1994-10-26: Stating The Obvious


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Scene Title Stating the Obvious
Synopsis Remus pays a visit and checks in on Sirius.
Location Undisclosed Safe House
Date Oct 26, 1994
Watch For n/a
Logger Padfoot

It's early evening, dinner has been had, cleared away, and now Sirius is pacing the floor of the room he's assigned to. Every now and then he casts a glance out the lone window in the room and predictably sees nothing. Quite dark outside now and it doesn't help that he is sure the windows have been charmed to show him something completely different from what's actually outside. He stops mid-pace and eyes the current book he's been trying to read. He just can't focus. Doesn't help that it's a fanciful collection of tall tales for the wizarding world.

A few minutes later, there's a soft pop a good mile or so away as Remus Lupin appears near the house that Sirius Black is being kept in. Thanks to their dear friend Kinglsey Shacklebolt, he was given permission to see Sirius while he was locked up in an undisclosed location. As he approaches said house, no doubt the guards are alerted to his presence by some spell or another. As one guard appears at the entrance, Lupin pulls out a letter from his robes and hands it to the man. Once read over, Lupin is reluctantly allowed entrance and pointed to a bedroom that he is told Sirius would be in. He approaches the door and knocks.

Preoccupied with his own churning thoughts, Sirius isn't aware of the visitor until there's a knock at the door. Usually, there are visitors during the day, so after dinner has him a bit off his guard. Mood still gloomy and down in the moors, he forces a smile for Lupin. "Come to join in the fun, Moony? I'm afraid I've not got much to offer."

Lupin offers Sirius the tiniest of smiles. "Just your company is good for me, my friend." He pats his friend on his shoulder. "I can't imagine that this is easy at all. You probably feel like a trapped animal in here, day in and day out." Possible reference to his animagus form, perhaps? He looks around the room. "Still, this isn't the worst place to stay while you wait. Better than Azkaban."

"Way to state the obvious mate," Sirius grumbles as Lupin his the nail on the head. He briefly clasps Remus's shoulder in return, "I keep telling myself that. Believe you me." Taking care to keep his voice low, he asides to his old friend, "I've recognized one of my guards as a Death Eater." Hence the increased agitation.

As soon as Sirius states that one of his guards is a Death Eater, all else is wiped from his mind for a moment. "Who was it? Do you recall his name at all?" Comes Lupin's reply. "I'm working at the Ministry now, I may be able to get an in to this person." His voice is lowered as well, so as not to gain the suspicion of the guards.

Sirius scowls and shakes his head, "It's the Death Eater I overheard in Hogsmeade back in July. I never could place his name or face until he walked in here the other day. He was talking to Septima Milton.. now Falton. One of those socialites that dear mother liked to associate with." Agitated all over again, he tries to not pace. "He only gave his name as 'Ed'. It's bad enough the Ministry dislikes this setup, and I'm surrounded by people who would gladly look the other way during an 'accident.'" Accidentally on purpose.

Lupin nods ever so slightly. "Look, I work in the Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures now, Vampire Liaison division. That means, basically, it makes it easier for me to do digging around the Ministry. I'll find him and see if I can't get him transferred to another position for you." He states well enough.

Sirius chuckles in a mirthless manner as Remus explains where he's working. "That's got to stick in a few craws. Good on you mate. Although I'm not sure transferring him is a good idea. I'm still, as you succintly put it, trapped. If he's pulled to another location, he'll be replaced by someone else. They've all got a vendetta, and rightly so based on the information they've been given."

Lupin raises an eyebrow. "What's more, is I'm working for a Vampire." He chuckles and shakes his head. But now on more serious topics once more. "Well, someone else would be better than him I'm sure. Especially if they aren't quite…the same in all respects." He paces back and forth for a few moments now, "We may actually be able to get someone who is a tad bit more…sympathetic."

Sirius doesn't seem fazed at all that Moony's working for a vampire. "Never met a vampire personally. What's he like?" Padfoot seems more keen on latching on to something more neutral and not relating to the gloom and doom he's subjected to. But since Remus insists.. "Not bloody likely I'm thinking amongst the hit wizards and Aurors. If I had been more in my mind .. that day.. I'm fairly sure I might recognize further faces." Which would go over well. Wizards that took him into custody then, watching him again now.

Lupin shakes his head. "Alright…but you need only say the work and I'll get to work on it." He says kindly. "As for my boss, he's an interesting fellow. I believe he's the head of the Vampire Liaison office. Been a vampire for quite a while from what I can gather. Ichabod Noble is his name. We get along fairly well and, as it turns out, both have a dislike for Delores Umbridge."

Sirius settles down on the corner of the bed, having a seat. All to happy to discuss other things, he smirks a little. "Noble?" He barks out a hollow sounding laugh. "I wonder if he and Jack are any relation." Not too many Nobles in the wizarding society of London that he's aware of. Since you know, his mother made a point of discussing who's who, what family was good enough, and who were blood traitors, etc. "I can't imagine anyone in that department who would have a kind thing to say about that beast." Beast meaning Umbridge.

Lupin nods ever so slightly. "Yeah…he said they were 'distant relatives' when I first asked him." He says, smiling. "So, you know, that could mean he's Jack Noble's great-great-great-grandfather or uncle or something like that." He shrugs slightly. "But he's a nice guy. Haven't really met many vampires beside him, but he's a good one."

"Fascinating. I think I'd rather have a vampire or two as my ancestor than what I've got on my family tree," Sirius states in a rather sincere manner. The Black family tree would be less frightening that way. "Probably has quite a few interesting tales to share. Perhaps I'll get to meet the elder Noble once I'm out of this mess." While it's a positive statement, he sounds as if he's not too sure it will happen.

Lupin nods. "Yeah, he's a curious fellow. Owns a runespoor. That surprised me more than anything to be honest. Those are rare in the best of times." He chuckles and shakes his head. "I bet you anything you'll get to meet him. I'm going to speak at your trial, which is obvious I suppose, and I'm offering myself as both a witness to your character and as your friend as well as an expert on dark creatures like Dementors and the long term effect that they have on humans."

Sirius looks mildly impressed. "A runespoor? Not too many people dare to have one of those." Or at least those that are sane or not into the darker elements. "Moony my friend, I would be heartbroken if you weren't there. When Miss Maplewood can get in here, I'll be giving her names to call upon. She also needs to have the postmistress up to vouch that I was in Hogsmeade the day of the Cup." He suppresses a shudder when Remus mentions Dementors an the long term effects on humans. "Can't say I'm a shining example of their overall effect.. seeing as I had a slight advantage." Unable to harbor any happy thoughts to be taken from him for example. "Which isn't to say that I'm unscathed.." far from it.

Lupin nods at the impressed look. "Yeah. I was surprised. But, now I work in an office where the desk across from me is home to a runespoor while I'm there." He grins. "Not many can say that, can they?" He takes a deep breath in. "And of course I can attest to the fact that you stayed in one spot for most of the time…not that the Ministry will like hearing that much. But I'm a werewolf, they already don't like me all that much." He shrugs. "Dementors…if they didn't have some effect on you, I'd be surprised."

Sirius smirks just a little about the runespoor in the office. "Admit it, you feel a bit at home there Moony." Which of course is meant as no slight to his friend's condition. "If the Ministry cared about what happened to their prisoners, they wouldn't drop them into Azkaban to be at the mercy of the Dementors. I'd wager many of the Wizengamot don't know what goes on in there and don't rightly care." He also can't be the only innocent tossed away.

Lupin snorts lightly. "I almost feel as at home there as I did at Hogwarts." Which is actually saying something. "You know, you'd think in a case like this where they'd want the absolute truth they'd use veritaserum." He sighs lightly. "But of course, they won't, will they? They'd hate to know that they screwed up for thirteen years."

Sirius chuckles a bit, although there's little humor there. "That would make it too easy for them.. as for myself? Bring it on, least it would be over with faster." Oh the things that might come tumbling out of Sirius's mouth under the influence. Would be shocking, and more brutally honest than he already is. "They've already had their failures pointed out, and they'll drag this on as long as they can manage."

Lupin chuckles lightly as well. "Well, I've got to go. I hate to leave, dear friend. But alas, I have to be on the move." Gotta keep the Ministry on their toes, this one does! "But look, I'll come by and visit you again, okay? If you need anything, just let me know."

"A portkey would be nice," Sirius states quite bluntly. If his mood was depressive before, it's positively in the doldrums now. The visits are honestly appreciated, but they're almost teasing to the man. They're all too brief. "Take care of yourself Moony."

Lupin raises an eyebrow. He knows his friend probably wouldn't use the portkey even if it were made. "A portkey? Well…" He looks around. Yea or nay. "If you see door knob appear on the ground within the next couple days…" He winks and stands. "See ya 'round, Padfoot." And he's gone.

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