1995-03-13: Talk of Tulips


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Scene Title Talk of Tulips
Synopsis Christian and Thalia have their first date.
Location Bel Canto, London and Den of Inkiquity, Hogsmeade
Date March 13, 1995
Watch For The octo-hug. The wand drawn.
Logger Ginny

Christian and Thalia are on a date, in a Muggle French resturaunt. They have just ordered, and are currently sitting across from each other. There's live music, and the decor is rich reds, golds, and blacks. Christian has just said something to make Thalia blush, and they seem to be making general chit-chat about work.

Thalia smiles as Sarah arrives, thanking the woman as she places the salad in front of her. Picking up her fork, she spears a piece of tomato, and pops it in her mouth. After chewing and swallowing, she grins at Christian. "Indeed, it will. These wine glasses will be good for that, too."

"To answer your question however," Christian says, cutting into the salmon roll. "I am feeling much better. After getting some rest, and planing this little adventure, I feel right as rain. Though I'm thinking of not walking down High Street again. Every time I do, I tend to get shot at." He chuckles, and takes a bite.

Thalia grins slightly, leaning forward in her chair as she chooses another bite to eat. "I'm glad to hear that. Luckily for us, we were in there with quite the practiced bunch. Still.. it wasn't exactly the relaxing drink I'd been hoping for."

"Indeed," CHristian says with a slight grin. "Though you did get all your drinks for free. Well, relatively. You had to endure a splinter in your arm." CHristian takes a bite, and chews slowly. A trouble look crosses his face for a moment.

Thalia chuckes, and nods. Her right hand absently touches the faint line on her left arm where the wood had cut her. Then she looks down at her plate, and takes a forkful of her salad. Once she swallows, she looks up at him in time to see his expression. "Is something wrong?"

"Its nothing…" Chris says quickly, taking a sip of wine. "I'm just concerned. None of this would have happened if the ministry wasn't dragging its heels. I just feel like more people are getting hurt, because we aren't doing anything about it." He sighs. "Sorry, work seems to intrude on my personal life alot." He looks up at her. "I'm also sorry that you got hurt. I feel like I should have done more."

"Well.. is there anything you can do to push it further along? I know everyone that was in that bar would help, too, if they can. You could always talk to them about it. Politics.. aren't really my strong point," Tally admits with a sheepish smile. Then, "You did everything you could've, Chris. You were a bit preoccupied with the rather unsavory occupants."

"Well that is a mean thing to say about Alaster Moody," Christian says with a chuckle. "I know he's not as nice looking as me, but that doesn't mean you have to call him unsavory." He finishes off the salmon rolls with a grin. "Politics are not my strong point either, but I have to live with it." He shrugs.

Thalia grins, waving a hand at him. "Oh, you know who I meant. But, yes. It's a rather unfortunate set of circumstances." She rubs at the back of her neck, frowning. "It will work out, though. One way or another."

"Nope, not one way or another," CHristian says arching an eyebrow. "One way period. I refuse to give up, and I will only serve in a ministry that feels the same. Never Compromise." CHristian's eyes burn for a moment, then the fire inside dies. "Sorry. I sort of get worked up sometimes." He leans forward. "So I have to ask, as a non-musically inclined person, how do you get inspiration for you music?"

Thalia smiles slightly at the passion in his voice, taking another bite of her salad as he speaks. She's swallowed by the time his question comes up, and she looks thoughtful. "It depends, really, on the musician. Personally, I get a lot of inspiration for my music from every day things. Just life in general."

Christian smiles slightly, and gives her warm look. "It seems like a very unique talent to be able to make lyrics and song blend in a way that stirs the heart," He says, with an almost wistful way. "Its sort of like a type of magic that I cannot fully understand."

Almost on cue, Thalia flushes. She looks down at her salad, as if it were the most fascinating thing in the entire room. "Thank you," she tells it. "Not many people see it that way. Some people think it's just.. easy." There's no resentment in her tone, she's just stating facts. "Sometimes it is. But often enough, it isn't."

"I don't see that its easy," Christian says with a chuckle. "I tried to write when I was younger, but it wasn't very good. I found my muse in books, but words were not my artform." He grins, and looks chagrined. "One of these days you are going to get used to the complement treatment. You're a star."

Thalia grins. "It's one of the things I can do very well, it just so happens. It works out well, because I enjoy the life I have right now. My career, and.." Tally hesitates. "Everything else."

Christian gives her a mischieveious look. "Everything else?" He asks. He's interrupted by Sarah coming back to the table to refill the glasses. "Would you like to move on to the second course now?" She asks with a smile. "I have it ready and waiting."

Thalia looks like she's about to answer Christian when Sarah arrives. She nods, smiling at the woman. "Sure, thank you very much. I had the penne pasta, I believe."

"And I had the Duck," Christian adds. "Thank you." She smiles and bounces off again. "As you were saying? You are enjoying your career as a singer, songwriter, tattoo artist and all around beautiful woman and everything else that goes with it?"

Thalia turns pink. She picks up her wine glass and tips it towards her lips, though it's more to hide her face than to sip from it. Swallowing, she replaces it on the table, rubbing a fingertip over her jaw. "Um. Yes. Indeed." Smooth, Tally. Very smooth.

"Sorry," Chris says. "Do I embarass you when I do that? I just sort of speak my mind most of the time. I'm not one for mincing with words all that often when around people I'm comfortable with. Then again, it could be the wine."
"Yes, but. It's okay. You're right, I need to get used to it." Tally smiles, twisting the stem of the wine glass absently. "I don't mind it when you do it, anyway." She keeps her gaze focused on the wine.

Cue the awkward silence…Chris looks up at her and chuckles. "Like a couple of teenagers," He says. "Are you enjoying the music? I was surprised when I found out about this restaurant. I figured you might enjoy it." Sarah arrives with the main course. "Here we are," He says. "I hope you enjoy."

Thalia smiles at Sarah when she brings the plates, moving her salad out of the way. "Thank you." She nods in answer to Chris's question, smiling. "I am, yes. It's lovely."

Sarah removes the dirty dishes, and moves away for them to eat. "My biggest gamble was over whether or not you liked opera," Christian says, cutting into the duck breast. "You never can tell with certain people. I like it as a sort of background to what is happening around you, but I can see myself going to sit through an entire show where I don't know the words."

Thalia grins, leaning back on her chair as she lets the pasta cool. "I like all sorts of music, really. Can appreciate it, at least. There are some operas done in English.. they're the exception, though, not the rule."

"Don't get me wrong," Christian says, holding up a hand in mock protest. "I love the music. Its some of the most beautiful I've heard. I just find for me that it works best as background music for…" He looks into her blue eyes for a long moment. "Well, background music." He bites into a piece of the duck breast.

Thalia tilts her head to the side. "The best background music for what, exactly?" No, Tally is not good at subtle. If this is something he might not want to get into, anything he does signaling that will most likely go quite over her head.

"Well lots of things," Christian says quickly. "Reading, exercising, practicing, and just plain paper work to name a few." Chris sips his wine before continuing. "If only I could spend as much time practicing charms as I could doing paper work. I find that music, specifically opera or instrumental, tends to focus my mind. So when I practice throwing charms, or exercise in the morning it works as a good thought booster." Great save Chris.

Thalia seems completely unaware that there was any saving at all. As far as she knows, this was what he was actually thinking about. She nods thoughtfully, biting into a forkful of pasta. "Okay," she says when she swallows.

Christian quirks a slight grin. "How is your pasta?" He asks, leaning back abit. "It looked really good, and the duck is amazing." Chris finishes his glass and sets it aside. "I believe I've had enough wine for the moment. My tongue is getting alittle loose. Next thing you know I will be blabing all of the ministries secrets to you. Please let me know if that happens." He chuckles, then turns back to look at her. "What made you decide to become a musician first and tattoo artist second?"

Thalia grins, her face thoughtful. "I don't mind your tongue." She pauses, then turns bright pink. "That came out wrong. I think the wine's getting me, too. But, I mean. I don't mind your tongue being loose. It's okay with me."

Christian laughs. "I don't think that revision was any better, my dear," He says, with a warm smile. "This time you seem to have caused yourself to blush." He sits back and gazes at her with a contented look. "I don't know, I think my superiors wouldn't like me telling a Rock Star about all their secret government information. Which might happen." He leans forward and lowers his voice abit. "Don't worry, I don't mind your tongue either." He gives her another wink.

Thalia flushes an even darker colour. She takes a big gulp of her wine. "Yeah, it just wouldn't come out right. Oh, well. You know what I meant." Swirling her fork in the pasta, she spears a few pieces and eats them, filling her mouth with something other than talk for a moment. "I'm not interested in the secret government information, though," she says finally, "I'm interested in secret Christian information."

Christian cuts off another piece of the duck breast, and chews on in thoughtfully. "I can supply that particular need," He says with a grin. "Secret Christian information comes at a price though. It requires secret Tally information. I answer a question then you answer a question. How does that sound?"

Thalia purses her lips thoughtfully. "Well, that sounds good. You can go first, though - you can ask me something. I can't think of a question for you just now. So, go for it." She grins, taking another bite of pasta.

"Hrm…" Christian thinks while chewing. "Lets see…" he pauses for a long moment. "I could ask a simple question like 'Who's your favorite Hit Wizard?' but that would be too easy, and I already know the answer. Of all the Tattoos you've gotten a chance to work on, or really wanted to do, which one would you say is your favorite and why?"

Thalia pauses, another thoughtful pause. "Hmm.. I'm not sure. I like the more elaborate tattoos, really. The ones that're either physically elaborate - over a large section of skin, or just something that's emotionally elaborate, or something that takes a lot of after-charms to get it to work just right."

"So something like what I thought of would be something you would enjoy," Christian says with a grin. "Its both large and complex, as well as being emotionally resonate with me. Well, I am glad to know that I chose correctly." He leans forward resting his elbow on the table. "I do believe it is your turn to ask a question of me."

Thalia grins, nodding. "True enough. I don't mind doing any sort of tattoo, those are just the ones I enjoy more, personally." She takes another bite of pasta, thinking about her question. "What's your favourite thing about your job? I'll start you off with something easy."

"My favourite thing?" Christian says, leaning back again. "Lets see…" He takes another bite, chewing it over. "The end of the day. At the end of the day, when the the bad guy is behind bars, and the world we live in is safer than it was before, if even just for a little while. Its the moment when you sit down and realize how much you bought with all that hard work. Its a hard feeling to grasp, but it is valuable none the less." Without realizing it, he's sort of begun to stare off into space. Chris shakes his head, coming out of his reverie. "Okay then," He says with a sigh. "What made you decide on becoming a musician and tattoo artist?"

Thalia seems to digest this information, and then nods. "That makes sense. Well.. the musician part was fairly easy. It was a quite easy thing to decide. I'd always loved music, and had always been rather good at it. I was kind of surprised when it actually succeeded. As for tattooing, I'd always loved Charms, and it was a rather neat thing. I've come to love it, but unlike with my music, I didn't start out loving it as much as I loved air."

"So tattooing was something you found later in live?" Christian asks, pushing his now empty play away. "I suppose you could say you are a woman of the arts? Someone who is creative in all aspects, or at least in many. I like that. I would venture a guess and say that I can certainly appreciate that." He grins. "Again, its your turn if you would like to continue our game."

Thalia nods. "That's an accurate way to put it. I didn't find tattooing until a few years after I graduated. Music has been part of my entire life. As for your question… well. Hmm." She gazes down at her plate as she thinks. "Have you had many girlfriends in the past?"

Christian looks at Tally with a small smile. "Would you believe me if I said now?" He says. "Truthfully, I never have been much of a people person. In school, I was abit of a book worm. When I graduated, I threw myself into the job. I suppose that is a turn off for most people. It wasn't until I ran into you, Jack, and a couple of others that I actually started spending time with people who weren't co-workers. To specifically answer your question, no, I have not had any girlfriends in the past. I've thought about it, and been close to some people, but not enough to warrent any kind of relationship."

Thalia nods again, seeming to take this information in. Her cheeks are slightly flushed, likely from the exhilaration of asking such a daring question. "Well. That's.. certainly interesting. It's your turn to ask a question, m'dear." With that, she takes another mouthful of pasta.

"Well, I might ask you the same question," Christian says, "Have you had your fair share of boy friends in the past?" Sarah comes by to pick up the empty plates. "Could I have some water please?" Chris asks. Sarah nods back. "Of course," She says with a smile. "Also let me know when you are ready for dessert." SHe smiles and bounces away again.

"I've had a few, yes. Not a whole lot - usually guys just as awkward as me, in Hogwarts. Some suave boys - well, men, I suppose - have tried since I became a Weird Sister. Hasn't really amounted to anything." Tally smiles at Sarah, nodding. "We will." She takes another sip of wine. "Umm. Hm. What's something you've always wanted to do, but never have?"

"So I count as a suave man?" Christian asks, playfully. "I can't say if I amount to anything, but I'll give it a shot." He takes a huge gulp of his ice water. "Fly," Christian says almost immediately when she asks her question. "I'm completely awful at flying a broom. I don't know why, I just never could get the hang of it. I just would crash or fall off or something. But if I could find a spell that gave me the ability to fly…I've been looking for it. Believe me."

"Hmm. A flying spell, hm? I know there are hovering charms, but it's not really the same. I'll have to look into it." Tally's mouth quirks upwards in a smile, and she leans back in her chair. "Your turn to ask me something. And you can't just reserve the question - be creative," she added playfully.

"Well do you want a hard question or an easy one?" Chris says with a smile. "Alright, I've got one. You don't have to answer if you don't want to. When you look at me, what do you see? What is the thought process going through your head when you see me?"

Apparently it's been too long since Tally blushed - she's flame red, now. However, she makes a conscious effort to stare, if not at Christian's eyes, at his face. Her voice is quite soft. "I see a very handsome, kind man who enjoys making me blush. Who makes my heart speed up. Who, for some reason, has taken a shining to me. Who I.." Her voice lowers further, "I like very much."

Slowly, with trained steadiness of a duelist, Christian's hand reaches out. He carefully touches her hand with his, holding it gently. "The reason is because you are a lovely young woman," Christian says quietly. "Who for some reason puts up with a clumsy old soldier like myself." He smiles slightly. "I believe its your turn."

Thalia turns her hand, so that their palms touch, and fingers slowly interlace. It's a familiar feeling, slightly, and she smiles. "Well. I'd have to ignore my own words, and use the same question on you that you did on me. When you see me, what do you see? Feel? Think?"

Christian smiles warmly. His gaze comes up to look into her eyes. "You're different," he says after a long moment. "The view from the world of a cop is cold. You wake up everyday not knowing whether you'll make it to afternoon tea. When I see you, think about you, hold your hand like this…I feel like I don't need to be afraid anymore. I know what I'm fighting for, and I know why. So I can get one more chance to look into those sapphire eyes, on a lovely blushing face, surrounded by mohagony coloured curls."

Thalia isn't entirely sure what to do at this point. Her gut reaction is to throw herself across the table and into him, kissing him passionately. This instinct is making her flush, and glance downward, when she notices their hands. Suddenly, she knows exactly what to do. Lifting their hands, she turns it so his hand faces upwards, and presses her lips against the back of his hand. In all of this, she doesn't say a word.

Christian remains silent for a long moment. He gazes into her eyes, then looks at their fingers intertwined with each other. When he speaks its barely above a whisper. "You know, we could just skip dessert," he breathes. "Head somewhere abit more private, and continue this…" He searches for a word. "Discussion?"

Thalia glances across the room over to the piano, looking thoughtful. "I.. well." She grins, rubbing a hand over her face. "We can always get dessert another time. Any other time. I mean, the place isn't going anywhere." She lifts her hand to signal the waitress, making a writing motion with her forefinger and thumb.

Sarah notices the motion and comes over to the table she takes a little black book out of her apron and sets it on the table. She doesn't say anything as she notices the pair of hands intertwined with each other. "Thank you both very much," She giggles, and steps away to another table.

Chris reaches into his pocket with his free hand, and draws out a large wad of muggle pounds, leaving most of it behind for her, along with one silver sickle. She deserves alittle something extra. With slow movements, he extricates his hand from Tally's and stands. Walking around to her side, he offers her his hand to help her up.

Thalia smiles her thanks at Sarah, looking quite pleased. She accepts Christian's hand, and pulls herself to her feet. Straightening her skirt, she looks up into Christian's face, and slowly smiles. "Back to my place?"

Christian picks up her jacket and holds it out for her. "Yes ma'am," He says. "It is much nicer they your's truely's flat. Plus, provided we can avoid High Street, I think hogsmeade is a much quieter location." He puts on his own coat adjusting the collar.

Thalia nods, and slides her arms into the jacket, pulling the fabric close around her body. She nods again, as if she'd forgotten she'd nodded before, and begins to make her way to the door. Once outside, she stands on the sidewalk, frowning thoughtfully. How did one hail a cab, again? Experimentally, she sticks out a leg enthusiastically, a bit like a can-can dancer.

Christian chuckles abit. "Taxi!" He calls waving his hand. A yellow taxi pulls over to the side of the road. "After you," He says with a smile, opening the door for Tally.

Thalia gets into the cab. She seems to be going about things rather more quickly and enthusiastically. She slides over the seat, letting Christian have more room in the cab, then rattles off the street address to the Ministry.

It's late evening, and Christian and Thalia have left the restaraunt. They went to the Ministry, and apparated back to the Den of Inkiquity. Thalia is currently fishing her wand out of her jacket pocket, and presently, she taps the lock with it and murmurs something. The door clicks open.

Christian reaches out to open the door, and holds it open for her to walk in first. "Ladies first," He says with a grin. "Lets get someplace warm. This weather sure isn't improving." He hunches his shoulders against the cold.

Thalia shivers her agreement, walking into the warmth of the Den. Apparently the warming charms hadn't faded at all - it was so warm in the Den that Thalia immediately shed her coat, putting it on one of the hooks near the door. "Hi, Octavius. We're home, darling."

Christian enters behind her and shuts the door. He shivers once, then sheds his coat, draping it over his arm. "Well, Octavius looks happy to see you," He says with a lop-sided grin. "Of course, I have little experience with Octipi so I don't really know how to tell."

"There's one way to tell for sure," Tally says. Taking off a few of her bangles, she pulls off the lid of the tank and sticks her arm into the water. Octavius looks vaguely alarmed for a moment, then moves so that his tentacles wrap around her hand, and then squeeze. Thalia looks pleased. "It's an octopus hug. Do you want one?"

Christian hangs his jacket on one of the nearby hooks. "Well, I'll try anything once," Christian chuckles. "Though I seem to regret it sometimes afterward." He rolls up the sleeve on his right arm. "Do I just dunk my hand in?" He holds his hand over the top of the water.

Thalia lifts her own arm out, shaking the water off it. She holds it away from her body, so as not to get her nice clothes wet. "Yup, just stick in in. He's a little shy, but he might hug you."

Christian dips his arm in slowly. "Wow," He exclaims. "Cool water." He grins as he lets his arm hang into the tank next to Octavius. "He's probably thinking about what to do with it."

Indeed, the octopus seems to be pondering what to do with this invader in his tank. One tentacle snakes out, and wraps tentatively around Christian's wrist. After a moment, he floats closer, and a few other tentacles join the first one. They squeeze. "He likes you!" Thalia cries happily.

"Well that is certainly an interesting sensation," Chris says, an amused look over his face. "I guess he takes after his owner?" Christian winks at Tally, then waits a mometn before slowly pulling his hand out of the tank. "Most likely he likes the name I gave his pal over there." Chris indicates the Plushy octipus.

Thalia grins, looking quite pleased. "He'll let go if you tug. Usually, anyway. I'll go get some towels." She walks over to the white half of the den, and pulls two medium-sized golden towels from a shelf. Returning to Christian, she offers him one.

Christian takes the towell offered to him, and drys off his arm. "Thank you," He says. "So how did you enjoy dinner?" He smiles, rolling his sleeve back down. "I thought it abit out of the ordinary, but lovely all the same…then where was the actual restaurant." He chuckles deeply. "I however, was entranced by the company most of the time."

Thalia smiles, looking down at her arm and rubbing it dry, taking a bit more time than strictly necessary. "I enjoyed it quite a bit, yes. Good food and excellent company." She looks up from her arm, smiling up at Christian. "Do you want to sit down?"

"Yes, please," Christian says smiling back at Tally. "I've been on my feet alot lately, and haven't gotten a chance to relax." He looks around and chooses a loveseat. With a sigh, he slowly sits down.

Thalia hesitates for a moment, glancing around at the various seating options, before making a decision. Smoothing her skirt under her, she perches on the arm of the loveseat Christian had chosen. "Were you not relaxing in the restaraunt?" She asks, her voice gently teasing.

"Yes I was," Chris says, matching her tone. "And I would love to continue to do so." Unconsciously, he reaches out to carefully hold her hand in his. "Plus, out in public it is very hard for someone like me to relax completely. Its a side effect from the job."

Thalia gently squeezes his hand in hers, smiling. "Well, we're safe here." As if remembering something, she lifts her wand, and charms the door shut. "Moreso now, too."

"Good," Christian says, with a sigh. He looks upward into her eyes. "So now that we are alone, where it is easier to hear each other, would you like to continue our little question game?"

Thalia's smile widens, and she nods. "Surely, let's do that. I do believe it was your turn to ask the question." Her eyes flick over the rest of the room, as if making sure everything was in order, and then she relaxes slightly.

Christian leans back and thinks for a moment. "Okay," He says, gazing up at her. "Past boyfriends aside, what do you look for in a man whom you would like to get involved with?" He says, giving her hand a soft squeeze. "Tall, short, rich. blonde, brunette?" He quirks a soft smile.

Thalia waves her free hand dismissively. "None of that matters to me. Money, looks, whatever. I've been with short guys and tall guys and all of that. I know it sounds cliche, but it is true that it's what's on the inside that matters more. That said.. I do like when a man is taller than me, so I have to lean up to kiss him."

Christian grins slightly and stands up. He looks down on her for a moment. "I think I have that part covered," He says with a nod. "I'm not the tallest man ever, but I hold my own." Chris still holds her hand, carefully moving his fingers to carass her skin. "I believe it is your turn." He says, with a warm smile.

Thalia grins down at him, and then - suddenly - up at him. "If you were the tallest man ever, I would probably need stilts," she jokes, staying seated where she is. "As for my question.. hm. I never quite have them ready." She pauses, then asks, "If.. wait, no, I asked that already. Um. What do you look for in a woman you want to get involved with?" Maybe he won't notice the fact that she'd just bounced the question back at him. Unlikely, but a girl can hope.

Christian thinks for another long moment. "Capacity for acceptance," he says. "The ability to understand that sometimes I need to be in the fray and that my job has no guarentes." This he says almost said as a warning, then his tone changes. "There has to be this overall uniqueness. I've never really had anyone else in my life, and something uniue has to shake me out of my complacency to really…see someone for the beauty they are." He squeezes her hand again.

Thalia nods thoughtfully. Her brow furrows when he mentions the lack of guarantees, and she squeezes his hand tightly. "Well. That's good to know, certainly," she says finally. "I do believe it's your turn again."

"I've got abit of a throw away question here," Chris says with a sheepish grin. "But here it goes. If you could go on vacation anywhere in the world, where would it be, and who would you decide to take with you?" He reaches out and takes her other hand as well. "Keep in mind, only one person, but anywhere in existance."

Thalia tilts her head back, clearly taking her time to ponder this one. "Welll.." She stretches the word out. "I'd say somewhere in the Caribbean. Where the water's so clear you can see straight down to the bottom. I'd go snorkeling, and I'd bring someone in this room with me." After a pause, she grins. "Obviously, that someone would be Octavius."

Christian laughs at her comment. "Of course," He says with a grin. "He would certainly love it, out on the real ocean floor with the warm currents running through his tenticles. Also, with all those arms, he could carry all your luggage for you."

Thalia grins, swinging her legs from side to side. "Indeed! And he could make friends with all the fish, and swim with dolphins.. he would have a blast. It would be lovely. I have a lot of luggage, too." She nods.

"Oh really?" Chris asks, hiking an eyebrow. "So you have alot of luggage on trips? Do you pack up the entire tattoo kit when you go, or is it just a matter of alot of essentials?" He idly interlaces his fingers with her's. "Oops, sorry, that was out of turn. You're turn for a question."

Thalia grins. "I'll answer it. That just means I get to ask you two whenever I like." Her dimples show when her grin deepens. "I like to be prepared for everything, yes. Which involves a lot of clothes, and tattooing things, and music things."

"I see," Christian says with a lop-sided grin. "Anything could happen when a famous young singer goes on vacation. Like you have your option open." He gazes warmly for a long moment. "Well babe, you've got two questions now. Use them wisely." He winks.

Thalia grins. "It could happen! Don't know when I could possibly get away for very long, though. Maybe sometime in the future." She looks thoughtful at these questions, leaning back slightly. "Well, I'll just ask one for now, and save the other for later. If you could make a living doing anything, what would it be?"

"Well, being a police man is what I've always wanted to do," Christian says with a shrug. "Protect and serve. Its what I've always wanted and I think I will be doing that until the day I die. However, if I had to choose anything in the world…" His voice trails away as he thinks. "I don't know. Ideally, I would want to protect and serve without as many rules and regulations on me. Just go straight for the bad guys."

Thalia tilts her head. "Well, couldn't that go badly, though? I mean.. what if you think someone is a bad guy, and you end up being wrong? I can see why the rules are there, even if they're problematic. Your turn for a question."
"Yes," Christian says with a sigh. "The rules are there for a reason. Just a fleeting fancy of being a superhero I guess. I was a big comic book reader when I was younger." He grins. "Oh, no what should I ask you…" His eye get a mischieveous glint all the sudden. "Are you tinklish?"

Thalia nods. "That makes sense. Comic books? The drawing story things?" Yes, Tally needs to brush up on her Muggle knowledge. When he asks if she's ticklish, she looks wary. "Um. N-no. I'm not. At all." She scoots away from him.
Christian narrows his gaze. "Something tells me you are lying," he says with a grin. "You wouldn't like to an official from the ministry would you?" He moves a step closer to her.

Thalia shakes her head so vigorously her curls bounce. "I am absolutely not ticklish. At all. Why would you think I'm lying? I don't lie." Even as she's denying this, though, she's edging further away, until she gets to her feet on the other side of the chair. Then, she extracts her wand and cries, "PROTEGO!"

Christian steps back holding up his hands. "Whoa! Lets take it easy here!" He says. "No need to bring magic into this. Getting alittle defensive there babe?" He shoves his hands into his pockets with a confused look on his face.

Thalia blinks, tilting her head. The shield fades as her concentration does, and she just looks perplexed. "I, um. It seemed funny at the time. I'm sorry." She purses her lips, sliding her wand back into a pocket, and glances over at the octopus tank. Apparently she's run out of things to say.

"I'm sorry," Christian says, quietly. "I was trying to be funny too, but when you pulled a wand…" His voice trails away. "You know how, when I said that every time I've come to Hogsmeade I've been shot at? You know why I joke about that?" He looks to her with a very serious gaze. He takes his hands out of his pockets, cracking his knuckles idly.

Thalia can't seem to make eye contact. Her cheeks are red, though clearly not with pleasure this time. She lifts a hand to fiddle with her bangles, and shifts from one foot to another. "Because it's scary and the only way to cope with it is to joke?" Tally's voice is quiet.

"That's it exactly," Christian says with a sigh. "I'm tired of this life, and tired of fighting. I hate pushing myself to this extreme every day and every night. However, I know its the only job to which I am suited. I'm a damn good duelist, and if I don't use that one talent where it needs to be used, then I am squandering that gift." He steps closer to her, his hands down by his side. Now, more than ever, he looks tired and worn.

Thalia nods again, somewhat jerkily. She still doesn't look up; her gaze is studiously focused on the octopus tank. Her lower lip is caught between her teeth, and her hands refuse to stay still - twisting her rings and bangles, adjusting the hem of her blouse. "Sorry," she says again.

Christian sits on the back of the loveseat, his gaze focused on her. "Please don't look like that," He says after a long moment. "And don't apologise." He gazes at with the same warm look he gave her before. "You don't need to apologise to me."

"I kind of do though, don't I?" Tally looks at him briefly, only to look away again. "Clearly I did something wrong. So - I'm sorry." She glances down at her shoes, her hands never ceasing their movement.

"I accept your apology," Chris says with a small smile. "Now would you please come sit next to me?" His voice almost has a small plea in it.

Thalia doesn't hesitate, this time. Her pace towards him is quick, and once she's by his side, she doesn't bother to resist the instinct to wrap her arms around him. Swallowing hard, she presses her face into his shoulder, and it's clear now her eyes are wet. "I just.. forgot," her voice is muffled into his shirt. "That we live in such hard times. I didn't even think that you might be offended, I was just.. playing."

Christian's eyes go wide for a second. "It's not that…" He says, wraping his arms around her to comfort her. "It's the fact that I was frightened. It took me back to the Broomsticks where you were hurt and I couldn't do anything. Only, it was worse because…My first instinct when someone draws a wand on me is to open up with a stunning curse. I…My first thought was pressing the attack. That frightened me more than anything else." He holds her close.

Thalia sniffles loudly, eyes tightly closed against him. "I'm sorry," she says again, her voice clearly unhappy and still muffled. "I'm used to using my magic for fun, not.. fighting. That's all it was. Fun."

Christian holds Tally closely. Carefully and maybe alittle bit awkwardly, Chris places a small kiss on her forehead. "Shhh…" He whispers quietly.

Thalia tightens her grip on him, tears still coming freely. Perhaps they'd been a long time coming, if the shaking of her shoulders and her vice-like grip is any indication.

Christian holds her close to him, letting her tears soak into his shirt. He slowly rocks back and forth, comforting her as best he can. "I'm here," he says quietly. "I will always be here."

Slowly, gradually, the rocking and the sound of his voice soothe Thalia. Her tears come in fewer bursts, with longer time in between them, until she's just sniffling and hiccuping. "I'm sorry. I got your shirt wet."

"I've got plenty like it," Chris says with a slight grin. "It will all come out in the wash." He looks down at her, still holding her tightly. "Are you alright?"

Thalia looks up at him, her eyelashes wet, her nose red. She smiles slightly. "Even rock stars can't cry and look glamorous." It's a weak joke. "I am, I think. Are you?"

"Oh really?" Chris says with a slightly smile. "I think you still look beautiful." He reaches out to brush away one of the stray strands of her hair. "I am fine. You're alright, that's all that matters for me."

Thalia hasn't yet released him, though her grip has become a bit less desparately tight. "You're biased, though." She leans into his touch, smiling at him. "I'm sorry for crying on our first date. I'd expected something less.. dramatic."

"Its alright," Christian says. "I am quite used to the dramatic. Remember I used to work for toad woman. Plus, this is way more interesting then filling out paperwork until I can't see straight, and other than that, so far its been a wonderful night."

Thalia grins, lifting a wrist to wipe under her eyes. "I promise our next date will be better," she says boldly, looking straight at him. Apparently the crying jag has taken away some of her shyness.

"Well it is certainly is good to know we are planing a second date," Christian winks. "I promise to not try and tickle you…Okay that's a lie, but I promise to not cause a situation where you have to draw your wand."

Thalia grins, and lifts her hand to touch his cheek, gently. "I'm definitely hoping for another date, if I haven't scared you off. I promise not to draw my wand."

"Oh no," Christian says, shaking his head. "Its going to take alot more than that to scare me away." He hugs her close. "You'll have to do something like…I don't know…tell me you were a Slytherin or something." He laughs lightly.

Thalia chuckles softly, leaning against him. "Now that I've cried in your shirt.. do we have some sort of relationship-type discussion? Like.. I don't know. Our intentions?" Her face is quizzical.

"Does that count as your second question?" Christian says, looking at her with a grin. "My intentions are to be someone in your life. I would like to be a romantic partner and companion to you…" He blushes slightly. "I know how that sounds, but honestly, I intend to be a companion. I don't like the term boyfriend or girlfriend. It seems to juvenille."

Thalia grins, and leans against him. "Yes, yes it does. I'd forgotten I even had it. I like those intentions." When he blushes, she impulsively kisses one blushing cheek. "Now I'm turning you red. The tables are turned!"
"Indeed!" Christian says arching an eyebrow. "I am glad you like my intentions. I would like to know yours as well." He blushes deeper when she kisses him. "I will never wash this cheek again."

"Please wash it, or I might never kiss it again," Thalia teases. "As for my intentions.. hm. They are rather the same. I want to be your companion, as you said. For dates and cuddling and protecting each other and talking and all of that good stuff." She nods firmly.

"You know what this means?" Christian says with a slight grin. "I'm going to need to take my vacation times when you go on tour. I get to become one of those fans who follows your everywhere you go like a lost puppy."

Thalia grins. "You'll get backstage passes to everything. I'll take you on stage with me. You can play the drums." She nods firmly, as if That Were That. "You will make all of my male fans - and some of my female ones - quite jealous, though."

Christian nods. "Well, I think I can be okay with that," Christian says. "I promise I won't be smug when they become jealous. I will just enjoy the attention." He chuckles and gives her a soft squeeze. "I don't know about being your drummer. I'm no musician."

Thalia grins. "Our actual drummer might not like it, I suppose. We'll work something out." She lays her head on his chest, curling her body to fit against his.

Christian looks down at her as she curls up next to him. He takes a deep breath, and lets it out as a contented sigh. "Tiger lilies," Chris says after a long moment. "What do you think of the ram's horns covered in vines of blue tiger lilies?"

Thalia glances up at him, her eyes half-lidded. Apparently she, too, is quite content. "What about just regular lilies? Tiger lilies are orange."

"Because I like Tiger lilies," Christian says with an arched eyebrow. "Also, they begin with the letter T."

Thalia begins to giggle, and then, to laugh, hard. It seems to be some sort of tension breaker. "Have you been spending this entire time trying to think of a flower that began with T?"

Turning more red than the Hogwarts Express, Christian shrinks alittle bit. "Yes…" He says, the embarassment creeping into his voice.

"That's adorable." With that statement, Thalia takes his face in her hands, and kisses him full on the mouth. "What about tulips? They mean 'declaration of love'."

Christian is taken off guard by her kiss. "Tulips work," He says, sort of dumb struck. "But I'm not sure, maybe if you do that again, I can be more sure of it."

Thalia chuckles, and pulls away slightly, looking him deep in the eyes. Then, more slowly this time, she gently brushes her lips against his. "Tulips," she murmurs softly.

"Tulips then," Christian whispers back. "I think you will ave just as much fun making this one as I'm going to have showing it off." He rubs his nose against her in an eskimo kiss, then lightly brushes his lips against hers in a light but passionate kiss.

Thalia grins so widely it looks like her face might break. She returns the kiss, her arms sliding around his neck, familiarizing herself with his taste, his smell, his presence.

Christian's arms wrap around her back, pulling her close to him. He runs his hands down her back gently, lightly touching her. "I think I can get used to this," He says, after his breaks for air. "How about you?"

Thalia grins, shivering slightly at his touch. "I could, as well. I could most definitely get used to this." She rubs a thumb over his jaw. "To you."

Christian snuggles up with Tally, reaching over he grabs the afgan and draps it around them. "That's good," Christian says, holding her very close. "Because I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. Just make sure to kick me out when you are ready to go to bed."

Thalia smiles, letting out a sigh of contentment. "I can always transfigure one of these couches into a bed for you. Then you'd never have to leave." She grins.

"Hrm…" Christian sighs. "That sounds wonderful." He places a soft kiss on her forehead. "Paws may be unhappy about it though."

Thalia pulls him closer, stubbornly. "Paws will have to get used to it. Paws can come live here. Octavius will finally have a friend."

"I like the sound of that," Chris whispers. "I believe he will too. For now though, I just wish to hold you like this, even if it is only for a little while."

Thalia grins widely, tilting her face up to his. "I like the sound of that." Her lips gently brush his, before she rests her head on his chest, holding him close. Slowly, the sound of his heartbeat lulls her to sleep.

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