1994-11-10: Strike Two


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Scene Title Strike Two
Synopsis Tonks follows up with Umbridge about her 'gift' and things go south. Again.
Location Umbridge's Office
Date Nov 10, 1994
Watch For Oh joy, deskwork.
Logger Tonks

The ministry is certainly abuzz with activity at the moment. Sirius' trial has had quite the impact. Especially the little display at the end. Which means certain offices in the MLE are busy. Especially the Auror office who take /any/ sighting of the Dark Mark very seriously. Sort of comes with the job and all.
Which is why, despite the fact she abhors the woman who's office this is, Nymphadora Tonks is knocking smartly upon the door before her. Rather professional, despite her being Tonks. She hates Umbridge with a burning passion, but this is her job. And if what Remus said was true, about whether or not Umbridge /could/ be one of them, then she is technically an 'innocent bystander'. Ugh, Umbridge and Innocence together in the same thought leaves a sour taste in Tonks' mouth.

A day later, along with contingency plans, makes for a calmer Umbridge. Seated in her office, she has a steaming china cup full of tea. She's back to looking her smug and satisfied self, cheerfully writing decrees, making rules, and seeing to it that the weaker willed are bullied. The knock at the door doesn't disrupt her attitude, people have been coming and going from her office all day. The nature of the beast she supposes. "Come in," she announces.

Opening the door, Tonks takes a step in. "Minister," Gah she hates that term, "If you've a moment, we've a few questions we'd like to ask you to help our investigation?" No, she isn't as careful in her appearance today as she was at the Trial. In fact, she's even wearing the new duds Morty made for her. And that blue hair. But other than that, her tone is all business.

A be-ringed hand is waved. Come in, get this over with, Umbridge's body language seems to say. She frowns at the hair, the outfit. Tonks is such a freak. Her quill is laid down and she clasps her hands together against the surface of her desk. "Ask your questions."

A thank you is delivered and she closes the door behind her. Sitting down in one of the ugly tacky pink chairs, Tonks does good to not react as she usually does at Umbridge's horrid taste. And that shade of pink is /so/ ugly. A quill is removed from a pad and she scribbles something down on it, "First thing's first, Minister. Did you accept the letter from an owl, or a person? Was it part of other mail and-or paperwork?"

"The envelope was mixed in with my paperwork associated with the Arraignment and trial of Sirius Black," Umbridge states as she's quite firm she hadn't seen the envelope before. "It was obviously slipped in from another source and accepted by my secretary or another staff member. The envelope was planted and clearly a direct threat upon me. I /will/ be seeking the Dementor's Kiss for the responsible party. If you value your precious cousin's life, you better hope he had nothing to do with it." That's precisely the angle she'll be pushing for as well.

Of course she's pressing for that. Tonks doesn't rise to the bait. "I'll be questioning your staff, then, to see if any of them might've seen something suspicious." She doesn't ask permission to question them. She's an Auror, she's investigating a possible threat by a Death Eater. She taps the feather of her quill against her. "Possibly check for evidence of memory tampering as well."

"Don't let your bias discount certain elements within the Ministry who oppose me, those who don't appreciate the work that I do.. or the fact that a Death Eater is currently on trial, You Know Who's right hand man." Umbridge stares icily across at Tonks, "Perhaps you should be removed from this case and issued desk assignments for the time being. Just in case your view is tainted." Her tone is sugared and threatening.

"Did you know, that for someone who's being accused of a death eater, Sirius Black strangely lacks the dark mark upon his arm? Strange." She glances up here. "Minister Umbridge, I know how to do my job. I was trained by /the/ best that ever was. When you do an investigation, it requires a certain detachment. As well as the presence of mind not to jump to conclusions. What we're looking for is solid evidence, and 'Well, he's already accused of this' isn't evidence. If that was the case, I can name several others that fall under the category. But I'm not. Because I know better."

"The best?" Umbridge's sweet tone turns questioning. "Your mentor was an Auror on his way out, excessively paranoid and troublesome. He's not called 'mad' for no reason at all." One would think that receiving the Dark Mark via post would humble a person. Instead with Umbridge, it's just really bringing out her mean streak. She's almost being deliberately cruel, evasive and changing the subject that Tonks brought to her. "I have my doubts about your capability for this job, the pressure, the ability to accept orders and to know your place amongst your betters."

Tonks works on rolling up the scroll. She's already made notes to look up Umbridge's secretarial staff and question them. And thanks to her insistence that Sirius be considered a suspect, she's also written down the names of every person accused of being a Death Eater that works in the ministry as possible suspects as well. It is, after all, only fair. "Actually, the name is 'Mad-Eye'. And what he is, doesn't change the fact that he's the best." She's standing here, and about to turn to the door. A glance is tossed over her shoulder, "My betters? I'd hate to think of who you'd consider them to be, and on what grounds. I accept my orders just fine. My record is flawless." She pauses and then snaps her fingers, "Of course, that was until you decided to come along. Forgot about that."

"Perhaps I should re-evaluate your record and your place here in the Ministry," Umbridge says in dangerously sweet tones. Obviously, her agenda is not taking into account necessary manpower around the Ministry. "/Nymphadora/ Tonks, you might consider an attitude adjustment when speaking to those above your station, you might find yourself out of a job."

Tonks is already at the door, having not been officially excused. "Minister, with all due respect," which means absolutely none, "You don't know anything about what it is I do, and how to go about it. I don't try to to tell you how to do your job, don't tell me how to do mine." She can't help but eyeroll here, "Please, you been trying to get rid of me ever since I've been qualified. I've given you no grounds to do so. Again, I /do/ know how to do my job."

Tonks's first warning of what's to come would be the disgustingly sweet smile that forms on Umbridge's face. Getting up and stepping out from behind her desk, her approach towards Tonks is slow and deliberate. "This pains me to do this, but you've left me with no choice. You are rude and have no respect for authority. You have been warned about your behavior and you have chosen to continue being naughty." You would think that Umbridge was addressing an unruly child by her tone. "You're no longer on active duty. You're to stick to paperwork, the archives and desk work. Essentially, what you got used to doing as a trainee." This actually puts Tonks lower than entry level, considering Mad-Eye would throw things at her and watch her react. "Your work on this particular case of the Dark Mark is no longer needed as of right now. I will be notifying Scrimgeour of this, and be glad you still have your job. I am feeling .. generous."

She probably deserved that, but Tonks also has it in her head that she personally can do no right in regards to this woman. Might as well slap 'werewolf' or 'vampire' on her forehead for how hard it is for Tonks to please her. She just looks over her shoulder, shrugs. "Okay, whatever." You were expecting her to protest? Ah, Umbridge, you wont' get that pleasure-this time. The door opens, and Tonks is leaving, unless Umbridge has anything else to toss her way.

No. Nothing else. Umbridge returns to her desk, looking quite pleased with herself as Tonks exits.

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