Portrayed By Haley Joel Osment
House Slytherin
Year Fifth
Position Slytherin Prefect
Sex Male
Race Pureblood
Age Fifteen
Place of Birth County of Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Date of Birth February 9th, 1979
First Appearance When Broomsticks Attack
Last Appearance

Character History:

Born in the long-time family home in the highlands of Scotland, Stephen St. Claire is the only child of his parents, Lance and Chastity. Born to Lance St. Claire, graduated from Slytherin House, and Chastity Moreland from Ravenclaw House, Stephen seems to have inherited many of the desirable aspects of both Houses. He showed an affinity for magic early, and both parents were pleased to receive his acceptance letter into the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry the year of his eleventh birthday.

Stephen's first year at Hogwarts was particularly uneventful after the Sorting Ceremony, where he was placed in Slytherin House. Pleased that his only son would be following in his footsteps, Lance St. Claire indulged in the boy's immediate fondness for flying by providing for him the best brooms that Galleons could buy. Other than that, however, his grades were above average but not extremely attention-worthy. He came home after his first year having made only a few real friends.

Stephen's second and third years at Hogwarts were similar, however his social skills expanded. Realizing that establishing more friends now would be extremely useful to him later on after Hogwarts, he made a conscious effort to include himself in more social circles, where his affinity for good grades made him valuable to those Slytherins who were not. He began to realize an affinity for Potions and Charms as well, practicing charms and curses until they became second nature to him. He tried out for the Slytherin quidditch team during these years, showing a small bit of promise as a Chaser, but he did not have the "killer" attitude famous amongst the Slytherin players. Deterred, he turned his attention towards Ancient Runes and Arithmancy.

Starting in his Fourth Year, Stephen is concentrating more on learning as many Charms as possible. His dream of working in the Department of Mysteries is still in sight, though his grades would probably ensure him most starting positions within the Ministry of Magic when he graduates. He is somewhat well-known in Slytherin House, contributing quite a bit to the House's point total. He has shown an interest in the Dark Arts, though more to satisfy his thirst for knowledge than anything else. With a wealth of knowledge compiled in his family's library that he isn't restricted from, he has gotten a jump-start on learning the more obscure methods of magic.


Proud of his pureblood and family name, Stephen blossomed socially after a few years at Hogwarts. Taking great strides to ensure his own contribution towards the Slytherin House, he does not pass up an opportunity to prove the superiority of his House and housemates academically and in other ways.

He is very competitive, doing whatever it takes to excel at anything he gives his attention to. This is evident in his love of Quidditch more than anything else, having taken great strides to become better so that he can play for the Slytherin team before he graduates.

He is loyal to his friends, but is not quick to trust just anyone. Once that trust has been earned, however, he will go out of his way for that person.

Other Information

Born and raised in the Scottish Highlands, Stephen has a very distinct accent.

  • Pet: Charon, a black male feline.
  • Wand: Cherrywood, 14-inches, with Dragon Heartstring Core.
  • Patronus: Lion
  • Specialties: Charms, Tests, Poetry


Significant People

Name Relation Notes
Bertrum Holmwood Close Friend Early rivalry turned friendship, they are often seen together during the year.
Cho Chang Rival Bitter towards one another, neither ever have anything positive to say to each other.
Antigone Atherton Acquaintance Bertrum's fancy, the two generally are around each when Bertrum is present.
Gavin Crane Rival Housemates, these two plot endlessly against each other to one-up the last prank played.
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