1995-01-09: Sneak Attack


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Scene Title Sneak Attack
Synopsis Holly and Lupin are ambushed by the Ministry
Location Hogsmeade - Shrieking Shack
Date Jan 09, 1995
Watch For N/A
Logger Protego

She can't look out the windows, because they're boarded, but from what Holly can tell, it's dark outside already. The drop in temperature, which she wouldn't have noticed in a properly heated house, is all to apparent in the abandoned ghost house in Hogsmeade. There are plenty of blankets, though she still takes her wand out of her pocket and casts the warming charms that Lupin cast when they first arrived.

After that, a Lumos is cast, as she fishes around in her backpack for something to do. Finding a book, she pulls it out and pages about halfway through. She's deceptively calm, though, even if she's worried, scared about what the future might bring, and tired. Always tired lately. It's not as if staying awake will help her at all, but sometimes she just feels safer.

It's been a quiet day for Remus Lupin, and since he doesn't have all to much else to do, he's off to visit Holly. He needs to make sure that she's doing alright in the Shack. It's not exactly the most accommodating of houses. He apparates close to the house, as to not be seen, and slowly makes his way towards it. Opening the door slowly, he enters and closes the door quickly behind him.

Yet another night watching that stupid empty shack. Probably nothing to it, and yet the reports did suggest that the target might be here. One of many mights, probably another dead end of many, but still they had to check it out. She wasn't sure where the rest of the team was, probably hiding inside keeping warm, the sorry lot of em. It's the soft crack that brings her up from her thoughts, looking from beside the dustbins and shadows she's stood hiding in for the past few hours. "Now that…" she mutters softly, looking to the building and then slowly stepping out of the alley. "Can't be normal." A gaze is sent up the street and back down, looking for the rest, or more likely checking for witnesses. Quiet job this one.

Outside the Shack, there's a small observant task squad of wizards and witches. A mix from those belonging to the werewolf capture unit and hit wizards. They've been keeping an eye on Hogsmeade, on a tip that Holly may come back to the village. Surely she must have, the cat of hers hasn't been seen. This hunch and tip have paid off because now that the squad has been hiding around the village in different posts and keeping hidden, they've seen Lupin coming and going close to the Shack. Oh he's been a tricky and sneaky sort, keeping close to the building. Ordinarily that's a smart move when no one's paying attention to the Shrieking Shack, but now that it's been under observation? They've spotted the werewolf coming and going. There's no proof thus far that Holly's inside, but for now? One out of two isn't bad and the time is now to act. One of the wizards quietly returns to the village proper to get McDowell and others that are in the village.

Looking up when Lupin enters, Holly feels a momentary stab of fear - perhaps they've found them. No, it's just Remus. Even still, she points the wand in his direction, the light from the recent spell falling across him and putting her fears to rest. Closing the book, she shoves it to the side and stands. "Well, so far, so good, I think," she says, just getting the shortest glimpses through the open door before Lupin quickly closes it.

She has no idea there have been people watching. Maybe she should have, but this is all new to her. Holly is still of the opinion that people are mostly of a neutral nature - you leave them alone, and they'll leave you alone. She's not in the Ministry's hair, so why would they actively pursue her? At the same time, she can't help feeling like someone's watching her. She should go with her instincts. "I think we should head back to Grimmauld Place tomorrow," she says out of nowhere. "I think I've had enough time."

Lupin sighs and smiles softly at Holly, nodding to Lupin. "Yes, of course. Well, I'm not keeping you here. You've got your wand. I just wanted to make sure that you were doing fine, regardless. It can't be easy sleeping here. Or being here at all." He says kindly. "But it has certainly served it's purpose, hasn't it?"

Evangeline looks up from her post as she's approached. Turning she walks slowly over to where the others are gathered, hands in her pocket (mostly to keep warm.) "Target suspected" she asks idly, stamping her feet some to keep them warm "Or we just going on a chance?"

Eva is given a dark look as she approaches, and several gestures of 'Be quiet!' Once Evangeline is with the group from the Ministry, the wizard in charge gestures for the group to fan out and surround the Shack. While ordinary wizards and witches are frightened by the tales of this place, this is the sort of dwelling they've been trained to enter. The wizard in charge, Harrison, motions for Evangeline to come with him, along with two others. The remaining Ministry operatives take up vantage points and possible exits, covering them. Harrison leads the group to what is thought to be the entrance. He whispers to those with him, "We go in on my mark. Be quiet, we need to be stealthy in case they're both in there and expecting us. Priority is to disarm them, if they put up too much of a fight, we take necessary precautions. Remember, they're wanted alive."

"It's better to keep moving," she says. "Keep going from place to place. So yeah, it was good for a couple days." She lowers the wand again, the light from it dimming slightly now that she knows that she's safe, and that it's just Lupin. "You have the full moon coming soon, anyway. You don't want to worry about me being around here." Even if he doesn't come here. It's just the principle.

Lupin chuckles softly and shakes his head. "Yeah, I do need to figure out a place to stay during the full moon. I may come here but I'm not completely certain." He sighs softly. "I need to decide a place, really." All of the sudden, he pauses and tilts his head to the side. Slowly he holds up his finger up to his lips and motions for her to follow him. He'd be leading her to the secret entrance, if they get there before the team outside gets in.

Evangeline rolls her eyes and then nods. With a light flick of her wrist she draws her wand from her arm holder and then moves to "stack" for a silent op with the others. Waiting for the cue, or someone to breach the door, she keeps both out of sight, and out of the way. Don't need to lose any fingers, toes, or other important body parts due to being in the line of fire.

Harrison gives the signal, and several wizards in front blast at the door, knocking it off the hinges. Once that's out of the way, Harrison signals for Evangeline to rush in ahead of him. Since Lupin was the one that was seen going inside, he calls out, "Remus John Lupin, you are under arrest by order of the Minister. Surrender yourself, or this will just be harder for everyone." There's no need to state the obvious, about using force if they have to. Considering the size of the Shack, the group doesn't take long to cover little interior ground.

"Part of the legislation in the US was helping werewolvves find safe places to stay," she says. Emphasis on help, because it wasn't forced, like it is here. That's the way to do it. Treat people with dignity, and… Well, like people. "I— " When Lupin indicates silence, she looks at him in confusion, though she still obliges. Wand still out, she fights down the stomach-dropping feeling that keeps hitting her lately, and quickly follows.

When she's close enough to Lupin, she asks, "Did you hear something?" in a voice barely above a whisper.

And that's about when the Goons blast in the door.

Holly's not great with her defense magic, but she knows enough to do one thing, at least, when she sees them. Turning, raising her wand - on which the light dies, as she does so - she casts an "Expelliarmus!" One wizard without a wand is one less they'll have to fight off. Maybe not the best idea, but she was already on edge.

Evangeline rolls around the door, her wand coming up as she tries to stay low and out of the firing line. Experience warning her not to cross the streams, as that would be bad. Very bad. Not even waiting to see if he surrenders, she would fire an Expelliarmus spell at the first humanoid looking creature that either moved, or didn't. In any case, it's a target.

Lupin merely gives Holly an abrupt nod as he motions once more for her to follow him. But as the door is blasted open, he spins around. There's a soft sigh of annoyance. There's a brief millisecond of confusion about why they'd want him, but he doesn't have time to consider all reason. He's not leaving without probable cause. But then, of course, it occurs to him. Holly is, of course, considered a criminal despite being otherwise. He should really protect her. A well aimed and quick shot is sent towards the first person he sees. The effect, if it hits them, would cause them to go sprawling.

One wizard does find himself disarmed, and the others are quick in their return fire of attempting to disarm the pair. "She's here too! That American!" One in front calls and Harrison gets a look of triumph, "Come on Lupin, Maplewood, you don't want to add resisting arrest to the charges now do you?" That's all one of the more overzealous in the front needs to hear from the one in charge. Resisting Arrest. That and Holly fired first shot. "CRUCIO!," he booms forcefully, aiming his wand at Holly, intent on teaching her a lesson. A second of the Ministry types does go sprawling as Lupin's spell strikes true.

"I didn't do anything wrong!" Holly insists. Oh, she knows they're way past the talking stage, but she can't help saying it anyway, in the time when she really should be firing off another spell. During that time, she's disarmed, and then, she receives the experience of a lifetime - something most people don't ever experience, nor do they want to.

It's like all her muscles are contracting at once, like one giant cramp, only much, much worse. Her fingers curl - some the wrong way - her legs no longer support her, and the scream - because she's sure she is, even though all she can hear is white noise in her ears - is piercing.

Lupin keeps on firing hexes and curses left, right and centre if he can get a shot, and deflecting any that come his way. If he'd had presence of mind, he may even have tried to deflect the Cruciatus curse from Holly, but there wasn't time. He winces. It's never pleasant, that curse. Neither having it done to you nor witnessing it. "Duro!" He shouts and waves his wand. The resulting light that erupts from his wand, if hitting a person, will turn them to stone until it fades or is removed.

Evangeline rolls left, trying to dodge the spells coming her way. Not even caring she grunts some and then pours all her anger into the spell. Opting to play dirty, she aims right for Lupin, calling out a charp "Crucio!" followed by a "Bloody hell!" as the table before her splinters from someone, possibly even the team's, spells. Blood pricks her face from splinters, but she just ignores that, pouring more pain at her target's direction.

There are cries of 'Protego' and shields go up to protect the group from the Ministry.. as best as it can hold up against the incoming spells. They were prepared to fight, and they had some idea as to Lupin's abilities, but he's better than they thought. From the back of the group, Harrison rises up and wordlessly casts a disarming spell at Lupin. He's looking less and less thrilled about this situation with every spell cast and he's not about to vocalize his castings if he can help it.

The pain is excruciating. Unfortunately, it's impossible to block out, and impossible to forget. There's nothing that can help her cope; it's just something she has to endure until the effects of the spell finally fade, and she's left feeling worn and still in a lot of physical pain. Maybe she should just let herself be taken in. At least she'll have the opportunity to explain herself.

But as her hand trails across the floor, looking for her wand, her fingers close around a leg from a broken end table.

Dark eyes that are shadowed with pain, a face that's streaked with tears, look up at the Ministry people who have invaded the house. There are some who are close enough, and Protego won't protect them from the physical damage. While they're focused on Lupin, Holly rises herself to her knees and sweeps the table leg at the nearest kneecap. Then, she sniffles and wipes an arm across her eyes.

Lupin has so far succeeded to deflect everything, but there's more of them than there are of him. He continues on, but he's wearing down, the next few hits will probably hit him. He's been barraged a lot.

Evangeline grunts some, pausing just long enough to wipe some blood off her face before nodding at one wizard near her. Gesturing with her head she seems to mean for him to go to one side while she "flanks" them. Counting to three, she nods, mouthing "now" and rolls out from behind her splintered spot to stand and fire a last disarming spell at Lupin's direction. Holly is out of the way for now. Besides, she only had orders for the one furry.

There may be more of the Ministry here, but they've certainly taken more hits than they imagined they would. Two of the wizards tag team on Lupin since the first disarming spell missed, and on the off chance Evangeline's misses as well. One goes for disarming as well, the other flourishes his wand, sending forth thick, snake-like coils of ropes to try and entangle the werewolf in. The wizard closest to Holly is knocked to the ground by the table leg to his kneecap. He hits the ground with a yelp, causing Harrison to roll his eyes and get himself 'dirty'. Harrison saw that move from the corner of his eye and aims his wand for her, "Crucio!" First blast apparently didn't sway her towards behaving, perhaps another dose of nasty medicine?

One should have been enough. Apparently, she didn't think they'd try it twice. The scream comes again as her muscles all contract at once, arms curling in ways they shouldn't, body spasming until she's in a fetal position, curled on the floor. The table leg is next to her, rolling away to wherever… Holly doesn't care anymore. Even when the pain abates, she lies on the floor, sobbing softly, whispering 'no more,' once or twice, just to emphasise the point that she isn't going to fight back anymore.

Lupin is shocked when the ropes bind against him tightly, his hand holding tightly to his wand. But without being able to move it, he can't perform magic with it. He struggles and struggles, but the ropes just get more and more tight. He falls hard and knocks his head against something, knocking him out more easily then one might have thought, allowing the others to disarm him and take his wand and take him to…wherever they're going.

Watching Lupin go down, Eva pauses long enough to turn her wand on Holly before just shaking her head. Walking closer to Lupin, she slowly squats and goes about her work. Leaving others to deal with the girl. Making sure they got the right one…this time. From her jacket is drawn a warrant, one with Lupin's face upon it. Reaching out she roughly turns his face to match the paper and then nods. "That's one. Dunno bout the other, but she's got a couple charges coming now as it is." Pursing her lips she produces her wand to "chain" Lupin, adding to the ropes. At least hers are more like cuff and shackles. "Just to be sure…"

"Bind him, and make sure he's unconscious for his little trip," Harrison states, just to be sure. As for Holly, he shakes his head as he lets his spell fade. Thank you Madam Minister, letting us use such a helpful curse as that. Harrison stoops down and starts casting spells to bind and secure Holly himself. "You had to make it harder on yourself, didn't you?" Over his shoulder, he calls to one of the other men still standing, "Tell the others outside the situation has been secured. We're heading to the designated point very shortly."

"I didn't do anything wrong," Holly says softly, looking up into the face of the man standing over her, making sure she memorises it. She doesn't care if the acting Minister gave them permission to use the Cruciatus Curse. It's still a crime, and she plans to prosecute.

There's no fighting as she's bound. She doesn't have the energy to do so. After meeting Harrison's eyes, she lowers her head to the floor. She's still conscious, though just barely, and she's letting her attention wander to less painful places.

Lupin remains unconscious as everyone goes about their business.

Evangeline slowly stands, with a flick of her wand she uses a stupefy spell on Lupin to keep him quiet before walking over to look down at Holly. "he's trussed up for his ride. Got the chains on him. Want me to do this one too?" Her question is rather analytical, looking down at Holly before cocking her head to one side. "If he's bad as they say, she might be trouble."

"Sure you didn't," Harrison says in a rather dry and sarcastic manner. Then again, the list of charges he was shown was bloated and exaggerated.. With that, he directs those under his charge to be floated up. "She's secured, McDowell.. Davis, gather their dropped wands and their belongings if any are here. Let's move these two to the designated location. We have a schedule to keep, cause these two are in for some serious questioning. You've got charge of Lupin for this little trip, McDowell." With that, the group prepares to Apparate away to the already decided upon location.

Rolling her eyes she sighs. Reaching to her face she wipes the bit of blood off before chuckling darkly. "Interrogation. Now that's going to be fun for you." Grinning down at Holly she slowly shakes her head. "I'd hate to be you missy." Turning she walks over to manhandle up Lupin, pulling him somewhat roughly by the chains she placed on him before nodding and ready to disapparate with the…well sack now.

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