1994-09-09: Suspicious Minds


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Scene Title Suspicious Minds
Synopsis We can't go on together …
Date September 09, 1994
Watch For Snape Sarcasm Special
Chronology Braeden asks to check his Cauldron out of class hours over suspicions of a Slytherin plot.
Logger Snape

Snape's Office, Hogwarts

Dark and gloomy, Snape's office is one place most students don't want to find themselves. The stone walls are covered in shelves that are filled with multicolored jars filled with myriad necessities for potion making. In between the shelves are some cabinets, a few are locked to keep students from pilfering the contents. A heavy wooden desk sits in the middle of the open floor, a candelbra is set upon it, along with the professor's work. While candles do provide illumination, it just doesn't seem enough to cut through the darkness.

The sound of footsteps could be heard outside of the gloomy office that soon stop with the light shuffle of feet and a soft sound, almost that of a humming. It dies down though a moment later followed by a knocking on the office door. Nothing more, nothing less. It seemed the whoever it was that came knew the Professor would answer when and how he wished if he was there.

A long, ominous silence follows the knock upon the door - long enough for the cackling and galavanting of ghosts to be heard in one of the dungeon's distant chambers. Finally, however, a voice calls from within and says, plainly, "Enter."

The door swings open slowly under a young man's hand, soon followed by the sight of him passing through the open portal. Braeden looks into the room with a studious eye for a few moments before stopping just beyond the threshhold. A slow nod of his head would signify his recognition for the man if something given in respect before coming to stance that could almost be seen as one of attention if one even knew what that was. "I apologize for disturbing you Professor."

"Yet you do it anyway," Snape says, not looking up from the homework assignment he is grading rather harshly. He lets the silence fill the room, a ghostly cannon blasting a salute in the distance followed by raucous laughter.

Braeden remains standing where he was with the light brush of his shoe heels against one another and the cross of his arms behind his back. He presses his lips together after that without taking another step inward as he hadn't been instructed to from his last words before replying, "I came to ask if I could take a look at my potion Professor. I have reason to believe that it needs inspecting." The words are even without trying to go beyond his bounds with a hint of knowing in his eyes.

"And why would you believe it needs inspecting?" Snape asks as he scratches down some further marks on the parchment, still not looking up from it nor appearing in the least bit phased.

Braeden gazes at the man still calmly with the press of his lips before letting his arms fall from his back to his midsection. "Because someone told me to double check my potion Professor. They said it would need checking." He offers calmly without even a hint of smugness or otherwise.

"I'm aware of Gryffindor's propensity for pranks and underhanded tactics," Snape replies, pausing in his writing and slowly lifting his gaze to stare at Braeden - Hi, Kettle? Its Pot. You're black! "Do you really think I would let you near the entire class' potions when they have such a heavy impact on their grades?"

"If you would accompany me Professor, you would see that I do not intend to touch anyone else's potions either. Not all of Gryffindor's students are like the Weasley Twins as far as the pranks go." Braeden offers as he meets the other man's gaze. In spite of the Potions Professor's normal bearing, the Gryffindor's eyes seem to hold that trademark intensity bordering on willful stubbornness. "Doing such a thing would put my chances at becoming an Auror in jeapordy as I am knowledgable regarding the fact of what a tampered potion can do to the person who quaff's it."

"And I am not?" Snape answers, quirking a black, arched eyebrow at Braeden, "By all means, if you feel you were make a better Potions Master than I then please let the Headmaster know." His lip curls slightly, "No, I won't accompany you - the potions will remain under my guard to assure they're not tampered with."

Braeden offers the man a slow nod before replying, "I was not saying that Professor. Students have been known to find ways around everything. I trust you as the Potion's Master to do that of course sir." His gaze does not waver though still with the quirk of the other man's brow, instead becoming all the harder. His words in the regard do as well, though they are still spoken in the same calm manner as before. "My potion was exactly as specified when I left the classroom. If it is ruined when I enter again or if I notice multiple other students fall under it in a suspicious manner, then you will know that I came to tell you this beforehand."

Snape rises from his seat, standing to his full height behind the desk before practically gliding out from behind it to approach Braeden, "That is an arrogant assumption. And your manner of speech is a form of petulance that I do not think will serve you well in your quest to become an 'Auror'." All the same, Snape approaches the door to his office and opens it, "If you are so insistent then you may look at your potion and only yours. I will be watching you."

The Professor doesn't wait as he sweeps out into the corridor towards the Potions Classroom next door.

Braeden remains quiet before offering the Professor a solemn nod though his lips would part a few moments later in a calm reply, "I apologize if I sounded that way Sir and thank you for allowing me to check." He offers before turning to follow after him at a slow walk. His arms cross over his chest as he does so, leaving his step with a bit of stiffness to it that isn't quite usual for the young man.

Potions Classroom, Hogwarts

The dungeon that is used for the potions classroom is quite depressing indeed. As you enter the windowless room, the sconce bearing torches offer an eerie, flickering light. There are four horizontal rows of tables for the students to work at. There are areas at each table for students to set up their cauldrons for potion brewing. Stools are placed at each table for students to use during lectures for sitting. At the front of the room the stone floor raises upwards about a foot to allow the teacher to look at the students better, or to appear more menacing. A wooden desk sits upon this raised section for the professor. Along the walls of this room are locked cabinets containing common ingredients and books of recipes for the students usage. The more exotic are kept locked within the professor's office and private stores. Towards the far end of the classroom is a stone fountain with water spewing from the mouth of a lion's head. The fountain's purpose is that of a washing and cleanup area for the students.

Snape leads the way into the Potions Classroom, perhaps even darker and more ominous than it is during class. As he flicks his wand to illuminate the braziers on the wall, the shelf containing the many, bubbling cauldrons of the Potions class bubble away merrily. He begins to move towards them when a sharp bang followed by laughter is heard in the middle distance.

"Don't move," Snape demands of Braeden, his tone threatening, before he turns around and stalks out of the classroom in search of the source of the sound.

Braeden watches as the other man passes out of the room before seeming to go into something of thought with a musing expression drifting across his features. "Mm, no. If something does happen, then i'll simply know he's willing to help them. Probably has the cauldrons trapped or something for all I know" He offers to himself before crossing his arms a bit higher over his chest. Instead of doing the usual Gryffindor thing and poking his nose around of his own accord, he remains there with that logical solution in wait without having so much as moved from his spot.

Whatever Snape has planned, he doesn't return to immediately. The sounds from the distance have, however, ceased.

Braeden turns his head to gaze back at the door, a look of suspicion drifting across his eyes as he brushes his fingers across his robes just near his wand. "Bloody Ghosts. Don't know if I could stand being roomed down here if they're like that all night." He comments to himself. The length of time that there seemed to be waiting though puts him a bit on edge. Who knows, maybe the ghosts managed to pull a fast one on Mr. Pot. Either way, he waits.

At last, after several minutes, Snape returns and finds Braeden where he left him. He simply stands and stares, gesturing towards the cauldrons on the shelf, "Go."

Braeden nods in reply to the man as he takes a few steps away from him, a suspicious glance cast towards him only to drift back to the Cauldrons with a soft sound. "Understood." He replies simply. He'd stop in front of his own afterward to take a gander at the color and otherwise that had been told during the last class. A sniff would be taken as well before taking a look at the Cauldron itself to make sure nothing was done in regards to it.

"Are you satisfied?"

Snape does not appear at all pleased by the student's belief that he would aid in this supposed 'tampering' with classwork. Moving towards the door again, he keeps his eyes firmly on Braeden as he leads the way out of the classroom without waiting for an answer.

Braeden offers a solemn nod, seeming troubled with something as he looks away. "Yes sir, I am. I would just let you know that someone plans to do something since it'd look bad if such a thing did happen." He offers almost kindly before looking away with the press of his lips together. The young man almost seems…saddened? His arms cross behind his back when he does stop, waiting to see if the Professor either closes the door to the office in his face or dismisses him.

"Leave," Snape says flatly, turning about - unmoved by the sad look and suggestion. He sweeps into his office, the heavy door slamming behind him before the hall is engulfed in total silence save for the capering ghosts in the distance.

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