1995-04-11: Snogging And Daisies


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Scene Title Snogging and Daisies
Synopsis Conversations in the meadow on a lovely spring day.
Location Hogwarts Meadow
Date Apr 14, 1995
Watch For George giving Angie daisies….awww!!
Logger Angelina

Monday afternoon finds it another rare sunny spring day at Hogwarts. Amazingly enough, there have been alot of these recently. Angie is, once again, studying her tail off on a blanket in the meadow, laying in the sunshine while trying to memorize how many leaves plants have. Sounds thrilling, no? On the blanket with her, a plate of brownies, and a big bottle of pumpkin juice, half gone.

Spring already? The excitement over the winter made the season go by far too fast, but at least it's one step closer to summer vacation. George slips outside via the rear courtyard, sauntering down the walk to the meadow in a dark long-sleeved shirt and shorts - hey, no one said his fashion sense actually … you know, made sense! He heads to the meadow, knowing Angelina would be there because, duh, she told him. On the way, he bends down to snip up a few tiny flowers, coming up from behind Angie and flopping down. He holds the little daisies out to her, looking even smaller in his large fist.

Out to the Quidditch field comes another Weasley twin, not knowing anyone would be here himself, cause no one told him. Fred is wearing black slacks and a bright green t-shirt, blinding all who look upon it glory. Carrying his broom in one hand the almost adult lazily swings his other arm and marches his feet like an army brat. Spotting Angie, Fred raises his hand to wave but then sees George sneaking up behind her, "Oy, Angie there's a boggart behind ya!" Fred cries out with a twinge of horror in his voice. Then George is all sweat and charming which makes Fred's face contort in mock distaste.

Angie happens to look up as Fred does his little act, her brows knitting together before, boom! There is George. Awwww. He wins. Sorry Fred. She actually blushes, not that you can see it unless you're close, and dips her chin shyly as she accepts the tiny daisies. "Thank you, George." She looks left. She looks right. Seeing no one but Fred, she leans in and gives George a soft peck to his lips. Eww. PDA.

"Fred, you prat," George says, laughing, though he directs a glare to his brother before turning back to Angelina, all smiles as she gives him a peck. He stretches out beside her, propping himself up with his hands behind him, letting his legs sprawl forward - they're pasty and white and covered in red hairs, just like the rest of him. Angie and George make for a mismatched pair. The kiss would be longer, but there is a Fred present, who is cramping the moment. "What's the broom for?"

Fred raises an eyebrow and touches his free hand to his chest, looking around about him for signs of anyone else before saying, "Me? I'm George you fool." Then he winks to his brother and heads over in their direction. Lightly leaning on the broom, best not damage the lovely, Fred rolls his eyes at the kiss, "Well apparently I need to hit you two with it, but I was going to see if anyone out on the pitch. you know fresh air and all that."

One of the tiny daisies is separated out from the rest and tucked behind Angie's ear. A second one is tucked away and smooshed inside her huge potions book. The rest of them lay next to her, to be put in water next to her bed when she gets back. "I don't know if anyone is on the pitch. You can look. However, next monday. We're playing."

AW yeah, quidditch. One of the things that the twins are best at. "Can we not invite firsties again this time? Please?" He's yet to apologize to the one he smashed in the face with a bludger, and he's probably hoping Angie's long since forgotten about that. Fat chance. "I thought I saw a few people out there, but I don't know if they're playing or not. I just saw someone flying around."

Fred shrugs in a nonchalant way and the nods to Angie, "Yeah I heard. Got to be tip-top for the big day." Fred grins and raises an eyebrow to his twin, "Firstie…" He seems to have forgotten all about it until something clinks in his mind and he shrugs again, "Yeah no firsties, not much challenge there anyways." He stands up straight and picks up the broom in a sweeping motion. Saluting the two with his free hand Fred starts his military like march off towards the pitch again, though this time a death march is hummed under his breath as he goes, "Catch you two love-bird later. Be nice to him Butterfly." The marching is stopped as Fred makes a full out dash for it, no need to get stupified or anything.

"We have to allow the firsties, if they show up. Sorry. Just the way it is. Maybe this time, we'll do it differently. However, you can't hit the firsties with bludgers, either way." Angie sticks out her tongue as Fred calls her butterfly, shaking her head. "Does he do it just to be annoying, that?"

George nods his head emphatically, "Yep. As long as we're together, he's gonna pull crap like that." So it's best to get used to it now, rather than later. George looks relieved as Fred makes an excuse to leave, leaning in closer to Angie, shoulder touching hers. "Don't take offense if I sit this one out," he says grumpily. He's been in a bad mood ever since Dumbledore announced the Quad cup and the cancellation of some real, hardcore quidditch.

Angelina leans in, grinning, bumping his shoulder with her own. "Yeah, well, but it's gonna be okay. You and him and me. It will be. You'll see. It is already better. If calling me Butterfly and Princess are the worst I have to deal with…I'll handle it." She pouts a little with him. "What if I put you in charge of something…like…teaching a beater lesson?"

"Okay, so long as the lesson comes with a disclaimer," George says, ignoring Angelina saying she can handle Fred calling her cute names. She can handle it, but he can't. "There isn't gonna be any whining about being smacked with a bludger and they can go back to their dorms if they do." A TRUE beater never complains! He wears the breaks and bruises with pride, of course!

"If you need to hit someone with a bludger, hit me. Not them. The only thing they know of bludgers is what they saw in the first challenge in the fall. They are all terrified of them. Just try to put up with it? Next year, we're back to full on quidditch. And this summer….maybe I can have you up to practice with the team with me. If you want, I mean." Angie looks sideways at him, giving a tiny smile.

Wait, what? Practice with a real team? Seriously? Suddenly, George is trying desperately to control himself, shifting his legs and looking nonchallant. "I, um, oh. That would be, uh, cool. Sure, why not?" Maybe being a professional beater wouldn't be so bad, if a joke shop falls through. "Do you do that often? Practice with one of the teams your dad manages, I mean?"

"Not teams. Just team. Just the one. And he doesn't manage them. He trains them. And yes.." Angie gives him a grin. "They taught me to fly. Had me on broomsticks with them before I was even fully potty trained, I imagine. I practice with them, sometimes, as long as it isn't right before a big game or something."

Oh, right. In his excitement, George pretty much completely forgot about those details. "Well, sign me up then, I'll do it," he grins, leaning into her again and planting a peck on her cheek.

Angelina settles herself against George, closing her eyes. "Alright. I'll talk to daddy about it." Pause. "Er..he..sorta doesn't know I have a boyfriend. So I have to have that talk with him first. And .. he doesn't exactly know that I changed my classes either.." Sorta. Kinda. Yeah.

George blinks at Angelina, looking worried. "Your dad isn't the type to greet me with a shotgun or stunning spell, is he?" Last thing he needs to do is step between an overprotective father and his little girl. George loves Angelina, but even he doesn't wanna mess with that, magic or not.

"Oh. He is, yes. Absolutely. But mum will help. It will be fine." Angie gives him a grin. "Trust me, Weasley. I'll handle it."

Not looking too reassured, George stands and tries to change the subject. "Dinner's about to start soon," he says. "Coming?" He barely waits for her to answer, walking back to the castle, brooding.

When Fred comes back through from the pitch, Angie is still out here. It is starting into evening, and still, she lays there studying. George has gone inside, no longer able to deny his tummy and needing something to eat.

Fred heads back from the pitch with broom in hand. He is a little worse for wear with a few scuffs on his too bright shirt, but no bruising or cuts to speak of. Covering his mouth with a yawn the 7th year stretches out his back using his broom as something to bend over as he walks. He isn't paying attention to much but upon spotting Angie he switches the general direction he's walking in and heads over towards his twin's girlly. "Evening oh studious one." He calls out pleasently and flops himself down by her on her blanket without asking.

Angelina glances up from her book and grins as Fred flops down next to her. "Evening. I'm surprised you haven't gone in yet and gotten dinner! You and the other Weasley boys are usually the first ones at the table. I don't think you ever get full." She props her chin in her hand to look at him, chocolate eyes examining his face. "What do you think of Alicia?"

Fred shrugs his shoulders he answers, "Ah swipe some food earlier so not to hungry quite yet. I'll just go down to the kitchen later if I miss supper." Fred raises his eyebrow at Angelina's question, then raises his hand to make a so-so movement in the air, "She's nice I guess. Damn good chaser but I don't know." He answers honestly without to much jest, he did bug Angie to do this for him, "Does she have a thing for the F-man or something?" He can't help it.

Angelina rolls her eyes. "The F-man?" As she laughs, her head shakes. "I can't reveal that. They'd kick me out of the club I get to be in for being a girl, if I started telling who liked whom. Who is more your type then? Bell? Cho? Noble?"

Fred hums as he sets the broom does beside him gently and leans back, using his arm to prop himself up. "Well Katie's alright, Cho, no not really…" He hums and hahs not trying to make a big fuss but say, "Though Nobel, she is one very nice looking lady." Trying to be polite Fred does have a little bit of a brighter look in his eyes though, "Does she like me?" He asks almost expectantly but still trying to look nonchalant.

"Most definitely not. She has a boyfriend that is already an Auror, or something. He's like ten years older than her. You like blondes then, you're saying? What do you like about her that makes your eyes look like that which the rest of us don't have?" Angie watches his face, and points out quietly.."Or….do you like Noble because she's a snake, and thus, a bad girl?"

Fred blahs and shakes his head as he shakes a finger accusingly at Angie, "That was mean girl. You'll be as bad as George and me soon." He smiles though and leans forward towards her, "Don't know, she's just feisty I guess. I like personality, a girls gotta be able to snap back at me. No push over complacent girls for this man."

Angelina doesn't pull back when Fred leans close. "Feisty. Can snap back. Can put up with dating a Weasley twin." Her fingers drum on the blanket. "I'm not sure I know many girls like that. I'll give it some thought. Unless you have some you like?"

Fred hums and taps his chin as her contemplates, "No not really anyone not taken jumps into my mind. It's hard to find a gal like you Angie, George is a lucky boy." He winks to her and reaches out a hand to tap her on the head lightly, "But thanks for trying, I'll know when I see her I'm sure. Birds singing, trumpets playing, all that jazz. Just gotta wait and keep my eyes open I guess."

Angie sighs, just a little. "Awww. Come on Fred. You didn't actually like me. Not like George does. You just liked flirting and fighting with me. Like you do half the other girls in the school. And yes, you'll know. I've liked George…well. A long time. I didn't know he liked me, you know."

Fred chuckles and leans back away from her, "Oh fine you caught me Angie. Didn't have a lick of liking towards you're evil self for a moment." He chuckles a little to loudly, but it's hard to catch before saying, "But I do not flirt with half the girl's in school, some are just plain scary." He leans back further from her.

Oh. Yeah. That made it better. Not. "Err…right. Scary." Angie doesn't dare comment on the rest of it, ducking her head down some. "So…uhm. Any idea what dinner is supposed to be tonight?" See that bright, neon, changing subject sign over her head?

Fred asks one more question, "You know if that Tig girl in Huffle is single?" She just might be crazy enough for a Weasley Twin. Then food in brought up, "Well the house elves were working on some pot-pies when I was down there. So maybe we're getting those." He offers.

Angelina tips her head. "Atherton, you mean? Uhm..I don't know, rightly. I can find out, if you like her. If you want me to try, I mean. If you're interested and all." Pause. "Wait..if you get a girlfriend, I still get to come first, right?" HA!

Fred nods his head, "Yeah Antigone, gorgeous girl. A little bit of a habit of playing dumb but you can tell she's got to many wheels moving back there." He lament of her um…virtues. A light-hearted chuckles emits from his lips at Angie's next words, "You come first? Yeah sure. You fight that out with her."

Angelina awwws softly. "Come on Fred! I'm your captain! And I've been your friend for six years! Sure…you can't snog me. But still. I shouldn't have to lose my place as woman in your life just cause you get another one! I … don't like sharing."

Fred sticks out his tongue at her playfully in respond, "Well you'll just have to figure that out with whatever lucky woman catches my eye then won't you." He flips over onto his stomach gracefully and props his head on with his hands and waves his legs lazily in the air, "And snog you, not after last time I'm not trying that again. George'll kill me."

"Fred? Saying the word 'snog' in conversation is not necessarily an offer to let you do so." Angie sticks out her tongue right back, since we're all being so adult about everything. She lays down next to him, also on her stomach. "I'm being serious though. You and George..you are my best friends. And if I had gotten a boyfriend, that wasn't one of the two of you, you would have had to deal with him being jealous of our friendship. So just…promise me? You'll still get to stay friends with me, and we can still hang out, and she won't convince you I'm some witch in the employ of the Dark Lord?"

Fred looks over to her with a look of horror, "Wait you're a witch employed by he who shall not be named? Really, you been holding out this long?" He says trying to play serious, "I thought he wasn't hiring anymore." Then Fred hits himself in the head lightly, "Oh of course, better benefits." Her playfully shoves her lightly with his shoulder and says, "I solemnly swear I'll make sure you always got a place lady."

Angelina oofs quietly when nudged before nudging him back. "Good. Cause I'd hate to have to tell your new girl just where she needs to fit in with our group. We're going to all be close friends forever, you know. Because I say so. And I'm the princess."

Fred tries to ruffle her hair, "Yeah, you're the princess, Butterfly." He laughs and rolls over onto his back, crossing one leg over the other. Using his arms as pillows the twin closes his eyes, "So who we playing monday?" Quidditch, always a great topic, full of hitting stuff into people, good sport.

"AYYYY. Mind the hair, Weasley." Angie tries to fix her dark locks, grumbling. "The Butterfly thing is growing on me. But I think it irritates your brother." She likely shouldn't have told him that. "We're playing whoever shows up. And no hitting firsties with the bludgers. I mean it."

Fred hums and raises an eyebrow without opening his eyes, "George complain about me or something?" He asks light heatedly and turns his head to start the random picking of individual blades of grass. What to do with your hand when you aren't blowing anything up 101.

"Nope. Never said a word. I just imagine he wonders why I suddenly have a nickname." Angie grins, watching Fred. "You hungry enough to go in for dinner yet?"

Fred hums and pokes his stomach with a questioning look on his face, "Food I could go for. You sure Georgey boy ain't complaining about me?" He makes sure with a hint of worry n his voice, "You think I should stop the Butterfly talk? I just think it suits you really."

"Cross my heart." And, Angie does so. "I solemnly swear George did not complain about you. Promise. And I don't know that it suits me, really, but its cute…" Her shoulders shrug. "I don't think you have to." With a yawn, Angelina rises, then gathers her books and flowers. "Maybe I'll just go to bed early. I had brownies. If I eat dinner on top of it, my butt won't fit my broom."

Fred looks right as her butt as she talks about it, "Nah just more cushioning really." He winks and looks away quickly and starts to push himself up off the blanket, "What am I carrying Butter?" He grabs him broom and puts his free arm out waiting for anything she gives him like a statue.

Angelina motions. "Blanket, bottle, plate..if you can get them. I can get everything else. Let's go get dinner then."

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