1994-12-21: Special Delivery


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Scene Title Special Delivery
Synopsis There's a special delivery for Ron by a surprise arrival. Torment ensues, Bill didn't help it any.
Location Hogwarts - Great Hall
Date Dec 21, 1994
Watch For Rene
Logger Bill

After leaving the Three Broomsticks and an unscheduled run-in with Tonks, Bill makes his way up to Hogwarts. There's a lengthy box tucked under one arm as he walks leisurely into the castle. He looks around like a muggleborn firstie, almost, as he looks at things he hasn't seen in a few years. So it takes him just a little longer than usual to reach the Great Hall. Once at the doors, he stands there and looks into the room, a smile forming on his face before he glances in the direction of the Gryffindor table.

Well, if there's ONE thing Jacen excels at here at Hogwarts, it's making food vanish, and he's doing so readily. His satchel tucked between his feet, the MUGGLEBORN FIRSTIE snatches his second pastie at the Gryffindor table, scanning a shoddily-written scroll. When debating on whether to stay caught up with homework or food, Jacen decided mixing them wouldn't be a bad idea.

Mealtime. Ron's favorite time of the day, aside from when he's not in class, so really, it doesn't get much better than this. Shoveling food onto his plate, he begins to devour it, trying to eat as much as he can as quick as he can. He has a plan, you see, and that plan is to eat his fill, and then escape the Great Hall to flee to the relatively safety of the Gryffindor Common Room. Or perhaps, if he's feeling up to it, he might go for a fly around the Quidditch Pitch.

Lunch is always a good time. She's always eating anyway, so this just gives Angelina more time to do so. She is settled in at her normal seat with the House Quidditch team, right next to where Fred and George sit, on the other side of Alicia. Likely, this is the same set of seats that the quid team has sat in for decades. As the next set is moving on, the youngers join them in the seats, and it just keeps rotating. Her plate isn't heaping, but its substantial enough.

Ginny arrives with Siobhan at her side: it seems the pair had met up in the library, and headed to lunch together. Her stomach rumbles as the scents of lunch assault her nose, and she makes a beeline for the Gryffindor table. Over her shoulder, she gestures for the Slytherin to join her as she takes a place across from her brother.

For a moment, Siobhan appears torn. Sure it's not so much fun at her House table without Bean, Rene or Crane about - and she doesn't spy any of them yet - but she's not really sure of her welcome with Ginny's house either. When she sits across from Ron, though, Sio decides to join in. If she surrounds herself with Lions that don't hate her, maybe the ones that do won't be able to say much.

Not so fast little brother. No eating and running today, at least not just yet. Oh, now Ginny, that's just not cool! Bill's eyebrows lift as Ginny passes by. What is he, invisible? That's his cue to be mischievous in his own way. Moving forward from the door, he quietly follows after his baby sister and her… Slytherin companion. While some things here don't change, that /is/ unusual. Mindless of the stares he's probably getting as a non-staffly adult, he waits for Ginny to sit before, "Ahem," behind her.

Looking rather like a chipmunk at the moment, the blue-and-black haired Jacen looks up un genuine confusion as Siobahn sits at the Gryff table. Head tilting to one side, the Firstie swallows and looks ready to say something, when his whole speech is obliterated by the older Weasley's presence. Considering the extent of his experience with the family -thus- far, the dark-haired boy's actually quite interested to see how this all turns out.

A few first years file in soon, one of the last ones being Rene, who promptly aims for a seat down at the veeery end of his house table, decidedly away from everyone else for some reason. At least he does not seem angry, or seem shunned- the little Slytherin boy simply seems to want to sit alone instead of in the middle of chatter. Up until someone says something about Siobhan and Gryffindors, where he looks up for the source of the voice. Of course, only to be met with a rather perfect, fated view of the girl herself at the table full of red and gold. What.

When Ginny and Siobhan sit down across from him, Ron raises his eyes to the pair of them, eyebrows raising the slightest bit. A Slytherin sitting at the Gryffindor table during lunch? Do they want a fight to break out over mealtime? It doesn't matter much to Ron, as he's about to get out of here, anyway. Or maybe not. He catches sight of Bill, and surprise is written all over his face as he tries to say something, but there's too much food in his mouth, so he takes a moment to deal with that hurdle first, offering a wave to his brother.

When Ginny sits down nearby with a snakeypoo, Angelina looks up. She doesn't say anything. It isn't an entirely rare occurance. She just gives a faint smile before biting into her roast chicken. A glance up, however, makes her blink. "Because the school doesn't have enough Weasley boys here at once already.."

Ginny seems rather oblivious of the miniature uproar she's caused by asking Siobhan to sit with her. She's looking up to glance around, finally noticing her table's reaction, when there's someone behind her. "Ack!" Ginny's twisting around to see Bill, and she grins, the hand that'd begun to reach for her wand falling short. "Bill!" She cries with glee, jumping up to throw her arms around her older brother.

That 'ahem' - though masculine and at least two octaves deeper - reminds Siobhan so forcefully of the state dinner where she first saw the Pink Terror that her wand is in her hand before Ginny's 'Ack!' is even over. Oh, apparently it's not a strange - hang on… Squinting, Siobhan stares up at Bill, taking a moment to place the face. "You're Bill Weasley, aren't you?" It's a friendly enough question - if a bit redundant, considering the hair and the hug - meant to ascertain if this is indeed the Big, Scary Seventh-Year from her very first term at school.

"Nice to see you too Ron," Bill says with a faintly disgusted grin. Maybe Ron'll grow out of stuffing his face like this. "Brought you a gift from home," he says at his youngest brother, lifting up the box for him to see. Angelina's comment has him laughing, "We should have been born a little closer in years, then the school /really/ would have been in trouble." Really now, is it /that/ obvious as to which family he belongs to? "And hello to you Ginny!" Holding onto Ron's parcel with one hand, the other is free to wrap around his sister as she jumps up for the hug. The Slytherin girl has his brows lifting again. Looking past Ginny at Siobhan, he says, "Guilty as charged."

Another one? Rene's surprise can suddenly be heard from all the way over at the Slytherin table. "How many of you are there?!"

Shrugging, Jacen resumes his own stuffing-of-the-face ritual, which is nearly cut off in a blue-faced medical moment. Still chewing, the emerald eyed boy turns to stare across the hall at Rene, attempting a scolding glare, but coming out as more of a chipmunk-cheeked goof-off. Turning back, Jacen consigns himself to his food, apparently taking it easier on how much he's shovelling in.

Managing to swallow his food, Ron looks up at his brother for a few moments, but not before glancing in Rene's direction with a small shake of the head. There's still /another/ that a lot of these people haven't even met yet! They're the Weasleys, what can you do? "Bill!" Ron says, standing from the table. "What are you doing— a gift?" Eyes move down to the parcel, and he extends a wary hand to accept it from Bill.

Angelina grins up at Bill, settling into her seat more comfortably by swaying side to side. "The Gryffindor Common Room is plenty enough trouble with the ones we have now. Not that I have any problems with the Weasleys. We all seem to get on pretty well." She watches the siblings all greet each other, going back to her food.

Ginny grins up at her brother, leaning against him as she casts a curious eye at the box. "Whatcha got, Bill? Did Mum send you? How long are you staying?" Ginny pelts Bill with questions, her head quizzically tilted to the side. Her plate is temporarily abandoned.

Siobhan grins up at Bill, her wand being slid subtly back up her sleeve. "Siobhan Noble - though this lot calls me Sio. You were in the same year as my brother Mickey." Although all things considered, that particular 'brother' wouldn't have looked a thing like her. That box is eyed for a moment before she laughs. "That's probably your dress robes, Ron. I wonder if your mum went with that color we picked." As distracting as watching a boy get the equivalent of a dress from his brother is, there is FOOD on the table. Food must never be ignored. And so Sio sets to her lunch with a vengeance that rivals even Ronald's; shoving food into her mouth as if she hasn't eaten in days.

Bill looks over his shoulder in the direction of Rene's exclamation and grins. Turning back to Ron, he hands over the box, "Here you are. Straight from mum to you. I hope you like lace. Other than that, it doesn't look half bad. I thought it was for Ginny at first." Once he's free of the box he gives Ginny a smooch on top of her head, grinning down at her. "Just until the start of the year. Yeah, mum sent me." He drops an arm around Ginny's shoulders and nods to Siobhan, "Oh yeah? Nice to meet another Noble, Siobhan. How's Mickey doing these days?"

So many Weasley brothers. Poor Ginny! The only daughter? Rene eyeballs the Gryffindor table from the other part of the hall, blue eyes on Bill most of the time. Bill looks much older than Sio, even- so Rene is trying to go through in his thoughts how many other ones there might be. Goodness. He can't help but feel a pang of sympathy for Ginny at the same time.

Well, hearing 'lace' did what even Slytherin screaming couldn't. Remind Jacen that bubbly drinks are generally a bad idea in the Great Hall - or anywhere around others at Hogwarts in general. The blue-locked Firstie suddenly cries out in a slightly gurgly fashion and instant before he grasps either side of his nose, and smacks his forehead against the table as he attempts to deal with the impromptu sinus-cleansing.

Taking the parcel from Bill, Ron sits back down at the table, opening up his side of the box. He takes a peek inside, eyes the robes for a moment, and then he closes the box again. If it has lace, he's certainly not going to show it off. He'll be cutting that off back in the dormitory. Setting it on the bench next to him, he returns to his food, devouring it in a nearly mirror opposite of Siobhan. It would due to be careful and not get any finger in the middle of it. He looks down at Jacen, who seems to be having some trouble with his drink, and wonders if someone shouldn't help him.

Angelina watches Ron with his box. The peek in. And then the closed lid. Being that the twins are not here, it is her responsibility as one of their best friends to make sure Ron, who has been a particular git of late, is held accountable for his actions. And she has never been one to shirk responsibility. With a wicked grin that would make any Malfoy proud, she asks, "Hey Ron…what did you get? Show us what's there in that box of yours…"

Ginny glances over at the box. Lace? Her mouth quirks, and she gets That Look in her eye. There is something she must do - her duty as a little sister to do what all little sisters must do. In one swift motion, Ginny leans down, grabs a corner of the box, and pulls the lid off. The lacey conconction is revealed in all its glory. Perhaps Rene shouldn't feel bad for Ginny, but for her brothers.

"He's all right, Mickey is. Lookin' for partners to open his own shop with." Siobhan beams, pride and affection for her adopted brother eeking off her in waves. She's distracted first by Jacen's choking sounds and then by his hair. "Someone spell your hair, mate?" Hey, it's happened to her! The Box - and yes, it has earned those capital letters - catches her eye when it's revealed in all it's horror and glory. So terrified is she by the sheer amount of lace that her jaw drops. Her jaw drops so far that food falls back onto her plate; disgusting. "Merlin's saggy, smelly balls… Tell me that's not what you're wearing!"

"Alright over there?" Bill asks good naturedly of Jacen and his little plight. Ouch, that didn't look pleasant at all. "Oh before I forget Ron. Mum wanted to know if you lot were going to come home after the ball, and if you were going to have your friend come with you." Ron turning back to his food comes as no surprise, nor does he bother to chide him for it. (Others might.) Nor does he continue teasing Ron about what's in the box. There seem to be plenty ready to pick up the ball and run with it. Although.. the joke just might be on his baby sister this time. "Excellent. I'll have to pop around and tell him hello while I'm visiting. I've got a lot of people to catch up with." Siobhan's colorful use of language has him chuckling.

Clearing his throat, Jacen lifts his head, the watery eyes telling precisely what happened. Blinking off the last vestiges of carbonation, Jace head tilts at Sio. "My hair?" he asks, an instant before realizing what she was addressing. "OH! No, uh - It's- It's really a Skater thing." …as if that explains all. Then Ginny reveals Ron's shame, and his own hair's forgotten entirely. "…bloody blue HELL, Ron! It's hideous!!" Morbid fascination seems to be overriding his normal vocal caution.

Ron makes a dive for the box as soon as Ginny goes for it, but his sister is too quick for him. Scowling at her, he turns back to his food, eyes on his plate. There's no way Ron is going to let them win this. His cheeks turn the very slightest of red, and he continues to eat as he tries to speak casually. "I don't see a problem with them at all," he says, taking a drink of pumpkin juice.
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Melissa has just finished her lunch and now moves up to the part of the Ravenclaw table opposite the large crowd, to see what all the fuss is about. "Hi everyone," she says to the assembled Gryffindors cheerfully with a wave. "Oh, who's this?" she asks, looking curiously at Bill and adjusting her glasses. "Another brother of yours, Ginny? I haven't seen him around…"

Oh. My. "Oh Merlin.." Angie grows very still, looking at the robes in that box. Staring at them. But she, for one, doesn't laugh. She's too busy being absolutely mortified! At least Ron is going with Luna! She' likely say that lace is a ward against some creature that attacks only those that dance with red hair every fourth Sunday. But…GEORGE. Angelina's gaze lifts to Ginny, and then to Bill. "Please..please tell me that there isn't one of these for George?"

Ginny is rather aghast at the robes when she finally sees them. She covers her mouth with one hand, eyes going wide. "Um. I'm sure we can charm some of it off, Ron!" One minute humiliating him, the next offering assistance. A little sister in a nutshell. When Angelina poses her question, she raises an eyebrow, turning to Bill for his answer.

Staring in horror at that lace, Siobhan finally garners the presence of mind to swallow the food in her mouth and turn to Ron in sympathy. "Hey, mate… I've got this tailor friend of mum's… He could probably salvage it?" She offers, anyway. Wait… "Skater? Like… Those really odd kids who hang out in South London with their hair in their faces and their girlfriends' trousers on?" So the Pureblood's hung out in Muggle London; sue her.

Glancing over at Melissa as she approaches Bill looks amused, "Is it /that/ obvious?" He finally asks aloud this question about the family resemblances. "Now ladies, don't make that big of a fuss over Ron's perfectly nice robes." Frill free, handmade and not hideous. He had you lot rolling now didn't he? A little wave of the wand he had tucked away and the robes are just as Molly intended. Green, classic and something Ron won't be embarrassed to wear. Sorry little brother. He had to have some fun with you, that's the sort of grin he now wears. "Anyway, I should get out of here before one of the teachers tells me off. Ron, you coming home and bringing your friend or not? Mum wants to know."

"It's the hair," Melissa says with a grin. "Nice to meet you, I'm Melissa," she says, standing and offering her hand to the young man.

When the frill disappears, Ron can't help the relief that floods his entire being. Those don't look bad at all. Not the color he was expecting, but he must say he's relieved it wasn't gray. That would have been drab. "I'm coming home for the holidays, I'm pretty sure, but I don't think my friend is," Ron directs towards Bill, shaking his head slightly in amusement over the robes.

His /friend/? Ginny raises an eyebrow, and then a look of comprehension dawns. Ohh. His friend. She looks vaguely disappointed that Harry won't be coming home. "Where's your friend staying for the holiday, then?" Ginny asks in a Molly-like tone.

Siobhan - if asked - would blame her thought process (remarkably similar to Ginny's) on overexposure to the Gryffindor mindset. "You're comin' to our New Year's party, right?" She thought she'd extended the invitation to Molly, but couldn't quite remember. "Your friend could come too, if he's of a mind." The past week has vastly thawed Siobhan's opinion of that particular Lion, especially when he's being snarky. Looking around her, she doesn't spot the tell-tale hair. "Where's he at, anyway?" If the Ministry starts picking them off one-by-one, there'll be Problems.

"Gotcha, I'll tell mum before she pesters you in a letter. I'll see you lot when you come home then!" Bill then leans over to give his sister another kiss on the head. Melissa's given a grin and he shakes the firstie's hand, "Nice to meet you too, nice meeting you as well, Siobhan." Turning to leave, he looks a bit surprised at the invite, "I can. Mum and dad were talking about it last night, but I didn't want to assume or impose." Ron's given a 'hang in there' look before he heads for the doors and out.

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