1995-05-27: Studying What


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Scene Title Studying? What!
Synopsis Fred was actually studying, but then books fall and Melissa helps the poor lad out.
Location Hogwarts Grounds
Date May 27, 1995
Watch For Everything!
Logger The F-man himself (All hail lord Sirius!)

Coming back from the Lake a stack of textbooks look a touch out of place carried by Fred Wealsey. He attempts to balance them all in one arm while holding his bag in the other as it drips water still, "Bloody hell…" He mumbles under his breath and all the books topple over. As this happens Fred just stares at them and cursing finally bends down to start to gather them up.

Melissa has a blanket out on the grounds where she's lying down after a bit of studying. She glances over to see one of the Weasleys dropping his things. She gives a slight sigh, then stands up and makes her way toward him. "You need any help?" she asks, looking down at the scattered books.

Fred rolls his eyes at the books and rubs his forhead with his free hand, "Apparently this day is just not going as planned, not at all." He doesn't pick up the books right away and just starts to try and wring out the bag in his hands right away before finally noticing Melissa, "Oh sorry gal, yeah if you wouldn't mind, wrestled my bag back from the squid."

Melissa grins. "What was it doing out there?" she asks, gathering some of the books. "Another experiment of some kind?"

Fred stops trying to save the backpack and picks any of the books she isn't grabbing, "Oh nah, studying to be honest. Got a touch far behind while stuck in that wrackspurt thing, even I have to at least try and pass, or me mum will kill me. I think the squid just has a grudge or something, there I am minding my own business and not throwing dungbombs at him at all for once. Can't get a break." He grins though and stands up straight, "We met before and my memory sucks or does my reputation proceeed me?"

Melissa smiles. "I was one of the ones you turned into a canary a while back," she says. "Or was that your brother? I still can't exactly tell…" She nods. "I was wondering how you were going to do with making up your classes… I hope they give you some consideration…"

Fred ohs at this and chuckles, "Yeah that was me. Sorry little lady." He would reach out and ruffle her hair but hands full, so the girl escapes, "Nah not to much consideration, apparently sixth year is to important to let me out of exams, though it'll be fine. Nothing overly behind and I did read some while sitting about doing nothing in there."

Melissa piles the books she's collected on top of the stack. "That's true…" she says. "I'd hate for Luna to feel responsible for making anyone fail though," she says with a little frown. "Though it might not even occur to her."

Fred grins at the comment and shrugs, "Really don't think Luna will notice yeah. That girl's head is in the cloud most of the time, but even if she does, wasn't her fault really. Just wrong idea, happens all the time I think." So what if it was a touch tramatizing and Fred isn't really Fred since, it was just a badly designed plan, nothing he hasn't done before, "So did you like the canary creams then?" He asks the young girl to try and change topics.

Melissa laughs a bit. "They were… interesting," she says. "A bit tiring with all the flapping, and of course there was that little problem with Neville, but other than that…"

Fred shrugs his shoulders and almost loses the books again but stops then thankfully, "Oh well worked out that little kink, hasn't happened again thankfully. I think Nevler forgives me for that by now." He winks to Melissa, "Only interesting? I was hoping for fun or cool at least."

"Well, maybe a little fun," Melissa said. "It probably would have been more so if I'd known what was going to happen, but I suppose that would be missing the point."

Fred nods his head, "Well maybe I ought to start telling people what I'm feeding them." He grins and looking around says trying to make it look confidential, "But that would ruin my fun."

"I thought so," Melissa says. "Well, are you working on anything new?" she asks, wiping off her clothes of any dirt that may have gathered on them from collecting books, then pushing her glasses up her nose.

Fred shrugs and stops the books from fallign again, gotta stop doing that Weasley, "Nothing quite like that actually. Got a school badge to put a shield charm around me the other day, I need to test it more though before I test it on you firties." He grins at this idea, poor firties.
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Melissa hmms. "That actually sounds really useful," she says. "It could help people who aren't good at doing it themselves… I know I'd want one, if I thought I was going to get in a fight anyway."

Fred nods his head, "Yeah that's what I was thinking. Really started the idea cause I thought Neville might need it, but other people could to right?" He smiles down towards her, "Not everything I come up with is scary, don't let others tell you that."

Melissa smiles back. "That's great… I'd probably help, if it weren't for the fact that you're so far ahead…" she says.

Fred shrugs at this and does loss a book from the top of the pile this time, "Bugger." He says and looks pleadingly to Melissa for help, "How bout you test it out for me when I think it's alright to try?"

Melissa picks up the book and puts it back carefully. "All right, I'll try," she says. "Someone has to, after all."

Fred nods his head, "See that's the spirit short stuff." He uses the nicknames he uses for his own little sister on her, "Someone has to be willing to try the new things, or how else is anyone gonna come up with new ideas?"

"Exactly," Melissa says. "That's how science works, as my mum likes to say." She grins. See, magic CAN be scientific!

Fred grins and nods his head at this as he bends down so she can put the book back on the pile, "Thanks kiddo." He says then raises an eyebrow, "You're mom invent stuff to?"

"She's a science teacher actually, at a Muggle school," Melissa says. "It can be a fun job."

Fred ohs and grins, "Cools! Might have to pick your head later for me dad." He says before nodding to her, "Well thanks for the help Melissa, think I've got it from here. I'll catch you later for that badge thing." And off he goes.

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