1994-09-20: Sometimes You Just Need A Room


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Scene Title Sometimes You Just Need A Room
Synopsis Leaving after a talk with Trelawney, Harry runs into Ron and the two discover another Hogwarts secret.
Location 7th Floor and the Room of Requirement
Date Sep 20, 1994
Watch For Who goes for the food first!
Logger Harry

Late evening at Hogwarts, and most of the students are tucked away in their dorms studying or playing games. All except for Harry, having finished up a late meeting with Professor Trelawney in regards to his subpar paper on the five most misread omens. Exiting the trap door, he's torn between going back to the common room, or trying to find a place to use the mirror and contact Sirius.

There's another student roaming the halls of Hogwarts who has chosen to leave studying behind. He's more than likely going to hear about it from Hermione, but then Ron has never been one to do much studying. The most he needs to in order to get by. Even then, with all the wonderful help Hermione gives him, it's that much easier. Ron is currently standing beneath the trap door, leaning up against the wall as he taps his wand against his leg. He accidentally sends out a shower of sparks, which causes him to put the wand away. No need to draw attention to himself. Looking up at the sound of Harry exiting the classroom above, he grins up at his friend. "Heya, Harry," he says, stepping away from the ladder. "What day is old Trelawney expecting you to die by now?"

That's a familiar voice. One Harry knows all to well, and most likely they'll both hear it from Hermione. Though Harry kinda has permission. "Next week I think I heard her say." he replies, holding up the epic fail of a paper. "Said she won't reconsider raising my grade even though I pointed out to her how several of the the misconceptions are really misconceptions themselves." Sliding his backpack off his back, he shoves the paper in it, exposing the handle of the mirror enough that Ron could easily see it.

"Everyone knows Divination is rubbish, anyway," Ron says, watching Harry as he shoves the paper into his pack. "I don't think anyone will care too much if you get bad marks on a paper." Well, anyone excluding Hermione. That girl loves her schoolwork. Glancing at the mirror, Ron turns his head slightly to the side, eyeing it. "Is that a mirror? Trying to make yourself look pretty for the girls?" he says, the grin on his face showing that he's poking fun at Harry.

"It's a rubbish class that I've got to take." Harry replies, the response making it clear he doesn't care much for the class. As the mirror is mentioned, he can't help but snicker. "Actually, no. Padfoot gave it to me." he starts, glancing around and seeing the corridor empty. "It allows me to talk to him without having to send an owl."

"Oh, really?" Ron says, eyes widening a bit in surprise. He lowers his voice, just in case anyone happens to be around hiding and listening in. "That's really wicked, Harry," he says, grinning at his friend again. "How is Padfoot doing, anyway?"

Zipping the bag back up, Harry slings it onto his shoulder. "Totally wicked. Except, I can't use it that often. It's hard finding a place that I can go without being interrupted." A grin is tossed at Ron. "Doing well actually. Well fed, both him and his guest, thanks to Dobby."

"Good to hear," is the response from Ron. "Can't be the best life, on the run from the Ministry for something you didn't even do…" he continues, trailing off towards the end. He takes a look around, shrugs his shoulders, and turns to Harry. "Anyway. There's some studying going on in the Common Room that I am just dying to do," the youngest Weasley son says, the sarcasm in his voice very evident. "I'm voting for something else."

Harry was about to try and shush Ron, just incase someone might be listening, but his friend trails off. "Yeah, tell me about it." he replies, whether it's to the previous or latter is unclear. "That's what I was about to try and figure out. The last thing I want is a load of studying right now. I was kind of hoping to find a nice quiet place out of the way and maybe use the mirror. But I suppose we could see about nicking some food from the kitchen."

After a short moment, a doorway appears in the wall opposite a tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy.

"If you want to use the mirror, I can find someone else to go for a bit." Ron understands that Harry would probably want his meeting with Padfoot to be private. It doesn't bother him. What does bother him, however, is the door that suddenly appeared opposite the tapestry. He whips his wand out, turning towards it.. and then stares. "… Harry?" he says, glancing sidelong as his best friend. "You see a door there, too, right?"

"You don't have to. I can always use it in the dorms between classes like I have been." Harry explains, leaving out that he has to constantly stop for interruptions that way. "There's a what?" he asks, turning around to glance at the wall, where indeed there is a door. "Yeah, I see it. Wonder where it goes?" The last is said as he approaches it slowly, and starts to push it open.

"Hey, hey, wait!" Ron says, moving up behind Harry and reaching out— but he's already started to push the door open. Ron keeps his wand at the ready, held out in front of him, for anything that might be lurking behind the door. The last thing Ron wants is to stumble upon another Chamber of Secrets.

As Harry steps into the room, his face breaks into a wide grin. "It's ok, Ron." he says, over his shoulder. The inside of the room is done up like the cozy sitting room of a house. Strangely enough, the things Harry was just talking about are all embodied in the room. Including a table set up with a wide selection of food. "It's like…a room that totally knows what is needed."

Slowly stepping into the room behind Harry, Ron takes a look around before he reluctantly slips his wand back into his robes. "… wicked," he finally says, breaking into a slow grin. He steps over to the table of food (what else), and picks up a treacle tart. After examining it very closely to make sure nothing is wrong with it. He slow takes a bite, and swallows, after which he breaks into another grin, looking over at Harry.

Harry makes a slow and deliberate circle around the room. There's a large painting of some old wizard above the fireplace, which is roaring happily. And several soft, cushy armchairs scattered around the room. "It's more than wicked, Ron. It's perfect!" he grins, plopping himself down in a chair. "How's the tart?"

"Delicious," Ron replies, scaring down the rest of the current one and picking up another. He grabs one for Harry, as well, moving over to plop himself down into the chair next to Harry's. Handing the tart to him, he takes another look around the room. "You know Hermione is going to kill us when she finds out we blew off studying."

Accepting the tart, Harry grins and nods. "Completely going to go off for sure." he says, biting into the delicacy. "You're right….delicious. And I think she'll forgive us when she sees this." he adds, waving his hand around the room.

Taking another look around and settling into his chair further, Ron returns the grin from Harry. "I wonder if anyone else knows about this place… Dumbledore probably does, for sure. Most of the professors, probably, too."

"Oh, Dumbledore for sure." Harry agrees, sampling more of the tart. "But I wonder why it showed up now, and not any of the other times we've been up here during last term." Sometimes things are a mystery. "I wonder if Fred and George know about it?"

"They know about pretty much everything else in the school," Ron says, finishing off his second tart, and pushing himself up from the chair to go grab some pumpkin juice from the table. "They probably know about this, too. Is it on the Map?"

The map! Harry just so happens to have it with him and quickly rummages through his backpack. "Let's have a look." he says, unfolding the map and fetching his wand. "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good." he speaks, tapping the map with his wand. When it finishes appearing he scans it. "Right here! It's right here!" he says, pointing quickly to the map."

Taking a quick sip of pumpkin juice, Ron sets his goblet back down on the table and hurries over to Harry so he can look at the map as well. It takes him a moment to get the layout of the castle down, as Harry has looked at the map numerous times, and Ron only a handful. He looks where his friend points, squinting slightly to see better. "Huh," he says, looking around the room again. "Have you seen it any other time?" He glances down at his watch when he says this, and his eyes widen once he notices the time. "We— we might want to get back, Harry. I can already see the angry flashing in Hermione's eyes."

Downing the last bite of tart, Harry emphatically shakes his head. "Never. In all the times I've looked at the map last term and over the summer, it's never showed up. Until now." As mention is made of the time he nods again. "You're probably right. She's not going to believe this when we show her. Mischief managed." The last is said with a tap of the wand to the map again and the ink disappears. Placed back in the bag, he hefts it up and glances around one more time. "Come on, if we're lucky we won't run into and Prefects along the way."

"That's really weird… we'll have to come look at it again when we have more time. We can bring Hermione, too— maybe she's read something about it in Hogwarts, A History." Ron doesn't have anything to pack up besides his wand, which is tucked safely away in his robes. "I hope not," he says in response to Prefects. "Especially Percy."

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