1994-09-07: Student Teacher


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Scene Title Student Teacher
Synopsis Ashley, one of Snape's few N.E.W.T. students, comes up with an unusual request.
Date September 7, 1994
Watch For The unusual request
Chronology Snape agrees to take Ashley on as a teacher's aide.
Logger Snape

Snape's Office, Hogwarts

Dark and gloomy, Snape's office is one place most students don't want to find themselves. The stone walls are covered in shelves that are filled with multicolored jars filled with myriad necessities for potion making. In between the shelves are some cabinets, a few are locked to keep students from pilfering the contents. A heavy wooden desk sits in the middle of the open floor, a candelbra is set upon it, along with the professor's work. While candles do provide illumination, it just doesn't seem enough to cut through the darkness.

It is with great apprehension that after the last Potions lesson, Ashley lingered after class to request a meeting with the Professor. Having been given a time to have the meeting, he now stands just outside the heavy wooden door to Snape's office. With even greater apprehension, he reaches to knock upon the door, but hesitates. Taking a breath to calm himself, he finally gives a few swift raps to the door with his bare knuckles, and then waits.

"Enter," comes the even drawl from behind the door, and when it is opened Snape sits at his desk with his hands folded before him. Even though this meeting was planned, he looks quite annoyed by it - he doesn't want to have to deal with students outside of class.

Ashley gulps once at the sound of that familiar, ever drawling voice before pushing open the door and stepping inside. He doesn't step in very far, though, lest he intrude upon Snape's personal space. "Thank you for meeting with me, Professor. I know you are very busy, so I will try to make this brief."

Snape says nothing, nor does he make a gesture for Ashley to continue. Instead he continues to mark the many different scrolls of parchment before him, closer inspection revealing that he is very found of giving zeros.

Ashley stands straighter, clearing his throat before he speaks again. "Last lesson, when I made a suggestion about the brewing of the Strengthening Solution, you informed me to leave the teaching to you and Libatius Borage until I passed my N.E.W.T.s." He waits a moment, perhaps to see if Snape heard him. "While I'm sure you meant the comment differently.. and I can't believe I'm saying this.." He inhales deeply. "Professor, I was hoping that you would consider allowing me to assist you with your classes."

Snape lifts his eyes slowly, the quill ceasing its scratching against the parchment as he focuses his full attention on the student and asks, evenly, "In what capacity?"

Ashley says, "I would leave that up to you, sir. I am sure you would be more equipped than I to judge my level of skill and in what ways I could. I'm also sure that you know I am one of the few students in my year to receive an Outstanding on your Potions O.W.L. I don't say this to brag, I just want you to know where I'm coming from." He waits a second before continuing. "Considering I was expecting to be taking Potions as a N.E.W.T. level course this year, I feel all of the hard work I have put into your class so far would not be put to it's full reward if the class is going to be split between some N.E.W.T. level work and.. easier material. I don't feel it would be.." He hinges on the last word, almost weighing if he could say it or not. ".. fair."

The wheels are turning in Snape's head and quite quickly. He stares at Ashley, whatever he's thinking failing to be betrayed by his face as he weighs up the offer, "You're aware that if you do take this position, there will be no backing out of it if you find it too difficult and it will count towards your final grade?"

Ashley suppresses a shudder that desires to run through him as Snape stares at him, feeling as if the Potions master could read his mind. "I've taken your class for six years, Professor. I know what I'm getting into. I'm not afraid of rolling the sleeves of my robes up and doing hard work."

"Very well," Snape answers flatly, "But expect no favours. You will report to me in my office every evening and I will assign you tasks that will involve the preparations for the first, second and third year classes. Do not be late and do not fall behind."

Ashley nods his head in understanding. "Thank you, Professor." Assuming an end to the meeting, he turns to exit but soon stops, turning his head. "Oh, Professor. Was I right about adding a clockwise stir between the two counter-clockwise stirs in the Strengthening Solution?"

"You'll find out next class," Snape says without looking up from his marking which he has since returned to, scratching down a few more low marks for his hapless second year class.

Ashley nods once again, this time neglecting to say anything as he exits the office, shutting the door behind him as quietly as he can, a difficult task giving its heft.

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