1994-10-26: Studying Is For Losers


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Scene Title Studying Is For Losers
Synopsis Two students tease each other about House stereotypes
Location Hogwarts - Great Hall
Date Oct 26, 1994
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Logger Twitterpated Torrington

Bookbag slung over her shoulder, Perpetua shuffles into the Great Hall by herself. It's one of those periods of time where she finally doesn't have a class, and the Hall is set up for those wishing to study. She hasn't been much of her bubbly self since the morning Draco woke half the castle screaming, and startling her pet rat. He's /still/ missing, and she's lost hope he's going to turn up. She only had the animal a short few months, but she got attached. It happens. Looking down, she settles in at the table normally occupied by the Hufflepuffs and breaks out her Arithmancy work.

Study? What's /that/? A very loud BANG rings out from somewhere a few corridors away from the Great Hall and several moments later Walter arrives in the massive room, moving perhaps a little too quickly to not be suspect for whatever caused the noise. Perhaps seeking a way to look less conspicuous he attempts to blend in with the students in the Hall by taking a seat at the nearest available table, plunking down beside Perpetua without much care for the normally clearly-drawn House lines and tossing his own bag onto its wooden surface. Now drifting into the hall is a garbled bundle of words that sounds suspiciously like they're coming from Filch. Whoops. Maybe studying /would/ be a good idea. "Hey," he says to the girl to his right, "got a quill?"

Perpetua jumps a little in her seat at the BANG. "Oi!" At first she throws a cross look at Walter for being disruptive then turns a bit pink and flustered when addressed. "S.. sure." She reaches into her bag, and yanks out about half her books, rolled up parchment (which winds up rolling to the floor), before finding a spare quill. Holding onto it, she's left her parchment to fall to the floor. Oh wait, he asked for it. Right. "Uhm, here," she says, thrusting the quill at Walter before ducking to retrieve her fallen items.

Walter watches Perpetua throwing her things onto the floor with an air of faint alarm mixed with great amusement. Perhaps he's chosen to sit near someone with a neurological disorder. That would be unfortunate. He reaches out to almost daintily pluck the proffered quill out of the girl's grip, lip curling slightly upwards into a grin. "…Are you alright? Get hit with a clumsy jinx?" No, the Ravenclaw is not going to pick those books up for her. He's busy with attempting to look inconspicuous. "You're in my year, right? Sixth," he clarifies after a moment. "Not that year matters in the long run. I'm Walter." And here comes the beaming smile.

No disorder here, just flustered teenage girl who just noticed cute boy sitting next to her and TALKING to her. Perpetua stammers a bit from under the table as she finishes getting her parchment. Rolls in hand she peeks back up, "No.. I mean yes! I'm alright. Sorry." The rolls are stuffed back into her bag along with her books. What year is she.. oh right! "Yes, sixth. You're in Arithmancy with me, right?" Oh, he offered his name, and yes, she's a bit ditzy as a normal bit of behavior, "I'm Perpetua, and no I don't suppose year really matters." Or House.

People /do/ talk to other people, and Walter fails to see how a boy talking to a girl could be anything approaching unusual - so he just puts Perpetua's oddness down to insanity. Which might not be altogether a bad thing. He leans back a little while gripping the table with one hand to ensure he doesn't fall, head ducking a touch so he can watch the girl more easily. "I think we might be. I don't really pay much attention because the pacing is so /slow/." It's more likely that she'd notice him, thanks to his nearly-constant shenanigans and teacher-torturing.

Not insanity! Just normal teenage girl! Again! Perpetua isn't particularly popular, and if anyone's fancied her, she's clueless. It happens when you're a bit busy in the mind. A shy smile spreads a bit, "You're always giving Professor Vector a hard time. It's a bit distracting from class, if funny." There's more awe than disapproval when she speaks. She doesn't have the nerve to act up in class!

Normal teenage girl /is/ insanity. It is practically the /definition/. The Ravenclaw can't help but smirk at what he sees as high praise, preening just a little bit to himself while absently pulling a blank roll of parchment out of his bag so he can doodle on it. "They'll get over it. They've only got two years of it left anyway. You should give it a try, really. The teachers here need to be kept on their toes."

Point taken! And while Walter's preening should get a roll of the eyes, Perpetua's just thinking how cool is this guy? "I couldn't!," she protests as she stares wide-eyed at Walter. First off, while her marks are average and passable, she's too much of a dingbat to be a prankster. Although, who suspects the Hufflepuffs? Arithmancy book opened, but ignored, "First off, I wouldn't know what to do, and my mum would skin me alive if I put a toe out of line."
Elizabeth arrives from the Entrance Hall.

"A good starter tends to be attempting to blow up the Potions dungeon. One day I swear I'll do it before Snape notices." There are ever so many potion ingredients that can become combustible with the right encouragement, after all. Walter leans a little bit towards Perpetua in order to get a look at what's on the open pages of her book and seems to find it boring, since he rolls his eyes at it and then glances disbelievingly at the girl. "I can't understand why people waste their time with rubbish like this when there's an entire castle full of magic to mess about in."

"…. You have a death wish," Perpetua breathes before finding her voice again. "I'm glad I got to give up potions. He's so frightening." She frowns a bit in thought as Walter leans over to look at her book, then pretty much poo-poo's the education. "I actually like Arithmancy. It's fascinating.. and you're terrible. Really." Despite calling Walter terrible, she's grinning. "I take it you've explored quite a bit of the castle then?"

There is no death wish, there is just a total disregard for consequences in the face of hilarity. Walter lightly elbows Perpetua in the side and reaches out to thump that horrible book closed at the same time, grinning back like a nutter. "Fascinating, schmasinating." He doesn't explicitly answer the question put forward to him, but it's a fair bet he's been around the proverbial block a couple of times. "Anyway, aren't Hufflepuffs supposed to be bad at numbers?" It was heard from the mouth of a Slytherin.

Perpetua rolls her eyes and twists around on the bench so that she's facing Walter. The elbow in the side earns a faint pinkening of the cheeks. She ignores her book being closed and turns up her nose, and ttthpts a little. "That's so not true. We can do anything anyone else can do. Maybe even better." They're just a bit more quiet, keeping their heads down and such. "Stupid House prejudices," she says, nose still wrinkled up.

Feisty. "They can be a bit of a drag, but Ravenclaws… we tend to man up to our traditional role." By which Walter probably means that he is a smartypants, neener neener, but probably not in a /too/ overly pretentious way. He drums his fingertips casually across the cover of the book while smiling at Perpetua, his face getting rather close to hers as he leans in. "-So what do you Huffies do for fun? Garden?"

"Ha, ha," Perpetua smarts back. See. Not entirely a nervous nellie, this one. "You sound like my little brother, he's fourth year in Ravenclaw. Likes to be a bit of a know it all." She does get a bit flustered when Walter gets closer. Eep. Grinning cheekily, she raises a finger so tap Walter on the nose, "The same thing Ravenclaw do for fun! Bury our noses in books!" So there!

But- wha- nose-poking is against the rules, and Walter pulls his head back slightly to peer down at it, /almost/ going crosseyed but catching himself in time to avoid such an undignified situation. However, "I think of new ways to entertain myself more than I read, though that's not to say I haven't spent too much of my mother's money buying books." Books like /Jinxes And You: Creation and Usage/. It's just as well that his parents can't check through his order-by-mail forms.

Perpetua hmphs, even with a smile on her face. "Oh ho, your mother's money? Aren't we fancy!" While teasing, there's absolutely no animosity. Some people have money in this world, some don't. That's the way of it. "So you do live up to being a Ravenclaw, buying books and all." The topics, perhaps not so much. "And by the way.. gardening is fun. Try it sometime."

Oh, Walter /has/ tried it. He just doesn't really enjoy having plants trying to kill him several times a week in Herbology, unlike a lot of Sprout's favorite students. Then again, it /was/ pretty funny when he set a tentacula on that one third-year — "I'd rather try the tournament. Did you put your name in? It sounds like it's going to be intense."

Fooey on studying for now. Obviously it's not going to get done, so Perpetua stuffs her things back into her bag. She shakes her head about the Tournament. "No. I didn't put my name in. I don't think I would be up to snuff. Historically speaking, the tasks are quite difficult. You seem like you would be a good contender if you get pulled."

Studying is for losers anyway, and during a free period it is downright unthinkable. Walter drops his chin onto his palm while propping his elbow up on the table, smirking a bit at Perpetua - 'tell me more about myself' might even get across in his expression. "I hope it ends up being something dangerous, though Dumbledore's probably too much of a fuddy-duddy to allow something really interesting onto school grounds. Hagrid would love it if we had a manticore or something here."

"Oh Professor Dumbledore has our best interests at heart. I think it's sweet. It's also his job to protect us while we're here." Perpetua gets a mild look of horror on her face and raises her hands to her mouth, "Oh don't say that! I can't imagine the students having to face something like a manticore!" That's it, she's picturing a trampled and gored Walter at the hooves of a manticore. NO! Can't have that happen! He's too pretty and he just started talking to her!

Trampled and gored by a manticore would be a really awesome way to die, though. It's something to tell the relatives and nonexistent progeny down the line. Tiny children will sit, enraptured, as cousins recount the tale of That Time Walter Reed Got Killed By A Manticore. He chuckles quietly as his brain pulls itself back into reality and the here and now, shrugging his shoulders. "Who knows? Books on the subject seems to say that sometimes Triwizard Champions die during the tournament. If someone dies this time around, I kind of hope it's a Slytherin."

Not to mention you can imagine the girls sobbing over your form, right? Perpetua then frowns, and not in a teasing way. Cute boy or no, she gets up and grabs her bag, shouldering it. "That's not a rather nice thing to say Walter. Even if they are generally nasty. I'm sure if your name gets pulled, your attitude might change a bit." She hopes. Then looks a bit apologetic for being snappy. "Sorry. I should go. My pet rat's still missing and I have studying to do, even if you don't set much store by it." Turning for the door, she takes off.

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