1995-03-28: Sorting Hat Mistakes


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Scene Title Sorting Hat Mistakes
Synopsis Library chatter.
Location Hogwarts - Library
Date March 28, 1995
Watch For The girls deciding the Sorting Hat must be senile.
Logger Jax

[HGW] - Library

Diffused golden light is given off by enclosed globes of flame bracketed to towering mahogany bookshelves, flickering into even the dustiest recesses of the stacks. Here and there, open areas are littered with open tables, each set with chairs comfortable enough to sit in for hours, should one of the students need to study that long. At the end of certain popular shelves, small end tables with decorative lace doilies offer non-functional stained-glass lamps. The librarian's table is set near the expansive doors, kept impeccable neat. Hidden away in the darkness to the back of the library is a roped-off section, a wooden plaque overhead reading 'Restricted Section: Do Not Enter Without Permission'.

The comfortable library is a popular place to study, and this afternoon is no exception; once classes are done for the day students can be found scattered throughout its tables and armchairs, poring over textbooks or indulging in extracurricular reading. Jax is doing neither of these things; the little firstie has a stack of books in his arms tall enough that he can't see over them and instead has to peek around the side, and he is trotting up and down the stacks re-shelving the tomes. His work is taking longer than it should due to the fact he stops to browse the texts when he stumbles across an interesting title.

Wandering into the Library, Mei slumps somewhat as she ducks around some of the other students. Her weight seems to come from the pack she carries, full of both books and notes. Picking a table she lets the bag fall to it with a muffled thwump, before she rummages about in it to produce those curious hard notebooks she writes in. Flipping a few pages, starting in the /back/ of the note book, she reads through the neat, if curious writing there. Finding where she left off, Mei nods and produces her potions book, flipping it a few pages around and starts to take notes. As an after thought she sits down finally.

Yet another student enters the library. Kelti pushes red curling lock back from her face as she scans the groups of students for someone she knows. Not finding anyone she is known to hang around the 6th years heads for a seat. Sliding her bag off her arm she plops it down on the table and lazily plunks herself down in the seat. Spotting Jax she gives the friendly firstie a wave and a smile.

Jax grins brightly when he sees Kelti, heading down the stack towards her and lifting a hand to wave back — apparently forgetting entirely that his hands are already rather occupied, because his stack of books tumbles to the ground. Apparently enchanted to be light enough for him to carry them all, they don't make a lot of /noise/, but they do make rather a mess as they spill all around him. Jax smiles sheepishly as he stoops to start piling them back up again. "Oops," he says, blushing. "Hi!"

Mei winces, ducking her head at the sound and uttering a startled cry. It sounds like she coughs, or then again curses, but she at least hides it. Peering around she blinks, expecting a Ravenclaw to have done that, dropping the books upon learning something particularly enlighetning. Spotting a firstie Puff though she groans and then hmms. Producing her wand, it's a simple wingardium spell that levitates the books and puts them away. Probably not in the right place, but away.

Kelti chuckles at the young boys misfortune and getting up heads over to help him gather the books up, "What'd you do to get stuck with this chore?" She asks as she reaches to pick up a book. All of the sudden the books are flying onto the shelves and Kelti blinks in surprise, looking for the perpetrator of this she spots Mei with her wand out and shrugs, "Well nevermind then." Kelti shakes her head and looks to see if they are in the right spot at least, nope, but not really her concern though a frown starts on her face.

"Nothin'!" Jax says cheerfully, "I just love the library and love books, so I like helpi— woooah." He looks alarmed as the books start flying away, too focused on them to notice who has done it. Alarmed and then dismayed, as they start reshelving themselves in the wrong places. "Oh, no!" A frown creases his brow and he starts darting after a few of them to catch them in midair. He surveys the shelves worriedly. "Ohnoohnoohno. I'm never gonna find all of the wrong ones now." He hugs the few books he did manage to catch to his chest, his other hand rubbing at his cheek as he sighs.

Sighing, Mei stands and walks over, looking up at the books before she holds up a finger. "Give it just a minute…." As she says this she waits, seeming to know something's coming. True to form it happens. A wonderful little charm on the stacks, likely placed there by the librarian, activates and the books rearrange themselves. "I spend so much time in here," she is heard to mutter before going back to her seat.

Kelti watched the book fly back and heads over to the shelves to grab the few she distictly remembers flying onto the shelf, "You sure your a huffle Jackson?" She smiles to him though after giving a mock quizical look in the young boy's direction. Then the books slip back into their rightful places and Kelti is left shrugging again and holding a few random books she pulled down, "Well why put them back in the right place ever then…?" She questions and her frown returns.

Jax looks down at his tie and then back up at Kelti. "Sure I'm sure," he says with a grin. "And I put them back in the right place cuz that's where they /go/. And cuz Madam Pince wants them that way." He shrugs. "No point in offering to help if I don't do it /right/, y'know?" He flicks a bemused glance at Mei's muttering. "I do, too," he replies with a crooked smile. "That's why I don't want to get on Madam Pince's bad side." Though it is rather unclear whether the irritable librarian has a /good/ side.

Mei laughs some and then asks idly "Does she HAVE a good side? I mean other than when she's making eyes at Filch…I swear, sometimes I think the two should elope and get married." Shuddering somewhat at the thought she then pauses before looking back at the two "I just thought about something. Do you think they are…You know…married?"

Kelti isn't the book-worm type and it obvious by her bemused expression, "Well then…wait does she have a good side?" She asks with a hint of amusement colouring her tone. Still holding her books Kelti just looks down at them and then back to the shelves, "So if I put them back up there /anywhere/ I don't have to find the right spot right?" She looks to Mei for the answers but is quickly distracted by the other girls line of questioning. "Oh no! Could you imagine the children, they'd be horrible…when you know can't judge a kid by his parents but still!" She surpresses a shutter and giving up on the book puts them down by the shelves, "I don't even know how to sort um if I had to." She waves her hand to indicate her questioning on books is finished.

"I bet their children would be lovely and sweet, just to shock everyone," Jax says with a quiet laugh, "but I don't think they're married. If they were, maybe they'd both be happier." He picks up the books when Kelti puts them down, holding them tightly /just/ in case they try to re-shelve themselves wrongly again. "They get sorted by subject first," he tells Kelti. "We're in History now."

A critical eye falls on Jackson before she nods. "Yep, yet another bit of evidence that the Hat's getting senile in its age. You've got Longbottom, who should be a puff, in Gryffindor, and now the firstie here who likely would be more at home in Ravenclaw." Winking playfully at Kelti, the chinese girl hmms "Maybe he's a spy!"

Kelti looks back towards Jax as she slids into her seat, "Oh no, I ain't sorting them." She jabs her finger down onto her backpack, "I got work to do, things to read other then spines." She winks over towards Mei and bobs her head in agreeance, "Oh my a Spy!" She gives Jax a mock look of horror, "You sure you didn't like bribe the sorting hat or something? Just so you could were this awsome shade of yellow with the rest of us badgers?" She gives him a critical once over and leaning back in her seat crosses her arms as she lets a 'hum' pass her lips.

"I'm perfectly at home where I am, thanks," Jax replies with a shake of his head. "There's nothing wrong with liking books. Besides, what would I bribe the Sorting Hat with? I'm sure it's got no use for money — and I don't have much of that anyway." He stretches up onto his toes to set one of the books back near its slot, watching with satisfaction as it floats up and fits itself into its home neatly. "It /is/ a pretty terrific yellow, though," he agrees happily.

Laughing somewhat, Mei just shakes her head, muttering something in her native language. Looking back to her notes she peers before looking to Kelti. "What classes are you studying?"

Kelti raises an eyebrow at Jax, "Idle minded to boot, this yellow does nothing for you buddy." She tries not to laugh but can't help it and lets a little giggle out. Looking over towards Mei Kelti shakes her head, "What was that?" A shift of her eyebrow again in question, "Oh yeah, Advanced Defensive Theory, alot of swill about being extra constantly vigilant." She taps her notes, "No really, it's actually a great exective to pick. What you working on?"

"Constantly vigilant?" Jax looks amused, and keeps his pile of books in hand as he goes to take a seat at Kelti's table. "Sounds like Professor Moody's line. — And," he adds impishly to Kelti, "I make this yellow look /great/."

Mei ahs and then wrinkles her nose thinking. "Well…roughly translated it means Over a long distance, you learn about the strength of your horse; over a long period of time, you get to know what's in a person's heart." Thinking some the girl hmms. "Basically, character is revealed over time. He's just a firstie, so he's got a couple years before we really know if the hat made a mistake." Smirking at the "Constantly Vigilant" comment, she ahs "Moody. You know, the professor who likes to throw chalk at students? In retrospect, my throwing it back was a bad idea…."

Nodding her head to Jax Kelti raises her finger to tap the cover of the book she just pulled out of her bag, "Yeah but it's Advanced, so /extra/ constently vigilant." Kelti is one who is apparently perpetually jolly in her own way and has to cover her mouth as she bursts into a laugh at Mei's next comment, "Oh no, you never throw it back. Could be all out war with that man." She gathers herself up again to stop acting like a first year and bites her lip.

"I think Moody's pretty great," Jax says brightly. "His classes are always exciting, anyway. It makes learning everything so much easier." He rests his books on the table, folding his arms on top of them. "I don't think the hat makes mistakes, anyway. I don't know why everyone acts like Hufflepuffs aren't allowed to be smart or like reading. There's people in /every/ house who like learning and take their classes seriously, Ravenclaw don't got the monopoly on /that/."

Mei smiles weakly, holding up one finger. "I did. Once. He intercepted it midway and docked me points…but he's not done it since." Shrugging she smiles some what. "Small victory yes, but one that I hold onto." Looking to Jackson she adds playfully "Now, no going out and snogging girls because you make the yellow look good okay? We don't need another kissing menace. One's enough as it is."

Kelti looks towards Jackson then back at Mei, "He's to young to be snogging yet at all. Don't give him any ideas though, we really don't need another." She turns back towards Jax and shrugs, "Alright you can like books. I'll let you." A wink, "But don't start getting all uppity and start thinking your better then anyone else. No snakey attributes for you young man." She wags her finger and smiles towards him, "But really Mei, he hasn't thrown it since? Maybe I should try that method."

Jax's nose wrinkles at Mei's words. "I'm /eleven/." He laughs and shakes his head at Kelti's finger-waggling. "I know some real nice Slytherins. Shouldn't let the mean ones give 'em all a bad name."

Shaking her head the girl giggles somewhat. "Don't. I lost us fifty points for it. Bad idea all around." Looking to her books she ahs some and then smiles. "I'll be right back. I left one of my notes in the dorm." Standing up she can't help but quickly walk over to ruffle Jackson's hair and then head out to the dorm. Adding before she leaves, she leans in to whisper secretly to Kelti.

Kelti nods her head at Jax, "Yrah your only eleven! So no snogging or I'll um…tell your mom." She jokingly threatens and then nods her head at Mei as the girl gets up to leave. Chuckling lightly at the whisper she nods her head in agreement with Mei before lifting her hand to wave the other girl off.

Jax's nose wrinkles at the whispering. He runs his fingers through his hair to straighten it after Mei ruffles it, his cheeks flushing pink. "Don't worry," he tells Kelti lightly, "I don't got /no/ intention of kissing any girls."

Kelti nods her head sagely, "Good, keep it that way. Then you aren't gonna break any hearts kid." She smiles and reaches over to ruffle his hair again just as he straightens it, well unless he pulls back from her hand, "So Jax right? I'm not calling you the wrong name right?"

Jax blushes deeper at the extra ruffling and gives up on trying to straighten it. "Jax, yeah, that's right. Short for Jackson. Never Jack. Jack is /terrible/." He brushes his floppy hair back from his forehead and grins, his nose crinkling with the wide smile. "I don't think I could be much of a heartbreaker anyway. Do /you/ break hearts?"

Kelti chuckles lightly and shakes her head, "Not lately, I'm just the chaser, not the beater." And really she is one of the chasers on the Hufflepuff team, "Heartbreaking ain't kind at all. No point to it, don't bother if you aren't up to the whole thing." She shrugs at her own confiluded advice, "So never Jack…now I have urges to call you Jack, not fair."

Jax sticks out his tongue at the older student. "I don't answer to Jack /anyway/. Only my granpa calls me that and he's sort of —" He squints thoughtfully at Kelti. "Well, if you called me that I'd just think of him all the time. Though you don't look much like him at all really."

Kelti wags her finger again, "Not don't make me curse you with a tied tongue." She winks and flips open her book with a loud bang on the table, yeah it's a library but Kelti isn't the most obserevant gal, "I hope I don't look like your granpa…I'd be a little shocked to find that one out."

Jax laughs. "/You/ don't know — maybe my granpa is really quite pretty."

Kelti lets out a ha, "And the firstie admits he thinks I'm pretty. Why thank you kind sir." She flutters her notes in front of her face like a fan and winks towards the young kid. A few people in the library turns to glare at her but she doesn't seem to notice a thing, just oblivious to the world around her, but always a part of it, that's Kelti. She puts down the notes and leans back in her chair, she lifts a foot to prop it up on the table but lowe3rs it at the last moment cause a glare is given directly from a librarian helpers, "Maybe not a good plan." She mutters.

"Well sure you're pretty," Jax says earnestly. He drops his voice to a hush and adds, "No, not such a good plan in here. S'posed to be quiet and not put feet on the furniture or Madam Pince'll have your /ears/."

Kelti does blush or anything but brushes red hair out of her face and bats her eyes to Jax, "I'll keep my ears right where they are thank you very much." She pulls on one and firmly plants her feet on the floor, "Damn rules."

"The rules are to keep the books safe," Jax replies with cheerful amusement. "From us vile creatures. We're the biggest threat to them an' they've gotta be protected at all costs."

Kelti lets out a to loud chuckles again, "Oh yes indeed. WE must be stopped from spilling, tearing or out-right destroying the precious parchment."

"S'true," Jax says solemnly. "Madam Pince is just carrying out her sworn duty as the defenseless creatures' protector." His lips purse thoughtfully. "Though some of them ain't /that/ defenseless. I've had a book try an' take a chunk outta my hand before."

Kelti nods her head, "Some of them are down right scary I've seen." She starts to get up, "But got a meeting with a quidditch field so catch ya later kid." She reaches over to ruffle his hair again and then stuffs her books in her bag and slings it over her back lazily before heading off out of the much relieved library.

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