All the implications of 'used to' rub her fur the wrong way. Very much the wrong way. Severus' comment about joining in kind of ticks him off the list of her suspects, but it makes her frown. "Even if we have to do it behind closed doors, Sev, I'd rather you learned at least a little." Not that it's her call, but she will make her preferences known. "Once I'm back up to speed - " Because she will be joining in again, probably starting in the morning if her stubborn self is true to form " - I'll need a partner who won't explode or get set on fire when I hit." And he's the only one she's confident her magic wouldn't ever strike against.

And, here, ladies and gents, is an 'Aw hell' moment. Jethro looks up, an apology on his face. "Didn't mean ya quit, just that ya hadn't since…" He knows why she hadn't, and that she was coming back as soon as possible. However, he understands how it sounded. "Won't happen again, Noble." That's Gardener-speak for 'I'm Sorry.' "Be a good idea t' get a little somethin' in," Jethro agrees with Sio. "Even if we haveta have it separate t' keep it from pryin' eyes." Wasn't that just what she said?

As interesting as this all is, Brennan has some bones to stare at. Finishing the last of her coffee, she reaches across to grab the folder from the other side of Jethro's desk and shifts into a more comfortable position to pick up reading where she left off. If someone needs her for something, they'll get her attention.

Maura is starting to look a little dazed now, perhaps. She's not used to being surrounded by people anymore to start with, let alone plans. And then there is the poking at still healing wounds by openly discussing them. The way her hands curl around the arms of the chair and her knuckles turn white means she's aaaaaaaaaalmost at her breaking point for the day. When, she abruptly stands up (because she can DO that now!!!). "Gotta go. Count me in for whatever." And she can go have a panic attack in private, thanks! She registers absolutely nothing on her way out.

Which all means that, Jake leans over to mutter at Jethro about getting those guards set up pronto. Which, he leaves to take care of. "Try not to devolve into a free for all cage match while I'm gone, alright? I'd at least like to see it, with a six pack and some pretzels."

"It appears I am overruled." Severus seems to complain, but his tone is actually dry and teasing. "I shall find the time to do so, then." Among all the other things he needs to do. However, the fact that he doesn't have to have meetings with the Headmaster all the time may actually have freed up some time for such things. And the opportunity to spar with Sio is a plus. "Morgan, Maura." He nods a farewell as they leave, and takes another long sip of his tea.

Siobhan watches Maura's exit with a knowing, empathetic eye. When Morgan departs soon after, he gets a smile and an "I'll see you," but that's all she's willing to comment on with regards to her friend or her guards. To Jethro, she nods once - apology accepted - and grins. "I know. You still run the kids first thing?" She's not entirely sure what has been kept up to date and what hasn't while she's been away. The opportunity to tease her mate, however, cannot be passed up. "It's in your best interests, Sev, promise. This kind of training does absolute wonders for flexibility and endurance." She even manages to keep a straight face while she says it. Mostly.

Jethro quirks an eyebrow at Siobhan. He's amused at her insinuations. He doesn't say anything about them, though, only continues on with what she'd asked him. "Yeah, kids still get up first thing and do a few things. Mostly basic calisthenics." He grins. "Kids are gettin' dam good. In some of it, they're beatin' my guys." Not the endurance or speed,of course, but definitely some of the flexibility.

Flipping back and forth between two pages in the folder she holds, Brennan finds a disturbing discrepancy she wants to confirm. Sliding off her corner of Jethro's desk, she tucks said folder under her arm. "Gardener, I have probably another 24 hours of testing to do on these samples. Once that's done, you'll have my full report." Because whatever kind of 'loose conglomeration of independent equals' the rest of this is, she knows her chain of command and prefers to stick to it. "Good day."

"Doctor Brennan." Severus nods his farewell, then turns to Siobhan. "Hmm. Perhaps I shall enjoy this activity more than I had realized." He just stares at her impassively — at least externally — for a long moment, and then he turns completely away. "How many children train, Gardener?" He uses his last name, but it's more friendly than acerbic.

Doctor Brennan's exit gets a nod in return, but Siobhan doesn't comment on it. Instead, she is more interested in her kidlets. "How many of our original group are still - " Sio cuts herself off, realizing that yet again, her train of thought has coincided with Severus'. This … will take some getting used to. A glance in his direction catches that - that stare. Despite its outward impassivity, it still makes color rise to the apples of her cheeks; it still makes her shift her weight to a new position on the desk. Right. Coffee. Good idea. She'll take another swig from Jake's stolen thermos.

"Still got about ten. Got a couple that come and go." Jethro considers. He rolls his eyes at the interplay between the lovers. "Seeya, Doc." He calls after Brennan, watching her leave for a moment. "Couple of 'em watch stuff on the television over the holidays and get ideas, then get back here and realize it's real work. Or a friend convinces 'em one way or another." They both know how it is. Kids can be fickle, especially when it's not something that's required.

"Ten seems to be an admirable number." Severus smirks at the effect he has on Siobhan, but he merely sips at his tea. "Would you be interested in increasing it, or is that a decent size?" Because he really could see that some interesting rumors got put about in Slytherin house. Especially since both Slytherin professors are engaging in the exercises.

Siobhan shakes her head, determined not to look at Severus. (Damn distracting bastard.) "Ten was good at first, because it had to be kept a secret." Since it's only these two men left - and she trusts them both - Siobhan can afford to be candid. "I didn't exactly have Albus' permission and I doubt Tom would have been too happy that I was passing on training regardless of side." She was very adamant about that. "The whole point was that these kids wouldn't ever have to be forced into a choice because they were helpless. There are Order member's children and Death Eater children in that group. Do you have any idea how long it took me to get them to quit trying to kill each other - or me? Although…" She pauses to consider something. "Things did settle down a fair bit when Potter quit coming." She'll flick her gaze toward Severus for just a second, just long enough so that he knows it's him she's asking. "You have a few in mind?"

"Won't let 'em come back for a while if they stir up trouble. S'why Potter didn't come. He and that redheaded friend of his kept pushin' all the Snakes' buttons." Jethro does not appreciate anyone targeting others for something they can't change. They didn't choose their own houses, for the most part. When Siobhan looks at Snape and asks if he has students in mind, Jethro looks over at the other man, too.

"I do have a few names in mind. They are not only from my house." Severus sips at his tea, though he gives a long look at Siobhan, intent on teasing her just a little more. He smirks and returns his attention to the conversation. "I shall make a list and we can discuss them." He doesn't specify whether he means Jethro and Snape, Sio and Snape, or all of the above.

"Ahh, that explains a lot." Siobhan and Jethro have worked well together - both in her own training and in training the implets. She and Severus have worked well together, too - in … pretty much everything they've set their mind to. What remains to be seen now is how the three of them work together. Sev's mention of a list has her looking in his direction again, only to catch that stare. She matches it this time, only for the fraction of a second that it takes to project the word that matches her facial expression. Bastard. "Thanks for handling them, though." Back to paying attention to Jethro, now. "I don't exactly have … the best track record with those particular Lions over the last few months. They can't make it past my … serpentine tendencies."

Since Jethro and Severus seem to work well together, maybe it could work. "Keep tellin' 'em it's not where you come from but who you become. Most listen." Jethro shifts in his chair, draining his mug of coffe. "Noble, you got anymore coffee in that?" Or has she drunk it all? "Sounds good. Don't care, so long as I haven't kicked 'em out, and they're stayin' above A average in grades. Won't let a kid in who needs to be studyin'." A average doesn't mean the same thing here that it does across the pond, of course.

Severus' smirk widens, especially when she speaks into his mind. His reply is swift and amused. You enjoy it. He will push no further; he knows just where to stop. "Potter is an excellent example of a dunderhead." It's not mental stupidity, it's intentional ignorance. "He and his little friends cannot see beyond their own noses." Severus begins his favorite diatribe, but the heat isn't as strong. He still thinks that, but it's not important right now. His eyes flick back up to meet Sio's in one more quick tease. I rather like your serpentine tendencies. That statement is filled with innuendo.

Pausing mid-drink, Siobhan glances over to Jethro and nods, sending the thermos gently floating over to hover in front of him. There's been a correlation between the amount of blue-green tinting her sunshine and the amount of control she is able to exert over her wandless magic. Although, it probably also helps that there is now no wand to rely on or go back to. "Where you come from matters, too." Siobhan is very proud of her roots. "But no, it's not as important as what you become." Her bondmate's teasing, however, is an unexpected distraction. The innuendo sends a flash of heat up Siobhan's spine and coloring her cheekbones a rich dusky rose. You are so playing dirty. "You think the Room would be alright to use for his sparring?" She's focusing on Jethro again. Jethro won't play dirty. "I promise not to shatter any more mirrors."

"Just don't put any mirrors in it." Jethro grins, reaching out for the thermos. He fills up his mug, and flicks his wand to send it floating back. "Lookin' good, there." He compliments her wandless magic. It does look like she's been practicing. He gives her a wider grin, and then takes a long drink of the coffee. "Dunno who makes this, but it's damn good." Another perk of working for a rich guy: Jethro gets some of the best coffee on the planet.

Severus snorts, both at his mate's words inside his head and at her comments about mirrors. "I am certain, that if Siobhan needs to show me something, she can either demonstrate it, or help me execute it myself." He pointedly does not mention letting her pose him. He is playing very dirty.

Siobhan extends her hand to grasp the thermos as it's sent back, nodding her thanks and fair to beaming at the compliment. "This is fresh ground." She's almost sure of it. Taking another swig of the stuff - she likes it too - happens to coincide with Severus' untimely comment, however, and it has her very nearly choking on the stuff. Dabbing at the bits of coffee that did, in fact, make it up her nose, Sio gives her mate a sharp look. Thoughts of posing him in a room full of mirrors arise from this particular combination of conversation, and with a wicked grin she fights back - sharing that mental image directly. "The mirrors are good for checking your form, self-evaluation. And besides," she defends herself - though not very seriously. "The only time I broke the mirrors was when Jake showed up and said my mum had tracked him down." And since there's only one reason her mother ever tracks down young, unmarried men, maybe she can be forgiven for her reaction.

"Yeah, don't think either of your men'd want another one showin' up." Jethro knows there's more going on than meets the eye, but he's content to let them discuss whatever the hell they want to with gestures and looks, and … whatever they're doing. He takes another long swig, and grins. "Can't hold your coffee, Noble? Supposed t' go down the other tube. That one's for breathin'." He snorts at his own stupid joke. "Didn't use mirrors when I learned. They're nice, but havin' a buddy to match up to helps, too." Or to correct you. Better he than the DI, of course.

Severus chuckles, watching her choke on her coffee. He sips at his tea and listens to the banter between the other two. It is a near thing that he doesn't repeat her actions. Seeing himself through her eyes, surrounded by mirrors, embarrasses, arouses, and intrigues him all at once. He looks away, covering his slightly pink cheeks with his hair. He doesn't mind if she sees, but there is someone else in the room. "Perhaps I should return to my rooms and finish my marking." There's always grading to be done.

"Yeah, thanks Jet. I'll try and remember that next time." Siobhan's grin spreads wickedly, though her voice remains conspicuously innocent. "Oh, I dunno. I can definitely see the benefits of mirrors and the buddy system." Maybe she's being a little bit cruel, but there's something she likes very much about those slightly pink cheeks. Screwing the lid back on and floating the thing back to Jethro, Siobhan pushes herself up to stand and offers her hand up to her bondmate. "C'mon then, if you're going to fail students for the next few hours, I might as well get started on those essays McG assigned." The ones she now has to grade. And while Jethro might not know, Sev for certain is aware that her skills are nearly all in the practical arena, not the theoretical one. "This is going to be a long afternoon."

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do," Jethro offers as a farewell as he reaches out to grab the thermos. He looks down at his desk, pushes the glasses up on his nose, and returns to writing, reading and planning.

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