1995-02-12: Some Catching Up


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Scene Title Some Catching Up
Synopsis Mei and Draco talk. Gifts are exchanged.
Location Covered Bridge, Hogwarts
Date February 12, 1995
Watch For The gift.
Logger Logged by Draco, posted by Ginny

A nice, if chilly Sunday evening finds Mei leaning on one of the bridge supports, staring off over the grounds of the school. Squirming some, the girl lifts her brush from her hair and pauses, looking at the simple plastic thing. Sighing deeply she goes back to her brushing, just watching out over the grounds again.

Draco has been keeping a very low profile since the episode with the Grim which caused him such embarrassment. He's scarcely even made trouble for Potter or the Gryffindors since that day. But here he comes now, wrapped in his cloak against the chill, heading in from the grounds towards the castle with a thoughtful look on his handsome face.

Mei spots the blonde boy and smiles. "Going to just walk past me without saying anything?" Her accent carries, even as she teases the younger boy. "Now I see how it is. You get what you want from a girl and then won't have anything to do with her…"

Draco looks up from his reverie with a frown. "Oh, hello." He doesn't sound particularly grateful to be interrupted, but he isn't outright rude to the Hufflepuff half-blood. "Why, do you want something from me?"

Snerking she gestures for the boy to come closer. "No. However I do have something FOR you." Cocking her head to one side the girl hops off the place she's perched, standing up before him. "I tried to find you around Christmas for the ball, but you'd vanished on me…"

Draco grunts. "You wouldn't believe the amount of girls who wanted to haul me into the ball on the end of their strings. I know it's the price to pay for being popular and well-born but…" He sighs, to show what a hard life he has to lead. "Nothing personal, honest."

Mei crosses her arms under her chest and sighs. "Draco." she says, using his first name perhaps for the first time ever. "Just close your eyes and be happy." Mei would then wait for him to do just that. Seeming to expect him to behave.

Draco gives Mei a look for a moment. One of those looks, as though he doesn't entirely trust her. Then he shrugs, making his cloak billow a little, closes his eyes, and holds out one hand, expecting Mei to place something in it, no doubt.

She doesn't place anything in his hand. Rather she drapes it over his neck. The object would prove to be a necklace of fine silver, with a modest sized jade decoration on it. Upon closer inspection, that decoration would reveal to be a rather sylized snake, with something in chinese characters down the back of the decoration itself. "Merry Christmas."

Draco drops his hand and opens his eyes, then squints down at his own chest. This doesn't give him a good view, still, and he has to lift the little jade snake up before he can see it properly. "Merlin!" he exclaims. "That's sweet… You must have spent galleons and galleons for that, you thumping idiot!" Despite this epithet he's obviously very pleased as well as taken aback.

Mei laughs gently and shakes her head. "Cost doesn't matter. I wanted you to have it and I had it sent from home. It's authentic. The back of it carries a chinese blessing. Sure it doesn't really mean anything, muggle magic and all, but I thought it was fitting for you."

A nasty look flashes across Draco's face at the mention of muggle magic. It's gone again in a second, but it's there long enough to see if Mei is watching him. "I didn't think to get you anything," he frankly admits, "but… if you like, I'll take you out next Hogsmeade weekend and we can go for a blitzkreig in Honeyduke's, my treat?"

Smiling she shrugs. "You don't have to. I'd love to yes, but you don't have to." Cocking her head to one side, she smiles "Don't you even want to know what that says?"

"I know I don't have to," Draco says superciliously. "But I want to. I believe in quid pro quo… you help me out, I help you out, yes? Okay, what does it say?" He looks at it again.

"Do not fear going forward slowly; fear only to stand still," Mei says with a small chuckle. "It means you shouldn't fear the future, just not living your life." Giggling the girl hmms. "Would you like to see a picture of my ball dress? I went without a date, but I did get a picture made…"

"I'm not afraid of the future," Draco asserts frankly, "but thanks for the advice." He speaks to the pendant rather than to Mei, cutely. "Sure, let's have a squint?"

Giggling, Mei produces a typical wizard picture of herself, holding it out for Draco to see. "It'd have been nicer if I had an escort, but there you go. Learned not to trust any Gryffindors that night." However she doesn't elaborate.

Draco takes a look at the photo, in which Mei is grinning at the photographer, clearly enjoying herself whether or not she had a date for the ball at the time it was taken. When the image sees Draco peer at it, photo-Mei waves eagerly at him and strikes a little pose. Draco raises one eyebrow. "That's quite some outfit," he remarks. "Hmm. Clothes like that, giving away expensive gifts to people you barely know… are your folks back home pretty well off, by any chance? What do they do?"

Mei ahs some and then leans back against the post she had been sitting near. "Well…" she says and then "My father is Junjie Huang. He's a potions master and one of the best known in the Hong Kong province. Papa has a shop and sells some pretty exotic things." Giggling she shrugs, possibly hinting that he's acutally a rather well off potions master. Plus if Draco might remember the near palatial style her house seemed to have…he ought put two and two together to get five."

Draco nods a couple of times, slowly. "I bet you do all right in Snape's classes, then?"

Nodding some, Mei smiles gently. "You could say that. Though I have bit of a temper. You of course heard what I did in professor Moody's class?"

"I'd like to hear your side of the story," says Draco; which is, of course, neither a 'yes' nor a 'no' to Mei's question.

Mei ohs and then shrugs. "Really simple love. He threw some chalk at me, so I caught it and threw it back at him. Would have drilled him in the forehead if he hadn't blasted it into bits." Smiling she hmms. "It was a bad day for me."

Draco doesn't smile back. "That man is an absolute disgrace," he says coldly. "He drinks, he curses — swears, I mean, not hexes people — although I sometimes wonder — never mind. He has no business teaching at Hogwarts and my father is working with the Ministry to see to it that he's replaced with a more suitable Professor. Don't you think it's shocking the way Mad-Eye carries on?"

Mei laughs softly. "To be honest, I've seen worse. They did after all have a werewolf professor at one point didn't they?" Sighing, Mei just shakes her head. "I won't get into it. I'm being nice today!"

"Not for long they didn't," Draco says hotly, "not after it came out about him anyway. I don't know why they don't give the job to Snape — he's so obviously the best man for it. Anyway… see you next Hogsmeade trip? I need to go find Nott."

Mei laughs and smiles. "Hey, be good you…" giggling she adds as she runs up past him. "Or if not, be good at it." Winking she playfully blows the boy a kiss before heading off to cause trouble. Or break hearts. Or both.

Draco controls a shudder at the blown kiss, and heads in to the Slytherin common room.

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