1994-07-13: Summer Reading


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Scene Title Summer Reading
Synopsis Hogwarts students meet at Flourish and Blotts and talk about books and decorum.
Date Jul 13, 1994
Watch For The running man
Logger Herm

Flourish and Blott's

Flourish and Blotts is the premiere bookstore for all wizarding needs in London. Towards the end of summer, this is the only shop where Hogwarts students can purchase their required texts for their studies. Bookshelves fill up most of this room, from floor to ceiling and are jam packed with volumes ranging in size from that of a postage stamp to a paving stone. The contents of the books are as varied if not more than their sizes. Tomes range from the harmless to some that could burn out the eyes of the reader. Why on earth that would be for sale is anybody's guess, but there you have it. The books seem to be arranged by their subject matter by the harried shop keeper and assistants.

Flourish and Blott's - books and more books as far as the eye can see (so long as the eye can only see as far as the store's back wall). Among the patrons milling about the store is Danny Willen, a thick and non-mandatory tome open in his hands and a look of mild interest across his face. He spends much of his time in Diagon Alley before the school year, and why is common knowledge. His family lives in Australia so he boards at the Leaky Cauldron for a few weeks before school starts. To the rear of the store, a small group of female Hogwarts students point and whisper - whether they're saying horrible or nice things is anyone's guess.
He doesn't seem to notice.

Whenever Hermione comes to Diagon Alley, she can't help but stop in Flourish and Blott's. It's her weakness. With a list of what Harry still needs to get at Diagon stuffed into her robes, she has most of it already bought, so she figures she can reward herself with browsing through a few books longingly. Large bags filled with quills, ink, potion ingredients clink and shift as she asks the witch behind the counter where she could find a particular tome on the rise and fall of You Know Who. Even if she prefers to say his name, she knows proper decorum for a crowded bookshop. After the day before, she really needs the distraction. It's a miracle she managed to escape the Weasleys in order to do this shopping. But, Harry needs supplies and she reasoned that she was to meet her parents in the Leaky Cauldron afterward, anyway.

Navigating her way through the crowd, she rolls her eyes at the pointing and whispering girls, giving them a mild, "Shh," as she passes them. This may not be a library, but it is a place for reading, nonetheless! She doesn't even notice what they're whispering and pointing at. Squeezing behind another, taller wizard, she bumps into Danny on her way to the book she was looking for. "Oh, I'm sorry," she says automatically, barely even glancing at who she's run into.

Danny, now particularly engrossed in a chapter of what appears to be 'Revolutionary: A Goblin History', is caught by surprise when Hermione bumps into him. The books falls out of his hands, prompting him to immediately stoop to fetch it. As he stands up, checking to make sure he hasn't damaged it, he lifts eyes and spots the familiar face of his fellow Gryffindor.
"Oh! Hey," he says in that thinning Australian accent of his, "Don't worry about it - I probably shouldn't be hogging the whole aisle like this, right?"

Seeing that she's caused havoc in her bumping, Hermione stops, turns, and kneels down in order to pick up the book, too. Of course, Danny is quicker and so she just stands, blinking as she realizes who it is. "Oh!" She repeats. "Hi. No, I'm sorry, I wasn't really watching where I was going. I didn't mean to interrupt. Oh! Is that Revolutionary? It's brilliant! The author really manages to capture the mindset o Goblins and their tendency to revolt. I read that last year. If you like that, you should definitely read his next book, Work: A Study on House Elves. It's fascinating. Those poor things, working for nothing!" The book probably takes a different stance than the younger Gryffindor, but she will take anything that could help her case. It's a cause close to her own heart.

"Really?" Danny asks, turning the now-closed book over in his hands - it wouldn't be polite to read while in conversation, after all, "I'll have to buy that too, I think. I'm really liking what I've read of this so far - I wonder if the goblins let wizards watch when they're making new armour or something? I mean, that seems like it must be a great process."
Probably not given the average goblin mindset, but a boy can dream. He offers a bright smile to the girl, drumming his fingers on the spine of the text, "How's your summer been?" Danny isn't quite sure what he thinks of House Elves - he's only ever read about them.

"Oh, you should. It will give you a real perspective of their plight." Really, it details how they like their lot in life, mostly, but Hermione glossed over that part. "All of our food and cleaning is done by House Elves. And none of them get compensated! Except for Dobby, who asked to be. But, the rest of them are all expected to work for us for nothing!" Don't get Hermione started on House Elves. Really. Ron and Harry already know it's a subject that is all but taboo unless they want to spend the next hour talking about them. She doesn't realize that though Dann is a Grffindor, he may not know who Dobby is. "I'm not sure if they would let anyone see how they do it. Everything I've read about them says they're awfully secretive." As for her summer, she shrugs. It was good up until yesterday. "It's been alright. I'm eager to get back to Hogwarts, though."

"Me too," Danny says, carefully skirting around the subject of House Elves. It isn't that he doesn't want to talk about them for an hour, but he doesn't know enough and he doesn't feel he could contribute, "The Cauldron is nice and all but I think Godric is going a little stir crazy."
She may know or she may not that Danny's cat is actually a Kneazle by the name of Godric, a frequent fixture in the Common Room.

Luckily, Hermione's able to continue with other topics. While she's passionate about House Elves, if she's not given running room, she can't keep saying how oppressed they are. "Have you been staying at the Cauldron?" As for Godric, she knows of the cat. Crookshanks can get jealous if he sees her petting him while he's around. "Crookshanks is eager to get back, too. I think he misses being able to have more free rein to chase mice. He's a clever hunter."

"Yeah," Danny says in reply, "I stay there for a few weeks every summer … mum and dad have to stay home in Thundelarra to work and I haven't got anybody to board with over here. Tom's real great about it - gives me low rates. 'Course, some of the blokes that go through there aren't good sorts and Godric gets worked up about them."

"I can imagine. Harry stayed at the Cauldron last year. We came to stay with him right before the train." Hermione sets her heavy bag down on the floor, since it looks like they'll be talking for a little while. Carrying that thing is heavy! "Crookshanks liked it there, though." They'll talk in pets. It's a safe topic. "That's handy, though, to stay right next to Diagon. School shopping must be a breeze for you."

"It is pretty easy," Danny admits, tucking the book under his arm, "I got most of it done not long after I got here. And I come down pretty much every day … I'm pretty sure I've been to just about every store they've got. Plus, it helps knowing how to dress like a Muggle - I can go shopping outside too."
He tilts his head in the general direction of the much more mundane London beyond the twisting, wizarding streets.

"~I get so weak in the knees I can hardly speak, I lose all control and something takes over me..~"
Cho croons softly under her breath a soft RNB Muggle song by SWV. She contiues singing softly, apparent with the song in her head as she heads into the bookstore with a list at hand. She hrmms for a few moments and wrinkles her nose before beelining towards the textbooks not noticing anyone yet..

"Me too!" Hermione grins. "I bought all of my books first, naturally. Almost as soon as we got the list so I could read them all before classes started." That's really in her element. "The rest of the supplies I got the next trip. Books can be so heavy here! I like it, though. They're better than in the Muggle bookshops, where everything is flimsy paper covers and rips easily. I used to ruin books in primary so fast!" It's relief to talk to someone who actually knows about that. Harry does to a certain extent, but the Dursley's never really gave him a chance to do anything out in the Muggle world. "Mr. Weasley has been trying to dress like a Muggle at home for practice, just in case of a Muggle meets Wizard emergency, and asks me to give him pointers. It's really fascinating how two societies live in the same space but have no clue about the other, really." Standing near the back of the stacks, the bushy-haired witch doesn't pay much attention to other patrons coming and going.

"Ha, yeah, I know about that," Danny agrees, nodding his head as Hermione speaks, "I was outside - like outside outside - the other day and I saw one of the regulars at the Cauldron walking around in a dress. I had to spend about half an hour explaining to him about the differences between dresses and kilts. Think I saw him in flippers this morning."
Endlessly amused by the antics of the Wizarding World, Danny only pauses in his laughing when he hears the murmured Muggle tune in the next aisle. He turns his head slightly to look for a moment, clearly not expecting to hear such things here. After a moment he goes back to his conversation with Hermione, "So have you already read the text book for Arithmancy? I did it last year … it has so much in there. I still have my copy."

And that's when it goes from crooning to something else entirely different. Considering Cho doesnt see anyone she knows around, she goes from Weak to rap..yes, the Chinese girl raps..muggle songs even
~I wanna take a minute or two, and give much respect due, to the man that's made a difference in my world. And although most men are ho's he flows on the down low, cuz I never heard about him with another girl…~
She continues moving through the aisle, finding something that she needs as she bobs her head back and forth before reaching the chorus of the song. ~Whatta man whatta man whatta man, whatta might good man..~ she continues as she starts peering towards books in the aisle the other two are in.

Hermione gives a soft laugh, careful to not disturb the peace of the store. She's yelled at enough people for being loud, that she'll take the advice herself. Just talking quietly in the bookstore with Danny has made her a little nervous, as if Madam Pince is going to swoop down on them and yell for even thinking about having a conversation near books. "Flippers? Really? I really have to wonder about how they get their ideas of Muggles!" Most likely from that Mad Muggle comic that Ron had. "Oh, yes! Arithmancy is quickly becoming my favorite subject. It's so interesting, magic in numbers. I can't wait to get back to classes on that one. I have so many questions!" Upon hearing the singing coming closer, the witch frowns, about to reprimand her the same way she reprimanded the giggling and disruptive girls when she came in. "This is a bookstore! Shh!"

Danny looks a little bit awkward at Hermione telling off the rapping girl, although he hides it with a relaxed smile - he might not even have a confrontational bone in his body. After a moment he nods his head, speaking up, "Yeah … you should pick up 'The Truth In Numbers' by … Globbet, I think. Its the Sixth Year text but it is so worth getting early. Some of the stuff in there is too complex but there are some real insights into what you'll be doing this year, too."

And that's when she's brought out of her little hip hop reverie. Cho blinks blankly for a few moments as she shakes her head at the seemingly feisty upcoming fourth year. "It's a bookstore, not a library. We dont need to be quiet here.." she says with a slight bit of annoyance for being reprimanded before she peers and notices Danny. "You know, I should've figured you'd be here talking with Miss Granger. How you got sorted into Gryffindor instead of Ravenclaw still boggles me.." she admits ruefully as she finds yet another book and pulls it out.

Not noticing the awkwardness - or perhaps not looking beyond the relaxed smile - Hermione sighs. She is a protector of books and the silence awarded them. "It's just polite," she replies. "Some people are still trying to read." Though, for once, she's not counted among those people. "Really?" Hermione perks up at the sound of another book. Especially a hard one. She'll look that up almost immediately. "That sounds brilliant. I'll look it up at the library. I'm sure there's a text of it there. Though, maybe I should buy it early. It would save me from having to buy it Sixth Year. One less heavy book to have to carry home!"

"It'd be a good idea," Danny says with a nod of his head, "Or I could lend you mine … I'm not gonna need it 'til next year and I've already read through it twice. I've got my copy back at the Cauldron."
Ever the peacemaker, Danny picks up on the agitation and immediately tries to get rid of it by smiling at the both of them - hey, that seems to work on females for some reason.
"You know I got sorted into Gryffindor because I'm stout of heart and all that - you heard what the Hat said." Turning slightly to Hermione, he gestures towards the Rap Superstar, "Have you met Cho?"

"I think we've run into each other before..I dont really recall.." Cho says while scratching the back of her head as she sticks her tongue out towards Danny with an impish giggle. She knows that smile, and she /claims/ she's immune to it, but it still calmsher down anyway.
"But no need to be so uptight, Miss Granger. This is a bookstore, not a library where someone's going to come swat you on the back of a head with a book for speaking aloud.." she says matter of factly before idly running her fingers through her hair. "And it's your fault I'm into this music ya know.." teasing the boy a bit. "I believe you still need to teach me that dance..the.." and she pauses for a few moments, "Jogging Man?" Surely she means running man.

"That doesn't mean you shouldn't give it some respect." Hermione replies with a smile. "It's not being uptight, it's being considerate." And the girl is a stickler for rules and politeness. Much more so than the two she's normally around. "We've met, thank you, Danny. And I'd love to borrow a copy if you're not using yours. Just until I purchase a copy of my own. I'll make sure you get it back before you have to use it for class." A joke, as Hermione goes through books like kids go through candy, but she sounds serious. "Don't forget the loyalty and bravery to the point of stupidity. We've got that in spades as well." Particularly one wizard in particular.

Danny laughs a little at that, shrugging his shoulders, "I only ever saw it on TV - I don't know how to do it."
Nevertheless, he makes an attempt at the Running Man which is alright but not exactly sensational, "Something like that." Do wizards watch television? He's never asked.
All the same, he shrugs his shoulders and looks to Hermione, "No problem. Come down the Cauldron whenever … I'm usually there. And if I'm not, ask Godric to find it for you."
Ah yes, the Kneazle. Clever to the point of it being a little unnerving to some.

"I do respect it. I'm not loud enough to where people five aisles down would hear me. And I certainly dont mistreat the books. There's considerate then there's also oh-cee-dee.." Cho says with a two fingered salute towards the younger girl. She, Hermione and danny are chatting softly amongst themselves near one of the back aisles and as he starts making an attempt at the Running Man, Cho cant help but chuckle under her breath.
"I think it's something like that..yes! When I visited my second cousins they were showing me that..and an Emm-Cee Mallet?" she pauses for a bit and wrinkles her nose as she looks thoughtful for a few moments. "He kept on singing about how you cant touch this, but he never really specified what 'this' was. It's kind of cnofusing.."

Ashley pushes inside Flourish and Blott's from Diagon Alley, fighting through a bit of a small crowd of first years as they exit. He then begins pacing the aisle, thumbing across some volumes. Clearly, he's looking for something in particular. He looks over, spotting Hermione, Danny and Cho. He offers them a polite wave and a smile, but nother further for right now. After all, they are all a couple years behind him at least, so he doesn't know them that well.

Laughing at Danny's impression of the running man, Hermione quickly puts a hand over her mouth to stifle the noise. It wouldn't do to disrupt the bookstore just after chiding someone for doing it. "I don't think wizards have television," she tells Danny, clearly amused. "And I'll be sure to ask Godric to fetch me the proper book if I don't see you around. If I don't see you before classes, I'll just track you down in the common room." Easier done than said! It's not like she'll never see him again, as they're in the same house. The comment by Cho, though, catches Hermione a little off guard and strikes her as somewhat hurtful. Schooling her features to a much more serious and defensive expression, she replies, "I'm not OCD." Not having caught Ashley's entrance, nor really knowing him other than around the hallways at Hogwarts, she doesn't wave back.

"Hey," Danny said, voice becoming suddenly a little stern as he turns to Cho - quite unusual coming from him, "Don't be like that … she's got a point."
Still, not wanting to start a fight he quietens down a little and shifts about at the awkward silence, "I think you mean MC Hammer. I'm not big on rap … I just thought you might like the CD. I'm kind of surprised you found something to play it on, Cho."

"Oh, I dont get to play it at home. I have to go to Marietta's to play it, but at least we have dance parties when we do.." Cho quips with a wry grin curling onto her lips as she nods. "And yes! MC Hammer! Whatever, a mallet is a sort of hammer anyway.." she says with a dismissive wave before looking over towards Hermione. A coy grin curls onto her lips as she nods and nods. "Uh huh..sure."
It's then that Ashley comes in and she tosses him a friendly wave. "Oye! Ashley! Over here!" she chirps brightly.

Ashley holds up one finger as if saying 'one moment', and goes back to the very tall stack of books he was going over with his eyes before giving up and wandering over to the group. He's currently wearing a simple pair of denim pants and a brown longsleeve shirt, with the sleeves pushed up to his elbows. "Hey, Cho." He then looks the other two with her over now that he's closer. "You two are in Gryffindor, right?"

As Danny comes to her defense, Hermione gives him a bit of a surprised look. It's not like him - or what she knows of him - to intervene in a fight. "Thank you," she tells him softly. However, the added comment by Cho brings about the stony glare again. The last thing she wants is to stay to be insulted. Picking up her bag again, she nods at Ashley, giving him a strained smile. "Yes. We are. And you're a Hufflepuff prefect." She'd give a more friendly greeting under other circumstances, but she's not in the mood. "If you'll excuse me, I have to get back to meet my parents." Not even getting a chance to search out the book she came in to the store for.

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