1995-02-17: So This Is War


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Scene Title So This Is War
Synopsis Death Eaters attack Hogsmeade while under orders from Voldemort to return Harry and Perpetua's bodies to the castle gate. Needless to say, they're met with some resistance and eventually must beat a hasty retreat.
Location Hogsmeade - High Street
Date Feb 17, 1995
Watch For Spells and snarls, death and destruction, and….exploding heads!
Logger Harry

Early evening in Hogsmeade is generally about the time most of the activity starts to slow down. Students are usually filtering back to the castle. Shops are starting to close up. It's almost always a peaceful and serene time in the village, when you can almost hear the crickets chirping.

Except tonight!!

The sounds of explosion echo from the road that leads towards the mountains and out of the town. The acrid smell of smoke starts to waft into the general area of High Street, causing a few people to sniff the air and glance in the direction of the sounds. A moment later there are sounds of screams, followed by a group of children screaming "Bad people!! BAD PEOPLE!!" And right after that, said bad people show up. Black robes, silver masks. Save for one who anyone from the Ministry would recognize as Fenrir Greyback. Death Eaters. And two of them seem to be carrying what look like bodies.

Having invited Christian down to Hogsmeade earlier for a drink and a chat, Sirius heads towards the Three Broomsticks. This is his break from searching, and later it's back to that for Sirius. The man's mood has been on an increasing downward spiral in the recent days, torn between rage and depression. The first thing he notices after arriving and heading towards the pub is of course the explosion and screams to follow. His wand is out and at the ready in an instant, and he's wordlessly charging in that direction. Wordlessly as in, he's not conversing, he's swearing.

One of these Death Eaters, carrying a body, strides into the main square and fairly brandishes an extremely recognizable form. It's one black tousled-haired male, wearing school robes. Whitmore stops, wand out in his free hand and scans the area for victims. The closest one of the small bunch of children gets a random stinging hex. Just because.

It's awesome to be free! Except he really hasn't been, because Peter Pettigrew is a coward. Sure, he's a Gryffindor coward, which seems to be a bit of an oxymoron - or just a moron, if referring directly to said Gryffindor - but he has his qualities. He knows he's useful.

But he's not with the group causing the stir. In fact, he's heard nothing of this at all, and - as the rat attempts to lick up spilled mead from a boot print - he realises that he's been left out of something again. Well, bother. What happened to being the Dark Lord's most faithful! Most revered! Most loyal and trusted! Ah, delusions. It's probably all that's kept him alive.

The rat runs toward them, nose twitching, until there's suddenly a man, stumbling as he tries to prevent himself from falling. "Wh— Why wasn't I told— Told what was going on?" he says, cringing toward the others - his allies - so no one accidentaly hexes him.

Having just left Holly's flat, Siobhan was headed back towards the castle. A basket of wolf plushie and chocolate is slung over one arm and she's limping back up towards the castle. It's not nearly as pronounced as it had been, but she's definitely favoring that left leg. Damn weak point. She'd almost made it through the central street when the screams begin. Startled, she whaps her wrist against her thigh and whips around only to come face to face with…oh hellDeath Eaters. The sight of Sirius rushing headlong into battle spurs her into action. The basket is dropped like a hot potato and she's running in the same direction, only with a slightly lopsided gallumphing gait. The sight of the tousled student body causes her heart to leap up into her throat. "Harry!" she yells, changing direction to head his way with a disarming hex sent to the robed figure standing over him. It doesn't seem to occur to her that the smart thing to do would be to run away.

And they say Slytherins are all cowards.

Moody is ever VIGILANT for a reason. However that reason did not take into account that someone would be exploding things right at the time he was in The Broomsticks in order root out students and get them on the train back to to castle. Everything in order and place-or damned near close to it. However to the sudden explosion the ex Auror, now professor comes stumping out from the door with a gaggle of students come spilling out behind him. Already the blue eye whirls right in the direction of danger. "Get back t' school an alert the head master!" and other professors would be right. And with that Moody moves to go against the tide. walking stick in one hand, and his wand in the other "Go!" barked out as he is moving. Wand at the ready, always. "Those.." the rest of Moody's words seem to roll out into thick swears and curses-that would do sailors proud.

The sounds of explosions and screaming cant go unnoticed for very long no matter how loud the chatter is. A young man in his early twenties by his look dashes out into the street, a wand removed swiftly from the mans sleeve. David looks on "Very bold aren't we." the Auror comments as he moves forward now as well. The figure placed upon the ground gets a pick up in the pace and than woah is that Moody no time though a quick pace towards the robed figures with the others.

Davie is among the kids who heralded the Death Eaters' arrival, and wisely hid in Zonko's, where he'd just come out anyway. He keeps the door open just a crack as he stares with wide eyes at the rampaging men in black. "J-jamie!" he squeaks as his friend is hexed.

Angelina was one of those in the Three Broomsticks lingering until the very last moment possible. Ginny is with her, of course, as they gossip about the brothers and school and Quidditch and whatever else it is two young ladies gossip about. They are just being pushed out the door by Moody when the chaos begins. For a moment, Angie freezes in place, looking at Moody. LOOKING at him. Didn't she just tell him?! With a shove of Ginny toward the castle, being she is underage and outside Hogwarts and all, Angelina yells at her friend. "GO! Get the firsties back to the castle! Don't let them stray." But she? Yeah. She moves up with Moody. Wand pulled out. So this is what war looks like?

Thalia is caught quite off-guard. She'd been in her tattoo parlor, setting up for the grand opening, when she'd heard the explosion. Rushing onto High Street, she stopped to gape. Well, she was not expecting this. Luckily, she doesn't go anywhere without her wand, so she's pulling it out and aiming a hex at the nearest dark form. That done, she begins to herd gaping children back to the castle.

Brian had been lingering on the street, debating whether to head for Honeyduke's or not when the explosion hit. He had his wand out only a second behind the adults in the street. Good thing, too, because a hex came flying at him and the kids nearest him from one of the Death Eaters as they stormed up the street. "PROTEGO!" It came out as a bellow … unintentionally. But the shield flared to life and the spell bounced off, giving Brian a few seconds to do more than go 'ohshit, death eaters!' and notice the people they were carrying. HARRY. Crap. And he is paying NO attention to Moody's bellow, though most of the younger kids are, racing for safety. Crap, crap, crap. What he'd told Moody not two days ago crossed his mind. 'Blast and run'. What the hell did you do when that wasn't an option? "Everte Statum!" He bellowed, aiming the shot at the nearest black-clad figure.

"Not now! Not now, not now," Neville chants to himself, more or less rolling around the snow. Gloved hands digging frantically through the mush of snow. Most of the area is tossed and mussed, making it obvious Neville has been looking for a while. Finally the purchase of a wand finds Neville's fingers. He tucks his wand close, half skidding away towards the castle on all fours before he can push himself fully up from the ground. He does, however, stop when Harry's name is yelled. The hesitant boy spins, cheeks red with the almost half hour long hunt for his wand in the cold.

With a snap and a pop, Christian appears in the street. He looks around and his brow immediately furrows. "Unexpected," He mutters as he draws his wand. "And no back up, this should be interesting." He steps into the street, pushing students out of the way. "Get to the Castle!" He calls, echoing Moody's words. "Get to safety!" He strides forward to meet the oncoming Death Eaters with his wand readied. He lets loose a stunning spell at the closest Death Eater.

Ginny is all set to follow Angelina's orders, beginning to gather the other third-years, when she hears Brian's bellow. Harry?! All bets are off, then. She spins on her heel, tossing a curt, "Get back to the castle!" at the children - why were they suddenly children when she felt to much older, yet they shared the same year? - behind her. Then she's pulling out her wand and running to stand by Angelina.

Having not noticed the black robes and the masks until he gets close enough, Sirius's heart damn near leaps from his throat. Death Eaters, he's battled before. That's not what has his heart stopping, it's what they're carrying. Two bodies, one all too familiar to him. He lets out a roar not unlike an angered bull, and charges straight for Whitmore. Mindless of everything else around him, he's charging, and silently firing a stunning spell at the Death Eater who dares to have their hands on his godson! Rage, white hot, is the only expression on the man's face. For the moment, he's oblivious to who else may be lurking under the masks, or Peter's presence. There's one target he's seeking and he will not go easy on them.

"Voldemorts orders, rat." Fenrir growls, his gruff voice showing no concern at all that the Master's 'pet' wasn't told about the plan. You don't question the Dark Lord's orders. "Maybe you should ask him. Stupefy!" The muscular man shoots a stunning spell at nearby shopkeeper who looked like….well, does he even need a reason? It's just fun!

Beside him, from behind a shiny silvery mask, and holding the form of a woman, comes a loud cackling laugh. The gaze is focused dead on Sirius. "Ah, cousin. Glad you could join us." she squeaks out, sounding almost like nails on a chalkboard. Yeah, cringe in fear. "Come to get back your little godson, did you?" The tone is just one of pure evil. As she laughs, Brian's spell hits the other female beside her and the other woman is thrown backwards. Bellatrix hisses. "You'll pay for that. Stupefy!" she shouts, sending a counter back at Brian.

Tiana had one more package to pick up from Scrivenshaft's. One more thing left on her list, and then she could go home. She almost made it. In fact, she made it as far as the door when the screams began. Years of training don't just…disappear. Dropping her packages in the doorway, she pulls the wand out of her robes - thankful that she wore boots today - and races towards the source. A sharp inhalation is her inital reaction; even she knows those masks. This inhalation brings a terrible, terrible scent to her nostrils. Werewolf.

Lips curling back in an unwitting expression of rage, she follows that scent to its source; Fenrir. Without even thinking, she slashes the air with her wand and yells out, "Crucio!" aimed straight for Greyback.

What? You mean this isn't the way your Aurors handle things?

David is focused closer to the battle "Get back to the castle." The Auror calls worried for the students safety. He watches as red bolts fly. He takes aim at a masked figure "Stupefy." the spell cast he quickly glances "Protego." and is just in time to save the shopkeeper before moving forward trying to keep himself aware of both death eaters and students

Whitmore easily flicks his wand and utters a quiet protego, blocking the stunning spell. "Come to get your young pup, you son of a bitch?" He calls loudly to Sirius. "Well, here he is…" He makes to lower him to the ground, but decides against it. Best to play with them first. Whit only gets to get out and play once in a while. His voice is spelled, somewhat higher than his usual timbre, and more gravelly. It's actually quite an annoying sound. Inwardly, behind the silver mask, he's pleased that the charm worked.

He gives a loud laugh, and throws a silent curse toward the recently released man.

Peter reaches into his pocket, fumbling with the wand there, before he's able to pull it out. He's here now. He might as well, you know…

…Hide behind the others. Which he does, getting into a position where someone else is gonna get hexed before he does. He's here, though! Do you see him, Lord!? Do you see him amongst your other Death Eaters!? He would have been here first! He would have, really!

That's when he notices that the other one they're carrying - the one that's not Harry - is the girl he kind of Imperio'd and led to the sub dungeons of the castle. Perpetua is very dead, and he does feel a little twinge of something that might be guilt. "Stupid kid," he says to her.

Oh, responsibility. The fear is actually an excellent motivator for Peter. He wants to save his own ass, and wants to protect his own so that he doesn't hear about it later. The sound of a Crucio reaches his ears, and he turns to the source, and he turns his wand to Tiana. "Locomotor Mortis!"

"Protego!" comes a should from back behind Sirius Off and to the left As his spell is fired to counter Bellatrix's aimed for a student. One of His Students. Leave it to Moody to not waste time in bringing the Calvary "Sirius Counter Left/" the bark of a voice continues before wordlessly one spell is whipped and fired off towards Bellatrix. A simple stunning spell if it lands. For an old supposedly crippled Auror-right now Moody would appear to be fleet of foot and all that. "Bloody students.." muttered "GET BACK TO THE CASTLE" order- yes. BUt then since when do Students at Hogwarts listen to their professors.

"Protego!" Brian yelled again. Between his own yell and Moody's, the spell doesn't even rock him on his heels. Brian looks over at Moody. Not a chance in HELL, old man. He'd never make it. Then, back to the Death Eaters. "Everte Statum!" He yelled, aiming into the main body of Eaters again, hoping to knock them down like ninepins.

You men and your macho silent curses…

Siobhan takes the more direct route, tossing a series of quick spells at Whitmore. "Confundus! Petrificus Totalus! Incarcerous!" Any one will do, really. All of this means that she doesn't have time to throw up a shield for her or Sirius, but she hears Moody's warning and leaps off her good leg to tackle the mutt to the ground. Helpful.

Neville is getting hustled and bustled about by a retreating crowd of people. It take most— no /all/, of Neville's willpower to not allow the flow of people to carry him away. He half heartedly fights it, attempting to get towards Ginny. "What's happening… Ginny!"

This gets better and better! "Bellatrix!," Sirius roars, managing to make the name sound like a snarled swear word. He doesn't turn to duel against her, or look her way. Her presence doesn't deter him from battling the monster who's still daring to hold Harry. His snarling of his cousin's name promises that he'll deal with her, later. "Flattering my mother are you?," Sirius sneers at Whitmore, his wand whipping across in a slashing motion, throwing up a shield of his own. Moody's barked command is barely heard over the roar in his ears, and he falls into line. Just like the old days, 'eh? Spell deflected, he's quickly throwing another barrage of offensive ones, meant to slash, rip and harm his opponent! No sooner, than they're fired off, he's finding himself tackled. He doesn't swear, he roars again, and tries to throw Siobhan off.

Christian runs forward as he prioritizes targets in his mind. "Stupefy!" He yells, launching a spell at Greyback. "How about you pick on someone who can fight back!" Does he even know who he's speaking to? The hitwizard stays mobile trying to draw the Death Eater's attention.

Little Davie now regrets his decision to hide inside. Now his only choice is to stay in there… watching. Is that girl… dead? The little boy's eyes are watering now… would his parents be all right? Should he throw Dungbombs at them? He thought that might be a bad idea, if they were killing people…

If this were any other situation, Ginny would feel the need to facepalm. "Neville," she turns to whisper to him. "Death Eaters. Harry's body." She gestures with her free hand to the aforementioned dark robed wizards and witches. And then, to drive the point home, "Bad. Very, very bad, Neville." She can't smile at him, not when Harry might be - don't even think about that, Ginny - but she does rest a hand on his shoulder, leaning forward and lowering your voice. "This would be a good time to try out the stuff you've learned in Defense, yeah? Just be careful." With that, she turns back to the crowd, crying out, "Expelliarmus!" as loud as humanly possible and aiming her wand at the nearest Death Eater.

Damn skippy Hogwarts Students don't listen! What would this world come to if they did? Angie flat out ignores the orders of Moody. He can give her detention every day for the rest of the year. Harry is here. Harry. With the Death Eaters. She grabs Ginny's arm, pulling her close. "Fine! If you're staying, at least stay close to me! PROTEGO!" And then, she aims at the Death Eater nearest her. "Expelliarmus!" Unison, Ginny and Angie. Its kind of creepy, a little.

Rolling off of Sirius with a grunt, Siobhan can't quite resist the urge. "Was it good for you?" she grumbles dryly, before clambering to her feet and casting a Protego over herself and Sirius while he gets to his feet. Oops, one from the side! She ducks and overbalances to half-kneel in the snow, hissing as the motion pulls on her still-sore calf. "Dammit!"

There's a loud bellowing roar as Tiana's spell intercepts with Fenrir. But amped up on adrenaline, and lured by the smell of another werewolf, it'll take more than that to stop him. "Is that all you've got, woman?! Cast it like you mean it!" he growls, pulling up to his full height and trying to look imposing. However, as the stunning spell hits, he's flung backwards into a wooden post supporting a balcony. That's going to sting in the morning.

The two extra death eaters, both hit by stunning spells, finally recover and get to their feet. The man, who was hit by Christian's spell, round and shouts 'Crucio!' at his assailant. The woman, just starts firing off stunning spells at random. As if she expects at least one to hit /somethin/g'.

Bellatrix cackles as Sirius finally recognizes her. "Finally put two and two together did you, cousin." she laughs, as she dodges an incoming hex. As her gaze shifts to look for it's caster, she spots…red hair. "Oh look, a Weasley! CRUCIO!" And yes, she totally means it.

Oh god. OH GOD. How did he not notice Sirius!? It's like he was seeing in tunnel vision or something! But there he is! The Dog Star himself! Peter has the advantage at the moment, though, because Sirius hasn't seen him. Delightful! Oh, this is just too wonderful for words, and Peter certainly isn't above hitting a man in the back, and he will do that especially if said man really hates him. A former ally! It's too bad that Sirius wouldn't be swayed by the promise of power and safety, and now, he's going to die. Because a fair fight is beyond Peter.

He has to leave the safety of his Death Eater nest in order to get a clear shot… And it's perfect, too. It's that feeling he gets sometimes when he's about to do something unparalleled by anything he's ever done before. It's a moment of clarity, where he'll end this once and for all. Pointing his wand at Sirius, he yells it: "Avada Kedavr— "

Let it be known that Expelliarmus is a powerful spell, and that Ginny just saved your life, Sirius Black. As his wand goes flying somewhere, Peter curses and goes to find it.

When the barrage of spells starts coming his way, Whitmore gets smart. He holds Harry out as a shield, and taunts them again. "Oh, go ahead. Send curses my way. After all, they won't hit me…" He starts moving to block the spells headed his direction, seeming to be able to pick and choose which streams of light he allows to hit the young boy's body. He chooses to let Siobhan's incarcerous hit his limp form. "See? I mean, after all, he is your savior, is he not?"

Sirius knocks Siobhan off and shoves himself back to his feet, "Don't you /ever/ do that again!" He's oblivious to a lot of what's going on around him, as he's pretty damned single mindedly focused on one target at the moment. Wand at the ready, he growls deep in his throat at Whitmore's choice in shields, "You bloody coward!" Hiding behind the body… he's not dead. He's been enchanted. That thought makes it easier for Sirius to focus on the fight. In the scuffle with Siobhan, and his blind rage, he missed that he nearly met with the green light. When he finds out later, Ginny will have his eternal gratitude. For now though? He charges at Whitmore, wand now at his side. Mid-charge, he takes on the shape of the large black dog, intending to attack Whitmore directly with teeth and claws.

Throwing up a shield spell with less effort than she thought it would take, Tiana glances Peter's way for juuuust a second. There's a wild sort of hatred in her eyes that means rat-boy has just earned himself a new place on her List. Happy Birthday, Peter.

When Fenrir taunts her, however, she openly snarls - hopefully everyone is too caught up in the battle around them to notice - and watches with satisfaction as he slams back into a nearby post. "Avada Kedavra!" she calls, jabbing her wand towards her fellow wolf.

Apparently that one, she meant.

A jet of green light leaves the tip of her phoenix wand and heads on a course for the felled Greyback. Unfortunately, a small child barrels into her and knocks the spell off course. With more ease than a human could, she lifts the child and punts him into a nearby snowbank. Let's try this again, werewolf.


Just like old days-just as far as Moody is indeed concerned. Hell the old days never died. As Sirius whips forward it seems that Moody is not hesitating either. Stump, and pivot as one Spell seems to slide over-or rather crash against a hastily thrown together shield which rocks him back in step for a moment. The Blue eyes continues to whirl about as he pushes himself forward-to take Sirius' flank at the right each spell that comes close being knocked away with a countering batter of a protego or aegis spell "Bastards.." Moody mutters as he hunkers where he is-till that Woman turns her spell off randomly towards one of the students and there it seems is Moody's opening. "Reducto!" comes the bark as he he fires off his spell towards the woman's hand. Ad there's a quick whirl as that walking stick points towards the Death Eater who has just rifled off a Crucio "Stupefy!" This is how that goes.

Ok, bastard … you want to use Harry as a shield? Try using him as a shield when you /can't hang on to him/. Brian just hopes like hell Harry forgives him, later. "Rictusempra! Tarantallegra!" He bellows at the top of his lungs, putting his heart into it … and aiming straight for Harry. Sorry, Harry.

Neville cringes, stretching his neck to get a look. "Harry," he says with a hushed voice. There is a fumble for his wand and Neville brings it out with an obvious shake of his hand. "C-confundo!" he stammers at Ginny's attacker. "CONFUNDO!" he corrects himself while leaning to bowl Ginny out of the way.

Christian throws up a shield at the last minute to deflect the Crucio, but is caught in the chest. He howls in pain and falls forward. With a beastial growl, Christian tries to stay up on his knees. "Damn fool," He growls under his breath. "Protego." He glances up as Whitmore speaks and narrows his eyes. "What was it that Dad said?" He whispers to himself. "Take your time…You've got all the time in the world…Wait for the opportune moment…" As he speaks, Christian brings his right arm up and over his bend left, resting it there for a moment like a pistol. "Stupefy!" He casts a stunning curse aimed carefully right under Harry and straight for Whitmore's knees.
GAME: Save complete.

There's a big black dog hurtling toward him. So, Whitore sets his cargo down, presumably right in Sirius' path, and steps away deftly, needing to keep from being knocked over. That'd mean defrocking and loss of his position and information. So, he gives Sirius the choice: either slow down and step on the now writhing body on the ground, or barrel right over the poor boy, adding to the probable bruises and contusions he's already acquired on this particular adventure. "There you go. Hexed by your own people, Black." He laughs again, the charm making it sound nearer to Bellatrix's evil cackle than Whit would actually prefer, but it has a use. A moving target is harder to hit, so as he moves, he just barely avoids the stupefy cast his way by the hitwizard.

Momentarily stunned by the pain the post inflicted on him (hey, splinters totally hurt!!), Fenrir recovers to find the green light of the killing curse headed his way. "Not today, you don't!" he grunts, grabbing the closest bystander, which happens to be a ragged old witch, and shoing her into the path of the curse. The woman immediately goes rigid and falls to the ground, eyes open in fear. DEAD. "Try again, young one."

Great, the Longbottom kid nixed her chance to torture a Weasley. "Hello, Longbottom?" he snarls. "Talked to mummy and daddy lately? I bet they're just full on conversation." But then, Neville's spell hits. "What the…why am I in..where…" Confusion for the win. But it won't last for long.
Angelina (Angie) pages: Okay. Are you emitting bellatrix?
Long distance to Angelina: Harry is indeed.

Glancing over at Sirius with a heavy scowl, Siobhan refocuses on the battle at ha - oh hey, there's a small, crawly-looking Death Eater over there… "Serpensortia!" she hisses, flinging the tip of her wand in Peter's direction. She doesn't have time to watch further, but there's a nasty-looking cobra headed for rat-boy. When Sirius charges the wizard and he drops Harry, she takes her chance. "Reducto!"

The young figure seems to give up on the students heading back towards the castle after all no they don't often listen. David moves forward now in a line to rain spells upon them along with Moody and Sirius. "Get Potter out of here when you can." it's a general call and though he doesn't know the boy personally there is worry in his voice. The boy who lived afterall. The unforgiveables being cast gets his ire quickly his, he casts a swift shield blocking one of the randomly fired curses, before moving forward with a flash moving to duel perhaps to save the students more trouble a stunner sent first

God… Damn… Snow! At least Peter managed to see where his wand landed. He picks it up, along with a small pile of previously mentioned snow. It soaks through his torn gloves.

But just as much as Tiana hates Peter, Peter feels this sense of chivalry that no one will ever know. It's skewed, sure… Given the fact that Perpetua was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and clothed him in pink, well, she had to die. But the other students who have nothing to do with this? Eh. It's not really about them. It's more about the fact that it presents an opportunity for him to turn his attention to her.

"CRUCIO!" is called back, as he gets into position to hide behind someone's house… "AAH. AAAAH AAAH COBRA!"

It hisses! It darts! It tries to bite him! And obviously, the presense of the snake is a little too much for him, because he points his wand at it and shouts "Die!!" before running back toward the main group.

Angelina spots the wizard lose his wand. Wow. "Good job Ginny!" She encourages the younger student, though she likely shouldn't. When Neville stumbles, however, and grabs for Ginny, likely taking them both to ground knowing Longbottom, she steps out in front to protect the other two. Her Protego is no protection against the spell of a Death Eater. With a scream of agony, and writhing, Angelina Johnson falls onto the ground right in front of her friends.

Whitmore's change in tactic does make Sirius think. Go after the Death Eater, or protect his charge? There's no contest. Digging his large paws into the ground, he skids to a stop and transforms back to himself. Not letting anyone else have the opportunity to get their mitts on his godson, he stoops to pick up the teen. Numb, he's numb to the reality around him. Ignoring the battle raging, Harry in his arms, he takes off running to cover. Whitmore is given a look that says, 'I will kill you later for this,' as he does so.

Ginny sees the curse coming her way. She sees it, and knows what's going to happen, and it all feels inevitable and time is moving so slowly and then - then, she's on her butt in the snow. In remarkably little pain. Her eyes open warily, and she seems to be.. okay? Neville is so getting a smooch later. But now? Now Ginny is angry. You do not make a Weasley angry. Just as she's about to fire a spell at Bellatrix herself, Angelina's scream splits the air. What? WHAT?! NO! Before she can stop herself, she begins to mutter every pain-stopping, wound-healing charm she knows at Angelina. But of course, nothing can stop Crucio.

And now the Eaters are getting it from all sides. Harry's out of their hands. "REDUCTO." Brian yells, aiming at the ground under their feet. Then, for the first time, he's moving, heading towards Harry's wriggling body. "Sorry, mate." He mutters under his breath as he edges towards that body, one wary eye on the Eaters, ready to scream 'protego' at the least sign something gets aimed his way. But then one of the other students goes down, howling in agony. Enraged, Brian bellows another "REDUCTO." aimed straight at the source of the curse that hit Angelina.

Christian scrambles to his feet. "Damnit!" He says as the curse misses. "Sirius, get behind cover!" The Hitwizard runs over to him, and tries to cover his retreat. "Incarcerous!" He yells, launching ropes at the Death Eater who fired the Crucio at him. He keeps himself positioned between the Death Eaters and Sirius.

Neville 's jaw suddenly sets at the taunt about his parents. His hand clenches about his wand and he begins to stamp in a beeline towards his confused victim. He doesn't seem to noticed the two downed female students, one in a particular Crucio-pickle. "Petrificus totalus!" he hollers in a strained, maddening voice. His wand is pointed, but his hand is now shaking so terribly that it likely misses. "Petrificus totalus!" he cries again, aiming wildly. His uneven stampede towards doom continues in the mindless anger.

When her latest Crucio is also a miss, Tiana tries something new, a slashing curse in something not quite Latin. A Romanian-Auror secret then, perhaps? Who knows. Following that is a "Confringo!" aimed for his head. Because blowing him up is exactly the right solution.

Rather than wait to see what the results will be, she leaps in his direction and lands in a crouch, grinning like a madwoman. "Does a cat have your tongue, wolf?" Her thick, Slavic accent falls oddly quiet in the midst of battle - just loud enough to be heard. She tosses a stinging hex his way then, just to taunt him.

This is fun.

Davie continues to watch in horror as the fight rages on outside of Zonko's. So many people getting hurt or killed… He feels like he has to do something, but what can an 8-year-old do? He has to get away… Follow his friends to the castle… While they're fighting each other, would they pay attention to him? He opens the door of Zonko's a bit more and steps out timidly into the road, ducking a bit. He starts to move down the road towards the castle, watching the battle in fright.

Whitmore was a Ravenclaw, sure, but he was married to a Slytherin long enough to know when a "Strategic Retreat" is the most feasible option. Besides, he got to do his part. So, he moves to hide behind something large, ducking and covering well. He smiles inwardly at the chaos around him. When someone walks by his hiding place, or runs past, he hits the poor soul with a silent tripping jinx. He may be in hiding, but he's not going to quit aiming hexes and curses, not if he's got a clear shot.

Someone remind Moody why he teaches? Either way down goes her wand as that hand becomes rather tiny, and with that a Stupefy is sent wordlessly off towards the Female Death Eater's chest to send her off, before he's looking off towards Fenrir battling with-someone

"Bloody hell.." A flick of the wrist as he focuses on in on Fenrir's arm and well th' side he's got a shot on "Incarcerous!" shouted out as a means to try an tangle of the werewolf. It seems professor Moody has forgone yelling at students to beat a hasty retreat to the castle. They have ceased listening to him at that moot point.

All the same Moody humping it on towards the congregation of Death Eaters. Why? He's got no reason t' fear there. The spell is off, and some damned Curse lands into his back, right as his eye whirls to where Whitmore was firing from. No time for a shield as the old Auror is sent sprawling for a moment.

And his curse misses. Not surprising, given the fact that he's kind of shaking now. Oh god, he has to get out of here. This was a mistake… He should have just watched. He's good at watching, and when the Dark Lord nees him, Voldemort will surely call… This mission was just for the peons. The little people. The ones that don't matter! Oh, a grave mistake, then. Peter's thrown himself into a battle he was never meant to be in!

Too late for him, someone's random spell, hits the backs of his legs and causes him to fall, a spray of red spreading over the snow. "Ahh— " he says, hands reaching for the wounds. He feels the warmth of blood rush over his nine fingers, and it stains the wood of his wand. Healing! HEALING! He stammers the spell, somehow managing to make it work enough to stop the bleeding. But, oh, that is so going to hurt later. It gives the snake the opportunity to catch up to him. Unfortunately, the only spell he can think of at the time is … Well, he points his wand at the Cobra and shouts "DENSAUGEO." It makes the snakes teeth grow. Sounds like a mistake, except for the fact that it throws the thing's aim off. Okay… Now he's totally getting out of here before anything else can go wrong. Might seem stupid to turn into a rat around a cobra, but hopefully it's busy enough pulling its fangs out of the ground to care. Peter skitters off in order to find somewhere to hide, and hopefully live another day.

"Lil' Neville Longbottom's gonna curse me. ON NO!" Bellatrix taunts, shrieking with laughter afterwards. "Protego." she utters, immediately nullifying Neville's attempts to restrain her. As she dances around the spells, it's like a eerily choreographed ballet. And then she sees Tiana's cast. "Greyback!" she hisses, shoving the nearest person towards him.

"Trying to explode my head, now, lass?" Fenrir laughs. It's a deep, throaty laughter, as he glances to see the person pushed towards him. Hey, human shield is good. Even if it is another Death Eater. As he yanks the man's arm, the gent looks and only has enough time for a split second scream before…yes…his head explodes and covers Fenrir (and immediate surroundings) in debris. "The Dark Lord thanks you for your service." he adds, tossing the limb headless body to the ground. With spells coming from all angles, this is quickly becoming an outnumbered matchup.


That cobra is delighted to have such an animated victim. It goes after that man like he were a…well, a rat. How ironic. Last time someone updated the database, 'die' wasn't a spell, so the critter keeps truckin' right along to see if it can sink fang into a bit of that fleshy-pudgy ankle.

Siobhan isn't that easily shaken, Whit. A bit like a terrier - a trait she gets from her mother, for sure - she is, once she sinks her teeth into something she does not let go. Following him through the chaos, Sio sees him duck into a hiding space. "Reducto!" she calls, aiming for the spot rather than the man. Closer she creeps, then, ready to cast again, should it be necessary.

Once behind the 'battle lines', Sirius still doesn't relinquish hold on Harry. He's checking over his godson frantically. "No," he whispers as he kneels, shielding Harry, setting the boy half on the ground, and half still in his arms. He repeats the word 'no' softly, as he aims his wand at Harry, "Ennervate!" There'll be a pulse, there /has/ to be. It wasn't supposed to go this way! Face devoid of emotion, he seems to be shutting it all off as he looks over his shoulder at the fight still going on. Stay with James and Lily's boy, or leap back into the fray and take down a few Death Eaters.. the decision is a difficult one. The other student they brought back isn't moving either, she's most likely.. he can't think it. Letting go momentarily of Harry, he stands to his feet, turning to face the battle, taking stock of those present, and.. "PETER!" Without moving from his guarding position, he fires off 'Incendio' at the rat animagus without a word.

Ah, Harry's off going to safety he also moves forward still trying to protect the students where David can. He continues his offense on the deatheaters but playing a defensive roll as well. His wand is moved swiftly a banishing charm followed quickly by "Incarcerous." both towards the figure of Bellatrix "Get back." this said with little hope towards the students. His robes are ripped and torn from flying debris as things keep getting blasted apart.

Whitmore's hiding place turns into so much rubble, and he is uncovered. That might give Moody another scar if any of that shrapnel hits him. Two — no, three pieces of the pile of stuff hit Whitmore, one of them even slicing his robe, exposing a dark suit underneath. However, the mask is still on, and he is mostly alive. His wand and eyes still also work. He's forced back into battle. He didn't start the casting, but he will do it now. He faces Siobhan and strides toward her, intent shining through his dark eyes. "You want to play, little bitch? Then, let's play. Crucio!" He aims the spell right at her, and holds it there.

However the lank man in black came to be in Hogsmeade is uncertain; though it is clear he must have appeared in the pandemonium. His face is etched with a hatred that is only illuminated as curse; jinx and hex of all kinds sail about him and light him up like some grisly fireworks display. His moves are predatory - not the practiced and patient gait of a teacher stalking school grounds but a man who can take care of himself when the proverbial hits the fan.
Severus Snape is there. His head low, his dark eyes narrowed and his wand clasped tightly in his hand. His arm rears back like a viper, wrist flicking forward in a deadly fashion as a sickly green curse flies into the fray - target or destination unknown. The hem of his cloak moves over the snow as though his feet have not sunk into it, swooping to one side with chiropteran grace as a headless body is flung down near him.

Tiana is now covered in brains. And blood. And quite possibly a shred of sinusoid tissue. Lovely. The worst part is, she can't even say this is the first time she's been coated in nasty, or that this is the worst she's been coated in. "Yours would have been less messy, little Omega," she throws out a wolf-like insult, referring to Fenrir as the lowest of the low in a pack's structure.

She's not done yet, though. So far, she's been able to keep Fenrir on the defensive and that is how she plans him to stay. "What is it they call you here… oh yes. Mutt. Crucio!"

Moody is rolling over onto his back for a moment. Leg legs somewhere in the snow, but it seems all the same. Whether he is hurt or not, given the blast it seems Moody is getting a quick bearing with his eye swivelling about. In time to catch Whitemore firing off towards another student "Stupefy!" which was meant for the other fellow, but this will seem to work-if he does luck out and hit Sio, he'll hopefully send her sprawling away from the Crucio lobbed at her. And its there, he's moving to a nub, and a half arsed kneel as that wand is pointed then towards Whitmore in a rather shaky Blasting curse rifled off. It'll miss, but the damage should be spectacular

Oh HELL. Moody's down. Albeit momentarily. And someone else is bellowing that damnable Unforgiveable curse. Brian is so beyond pissed at this point, he can barely see straight. Fortunately for Siobhan, he's close enough … "PROTEGO!" He screamed, pitting his shield against Whitmore's speed and power. Hopefully, it'll deflect at least /some/ of that. Brian may not like Slytherins on sheer principle, but /nobody/ deserves torture. Well, except maybe Voldemort himself.
David (Dav) pages: Are called shots easier for you to keep track of? Not wanting to cause more trouble with "The deather eaters." intead of picking one.

SCORE! Siobhan's Reducto lands just as she wanted it to and so, for a moment, she allows herself to be distracted by the sight of her cobra. Growing BIG TEETH. REALLY BIG TEETH. She raises her wand in the snake's direction, casting a quiet Finite to end the spell since the victim has disappeared. This, as we find out, was a big, big mistake.

Before she even knows what hit her, there is white-hot pain shooting over her nerves, rocketing through her bones and seeping through her organic tissue. She screams, there is no doubt about that, but it's less a human cry and more one of an animal in vicious, extended pain. Collapsing into the snow, Siobhan writhes and arches, face contorted in agony as her knuckles grip that willow wand so tightly that the muscles lock there.

Too slow to nail Peter with a spell, Sirius can't bring himself to curse or swear at the loss. If Remus were here, or Moody weren't otherwise engaged, he'd entrust guarding of Harry to them and join back in the fray. Neither is the case, so remaining on his feet, wand out, everything about his posture is /daring/ anyone to get too close. He can however, from his position, fire off shield spells and cast other defenses for the allies closest to his location.

No Ginny. Your spells don't help. But luckily for Angelina, Bellatrix didn't get to keep hold on her spell. Well, lucky, and thanks to a confusion spell from Neville. She isn't exactly jumping back up to get back into the fight though. A whisper is spoken to the friend over her.

Neville is flicking his wand as if attempting to swat at a fly. "Petrificus Totalus!" he repeats, unable to hit Bellatrix with his feverish strikes. This is, until, Neville is suddenly tripped by some well placed wand work. Neville finds himself face down in the snow and he coughs, gagging as he realizes how close to the Death Eaters he suddenly is. The Longbottom looks a bit bewildered, color now vanishing from his face as he peels it from the snowy muck.

Christian turns his attention on Bellatrix now. "You wanna torture someone bring it on bitch," He yells. "Get back kid!" The part yelled to Neville. "STUPIFY!" He launches a stunning curse at her, and moves over to stand between the death eaters as Neville.

Davie sees his chance to get to safety, having thankfully made it through with nothing but a little scrape on the knee from tripping once. But he can't resist a parting shot… He pulls a Dungbomb from the pocket of his ragged pants and lobs it at the nearest Death Eater, before running as fast as he could towards Hogwarts.

As his hand is momentarily entagled by Moody's spell, Fenrir howls and yanks, snapping the bindings. Waving his wand in an unspoken 'Protego', Tiana's curse is bounced off into nothingness. Whitmore is still up. So is Bella. Of the other two, one is dead and the other has a shrunk wand hand. Great. "Time to go! Why don't you come see me some time, lass" he snarls at Tiana." With a sneer, the hulking were-man disappears in a puff of black smoke. The female with the shruken hand follows almost immediately.

"Awww….did the lil' Longbottom hurt himself. Here, let me make it bett…" The raspy voice cuts off as she hears Fenrir's comment and watches two of the four disappear. Oh hell. "Perhaps next time then." she adds, glancing at Sirius. "Goodbye cousin! Perhaps I'll stop for tea later." Christian's incoming Stupefy is seen, but barely dodged and sends her spinning in a circle for several revolutions. When she stops, the man is shot a look that if it could kill he probably would be dead. "Next time we meet, you'll regret that." With that, she disappears in the same puff of black smoke. Leaving only one other. And if he knows what's good for him, he'll split too.

Whitmore isn't dumb enough to sit and hold an unforgivable curse on a student and let Aurors and other light wizards sneak up on him, or stride up to him and capture him. He holds the spell for another moment or two, giving another of those high, unnatural laughs. Then rather unwillingly cuts the curse off. When the puffs of smoke cause his brothers- (and sister-) in-arms to disappear, Whitmore prepares to do the same. However, in a fit of pique, he offers a two-fingered salute to those near him before he, too is gone.

This has not been Siobhan's week. At All. When Whitmore finally lifts the curse - after what seems like an eternity - she lays there in the snow, numb and shaking like a leaf. Within five minutes, the spasms reach her diaphragm, where they manifest as raspy coughs. Weak though the spasms are, they manage to cause the young blonde to jerk chest towards knees. She can't make any more noise yet - her throat is raw and gone from screaming. Bleary brown eyes force themselves open then, and the first thing she sees promptly makes her sick.

There is blood on the snow.

Brian curses viciously when Whitmore manages to get the jump despite his best effort, and sends an "Everte Statum" his way. Unfortunately, before it can hit, Whitmore bolts like the coward he is, and the spell hits what's left of the wall Whitmore was standing in front of. "Crap!" And then Brian is rushing towards Siobhan, to see if she's all right.

Ginny nods to Angelina, offering the girl a weak smile and a squeeze of the older girl's hand. "Thanks." And she follows Angelina's advice, casting Protego after Protego. A blue shield encompasses her and occasionally those nearby her, if the casting is particularly powerful. It's then that the Death Eaters make their departure, and Ginny looks around, baffled. What now? That's an obvious question. The very first thing she does is run to Harry, currently guarded by Sirius.

Christian scans the area with his wand. Nothing. "Clear," He says, mostly to himself. "You alright?" He says, turning toward Neville. "That was pretty damn brave, Son." He puts away his wand and continues to scan around the street.

Even if gone in smoke that Bloody Blasting curse is fired off in Whitemore's direction. Cutting through the smoke and hitting a hole of rather sizeable proportions through some poor shopkeeper's wall. Moody Eyes with a grunt as he is rolling back for a moment-hand reaching for his walking stick. "Accio, leg." called out as he is calling that bit of wood and such over. Still the blue eye whirls about, searching for the danger that could still be lurking. As such the wand remains held in his hand and kept at the ready-ever ready for a round two as it were. Eye moving and landing on Siobhan and a grimace is given "Bloody hell…"

"NO!" Leaping for the figure departing in the smoke, Tiana lands on empty snow and snarls. Even before her turning, she was rather known for her dogged pursuit of foes. It was something of a joke between her and her team. With Fenrir suddenly just…gone, she has no outlet for all of the Fight energy and fury that has overtaken her. Her nose is lifted slightly into the air and she sniffs for traces of the missing wolf, but there is nothing to be found. There is, however, one other scent that will do just as nicely.


And with that, Tiana spins on her heel and stalks towards the Potions Master, looking rather like Hel from legends of old.

As one by one the Death Eaters vanish, Snape lets a spell fly - whoever it was aimed at, it strikes a length of stone fencing which explodes violently and launches fine gravel into the air. The intended victim was apparently very lucky to avoid a gruesome death, and as Snape turns to look at where the impromptu battle lines have been drawn his inclines his head forward.
Beneath dark brows, ebon eyes stare out across the battlefield at where Harry has been dragged. His lip curls slightly, his knuckles whiten even more so as he clasps his wand and the tip raises just slightly. He stands alone, slightly apart from those who remain standing ankle deep in the bloodied mire. Even as he hears a familiar voice call out for him, his eyes do not leave the unconscious form of the Boy Who Lived.

With the Death Eaters gone, and Ginny heading for Harry, Angelina sits up slowly. And just sits there, really, for a moment at least. Finally, she reaches for her wand and pulls herself up off the ground. Slowly. She looks about, to see if anyone is in need of assistance. But seeing everyone is already helping Siobhan, and the others are taking care of Harry, she decides to just keep an eye out and lean against a building for a moment. She can at least send up a warning if they come back while everyone is cleaning up.

Neville looks anything but brave right now. "Wha—what…" he squeaks, starting to shake. Whether his sudden tremors are from the cold… or the nerves, Neville doesn't make it obvious. Neville lets his head dip again, his face plumping right into it's snowy bed. He's not exactly passed out, but the fourteen year old boy doesn't seem to have the concious energy to even keep his head held up. Neville for sure, at least, is in a deep shock.

"You'll rot in Hades first," Sirius snarls as Bellatrix parts. The family home, as hated as it is, it's /his/, and she's not allowed there. If he has to see to personalized wards and spells against her, he will. Death Eaters having gotten away, and he's not pleased with that turn.. he drops to one knee after pocketing his wand in order to pick Harry back up. Expression blank, he's going numb from the inside out. He's fine with Ginny rushing towards him and his charge. Sirius is now staring at Snape, eyes narrowing in a glare. Oh yes, there's accusation and deepest loathing in his glare at the potions master.

The Auror lowers his wand only after a moment has passed that the Death Eaters are gone to make sure it's not a trick of course. David looks back to the students angry that the enemy got away and caused so much trouble "We must get you all back to the castle and from there perhaps to St Mungo's" he is breathing quick from battle and dodging spells. "Death eaters here." he moves back towards Sirius as well. "Is he.. Okay?" he asks after a moment.

Ginny nods to David. "Of course he's okay. He's fine. Perfectly fine. Isn't he, Mister Black?" She turns to smile a brilliant and almost hysterical smile at Sirius. Her eyes are just a bit crazed as she kneels down next to Harry's body, leaning over to smooth the boy's mussed hair with her hand.

Brian does what he can to help Siobhan, mostly muttering words of reassurance as she reacts to the curse, and cleaning up the mess when she starts puking. "C'mon. We gotta get out of here." He's holding it together still, eyeballing the street in a manner that ought to please Moody somewhat, since he looks like he fully expects Voldemort himself to come out of the shadows any second now. And plans on hexing the bastard right to hell. "Can you move at all?"

"Go home lad," Christian says, patting Neville on the shoulder. "Get back to the castle and check in at the infirmary. Make sure everythings okay, and get some rest. You've done well." He sighs and walks over to Moody, he offers his hand to the Auror. "What a mess…" He says quietly.

Yes, Snape locks eyes with his old foe. His oldest surviving foe, at any rate. Face partially concealed by the greasy curtains of black hair that flank his pale features; he looks for a moment as though he may indeed raise his wand in anger. He may indeed strike. His lips part for just a moment to reveal crooked teeth, as though he will speak - but what words are they?
And then, the Potions Master becomes briefly insubstantial before his entire body turns to what looks to be black smoke - acrid tendrils creeping into the air. He disapparates in a puff of smoke, leaving only the faintest shape of himself in the air. A shape which is soon carried away by the chill north wind.

Sirius's glare fades as David approaches and he looks to the Wizard. He can't bring himself to say a word. Instead, he hefts Harry's body and offers a shake of his head in the negative. Holding his godson protectively, he turns and starts walking towards Hogwarts. Sorry Ginny, that he's pulling Harry away. There are no tears, just a face as white as a sheet, and a blank expression. She's free to accompany him if she likes. So is Brian. He won't argue.

"They were here." Moody mutters whilst putting on that leg of his. Once secured he is pulling himself up with a groan and a grunt. One hand coming up and brushing down his back, the pain there is something bloody awful. The other hand reaches and steadies himself on and with Christian's help. "Mess doesn't bloody cover it sonny jim.." Moody snarls before he is looking back towards where Perpetua is lying. The electric blue eye skimming over the body of the rather headless Death eater there. And that is where the DADA professor is lurching towards. A pause as he looks to the body and nudges it once with his good leg before spitting down. "Add students into the mix, and it was a bloody disaster.."

Ginny follows Sirius back to the castle, indeed she does. Shock, panic, and hysteria have combined to make her rather.. off. She keeps absently smoothing her rumpled clothes, reaching for her wand, untucking and retucking a strand of hair behind her ear. Is she.. humming? Just possibly. Isn't hysteria fun?

That staring contest between Sirius Black and Severus Snape is just…honestly it's a little weird. For Tiana - who doesn't know their history - it's doubly so. Reaching out to snag the back of his robes and haul him bodily to her, she ends up with smoke as the bastard disappears. "Dammit!" That…actually raises more questions than it answers and really doesn't help the blind fury that…completely drains out of her when she turns towards the shops.

There's a dead girl lying in the snow.

Disturbed that no one thought to grab her before now, Tiana moves towards her and scoops the girl up in her arms as if she weighed nothing. For a long moment, the foreign woman stares into the child's sightless eyes, and when she looks up, there is an unholy pain on open display. Clutching Perpetua tighter to her chest, she too begins the slow trek up to Hogwarts.

There is no rush. Funeral dirges are meant to be slow.

Neville rolls to his back after a few minutes, groaning not unlike a sick cat. His pale face has exchanged for green and he slowly—very slowly, picks himself up. "Think m'gonna be sick," Neville mumbles to Christian. The troubled boy begins to move after Ginny, gulping his own sick down and glancing back with his hand still held tight in his shaky grip. His lagging trail to the castle is stiff and sad.

After several moments of sitting, Angelina finally rises in silence. If there are any smaller students that come out of their hiding places, she herds them silently toward the school. And the look on her face, too pale for her dark complexion, doesn't allow them to really argue with her.

As Brian kneels down and talks to her, Siobhan shifts her gaze slowly up to his face. She tries her very hardest to phonate, to give him some sort of assurance, but she just can't. A curse from afar catches her attention and she turns just in time to see Snape disappear, just like Whitmore disappeared. Just like Fenrir and Bellatrix disappeared… "No, nonononono…." She hisses out that string of denials on a pained breath and the tears brimming in her eyes actually fall. Why is it that her entire world has to come crashing down at once?

"I..wh." the man begins at the look from Sirius, but he doesn't seem to be able to continue for the moment. David looks around. "Lets get back to the castle, i'll go back to the ministry and get this cleaned up.. after he removes his cloak going back towards the casualties left wrapping his cloakaround both his wand drawn and they raise completely covered at least to be taken inside the grounds to be identified later. He moves forward with the sad line making sure all students are headed that way

Christian turns to watch Sirius go. "I'll head back to the ministry," He says to Moody. "I'll have a company here in seconds. We'll resecure, and police the bodies." He turns to David. "You stay here and make sure things stay orderly. You and Mad Eye should be enough of a deterent against reprisal for now."

Brian hugged Sio to him, muttering quietly. "Shhhh, it'll be all right. C'mon, let's get inside, where it's safe." It feels wierd to be crooning reassurances at someone older than him … and a Slytherin to boot, but hell. She just got /Crucio'd/. Somehow or other, he gets them both to their feet, and, with Sio still crying against his front, gets them moving towards the castle at the tail end of the group, wand still in a death-grip in his hand lest some Eater decide to come back and have another go.

"Ackerman!" Moody, calls out from where he is standing with Christian over the headless fellow. There's that stumping sound of his feet heard as he continues, brushing by poor Christian, but them Ministry types will have a hell of a night for them indeed. One wand still kept in one hand. As for things, he is seeing to his students for the moment. "Head on back to the castle." Words-not pleased? Exactly, where as all the students performed admirably…There is a clear cut reason as to why when Moody yells run-you run. "Noble.." words are softer for the young woman even if gruff. "Come on now.." He's herding. Herding like cats back to the castle.


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