1995-03-22: Talking Shop


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Scene Title Talking Shop
Synopsis Moody meets with a Hit Witch about a proposed idea for one of his classes. Tonks shows up and Moody has a proposition for her as well.
Location The Three Broomsticks
Date Mar 22, 1995
Watch For jokes between Tonks and Moody
Logger Moody

// The interior of Three Broomsticks Inn is usually very crowded, noisy, warm, and smoky. Flagons and tankards of mulled mead, butterbeer, red currant rum, and other sorts of drinks are poured and served from the polished wooden bar opposite the door by the curvaceous hostess, Madam Rosmerta. A long mirror covers the wall behind the bar, reflecting even the images of patrons tucked into the most shadowy corners. In one corner next to the bar is a large stone fireplace, with a cozy fire burning in it almost all the time. Stools line the bar, and also surround the many tables in the pub in groups of two or four.//

It wasn't everyday one received an owl note from Mad-Eye Moody. She remembered the grizzled Auror from tales her father had told as well as having seen him during her training in the Ministry. Now, however, Ina had made a name for herself, much as he had. Though, not nearly as highly spoken. The Hit Wizard stepped through the doors and scanned the area with keen green eyes before moving towards the bar with a warm smile to Rosmerta. Her voice was clear of most of the Scottish brogue of her home. "Madam, mulled mead, if you don't mind."
Smiling as she sits down at the offered stool and drags a hand through her hair. She looked relaxed, but sharp eyes would note that she was ready for just about anything. Eyes flicking to the door and seeking the dark corners to make sure that those gathered weren't up to no good. She didn't have any duties to keep her, besides the fact that Mad-Eye himself wished to speak to her about something. Taking a sip of the mean and nodding at the taste as she leans back some on the stool.

No, not indeed it is not everyday for some folks to recieve post from the dear, esteemed Moody. Nor, is it usual for that letter to be something other than a howler. And so Dan MacThane's little girl is lucky in two separate instances. Only few people and far between get those benefits. However, per usual one might think Moody to be late, after all there is no sign of the man at least as one can tell within the Broomsticks, but then it could be simply that Moody has been surveying the room from within or outside whilst making sure he was not followed, or her for that matter.

After a few minutes th' door bangs open, bringing in a man with a round pronounced and audible limp, clothed in dark traveling robes. Wild electric blue eye whirls about the room, before he is stalking plainly towards the bar. A few knuts dropped down "Give me a glass Rosmerta." The thick growl of his scotch voice is not as warm as the inn itself. No, Moody gives off a harshness all unto his own.

The arrival draws her eyes, though once she sees who it is? Ina can't help the smile that tugs at her lips. "Moody." Said in a greeting to the larger man as they seem to share an awareness of the room itself. She's by no means as paranoid as Moody is, though she's not far off. "So, your note was cryptic as a Sphinx's riddle, care to elaborate?" Grinning as she takes another drink and shifts to stand beside the Auror. Leaning one arm against the bar as she watches that electric blue eyes shift this way and that with a raised brow.

Wiping at her mouth with the back of her hand and looking away from the swivelling eye to glance into the mirror behind the bar. Moody may note that Ina was close to the spitting image of her father, down to the feel of easy confidence that came off of her. Her wand tucked into the belt over her robes, easily drawn should she need it. Waiting for Moody to at least deem the place safe to talk in about whatever he wished to discuss.

The electric blue eye never ceases in his movement even as the Hit witch seems out herself. But then he was expecting her. There's a slight nod to the young woman as Rosmerta complies to the ex Auror's demands. A glance back to the door, before he is reaching inside his robes for a dull silver flask. While he's dealing with pouring his own drink Moody's eye rivets to hold Christina. "You're your father's girl-that is quite apparent." As for clarifying he's not giving any indication that he plans too any time soon. A grunt as the flask is corked and stowed away before he is moving to sit and perch himself up on a nearby barstool.

"As for why you're hear, as I stated Christina, I have a proposition. Mainly I wish t' see if you're available soon for a class I am running…" Yes, Moody has been working since he retired from active duty with the Ministry. "I would like to get my students working on dueling and I thought seeing a Hit Witch in action, might inspire their eagerness to learn.."

She cringes a bit when he calls her by her first name completely, "Ina, please." Correcting the famous Auror softly with a smile. "Ya, that's what they say. Da was better with a wand, though." Smiling as she remembers the tall figure of her father. She takes another drink as she listens to Moody and nods her head a bit silently as if considering. "That's right, I heard you're taking over one of the classes in Hogwarts, ya? Dark Arts, isn't it?" She chuckles, since there wasn't any such thing as a secret in the wizarding world, not really.

"Ya want me to duel, with who?" Curious as she nods her head some, "I'd be happy ta show 'em round the wand in a duel. Not sure if I'm very good for teachin', you take care of that half of things and you'll have a Hit Witch."

You know, she should probably just got a small flat in Hogsmeade and move here. Got everything she tends to invade…then again, so does Diagon Alley. Oh well, nice thought, little screen time. Still, one Nymphadora Tonks breezes into the Three Broomsticks like… like she needs a cuppa. And straight to the bar. Maybe it'll be a spiced cuppa. Note of surroundings? /SO/ not check.

Whether he notices the cringe or not, Moody is raising his own glass in a slight silent cheers. However, before the glass reaches his lips there's a noise-something akin to a dry laugh that doesn't quite reach. "Your father was a good man. Died in the line of duty-stopping a bloody curse for a child. Not many men or women would do that. Use their body." Moody adds before he is taking a sip of his whisky. A lick of his lips, before he is shaking his head "I do hope you don't let him down. Would be a damned shame-that." And so he is looking right dead on to poor Ina "Aye, I teach Defense against the dark arts. Like herding kneazles some days.."

That blue eye whirls back to the door as Tonks comes in, and a grunt leaves the ex Auror "Nymphadora!" called, or rather bull hailed out to the young Auror before concentration is back on the Hit Witch who is serving as his companion this evening. "You would be dueling me." Which is a daunting task as some might say "For the example, and maybe answering some questions about dueling, or being a hit witch. You'll need to keep on your toes." Which means Moody is leading a lot up in the air.

She nods her head, "Only known way to block the Killing Curse…" Said with a tightening grasp on the glass on her hands. "I only wish I could have been there to bring that disgusting wretch down. Dolohov is a ruthless…" Her cursing gone under breath and not for the light hearted to overhear. She hated Dolohov more than most. Way more than most. Her back straightens as she nods, "I've not let my Da down. Nor do I intend to." She says with a fierceness.

She ducks a bit when he shouts and looks over to Tonks. Holding up her glass to the other Auror in salute before taking another drink and ordering a fresh pint. "Just make sure you don't make me look too bad, ah Moody?" Grinning as she nods her head. "I can offer to help with countering as well, if you like." Since that was where her strength truly rested.

Ah, that's what she was wanting. Yes, barperson who is Not Rosmerta, just set it right there, and she'll reach for i - And jump ten feet in the air, knocking over her drink in the process, the moment her name's barked. "TONKS!" she shouts on reflex, yanking her wand from her back pocket to do a quick scourgify on the the mess she just created. Once that's done, she finally looks behind her to see who decided to go barking her name for the entire place to hear. Oh…"Mad-eye." She twists her lips in a semi-pout, waving to the lady-company he has. There's no lecturea bout her name. He's called her what he calls her and that's taht. Doesn't mean she has to like it though!

"I know your file Christina, an so I expect you to do fine, but I will not be going easy on you. Just deflect what you can, when you go down you go down." That much said Moody's taking another sip of his drink. My he sounds confident in himself, but then again its more or less a sign of why he was sorted into Gryffindor over hufflepuff somedays. That and his bloody own recklessness. "That's life, as for Dolohov. We'll get him.." and see justice brought in some form or another. There's a look back finally with his head, and not just the all seeing eye, towards Tonks whom he is waving over. "But,lets not get a head of ourselves. Lets just see how the class goes- I assume, you know my protege-" there is a bit of pride in his voice as he says that "Nymphadora Tonks. Nymphadora, this is Christina MacThane. She's a hit wizard-her Dad was Dan macThane whom I have talked about once I believe.." But then Moody talks about the deceased and all that-so his name might have been buried in one of his Well soo and so died rants.

There's a look between both women and the ex Auror takes into leaning into the bar for a moment. "How's work?" asked in general.

She nods her head. "Ina…Ina…Gaw' only me Ma calls me Christina, man." She chuckles softly and nods towards Tonks, "Aye, Tonks is known to the Hit Wizards. Good Auror, takes after her Mentor." She winks to Tonks as she grins into her drink. She nods, "I'll leave ya two t'talk shop. Send me an owl for when you'd like me to come in for th'class." She holds up her glass before draining it and rising up. She caught the glance from Moody and took it as he wanted to talk a bit to the metamorphagus

"You know I don't pay attention to a damn thing you say unless it's preceded by the words 'duck' or 'Think fast'," There's a definite tone of humor to Tonks' voice as she shifts the few feet to join the pair at the bar. She still gives Ina a nod of greeting. There's a cough of modesty, though, at the compliment, but she doesn't say anything. "Oi? You don't have to leave just because I'm here…" Does she? Work, or questioning about it, just causes Tonks to lift a shoulder and take a drink from her newly refilled toddy.

There's a wave of his hand back towards both of them "You're parents gave you a name, I am going t' use it, not butcher something they thought long and hard on." Moody barks, before he's looking back to Ina. "Oh, I was askin' th' pair of you, what you have been up to-seein how you're in the same department." yes Moody is probing secretly for facts, or not so secretly, given the fact that he is doing it in a bar. All the same, there's a sip of his whisky, before he is looking back towards Tonks, a gruff laugh given out, as those lips of his curl into something that she would know to categorize as a smile. "Seems like that is the modus of intelligence coming out of the Ministry these days-but I see you all saved that pesky werewolf problem, that wasn't needed." Of course, Moody thinks everything should be focused in on the fight against the Dark Lord and he re surging followers.

"Have either of you met before today?" See, there's Moody trying to incorporate team play-or building.

"Not to do with you. I happen t'know that Mad-Eye Moody is a man of privacy." Understatement of the year, "I wouldn't wish to impede on any discussions." She was, after all, only a Hit WIzard. The Aurors stood well above her rank and she showed her respect. Still, she wasn't too strung up that she couldn't joke. She smiles to Tonks and shrugs, "Nah, jus' don want to linger if it stands tween Auror business." That was a dangerous place to stand, after all! Aurors were highly respected, also feared.

She glances to Moody and looks to Tonks, feeling the woman's pain about names. "Even Da called me Ina." She shakes her head a bit. "Nah, since Sirius Black has been parndoned it's really been slim pickings in the Hit department." Though, LeStrange and Greyback were still at large. There weren't many leads in that department. She shakes her head, "Nah, never met. Not officially." Her hand held out to Tonks, "Ina MacThane, nice t'meet ya." She had heard a bit about Tonks.

Tonks stares at Moody for a moment. "I am so glad you never took a shine to my middle name," she'd be spending all of her training making faces or faux-gagging. She looks to Ina, "I think he was talking about me. I hate my first name." About the name issue. She takes the hand and gives it a good shake. "Tonks," is easily given as if to drive home the 'Hate the name' thing. SO THERE MAD EYE. "Hm. I doubt that Sirius was the only baddie in the land. I mean, surely some of the Hits have been drafted to help with those that busted out and attacked Hogsmeade. We've," The Aurors, "have all been running stupid since the breakout." She doesn't mean that in a literal sense, the stupid part. But chasing after Voldemort's 'best' does tend to tie up the Aurors, considering it's their department, unfortunately.

Tonks then smirks, "Ms. MacThane, if it was real. Auror business, it wouldn't be mentioned in the middle of the Three Broomsticks."

Ina chuckles softly and nods. "Like tryin' t'grab smoke." Muttered under her breath is 'bloody rotten Death Eaters'. Glancing between them and shrugging a shoulder before holding up a finger to Ros for another drink. "Right, maybe a few more pints." Since it was a bit…well…she was drinking with Moody and Tonks…that's not something everyone can claim. "Erg…no Ms. MacThane either." A playful glare cast to Tonks before she sits back down and rubs a bit along the side of her nose.

Moody glances back to Tonks with a slight chuckle all the same "I am glad you've never lost that sense of duty Nymphadora. Ten times a professional, that-What's his name? Dawlish? Yes Dawlish is, or ever will be." Apparently the inept Auror himself is on Moody's lists of things to be fixed, but he's only seen Dawlish in action a few times, when he was training. And that has since coloured a bad impression on the Mad one. Still Moody for his credit-has not said anything as the two toss things back and forth. Another sip of whisky, before he's looking over to Ina. "You're bloody touchy about a lot of names Christina-Respect given so be given back in turn." A glance over, as it seems despite the hammering-its coming anyway "Right, Nymphadora?"

A chuckle and he is pushing up from where he has been seated, coming down on that false leg of his. "Oh Nympharoda, I was wanting to speak to you-Have you heard from Remus, or Sirius about the extra curricular class I am wrangling about?"

Tonks leaves the name thing along for now. She's learned that with her mentor it's a dead horse. She's jsut glad that he honestly hadn't taken a liking to the more Black-Family Appropriate middle name, and just sticks with the first. Sigh. Why couldn't she be /normal/? For some reason, an excuse from Ina leaves them alone, but Moody's posed question keeps Tonks from asking if she offended the woman or not. "Well, I've talked to them both," that is not color appearing on the apples of her cheeks, "But neither one of them've talked about this class. What is it?"

Moody gives a look towards Ina as the woman heads off, and he's grumbling into his glass of whisky, which is now depleted, but all the same Moody is not taking time to refill it. rather he's pushing it away from him and closer to the bartender. With Ina gone, he turns more to face the other Auror and lean subtly on the bartop. "Oh.." Apparently he wants more info than that-but as she brushes on he is nodding along "I am teaching a course so the students can defend themselves…More advanced spells…I was wondering if you would lend a hand?"

Her brows arch here. "More advanced? LIke what?" As for her involvement, tonks just makes a face here. "It'll depend on my time. That breakout, and that attack, has honestly got us up to our pits in work. Field work, paperwork… The fact that they're keeping low right now is extremely frustrating, so…" Again, all depends. "Just don't overtax them too much, Mad-Eye. They're not Aurors in Training, and they still have the rest of their studies to deal with." She knows he means well, but sometimes, a reminder might be in order

"Aye more advanced." Moody says before he is shaking his head "Nothing too serious, though I do have a couple of first years trying to learn a patronus.." Yes he knows they will not even be able to produce the spell yet, and he does not expect them too. All the same they are running the gauntlet with him. "Right now they are learning to Stupefy. Some of them have a good grasp on the spell..others?" well you know how it is. "Ah you're in the chase, but its a hard one-y' know I don't envy you all at all.." A clicking of tongue against teeth, but as words come next they are hushed "Any leads?" Yeah someone still wants to be in the hunt, or so it seems. "I know-I am only giving them defensive spells, but I want them ready incase trouble comes. Because you and I both know there will be a day-that they need to know that stuff..And if I am not there to teach them-who will be?"

"One of them's my aunt, Mad-eye," she says about being in the chase. And wehther or not it's hard. But she doesn't complain. She wanted this job, and she wanted the job because she wanted to do good, not for the glory an Auror brought. Do they ever really bring glory? She nods a bit. "Sounds good…" She then laughs at who'll be around to teach them. "OH I don't know, maybe we can get Sirius to apply for the position next year." Because, you know, DADA's cursed, and nobody stays for more than a year. "I know. And it's good. I just don't want you forgetting that these are /kids/ still."

"Clue of the century right there, Nymphadora." A grin all the same before Moody's shaking his head and moving from the bar. Already he is stumping off towards the door. A stark laugh though comes to her next words before he's turning his head to look to his protege. "Such faith-I'll either be dead then-or the ministry will have hired be back, for them to take Black of all people." A grun, but the joke is well and good. "I know what they are dear.." said softer. "I just don't want to lose another one of them.." And with that he is moving to push the door open.

She's quiet on the last part, and she simply nods. She knows, really. She'll leave it be, instead, commenting on her cousin's teaching abilities. "Hey, he'd have the best behaved class ever, don't you think? Many of them still don't believe he's innocent, after all!" She finishes her toddy and fixes her coat, "On your class, sure. Just send me an Owl on anything. If I have the time, I'll see if I can poke my nose into it."

There's a look back over his shoulder, as the blue eye whirls to look out the back of his skull for a moment-checking the street no doubt. "That is true. Me? They are afraid I'd curse them. Him?" and that grin turns a shade cruel-dark humor that he has been known to delight in. "They'd be afraid he'd kill em. Aye, quiet as mice." A chuckle there. "I will- an please come round for a cuppa sometime." Its just short of saying I miss seeing you. "Have a good night lass.." Wrods rolled out in his brogue, before he is stumping out into the night.

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