Staff Policies

This page will go over the expectations of conduct, responsibilities, rewards, and methods of addressing grievances regarding staff. It should be noted that the Staff members of ITF are all volunteers, we are not selling a product. We are here to create an enjoyable story with our players, as both facilitators and participants. We are here to keep the game moving and issues resolved in a timely manner.


Channel Behavior

Staff should be helpful and relatively professional on channel. Staff should not mislead players, mock people, or insult people on channel. Staff should, additionally, moderate channels and keep them on topic and non-toxic. Staff reserves the remove anyone from any channel for inappropriate behavior, described in more detail in Player Policies.

Player Treatment

Interactions from Staff to players should aim to be helpful and direct. While ITF staff are not paid professionals, there should still be respect given to those who have joined our community. Staff should not lie, manipulation, or intimidate players at any time.

Staff Treatment

Staff should show respect to other staff members as well. We are all in this together.

Honor System

As Staff, we have access to private character information and plot details not given to the public. As such, we have an obligation to use that information only when necessary for enforcing rules, writing plot, approving characters, and general maintenance of the game.



Staff members are expected to be around and active at least once a week. If a member of staff will be gone longer, it is expected they inform the rest of Staff, and post on the appropriate +bboard.


Each Staff member has different tasks they are responsible for to facilitate the operation of the game. Staff should complete these tasks in a timely fashion, and keep the rest of Staff appraised of their progress from time to time.

Name Tasks
Serpensortia Approval
Morsmordre Mechanics
Obliviate Building Requests
Riddikulus Icon Requests
Fidelius Newbie Helper


Requests from players should not sit without response, at least to acknowledge receipt, for longer than 72 hours.


In the case of players being unable to work out issues, both IC or OOC, staff may be called in to mediate or adjudicate particular issues. This should be handled with respect, and with as little bias as is reasonably possible.


Staff Incentive PCs

For their work in keeping the game running, all Staff members are permitted one PC that would not follow the usual chargen rules. They may have more points spent at character creation than normal, be a member of a currently restricted concept type, or somewhat outside the usual scope of the game. These PCs must still go through the usual approval process, have a fully fleshed background, and maintain Activity Requirements if they hold a leadership position. Abuses of this privilege may see the PC revoked.


Player Complaint

Players are free to submit complaints about the behavior of Staff. They may use +request to do so, or privately contact another member of Staff. Staff will ask for logs of the encounter and may have follow-up questions. Players should be treated with respect and good intentions during this process. Staff will then inquire about the situation, and run an internal investigation regarding the matter. Players will receive an explanation of Staff's ruling after the investigation has concluded. Once a ruling has been issued, we ask that Players do not fight with us on the matter, though reasonable clarifying questions are acceptable.


If a member of Staff should fail to maintain their activity, they may be removed from Staff.

Breach of Conduct

Should a member of Staff break any of these listed policies, they may be removed from Staff, lose privileges, or even be banned from the game depending on the severity of the breach.

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