1994-07-04: Sparkling Chocolates



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Scene Title Sparkling Chocolates
Synopsis Fred and George, attempting to make a new prank treat, wind up nearly detroying their bedroom. And bringing about Molly's wrath.
Date Jul 04, 1994
Watch For The casualness of the twins. Molly's temper.
Chronology NA
Logger Avada Kedavra

The Burrow

It's just another lazy summer Saturday in the Burrow and most of the kids are out of the house. Most. Two of them, can't imagine who, are still locked up in their room where they have been since school let out. Occasionally, the sound of something popping of spinning can be heard, but otherwise, the twins make no mention of what is going on. Not even at meal times.

'Lazy' and 'Burrow' don't belong in the same sentence where Molly Weasley is concerned. It's Saturday, so she's baking. She hums to herself, mixing the batter for the latest batch of biscuits, until she hears a particularly loud 'pop' coming from the direction of the twins' room. "Fred! George! What /are/ you dooing up there to cause such a ruckus?"

"Nothing mum!" Fred shouts, as the door to their bedroom opens, and then quickly shuts. It certainly doesn't sound like nothing as the spinning and popping gets louder and louder. Pretty soon there's a loud BANG and the door to the twin's room ends up at the top of the stairs!

"Nothing, indeed." Molly mutters to herself as she hears the loud bang. When she sees the door flying, she rushes toward the stairs, and takes them quickly, levitating the door out of the way. "FRED! GEORGE!" She hurries into their room to see if they're safe. "What /were/ you thinking?" She begins, but pauses to make sure they're alright before continuing.

Inside the small bedroom, decorated with posters of Zonko's, and Gamol's and Japes…Fred and George sit. Each on their own bed respectively. Between the two, the cauldron in which the apparently failed attempted at candy making sits, bubbling and sputtering. "Told you it was too much spark powder." George mutters quietly before glancing at his mum. "We were just trying to make some candy." he says, followed quickly by Fred. "For Harry's birthday, mum."

Molly looks at the boys, sighing, and then drops her arms, moving to hug George first, then Fred. "Georgie, Freddie, if you wanted to make candy, I could have helped you. But, bless you. Be careful, please?" She releases the twin, and then turns toward the cauldron. "Why don't you come downstairs and help me putting the laundry away for a while?" The expression on her face brooks no disagreement.

Fortunately for George, when he's hugged, none of the spark powder he was hiding behind his back is exposed. Fred isn't so lucky however, and his box falls to the ground. For a moment, both of them look dead at each other expecting at any moment for the box to explode. Spark powder is very tricky stuff. Very sensitive. When it doesn't, they shrug. "Alright." they say, standing up. At least they're not in trouble as they were expecting. At least not until Fred's foot accidentally taps the fallen box of power and BANG! The cauldron ends up stuck to the ceiling by the ring of gooey chocolate on it's rim. Guess the jig is up!

Molly's eyes harden and her temper blazes. "Frederick Edward Weasley! What /is/ that!? " Their mother pulls out her wand and summons the box down. "SPARK POWDER? This is a highly dangerous and barely legal substance! You could have been /KILLED/! You could have destroyed the whole house!" She's just 'getting into her stride'. "I am severely disappointed in you. /Evanesco/." She vanishes the substance in the pot, and from the ceiling. "George Septimus Weasley, don't think you're out of it either!!"

"Oh come on, mum!" Fred groans, trying to plead his case. "The Puffing Pastries were a hit last year." George nods and tries to help out. "We had to come up with something better for this year." he says, picking up the one lone chocolate that survived. It seems to be sparking around the outside of it. "Sparkling Chocolates. Only the finest shine." he adds, grinning. Of course, Fred is grinning just as widely, hoping the pitch might win them some favor. "Besides, it wasn't enough spark powder to blow up the whole house." George says, Fred adding, "Only the first two levels."

"There is a /reason/ these things are highly controlled!!" Molly says. "And those Puffing Pastries were a disaster waiting to happen. What if someone should get hurt? You boys have to /think/!!" She continues on like this for a while, and then finally runs out of steam. "Clean up this mess and come downstairs. You'll be doing the dishes /and/ the laundry sorting tonight. If you have nothing more productive to do than try to explode the house, I must not be giving you enough chores. I need to finish the baking, and start on supper." She storms out, levitating the door back on to the hinges, and uttering a quick /reparo/ before heading back to the stairway.

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