1994-09-05: Snape's Mean (And Other Obvious Truths)


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Scene Title Snape's Mean (And Other Obvious Truths)
Synopsis After Potions, a group of students meet to talk about fairness, homework, and the upcoming Tournament
Location Entrance Hall
Date Sep 05, 1994]
Watch For Righteous Anger
Logger Hermione

As soon as Hermione is a safe distance from the dungeon, she starts to grumble about the unfairness of it all. "I can't believe him! He assigns a text that there aren't enough copies of, then he singles out poor Harry for it! Oh, and when I find him I'm going to box his ears. Walking out on class! He's going to have Snape just looking for excuses to deduct points from us now." Is Hermione angry? It may be hard to tell.

Derek walks into the main hall from the Courtyard, he's wants to make it to the library before it closes for the night to find another book on dragon blood and it's uses for his next class with Snape, so he is rushing though the hall to get there and nearly runs into Hermione. "Get out of the way, or I'm not going to make it to the library in time."

Danny glances sidelong at Hermione in an easy going manner, shrugging his shoulders, "He didn't seem to mad. Looked like he didn't even care, really."

Julian steps out of the dungeon, having finished his homework already. He has a plan, and it involves getting to know the huge castle well. He steps around and then, when they start talking about Potter (he assumes, seeing as this one hangs around him all the time), he freezes, and steps back aways, leaning against the wall, arms across his chest.

Alton comes scurrying up from the dungeons in Hermione's wake, visibly relieved that he's survived another Potions class. He can't help but overhear the Gryffindors and aims a sympathetic grin their way, shrugging his shoulders. "Technically, he seconded out Harry - Kyrie got it first," he notes with a wink, before nodding towards Danny. "He's right, he did seem awfully easy-going about it all. Just not the, you know." He makes a face. "Talking back." He cranes his neck to peer towards the rushing Derek, his brow quirking.

"Yes, true. But you saw him," Hermione tells Alton. "He was just waiting for an excuse to dock points from Harry." Her, technically. "He didn't do anything against Kyrie otherwise. And that's not the point, Danny. It's just unfair!" When the young Slytherin first year talks back to her, Hermione swings around. She's already upset about being singled out for Gryffindor losing points because of Snape's unfairness. When a younger student talks back to her, she's not going to be happy about it. "Excuse me?" The conversation stops dead in it's tracks, as does Hermione's walking at the rudeness. Not noticing Julian frozen against the wall, though he's not far off, she just glares at Derek.

"He'll probably just give him detention for the rest of his life," Danny points out, glancing towards the snappy little Firstie and then towards Hermione's reaction. He points at him, "Hey. Hold up a second." He doesn't sound particularly mean or demanding.

"Professor Snape's always waiting for an excuse to dock points from everybody," Alton says gently, blessed - or perhaps cursed - with the perspective of a student who started out a year before the notable Gryffindors' arrivals at the school. "All you need to do is speak when spoken to, do your work, and not do anything stupid, and you - and the people sitting next to you - usually make it through okay." This wisdom brought to you by the Meek Badgers Council of Great Britain.

Derek mumbles as he tries to get past the gaggle of older students. "Let me by, I need to get to the library before it closed for the night or I won't be able to get this homework done"

Julian is a firstie, but he's not the mouthy one. He just watches the situation, listening to the comments on his head of house. He shifts his weight a little, catching the back of his robe on the rough stone rock behind him. It doesn't tear, but he jumps away a little, frustrated. Brand new robes, darnit. "Ouch." He whacks his elbow on the wall.

"What you need to do," Danny points out, arms crossed over his chest as he looks at Derek, "Is be a little less rude … green and silver doesn't give you a free pass to boss people around."

And, just like Hermione, she may see what Alton is saying, but there's something else to it in her mind. "Most of the people make it through without much other worries because Professor Snape is too busy picking on poor Neville or Harry. For some reason, he's had it out for him since first year. He could just sit there and do everything perfectly and still end up behind. I say nothing in class and do well on potions and he takes points away from Gryffindor. He's horribly biased." As for Derek, she nods along with Danny. "If you're going to be rude, it's a wonder if you'll make it anywhere without being hexed." Her eyes flick over to Julian at the noise, but she's busy arguing and isn't quite sure what happened in order to do anything.

"I'll take your word for it. I haven't been in class with you lot before," Alton admits, smiling lopsidedly at Hermione and inclining his head in rather easygoing defeat. "I think every year's bound to have at least one bullseye in it, but Harry is… well." Harry is Harry, and his friends are his friends. Leaving the Gryffindors to worry about the rushing firstie, he looks towards the nearby 'ouch' with a concerned frown.

Derek grumbles and moves away and to the grand staircase. "find what ever, I need this book on the uses of dragon blood, I will deal with you all another day."

Danny watches the kid go, listening to the grumbling and glancing back towards Hermione, "Don't worry about it. Firsties are like that … I tend to give 'em a little bit of a break because chances are the Professors'll tear 'em down and take away all the points."

"Normally I don't mind," Hermione replies to Danny, watching Derek go with a bit of a glower. But, today is a different issue. She's already upset about a multitude of things and it's only the third day of classes. "But, he didn't have to be so rude." Shaking her head, she just frowns in Danny's direction before turning her attention to Alton. "Believe me," she adds to the conversation. "It's different when you're in a class with Harry. You'll see if it you're in class again. Of course, Harry didn't handle the situation very well, either." All these boys with hot tempers. Calming down, she finally manages to take a moment to glance over at Julian. "Are you alright?"

There are people looking at him. Julian freezes, then composes himself rather quickly. He puts on his cheerful grin and adds a bit of sheepish self-deprecation in for good measure. "Just hit my elbow on the wall. Nothing big." Nothing to see here. Move along.

Danny lifts an eyebrow, looking across at Julian and shrugging his shoulders slightly. Loitering as they are in the Entrance Hall, he glances sidelong towards the Waiting Room and makes an audible 'hmm'.

Well, if the kid says he's fine… Alton shrugs and looks back to the others, chuckling and bobbing his head at Hermione. "Since we seem to have joint Potions this year, I'm sure I will. I'm just glad I can drop it after the year's out," he confesses, running a hand back over his hair and letting out a breath. "I just can't wrap my head around it, it's awful. I can cook, but I can't brew, it's really frustrating."

The kid is fine. Really. Bean relaxes when the attention leaves him and exhales a sigh of relief. He frowns a little, shifting to get comfortable, wanting to listen to the conversation. But, they're not really talking about the things he wants to hear about now. So, he glances around again, taking in everything about the room and its occupants.

Antigone had headed straight back to her dorms after the lesson, but now, having dumped all her Potions-related things, and resolving not to think about that essay until later, she heads back out. Coming across this little gathering in the Entrance Hall, she stops, looking a little surprised to see everyone here. "Er, hello everyone," she greets with a slow grin, beginning to cross to where they stand. "We expecting someone?"

Frowning, Hermione nods at Julian. "You're sure?" Though he does say that he's fine, it's always good to ask a second. Just in case. But, when he relaxes, she turns back to the conversation again. "Hmm? I'm not keeping you from anything, am I?" she asks Danny, noticing his hmming. To Alton, she adds, "Lucky. I've still got two years till I can even think about getting out of it." Smiling, she waves at Antigone in a friendly manner. "Oh, no. There was just a rude first year and then dissecting today's potions class." Which, from her tone of voice it's obvious she wasn't a fan of.

"Hm? Oh, no," Danny answers, shaking his head at Hermione, "Just thinking about going and having a squiz at the Goblet of Fire … having a prod at that age-line around it."

"You'll manage," Alton assures Hermione, grinning sympathetically. "Even with the Professor's wrath aimed in your general direction, I'm sure you'll do fine." If /he's/ managed to survive Potions this long with his barely-competant… uh… competantcy, she should definitely be A-OK. He half-turns to aim a grin and a wave towards Antigone, waggling his eyebrows at his housemate. "Not consciously. Maybe we'll be surprised."

This is getting boring. He frowns, eyes the staircase, and decides against proceeding with his plan with so many witnesses. Julian sighs softly, and slowly makes his way back toward the dungeons.

Antigone gives a little laugh to Alton's jesting answer, though she does glance towards the door. In this school, it's not entirely an unlikely thing to be surprised. As Hermione mentions that class though, Tig looks back, wrinkling her nose. "Oh. That. I can't believe we have to do two feet and we've only just got back." She lets out a huffy little breath. Of course, she can believe it because it's Snape, but she's not happy about it either. As the little Slytherin starts wandering off, she glances over, but returns her attention to the others fairly promptly.

The two feet of parchment doesn't bother her so much as Snape's blatant favoritism. Or, really, how out to get Harry he really is. "It's not that bad. There's loads to talk about with boomslang." It's very versatile. Hermione knows personally. As for the Cup, she straightens. "Oh! Is that up already? I've been meaning to take a look at it, too." Though she has no desire to test the boundaries of the age line. That would be against the rules. "I think I'll take a look at it." Waving at Antigone, she smiles, finally seeming to be out of her previous bad mood. At least for now. "We can hope. But with Snape, you never be quite sure what he'll allow us to survive." With her supplies still tucked under arm, she starts off.

"It'll be all right - Mei's pop is a, whatchamacallit," Alton says slowly, one eye squinting shut. "Alchemist, isn't he? We can pick her brains if we get stuck," he says confidently, nodding his head. He's assuming a lot, but… Mei is a fellow Hufflepuff, and badgers do tend to back each other up whenever possible. He glances up at mention of the Cup and can't help but laugh, raising his eyebrows. "I'm not going anywhere /near/ that thing. You have fun, though," he adds lightly, smiling as he offers a wave to Hermione when she turns to go.

"Yeah, I've … a few options for help, at least," Antigone agrees, brightening a little as she's reminded of this fact. "Still, have to write it myself in the end. I can never figure out how to start them, is part of the problem." Which then leads to her putting them off until the end, which is the bigger part of the problem. "Oh right, the Goblet. Yeah, be careful with it, Hermione. It sounds like it could be pretty dangerous! I think I'm rather glad I'm not old enough, honestly."
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Danny nods his head as he watches Hermione go, glancing back towards the others with a grin, "There's a whole chapter on Boomslangs in the Monster Book of Monsters … if you can keep it from biting your hand off, you should pick up a copy from the Library."

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