1994-09-13: Supper And News At The Burrow


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Scene Title Supper and News at the Burrow
Synopsis Molly invites Remus and Tonks to the Burrow. It's too quiet otherwise.
Date Sept 13, 1994
Watch For Angry Molly. Discussion of Troll Heads. Defensive Tonks.
Chronology none.
Logger Molly

The Burrow

The Weasley residence is a brisk walk back off the main road, hidden by the greenery and a few magical enhancements. Upon first glance, this looks like a normal little country home. The grass is lush and green with the odd weed poking up, the hedges are kept neatly trimmed. There are even a few chickens pecking around in the yard. As stated earlier, this residence appears normal, until you get a glance of the house. It looks as if it were once a stone pigpen, and rooms had just been built to and around it. The home looks as if it has four stories and there are five chimneys poking out of it. There is no way that this home could be staying upright without the aid of the supernatural. Behind the house and to the side is a shed where Mr. Weasley tinkers about. A pond is nearby with overgrown grass around it. Every now and then a garden gnome races across the yard with a mad giggle of glee adding to the occasional noise provided by the family ghoul.
Inside the home, the kitchen is a small and quite cramped room. Occupying the center of the room is a wooden table surrounded by chairs. Placed against the wall is a grandfather styled clock with only one hand. Instead of numbers on the clockface it has things like 'Time to make tea,' 'Time to Feed the Chickens,' 'You're late,' 'At Work,' and so forth. A fireplace with a large mantelpiece occupies a large portion of the inside wall. Magically oriented cookbooks are kept stacked across the fireplace mantel. Placed upon the mantel next to the books is an old radio tuned into the Wizard Wireless Network. Despite the low income, it seems something delicious can always be found cooking in here.
The sitting area contains a fireplace with a stone mantel. Placed upon the mantel are photographs of the family and a muggle style clock. Positioned back a safe distance from the fireplace is a squashy sofa of indeterminable color. A thin and faded rug is on the floor in front of it. Small end tables have been placed at either end of the sofa. Lamps have been placed on each one, on top of lace doilies. Two lace curtained windows look out into the front garden.

Now that her children are all gone to school, the Burrow is eerily quiet. Molly sits in a chair at the dining table, knitting on a maroon jumper, waiting for something. Her wand vibrates with a buzzing sound, and she stands up to pull the roast out of the oven. She hums to herself quietly.

It's not every day she gets to eat homecooked food! Tonks Apparates in at a safe distance before trudging towars the burrow diligently. She does pause though, to get a good look at it. She hadn't been here since she was at Hogwarts. Ah well. To the front door!

Not too long after Tonks makes her debut a short distance from the Burrow, there comes another 'pop' as Remus Lupin appears not too far behind her. He takes good, long strides as he walks forward to the front door. He calls out, "Tonks! Well, hello. How're you this fine September day?"

Molly finishes garnishing the roast on the serving plate and stirs the vegetables one last time. She levitates the heavy roast to the table and when she sets it down, she notices movement outside. Scurrying to the front door, she opens it. "Remus. Tonks. Do come in." She smiles widely, and gestures toward the table. "Arthur tried to get away, but then someone cast a shrinking spell on the 'maul secur-tee' guard's keys. So, he had to rush away again." She purses her lips and gestures to the table. "Come in. Sit down. What would you like to drink?"

How is she? Tonks opens her arms to the Burrow door, "FOOD." And that's when Molly opens the door. "Check it out, I can summon." She grins. "Hello Mrs. Weasley," Sorry, not Molly yet. Going to have to beat it into her. As for Remus, "I'm doing alright, actually. Working, but…" She likes it. And that's when she steps in through the door, and catches something with her toe. Fortunately, there's no careening or anything, just sort of a hop on one foot sort of dance until she balances herself. "Mm, whatever you've got ready'll be fine." She feels like a kid visiting her schoolfriend's house—which really isn't too far from the truth.

Lupin chuckles and shakes his head at Tonks, following her. "Well, the Molly Summoning charm is quite a hard one to muster, but I see you've managed it." He chuckles softly and shakes his head. "Molly, so good to see you. I'm sorry I did not get more time to drop by over the summer. I've been quite busy, you understand." He says softly, stepping in behind Tonks. He places a hand on each shoulder to get Tonks balanced, much without thinking. "Careful now. Don't want to break anything." He says, only partly joking.

Molly chuckles. "I'm sure the children would love to learn a charm like that." She moves to the shelf, pulling out a mug of juice and three glasses. "I've got some pumpkin juice, or I've got some coffee…" She moves back toward the table. "Oh, there's probably nothing in this room that hasn't been broken and repaired about twenty times over the years." Her boys can get a little crazy. "But you're doing alright?" This is directed to Remus. "Able to get food and clothes and such?" She's a bit peeved at Snape for removing Remus' source of income. "If you need help, Arthur and I…" She's offered before, and will again. Tonks gets a smile as she levitates the vegetables over. "How is work for you, dear?"

"Wouldn't be the first time," Is Tonks' mutter. She might've actually broke something the very first time Charlie invited her over. OI. She seems remarkably interested in something else while Molly gets along with the whole Topic of Remus' Income, before she says, "Pumpkin Juice'll be great." She then beams eagerly at Molly, "Can I help with anything?" YES give she of the Klutz sharp pointy objects.
As for her? "Oh, you know I managed to Qualify this summer, right?" She says this with no small amount of pride.

Lupin pats Tonks on the back before moving on forward. "Coffee would be wonderful, Molly. Thank you." He does look a little on the tired side. But that's not entirely unusual for him. "Worry not, Molly. These occasional meals are good enough for me. Between everything I've been doing, I've not much time to worry about that. But the offer is always greatly appreciated, Molly. Thank you." He smiles softly.

"No, dear." Molly gives Tonks' shoulder a pat before continuing to put the food on the table. "There's just the three of us, and it's all taken care of." She's already set the table and the food is in the process of being levitated over. "I think we'll be just fine." Tonks' question about her Qualification gets a proud smile. "Arthur mentioned something about it when it happened. I was ever so proud." She smiles over at Remus, flicks her wand, turning one of the glasses into a coffee cup, and reaches over to get the magical hotpot with the coffee in it. "Well, do be careful, dear." She's not certain all the details of what the man is doing, but Arthur's been keeping her feathers from being too ruffled. She gestures to the chairs. "Sit. Make yourselves comfortable." Another wide smile.

Again, FOOD. Tonks eagerly finds a chair to sit in, scooting up. She only keeps a partial ear onw hat's going on between Lupin and Molly, but rest assured she is paying some attention. But for the most aprt, she seems more eager about food than anything else. Home cooked is great. And Molly's is almost as good as Mumfood. Sorry, but as a mother, Molly should understand that nothing's good as mumfood. Er, unless Tonks has kids—then it wouldn't be so good after all.

No one should really be too certain on the details of ones work with werewolves. It could comes to be unpleasant at best. And Lupin has had to act all mean like…a way that most have not seen him. He's not happy about it, but it gets his darker tendencies out no problem. "I always am just a little careful, Molly. But your concern is noted." He says softly.

Molly nods sharply, accepting Remus' assertion. "Alright. Well. Let's eat, shall we?" And with that, her smile returns, pushing the gloomy thoughts away, and returning to the more pleasant things. "I haven't heard as much from my children this year. Normally one of them sends me some sort of complaint about the others. I hope that means they're behaving." She slices up the roast. "Vegetables? Bread?" She gestures to the specific things as she mentions them. "But that's probably wishful thinking."

Tonks nods repeatedly at the offer of food, and hopefully Molly recalls that Tonks doesn't shy in the way of appetite. "Aw, so you've not heard from Charlie? Man, and he thought I was nuts for wanting to go into Auror training straight out of Graduation," And he's working with Dragons. She asides to Lupin, "Charlie and I were in the same year together. Different houses, 'course, but same year."

Lupin smiles widely. "Ah, food. You always make such a wonderful meal, Molly. If you ever need any help, let me know. I'd be more than happy to do so in thanks for all this." He says happily. He takes some bread for himself. He nods to Tonks. "Ah, to go to school with a Weasley. I've only had the honour of teaching four of them. Not quite the same as attending school with them."

Molly serves herself some meat and then waits for the others to get veggies and bread. "Well, Charlie has written somewhat recently. It was before the others went off to school, though." So like two weeks ago. "He says they have a Chinese Fireball with four eggs." As to the danger of her second son's chosen profession, Molly wholeheartedly agrees. "I tried to talk him out of it when he started considering it, but he was so enthusiastic, I didn't have the heart to be too discouraging." She smiles at Remus. "Thank you, dear. I think we're fine now." She does reserve the right to claim help with dishes. At least from Remus. "Were they a huge challenge to teach, Remus?" She wonders how much her kids learn sometimes. "Those twins are a handful. Remind me of my brothers, though." She pauses in her actions to think about her big brothers for a moment. "Did you know Gideon and Fabian, Remus?"

Veggies and Bread! Tonks pulls the bread apart and works on lathering it with some butter. Biting into it gives an expression of shear bliss. This /so/ beats grabbing meals on the run during the long shifts in the mInistry—amongst other places. She then has to laugh at Remus, "Wow, four Weasleys." No wonder he's going gray! But she makes sure nto to mention that, lest that stumble upon a slightly sore spot. She then turns back to Molly, "Surprsied nobody's written about the troll head that Mad-Eye threw around the Great Hall at the feast."

Lupin raises an eyebrow. "A Chinese Fireball? They must be mad!" He says, shaking his head. He takes a few bites of the food as he does so. "Fabian and Gideon Prewett?" He smiles softly. "Oh yes. Very good men, really. Fought along side them in the first war as well." He says, thinking about them. "Very kind fellows." He says softly. He chuckles at Tonks. "The twins weren't bad. Not really. At least not in my class. But then, I liked to make it so that my students had fun and didn't get bored."

Molly sets her fork down with a loud clatter. "What?" She quirks her eyebrows and glares over at Tonks, the faux-sweetness that precedes a tirade present in her tone. "What did you say, Nymphadora?" Yes, she's pulling out her first name. "A troll head? And how exactly did a troll head happen to show up at the Starting Feast?" She feels the need to purchase some more red parchment coming on. She smiles at Remus, forgetting about the head for a moment while she thinks about her brothers. "They were kind, but they had that mischievous streak that Fred and George do." She rolls her eyes. "Charlie did say that the poor thing was in a right state when they brought her in. Not at all healthy. They nursed her back to health, and then she laid her eggs." She frowns. His tone of voice reminds her of the TROLL HEAD. "Dear, do tell me what happened." Redirect attention: Failed.

Sorry, Molly, you're scary, but Tonks has food and CONSTANT VIGILANCE at her side. Her explanation's said around a mouthful of veggies, "It was Mad-Eye." She swallows her mouthful and then takes a drink of her juice. "We just ran into a bit of trouble getting to the castle and he thought it'd be neat to bring the head with him. Gave it to the Hufflepuff table," so no, your kids didn't get ickle Troll Head germs. "I grabbed it and did something with it before anyone else could get a hold of it," which meant the twins didn't ambush her for it either. There's a grin at Lupin, "Well, you learn better when you know that the class is paying attention."

Lupin doesn't seem overly surprised at Molly's reaction to the troll head comment. He just continues eating like nothing just happened. "Well, I suppose we know which side Fred and George get it from, don't we?" He says, a chuckle following suit. He doesn't mention that it reminds him of his group of friends when they were that age.

That man. Molly purses her lips. "Well, as long as none of my children were involved in the troll thing…" She mentally includes Harry and Hermione in that. They're her kids, too, whether they like it or not. "Absolutely. Arthur's family is wonderful, but their sense of humor leaves a lot to be desired." She secretly laughs at her sons' antics, but don't anyone dare tell them. It spoils the discipline thing. "Weren't you in school with James Potter?" She may not have been at school then, but everybody heard the stories.

Tonks just goes about eating, conveniently leaving out the fact that they were escorting Harry and his friends when they got sideswiped by a troll. The food's just too good, y'know! Her first plate's clean and she ponders for a moment, not really wanting to ask for more, but wow, good food, and good company. The question though does get her to look at Remus. Most of the Marauder stuff she usually gets from Sirius' waxing on about glory days, so it'd be interesting to see how things are said without Padfoot's presence.

Lupin smiles softly. "Arthur's side seems…well, I don't actually know them, but guessing from Arthur, they are probably more of the curious type." He says with a nod. "James Potter? Yes. Yes I was. He and I were good friends, back in school days. Caused our share of mischief. We must've been in detention every other week. Perhaps that is the reason I was so lenient on the twins." He says casually.

Molly watches Tonks, something seeming off, but then Remus starts to talk, and she smiles. "They are. And their humor is so dry. More like…" She thinks for a moment, trying to find someone who has the same kind of humor. "Kind of like Filius', I guess." She gestures to the food. "Go ahead, dear, have seconds," she encourages Tonks. "I heard he and his friends were very much like my boys." Or, maybe it's the other way around. "I wasn't sure how true those stories were, though." She smiles. "More coffee, Remus?" She glances over to see how his cup stands.

Nothing seems off now! The moment the 'g' sound was made, Tonks was reaching for utensils to fill up her plate, her tongue sticking out between her lips in a comically childish fashion. Seems like she doesn't only have chocolate frogs to blame for nearly getting stuck in a school chair. "I think there's a lot of detention slips from them in Filch's filing cabinets. I remember flipping through them one detention."

Lupin chuckles softly. "Well, at least they mean well, eh?" There's a shrug. "Yes, I do se myself and the others in the twins." There's a firm nod. He smirks at Tonks. "I do believe that Filch has at least two cabinet drawers dedicated to us. But that was my last count back…well, back in sixth year." He says quietly. Swishing around his cup, he looks inside. "Ah, seems I do need a refill. Thank you, Molly."

Himself? "Were you part of their antics, Remus?" She's still smiling, though her eyebrows are lifted. "It does help you spot it when others are being …" She chuckles. "Less than well-behaved." Molly nods at Tonks. "I'm sure my twins have their own box by now, as well. And Ronald, too, though his are more for following poor Harry around. Did Harry seem okay when you saw him, Tonks?"

There's a nod from Tonks. "As well as Harry tends to look. I"m not too familiar with him, so I don't go bother him when I saw him. Mad-Eye'll keep an eye on him though." Another piece of bread is ripped and stuffed into her mouth, "As well as Ron and the others. He's good for that." She gives the older woman a reassuring smile.

Lupin smiles kindly at Molly. "Oh, I constantly was involved in one plot or another. Didn't help much as a Prefect." He laughs. "Can you imagine either of the Twins as a Prefect, in the hopes that he'd make sure the other would get in less trouble? That's how it was, I think, with us." He shakes his head. "But that is history long past."

Molly chuckles at Remus' words. "No, I do believe Albus knew better than to make either of them Prefects. Although I wouldn't have minded…" She returns to eating. "Well, it's not really Ronald's job, though he does do a good job of it." It's the teachers' job, and the woman is convinced they don't. "That's what worries me—Alastor keeping his eye on him. He's got some funny ideas sometimes about how to deal with children. I'm sure he's an excellent teacher… though probably not as good as you, Remus…but…" She frowns, just taking another bite instead of continuing that sentence. "I ought to write Ronnie and let him know that we appreciate him…" She's been thinking about this lately.

Tonks' shoulder's square. "Mad-Eye taught me. He knows his limits. He's rough, but he knows what he's doing. He's not gonna do anything that'll endanger them." She has the utmost confidence in this, and it shows. She doesn't say it, but she'd probably hands down bet Moody'd be a better Defense teacher than Lupin—no offense to her recently made friend. "Might be a good idea," she instead says about the whole appreciation thing. "I can't imagine how it'd be like, being the best friend of Harry Potter."

Lupin smiles softly at Molly. And no offence to Mad-Eye, but although Mad-Eye has lots of experience fighting Dark Wizards, Lupin probably knows just as much about the Dark Arts as Alastor does. If not more, actually. It pays to be a bookworm sometimes. But Mad-Eye won't be a disappointment, that is for sure. Far from it. But he won't go into that discussion with anyone. Got too much humility. "I think Ron knows that you appreciate him, Molly. He's just…he needs motivation, more than anything."

"Yes, dear, I'm sure. It's just that he considers everyone to be at the same level. Which is fine for adults and aurors. But children are varied, growing beings. And things change on a daily basis…" Molly waves her hand, emphasizing her explanation. "He knows information, and how to keep safe, which I'm grateful for, but I can't imagine Xeno's daughter learning as much from him, as say… Harry or Hermione." She shrugs. "I'm sure Albus has his reasons, though." She takes another couple bites thinking about her youngest son, at least by blood. "I do worry about him, though. He's gone through so much there, and …" She frowns. "Well, at least none of them will be able to compete in that idiotic tournament this year." She's glad of that much at least. "So, how did Mad-Eye run into a troll on the way to school? I thought he was supposed to be escorting Harry?" She continues to eat, getting herself seconds.

"He'll be fine with the children. He's not /that/ callous." Tonks is pretty sure of this. Mad eye's crazy but he wouldn't go that far. Not like, say, dragging the kids to Azkaban so they can get a personal look… ahem. Fork in her mouth, her eyes turn to molly about the Troll. There's a cough. "Y'know, one of these days someone's going to figure out how to tap into that mom sense for the rest of us." Meaning, Tonks is pretty sure that Molly can go 'Yes we were escorting Harry and we still ran into a troll'.

Lupin smiles at Molly. "Now, Luna Lovegood may not seem to be the fastest rower in the boat, but she's actually quite intelligent, and catches on to concepts quite quickly if you take the time to teach her. That's something I noticed myself. You may catch her talking about nargles every now and again, but that's hardly that bad."

Molly narrows her eyes, reading between the lines quite well, thank you. "Hmmph. That poor boy. I'm glad he's alright." She will be having words with someone about this. Most likely Arthur first. He's a good sounding board. "Well." She contines to eat, and then, brings out the dessert to serve. "Here you are dears. I do appreciate having the company. It's so quiet while they're gone." She smiles. Remus' mention of Luna gets a quick nod. "Yes, I do think she's smarter than she lets on. She came and spent some time in my garden the other day before they went back. It was quite a pleasant conversation."

Tonks digs in her pockets, suddenly mumbling about something. "Could you 'scuse me for a moment Mrs. Weasley…Remus," She gives them both an apologetic smile, "But I think I forgot to check in about something. It's a follow up on a case I'm doing so…" She stands up and heads for the door. "Thanks for dinner, I might have to crash in again!"

Lupin smiles at Molly. "Her and her father live not too far from here, correct?" Comes the quick question about Luna. He digs into the dessert but finishes it quickly. "I'm afraid that I must be off myself, Molly. Got some work that needs to get finished."

"Oh, well. Thank you for coming." Molly smiles. "Yes, she does. Just over the hill. In the house shaped like a chess rook." She nods. "Have a good day, then, and do come back soon." This is meant for both of them, though Tonks didn't hear it. She'll finish her lunch, and start the cleanup. And, oh, yes. Must start the laundry, as well.

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