1994-09-05: Strengthening Solution


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Scene Title Strengthening Solution
Synopsis The 4th - 7th year Potions classes are combined and tormented by Professor Snape.
Date September 5, 1994
Watch For Harry Potter being defiant (how rare!)
Chronology Potions Class begins brewing Strengthening Solution.
Logger Snape

Potions Classroom, Hogwarts

The dungeon that is used for the potions classroom is quite depressing indeed. As you enter the windowless room, the sconce bearing torches offer an eerie, flickering light. There are four horizontal rows of tables for the students to work at. There are areas at each table for students to set up their cauldrons for potion brewing. Stools are placed at each table for students to use during lectures for sitting. At the front of the room the stone floor raises upwards about a foot to allow the teacher to look at the students better, or to appear more menacing. A wooden desk sits upon this raised section for the professor. Along the walls of this room are locked cabinets containing common ingredients and books of recipes for the students usage. The more exotic are kept locked within the professor's office and private stores. Towards the far end of the classroom is a stone fountain with water spewing from the mouth of a lion's head. The fountain's purpose is that of a washing and cleanup area for the students.

The Potions Classroom has been set up, it seems, to hold multiple classes - almost three times the usual amount of kindling has been laid out on the many tables. As usual, Professor Snape has not yet arrived although it appears he may have already been here given that the chalkboard is covered in diagrams and thin, no nonsense-looking text. The braziers against the walls are not yet lit, plunging the windowless dungeon into uncomfortable darkness.

Zarina chooses her seat minutes before class starts, setting out her collapsible cauldron as she drops her black leather napsack on the desktop in front of her. Her bright sapphire eyes narrow in thought, a slender hand reaching up to brush a lock of snow white hair from her face. Opening her bag, she pulls out a carefully wrapped, whole pomegranate fruit, the flowered plant Hellebore, a five inch knife in a protective sheath, a mortar and matching pestle, and a copy of Moste Potente Potions from the Restricted section of the library. The Slytherin girl smirks slightly, the smile comfortable on her full lips as she lowers herself into her seat. Pulling out some fresh pieces of parchment, her slender fingers curl around her quill, her bright blue eyes looking up at the board in the dim lighting. Making a face, her other hand reaches for her wand, held percisely as she flicks and says, "Lumos." The end of the wand lights up brightly, pushing back the shadows around her some.

Ashley manuevers his way into the Potions classroom in the way that only someone familiar with navigating the normally dark room and corridors would. He takes a seat over where the rest of the Hufflepuffs tend to sit, setting his cauldron and ingredients down on the desk in front of him. It looks like he's got everything he needs: pomegranate, hellebore, knife, mortal and pestle, cauldron and of course, a copy of Most Potente Potions.

The Slytherin girl is not the only one who took the list of required items for today's class to heart - Alton Appleby slips into the classroom toting the lot inside his cauldron, a hellebore helpfully identified by Professor Sprout poking out from between a pair of his fingers. He offers Zarina a friendly grin as he claims himself a seat near his classmates, squinting in the dark as he starts setting out his things in preparation for the class to begin. In lighting this low, he's not even going to /try/ reading the board yet.

Sweeping into the classroom, Ophelia takes a quick look before choosing her seat. Her goal is to be seated before the teacher gets here, or else it's late—even if they were on time. Settling down, she cracks her knuckles, gets her things out and displayed in an orderly fashion. There's also a parchment of notes already taken on her first couple browses of the mandatory textbook. THen she makes sure her eyeliner /isn't/ at it's usual thickness. Nope, she actually didn't wear any make up this time. The notes on the chalkboard are eyeballed, squinting as if to try to see them in the low light.

Great. Potions. With his favorite professor. Yeah, Harry's a bundle of happiness. Entering the classroom just in time, the Boy Who Lived finds himself in some very uncomfortable lighting. Low enough that he can't even read the chalkboards. So he doesn't even try, instead opting for a seat near the middle of the classroom. Experience has taught him not to sit right up front, nor in the back.

It's not that Hermione likes Potions any more than Harry. She probably likes it just the same amount - very little. But, learning is still learning. Even if it's under the tyrant of Snape. On time, as usual, with everyone neatly unpacked already, she gestures Harry over to sit by her. At least that way they'd be partners together.

Antigone enters the classroom holding protectively to her bag. She has managed to collect all the things and is desperately paranoid that she is going to somehow manage to lose one of them sometime between now and when it's needed. It really would be her Potion-related luck for that to happen. She doesn't linger too long, but does pause to try and scout out a spot to sit, some place to avoid notice, not directly in the eye-line of the Potions-master. Finding a spot that she hopes is a little relatively safer, she moves off towards the empty seat to claim it.

Entering as she usually does, Mei pauses to bow lightly to the front of the room, where the professor should be; or would be…if it was a good professor that is. Turning she smiles faintly at "Bob" (harry) and then moves further into the classroom. Zarina gets a soft smile, and even nod before she moves even further in. Picking a quiet table she quietly prepares by producing her utensiles and book, and lastly a quill and pad to take notes with.

Stephen St. Claire strides purposefully into the Potions Classroom with a cauldron in hand. It's a nice one, a bit more expensive than the standard ones recommended in the yearly materials checklist, but not over the top. He plants the cauldron down on one of the tables and fishes everything required for the class out of his cauldron. He sees Harry Potter walk in and shakes his head slightly. You see, he's always thought Harry was an attention seeker. He continues surveying his surroundings and notices Ophelia and Antigone, nodding at them. He claims his seat and sits at attention, perusing the copy of Moste Potente Potions lightly while waiting for Snape.

Cullen arrives, carrying whole mess of materials. Book, equipment, food. That last is made up of a bar of chocolate pinched between teeth, the rest all tucked under arms. He makes brief glance across the room, seeking familiar faces. When he finds a few from his house he moves to plop himself there, equipment clattering down in front of him afterward. Then to the important thing: eating his candy.

Stalking languidly into the room and choosing a seat over towards one of the corners of the class, Crane deposits hellebore, pomegranate, the required library book, and his tools on to the desk before sitting. He spends a minimal amount of time readying his things - they already appear to be in relatively good order - and then looks through half-lidded icy blue eyes at the other students doing the same. Stephen, who has seated himself nearby, gets a smirk: "Hullo, St. Claire. Hope you've remembered all of your ingredients? I'd be terribly depressed if you forgot one and got a detention."

Braeden steps into the classroom with his pack in hand, making his way towards one of the sets near the center of the room with a glance towards the sudden flicker of light from one of the other 6th years. "Wouldn't do that if I were you. You know he doesn't like is casting in his classroom." He offers before looking towards the other Slytherin Prefect in the room. His attention would drift towards the potter boy for a moment though, a soft hum heard on his lips though beyond that he manages to find a seat near him. The guy had the right idea about his seating.

In another location, Kyrie would be one of the merrier of Ravenclaws, recorder at the ready to pick out a jaunty tune. Not here. She doesn't even crack wise with the location-appropriate dirges in her repertoire. Instead, she shuffles into class and carelessly dumps the ingredients she could acquire on the table in front of her, sitting with her fellow Ravenclaws and looking over forlornly at the book the person next to her managed to get. No such book is dumped out of her bag, and she settles in to await the Professor.

Stephen turns when he hears his name called instinctively and then rolls his eyes when he sees Crane. "No worries about that, Gavin.", he says, making sure the emphasis on his name is noticeable. He looks away just as Braeden is talking to Zarina, his attention caught when Braeden mentions Snape's not liking casting in the classroom.

Zarina arches a brow, her sapphire eyes looking up at the chalkboard, glancing over it quickly as if absorbing what it holds before she flicks her wrist, releasing the Lumos spell from her wand. Silently setting her wand on the table next to her fresh parchment, she rests her arms on the table, looking upwards to wait for the Professor. The few acknowledgements she receives she doesn't see, focused and intent.

Surely enough, Snape storms the classroom just as it was believed he would - entering from the dungeon corridor, the light behind him casting his long and ominous shadow over the potions class. Sparing no words, a wave of his wand ignites the braziers on the wall with a pale, green flame and the notes and diagrams at the front become readable. As he stalks down one side of the classroom, he makes a turn to the right to move down the gap between some benches.

Passing Cullen, he reaches out with a bony-fingered hand and plucks the candy bar away swiftly without pausing. He continues out the other end of the row of tables, tossing the bar away into one of the shadowy corners of the dungeon and turning to look at the class in stony silence.

Ashley lowers his head a little bit, and would probably mutter under his breath a comment about Cullen and the candybar if he didn't know from personal experience that Snape would hear it. He quickly lifts his head, sitting straight and attentive.

Kyrie gets a smile, and a wave, and when she does notice Stephen, he gets his usual greeting from Ophelia: wiggly fingers. She sobers up (not too hard considering her personality) when Snape enters the room. With the light, her attention is again diverted to the blackboard, but only for a moment. Snape again will have her attention quickly.

Mei sits straight forward, watching the professor. She sucks on her bottom lip, obviously resisting saying something. Bowing her head she doesn't speak but just looks back up and waits with her hands resting on the table before her.

It's a little odd how, by now, the sudden rush of light and the sound of a storming Snape are familiar. Not so familiar that Alton doesn't jump slightly at the suddenness of it all. As soon as the lights are up, he's quick to pull on his glasses and direct his attention to the front of the room. He may not be the strongest Potions student, but he /is/ a very well-trained student in Snape's classroom.

Momentarily it appears that Crane is about to make a vitriolic retort to Stephen, but at that precise moment, Snape enters; this causes the Fifth-Year to suddenly become quite silent, although is lips do tuck down in a slight scowl. It takes less than five years, however, to learn the foolishness of drawing attention to oneself inadvertently in this particular classroom. For now, the Slytherin focuses his attention on the Potions Professor.

The faint curl of Braeden's lips signifies the amusement from the lost candy bar, though surely after Snape was clearly out of the room once more. The man seemed to see everything, even when he wasn't there. The Gryffindor Prefect looks towards Stephen when the other's attention drifts his way, meeting eye contact for a brief moment with flat look in his eyes before allowing his atttention to fall back upon the rest of the classroom. A casual glance back would allow him a look upward towards the seats behind him though he'd go back to the matter at hand, arranging his pieces of equipment needed for class.

Antigone makes a face as Snape enters, though she's quick to hide it by busying herself with renewed vigour to get her things out and ready. She winces as he snatches the candy from Cullen, following it with her gaze as it flies off into the shadows, and then turning her attention back to her things, which are promptly set up so that she can sit up straight and attentively. She's already squinting at the board, trying to make sense of the script there.

Harry turns to watch as Snape enters the classroom. Silently, he had almost hoped that the professor wouldn't show. Then maybe he wouldn't be the first to lose the house points. As the required ingredients are pulled out of his pack and set on the table in front of him, noticably absent is the copy of Most Potente Potions he was supposed to obtain. "Library didn't have any more copies." he whispers out of the corner of his mouth toward Hermione.

Cullen looks somewhat distraught by the loss of chocolate. There's a small look of surprise, several quick blinks before his eyes snap after Snape. There goes his distraction. Fingers fold together over his book, head sinking slowly downward in defeat. He just watches, makes small grumble of disatisfaction.

Familiar with Snape's penchant for entering a room, Stephen chooses the right moment just before the professor turns to stare down the class to flash a vicious smile towards Crane so as not to be seen. He turns back towards Snape and begins sorting the required items in front of him in the fashion that he's become used to since beginning potion-making years ago.

Of course Snape would show, Hermione guesses that he only pleasure in life is tormenting those younger than himself. Giving Harry a worried look, she doesn't whisper back. It's too dangerous. He should know better than to give Snape openings like that. Surreptitiously, she nudges her copy over a little closer to the center of the table. They can share.

Zarina narrows her bright sapphire eyes in concentration, intent upon the Professor as he enters silently, taking a candy bar away from a student before walking back towards the front of the classroom. Shifting her weight subtly, she arranges her robes around her, crossing her long legs under the hem of her skirt as she lowers her chin just slightly.

Braeden turns his head slowly to look towards the table with Potter and Hermoine again, a soft sound heard from him as he looks across the table in front of them. He glances across the classroom afterward, studying the other classmates before picking up his book and leaning back. He looked to be about to pass the thing to the kid with the lightning scar before shaking his head when he notices Hermoine's press of the book. "He'd probably notice it anyway." He says to himself before hunching his shoulders and glancing backwards for a brief moment.

Snape's eyes, like the entrances to two long, dark tunnels, immediately flick over to stare at Harry - perhaps catching the words whispered out of turn. If he did notice, however, he says nothing and begins the lecture.

"As you have a combined class this year," he says, not raising his voice although the smooth drawl seems to carry over the classroom, "You will be studying selections from the fourth year, O.W.L. and N.E.W.T. syllabus. I will hear no complaints on this matter - if you have any interest in passing my class, you will simply try harder."

With another brief glance towards Potter and Granger, he seems to take a restrained delight in saying, "Turn to page thirty-four of Moste Potente Potions."

Ashley swiftly opens his book, turning through the pages until he gets to page 34. He shoots a look across the room at Antigone and then to Alton, but swiftly returns his attention to the Professor.

Mei starts to turn, only to find to her dismay that pages thirty through thirty five are stuck together. Wrinkling her nose, it takes her a few moments to gently peel the pages apart, with whatever it was on the pages being green and giving off a very faint scent of baby poop and green apples. At least the stench doesn't linger.

Of course, Harry has no book to turn to said page in. However, he does do his best to share with Hermione and make it not look like he doesn't have his own. You know…lack of table space and all makes for a good sharing excuse. Right? And O.W.L. and N.E.W.T potions? Oh great.

Alton casts a surreptitious glance towards the gaggle (murder?) of Ravenclaws nearby - if he's to survive the N.E.W.T.-level syllabus, it's very likely he's going to need to prevail upon them and Ashley for help. Possibly /frequent/ help. Oh bother. Setting his jaw, he dutifully flips his book open and rummages back to page thirty-four, pushing his glasses up his nose with a finger. Right then. We're off.

Ophelia's lips purse for a moment at the mentioned of the combined classes. Well, that should help, hopefully. At the order to turn the page, she lifts the book and quietly pulls the corners up until the page number shows itself, then flips the book fully open. It'll minimize the sound of turning pages, taht's for sure.

Without further ado, Crane flips his own copy of Most Potente Potions to the designated page. He reaches down to his bookbag momentarily and withdraws a quill, which he sets between the open pages, then glances back up at the front of the room to await further instruction. He does, however, notice Harry's plight - probably because of Snape's brief glance at the boy - and smirks. If the Gryffindor happens to look in his direction, he'll be wiping an imaginary tear from his eye and frowning with 'pity'.

Whenever Snape is delighted about something, that can't be good for anyone else. Hermione gives Harry another pleading look. Please pull Moste Potente Potions out of your bag somehow. Otherwise you'll get us all in trouble. However impossible that may be, she flips her book open to the proper page and attempts to make it look like there are - somehow - two books on their table.

Cullen's fingers lift, flicking through several pages until he comes to the instructed portion. One finger reaches to mark at the corner, a few quick glances taken over the text of that page, then the next, and the one after. Once he's satisfied he nudges the thing away, arms folding over the text, head craning forward to catch the next instructions.

Antigone quickly starts flipping through the book, frowning at the idea of this combined class having her working on NEWT-level potions - she's disctracted enough to overshoot the mark and then have to come back to 34 from where she'd landed on 52. Which wasn't a drawing she ever wanted to see. Right, focussed now, on the potion at hand. She catches Ashley's look and offers a subtle nod of her head in greeting.

Kyrie's wan smile back at Ophelia is weak, even in the sudden improvement of the lights. When the Professor speaks and tells them what to do, she blanches slightly and edges closer to the Ravenclaw sitting next to her, an entreating 'can I share with you?' expression on her face. All of the other required ingredients are present, and she scans over her neighbor's page, keeping her head down, much like the condemned did in the olden days when their heads were about to be chopped off.

Stephen immediately flips across the pages until he gets to page 34. He gives another glance towards Crane as the pages turn, knowing full well that his fellow 5th Year housemate will probably stop at little to embarass him. He's gonna have to be on his game today… what's that? Stephen follows Crane's glance over to Potter and sees what the expression is all about. Potter forgot his book? Not very surprising, really. Attention seeker.

Braeden looks back down at his book before flipping it open and turning it to page 34, his attention drifting to the various ingredients they'd gotten. A glance is castup at Crane when he pulls his bit of theatrical effect towards Harry but shakes his head without saying anything. He was quiet and trying to keep focus on what he was doing for the moment. He reads the page though, looking to make sure the potion on the page was that he'd researched it most likely was before the lesson.

Zarina narrows her eyes slightly as she glances down at the table in front of her, her left hand reaching for the book set to the side as she pulls it in front of her a little bit more. Her slender fingers flip the cover open, slipping through the pages as she turns the parchment between her fingertips to page thirty four. After, her bright blue eyes look up to the Professor, her free hand lifting to idly brush back her long, snow white hair from her face. Leaning back, she rests her hand on her lap, idly brushing along the hem.

"Miss Phoenix," Snape says, turning his attention to the Ravenclaw and folding his hands over his chest, "Read aloud the ingredients for Strengthening Solution."

Perhaps Snape knew there were not enough copies of Moste Potente Potions in the library and that most students would require permission to obtain them. If he did know, he makes no sign of it as he stares expectantly at Kyrie.

If Harry could produce the book from his bag he would have by now. Except, it isn't there. But at least he can rest easy so far that Snape hasn't said a thing about it. Either he knows there weren't enough copies….or, *shudder*…he's being nice.

Kyrie's expression gets a shade whiter when her name is called, and just at a bad time for her to be looking over at her neighbor's text, because she can't read the whole list at this odd angle without the other Ravenclaw doing something that would get /them/ in trouble. "Erm, sir, I can't," she says quietly in her Scottish tones, cast as somberly as only a Scot can. "I don't have a copy of the book, sir." She doesn't waste her time with an apology, or any excuse. Her head remains bowed, her eyes cast to the other required items, but shrugs fatalistically.

Ophelia resists the urge to facepalm, and instead waits for the inevitable removal of points from their house. Hopefully it'll be a common enough problem in this class that it might spare them from the point deduction.

Braeden looks towards the poor Ravenclaw with the press of his lips before glancing back upward at Snape. His attention would rest on the Professor for the time being save for the occasional glance at the other tables of the room to the sides and behind him in study. Perhaps he was looking to see how many people had actually managed to get the book. He ends up looking back down at the book afterward with a pointed look towards Crane. It seemed he might have been right about something.

Antigone glances over at Kyrie with a sympathetic expression, and then putting a hand on her own book, either to make sure it stays put and doesn't get any bright ideas of wandering off on her, or, more likely, to reassure herself that it is still there. Her gaze returns to the front of the room, a little anxious to see what the professor is going to do about that.

Mei steals a glance Kyrie's way, but she's not stupid. No sympathy here, not with the devil teaching the class. Just a sad gaze before she looks back to her book which only faintly now smells of cat sick.

If only Hermione could have brought enough books for the whole class, she would have. It seems obvious now that Snape knew there wouldn't be enough copies for everyone and is doing this just to torment everyone. Frowning, she resolutely looks at her own text, upset about his singling out of Kyrie.

Zarina arches a brow at Kyrie's answer, blinking once with no apparent surprise as she look from the Ravenclaw to the Professor. With an soundless exhale, the Slytherin girl shifts her weight slightly, turning to face the teacher a bit better as her hand drifts along the hem of her skirt. Every now and then, her bright blue eyes look across to the students, though never lingering as she keeps her focus.

As the Potions teacher brings the metaphorical guillotine down on unfortunate Kyrie, Crane looks in her direction. A slight flash of pity does flit over his normally-indifferent features, but there's nothing he can (or will, anyway) do to help. Still, the girl seems to have given the *worst* possible answer. The least she could have done was try to make something up.

By some divine miracle, the planets align and the stars are right and Snape does not subtract points for Kyrie's lack of textbook. Nor does he instruct her to share from a partner either, turning to face a new student and ask the same question. Unfortunately, that student just so happens to be Harry Potter.

"Potter," he begins, no mister for him, "Read the ingredients for the Strengthening Solution. Page thirty-four."

Cullen makes mere wince, eyes flickering over toward Kyrie, head rising to peek over at the girl and her reaction. Not for long though, the boy sinking downward again, pressing elbows to either side of his book. He's careful not to draw attention, seeming relieved when Harry is called in. Thumbs merely flip at pages while he awaits, attention diverting toward the new target.

Braeden shakes his head after looking at Potter, the kid looking for attention per the usual or at least it seemed that way. His gaze drifts back down to the table in front of him afterward to peruse the ingredients list and other methods meant to cock that particular potion. He looks about the room afterward to take in what the various other students were doing. Studying the looks they gave the Ravenclaw girl and finaly watching Professor Snape as he does the usual Guillotine tactic on the Potter boy.

While there is no book completely in front of Harry, and only a partial view of the attempted shared book in front of him, Harry turns to squint at the pages. "Uh….salamander blood and…" he pauses to squint more, "…pomegranate juice." And that's coming from the book. If he loses points for that…

Blinking, Mei looks to her book and smiles faintly. Cocking her head to one side she considers the recipe before her and then absently takes a note before looking up to the professor. This might just be…fun.

Of course Snape would pick Harry next, because that's just who he likes to bully. It's just how he is. Frowning, she doesn't really shove the book so much as attempt to move it slightly more toward Harry in a way she thinks is inconspicuous. Pomegranate juice? Oh, Harry. Internally fretting, she furious tries to think of a way to get him out of it.

Poor Potter. Well, not really. Crane continues to watch with a vague appearance of interest as the barrel of the Snape-cannon swivels from Kyrie's direction back to the Gryffindor. He leans back in his seat, glancing sidelong in Stephen's direction to arch a brow in surprise as the Boy Who Lived actually manages to come up with a reply.

There's almost a pitying look from Ophelia when Snape's sights set on Harry. She'd never had a class with him, but after four years, you hear things. Gryffindor will definitely be losing points this day, she's sure of it.

Kyrie swallows once, takes a shallow breath, and blows that breath out with a great deal of relief as the Professor rounds on his favorite punching bag, Mr. Potter. And as soon as she can, she takes a hurried look at her neighbor's book to catch up to what's going on, and the book is subtly shifted so both students can now read it easily, Ravenclaw pride being what it is. The girl next to her mouths 'sorry' apologetically, and the redhead nods with a watery smile and a mouthed 'thanks'. And then she looks down the table toward the other Ravenclaws and mouths the same 'sorry' to them, seemingly quietly glad that they didn't lose any points this go around.

No points from Ravenclaw House for the blatant disregard of explicit directions? Oh well. Even Snape can be somewhat forgiving. Sometimes. You know, every once in a while. When hell freezes over. Moving on.

Stephen listens to Potter's reply and can't help but grin when he includes the Pomegranate Juice. The prefect crosses his arms with satisfaction and watches as surely Gryffindor will lose points for their star not having brought their book and getting the answer wrong. There really are few more satisfying moments in life for Stephen than when other Houses get slammed, and it shows on his face.

"Are the ingredients not written in your copy of the text, Potter?" Snape asks, quirking an eyebrow as he watches the boy read from his neighbours text, "I had assumed that every copy of Moste Potente Potions has the same information."

Pausing for effect, Snape looks out over the rest of the class before his eyes fall on Hermione. A twist in the tale of this Potions Class, he inclines his head to look down his hooked nose at her.

"Five points from Gryffindor for Miss Granger's attempt to conceal Mister Potter's lack of preparation and concern for his education."

That said, he immediately turns back towards the chalkboard and stalks in that direction, speaking as he goes.

"Set your cauldrons to simmer and begin extracting the juice from your pomegranates."

Mei sighs and then lights her cauldron. Gently making sure it's on a soft simmer, she takes her knife and cuts the pomegranate in half. Slowly scooping out the seeds, the girl doesn't try to squish them in a mortar and pestle, not right away at least. Placing them on a hard surface, a bit of parchment over and below them, she places her knife upon the hard red seeds and gives it a very soft "thwack" with her hand to crack each seed before starting to extract the juice from the broken hulls. It quickly starts to turn a soft, blood red color.

Turning bright red at the point deduction, Hermione glowers at Snape and ducks her head, but doesn't talk back. That would just get them even more points lost. Plus, she was trying to conceal the fact that Harry didn't bring his textbook. Just because it isn't fair doesn't mean that means anything in the dungeons.

Braeden sets the Cauldron just as the Professor had told them to before looking down at the pomegranate he'd brought with him. Using the tools brought, he'd move onward into working on the coming extraction. "Hm." The sound drifts from his lips as he does so, seemingly engrossed in his work before lifting his gaze to drift at the other tables. A shrug is offered after with the shift of his form in his seat for comfort before continuing onward with the extraction and subsequent readying for Professor Snape's coming instructions.

Ashley is, despite his protestations that he isn't, actually quite skilled with potions. He carefully sets his cauldron to simmer, and begins to extract the pomegranate juice. He frowns at the loss of points for Gryffindor. Though it points Hufflepuff into the lead, by his count, he isn't happy to see a student be docked points for trying to help out a fellow student.

Antigone gives another sympathetic wince as Gryffindor loses the points, casting a glance over at Harry and Hermione, before she slouches down a bit in her seat just in case Snape is looking for any more volunteers. When he just goes on with their instructions for the potion, she has to scooch back up again to get her cauldron going and start prepping her pomegranate.

Clearly he was mistaken on the pomegranate juice. Or maybe something else. For a moment he looks like he wanted to say something in response, but changed his mind. But then, points taken. And not even from him. "What?!" Harry exclaims. "That's a load of rubbish. There weren't even enough copies in the library to go around." he retorts, his voice carrying his very much discontent at the injustice. Yeah, he's not a happy camper.

Now, this is something Alton can do. He likes cooking, and this is… sort of similar. Ish. Once Snape's back is turned, he shoots a sympathetic look towards the two Gryffindors before he gets his cauldron going and reaches for his pomegranite. When Harry voices his dissent, the Hufflepuff bites his lip and focuses /very hard/ on extracting the juice. A dutifully-working student in this classroom is the next best thing to invisible.

“Potter,” Snape continues, not looking up from the length of parchment at the desk which he has paused to scribble on with a quill, “You will find more than enough time to voice your discontent in detention this weekend.”

After producing his wand, Crane taps it lightly on his cauldron to set it simmering. After that he slices his pomegranate neatly down the middle, and begins the process of separating the juice - only pausing in his endeavours to look up at Harry's outburst. He sneers, lifts one hand to make a 'noose' motion around his neck, and follows it with a 'hanging himself' scene. It takes all of two seconds before he's back to diligently mushing up pomegranate.

With the instructions being said, Zarina sets down her quill to turn her attention on her cauldron, setting it on simmer before reaching for the whole pomegranate. Unwraping it, she takes her knife and takes it out of its sheath, slicing it open as she starts juicing the fruit into the cauldron. After juicing it as much as she can, she sets the leftovers to the side, looking back to the cauldron as it starts to slowly make the pomegranate juice simmering. At Harry's outburst, Zarina glances up, arching a brow for a moment before shaking her snow white head.

Taking her time, it does take a bit longer for Mei to extract the juice than the others, but she's dilligently working at it, making sure to get all the blood red goodness out before looking to see how much she has. Only a handful of the bitter seeds are left, and resisting the urge to actually eat one, she smiles at her accomplishment. Probably not as much as the potion calls for, but eh, it's a nice haul anyway.

Stephen pulls his dedicated Potions knife out of the sheath and cleanly cuts his pomegranate down the middle over a small bowl to collect the initial juice and then sets about crushing the inner fruit over the blade of his knife and letting the juice run down the length and into the bowl. It's apparent that he's practiced at this. His lips curl into another self-satisfied smile as Potter pulls detention. Again.

Kyrie can be very focused, and when Harry shoots his mouth off, the Ravenclaw just runs through several very technical musical selections in her head, using that to keep her from watching the Gryffindor's demise. Working with the pomegranate, however, makes her lick her lips. She'd rather eat such a thing than extract the juice. It amuses her to set aside six seeds, a quirk to her lips that thankfully doesn't end with a whistle of the daring musical piece she heard in a video game last month. Her noise wrinkles as a bit of the juice squirts up and hits her right on said schnozz, and she pulls out a hanky to wipe it off before it stains. Too late. Meanwhile, her cauldron is set to simmer nicely as if to prepare some evil tea or other.

Let's see, summer started off good. But then things went bad. Snape's visit to the Burrow and subsequent order that Harry shouldn't go anywhere until start of term….all that compounded with now this? "Great." Harry says, standing up from his stool. "Getting punished for something that was out of my control. I thought the professors were supposed to be fair?" he continues, grabbing his back from the floor. "Clearly…it was a lie." That is added with a tone that is just pure hatred. "So it's detention. That's where I'll be." And with a sidelong glance to Hermione as if to say 'sorry', he heads for the classroom door.

Snape might be positively delighted at this little turn of events but if he is he makes no sign, simply watching Harry storm out of the classroom with an impassive stare. Once he's gone he stops to make a note on the parchment, clearly something along the lines of 'More Detention for H. Potter' before turning back to the class.

"Follow the instructions in the text and add the salamander blood. Be precise for you will be testing this potion on yourselves."

Ashley looks up and sort of just stares at Harry's deliberate early leaving. "Er.." He begins to say something, but then decides to clamp his mouth shut. He turns to his cauldron and resumes his busy work. If this were any other classroom, he might stick up for Potter. But.. this is Snape's classroom. He's not crazy. He reaches for the vial of Salamander blood, and adds the appropriate amount listed in the instructions.

Hermione gapes at Harry's blatant flaunting of the rules. She can take a little talking back, because it is Snape. But, this is something truly different. "Harry!" she hisses at him, but it's no use. Out he goes through the classroom door, leaving Hermione without a partner and looking very embarrassed to be sitting there. Not to mention angry at Snape for being unfair.

Braeden seems to positively ignore the Potter boy's outburst, seeming annoyed at best by it with a comment to himself about childishness that borders along the lines of his own short fuse beginning to burn. As he does so, he takes the Salamander blood and begins to follow said instructions as told. Potions wasn't particularly his best subject of all, but he got by all the same. A glance about to see how the others were doing is given and one behind him only to look back to his cauldron once more with a certain focus given as required.

Picking up a vial, Mei sighs when she notes that it's congealed. Muttering something softly under her breath that sounds like a complaint, she makes sure the stopper is on HARD before starting to shake the vial. It takes a good three or four minutes of shaking before the blood finally starts to liquify, but no where near the level she needs. So, she sits there, shaking the bottle and making soft squishing and sploshing sounds.

Antigone keeps her head down over her work, but her gaze on what's going on between the professor and Harry, which has caused her to fall a little behind. Her eyebrows shoot up as Harry starts storming off, and she misjudges the amount of force necessary to get the juice from this particular seed. It shoots out from under her blade, skidding right off the desk. She frowns and just … opts to put the work on hold so she can see how this ends up, frowning with concern all the while.

Kyrie stays on target and follows the next instruction with all the precision of a mathematician with his favorite slide rule, but it's obvious while she liked the pomegranate, she's rather grossed out by the blood, wincing and half-closing one eye as she measures it and adds it to the potion. "Grooooooss," she mutters aloud, visibly stifling a gag reflex once Snape says they'll be testing it on themselves.

Pursing her lips, Ophelia taps them with her index finger as Harry barges past. That was interesting. For once, Potions won't be boring. She's a little upset that Harry's left though. It'll back to the drugery again. OH well. She reaches for her vial of SAlamander's blood and settles on focusing her attention on the text. She's careful to add the blood, hoping that her measurements are correct. She, however, seems perfectly content working with this 'gross' aspect.

Mei grumbles softly as the blood just doesn't want to liquify properly. Looking about on her table she sighs and then raises her hand, asking very meekly. "Uh..professor? Can I have another vial? This one has…well, coagulated." Here it comes…five points away from Hufflepuff…and the hatred of all huffies for ages.

Someone other than Snape storming out of the potions classroom? If Alton wasn't so busy doing what he was told, he'd be awed by the Potter boy's cahones. As it is, he simply purses his lips in a silent whistle and tries to focus on the task at hand, making sure his pomegranite is as juiced as it's going to get. Taking a moment to wipe his hands on a rag from his pocket, he carefully takes up one of the pre-readied vials of salamander blood, squinting at it as if he could visually confirm that it is, in fact, what the label says it is. He casts a shifty-eyed look around and very quickly crosses himself with his free hand before he gingerly adds it to his cauldron. The last thing he wants to do is have to go to the hospital wing to have salamander scales removed from his nose, or something - best to get this right. Hopefully. Ideally.

Arching a brow at Harry's theatrics - cleary superior to his own - Crane picks up the vial of blood that had been sitting near the center of his desk. He lifts the small container to look quizically at the viscous red liquid sloshing around inside, then carefully uncorks it and pours it into the cauldron. The resulting stench is enough to make him back away slightly. Disgusting. He fetches his wand again and gives it a light flick, causing the odiferous air to begin blowing away from him. The fact that it just so happens to blow directly *in* Stephen's direction is hardly his fault.

Zarina glances to the dungeon door with a sideways glance, narrowing as Harry storms through the door before looking back at her cauldron. Already the outburst far from her thoughts, she slightly adjusts her cauldron, making sure it never reaches beyond a simmer. Returning her attention to the book in front of her, she brushes her fingertips along the paragraph, reading precisely how much Salamander blood needs to be added and when. Taking the vial in her fingers, she looks back to the simmering cauldron as she uncorks the vial, measuring the correct amount before slowly adding it into the cauldron. Her other hand stirring the concoction so that it mixes evenly.

Cullen's face droops when he catches word of himself being the experiment. It does, though, make him sit up a bit. Where he'd been half paying attention before now he's actually attempting to measure things, knife clicking against to the side of cauldron, steady beat as eyes flicker from paper back to potion. Mei's call just gets one small grimace, the boy peeking up and toward his housemate.

Stephen finishes juicing the fruit and pulls a napkin from inside of his cloak and wipes the blade clean, replacing it in the sheath once through. He checks to make sure the cauldron is simmering properly before uncorking the vial of the salamander blood. He doesn't even offer Potter a glance as he continues seeking attention by making a scene in the classroom. Instead, he mixes the blood with the juice and uses his wand to begin combining the potion. Then, a scowl crosses his face as a noxious odor assaults him. Damn that Gavin!! He doesn't retaliate… for now…

Snape does contemplate subtracting points from Mei, but then the playing field would be even and it would defeat the purpose of having taken points from the other three house in the first place. So he simply stalks over towards her table, wordlessly taps the vile to compel the blood into a less viscous texture and then returns to the front of the class. Letting the students hazard through the instructions in the book.

Mei bows to Snape as he approaches, offering a soft word of thanks before starting to pour out the proper amount. She even goes so far as to count the last few drops to get it exact before adding it to the cauldron. Wand out, she silently begins to stir it, making sure not to accidentally touch the potion with the tip of the wand. Turning to the book she considers it once more and then nods before keeping the slow even motions going.

Antigone finally gets her mess of pomegranate juice sorted out, and turns to the book for the instructions about this salamander blood, though she can't get too far before Mei's request gets her attention. She watches this go down somewhat warily, and even if Mei doesn't lose points, Tig makes note to treat her own blood very carefully, not wanting to end up in that same boat herself. Very, very carefully as she adds it to her potion.

Ashley rubs some sweat from the back of his hand as he looks at the book for the next instruction. He doesn't proceed though, as the Professor has a habit of adding small steps that the books don't include. He looks ready to proceed, though.

Braeden finishes adding the salamander blood and stirs it in the correct clock-wise or counter-clockwise state as he focuses on the liquid within. He doesn't seem to make a big to-do of it, rather seeming almost tired with what he was doing. A glance down at the book next to the cauldron would bring him to the next stage in the potion before he chooses to look upward at Snape in waitful expectance.

For the time being, Crane focuses on making minor adjustments to his potion. Noting that the cauldron seems to be simmering at a slightly higher temperature than he'd prefer, he taps it again, causing its bubbling to decrease a little; he also goes picks out the few bits of whole pomegranate that managed to make their way into the squeezed-out juice, not wanting any impurities to make their way into the resulting brew.

Kyrie's own efforts in the brewing and stirring of things is definitely hampered by her sheer disgust at the stuff in her cauldron. The point-eared Ravenclaw seems to know more versions of grimacing than Calvin from the famous comic strip involving a stuffed tiger, and as always, Potions class is testing each one of them. However, she doesn't complain, just tries to tough it out.

Now that the concoction is mixed thoroughly, simmering, Zarina leans back in her seat slightly, waiting as her bright blue eyes look up to the Professor expectantly. Shifting her weight slightly, she recrosses her legs under the hem of her skirt, resting her hands in her lap once more as her soft fingertips idly trace along the hem.

Left to fend for herself to make the complicated potion, that would ruffle other students. But Hermione brewed the Polyjuice Potion all by herself her second year. A Strengthening potion really is nothing for her. Expertly, she mixes in all the ingredients and the burner, consulting the book, mixes in the exact amount of salamander blood and the powdered griffin claw listed - skipping the pomegranate juice altogether. Quite confident that her potion is correct, she's really just worried about how it will taste.

By this point, the textbook says that the potions should be taking on a vivid red colour with a particularly hearty scent - like butterbeer and fresh hay. Snape does indeed offer further instruction not presented in the book:

"Add in three counter-clockwise stirs and then let the potion sit," Snape adds, his tone and slight sneer seeming to dictate that this should be obvious to everyone except the most dim-witted students, "You will be testing them at the next potions class."

Oh, good. That gives Alton time to fret over whether he's done it properly or not. Glancing between his textbook and his cauldron, he furrows his brow and sniffs a bit, looking mildly worried until the added trio of stirs seem to turn things around. With a relieved sigh, he sits back and sets his wand aside. Let it sit? Can do.

Mei nods solemly, adding the very last ingredient before gently slowing her stir. Not wanting to stop and cause it to slosh, she waits a full half second for the liquid to stop moving before adding the stirs. Taking her time she doesn't move fast nor sudden, just stiring it in the opposite direction she had been going in before lifting her wand and letting the potion come to a stop of its own accord. Gently tapping her wand on the cauldron, she makes sure to keep the fire at a soft simmer, not enough to boil over, but by the same token not so cool that the potion will chill and the blood congeal. Standing she looks in, sadly noticing hers is more blood color than vivid read, but it smells nice, so that's a bonus.

There's a brief look of confusion on Crane's face as he stares down at his copy of the text, and then looks at his ingredients - the pomegranate and blood have not been added together yet in the cauldron, since he's still got the juice in his mortar. He looks somewhat suspicious about the extremely vague instructions, and adds the powdered claw - which presumably is also on his table - into the cauldron with the blood. The mortar is picked up, stared at for a few seconds, and then returned to its original position before the Slytherin makes the counter-clockwise stirs as instructed.

Antigone frowns down at the book, a bit confused since it doesn't say that - her momentary panic is that she's somehow been following the wrong page for some of this. But no, she's still on the right one. Still, she isn't going to question Professor Snape, and so just leans in to give hers the requisite three stirs - hesitating slightly between stir two and three. And then settles back on her seat to let it sit like she's been told. She keeps an eye on her potion, which isn't looking quite right… But she hopes if she just gives it a little longer, maybe…

She frowns a little bit, hoping that's what one would call a vivid red. It seems just a slightly on the dark side. Ophelia sighs. But she's not discouraged. She does the instructions the professor gives, before settling back away from it.

Ashley begins to stir his cauldron, but then reads the instructions again before glancing up. "Professor, I've seen this stirring pattern before. Wouldn't a clockwise stir between two counter-clockwise stirs increase the potency of the potion?"

Kyrie shivers once the teacher says they'll be testing next time, because whatever's in her cauldron is not fit for human consumption, or is it? Following the directions as best she can, she somehow survives the process without causing a Neville-sized booboo or getting anything else on her or her clothes. She squints at the text and looks at the pomegranate suspiciously for just a few moments, the juice still sitting off to the side, as she completes the verbal instructions and with a small poof!, something smells nice out of her cauldron, and it doesn't look like barf either.

Three stirs given, potion done for now. Or so Braeden seems to think by a look of interest in his eyes. Otherwise, he does what he needs to do for the mixture with a brief glance about the room and shifts back in his seat. He'd be waiting for Snape to dismiss the class from the look on his face as it were, a brief look at the door siginifying that, though beyond this it doesn't seem like he does much else. After all, they were done for now as the next class would be the finish of their potion.

Hermione's potion does look like what the page says. Stirring counter-clockwise three distinct times when the professor says so, she sits back and allows the potion to sit. It's a nice bright red color. And while it doesn't smell bad, nothing that's made out of powdered griffin claw can really taste all that good in her opinion.

Cullen's neck cranes, eyes sinking down to examine the color of the liquid he's created. That's not very red. "Piss." Words are a hissed whisper, a few more stirs made to the liquid in attempt to make it do what he wants. It isn't very successful. Elbows nudge a few students nearby, though help doesn't seem readily available. No way he's coming back to try this.

Stephen follows the instructions carefully to the letter, including the verbal ones given by the professor. He doesn't question why, noting that Snape's added instructions have always ended up correctly. He writes down on a piece of parchment the added details while stirring the mixture within his cauldron. He lifts his wand out and uses his handkerchief to wipe off the wand, interestingly enough, wiping it off underneath the table. He whispers a small charm while the business end of the wand is pointed at Crane's cauldron.

A *brazen* act, considering his position. He makes quite an effort to keep his lip movements to a minimum, almost mouthing the words instead of saying them.

Stirring counterclockwise, Zarina reaches with her other hand to turn the cauldron off, the slow simmering bubbles rising to the surface slowly coming to a stop. Still stirring, the Slytherin girl reaches for the small dish of powdered Griffin claw, already premeasured. The corner of her full lips tugs lightly as she lifts the dish over the cauldron and pours the powdered Griffin claw into the mixture again. She sets down the dish as she continues to stir counterclockwise. Briefly glancing up to the Professor, she looks to the potion in front of her, leaning forward enough to sniff at it, the smirk growing on her full lips as her nose wrinkles. Her sapphire eyes glance to the class, suddenly seeing the quick motion of a head turning. She arches a brow, though the smirk still remains on her lips.

"If you would like to teach Potions, Mister Wickham," Snape says, glancing over his parchment, "Then you'll need to pass your N.E.W.T.s first. Until then, I suggest you leave the instruction to Libatius Borage and myself."

That is all he has to add in that regard, apparently - whether the students choose to follow that little addition or not is no concern of his. After a moment, whether the students are finished or not, he waves his wand and the cauldrons begin to float away towards the shelves on the dungeon wall - along with the sprigs of hellebore they brought but did not use.

"For homework, two feet of parchment detailing the different properties of a boomslang including a detailed diagram."

Making some notes with her quill, Mei pauses to dutifuly clean her utensiles. She actually takes a while at doing it, not daring to contaminate the metal and stone with magic by using a scourging charm. Rather she uses some disposable rags which will be deposited in the bin as she leaves. Turning she stares at Ashley in a look that just DARES him to say another word and lose the house points. Bad prefect. No biscuit.

Well, the consistency of the liquid looks to be *about* right. It's fairly close to the described color - perhaps a shade less red than he would like - but the odor is considerably less noxious than it had been a few moments ago. In fact, it's started to smell somewhat decent. Pleased, Crane picks up his quill and jots something down quickly on a spare sheet of parchment, too distracted to notice the sabotage perpetrated against him. The cauldron - which makes a rather loud gong-noise, as if struck - vibrates quite a bit and then begins to churn out a stream of sluggish gray-white fume. The Fifth-Year looks up from writing to stare, appalled, at this spectacle, and then snarls, "Bloody hell."

Ashley is happy with the turnout of his potion - indeed throwing in the clockwise stir, but looks rather sheepish when Snape responds. He looks down, hastily scribbling down the homework before he begins to pack up whatever didn't zoom off at the flick of Snape's wand. He doesn't catch Mei's glare, but he didn't lose any points - no harm, no foul right?

And there goes a floating cauldron. Ophelia stretches and writes down the homework assignment. She's not too sure about her potion, but she just leaves it at that. If it backfires on her, she's only herself to blame. the gong sound gets her to turn around, looking for the source, and that's when her eyes widen seeing Crane's cauldron.

"Two feet?" Antigone echoes in a weak murmur under her breath. She'll never get all that done, and it's only early days yet. Still, there's no good arguing about it, so she just grudgingly makes note of the assignment. She's starting to pack her things up, bidding adieu to her pale pink concoction as it floats away, when there's the gong of Crane's cauldron, and she looks over with a little gasp to see that.

Stowing away her cauldron in the proper place, Hermione starts to pack up all her belongings. She won't be so obvious to mumble about Snape while still in his dungeon, but it can be assumed that as soon as she's out of earshot, she'll be gossiping with someone about the unfairness of his class. Not to mention the fact that as soon as she finds Harry Potter, she's going to yell at him for being so brazen to Snape. Really, sometimes she feels like she's the only adult here.

Kyrie blinks as the gong goes off and watches another student's hard work start pretending to be fog machines at a rock concert. "Tch," she mutters under her breath, while simultaneously being glad it wasn't hers. She begins cleaning up the mess left by her work in the class, still looking fairly well grossed out until the last disgusting thing is nowhere in her sight, or at least she can ignore it. She glances over to Ophelia when the homework is given out and sighs softly, scribing down the instructions for the homework so she doesn't forget. Except she just wrote that on a piece of sheet music she was going to practice later, and she sighs again, surreptitiously checking her watch.

Stephen beams on the inside when the loud sound occurs, JUST before Snape causes all of their cauldrons float away. But, with all the practice of a student who has sabotaged his peers in order to make himself look better for years, Stephen does not betray anything for the moment. He uses his wand to scourge the pomegranate juice and potion mixture from his handkerchief before folding it neatly and replacing it in his breast pocket. He notes down on the parchment the instructions for a report on the uses for boomslang as well. He sits back and then chances a glance in Crane's direction.

Braeden cleans his knife and otherwise as his cauldron floats away, watching it as if hoping it was going to turn out right. The color and smell was good, but who knew what could happen with potions. One reason he didn't like them. Beyond that, he looks back down at his things for a few moments before packing them up and rising after the announcement of the homework assignment. Two feet wasn't that bad after all.

A quick scribble in his notebook so that he doesn't forget the required homework and Alton can't help a relieved smile, partly because the class is just about over, and partially because the loud Gong of Failure came from a cauldron that didn't belong to /him/. He casts a quick glance towards Antigone and Ashley as he starts cleaning up his station, imagining that two feet of homework complete with diagrams may well necessitate a Hufflepuff Pow-Wow Study Session. Or three.

Lips twisted down in a murderous scowl, Crane begins to gather his things as the cauldron floats up - away - and out of reach and any hope of correction. He stuffs the various articles in his bag, and as a sudden thought crosses his mind, he shoots a suspicious look in Stephen's direction. The scowl deepens briefly before disappearing, and then the Slytherin student stands and picks up his bookbag, apparently having shrugged off the incident. For the time being.

Zarina glances up at Professor Snape, her sapphire eyes instantly down on her parchment as her quill writes down the assignment for the next class. Shuffling a new piece of fresh parchment on top, she also writes down the additional instructions that the Professor gave for this potion, being sure to include the specific details. Setting her quill down, she resheaths the knife, putting it in her bag before taking her handkerchief and cleaning her wand quickly. Carefully tucking it into her robes, she makes sure to dispose of the pomegranates remains in the trash, packing everything else in her knapsack.

Mei takes her time, finally putting her tools away. Packing the bag, she waits a few moments to let some of the others get ahead of her so they don't see what she's planning to do next. It's just a tad…well embarassing and could be seen as sucking up to the professor. So, for now she just waits a bit for the room to clear.

Ophelia finishes cleaning up and begins stashing her things. She stands up in order to make sure she got everything. A quick wave of her wand makes sure that any stray juice from her juicing efforts doesn't hang around.

Cullen's fingers make a last grasp at his cauldron, wagging back and forth before he slumps forward over the table. The boy lets out one small sigh, just shaking head before he begins to gather up his things, put them back in proper place and scoot backwards.

Snape waves a hand at the class, seeming to signify that they are dismissed. He doesn't go anywhere, though. He remains seated behind the desk at the front, making notes on a long roll of parchment.

Antigone isn't really looking to stick around here any longer than necessary, so once the wonderment of the smoking cauldron has worn off, she begins cramming things away in her bag, a bit haphazardly, trying not to leave anything behind. She casts a glance around at the others, her eyes wide, expression trying to convey 'thank Merlin that's over'.

Mei waits a bit for the others to mill about before stopping before the professor's desk. Placing her hands under her chin she bows reverently and speaks softly. "Forgive me for the trouble I caused with my incompetence at dealing with the simple problem of my ingredients. I will endeavor to improve my skills in future so not to be a distraction." She actually sounds sincere…though knowing her it's hard to tell. Not really waiting for a response the girl turns to leave.

Braeden hefts his pack up to cross over his shoulder with an odd look to Mei who was remaining. "Hm, seems someone's going to say thank you." He comments to himself in a quiet tone before turning away from his seat and drifting over to the departing students. He seemed quick to do so like most of the others though a suspicious glance is cast Stephen and Crane's way. Either way, it was the dungeon…and any self respecting Gryffindor would skedaddle, just as he'd doing.

Ashley finishes packing up his things, trying his hardest to not look at Snape as he does. Fully ready to leave, he slides off of his seat and moves for the door. He offers his fellow Hufflepuffs a sheepish smile as he exits.

Not really offering a response to Mei, Snape merely continues to fill out the parchment as the students file out. Another year of potions.

The 4th - 7th year Potions Class for the fourth week of April, 2009.

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