1994-10-29: Surprise!


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Scene Title Surprise!
Synopsis Bad Jack, Bad Sirius, Bad Siobhan. Only Tonks seems to have any sense!
Location Undisclosed
Date Oct 29, 1994
Watch For Uh. Quite a few things.
Logger Westminster Kennel Club Winner

It doesn't take much for Sirius Black to take to pacing the floors. He hasn't been in custody /that/ long, but cabin fever is setting in. While there's no reason to complain about this setup, there is the fact that he's identified a Death Eater amongst the guards. He doesn't trust the Ministry farther than he could bodily throw Fudge or Umbridge. There's the chance all of this will go wrong. Combined, it's enough to drive the man out of his mind. Fortunately, he has been given some approved books to read, and Tonks was able to secure a muggle chess set.

Robes and suit jacket have been left draped on the bed, Sirius is seated in the parlor where Jack last saw him. Shirtsleeves rolled up, the man is seated in a chair, reading through a rather tattered copy of Hamlet. Again, someone of muggle birth thought it would annoy the pureblood. Wrong.

Elder Noble seems to want another report. Or at least Jack seems to want to make another report. He appears at the safehouse again, this time, a little more exuberant. He knocks on the door, presenting himself, smiling widely and stepping through the door after being thoroughly patted down. Since all the attention is on him, there is a space beside him that is open. He consciously avoids looking at it, flirting and teasing the Aurors who man the door mercilessly.

And that empty space stays empty, though it's through a lot of maneuvering and even more good luck. While Jack acts like…well, Jack, that empty space manages to slip right past him. He may feel a sudden pressure - and likely some pain - in the foot closest to the inside, but then that space is gone, tip-toe-ing inside to wait in that parlour, casually reading over Sirius' shoulder while waiting for…something.

You would think.. all those years of sneaking under invisibility cloaks with James Potter had taught him a few things. But that's the bit about invisibility cloaks. They're invisible. Or whatever means is being used to sneak contraband visitors in. Although.. Sirius does get that feeling someone's looking over his shoulder. Or rather, it's stronger than usual what with the guards around and all. Hearing the voices and the door out in the hall, he marks his page. The voice is getting more familiar to him, and he can place it with Noble. He'll not be getting his hopes up about this visit. They're all too short for Sirius's tastes. He's an energetic sort that requires more activity than he's getting here.

Jack stifles a wince as his toe is mashed, but finishes his current flirt, and steps past the guards to the parlor. "Black." He grins, holding out his hand. "How are you doing? Stir crazy yet?" He then looks around the room in an odd fashion, giving a side jerk to his head. "So, um, ready for a surprise?" He grins, hoping that's enough of a cue for his darling little sister.

Sure enough, a head suddenly appears in mid-air; a very blonde head peering down at the now closed book. "Oi, now! What'dya close it up for?" Letting the cloak slide the rest of the way off her shoulders to pool on the arm of the chair she's perched on, Siobhan grins down at the man in the chair. "Jack said he had a /surprise/ for me, and here you close up the book 'fore I can be well and truly surprised!" While Siobhan is blissfully unaware of such things, Sirius may note a distinct familiarity about her. After a beat, she tilts her head to meet the accused's gaze and shows off her incorrigible grin. "Hullo!"

Sirius rises up from his seat and steps forward to shake Jack's hand. "Noble, good to see you, and yes, as a matter of fact.. I think I am going stir crazy." A brow arches as he stares at Jack, "Good surprise or bad surprise? I don't suppose the Ministry has decided to offer a full apology, pardon and the Order of Merlin?" The warning on Jack's part, good idea, otherwise he might have transformed and blown much of his defense. Or simply attacked. He doesn't exactly /jump/ when Sio speaks up, he does whirl about on the spot, eyes narrowed, a rather rude phrase escaping before it slips, "You!" That's gonna be fun to explain in a few.

Jack quirks an eyebrow at his sister. "Rosie." He shakes his head. "Good thing the man doesn't have his wand, luv, or you might have had a hex sent your way so fast your eyes'd cross." He grins. "No such luck, sorry, Black. Just my little sister Siobhan, whom only I call Rose." Or Rosie, or variations thereof. He turns the interested expression on Sirius when he recognizes Sio. "You've met?" This is news. "When was that?" Now, he's gazing at his sister. Hypocrite much? Surely.

"Me!" Siobhan replies, her big, bright grin still in place. "At least I hope I'm me, because if I'm not, then that raises a few really big questions. Mainly, who am I then, if not me; and where is me if I'm not here? Although that'd probably start several /really big/ arguments on philosophy and just what makes me /me/ and you, well, /you/ and…" Suddenly she trails off, color draining from her face and brown eyes wide. "Sweet Circe… I'm turning into Ali!" Shaking off this apparently life-altering thought, she blinks between Jack and Sirius. "Well I'm sure /I/ don't know! Who is this bloke, anyway? Another one of your 'colleagues'?" As if realizing that perhaps that was a bit rude, she turns to the man in question. "Sorry, have we met?"

"Not formally no. I've seen her about." Sirius doesn't seem inclined towards elaborating further. Idiot. Ordinarily he would have covered that better, but he's not in his right frame of mind much. "Shut the blasted door before someone comes nosing in here and sees her," he hisses towards Jack. Mind you, this is much the thrill he's needed since being locked in with Ministry buffoons.. and 'borrowing' that cloak is sounding like a plan..

There's a bit of commotion at the front, the kind that usually comes with a visitor. It's the usual, turn out your pockets, temporarily surrender your wand, get checked over for any sort of magical whatsits. No, this is not a Polyjuiced Tonks stop poking her with that damn stick and give her back her wand! There's an off hand comment from the guard about already having a visitor but Tonks dismisses it. Oh yeah, the guard takes their sweet time inspecting the damn /food container/ she brought Sirius. But Tonks is good, she keeps things quiet, and just waits. Asking where Sirius and his guest is. So humdehum — she manages to catch Sirius comment just as she approaches the room. "Why would anyone want to come nosing around in your presence," Tonks comments sort of resting on the doorjam and rolling against it as a means of entrance. Ignore her bright color clashing attire. It's /festive/. She also takes the presence of mind to close the door after she enters.

Well, speak of the dementor. Someone does show up. Jack frowns as he hears the commotion, and gestures to Sio to hide. However, it's too late, and he sighs, turning slowly to face the music. Oh. Whew. It's just Tonks. "Heya, Tonks." He grins. "How are you doin'?" He doesn't like the answer that Sirius gives. There's more to it. He narrows his eyes, and frowns slightly. "Around, huh?" Another warning light goes off. "It's Ali now?"

"Um, hullo?" Sio waves one hand in the general direction of brother and con. "But uh, 'she's right here." Wrinkling her nose in concentration, Siobhan folds her arms over her chest, narrowing pretty brown eyes at the shaggy man whose name she Still Does Not Have. "That's an awfully strong reaction for just 'seein' me around', mate." Suspicions, they arise! "You don't /look/ familiar…" Oh. Crap. It /figures/ that Jack would fixate on That One Thing. "Yes, it's Ali now. Problem?" she shoots back testily. Tonks' arrival provides some much needed distraction, however. Once the door is shut, the young blonde leaps up and darts over to give the bright and bouncy Auror an enthusiastic hug. "Don't tell me Jack wanted to surprise /you too/!" And then a thought seems to occur to her and she turns to Sirius /again/. "You're Sirius Black, aren't you?"

A look sweeps towards Tonks as she enters and shuts the door. Sirius seems to breathe a little easier now that the door is closed. "Hello Tonks, welcome to Platform 9 and 3/4, prepare to board… and was that the Auror type bloke you were flirting with in the village?" Deflect, deflect! He throws a cheeky grin finally towards Sio, "Guilty of being called as such, yes. So.. is there some festivity or holiday I'm being permitted to celebrate, or to warrant so many surprise visitors?"

Glancing around, Tonks walks over and hands Sirius the bag. "I feel like I walked in on a comedy routine and missed the punch line." By the way, the food's Italian. A brow raises and she points towards Sio, not saying anything but the questions' clear. She's such a naughty Auror. "And I don't flirt with Aurors. My own job gives me enough stress, imagine if I dated one." Really, she's just clueless.

With a glare at Rosie that clearly states, 'no, you are not out of the woods just yet', Jack chuckles. "Not that I'm aware of. It's Rosie's weekend for Hogsmeade, and so I thought she could use a bit of a surprise, and I know you can use some excitement. They don't know she's here, so shhh." He gestures toward the door. "Yeah. Comedy of errors, maybe." He's a little grumpy at his sister spending time with all these older guys. He neglects to correct Tonks' misconception. Let her keep thinking they're talking about her. That'd be fine with him.

"I think he means the Auror /I/ flirted with and yes that's th — hang on!" Her hug to Tonks deflected by the Auror's mission to deliver Teh Foods, Siobhan has the freedom of movement to whirl on Sirius and point an accusatory finger at Sirius. "There was no one /there/! Except…except…oh shit." Having come to that oh-so-eloquent conclusion, Siobhan sinks down into the nearest chair, both hands running through her hair as she spends a moment in shock. It takes a bit of recovery time - she's clever, not a genius - but as her mind slowly wraps around the situation at hand, a grin /slowly/ grows on her face, until she's beaming rather like a loon, and right up at Sirius. "You, mate, are /brilliant/." Jack's glare is completely missed.

"I feel the same way Tonks.. oh ho, what is this?" Sirius is now distracted by the bag containing food. "Nothing from Andromeda? Your mother could bake.." He looks up from inspecting the contents of the bag and tweaks at Tonks's cheek. "Thank you, I will be sure to eat this before any of the guards can frown at what I'm having. One of them is dead-set on putting me to menial labor while here." There's a quick pause, then, "Not you, although you best not be dating aurors. I meant her." He jerks a thumb over his shoulder at Sio. "The stow-away." Ahahaha. Sorry Jack, Sirius is happy to keep things interesting and difficult. "No clue what you're on about," he says innocently as Sio seems to put things together. "But I do appreciate the compliment, and a genius is something I have striven towards since a young age."

"Please, the only Aurors I seem to get along with are Kingsley and Mad-Eye. Not exactly the cream of the crop there." Tonks shakes her head about Andromeda care packages, "Not yet. Give it time. She always cooks for an army when she's stressed. I foresee Dad gaining weight again." She glances around to Jack and then to Sio, recalling the very first time she'd spoken with the girl. But considering Jack's expression, she won't bring it up. Instead, she focuses on what's going on between Sio and Sirius. A frown, and she just eyes Sirius as if it was his fault for something.

Jack is now the one who's lost the plot. He backs up, takes a seat, and stares at his sister. "You're barmier than a loon, Rosie. What in Merlin's name are you on about?" He knows she's got something on her mind. C'mon. Spill. "Shacklebolt and Moody?" Yes, he knows several Aurors, and knows the names of a few more. "Decent people." He shrugs, and returns his gaze to the other two, waiting for the information to emerge.

The stow-away can't seem to stop smiling. Not only has she managed to put two-and-two together on a mystery that had rather plagued her for quite some time, but she has successfully distracted Jack from his Big Brother Tangent. As said brother sets to picking her brain, she darts a look at Sirius and then back to Jack. "Just that when I Ali blew up that place in Hogsmeade, there was this shady fellow lurking about. Neither of us noticed." They were both rather preoccupied, in fact. "But hiding in plain sight like that, it's just brilliant!" She /hates/ lying to this brother - even by omission - but some secrets aren't hers to share. She pauses for a moment and then turns to Jack, as if suddenly remembering something. "Oh, did I tell you? Draco Malfoy's been /hallucinating/ at school. Barmy little bugger." There's a twitch to her lip as she says this, however; just a small one.

Things are usually Sirius's fault if there's the slightest involvement. At the look from Tonks, Sirius teasingly tugs at his cousin's hair before settling in with the care package. "And your mother will have something else to nag at him about." The bag is dipped into, his food, he's not sharing. Tonks brought it for him! "Moody trained her up proper, and now Shacklebolt's looking after her. Tonks here couldn't have had better training at the Ministry." As Siobhan pipes up, Sirius grins widely, joining in on the shared joke. "Serves the little runt right." Just for lineage alone. If Siobhan's not elaborating about their current secret, he won't either. Now don't mind him as he starts to eat.

And just like that, it dawns on her. Tonks' eyes widen just a fraction. Hopefully Sio has the presence of mind /not/t o go around bragging. The hair tug met with a grumble. Poor Jack. She does nod. "Yes, straight out of Hogwarts and they pair me up with Mad-Eye of all people." It might explain a few things about Tonks' style. There's aso a frown at the 'being looked at' but Tonks'll just go find a chair to sit down in.

Jack nods, and figures there's more to it, but if Rosie isn't elaborating, there's usually a good reason for it. He'll nod slowly, though a frown crosses his features. Curiouser and curiouser. He leans back in his seat, sticks his hands behind his head in a relaxed pose, and grins at the other man. "So…" He's here to visit Sirius. "Anything new going on here other than being invaded?" He grins widely, seeming to shift moods awfully quickly. It's more that he's putting on a brave (happy) face for the other man. Interrogations of younger siblings can indeed wait.

"Hang on, you trained under Moody?" Siobhan blinks several times. "That certainly explains all that chocolate…" And a few other things. Relax, Tonks! A Slytherin knows how to keep a secret! When Sirius breaks into a wide grin, she lets that twitch grow into one of her own. "I feel a bit bad for him, actually. Lost a lot of his…clout with the older years." Running into the castle at the crack of dawn and screaming bloody murder will do that to a person's reputation. Being a Snake herself, Siobhan recognizes the inherent danger of losing the wizarding equivalent of 'street cred'. As Jack turns the subject to different - and likely more boring - things, she moves to the chair Sirius had occupied before, flopping down with her back resting on one side and her legs slung over the other arm. It can't possibly be comfortable, but as she grabs his discarded Shakespeare, she seems content.

Sirius should be worried about Siobhan, but based on the prank they pulled.. Somehow he's not /too/ worried. Besides, his secret as an animagus will be revealed soon enough. He comes up for air from the food then clears his throat. He stares across at Sio, debate showing in his grey eyes before he reaches a decision. If Jack smuggled his sister in, then that means she's trustworthy. Right? They're all in a big risk together, so he says quietly, "Tonks? Remember the two Death Eaters I told you about that I had overheard in Hogsmeade? The name of the wizard I couldn't recall?" He then eyes Jack, his father might want to know this too. "He's here, as one of the guards. Calls himself Ed." Then he quickly adds, "I behaved Tonks. I didn't attack him like I wanted to." Behaved for Sirius that is.

It suddenly dawns on her that they mentioned Draco. Sio's given a look, not entirely upset, just sort of careful, watchful. "Be careful with him. I"d rather not have Mum worrying about family that doesn't care if she's alive on top of everything else." But then she answers the topic of Mad-Eye. She holds up three fingers, mouthing 'three years'. Three years she had to put up with that crazy old coot. But immediately she's distracted by Sirius. "Eh? You mean that time we went searching your old place for those social contact lists?" She lifts a hand up, rubbing her chin thoughtfully. "Ed… I can look at the guard roster, and check from there if you want." She does seem thankful Sirius 'behaved'. "Just keep it that way. Remember, any 'Death Eaters' not in Azkaban got off because they claimed the Imperius Curse and aren't considered 'guilty' anymore."

"Bullshit," Jack whispers, disguising it as a cough. This to her last comment. He tries to remember the people he's met, and whether any of them were Eds of any kind. "I don't know an Ed, but I'll keep my ear to the ground for you. Nose around. I've got to do some nosing at the ministry anyway." He frowns. "Hey, now that I've got you here, Tonks…" He gives her a long look. "Well, you're on the list, so maybe…" Gears turning again, but mainly for his own sake. Don't mind him. He's plotting.

"I /am/ careful with him!" Sio protests over her book, hands tucked behind the cover as she props the spine against her knee and turns a page. "I'm one of the few people who's still /nice/ to him, even when he picks stupid fights and loses us points. /Honestly/ it's like he's pulling Harry's pigtails or something, cause I /know/ he's got to be more subtle than he has been." Siobhan: Saying Just Precisely What She Feels Like Saying. Talk of Death Eaters, however, has her becoming suddenly very serious - not Sirius, /serious/ - and when she turns to Tonks, her brown eyes are dimmer. "Did you see a report on the last mission Stateside?" There's a solemnity to her voice now, a weight which sounds almost wrong from someone her age.

Sirius nods his head at Tonks, "The same. If this fellow was under the Imperius, then I'm Voldemort." Yes. He said /the/ name. "You might want to. He seems bent on giving me a difficult time, and while I was behaving, I did provoke him a little." At least he's honest about it. "If Ed is part of his name, it'll be on the roster. I can also point him out to you if your shifts cross paths. His conversation with Mrs. Falton was pretty damning." At the mention of his godson, he turns to gaze sharply at Siobhan. The guard dog is on the scent. "I got the impression he was nowhere near as capable as his father, but all the same, do not underestimate him. Draco that is."

Tonks shakes her head. "He's just family is all. Our mums are sisters. Mum'd be the type to worry about him." How strange, really. Sio suddenly talking about Things (tm) earns her a look. "Maybe. But normally we don't go around talking about things to other people." They're not Unspeakables, but Aurors are big believers in plausible deniability. Either that, or most of them are just paranoid. then comes Jack and all Tonks can say, "I'm sorry, mate. You're not my type. I don't think I'd date you outside of a friend thing."

"Nothin' wrong with a little pigtail pulling." Merlin knows Jack's done enough of that. He grins. Then, he's being shot down without even having proposed anything really. "Huh?" He glances over at Tonks, and shakes his head, "No. No, I was thinking about the list to get in here. Nevermind." He's still thinking. Something's bugging him, and he can't place it. May never be able to, but he'll try anyway. When Sio goes asking about specific missions, he just looks up at her again, narrowing his eyes.

"Then I suppose it's a good thing I'm not Other People. I'm Sio." And a truer statement has never been spoken. "Ask Jack if you don't trust me." That simple statement seems to be enough for her. Her brother's narrowing eyes earn him a playful smile. "Oh like you're /honestly/ surprised. C'mon, Jack. You /know/ me." Aaand, back to Tonks. "But if that doesn't work, please give me a bit of warning before Obliviation? I'd really hate to drool on this jumper…" Again, hard to tell if she's joking or not. At Sirius' warning, she rolls her eyes and just gives him the Look. (This is the very same look, by the by - and Jack may recognize it as such - that has served her mother for many, many years of dealing with Boys.) "I've made it seven years in Slytherin without turning into a right bitch or a basket case. I think I deserve a little credit, hmm?" I.E. She /knows/ better than to underestimate a Malfoy.

Sirius chokes and looks sharply between Tonks and Jack. "No offense, but this is hardly the time for flirting and carrying on. As to pigtail pulling, there is when it's my godson." Hands off the boy, or you face his guarddog wrath. "What about the list?," he decides to pry. "If you've an idea, speak up." He glances over his shoulder at Sio when she speaks up again, and is unphased by The Look. Can't grow up with a mother like his only to be cowed by a seventeen year old student. "Giving you fair warning before Obliviating is hardly any fun. Although, it does give you a sporting chance."

There's a sigh, "It has nothing to do with trust, Sio." Tonks really didn't mean to imply that the girlw as trustworthy. She's in here, with Sirius, and freaking figured out his secret. The fact that Tonks /hasn't/ Obliviated her already should say something. And yes, Tonks was tempted. "It's just the fact that Aurors are the Ministry's Elite, and it's just not something you do, talking about your missions, outside of being remarkably vague, to people who aren't part of the department. Hell, I know some," Like Moody, "Who'd refuse to talk even to other Aurors." She shakes her head, "I'm not going to Obliviate you." When Sirius addresses Jack, Tonks does look at him curiously, but doesn't say anything.

Yes. Jack knows his sister. And knows that when she worries something like a rawhide bone, there's something to it. So, he's curious what's so important about this. However, he's not going to say much at the moment, more just sit there and have a friendly discussion with Tonks and Sirius. "Well, I'm just wondering… they published it in the Prophet, maybe they published the other list, too?" He frowns, trying to remember. "No, I think they said something about secrecy, but were willing to spread …" He grumbles quietly to himself for a moment before running a hand through his hair. "You're his godfather?" He'd forgotten that, if he knew. "Loose lips get the Killing Curse tossed around." Jack agrees with Tonks.

Setting the book open across her chest, Siobhan grins over at Sirius. "Fine then, if I drool, it'll be on /your/ book." She's teasing. It's painfully obvious. When, however, Tonks removes the possibility of drooling via such spells from the table, Sio closes the book and sets it aside; no longer even pretending to read. When she turns to Tonks again, she nods - seeing the sense in what the other witch is saying, even if she has her own ideas. "When you see things that bad though…sometimes you need to talk to someone." She shrugs. "I just happen to be a very good listener." Running a hand through her hair, she mutters rhetorically under her breath, "And if y' can't tell your girlfriend, who /can/ you tell?" Haha, Jack. The headache's just beginning. Still, when he offers his own two knuts on the situation, she shudders. "I like the Muggle version better, Jack. Sinking ships are more pleasant than that stupid curse." Aroo? His /godfather/? "Well that's…something."

Sirius keeps relatively quiet for now. Finishing off the meal that his cousin so thoughtfully brought to him, he shrugs a bit. "Not surprised are you? You saw how close James and I were." That's enough of that, and the talk of the published list has him frowning. "I'm locked up in here. I don't know how public this list was made.. which one are you referring to?" So many lists made. "It's not my book, drool away," he says with a wink for Sio. "Although normally, I'm the one to do the drooling." Ha ha. Poor Jack. More jokes to go over his head.

"The only list I was made aware of was the Werewolf list," And look at the mess. So she, too, is curious to what Jack's talking about… and what that would have to do with her. At the listener part, Tonks just sort of gives her a wane smile. "What do you think a lot of that training has to deal with." And why a lot of people end up getting sent home. It takes a great deal of mental fortitude to be able to be an Auror. What they see, usually isn't kind to a person. "But, I'll drag up the report, if you tell me who was in the lead of it if you think it's relevant." See? She's not discounting the teen's input.

"Which is why I used the other one. No levitating spells with the AK." Jack looks down at his hands, and then nods at Sirius. "Makes sense, actually. Yeah, you two were thick as thieves." He grins, then quickly sobers. "No, I'm talking about the list of 'approved visitors.' It was pretty publicized." He shakes his head. "They were willing to send that information around, for some reason. Maybe we all need our houses egged." He rolls his eyes. He was there for that fun. "But the list of Aurors and whatever is kept pretty hush-hush. That tells me something." Exactly what, he's not sure. "Sio…" Jack is looking at his sister again. He's looked into the man's eyes, as well, if it's the same man. "Girlfriend?" He blinks at that. "Maybe I need to have a chat with him again…" He gives a more feral grin, perhaps one more appropriate on Sirius' or Remus' face than his own. Something else to put off to another day. "I'm just worried about his safety. Especially if there's a known Death Eater on the roster."

Looking from Jack to Sirius, Siobhan begins to realize that Older Brother has been holding out on her. Heh, it's only fair to let him have his secrets too. Sirius' joke has her grinning brightly again. "Yeah, I noticed that. Although it's not as noticeable since you've been groomed." O! the puns, will they never cease? Tonks' offer startles her a little, but she shakes her head. "Just wondered if they ever /got/ the guy. Could be connected." Or it could be a dead end. "Only a stray thought." She quite pointedly Does Not Look at Sirius for that one. When Jack, however, makes his threat, she turns on him with fire in her eyes. "Icarus John Noble, if you do /anything/ of the sort, I will call in /Mum/ to help me string you up by your bits." She 'humphs' then; if it's important enough for her to pull out their mother, it's pretty damn important. "Man's already edgy enough without /you/ adding to his List of Reasons Why Not." Oh look Tonks, you aren't alone!

"I did see that one, thank you for it Tonks," Sirius's voice is tight, a biting edge to it. Publishing the registry that way? It was the lowest of the low. He frowns, his expression grimmer (Haha) by the moment. Bristling, he growls audibly. "How widely was it circulated? If it went to Ministry personnel only, I can imagine how badly kept of a secret it is now." Meal finished and trash set neatly back into the bag, he pushes up and paces. "If it's just one, I can handle that. But not if they all decide to take his side, and I don't doubt the rest will." He looks in Sio's direction, more for the invisibility cloak than anything. "Threats from all sides. Daft decision this was.." This idea to be ambushed from the inside is not a new one to him. In fact, it's been on his mind all too often. He's also too distracted and on a one track mind to pay heed to the puns made at his expensive. Sorry Sio. "If only this process wasn't so bloody slow," he mutters.

She shakes her head, "The Ministry list was only circulated to the Ministry. Of course, there's no guarantee it didn't get outside." She frowns. "It could very well be that this Death Eater's been with the Ministry all along." She glances over to Sirius, "It was a good decision. And I'll not have you saying otherwise, cousin." She can't really understand his confinement, but she does believe that being at least pardoned and allowed to walk will be better than running a life as a fugitive. She blinks though when suddenly Personal Stuff gets involved. She looks at the Nobles, then glances at Sirius, "Glad I don't have that problem. I'd hate to see what you'd be like in trying to oversee my love life." Too bad, if things continue the way they are, the problem'll be a little close to Sirius as it is.

"Siobhan Rose Noble…" Jack echoes his sister's tone for a moment. "Time, place, sweetie. We'll discuss this later. And believe me, we will discuss it. Threat of Mum or no." He grins widely. He can handle Mum. Mostly. "Yeah, I'm on the list, so I got a copy, but I'm sure many others did too, just by nature of the beauraucratic system." He hates it, but he's willing to milk it for all it's worth. His only quip to Sirius is, "better a slow life than a quick death, mate." He shakes his head, and decides to do a little risk-taking of his own. Or, more correctly a little more risk-taking. "I've been hearing winds and rumors and whispers…" He frowns. "Dark stuff. More than usual." He looks between the other two. Rosie knows his feelings.

Looking a bit sheepish - though no less firm in her decision - Siobhan blushes and nods to her brother; chastened. For the moment, anyway. A lot of what they're discussing doesn't make much sense - being that she is /not/ on the Ministry Mailing List, or even at home where she can sneak a look at Da's - but she's managing to put bits and pieces of it together. Enough so that when Jack's comment is made, she shrugs. "If it's a choice between a good death and life in a cage, I know where I'm tossing my lot." Macabre? Just a little. For a moment, she looks torn, but sighs heavily. "I know of some in my House who aren't ashamed of the fact that their families still support Voldemort." Yep, she said it; Alistaire's been rubbing off on her - and not in a dirty way, either. Looking like she's a little repulsed at herself for what she's about to say, Sio looks from brother, to friend, to fellow prankster. "They don't all know each other," for obvious reasons, "but if this guy's high up on anyone's list, I can find out about it." As much as she likes her House and housemates, there are some things that she simply Will Not Stand For. Hurting people she likes - like any of the people in this room - or threat thereof falls directly under this category.

"How do you know I'm not already overseeing it or have no plans to do so once I'm free of this?" Sirius says with a wave of his hand, but is missing a lot of humor in his tone. Humor he'd ordinarily display, if he weren't so preoccupied and agitated. He's not on his best behavior for guests, and if he had greater presence of mind, he'd look apologetic. Jack's quip to him is met with an even stare. "I feel as if I haven't lived in years as it is, with only a brief respite." He rakes a hand through the dark hair that falls to his shoulders and flashes a forced smile at Siobhan. "You sure you're only seventeen? I can't tell you what to do or what not to do, that's for your brother to do. I will give my advice on the matter.. don't go out of your way and draw attention to yourself."

Tonks' hand reaches out, resting on Sirius' shoulder. "If I see Remus soon, I'll kick his arse and tell him to come visit." Sirius does well around the werewolf she's noticed. Might not help the confinement, but it might to just have a kindred soul in the whole thing. Of course, that's assuming she sees him before he makes a visit. Then again, what with his new job, it should be real easy to do said arse kicking. she stands up here, and Jack's regarded carefully. Another look to Sirius as if trying to remind him of the conversation they had about the man, before she glances back. "Sirius' overheard a couple of death eaters talking, witnessed another killing a muggle. There was the attack in Diagon Alley. There's been other things… but ultimately," she fixes both Nobles here with a look. "It's what you believe, and who's side you're on in the end." She stretches. "I should head back, I've some work to do." Both for the Ministry and, it seems, for the Order. Make no mistake, she will get that guardlist. It shouldn't be that hard to figure out who 'Ed' is, as long as he didn't use a pseudonym.

"Well, I'm on whatever side they ain't." Jack says, quickly and quietly. "And, who'll let me step into it, instead of denying …" He cuts himself off there, running his hands through his hair again. He nods at Siobhan, proud of her, yet the worry he carries for her shows in his eyes. "Yeah." Maybe that wasn't such a good joke at the moment. "I think, maybe, among the three of us, we might be able to figure out who this guy is. And if not, maybe track down someone who does." His mind is working again. "And, we really ought to get you back to Hogsmeade, Rosie, before anybody comes looking too hard." He chuckles softly. "Don't want you to get into too much trouble." Yes, they sneaked her out.

Sirius' forced grin gets a return of a real one from Sio, who jerks her thumb at Jack. "Grow up with that lot and you learn how to take care of your own." Siobhan is, apparently, a sufferer of the Mother Hen syndrome, only with more fangs and less clucking. No need to compete with Molly, after all. "Thanks, but I wouldn't worry if I were you. You'd be surprised how much I hear just /being/ somewhere." Like tonight, for instance. Tonks gets a nod, real respect starting to really etch its way into Sio's acknowledgment of her. "If you find the full name, pass it along to Jack?" She chuckles a little to herself. "Helps to know what I'm listening /for/." And yes, Jack has a point, but Siobhan's true shining point is people; always has been. She's decided - based on /all/ the evidence at her disposal - that she quite likes this crazy mutt of a man, and she'll be darned if she'll leave him in a worse mood than they found him in. "Hey Siri…" Oh boy, he's been struck by a Nickname. Sorry, mate, you're stuck with her now. "I need to slip a little tonic to a Ravenclaw who needs a lesson." She carefully doesn't mention /why/ he needs it, lest Jack jump into Older Brother Rage. "Think a day of not being able to will teach him to think before he speaks… What's the best…plan of attack, eh?" There, maybe that'll do the trick. Or at least help.

Sirius starts a little at the hand on the shoulder. The gesture is welcomed, but it's still weird when not expecting it. "Alright, and have him kidnap Maplewood while he's at it. Bring her too." Oh he kids, but not really. He's ready to be out of here, and this pervasive feeling of being trapped. Aha.. at last.. he chuckles. "Liam was right. We were a bad influence on you, Noble. Although he can't rightly blame me for what Siobhan here does. She's quite the prankster herself, with ideas of her own." And …. sorry Siobhan. He can't respond. Or rather, won't respond, when an abbreviated version of his name is uttered as well as advice on pranks.. because you see.. Sirius is no longer standing there. Just a large black dog with shaggy unkempt fur. Hullo Jack!

The comment about passing info to Jack is greeted with a rather enigmatic smile. "Don't worry. This entire meeting's convinced me that Jack an' I need to have a good long talk about things." And maybe Sio too, but she's not sure how things work age wise in regards to, well, Things (tm). she does blink when Siobhan asks Sirius for his opinion, and when it doesn't actually come, she glances behind her. There's a blink then, "/Sirius Black/!" She's careful not to actually /yell/ that name should the Guard decide to come investigate. "I ought to… Oooh!" Footstomp.

A-and, where there was once a strapping fine man, there is now a… familiar looking black dog. "Padfoot?" Two and two equal four. "Padfoot. Merlin take it…" He's appalled and amused and … "Bloody freakin' Hell. What a joke. So, Padfoot I get. Moony I get." He grins, and the other lights come on, though he says nothing for long moments. He's too busy laughing. "I cannot believe it." He shakes his head, still grinning like the proverbial loon. "That explains a few things." He says, gazing at the man. "Y' owe me a round at the Three Broomsticks when you get out." Yes, when.

Speaking of ideas, Siobhan beams; fair to preening under what she sees as a high compliment from Sirius. And then suddenly, he is Black Dog. With a hand clapped quickly over her mouth, poor Sio doesn't know what to laugh at first! The dog standing where the man once was? The /look/ on Tonks' face? Or the absolute delight on her brother's? In the end, there is no way she could possibly choose, and so she sits in her chair, entire body just shaking with laughter. Even as her face goes red, she manages to gasp out between laughter smothered for secrecy. "You are…the biggest…/ham/ I ever…." In the end, she gives up, merely extending one hand low to the ground - inviting a 'high five' from the shaggy black dog. Hey, if the crups at home can do it, why not he?

Tail wagging briefly, the dog does return Sio's high-five before he disappears and Sirius is grinning widely at Tonks. "You'll get two rounds from me. /Only/ if you keep it to yourselves until this comes out during the trial." Then he asides none too quietly to Tonks, "Obliviate them on the way out, thanks." Ham? He'll neither confirm nor deny that accusation. As quickly as the humor comes on, it's gone again. Visitors are on their way out, and it's back to being glared at by Ministry employees who would quite like to see him dead. "Off with you lot, they'll be nosing in to see what the devil we're laughing at. Nosey parkers will find it an affront that I've got the nerve to be entertaining guests."

"I ought to beat you /stupid/, Sirius." She does take a halfhearted swing at him, easy enough for him to block or dodge. She does tilt her head at the request, and yes, Tonks is actually pulling out her wand. Having a few spells mastered in the realm of unspoken, the wand is out flicked and back into her pocket ina fluid and rapid motion in a practiced quickdraw. But no, Siobhan's and Jack's memories aren't scrambled—but they are sporting wonderful Hufflepuff hair color. And then Tonks is out the door.

Jack glances among them, still laughing a little, when he feels the cool wash of magic over his head. He looks around to see what happened, and spots his sister's hair. "Ni-ice." He grins widely, and then grabs the cloak. "C'mon, Rosie-girl, we really should get you out of here, or your tall, dark and brooding will swoop down upon me like an avenging something-or-other." Sio will know he refers to Snape. "I suppose she gave me a matching look, huh? Good. Smart. Reason for the laughing." He taps his temple lightly. "Good use of the brains." He shakes his head at Sirius. "No argument from me, mate. I'm as silent as a stone." He mimes clamping his lips shut tightly. "Thanks for lettin' me in on it." He nods quickly in farewell to Sirius, then turns and changes his mind, and sticks out his hand. "I'll let Da know you're doin' well." He grins. "Let's go, girl." He winks at her.

Noting that wash of magic and spying her brother's stylish do, Siobhan is quick to put two-and-two together. "Very dashing, Jack." With a bit of a mad grin - won't /this/ be fun to tease someone with - she grabs her brother's cloak and slings it 'round her shoulders, pulling the hood up to hide her head. As her brother moves to shake hands, Sio gets an idea of her own, inspired a la Tonks. Her wand is pulled from her sleeve and from under the cloak's protection, she casts a whispered spell before stowing said wand and ambling towards the mutt-in-question. Bypassing the handshake, she goes straight for the hug - a bit odd, an invisible hug, but definitely Sio's style. "I'll send some fun along with Jack next time," she promises before stepping back and following closely on her brother's heels. Later on, either when going to the loo, getting ready to bathe or change, Sirius will discover that his underoos are now a rather /delightful/ shade of Slytherin green. Nifty little charm, that.

Sirius takes the swing from Tonks and doesn't respond. Can't even bring himself to snark back. Remaining silent, he nods to Jack and shakes the fellow Gryffindor's hand. As for Siobhan being snuck in, he sort of feels like he's on exhibit. Despite the shared pranking and sandwiches with the teen. At least she's as likable as her brother. Surprised at the forwardness, he tenses at the hug, unable to relax. He seems able to only relax when he initiates contact. The rest of the time? It's just /foreign/ coming from most people. Once his visitors are gone, he's back to being the brooding, sullen prisoner the guards are getting accustomed to.

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