Sunset Rains
Portrayed By Nikka Costa
House Hufflepuff
Year Graduated 1984
Position currently Unemployed
Sex Female
Race Muggleborn
Age 29
Place of Birth London, England
Date of Birth February 28, 1966
Mother Julia Tallis-Rains
Father Daniel Rains
Siblings None
Marital Status Divorced
Children None
First Appearance Yet to be had
Last Appearance Yet to be seen

Character History:

Born in London, England, Sunset's first eleven years in life were rather normal. Her mother ran a florist shop, and her father was a grocer, and because of this, the family was able to get by fairly well. For the first eleven years of her life, Sunset did what most children did growing up. Went to school, argued with their parents over homework, made friends, and made enemies.

Though, there was one peculiar thing that always seemed to happen around Sunset, especially when she was angry. Things just seem to have a habit of… exploding. For the most part, it was ignored, and tossed off as coincidences. The light bulb was burning too hot, the carbonation inside the soda created too much pressure for the bottle to handle, etc. However, an explanation for the occurrences came just a few days after she turned eleven, in the form of a letter delivered by someone who said they were from a school called Hogwarts. A school for witches and wizard. They also said that, not only was Sunset a witch herself, but that there was a spot at this odd and unheard of school waiting for her.

In the end, it took some convincing for the small family to believe what they had just been told, but they /did/ believe. And after a few short months of trying to prepare as best as they could for Sunset to be pushed into this completely new world, she was off to Hogwarts. Soon, she was sorted into Hufflepuff, and starting a new school year, at a new school, in a completely new world. Needless to say, it was a bit of a rough start, before she got the hang of things.

Eventually, her years at Hogwarts passed, with Sunset excelling in things such as Herbology, Potions, and Muggle Studies. (Though, the last one was really unsurprising, considering she chose the elective to simply have an easy O.) Classes that involved things more focused on wandwork, however Transfiguration, Charms. - had performances that were not so stellar.

After graduation, finding no real reason to stay, she moved back to the Muggle world, finding a job at her mother's florist shop Where she just might have used what she learned in Herbology to help the flowers grow at a much faster rate than they previously had. - until she met Nathan Wheeler. The romance was whirlwind, the marriage hurried. And while it lasted eight years, it eventually sputtered and died out, the couple divorcing a few months after Sunset turned twenty eight. Wanting a new start, Sunset did the only thing she really could think of to do.

Which was, of course, go back to the Wizarding world. Here, she found a place to stay in Hogsmeade while she searched for a job and more permanent place to live. So far, she hasn't had too much luck on finding a house, but on the job front… Well, if there was anything she would be decent at teaching, it would be Muggle Studies. So far, she's only /applied/ for the job, but that is better than nothing, isn't it?


While she may have been the wild and rebellious type as a teenager – Something that can still come out whenever she’s feeling particularly mischievous. – Sunset matured around the time she entered her sixth year and turned into a very protective and caretaking sort of person. In fact, the two words that best describe Sunset would be the words ‘mama tiger’. Overall, she is a very friendly and motherly type, and takes care of almost all of her friends and acquaintances. The ones that will let her, at least… Though with some, their avoidance towards such things hasn’t stopped her from trying in the least.


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Trivia and Notes:

-Has applied for the Muggle Studies position at Hogwarts.

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